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Title: Wharf Rat
Author(s): KC Shaw
Length: 287 pages
Publisher: etopia press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Intersex / 


BlurbRone's new job has him in over his head. Too bad he can't swim.

Rone's a small-time thief and dock whore whose only ambition is to ask Robin, an intersex elf who stars in a peepshow, out for drinks. But when Rone agrees to run messages for a shipping magnate, suddenly Farthalan Port’s rival factions—vampire, elf, and human—become interested in his work. And they all want a cut.

Everyone thinks Rone knows a lot more than he does, but he has no idea what's in the messages he's carrying—he can't read. All he can fish up are rumors of a fake princess, who might be out to defraud the royal family, or who might have been planted by the king himself to dupe a visiting prince. Either way, Rone suspects he’s being set up to take the blame. And being pursued by a vampire called Shark, a couple of elf thugs, and an undercover city guard doesn't help his odds of coming out alive.

If he can figure out what's really going on, he might be able to buy his way out of the whole mess. If he can't, he and Robin are both sunk.

Title: Vampires Angels and Incubi, On My
Author(s): Ann Anderson
Length: 29 pages
Publisher: MLR Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Paranormal / 


BlurbAll Ashuerin wanted was a night of feasting in the human world, not to defend a bunch of humans and a melancholy vampire.

Ashuerin snuck out of the dream plane to enjoy a bit of fun, but instead of taking up with the hunk he finds, Ashuerin finds himself helping to protect the humans and a random vampire who should definitely not be in a human bar. Even a simple fight against a bunch of zombies doesn't go as planned and Ashuerin finds himself heading toward Death's door, except the angel who tried to kill him is now saving him. What's an incubus to do?

Title: The Fight for Freedom
Series: Time Lord Series, 4
Author(s): Teckla Satterlee
Length: 233 pages
PublisherCHBB Publishing (July 27, 2016)

Genre: LGBTIAQ / Science Fiction / Time Travel / 


Blurb“We’ve turned these bleeding hearts into bleeding hands…”

For centuries, the Humans have enslaved and abused innocent peoples. Now, the Time Lords, Tukil and Katelyn, have determined enough is enough. On a mission to rescue the oppressed, the once segregated peoples of Lynomith will follow them into a Fight for Freedom. In order to politically enable Lahlia to rescue their people, they must remove the king from power. However, King Rito is craftier than they give him credit for, and his retaliation may just destroy what they’ve worked to build.

Rumors of the Time Lord’s work and the war begin to circle the castle just as Lurien fully recovers from a mortal wound with the help of his cousin Damis. Although it’s difficult to leave the family he’s created with the other free slaves, the decision is made. Lurien and Damis set out on the back of a Griffon and return home for a bittersweet reunion he’s dreamt of since his rescue, and what awaits him on the farm may be the biggest challenge he’s faced yet.

The raging battles against the Humans bring about more than unrest for the people, and Wren and Terry’s friendship begins to falter as the strain of freeing the slaves wears their already fragile bond. Unable to bear the pain of the unrequited love he feels for his best friend, Terry flees in search of solace. Only a glimpse into the Time Traveler’s sordid past is enough to make Wren see he cannot just let the other male go. His hawk knows what belongs to him, and he will stop at nothing to keep Terry at his side.

As each piece moves across the game board, lives are changed and destinies are forged in blood, sweat, and tears. No more will the peoples of Lynomith stand silently while they are taken over and destroyed by Humans. With the fate of the world in their hands, the Time Lords and their allies must conquer their personal battles in order to face down the enemy.

Let the Fight for Freedom begin.

Title: Walking on Thin Ice
Author(s): Jocelynn Drake
Length: 134 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Holiday /


BlurbIt’s not easy for Spenser Roland to admit it, but he needs help. Christmas is just a few days away, and he can’t face the idea of showing up to his family’s gathering alone … again. They want to see him happily settled, but Spenser doesn’t date. He can’t risk it if he wants to protect his family. But one unexpected night with Evan Scott has him thinking that maybe he can strike a deal that will make his family happy and give him a little holiday cheer as well.

Evan never should have accepted a ride home from the sexy-as-hell corporate executive, but he’s proud that he stuck to his guns. He’s done with the one-night stand game. He wants something real. Something that lasts. But when Spenser returns, asking him to pose as his boyfriend over the weekend at a Christmas celebration, Evan is sure he’s lost his mind.

But he can’t say no.

Maybe it’s the shadow of loneliness in Spenser’s bright blue eyes that’s too much like his own. Or maybe it’s his heart-stopping smile.

Either way, Evan knows he’s on thin ice with Spenser, risking his own rules and heart, but Spenser is worth the risk.

Title: Date A
Author(s): X. Aratare, Mathia Arkoniel
PublisherRaythe Reign Pubishing (August 31, 2016)

GenreYaoi Manga


Blurb“Old fashioned.” “Sweet.” These are the words used by the men Milo Stevens dates… right before they dump him. But what’s wrong with wanting to be in love before Milo shares his body? According to modern men: everything. 

Milo thinks he was born in the wrong century and has no chance at meeting the romantic guy of his dreams. His best friend, though, believes his perfect match is on a vampire-human matchmaking website:!

After the tragic death of his young lover, Master Vampire, Viscount Lucien Valammar, withdrew from the world in a 200-year-long sleep. When he awakens in the vampire safe house run by his old friend, Master Vampire Lord Gregoire Deniaud, he discovers a different world… one that has moved on without him.

Separated forever from whom he believed was his true mate, Lucien has resigned himself to never finding happiness again, but the modernity-loving Gregoire is equally determined to help his friend find new life in this new age. He sets up a profile for Lucien on his vampire matchmaking site:

And when Milo applies for his website, Gregoire realizes that Milo has the potential to become Lucien’s true mate, and resolves to bring the two together.

This is Volume 1 of a multi-volume yaoi manga! was originally created as content for the Raythe Reign serial website. Each pages is posted the instant it's finished for our monthly Members, but each new volume will come out when it's done for general purchase.

Raythe Reign publishes escapist, romantic M/M shifter, fantasy, scifi, adventure, and urban fantasy books and graphic novels. For more information, visit our informational site and blog at

Title: The Royal Inquisitor
Author(s): Megan Derr
Length: 36 pages
PublisherMegan Derr (December 4, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / 


BlurbThree years ago Esmour fell in love. Three years ago he was betrayed, arrested, and put in penance bracelets, ordered to serve the king as a royal inquisitor. Now he is one of the best inquisitors in the kingdom, known as they King's Lymer… and still hopelessly in love with the man who once betrayed him. The man he must now work with to root out and stop slave traders, and Esmour fears this time it won't be the criminals who are the greatest threat, but the man he can't seem to despise and his own stupid, stubborn heart. 

Author's note: This story was previously released in Private Dicks: Undercovers and has not changed significantly

Title: The Last Dragonet
Series: Dragon Prophecies
Author(s): Shannon West, Susan E. Scott
Length: 146 pages
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press (December 20, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Dragons /


BlurbLuca Wessex is Dragon Spawn. Son of a human mother and a Red Dragon father, he has been trying his best all his life just to survive and get by. His father is abusive, his mother is dead, and most recently, a vicious and dangerous group of neighborhood Spawn have begun trying to recruit him as a member of their gang. When a pushy and gorgeous Golden Dragon named Dmitri appears, full of questions about the gang and his role in it, Luca tries to cooperate, but he’s no snitch. Suspicious, the gang attacks Luca one evening while he’s working, and he’s rescued by Dmitri, who then kidnaps him and—for his own safety, he claims—takes him to his home in what some say is the most remote spot on Earth, an area of Russia called the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Dmitri has come home with a treasure, because what Luca doesn’t know is that he isn’t a Spawn at all but a species called a dragonet and the very last one of his kind. Because of a mysterious prophecy, Dmitri has discovered the beautiful boy’s life is in danger and he wants desperately to save him. But Dmitri is up against not only another Dragon, but also a powerful mage. Dmitri takes Luca under his wing—literally—and they begin to navigate a minefield of love and dangerous ancient prophecy. For the first time in Dmitri’s life, something is becoming more important to him than treasure, if only he can hold onto it.

