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Just Around The Corner! #constant #TheValespianPact

I think that I missed making Constant's announcement here on the blog. The third book in the Valespian Pact has a release date! March 20, 2020

Whew! There were days when I thought I would never finish this book. It was a problem child from day one and I'm pretty sure that Constant is a bit smug about that fact.

I have been writing Constant almost exclusively for the better part of two years. It has given me fits the whole way. I had a plan, really I did, and Constant refused to follow the plan, went off the rails (many, many times) and it did whatever the hell it wanted, despite my protests.

Constant is about Prince Mestor and Warlord Sohm'lan, but it's also about the Vondorian family and the Atlaintician people. I've said frequently that this is a story that needed to be told and I didn't realize it until almost too late. 

Like I said, I had a plan and it was not for Mestor and Sohm'lan to have their own book. Their story was going to play out over the the next several books of the series with Mestor finally winning Sohm'lan in the last book, Legends. Their journey started while they were escorting Zeus and the Oethra 7 to Valespia, and I penned a couple of scenes to jump start things. Then I thought, "Hey! I bet there is enough to give them a novella that shares a timeline with Striker." And I wrote some more. Then I realized, that the 35k wasn't enough space for them... then, it reached 67k. I sent it out to the beta readers, and dude, it was not the best it could be.

Part of the problem was me thinking I knew what people wanted to read instead of writing the story that wanted to come out. There were changes coming to Atlainticia that I was going to mention in other books in passing because, dammit, I write romance and that other stuff was not romancey... but it was a part that makes the Vondorians, the Mar'Sani who they were, and shapes who Prince Mestor and Warlord Sohm'lan become.

Needless to say, that once I got over myself *cough*cough* wrong assumptions, I threw out chapters and scenes, and rewrote the story that had been waiting on me to get with the program. Two hundred and fifty thousand words (yes, you heard me correctly, 250k) later Constant is an Epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Super-Novel. (And I never, ever want to write a story that long again!!)  Along the way there was a lot of cussing and cursing and threats of strapping the manuscript to a bonfire, but it eventually shaped itself into a novel of love and laughter, of hope and redemption, and of course, family. I can't wait for you to join the ride!


Can a Warlord and a Prince find love when the galaxy is on the brink of war?

Chief Warlord Sohm'lan has a job he loves protecting the family who claims him as one of their own. He has known the loss of a mate and believed he would walk alone for the rest of his life… that is until Prince Mestor demanded more from him than duty. Unable to fathom why Mestor would want a widowed older warrior, Sohm'lan maintains his distance believing Mestor will eventually choose an amor closer in age and experience, even though the thought causes him more pain than it should.

Prince Mestor is tired of pretending and his patience is eroding. He needs Sohm'lan to see past their respective ranks and duties to who Mestor is underneath it all. Worried Sohm'lan will be lost to him if he pushes too hard, Mestor and Sohm'lan are caught in a dance of denied desires and tangled obligations.

Warlord Sohm'lan and Prince Mestor struggle to find a way to their heart's desire against the backdrop of galactic conspiracies, the dangerous mission escorting the Fal'Amoric royals, and discoveries within the Vondorian family that threaten to tear apart everything they hold dear. The two of them stand together to fight the coming battle whatever the consequences.

Add to your GoodReads' reading list! 

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What's on the Reading Radar? #read #WishList #TBR

What a week! I got a little breathing room and took Friday off. Got some packing done and laundry... and that sounds boring but it was a change of pace which I really needed. I did get a new read under my belt but I also did some re-listening of audiobooks too. 

Title: Stop at Nothing
Series: The Chosen One, 5
Author: Macy Blake
Length: 246 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Poly / Gay

Notes: I read this over the week, excited to see how she would resolve the issue. It was a great culmination to the series. I love Nick. I love everyone else, but Nick...

Blurb: Series Finale

With all of his mates assembled, Sawyer Smith should be ready for his own version of the end game. He must defeat the god of air and restore both of their broken magics to all of the realms. There’s only one problem: he still doesn’t know how to do it.

HIs brother is a god and is raising the forces of darkness against Sawyer and his mates more quickly than he can mount a defense. It’s time to fight, but Sawyer has too much to lose to risk disaster. As the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Sawyer is faced with a task that seems impossible. He must go into battle without the knowledge or power to win.

So many of his questions remain unanswered, but Sawyer knows one thing: He will stop at nothing to keep his mates safe.

Title: Blazing
Series: Valos of Sonhadra
Author: Nancey Cummings
Length: 185 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy-Sci-Fi / Poly / MFMM /

Notes: I don't think that I have read anything by this author before, but this book is in the Valos series and I'm considering giving it a try. 

Blurb: A woman on fire.

