Monday, December 31, 2012

The Escape Master

What did I say I was doing today??  Ummmm, yeah.  I didn't do anything but write on book two of the ION series.  Yes, that was good but I was supposed to have this Zen conversation on the blog today. When I realized that I was running out of time, I ran around waving my hands in the air in an unsupervised panic. With good intentions, I sat down to dig up my saved research and was sidetracked a second time--by videos.

I am such a true sucker for action flicks. This is David Belle escaping some thugs in the movie 2005 D13.

Obviously, I'm all about the action and not the balancing philosophy of finding a way over your obstacle.  Essentially, that is what Parkour is about for some, finding a way through adversity. Not only finding a way through but doing it in such a way that calls the beauty of the movement. You do not punch through but glide over. (There that wasn't so hard was it? Go away evil twin.) How long has mankind been free running? It's not new the terrain just changed from forest and wilderness to urban areas.

Did you know my free short story is coming out tomorrow in the 2013 January Silver Shorts Anthology? It is my first Silver Short submission and definitely not my last.

A New Beginning (Sumeria's Sons #2.1) by Lexi Ander
Breaking Free by L.M. Brown
Icefire by TLK Arkenberg
Of Cheerleaders and Gingers by K.C. Beaumont

Download for Free Here

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