Title: The Hybrid Mate
Series: Bite Me, 1
Author(s): Renee Matthews
Length: 38 pages
PublishereXtasy Books (December 9, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Friends to Lovers /


BlurbJamie has known that Kave was his mate for three years. The other man has never shown any signs that he even notices. Jamie decided long ago that having the man as his best friend would be all that he needed in life. Until, Kave invites him to a festival in his hometown. Kave begun to show signs that the feelings are mutual but he never speaks of mating or love. Will Jamie be able to risk his heart for the mate who ignored him or will nothing change for either of the men? And what does Kave have to say about being mated to his best friend?

Title: The Captive Prince
Series(The Warriors of Love & Magic Book 2)
Author(s): AC Fox
Length: 200 pages
PublisherEtopia Press (November 19, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / 


BlurbSave the land, or follow his heart?

Time has run out for Lord Domlen. The Fortress of Rain has been cursed by the enemy Boa Visk, his people trapped as phantoms within its walls, and the rain ever falling across his lands. If he does not break the curse soon, the trapped spirits will become revenir, ghosts that feed upon the life force of the living. He needs a miracle. And he gets one. He learns of a ritual that can break the curse and free his people. But nothing comes without a price, and the price is one Lord Domlen cannot bring himself to pay: the ritual demands blood—royal blood. Desperate, he abducts Prince Falken of Teirlan to be his blood sacrifice on the night of the red moon and forces all gentle emotion far, far away. He must save his people, even at the cost of an innocent life. But as the time of the ritual draws near, how will he find the strength to kill an innocent man? Especially one who reignites all the emotions he believed he'd buried so deeply away?

Prince Falken, sorcerer from Teirlan, needs his magic to escape the Fortress of Rain, but the shackles on his wrists have cut him off from his power. When he discovers the servants around him are actually spirits, he understands the stronghold is bound by dark forces—a curse that somehow revolves around his grim, noble captor. There is dark magic here, but how can he help the strong, enigmatic Domlen while he's trapped, his powers bound? There is greater magic than that of the curse, and Falken has resources beyond Domlen's ken. But when the ritual goes horribly wrong, how will Falken make his enemy trust him? And how will he save the man he's coming to love?

Title: Deserves to be Adored
Author(s): TA Chase
Length: 97 pages
PublisherMLR Press, LLC (September 8, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / 


BlurbWhen Raleigh's family demands his return, he must figure out a way to save the man he loves.

Joey Santiago works for his uncle, the de facto leader of the Santiago Crime family. His usual job is to drive the escorts to and from their clients. He likes it well enough. He doesn't judge the escorts for making money off sex. When his uncle asks him to go check on Raleigh Patterson, one of the older escorts, Joey does as he's ordered.

Raleigh Patterson has been an escort for the Santiagos since he turned eighteen. They treat him well and he's been able to put himself through college. But he knows getting older doesn't help when a lot of clients are looking for young twinks. Plus Raleigh's having problems with his family demanding he return home and take his place at the head of the coven.

As the attraction between Raleigh and Joey flares, they have to figure out a way to save Raleigh from the plots of his mother's coven or Raleigh could lose everything he'd come to cherish.

Title: Chosen Pride
Series(L'Ange Book 3)
Author(s): Mary Calmes
Length: 244 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal /


BlurbJon Slade finally met his mate, but instead of it being the happiest day of his life, it became the saddest when wolf shifter Kelvin MacCurdy chose his obligations over their fated bond, leaving Jon to pick up the pieces of his shattered dreams. Lucky for him, Roman Howell, his boss and the owner of L’Ange, saw promise in the forlorn lion and put him to work so he wouldn’t have time to sit around and lick his wounds while he waited for his wounded spirit to heal.

Then the wolves make an official visit to L’Ange, and Jon finds out Kelvin’s pining for him is taking its toll on his position as the king’s champion. Though Kelvin’s training and the expectations of others steer him toward an intended mate, Jon has an unbreakable hold on his heart, and it’s no longer possible for Kelvin to keep himself from where he truly belongs.

But the conclave brings more than Kelvin to the château. It also brings a challenge to jackal alpha Quade Danas, a threat that Quade and Roman, Arman and Linus, and Jon and Kelvin may have to fight in order to keep L’Ange’s family intact. Jon never wanted to lead a pride, but the loyalty and devotion to one is ingrained in him. Kelvin was raised to punish anyone who questioned his king, but the calling to protect others runs through his veins just as deeply. To come out on the other side of the battle together, Jon and Kelvin will have to hold the darkness of solitary pride and broken hearts at bay—and find strength in belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Title: Wise Phuul
Author(s): Daniel Stride
Length: 365 pages
PublisherInspired Quill (November 23, 2016)

Genre: Non-Romantic? / Urban / Paranormal / Fantasy / Gay /


BlurbWalking corpses and black-market liquor: the quiet life.

Teltö Phuul, Necromancer and Library Clerk, likes his days safe and predictable. Not for him the intrigues of the Viiminian Empire, a gothic monstrosity held together by sheer force of will.

Until the Empire's dreaded secret police come knocking. Caught in a web of schemes in the diseased heart of Kuolinako, the underground Imperial capital, Teltö can trust no-one. Not the Northern theocrats who abhor Necromancy, and certainly not the Grand Chancellor, whose iron-fisted rule has kept the old order alive that little bit longer.

When one false step means torture and disappearance, this journey will change our Necromancer forever.

Title: Passing Shadows
Author(s): Anna Butler
Length: 100 pages

Genre: Lebian / Sci-Fi / Alien Invasion /


BlurbLi Liang has found a berth to suit her: chief pilot and first officer of the all-female crew of an old space freighter, the Sappho. Then one ordinary, unremarkable morning, Liang retunes the Sappho’s communications systems just in time to catch the breathless, terrible accounts from Mars of the total destruction of Earth.

Earth’s a cinder. The unknown alien race that destroyed it has left Mars, too, in flames and is ravening outward from the solar system, devouring every human colony on the way.

Liang’s one of the few survivors, racing ahead of the Devourers, rescuing as many frightened, shocked people as she can. Will Liang and the pitiful remnants of humanity find a new haven, somewhere to start again? Or will she, too, echo the dreadful last message coming out of their dead home?

They’re coming. Oh God, they’re coming.

Title: In His Command
Series(Don't Tell Book 1)
Author(s): Rie Warren
Length: 368 pages
PublisherForever Yours (August 6, 2013)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi / Dystopia / Futuristic /


BlurbIn the dystopian future, two men discover attraction isn't just dangerous, it's deadly.

Two generations ago, the world was annihilated by a series of catastrophic environmental events. The remaining survivors were driven closer and closer to big city centers-damaged but not destroyed-divvied into sixteen identical international territories ruled by the Company.

Oppressive to the core, the Company has one rule in order to recoup the world's devastated population: homosexuality and deviant sexual behaviors are hanging offenses. First time offenders are last-time offenders.

It is the year 2070. Commander Caspar Cannon has a stellar military reputation-and a life-threatening secret. When a revolution rips through the territories, Cannon is ordered to escort Company Executive Nathaniel Rice to a secure location. Leaving the besieged city behind, their journey becomes a minefield of sabotage, betrayal, secrets . . . and intense desire for one another.

Cannon's militant self-repression takes a direct hit, his suspicions warring with passion for a man who can never be his, not while the Company remains in power. True to his mission, he delivers Nathaniel to the safe bunker where a fate he never expected awaits him.

Word count: 97,000.

Title: Jeff & Heath
SeriesShire Boys
Author(s): Susan Reeves
Length: 178 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / Bisexual / 


BlurbIn the Tweed shire, Jeff Grayson lives a simple life. He has his bike, his beloved animals, and works where and when he wants so he can afford to do renos on his humble home. Something is missing, though, or more to the point, someone, and he doesn’t care whether they’re Arthur, or Martha, or both.

Heath Fraser is lonely too, pretty much having given up on finding his “One” in the dating puddle of the Tweed. He just works hard at his job as an ER nurse, with the occasional hook-ups and bad dates to keep his hopes of settling down alive.

Sometimes people come into your life right when you’re ready for them, and you know from the very first meeting of eyes that they’re who you’ve been waiting for. But what happens when your strong belief in justice could destroy everything, and leave you right back where you started, empty and alone, but this time with your heart shattered into pieces.

Welcome to the second book of the Shire Boys series, where things have heated up on the Tweed, and love is bound to make its mark on you.