Lucie survived four hellish years in prison, being sucked through a wormhole and crashing onto an alien planet. All she wants is to go home. Passion and rage burn in her. She wants her life back and nothing will stop her: not prison, not an alien planet and not three powerful aliens determined to claim her. They won't distract her with their smoldering embrace or fiery kisses.

Alien men forged from fire.

Sarsen, Ertale and Asche spent the last thousand years waiting for release from their bonds. When the intriguing female bursts into their lives, she frees them from their unending servitude and ignites the fire in their heartstones. Now she thinks she can just leave them behind?

Not acceptable.

All three will do whatever it takes to make Lucie understand that her body and her heart belongs to them.

The Valos of Sonhadra series is the shared vision of nine sci-fi and fantasy romance authors. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happy Ever After, and can be read in any order.
Blazing is a Reverse Harem story with three heroes and one lucky heroine, complete and no cliffhangers.

Title: Witchbond
Series: Kitsune Chronicles, 2
Author: Lissa Kasey
Length: 308 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Gay

Notes: LOVE this series. 

Blurb: If your super power meant you could turn into a kitsune, a powerful fox spirit, you wouldn’t fear for the life of your mate, right?

Sebastian survived an entire year on the run from the supernatural. Then he met Liam, his fated mate and alpha werewolf, and thought maybe he’d found a home. Until the fae come calling. They want control of Seb’s power, even if that means eliminating Liam to get it.

When a trick leaves Seb in trouble with the werewolves, the military, and the fae, he fears his only option is to run. Except Seb is done running. He will stop at nothing to keep Liam by his side, even if it means letting his beast loose on them all.

Title: Slay My Love
Author: Lee Colgin
Length: 242 pages

Genre: Slow Burn Romance / Enemies to Lovers / Vampire / Gay

Notes: I have never read Lee Colgin before but the cover caught my attention when I was book browsing. I've been looking for vampire romances lately and I love enemies to lovers, so I put this on the wish list. 

Blurb: What happens when you’re attracted to the very person who wants to kill you?

Gianni, a born vampire, lives among undead brethren striving to find his place in their society.

Franklin, a vampire hunter, accepts a mission from the Scourge to capture Gianni for testing.

The pair meet along dark city streets, and an ill-fated attraction smolders between them. Natural enemies form an unlikely bond, but the peace between them cannot last.

The Scourge—an ancient organization bent on conquering supernaturals—need a born vampire for their labs. Franklin needs to rise in the ranks to live up to his family name. Gianni is caught in the fray. Where shame and betrayal loom large, can a vampire and a slayer find love, or will one have to kill the other to survive?

Slay My Love is a gay paranormal romance with a slow burn enemies to lovers trope. Content includes passionate scenes and violence. Intended for mature readers.

56,000 words, standalone, no cliffhanger ending, HFN

Title: Lord of the Last Heartbeat
Series: (The Sacred Dark Book 1)
Author: May Peterson

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy Horror (per one of Amazon's categories) / Gay

Notes: So Dark Fantasy Horror is usually not a category that I usually read, but I have been looking for something different and I'm not going to know if this is going to jive with me unless I give it a try. 

Blurb: Stop me. Please.

Three words scrawled in bloodred wine. A note furtively passed into the hand of a handsome stranger. Only death can free Mio from his mother’s political schemes. He’s put his trust in the enigmatic Rhodry—an immortal moon soul with the power of the bear spirit—to put an end to it all.

But Rhodry cannot bring himself to kill Mio, whose spellbinding voice has the power to expose secrets from the darkest recesses of the heart and mind. Nor can he deny his attraction to the fair young sorcerer. So he spirits Mio away to his home, the only place he can keep him safe—if the curse that besieges the estate doesn’t destroy them both first.

In a world teeming with mages, ghosts and dark secrets, love blooms between the unlikely pair. But if they are to be strong enough to overcome the evil that draws ever nearer, Mio and Rhodry must first accept a happiness neither ever expected to find.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

This book is approximately 94,000 words

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What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

Man, January passed without me accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish, and yet I've been crazy busy. Edits, edits, and more edits as I work on getting Constant ready for publishing. Bespoken Lost is at 74k and I started a Valespian Pact side story as a *super secret project* (I'm not going to give any hints about it other than I love this little story!). I had hoped that I would have chapters for Assassin's Retirement ready and posted, but... points up at the edits, those have taken up the majority of my time. 

I honestly have not done a lot of reading the last couple of weeks, and what I have read has taken days for me to finish because I've had limited time. But I did go a little pre-order crazy for books that I'm excited for the release of and all of them have been releasing the last week or so.

Title: Not Quite Human
Series: Not Quite, 1
Author: Kaye Draper
Length: 151 pages

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Intersex MC / Poly

Notes: So I have been excited to get my hands on this book since she announced it was coming in her newsletter. 

Blurb: Not quite human, not quite beast. Not quite female, not quite male. Sometimes hunter, sometimes prey. Always alone. Until them.

