Sunday, September 30, 2012

Interview by Hearts on Fire.

So it appears that I suck at writing blogs.  Shocker!  Writing a helpful or meaningful blog is a little intimidating.  I read so many good blogs through the week that I have psyched myself out.

Today, oh yes, today is different.  I actually have something to say, or that I should say, considering I haven't looked at my day planner in oh...a while.

Sweet Kevin interviewed me for Hearts on Fire Reviews.  The interview will be up all this week as we wait for the release of Twin Flames on October 6th.  To see the interview go here:

I am excite people will finally be able to meet Tristan and Ushna.  I love my guys.  I know, I know.  All writers love their characters.  They're like our children who we nurture until it is time to usher them out into world.  You want people to love them like you do.  When they do well, you're standing on the side lines and say, "I'm so proud of them."  When they don't do so well, you still say, "I'm proud of them."

So now my oldest baby is all grown up and I am mixed up with a host of emotions that has left me weepy the last couple of days.  Sappy commercial - I tear up.  Cutesy sign - I tear up.  I've taken to watching an excessive amount of The X Factor on YouTube, yeah, I know...tearing up.  I'm going to carve pumpkins on the 6th with my nieces and will probably tear up.

I'm not a sappy person. Very rarely do I cry.  I fell down the stairs the other day, banged the hell out of myself, and I didn't cry.  But this is the thing, this event that will take place on October 6th is what I've wanted to do since the seventh grade.  I wanted to be a writer.  I remember talking to my mom, asking her how to get through this one section in a story I was writing, and after a couple of questions she wrote this:

(I betcha didn't think I'd kept that all of this time did you, did you Mom?)  It was that single conversation with my mom that fueled my desire from a spark into a flame.  I wrote in my notebook everyday, my friends would collect it and read the scribblings.  I loved their feedback, the good and the bad.  I knew, just knew, to the bottom of my soul I would be a writer.

Then life happened.  I put away my dreams.  I didn't think I'd put them away for long.  After a period of time, I believed I couldn't pick them back up because they were a child's dreams...weren't they?

For several years, I had a long hard struggle until I was able to work for a respectable company, for a good wage in human resources where everyday I had an opportunity to make a difference.  The job changed and I was working for a corporate directive, not the employee.  I changed and realized adulthood was smothering me.

So I took out my childhood dreams and dusted them off.  I was revived.  It was like breathing in new life, crisp, new, and full of laughs.  My childhood dream becomes a reality on October 6th.

The feeling... is indescribable.

Watch the blog and my Facebook page, because this week will be busy with my first release celebration.  Giveaways and chances to win a ebook are going to pop up everywhere.  I will finally be able to unveil the excerpt in a couple of days.  Twin Flames is available for pre-order on Silver Publishing's website at

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Edits for Twin Flames Completed!

Edits for Twin Flames was completed this week and sent off for binding.  I am very excited.  There are 20 days left before the release on October 6th.  I finally have my blurb which I will share with you today.  In the next week or so I hope to have my excerpt from Brenna.  Oh!  Make sure you scroll to the bottom and take a look at the cover.  The cover artist Lee Tiffin is such an awesome job!  My dark headed Ushna is such a hottie!


Tristan Janick is a Lycan descendant of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, an average Warrior of Anat. He has found his Twin Flame, the one person who's supposed to love him unconditionally. Betrayed, broken, and dying, he dissolves the sacred bond and leaves.

His best friend, Ushna, vows to guard and protect him, always close but never touching. Waking up from his half-life after a hunt gone badly, Tristan realizes he's in love with Ushna and sets out to seduce him.

Ancient secrets and lies are revealed, setting off a chain of events that tests not only Tristan and Ushna's love, but challenges their ability to stay alive when creatures of myth awaken, and absent Gods walk the Earth once again.