Title: Power Outage
Author(s): Holly Heisey

Genre: Lesbian / Superhero /


BlurbWhen the Destroyer comes, worlds fall.

Trauma gave Lieve the ability to fly and manipulate energy fields and she joined the Wardens in protecting her world. Now the Destroyer of Worlds has come down from the sky, and to save her world she must confront her past and the nature of her powers themselves.

Power Outage is a superhero short story originally featured in The Doomsday Chronicles, a Future Chronicles anthology.

Title: Alpha Barman
Series: J.T.'s Bar
Author(s): Sue Brown
Length: 150 pages
PublisherSue Brown's Stories (November 24, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary /


BlurbJake Tyler walked out of Covert Ops two years ago, a devastated, broken man after he discovered his sister brutally murdered by her husband, Riley. Since then he’s found a kind of peace running a rural bar. The last thing Jake Tyler expects is his former team to turn up with grim news. Jake’s ex-brother-in-law has escaped from prison and is heading Jake’s way. The team is here to protect Jake, whether he likes it or not – a decision reluctantly shared by their leader, Jake’s ex-lover Mitch Mitchelson.

Mitch is angry and hurting. The man he trusted – the man he adored more than anything – abandoned both his team and Mitch. Jake never gave Mitch a chance to help or come to terms with his desertion. Regardless of mission protocols, Mitch isn’t about to open his heart again to that kind of pain.

But the strong attraction between them can’t be denied. How are they ever going to work together when Mitch still resents Jake’s disappearance, and to Jake, the team represents everything that destroyed him in the first place? And meantime they wait for Riley to find them... and to settle the threat once and for all.

Title: In Enemy Hands
Author(s): M.A. Church
Length: 240 pages
PublisherDreamspinner Press; 1 edition (December 30, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi / Royalty / 


BlurbTwo very different civilizations—one bathed in bright sunlight and the other veiled in shadow.

Bad decisions, declining resources, and a king on the brink of madness force Prince Varo Kutchif, third son of the royal family and a starship captain, to attempt the impossible: barter for Black Phospolrock, an energy source the mysterious Helkan Kingdom has in abundance. Varo opens a line of communication with Adlar, an intriguing Helkan who seems to reciprocate Varo’s interest. He hopes so, because if negotiations collapse, Varo has orders to attack.

The Helkans preside over a planet shrouded in perpetual darkness. Several species have tried to exploit its natural resources through trade with them, but all have failed. Adlar Mondur is the older brother to the Helkan ruler. An assassin of the highest order, he’ll do anything to protect his king and his people—including tracking down the Yesri prince who crash-lands on their planet, leaving an ugly scar across its untouched beauty.

Thus begins a journey where two men from disparate civilizations grow from enemies to lovers.

Title: His Heart's Fortress
Series: Beta, 2
Author(s): Teckla Satterlee
Length: 297 pages
PublisherEncompass Ink (October 23, 2016)

GenreRomance / Fantasy / Bisexual / Transgender / Shifters / Paranormal /


BlurbWhen Terry’s secret is revealed, the fear of losing his longtime friend drives him deep into himself and away from all those who love him, leaving Wren desperate to prove he won’t be frightened away by the little Traveler’s preferences. However, the kiss he planned to prove he would not give up the male he feels so strongly about quickly turns into something much more. 

Unfortunately for the hawk shifter, his deep feelings and need to lay claim to his fair Traveler friend isn’t so easily satisfied. His pride in their mating is quickly dampened by Terry’s need to protect himself from the ridicule he fears, and his happily ever after is left hanging in the balance when Wren realizes real life is never like a fairytale.

Terry’s hidden emotional wounds from a dark and evil mating with a man named Kenneth have never had the opportunity to heal, leaving the Traveler fearful and damaged. The fight to help him face his past so they can move beyond the scars left by his former mate becomes a struggle that may drive them apart forever, if the unknown Shifter hunting Terry doesn’t kill him first.

With the memories of Terry’s abuse and an old enemy out to destroy them, the couple must work together to conquer the demons within and to find out who’s trying to tear them apart before their one chance at happiness is stripped away forever.

Title: Boots
Author(s): Angel Martinez
Length: 113 pages
PublisherPride Publishing (December 6, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / 


BlurbNewly expanded version!

Willem’s lost his job and his boyfriend, and now possibly his mind when his cat calls him a nitwit.

Willem’s father never approved of his artistic talents, his choices in life, or the fact that he’s gay. When the only thing Horst leaves to Willem is the family cat, he thinks it’s his father’s last insult from the grave. That is, until the cat starts talking to him.

Though Willem’s lost his boyfriend, his home, and his job, Kasha, who claims to be a magic cat, reassures him that all will be well. All he needs is Willem’s trust and a good pair of boots. But giving boots to a talking cat has unexpected consequences when odd events ambush Willem at every turn, such as the appearance of a handsome stranger in his arms at night. While he begins to suspect Kasha’s plans might be dangerous for all involved, how can he distrust such a charming kitty in cowboy boots?

Title: Shade Chaser
Series: A City of Crows, 2
Author(s): Clara Coulson
Length: 281 pages
PublisherKnite and Day Publishing; 1 edition (December 9, 2016)

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Non-Romantic / Bisexual Protagonist /


BlurbA wizard, a werewolf, and a watchmaker walk into a bar...and don't come out alive.

Two months after the infamous Etruscan Incident, it's back to normal for DSI—as normal as life can be when you hunt monsters on a salary. The rest of Nick Riker's elite team has finally returned from France. Cooper Lee has healed from his nightmare trip to the Eververse. The remnants of the battles with Charun and Tuchulcha have been swept under the rug. And the exploding boathouse in Holden Park has (almost) been rebuilt.

All is calm in Aurora, Michigan.

Until a grisly triple murder in one of the city's most popular bars destroys the delicate balance between three powerful forces. A high-ranking werewolf, a seasoned wizard, and a former mayor turned watchmaker wind up in body bags, and their deaths pit the ICM, DSI, and Aurora's Wolf community against each other in a blame game of epic proportions. And as the accusations spiral out of control, threatening a supernatural war on Aurora's streets, it's up to Riker's team to keep the peace before blood stains the sidewalks.

Meanwhile, Cal is struggling to overcome the consequences of his trip to the Etruscan Underworld. Haunted by visions of the future in the form of disorienting déjà vu, he's terrified he'll fail his team at crucial moments. But with the threat of violent riots hanging in the air, Cal has no choice but to power through and pray for the best.

Because one misstep on this case could mean the downfall of the city he loves.

Title: Falling Into Darkness
Author(s): LM Brown
Length: 321 pages
PublisherPride Publishing (December 13, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Poly / 


BlurbTheir love could save the soul of a fallen angel or damn an archangel to an eternity in Hell.

The realm of angels was created as a paradise where angels could watch over the earth as mankind took his first steps. For the archangel Michael, it is the only home he has ever known and he could never envisage another life. Michael’s life changes the day his path crosses that of the favoured son of the morning. From the moment he sees him, Michael wants Lucifer for his own. When the two angels come together the passion surprises them both.

Their love is forged in Heaven, but is doomed the moment Lucifer falls from grace to become the leader of an army of demons.

Separated by war, the former lovers know the time will come when they must face each other in battle.

Their confrontation will set in motion events that neither could have foreseen. For Lucifer it is the chance to persuade Michael to stand at his side, as his partner as leader of the demons. For Michael, it is a mission to save his lover’s soul, while risking his own.

Torn between his love for Lucifer and his duties as an angel, Michael walks a fine line, where one wrong step could result in his own fall from Heaven, and an eternity in Hell.

Title: Ghost Riders
Series: The Complete Series
Author(s): Alexa Riley
Length: 476 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Motorcycle Club /


BlurbWelcome to the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club…where you’ll find happily ever afters, no cheating, and sugary-sweet alphas that love to get on their knees.

This gritty series is one of our favorites and includes some of the best Alexa Riley characters ever!

This bundle includes Pulling her Trigger, Beauty and the Biker, Letting Her Lead, Pulling His Trigger, and Riding Him.

If you’ve never read it, now’s the time. Grab the complete series by the handles and saddle up. It’s safe, dirty, and ready to ride…just like your mom. Sorry, we’re immature.

Title: False Start
Series(Eastshore Tigers Book 2)
Author(s): Alison Hendricks
Length: 201 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Sports / 


BlurbThe heat between them is impossible to ignore. But can they ever be anything more than rivals?