Fiend hunter Sam “Sabertooth” Forest is used to being on the outskirts. A cur with a mix of shifter and human blood, Sam can’t fully shift to beast but can’t fully pass as human. Through sheer determination, and a desire to protect the broken shifter woman who raised them, Sam has managed to eek out a place of their own in a world devastated by the rift that allowed monsters to spill into the earth plane. Sam hunts monsters, sometimes curs and mongrels just like Sam. The work might be dangerous, and the humans might want to put the mixed breed hunter on their hitlist, but it’s a job. It’s freedom. Sam works alone and trusts no one.

The next hunt should bring in a big bounty—big enough to pay the pack extortion fee and keep Sam’s adoptive mother safe through winter. But when a Leprechaun horns in on the unicorn hunt and tricks Sam into forming a hunter’s guild, Sam is suddenly burdened by an overabundance of people.

Setting off to hunt one-horned murder beasts with an annoying leprechaun and a nerdy half-ogre is bad enough. But when you add in a betrayal by the seductive siren Sam has loved since childhood, and the machinations of a rich human politician, well…Sam’s simple, lonely little life just got a whole lot more complicated.

Author’s Note:

I love reverse harem, but I got sick of reading the same old tropes. In my books you will find atypical characters and varied sexuality. In general, you probably won’t find many alpha males or fainting females.

The Not Quite series is a harem/reverse harem urban fantasy series of novellas (between 35,000-45,000 words) and contains the following:

*adult language, and lots of it

*moderate levels of violence/gore/action

*graphic sexual situations

*polyamory/ multiple lovers

*LBGTQ and straight themes (the main character is intersex and will have both male and female lovers, and this is a harem, so expect M/F, M/M, F/F, MMMFF etc.)

*as usual, my characters all have their own emotional scars. This means the book MAY contain mentions of abuse, unpleasant situations, etc. Please do not read if you are triggered by things like this.

Title: Queen Takes Sunfires
Series: Their Vampire Queen, 11
Author: Joely Sue Burkhart
Length: 80 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Poly

Notes: So far, I've been Team Shara over the other queens, but I've been looking forward to this book. Sunfires were a part of the bad guys in Shara's storyline and I'm intrigued how this will turn out.

Blurb: A Vampire Queen's Secret Baby

I awoke in a pile of garbage in a dark alley with no memory of what happened to me or even who I am. All I know is my name, Karmen. By the vicious scars on my body, I've been through hell and lived to tell about it. Barely.

In the hospital, my memory slowly begins to return. Something is after me. It's not safe. I have to get away. But I don't know who to trust. Certainly not the man who left me in the alley. He smelled like a wolf. Or the doctor, who asks me if I'm even human.

Then the doctor drops a bombshell. I'm pregnant. And I have no idea who the father is.

Only that his monsters hunt me in the burning light of day.

Title: Space Fox
Series: (G-Force Federation Book 1)
Author: LM Brown
Length: 202 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Shifters / Gargoyles / mpreg

Notes: I Love Brown's sci-fi books. I can't wait to see what she has in store.

Blurb: Protecting his shifter from threats is easy, but can he protect him from his own ambition?

As part of the G-Force Federation, gargoyle Jude is a newly promoted pilot eager to prove himself on his first solo assignment. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when his craft is shot down, leaving him stranded in the desert.

Kirby is a fennec fox shifter on the desert world of Cairo. When Jude’s ship comes under attack he races to help him, and after the crash he offers to guide him back to the base.

Their journey across the harsh desert is fraught with dangers, one of which is the lure of Kirby’s scent as he goes into heat for the first time. Jude’s protective attitude towards him pushes all the right buttons with Kirby, and it doesn’t take much for him to persuade the gargoyle to be his first lover.

When Kirby discovers he is pregnant they know one of them will have to make a sacrifice if they want to raise their baby together, but can either of them give up everything they have ever known?


Space Fox is Book One in the multi-author G-Force Federation mpreg, scifi series. Each book in the series can be read in any order. Join the G-Force Federation gargoyle warriors as they embark on their mission to protect and serve the Federation and possibly find their fated mates.

Title: The Rebel's Mate
Series: Blue Solace, 7
Author: CW GRay
Length: 230 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / mpreg / Angst-Free / 

Notes: I'm re-listening to this series now. It's fun and cute and adorable and angst-free. I'm sad to see the series come to an end but excited to see what the author has up her sleeve.

Blurb: Welcome back to Charybdis Station and the crew of the Blue Solace: (Seventh Book in the series)

Finn Sterling is still adjusting to becoming the lieutenant of the blue fleet of Charybdis Station. As an orphan on Cardinal Hold, he never imagined he would have a position of authority as an adult and the trust his friends put in him makes failure impossible. When he is given the monumental task to find a large number of missing Vextonians, he'll take all the help he can get. When Finn's journey brings him to his mate, he discovers that finding the missing is only one part of the quest ahead of him.