Dante Mills has one more year to prove he can hack it in the NFL. If he can't score attention from the scouts this season, he'll never be able to give his hard-working mom the life she deserves. The last thing he needs is more competition, but that's exactly what he gets when blond-haired, blue-eyed behemoth Mitchell Erickson walks into the locker room.

Mitchell Erickson has one year to prove he belongs on a football field. He's spent his whole life struggling to find acceptance in his family, and now his father's finally giving him the chance to follow his passion... for one season. If he doesn't bring the Tigers to victory, it's back to upholding the Erickson legacy in a suit and tie. But how can he possibly succeed when someone as talented as Dante stands between him and a starting position?

As if the tension between them wasn't high enough, Mitch is insanely attracted to the very straight linebacker. As the season ramps up and both men fight for their place on the team, a heated locker room encounter leaves Dante questioning everything he thought he knew about himself.

When Dante and Mitch work together, they're unstoppable. But can two men destined to be rivals ever be anything more?

False Start is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

Title: Half Broke
Series: A Veterans Affairs Story
Author(s): AE Wasp
Length: 42 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Former Military / Cowboys / 



Injured in a traumatic accident, ranch boss Ethan struggles to create a new place for himself in the world he loves. Broken in more than one way by love and loss, he plans on going it alone, until he meets the new intern, Jake. Newly separated from the Army, and damaged by war, Jake has returned to the ranching life he grew up with. But he's not that person anymore, and he's no longer sure what he wants. Can two half-broke men help each other heal and come together to create a whole life?

Title: Dragoste Academy
Series: Bayne and Lucas
Author(s): Kayci Morgan

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / 

Notes: free

BlurbGay Romantic Short: Bayne was a werewolf on a mission. His objective? Every man he could get. Until he laid eyes on Lucas. Lucas, a dryad with a tragic past, learned the hard way that trust and love were for fools. Can Bayne break down Lucas's walls, and can Lucas tame Bayne's wild beast before it's too late for both of them? 

5000 word short story

Title: The Prince's Consort
Author(s): Laura Lux
Length: 32 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy /


BlurbMysterious Brigands from the North assault King Lionel's land. To deal with the scourge the king send's his only son, Prince Erich to rid the city of them. Among the ravaged city, the prince rescues a young man who has fallen victim to the violent raids.

Prince Erich takes the young Devlin under his wing and soon falls hard for the mysterious stranger with pale blond hair and alabaster skin. Everyone in the kingdom is swooning over Devlin except the prince's loyal squire, Luke.

Luke knows something isn't right. He feels it deep down in his soul. He doesn't trust Devlin, especially with the man he loves... Prince Erich. Luke will not allow any harm to come to Erich, but no one believes him, no believes that evil has come to nest right under their roof. Can Luke convince the bravest knights of the kingdom to help him before it's too late?

The Prince's Consort is a short story and part one of a two part story.

Title: Joshua
Series: Fated, 1
Author(s): Caitlin Ricci
Length: 40 pages
PublisherPride Publishing (January 24, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Dragons /

Notes: Releases 1/24/2017

BlurbThere’s only one place to go for a guaranteed happily ever after…

Joshua, a dragon shifter, hates having to go to the Faeted Matchmaking Agency, but he’s running out of time to find a mate, and he’s failed everywhere else. He only has a few more months before he enters the next stage of his life, and he’s getting desperate. Dragon tradition states that he must have a partner to help him transition into independence from his clan. A long-time friend would be sufficient, but Joshua doesn’t have any of those, either. Faeted is his last hope.

Rex expected Faeted to set him up with someone fun and sexy, but he was never expecting a dragon. As Rex is an eagle shifter, a dragon would be a good match for him, since they’re both born to fly. Joshua is far more cautious than Rex expects a dragon to be, but Rex knows he can get Joshua to loosen up with a bit of a push.

Title: The King and the Criminal
Series: The Heart of all Worlds, 2
Author(s): Charlotte Ashe
Length: 300 pages
Publisher: Interlude Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy /


BlurbWhat happens when the fairytale ends but the journey continues?

Book II of the Heart of All Worlds series finds Sehrys and Brieden living peacefully in Khryslee until King Firae must cross The Border in pursuit of a convicted criminal, one who has violated a magical doctrine and so threatened the stability of their world. When Firae’s plan goes awry and he becomes trapped in Villalu, he is faced with a choice between allegiance to the Council or allegiance to Brissa, the fierce young human queen who is determined to bring justice to Villalu. Firae discovers he must rely on the very criminal he was seeking to help him get home alive—a man he exiled long ago, but who awakens something in his heart more potent than his sworn duties as king.

Meanwhile, Sehrys is forced to ascend the throne in Firae’s absence, thus taking a role he was once groomed for, but one that Brieden fears could destroy their life together.

As each man struggles to understand his own destiny, devotion, and legacy, deeper and more urgent truths confront them all: Their world is in far greater danger than they realized, and each of them plays an integral part in its fate.

Title: The Case of the Wandering Wolves
Series: Trickster's Eye, 1
Author(s): Mell Eight
Length: 18k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Bisexual / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / 

Notes: releases 1/10/2017

BlurbSix years ago Latrans found his mate—and had to let him go. Now York has returned pleading for Latrans' help. His daughter has been kidnapped and Latrans is the only person York trusts to get her back. But a simple matter of rescue proves to be far more complicated than anticipated, and even having his mate at his side may not be enough to win the day.

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Favorite Reads for 2016

This year was different, not only publishing-wise but reading-wise. I'd set my reading challenge on GoodReads at 200 books for 2016 which in the past was easily obtainable. This year I didn't make it. Only by 10-ish books, but still, it was weird I didn't read more.

Looking back to August and September I read all of two books. Don't tell my husband but I did buy more books than I read this year. An old habit that I keep telling myself I'll break. I tell myself that I'll not buy anything more until I catch up the TBR... LMAO! It would take years of nothing but reading to catch up.

Part of the reason for the drop in reading was I worked my tail off. Another is I've been trying to keep a daytime schedule, so no staying up until 3 am reading. Then when I was in the mood to read, I reread my favorites--a lot.

This year's list I was able to keep to nine... authors... I know, it's not fair but those who had multiple releases this year I sorta just gobbled them up like the cookie monster. So bare with me. :)

I LOVE Dance With The Devil series. I have them in all available formats, ebook, print, and audio (where available) The Sword of the King was my favorite book in the series until Shield of the Dragon came out. It has action and smexyness as it continues the story begun in the Sword of the King. There is character crossover from another book in the series which made me squeal (literally) with excitement. And the dragons in this series, I adore them and their nature. 

Megan Derr had several releases this year that I consumed as if I was quenching a thirst. Wiggle & Sparkle about paranormal agents who were a gender fluid kracken and a unicorn. Lynn was wonderfully cranky and possessive and an expert at pissing people off. But Anderson proved to be different than the other unicorns but for all of Lynn's gruff demeanor, he has his insecurities.

Other releases that I devoured and put on my favorites shelf, The Only Option. I love dark characters like necromancers that can make me relate to them to the point I want to bring them home with me. And yes, dragons. :) Then there was Pirate of Fathoms Deep, the second book of Tales of the High Court. Loud and blustery Lesto falls in love with an ex-criminal. It just melted my heart how he yelled and stomped and then Shemal would appear and Lesto was all sugary sweet. LOVED. Then there was The Painted Crown the second book in the Unbreakable Soldiers series. Istari is one of those wounded characters that just breaks your heart from the beginning. He's scarred inside and out and I wondered when he was going to catch a break. So, so good.

Okay, moving on to my next obsession, Sloane Kennedy's Protectors Series. Originally, I wanted to read Absolution because it was M/M/M. (Really, there isn't enough poly out there.) That one read made me look at the backlist so that I could become acquainted with other works by Kennedy. Each book in this series came out steadily throughout the year. They are all what I think is called "hurt/comfort", which admittedly I don't read much of because I have problems with angst sometimes. If there isn't a good balance between the hurt and comfort then I can't finish. But this series has a good balance plus there is also suspense and mysteries to solve.

The Captain's Men was just simply fun and sexy. Lots of smexy times and every time I think of this series I smile. Reading it made me happy. Each of the characters are distinctly drawn and different from each other. I was sad to see the series end but it's one that I re-read often because I like how I feel when finished. 