Aiden Crow has spent the last year consumed with grief and his search for vengeance. When he meets Finn, he knows instantly that the man is his mate, but what could he possibly offer the beautiful, smiling Cardinal? As the search for the missing draw the two men together, Crow realizes that the greatest risk he faces is losing his heart.

Crow and Finn must work together to gather information so they can find the innocent before they are lost forever.

Author's Note: 55,000 words. This is a sci-fi/fantasy, m/m love story with no angst and no cheating, just a HEA. There is lots of action, a little sex, mpreg, and a few potty mouths involved in the story. 18+ readers only, please. It is also the seventh book in a series that is best read in order. Read "The Mercenary's Mate," "The General's Mate," "The Soldier's Mate," "The Lieutenant's Mate," "The Engineer's Mate," and "The Captain's Mate" first!

Title: The Dragon Mistress Book 4
Series: (The Eburosi Chronicles 11)
Author: R.A. Steffan
Length: 333 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Dragons / Poly / 


Blurb: We ran away, but it didn’t solve our problems.Now, we’re going back to fight for Aristede.

And oh, yeah—there’s also the small matter of toppling Rayth’s corrupt younger brother from the Utrean throne, so we can remove the bounty on our dragons’ heads. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

As the king’s eldest son, Rayth grew up expecting to rule. Instead, he ended up disgraced and exiled. When he unknowingly stumbled upon the last five dragon eggs in existence, using the creatures to take back his crown was the last thing on his mind.

All that changed after Rayth’s brother Oblisii murdered their father and stole the kingship. With that fateful blow, what started out as a simple rescue mission to find our lost comrade has become something much more.

We won’t be safe until Oblisii is dead, and dragons are once more protected in the land of Utrea. To make that happen, we’ll have to risk everything in a desperate gamble to control the throne.

In the end, I just want my family back.
I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

* * *

The Dragon Mistress: Book 4 by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan is the last installment in a medium-burn fantasy romance series with dragonriders, where the heroine doesn’t have to pick one person at the end. It is part of the Eburosi Chronicles, along with The Horse Mistress and The Lion Mistress. It’s not necessary to have read any of the other books in the series before starting The Dragon Mistress arc.

A special note for Fantasy readers: herein, you will find explicit sex scenes, not all of which are heterosexual. If your gut reaction to that is “Eww” or even “Meh,” you probably won't enjoy this series.

Title: Alluvial
Series: Valos of Sonhadra, 1
Author: Amanda Milo
Length: 162 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Aliens / Dragons (that look like trees) / MFMMM

Notes: This I have read. It was fun and not dark like I expected since the word torture is in the blurb. I liked the re-imagining of dragons.

Blurb: Someone’s using me as leverage against my family. I was your average citizen, innocent of any crime worth going to prison for, and yet here I am.

But this isn’t a regular prison ship.



They alter me. And when the ship crashes on an alien planet, some of my new abilities come in quite handy—it’s the side effects that aren’t entirely welcome.

Not by me, anyway. The tribe of aliens that have taken me captive?
They don’t seem to mind.

~The Valos of Sonhadra series is the shared vision of nine scifi and fantasy romance authors. Each book is a standalone with a guaranteed Happy Ever After and can be read in any order.~
**Note: Explicit content, sexual situations, and language warning. 44K word novel.

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What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

Sorry I missed last Saturday's Reading Radar. It's been a bit hectic around here (ALL the edits that I want have a bonfire in the backyard with) and I've been a bit scattered. 

I haven't been reading a lot the last couple of weeks (points to the line above), but there has been a book or two and much adding to the TRB or Wish List. 

Title: All The Prince's Men
Author: Samantha MacLeod
Length: 73 pages

Genre: Fantasy / Poly / Gay

Notes: This is waiting for me to read.

Blurb: When Prince Liam returns to his kingdom after five years of training at the magical Academy, he’s only missed one person: Cerdec, the boy who had once been Liam’s closest childhood friend. But Cerdec is now a knight pledged to protect the kingdom, and Liam fears his one-time confidant has forgotten their stolen moments of tenderness.

Newly-sworn knight Cerdec has had no shortage of lovers since Liam left the kingdom, but he’s never felt as close to them as he once felt to the prince. Now that Liam has returned, Cerdec is prepared to serve as his personal guard, even if the position torments him with a longing he’s terrified to voice.

And even if it means he must welcome and protect the foreign princess who has been betrothed to Liam.

* * * *

This steamy, polyamorous fantasy romance is a short stand-alone with a HEA.

Title: Conspiracy of Ravens
Series: Raven Crawford, 1
Author: JC McKenzie
Length: 399 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Notes: Confession: I sometimes buy books because I like the cover (and then later, I hope that I like it). I've been resisting the urge because I have a slew of books that I bought because I like the looks and couldn't get into the story. I've been really good the last year not to do that anymore. Then this one keeps popping up. I love ravens and crows. The blurb sounds intriguing (and I'm envious of the succinctness), but I'm going to have to see if the sample tells me more. 

Blurb: Raven Crawford knows better than to venture into the seductive world of the dark fae or agree to any of their salacious promises. She plans to pay off her debts so she can get on with her life and stay far away from the denizens of the Underworld.

Unfortunately, her numbskull twin steals from the most tempting and lethal fae of them all. Now, Raven must help the Lord of Shadows get back what her idiot brother stole. Her only weapons? Just a little ingenuity and a whole lot of snark. It’s suicide for sure, but she’ll do anything to protect her twin.

Title: Not a Werewolf
Series: Jake and Boo, 1
Author: Madeline Kirby
Length: 219 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Psychic / Gay

Notes: I noticed this one at the Rainbow Awards and put it on my TRB list. It sounds really fun, like a cozy mystery, and angst free.

Blurb: When perpetual student Jake Hillebrand starts having strange dreams, no theory is too outlandish - even the possibility that he has become a werewolf. His best friend Don is no help, though – he doesn’t even believe in werewolves!

When the dreams lead Jake and Don to the body of a despised developer dumped along a Houston bayou, the only ones listening to Jake's theories are the dishy Detective Ruben Petreski and Jake's feline visitor, Boo.

In a historic neighborhood under threat from developers, everyone is a suspect, but so far all Jake's new-found psychic abilities seem to be good for is finding kittens and talking to squirrels. He's really going to have to up his game if he wants to escape the killer's attention - and catch Detective Petreski's.

Note: Contains excessive caffeine intake, cats, irritable detectives, lots of carbs, and no werewolves.

Title: Return of the Dwarf King
Series: The Adventures of Finnegan Dragonbender, 1
Author: Charley Case
Length: 233 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Notes: I picked up the sample of this because I'm highly intrigued with a dwarf as the MC and hero. If I like the writing style and the first pages grab me, I'll definitely get it.

Blurb: A broken ship. A missing friend. A whole new world of magical artifacts for the taking. A cosmic vacation for our intrepid treasure hunter.

After years of searching Finn has finally found the motherload. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get it home. And he’s got to meet John Wayne.

Stranded and alone in Denver, Colorado, Finn and his partner Penny (a foot and a half long Faerie Dragon) search for friends and allies in this strange new land.

But something about this place isn’t right. Magic has gone underground, and has anyone seen John Wayne?

Lucky for Finn he’s a Dwarf, and underground is where he does his best work.

Join Finn, Penny and their new friends on an adventure that spans the globe and holds the fate of an entire planet in its twists and turns.

And just maybe a tall Dwarf and a small dragon can find their place in the universe.

Title: Dead Eye
Series: Tiger's Eye Mystery
Author: Alyssa Day
Length: 279 pages

Genre: Cozy Mystery / Urban Fantasy / #read

Notes: This one I did read. It lured me in with, "If you are a Sookie fan... humor..." I have been nostalgic, thinking about rereading the Stackhouse series and thought why not. I enjoyed the story, not as humorous as I was expecting, but I might be a hard sell when it comes to that. I thought they should have called for help earlier than they did, but that is not how the plot rolled. It is a spin-off of a Poseidon series. Never heard of it myself but I thought I would take a look at it. If they are real romancy, then they probably won't be for me.

Blurb: For Jack Shepherd, tiger shape-shifter and former soldier, life is heading for a dead end. Dead End, Florida, to be exact. When he learns that he inherited a combination pawn shop/private investigation agency from his favorite uncle, Jack’s first job is to solve his uncle’s murder. Because sometimes it takes a tiger’s eye to see the truth.

Tess Callahan, who owns half a pawn shop in the strangest town in Florida, didn't expect Jack to show up and be so very enticing. And exciting. And annoyingly over-protective. But when yet another dead body shows up on her doorstep, it's time to take action. And if she has to team up with a sexy tiger shape-shifter to do it, well, that's just a bonus.

Welcome to Dead End, Florida, where Bigfoot keeps a winter home. And welcome to the Tiger's Eye Mysteries!

This novel is a paranormal mystery with magic, shape shifters, humor, vampires, a taxidermied alligator, witches, gunshots, bad singing, Crazy Hormonal Town, terrible parking, the FBI, swamp commandos, tigers, special agents, flirting, belly laughs, comedy, humor, and a pawn shop.

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Excerpt Reading of Constant #ValespianPact #scifi

Whoot! Just a quick note to let you know that Angel Martinez's Friday Reading is an excerpt for Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3). You'll need to head over to her website to listen. I love it! (so many exclamation points)

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What's on the Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR #read

Yay! The first Saturday of the new year. Usually, I have already blogged about what I want to accomplish this year... and I probably will, but I'll save that for next week. 