You know I love dragons and I'm always excited to find good dragon stories. This was my first experience with Jaye McKenna and definitely won't be my last. Burn the Sky and Blackfrost were so awesome. A fantasy setting with great writing and stories. I want more of this world and dragons. I definitely checked out McKenna's backlist and look forward to her psi series. :)

Five Minutes Longer is what I'd consider a dark version of a superhero story. Some humans are suddenly becoming enhanced in puberty. They are rejected and feared but the FBI is considering putting together an enhanced/human team to deal with criminal enhanced. Finn, the human in this equation, is put in a sink or swim situation when he isn't really qualified to be a FBI agent. Everybody is waiting for him to fail but he turns out to be a better fit the job than anyone imagined.

A new addition to my auto buy author is Archer Kay Leah. I often buy books because of the cover. It's a weakness, I know. But that weakness is what brought A Question of Counsel (a lesbian fantasy romance) to my attention. I fell in love with the characters and world which lead me to pick up the second book in the series, Four (a gay fantasy romance). In between those came For the Clan which is a MMF romance set in a futuristic dystopia world. It doesn't matter what she writes, I'll definitely be reading it. :D

When I look for a sci-fi romance this is what I want every single time. Slow burn romance with intricate plot, species different in thought and form from humans, and a patient love that puts the other person above all else. Something I can't put down regardless of time or place. I love this series and each book gets better and better. Cosmic Inception is the third in the series and hopefully not the last. I think I might cry if there isn't more to come. 

The Horse Mistress is a book that I thought would be about a woman pretending to be a man because of the cultural structure of the society she lived in. It turned out to be much more. Carival sees himself as a man in the wrong body and questions his gender. I read him as gender fluid at times and transgender in others. Only a small part of this story is about Carival questioning his gender identity, the plot of this first book is about Carival travelling with the village's best warrior and their one remaining priest to the nearby village. Their quest is to convince the head of the village to ally with them against an invading force. There are five books to this series but I've only read the first one because I haven't had time to allow myself become engrossed in the series. Once I start reading the rest, I won't stop until I'm finished. 

The final addition to my "top ten" is Soul Breaker. This isn't a romance but a new adult, urban fantasy with a bisexual protagonist. Cal is only twenty-two and has seen things that would make most humans insane. But Cal is made of sterner stuff and went through the academy for the Department of Supernatural Investigations. Unexpectedly, he finds himself assigned to an elite team that is mourning the loss of a team member. Cal has to prove himself and figure out how to stay alive. I LOVED Cal. He's 22 and inexperienced and it shows every time he's wowed. But he's also determined, loyal, and will do what is right every time even when he's quaking in his boots. I listened to the audiobook while trying to get the holiday blankets crocheted and was so disappointed that the next book in the series wasn't on audio yet. Go read it!!

Well, that's it! My favorites of 2016. What were yours??

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What's On The Reading Radar #WishList #TBR

Happy Christmas Eve! Hope you're ready for the weekend. I'm going to spend some time with my best friend. Because it's her last Christmas, her house is going to be packed. I'm trying not to think about it because anxiety will eat me alive before we even get there. 

Writing wise, I'm not doing too bad. This last part, before the end of Part One, of Bespoken is creeping along. I need to go back to Alpha Trine and Striker and check the timeline to make sure I'm not getting something wrong. I really should make better notes!

Title: Wren and Terry: The Beginning
Series: Beta Series, 1
Author(s): Teckla Satterlee
Length: 129 pages
Publisher: Encompass Ink (September 4, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Bisexual / Transgender / Shifters / Paranormal /


Blurb: Before they met Yurlin, Wren and Terry struggled in their old lives.

Abused by his stepfather, Terry flees his mother’s house to make a life for himself. Working at an inn, he meets a handsome man named Kenneth, who makes Terry face what he knew to be true about himself all along. But the man who he falls in love with is not what he seems. Darkness hides within, and Terry is ensnared by it.

After Alpha Melier’s death, Wren is next in line to take control of his pack. But after being betrayed by the male he called his best friend, he is forced to leave pack life and live on his own. But after encountering a Human beating a slave in his territory, everything changes for Wren and the solitary life he led.

Wren works with Prince Yurlin to rescue slaves, and little does he know that the next one he will meet is the one to change his life, and his heart, forever. Terry believes his life will be full of degradation and pain, but one day a Shifter male with captivating amber eyes rescues him. Trust is hard to earn for someone who comes out of slavery and abuse, but Wren is determined to show Terry there is light yet in the world.

Title: Buried Truths
Series: Tales From Edovia, 2
Author(s): Nicky James
Length: 232 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Fantasy /


Blurb: ***WARNING***This book contains scenes of self-harm that may act as triggers for some people.

Sometimes, you have to let go of your past in order to find your future.

Doctor Chase Schuyler’s entire life has been dictated by overbearing parents. His only effort to break free of those restraints failed years ago, leaving a trail of ruin and hurt in his wake. Now he toes the line to keep everyone happy. Everyone that is, but himself. 

Despite the realm’s new declaration of freedom to love whomever you choose, Chase crawls deeper into a hole of denial in order to avoid shaming his family. When a young, ever persistent soldier with the King’s army becomes hell bent on getting Chase’s attention, Chase enters into a battle of heart versus head as he tries to deny his ever growing attraction to the man.

Aaron Pryor is a free spirit. Vibrant, funny, a little wild by nature with the heart of a lover and the soul of a child. Nothing is going to stand in his way of winning over the gorgeous city’s doctor. Nothing. His methods may be obscure, but his intentions are good. However, winning the doctor’s heart proves trickier than he anticipates. Just as their love begins to blossom and everything seems to be sailing along, they come to an abrupt, crashing halt.
Chase closes the door on everything. He knew this would happen. History dictates he will only ever hurt the people he loves. Aaron is no different. 

Can Aaron find out the truth behind Chase’s rejection and convince the man to pursue his own happiness and stop living by everyone else’s standards? 

Or is Aaron’s carefree nature just a mask he uses to cover his own deeper problems?

And what happens when the mask slips?

With Edovia’s war efforts coming to a head and decisions around the future of the lands being made. Chase is faced with a potentially life altering decision that may make all other issues irrelevant.
Both men need to battle the demons of their past to find answers, but sometimes the past is not so easily quelled. Sometimes, only the truth will set you free.

This is the second book in a trilogy. It can be read as a standalone, however, there are some aspects and characters that have carried over from the first book.

Title: Starless Nights
Series: (Dark Horizons Book 2)
Author(s): Rae O. Macon, Michelle Magly
Length: 218 pages
Publisher: Desert Palm Press; 1 edition (September 29, 2015)

Genre:  Romance / Lesbian / Sci-Fi /


Blurb: In this sequel to Dark Horizons, Taylor and Maia did not know where they would go when they fled Earth. They simply trusted Akton to take them somewhere safe. Leaving behind a wake of chaos and disorder, Coalition soldier Rachel is left to deal with the backlash of Taylor’s actions, and soon finds herself chasing after the runaways. Rachel quickly learns the final frontier is not a forgiving place for humans, but her chances for survival are better out there than back on Earth. Meanwhile, Taylor and Maia find themselves living off the generosity of rebel leader Sorra, an ikthian living a double life for the sake of the rebellion. With Maia’s research in hand, Sorra believes they can deliver a fatal blow against the Dominion.

Title: Strong Side
Series: Eastshore Tigers, 1
Author(s): Alison Hendricks
Length: 264 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Sports


Blurb: Their chemistry on the field is undeniable. But can they ever be more than friends?

Jason Hawkins is about to throw the biggest Hail Mary pass of his career. If he can't turn NFL recruiters' heads this year, he'll lose his shot at the one thing he's ever been good at. But every quarterback needs a man he can count on down-field. For Jason, that man just might be the Tigers' new receiver, Derek Griffin.

Four years ago, Derek nearly lost everything after being outed by his teammates. Now he finally has a chance to get it all back as a walk-on for Eastshore College... if he can resist his immediate attraction to the gorgeous and very straight star quarterback.

An instant connection during practice leads to an easy friendship that only grows stronger off the field. Derek is convinced friendship is all it'll ever be, but a very confusing moment of impulse leaves both of them fumbling for answers about their relationship.

As curiosity gives way to passion and passion gives way to something deeper, Jason and Derek will have to tackle their own personal demons to bring home the win and earn their happy ending.

Strong Side is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

Title: Iron Breakers
Series: Stag's Run
Author(s): Zaya Feli

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Fantasy /



Book one of the Iron Breakers Trilogy.
Ren Frayne is the bastard son of the Queen of Frayne, a title he’s more than comfortable with when it brings him limited responsibilities and all the luxuries of life he could ever want. But when the king and Ren’s half-brother, Crown Prince Hellic are brutally murdered, Ren is accused. Now, he is forced to flee the city together with the mysterious prisoner Anik who may know how to survive in the wild, but who seems to have an agenda of his own, one that may spell danger for Ren.

Ren’s accuser now sits on his family’s throne, and things are about to get much, much worse. It may be time to seek help in unexpected places.

Title: Their Precious Own
Author(s): Lia Black

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy /


Blurb: Another body in a string of ritualistic murders, a serial killer who’s getting cocky; Detective Derek Childress thinks this day just can’t get any worse. And then he meets his new partner.

Investigator Kayle Perrine is a Variant: one of several races of once-thought mythical creatures who now live among and lord-over humankind. Led by a group of vampires called the Clan Gentry, the Variants protect their own, just as they did when Derek’s previous partner was killed by one, nearly a year ago. Now that Perrine’s on the case, Derek expects a cover-up.

Kayle Perrine has worked his whole life to prove himself, but being paired up with a boorish mundane like Derek Childress is feeling more like punishment than reward. Derek is so blinded by his prejudice against Variants, that he refuses to see the evidence Kayle finds blatantly obvious. The sooner Kayle can close this case, the sooner he can go back home and forget about the infuriating human detective.

A brutal attack forges a fragile truce between the two men, driving them together. Derek and Kayle must learn to trust and depend on each other while tempers flare and passions of every kind run hot between them. Yet as they begin to grow closer, one fact continues to keep them apart: they are from different worlds.

With time running out to solve this case, Derek and Kayle understand that love may not be enough to overcome prejudice, politics, and murder.

Title: The Sons of Thestian
Series: The Harmatia Cycle, 1
Author(s): ME Vaughan

Genre:  Fantasy / Gay / Romantic Elements /


Blurb: The Prince Jionathan is plagued by visions of death. With the King on his death-bed, and the tyrannical Queen in power, the Kingdom of Harmatia lies in peril. Fleeing the city in fear of his life, Jionathan is shadowed by Rufus Merle, a young, secretive Magi tasked with bringing him home. 

Now, with the help of a fearsome Sidhe warrior named Fae, they must traverse a dangerous faerie-wood together. 

Against bandits, faeries and cursed priestesses, these unlikely friends travel a path fraught with danger, not least from the blood-thirsty Night Patrol and the dark conspiracy that shrouds them.

Book One in the Epic Fantasy series The Harmatia Cycle

Title: The Orb of Winter
Series: (Kian Lightfoot, Black Dragon Assassin Book 1)
Author(s): Michael Offutt
Length: 662 pages

Genre:  Romantic Elements? / Gay / Sword & Sorcery / Fantasy /


Blurb: White Wolf Beryl Loftcrag, high priest of Thomas, god of war, has been kidnapped by the Zandan army. To free him, Ser Ephram Skye, an elite Valion knight, embarks on a mission with a team of mercenaries; their goal: to extract Beryl Loftcrag from the dungeons beneath the Librarium Apocalypto before he spills the secrets to the Orb of Winter. There’s only one problem: Beryl Loftcrag’s being held at the center of the most wicked city in the country of Zanda.

But Ephram’s team has not lost yet, and traveling with them is Hunter, the Assassin of the Silver Rose, a man both mysterious and powerful and with skills that prove ever more useful with each passing day. Now they have only to conquer the mighty Bone Wall, which stands between Ephram and his prize. But in the holy city of Zanda, the Dreaded Irtemara (bride of Zandine, god of chaos and illusion) has other plans. Soon she will give birth to her third child and sacrifice him to bring Typhon, the five-headed spectral dragon of hell’s first plane into this world. Then, they will march on all the kingdoms of Wynwrayth in a bid to conquer the world itself.

Time is ticking….

The Orb of Winter is an adult dark fantasy novel for mature readers only (ages 17+). It features descriptions of gore and gay sex.

Title: Wild Rose, Silent Snow
Author(s): Angel Martinez
Publisher: Pride Publishing (December 27, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Paranormal / 

Notes: Seriously, he looks fabulous. General release date 12/27/2016

Blurb: Newly expanded version!

A huge bear at the door, a handsome, naked stranger in the snow, magic fish, enchanted beards—and Rowan thought his life was odd before.

Content with the quiet isolation of their lake house, Snowden and Rowan Hadley survive on summer jobs and winter hunting, unable to move on since their parents died. Their peace is shattered by a strange, human-acclimated bear who insists on following Rowan like a giant hunting dog and again by the discovery of a naked, surly stranger in the snow.

Both bear and man lead the Hadley brothers into a strange, surreal world where sorcery and RPG software intertwine. Curses and magical traps lie in wait around every turn. Rowan and Snowden will need to adjust their view of how the world works, and quickly, if they want to live through rescuing their enchanted princes.

Title: The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor
Author(s): Jess Faraday
Length: 99 pages
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (June 15, 2015)

Genre:  Romance / Lesbian / Gay / Mystery / Suspense / Historical / 


Blurb: Billiwack, California, 1884. When translator Rosetta Stein comes across her rival, Bartholomew Vincent, under attack by weird, raven-headed man-beasts behind the infamous Puckered Rosebud Gentleman’s Club, she senses opportunity. She rescues him in exchange for a crack at the commission he stole from under her nose—a strangely inscribed artifact found by Big Sur bigwig George Taylor Granville in the Santa Lucia mountains. Misfortune has stalked Vincent from the moment he took on the project, and he’s only too happy to share it. In the meantime, a lady marshal has come to Billiwack, investigating rumors of strange, unlicensed weapons, and she can’t seem to decide if she’d rather kiss Rosetta or arrest her. And Vincent is suffering romantic complications of his own, in the forms of Rosetta’s charming layabout brother, and an amorous professor who won’t take God, no! for an answer.

Title: Your Alpha, My Mate
Series: (The Lonestar Chronicles Book 1)
Author(s): Rachel Ravenheart
Length: 162 pages
Publisher: CoolDudes Publishing; 1 edition (November 20, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Shifter /


Blurb: Jamie is a shifter. But he can't shift. That's what he wants his pack to think.

Truth is, Jamie is a white wolf. The biggest, best, strongest kind of wolf. He refuses to shift because his pack, and his parents, treat him as a misfit. An outcast. And when he takes matters into his own hands by fleeing to join the Lonestar Pack, his fate is already determined. 

There will be sacrifice.
There will be war.
There will be death.
Above all, there will be love.
And love always wins.

Title: All that Glitters 
Series: (Stavin DragonBlessed Book 1)
Author(s): Loren K. Jones
Length: 309 pages
Publisher: Twilight Times Books; 2 edition (July 16, 2016)

Genre:  Coming of Age / Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery / Adventure /

Notes: This was $6.50 but is currently $1.99

Blurb: This is the story of Stavin Kel'Aniston, a boy trained as a warrior, he serves his people as a caravan guard to obtain gold for their community. Stavin earned dragon-scale armor from the dragon on the mountain for his bravery, but the gift of the dragon comes at a price.

Thieves, brigands, and ne'er-do-wells of every kind are attracted to Stavin. As the summer passes, Stavin fights for his life and the honor of his name.

Book One in the Stavin Kel'Aniston DragonBlessed series. Author's preferred edition.

Title: The Trouble With Ghosts
Series: Here Witchy Witchy, 3
Author(s): A.L. Kessler
Length: 221 pages

Genre:  Paranormal / Vampires / Werewolves /

Notes: I wasn't paying attention to this being the 3rd in the series. The blurb is what caught me. The first two books are No More Black Magic and Deathly Magic.

Blurb: Poltergeists, severed thumbs, and lies… 

PIB agents Abigail Collins and Nick Averin are rattled when a handful of severed thumbs are found at an abandoned house, but neither of them expected it to link to a decades old murder with strange ties to the paranormal world. When Abby’s greatest enemy seems to be helping her from afar, it’s clear that there’s more to this case than the duo first believed.