Today is about Books! And lord have mercy, I've bought quite a few the last couple of weeks bulking up my already leviathan size to-be-read pile. Help! Help! Not really, just kidding... mostly. :D

Title: Sweep with Me
Series: Innkeeper Chronicles, 5
Author(s): Ilona Andrews
Length: please be really long

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Romantic Elements

Notes: This doesn't release until January , but I'm already excited. There isn't a true blurb, which is killing me back their brother, Claus, showed up at the end of Maud's book. *Kermit flail* #preordered

Blurb: There’s no place like home for the holidays…especially at Innkeeper Dina DeMille’s bed and breakfast, which welcomes guests who are literally out of this world!

Title: The Christmas Bones
Series: Jake & Dean Investigations, 1
Author(s): Richard Amos
Length: 224 pages

Genre: Romance / Mystery / Urban Fantasy / Gay / Established Relationship / 

Notes: So, I didn't pay attention to the the part of the blurb in ((0)). I was just happy for a MM UF story. So this starts four years after another series, but this can be read as a standalone. I'm considering starting with the other series, but my reading time has been shortened due to LIFE and it would take me a while to get to this book if I started all the way over there... #TBR

Blurb: Balancing family life with being a kick-ass investigator is hard, especially when the holidays roll up.

Jake Winter and Dean Tseng are solving cases as PIAs (Paranormal Investigation Agents) in Amsterdam, as well as being fathers to their four-year-old daughter. With the festive season in full swing, everything should be calming down to make way for relaxing times with good food and presents delivered by Sinterklaas.

Since when was life ever that simple?

When a human body is discovered with every one of its bones missing, and creepy anti-supernatural protesters start lurking in the shadows with a sinister agenda, Jake and Dean are about to experience the nasty side of Christmas.

An Urban Fantasy filled with magic, mystery and mayhem

(The Christmas Bones is a sequel novel to the Coldharbour Chronicles series, set four years after the events of the final book. There are references to the previous series, but this story can be enjoyed without having prior knowledge of those books. It features an established MM relationship, and plenty of Urban Fantasy action.)

Title: Love Bites
Series: Thicker Than Water, 1
Author(s): Ann-Katrin Byrde
Length: 289 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranomral / Vampires / Gay / 

Notes: #WishList

Blurb: Other parents give their children toys and party games for their birthday. My dad gave me and my siblings wooden stakes and flash grenades. To protect us from vampires.

From the moment he adopted us, he warned us about the dangers that lurk in the dark. Obviously, I thought he was crazy. Vampires aren’t real, and I was already enduring enough panic attacks without buying into Dad’s insane ideas.

But then I met Talon.

Talon has fascinating scars and a mouth I want to kiss and a body I want to feel--and fangs.

Vampire fangs.

Suddenly, the weapons Dad gave me start looking real useful.

Only I don't want to fight Talon. I want to feel his teeth on my neck. I can't explain it. He makes my knees goes weak. I know it's wrong, but it feels right.

It feels like destiny.

When Talon bites me, I forget everything, even that he is a monster. Even that I shouldn't be falling for him.

Even that his coven wants me dead.

Title: The Bureau. Vol 1
Series: The Bureau 1-3
Author(s): Kim Fielding
Length: 7 hr, 39 min

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Notes: This is not a romance series though each book the MCs become couples. It's on the darker side of things since the Bureau hunts paranormals that break the rules. I'd read the first two books before buying the audio (obviously I like them to buy the audio). The 3rd one, Creature, is my favorite so far. #read

Blurb: This collection contains the first three Bureau novellas:


Once a proud demon of the night sky who carried nightmares to humans, Tenrael has spent decades in captivity as the star attraction of a traveling carnival. He exists in miserable servitude to men who plunk down ten dollars to fulfill their dark desires.

Charles Grimes is half human, half...something else. For 15 years he's worked for the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs, ridding the country of dangerous monsters. When his boss sends him to Kansas to chase a rumor about a captive demon, Charles figures it's just another assignment. Until he meets Tenrael.

Clay White

Someone - or something - is murdering young men in San Francisco. Clay White has been fired from the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs, but he's determined to track down the killer. When he comes across a vampire named Marek, Clay assumes he's caught the perp. But the encounter with Marek turns out to be more complicated than Clay expected, and it forces him to deal with his own troubled past and murky psyche.

As Clay discovers, sometimes the truth doesn't come easy - and the monsters are not who we expect.


Alone in a cell and lacking memories of his past, John has no idea who - or what - he is. Alone on the streets of 1950s Los Angeles, Harry has far too many memories of his painful past and feels simply resignation in facing his empty future.