Past cases come back to life…

Levi is avoiding questions and being even more vague than normal when a new vampire comes to town claiming to be on the case involving blood starved vampires. It’s a fight against time and lies for the two agents.

Title: Cage Match
Author(s): Bonnie Dee
Length: 6 hrs 10 min

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Alternate History / Modern Day Gladiator / Master/slave / Suspense / 

Notes: I'm don't read something like this unless I know the slave gains freedom. I read a couple of reviews that eluded to this so I put it on my wishlist. :)

Blurb: A prince of industry, an imprisoned gladiator, fistfights instead of ballrooms - Cinderella was never this hot.

A master in the arena but a slave when combat is over, Jabez is a cage fighter raised on the streets. When two friends bet on a match, wealthy socialite Andreas wins time with the champion. He feels an instant sizzling connection with the battered warrior and buys out the man's contract, offering Jabez a chance for a better life.

Uneasy in sudden luxury, Jabez resists attraction to his handsome employer. The two men's struggle against desire explodes in passionate fighting, but eventually they surrender to lust, which slowly evolves into something more. When Andreas discovers his family's corporation hides dark, dangerous secrets, he faces a fight for his life. Meanwhile, Jabez learns what it means to care for someone and puts his body and soul on the line to rescue the man he's grown to love.

©2013 Bonnie Dee (P)2016 Audible, Inc.

Title: Dark Magic
Author(s): Kayci Morgan
Length: 153 pages

Genre:  Romance / Bisexual / Coming of Age / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / 



They said he was evil.
They said he was dangerous.
But he was just trying to survive...

Parker's biggest problem in life was getting the boy he liked to notice him. Now, after discovering he's a warlock, the life he once knew is gone. Now he must contend with a mother that lied to him, a brother that hates him, and a father that doesn't know him.

And if that wasn't enough, a group of fanatical witch hunters have set him and his family in their sights. In order to protect those he loves, Parker must embrace his dark powers while not becoming the monster the witch hunters say he is. But the ability to bend the world to his will is an alluring temptation.

Previously published under Kyle Lewis

Title: Common Law box set
Author(s): Kate Sherwood
Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Violence / Former Marine / Cops / Contemporary / First Love? /


Blurb: Jericho Crewe escaped from Mosely, Montana, when he was seventeen and built a new life for himself, first as a Marine, then as an LA police officer. Fifteen years later, he’s back, and everything is just as confusing as it was before he left.

Especially Wade Granger. Wade’s still a rebel, still a criminal, and still dangerously fascinating. As Jericho digs deeper into the town’s underbelly, he has to decide whether Wade’s the worst the town has to offer, or the only part of Mosely worth saving.

This collection, available exclusively at Riptide Publishing, contains all four novels at almost 20% off. You will receive each title two days prior to its official release day:

Long Shadows: January 2nd, 2017
Embers: February 6, 2017
Darkness: March 6, 2017
Home Fires: April 3, 2017

Title: The Boyfriend Makeover
Series: The Boyfriend Chronicles, 3
Author(s): River James
Length: 394 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Contemporary /

Notes: I read and enjoyed the first book in this series but not the second. I wasn't invested in the ex, but Noah on the other hand... yes, please. I hope I don't cry.

Blurb: Noah Tanner loves life and the gay men who live it. Bisexuals rock too. Questioning? Even better. One-offs come and go like dates on a calendar, but his friends and his calling never do. He’s spent years raising money for San Francisco’s homeless in honor of the boyfriend who died. Ensuring the success of his upscale charity event is currently job one. He’s closing in on his goal, but the deliciously scruffy, oh-so-sexy Bachelor Bid contestant, Dr. Kyland Davis, is proving far too distracting.

Former Texan and no-nonsense surgeon Ky Davis prefers his beat-up Stetson boots to Louboutins. He’s sacrificed a lot to help raise his siblings—including keeping his orientation a secret. After a difficult year for his sister, he’ll do anything to see her smile again, even agree to participate in the fundraiser she’s been hired to organize. Unfortunately, the accompanying makeover by the irreverent and gorgeous Noah Tanner might be his undoing…

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains Man-on-Man action, adult situations and *ahem* language.

Title: Stone and Shell
Series: A Solstice Tale
Author(s): Lloyd A. Meeker
Length: 11k
Publisher: NineStar Press

Genre:  Sweet Romance / Gay / Holiday / Contemporary / Matchmaking / Second Chances /


Blurb: Eight-year-old Howie Evinger is convinced that his dad would be happier if he found a new husband. Howie would be happier, too. And somewhere out there in the city of Vancouver, there’s the right man for his dad to love. But how to find him? That’s a problem, especially if you’re just a kid and your dad says he doesn’t want another husband.

With the help of his quirky aunt, Shanna, who calls herself a Buddhist Wiccan, Howie builds his very own solstice altar with cool symbols to support his search. It has a candle, a feather, and a twisty stick, plus an agate for his dad, and a scallop shell for his new husband. Share Howie’s solstice adventure as he learns how real magic requires courage and patience as well as symbols.

Title: Treasure for Treasure
Series: A Beings In Love Story, 7
Author(s): R. Cooper
Length: 357 pages
Publisher: Dreasmspinner Press

Genre:  Romance / Historical / Paranormal / Dragons / 


Blurb: In the nineteenth century, the dragon Dìzhèn put the small coastal town of Everlasting under her protection. Her family was supposed to carry on the tradition, but all of Dìzhèn the Great’s heirs eventually left rather than live in the shadow of such a powerful dragon.

Only the youngest dragon of the current generation remains: Zarrin, the softhearted disgrace of his family. He might be weak, small, and afraid, but he is determined to show the humans they have not been forgotten… one human in particular. The problem is, Zarrin can barely get that human to talk to him.

It should be a dream come true to have a dragon trying to get his attention. But Joe refuses to bow to Zarrin like everyone else. Yes, Zarrin is sexy, oddly gentle for a dragon, and stares at Joe with a gaze so hot it makes him shiver. But hurt, mistrustful Joe can’t believe Zarrin’s promises that he’s here to stay. Joe doesn’t realize he is the treasure Zarrin has been looking for his whole life, a treasure he once let slip through his fingers out of fear. Now, to win Joe’s trust, Zarrin has to be brave and become as strong as Dìzhèn herself.

Title: Omega Arrival
Author(s): Rebecca James
Length: 179 pages
Publisher: JMS Books

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Alpha-Omega / Knotting / Mpreg? /


Blurb: Emotions run high when five omegas are traded to the Angel Hills Pack, which has suffered a decline in population after an illness killed a fourth of its wolves.

After a previous mating Justin would rather forget, he’s happy to leave his old compound and start afresh. A part of him hopes the gorgeous second-in-command alpha, Milo, will choose him for a mate. As memories of his life with Stone haunt his dreams, Justin struggles to make the right decision for himself as well as his four pups.

Gabriel doesn’t want to mate at all, but as one of the traded omegas, he knows he doesn’t have a choice. He just hopes he’ll end up with a beta and not an alpha. How does he feel when he’s mated to both? Grey is the pack alpha of Angel Hills and he and his baron beta, Ian, want to start a family to continue the dynasty. Is that all they want Gabriel for, a breeding machine?

When an intruder is detected in the compound, everyone is on high alert, especially as the new arrival proves remarkably adept at remaining hidden. Will the newly-created mating bonds be strong enough, or will rancor and bitterness win out?

Title: Path of Shadows
Author(s): Kain Jensen
Length: 148 pages
Publisher: Kain Jensen; 1 edition (November 21, 2016)

Genre:  Non-Romantic / LGBTIAQ Character / Dark Fantasy / Action-Adventure / Suspense / 


Blurb: In a world where magic and light serve as the final frontier before an ancient darkness, it's up to the hunters to keep the balance between life and death.

Les Raus is the descendant of generations who have fought with iron and light against the terrifying nightmare which are the shadow beings. He travels the cursed path of the hunters, its power taking roots deep into the chaos, but serving to awaken the true strength within those who come back from it. 

Locked in a fierce fight against the shadows, Les encounters a mysterious warrior much more powerful than anything he had ever fought before and it takes all of his newly acquired abilities to make it out alive.