When Harry is given a chance to achieve his only dream - to become an agent with the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs - all he has to do is prove his worth. Yet nothing has ever come easy for him.

Now he must offer himself and John as bait, enticing a man who wants to conquer death. But first he and John must learn what distinguishes a monster from a man - and what a monster truly wants.

Title: Baston
Series: The Adna Planet Series, 1
Author(s): Amelia Wilson
Length: 1 hr, 40 minutes

Genre: Romantic Elements / Alien Abduction / Action & Adventure / I recognize Graboids when I read them / MFM /

Notes: I was surfing the Audible sales and came across Sca, technically the 2nd book in this series and another short listen, and bough them both. The whole book is told in Baston's POV. I have a hard time saying this is a romance though. It's a short story and the majority of it is the 3 of them escaping from one fire to the land in another one. And I was very okay with that. I'm going to guess that Sca's story furthers their story line. And I have to say, that Cherie was competent, confident, and not cowed in Baston's eyes. #read

Blurb: What do you do when you're kidnapped by an alien race intent on making you their slave? You run away into more danger and hope you survive.

This is a standalone with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhanger. This audiobook also contains several additional bonus stories to enjoy!

Title: Noglion: Freedom
Series: Alien Lovers, 6
Author(s): Olivia Black
Length: 85 pages

Genre: Erotic Romance / Sci-Fi / Alien / MMM / Mpreg / 

Notes: This is an angst free romance between Eric and the brothers Gogrek and Ragnon. (No hanky-panky between Gogrek and Ragnon.) It was a fun read with a fare amount of sex (see the erotic tag) that results with Dennis getting pregnant, which is a big deal for the Noglion.  #read

Blurb: Dennis Osborne has kept his sexuality hidden, afraid of being ostracized. When he’s finally ready to admit the truth, Dennis volunteers to leave Earth. Dennis isn’t only looking for the freedom to be himself; he’s also looking for a mate. When Dennis is sent to Noglion, he’s scared. Did he make the right decision by leaving the only home he’s ever known? Gogrek Vemm is a government official. When Gogrek receives Dennis’s paperwork from the Glecerian ambassador, he knows that Dennis is meant to be his. The human is destined to not only belong to Gogrek, but also to his younger brother, Ragnon. It doesn’t take long for Dennis to learn about Noglion and his mates. Quicker than Dennis thought possible, he adjusts to his new life and falls in love. And then something shocking happens. Dennis becomes pregnant. Soon, jealousy threatens to tear this happy family apart. Luckily for Dennis, he’s got two fiercely protective mates. Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.

Title: Galvanizing Sol
Series: Valos of Sonhadra Novella
Author(s): Amanda Milo, Poppy Rhys
Length: 104 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / 

Notes: I did not read the first two books, but now that I've read Sol's, I'm going to go back and read them. I enjoyed the story and really liked that the love interest was a sentient robot. I did have a couple of quibbles near the end with the time frame and Sol's mission vs what he ended up doing, but it was still enjoyable and made me smile a lot.  #read

Blurb: I always lose the women I love...

I'd been assigned to visit Earth's Interstellar Penitentiary System, Concord, where my girls were imprisoned.
Stick to the plan, Sol, I tried to tell myself. That went to hell when the prison ship crashed. Well, a little before then. See, the ship wasn't just holding prisoners--they were being used for experiments.
They were torturing them.
They were torturing my girls.
I consider myself a level-headed man, but when I found that out, I lost my sh*t.
Had we not wrecked, I'd have lost a whole lot more.
I knew they were still alive--they had to be.
Somewhere, on this planet where everything wanted to eat you, were the only two women in the universe that I had left. That I loved.
Until her.

This is a follow-up novella for Alluvial and Tempest. Approx 26K words. There's adult situations, a little violence (maybe a little more than a little), and adult language--after all, this IS DaddySol's story.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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2019 Favorite Books #ebooks #favoritereadsfortheyear

I usually love putting together my favorite reads of the year, but I didn't think that I would have much to share, since I re-read my favorite books and series for most of this year. As I was gathering details though, it became obvious I was mistaken. :)

I read a lot of different types of books. Romantic, not romantic. Fantasy, Paranormal, and Sci-Fi. Occasionally, I'll read contemporary romance but those are few. 

I'm going start off with one of my favorite, fun series, Brimstone. I have a habit of buying then saving the last release of series until the next one is released... or for rainy days when I cannot settle on what to read. I held on to Beside a Black Tarn and binged when The Hunt for Red Fluffy released on audiobook. I love relaxing into this world and all the cuteness that is deadly in different ways. Over the course of the series, Leopold has stolen my heart with his little jackets and his princely demeanor that makes you just want to pinch his little cheeks. But Heckle holds my heart. I loved that he found his footing in Beside a Black Tarn.