But once his brother Gabriel is lost into the shadow grounds, Les must find a way to save him in a desperate race against time itself and the very entity of chaos. Amidst the beginning of a great battle, Les has to unite with an unlikely ally, a man called Valerian who appears to hold both light and darkness into himself. 

Together they reveal the secrets buried deep within the frozen depths of a forgotten ocean, and realize there's more than one way to light up the darkness, and set a soul free. 

* * *
"Siren's thistle. Its light exists even in the shadow grounds, if you know where to look for it. My father once told me it has the power to guide a lost soul back home." Rain's fingers traced the fine petals of the flower, which opened to reveal a row of stamens shining like sparks."

Title: The Pirate Prince
Series: Knights of Sehaann, 1
Author(s): Leah Ross
Length: 334 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Poly? / Pirate Prince / Pleasure Slave / Knight / Intrigue / Action / Suspense / 

Notes: I have high hopes the pleasure slave kicks political butt. :)

Blurb: Second born. The heir’s spare. It’s been Oron’s position for his entire life. Suddenly, he’s ripped from his adventurous pirate life, summoned back to Sehaann. The princess is dead and Oron is next in line for the throne. Reluctant, resentful, the prince feels obligated in his duty. The new role doesn’t fit him at all, though, and he finds much more than he expects within the palace walls.

As captain of the Royal Guard, Deven is entirely too good at his job. Recognized as the country’s best fighter, he’s sworn to protect his people and his prince with every skill in his arsenal. His vow of service is paramount, even more important than heartfelt promises left behind in childhood. To be a Knight of Sehaann is to fight for prince and country. There’s no room between the constant stream of political threats for distracting emotion.

Kavian is the palace’s finest pleasure slave. Distraction personified. Property of the crown, his job is only to ease the stress of the privileged aristocrats who have need of him. He sees the things that the nobles hide from each other and hears their secrets. He would be a formidable enemy if those who used him bothered to give him a second thought. No one realizes that he’s an even more dangerous ally.

Three lives are hopelessly tangled together in a web of jealousy, duty, and ambition that none will escape unscathed. With opposition in every corner and every watchful eye looking for a weakness to exploit, one wrong move means treason, war, even death. All of them must decide where their loyalties lie and which sacrifices are just too much to bear. Oron knows one thing for certain, though. If he’s going down, he’s going down fighting.

This work is intended for a mature audience and contains mature content. For a more comprehensive list of content tags, please see this book’s information page at the author’s website.

Title: Claimed
Series: (Nightwind Pack Book 1)
Author(s): Laurann Dohner, Kele Moon
Length: 262 pages
Publisher: Unbound (November 15, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Paranormal / Shifter / Alpha Male /


Blurb: Kidnapped then released deep in the woods, Brandi is on a harrowing run for her life, hunted by beasts straight out of a horror movie. But there’s an even bigger, more vicious creature in the woods—the deadly werewolf who saves her life. Jason is much more than a man, dangerous and intimidating, and Brandi still finds herself wanting every unbelievably sexy inch of him.

When he investigates the desperate screams near his secluded cabin, Jason’s shocked to find his own kind hunting a human—but he ends up even more stunned when he accidentally triggers a mating heat in the beautifully lush woman he saved. Overwhelmed with lust, Jason takes her, bites her, binds her to him forever…

Now he just has to break the news to Brandi.

Title: Soul Bonds
Series: Common Powers, 1
Author(s): Lynn Lorenz
Length: 196 pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing (December 20, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Psychic / 


Blurb: Book one in the Common Powers series - newly expanded version!

It’s not how big the power, it’s how you use it.

Mitchell’s tired of one night stands and casual encounters.

Sammi is a runaway sex slave who’ll do anything to stay free.

When they meet in a bar, Mitchell can’t believe his luck. Sammi is sex on two legs and seems to know just what Mitchell wants from a lover. But Sammi’s owner Donovan isn’t going to let him go so easily. He’s prepared to destroy anyone who stands in his way to get back his prized slave.

Is the bond between Mitchell and Sammi strong enough to stand up against the damage Donovan inflicts on their lives, or will it shatter?

Title: The Judas Contact
Series: Boomers, 1
Author(s): Heather Long
Length: 186 pages
Publisher: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC (August 1, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Action-Adventure / Sci-Fi / Superheros / Time Travel / 


Blurb: Hope may prove their most dangerous threat.
Boomers, Book 1

Doctor Ilsa Blaine
Codename: Doc
Abilities: Designs programmable bioware, enhanced understanding of brain chemistry
Mission: Research, analyze and troubleshoot the team’s active microchips

On the cutting edge of neuroscience, Ilsa is developing microchips that can be inserted into the brain and deliver information. The applications are endless, but her current goal is just to get dogs to return to their owners should they ‘become lost.’ When her college roommate turns up asking for lunch, she’s hardly prepared for the chaos that ensues or the revelation her chip changed the world, and the lives of five heroes from the future. And now they need her help…

Garrett Fox
Codename: The Viper
Abilities: toxins, poisons and assassination, he can kill with a touch
Mission: Protect Ilsa Blaine

One of five desperate men sent back in time to save the future, Garrett volunteers to be the doctor’s guinea pig as she studies their neuro-chips. It’s not his first time being a lab rat. In close quarters, the unthinkable happens—an attraction that could kill Ilsa. Drawn together by science, and on the fast track to destiny, Ilsa and Garrett must save his team from their chips before they can end them, and maybe Ilsa can prove to Garrett he isn’t toxic to everything he touches…least of all her.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. An alliance with the modern day Halo has given their leader a taste of hope. For these five lonely soldiers, the single emotion may prove their most dangerous threat.

Title: Stonetree Trilogy
Series: Black Mountain Bears
Author(s): Ophelia Bell
Length: 295 pages

Genre:  Romance / Poly / MFM / Shifters / Paranormal / 


Blurb: All three titles in the first "Black Mountain Bears" trilogy are now available in one volume, PLUS a bonus epilogue.

Gaia save the Queen…

Emma Stonetree’s father is missing. Worse yet, her uncle’s gone too, leaving her and her two cousins, Jasper and Jade, floundering for an explanation.

All Emma can think of are their fathers’ stories—tall tales of magic, mystery, and a whole host of shifter races. Stories she might not have believed, if not for her own research into the matter—research that hardly prepares her for the trials of magic she and her cousins will endure as they set off that Midwinter’s night to discover their roots.

Nor does it prepare the three for what they find on the other side of the mystical portal their fathers disappeared into: the ursa, a fertility-focused race of bear shifters, with customs that defy their human sensibilities. Except the trio swiftly learn they aren’t really human either, and once inside the ursa Sanctuary, they are just as bound by ursa laws as the earth is bound by the seasons.

Emma and her cousins must make a choice: accept their legacies as ursa royalty, accept the love they find inside the sanctuary, or reject their passions and retreat to their safe, mundane lives, never to return to the realm they were meant to inherit.

Publisher's Note: The "Black Mountain Bears" series is a parallel story to the "Sleeping Dragons" series by Ophelia Bell. You can read them independently, but the story will be enriched by reading them both.

Title: Burning Suns
Series: Conflagration, 2
Author(s): Lisa Wylie
Length: 292 pages
Publisher: SunTzuGames; 1 edition (August 19, 2016)

Genre:  Lesbian / Science Fiction / Alien Invasion / 

Notes: I can't remember if I posted the first book on one of the Reading Radar posts. Just in case, the first book of the series is 
Burning Suns: Conflagration (Book One).
Blurb: - - Conflict is coming - -

Thrown into an unwilling partnership by a heist gone bad and a botched assassination, mercenary captain Jennifer Bronwen and changeling intelligence agent Keera Naraymis are on the run from just about everybody. If they can learn to trust one another, maybe they can figure out exactly how their lives got turned upside down. But right now, mired as they are in a game of cat and mouse in the bowels of a criminal’s lair, that seems like a big if.

On the other side of the galaxy, Admiral Kiith Kohath has an even bigger problem—a corrupted cohort of cyborgs intent on pillaging the Assembly systems. Tracking the enemy to the sites of their atrocities, Kohath and his team must piece together the Reavers’ plan and determine their next target, preferably before they have a chance to slaughter yet another defenceless colony.

With alliances and agreements fraying at the seams, and new and old trusts being put to the test, the personal and political stakes rise ever higher as Jen, Keera, and Kohath struggle to prevent the galaxy from slipping into all-out war…

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!