Stalked by Shadows gave me a little bit of everything. Budding romance, a bit of mystery, a bit of paranormal of the non-shifter kind, it all hit the spot and I want MORE. I loved these character and the world they live in. I can't wait to see what comes next. *makes grabby hands*

This book introduced me to RJ Blain. I read Wolf Hunt not knowing it was a part of a series. Later in the book there are crossover characters but it was explained well and I wasn't lost at all. This is a non-romantic paranormal story that at times was funny (his wolf is pink) but ends with happy for now. I really enjoyed it and looked up the author (that is when I found it was part of a series) and tried her Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count) UF series. What a laugh. Lots of snark and action. Sex happens off page which works so well for me since I'm more interested in the plot. There is a variety and they are great fun, but my favorites are Playing with Fire with the napalm eating unicorn, Hoofin' It, the only book in the series told from the man's POV. Shane is a former cop and the mundane son of an alpha werewolf who can't catch the virus. And... I was going to name a couple more but then that would be half the series. Just give it a try and find your favorites. :D

The Inn Keeper series is one of my favorite series that I re-read all the time. I was super happy to get Maud's story in Sweep of the Blade. I Love Everything About This Book. We get more of this world, Arland, the homeplanet of the vampires, and intimate look at House Krahr. Maud is kickass. She does not back down and I loved how Arland was patient with her. Book five is releasing in January and I cannot tell you how excited I am. I might have to do a complete re-read before then.

Mask of Shadows is such an excellent fantasy about how a thief who competes to become one of the queen's assassins. There was awesome tension that wasn't angsty (thank you!). I kept stopping because I was sure they were going to get caught or killed. There's action, a bit of a mystery, motives of revenge, and I was never bored. I will definitely check out this author's back list.

The 5th Gender is an excellent sci-fi romance told mainly from the POV of the alien. Seeing the world from his perspective was funny and fascinating, and at times, tear inducing. This does have a mystery that was interesting to follow because it was wrapped up in what Tristol was. I've already re-read this one a couple of times. 

I'm ecstatic that I stumbled onto Gesa's Menagerie series. I devoured this poly romance and loved every minute, then I went and stalked the author. Gesa is a gryphon after my own heart and made me laugh more than once. I know what it feels like to be the rhino in heels. Each book she gathers someone new to her pride, each unique and bringing their own problems and/or insecurities. I would love to read more about this world and the people in it. Perhaps a certain demon and incubus... hint! hint!

This is my sole contemporary romance on the list. Hear Me Out is a bisexual biker romance with a friend to lovers theme... trope. Also, one MC goes deaf and the other one is waxed. I laughed until I cried. The waxing scene was epic. It is the 5th book in series but can be read as a standalone with no problem. I did find another book by this author that I enjoyed. It's set in the same world as Hear Me Out but was written as a standalone. Out of the Blue is a menage with a brother (biker), paramedic, and a cop.

Tanya Huff is one of my favorite sci-fi authors. I've been giving her fantasy series a try and fell in love with the Gale women of Enchanted Emporium. The second book in the series The Wild Ways is about Charlotte who was introduced in the first book of the series. I wasn't sure that I was going to enjoy her book as much, but I was wrong. I loved getting to know her and seeing deeper into the Gale family and the world they live in. I've had book three forever and have been holding onto it because I don't want the series to end. I'll have to look and see if it's the last one or not. 

Knight's Fire is a PNR about a knight rescuing the dragon. I have a thing for dragons and loved how this book flipped tropes. Usually the dragon is the dangerous one and needs to be tamed or killed. I loved the difference and instead of being the alpha dominate, you just want to take the dragon under your wing and protect him. Such a fun and endearing read. I look forward to more in this world!

I was introduce to Amanda Milo when I took a chance on Stolen by the Alien. Since then, I haven't read a book she's written that I don't like, most of them I absolutely love. Contagion is my newest love. It is told completely from the alien's POV and he is a bit phobic when it comes to germs and cleanliness. He's the one kidnapped and plopped down on a foreign planet with only Aurora to guide him. It was fun and funny, but also took the appropriate things seriously. 

Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case introduced me AJ Sherwood. I have devoured everything they have written so far. Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary, or whatever, I read it all and loved each book. If any of them release on audiobook, those are mine as well. Intriguing worlds, characters I want to bring home, humor, mystery, and heart. It has convinced me that I will read anything they write, the one click auto-buy without reading the blurb. 

I am a longtime Lyn Gala fan, so it's not a surprise how much I loved Earth Fathers are Weird. I read a lot of Sci-fi alien romances and it's hard to find books outside the well-worn theme of kidnapped humans. This deviates from the beginning. Max is taken before he would have been killed in the middle of an alien cops & robbers chase. Then he's dropped off with social services where he looks for work to get back home. This was much more fun than I anticipated and was excited to here there is another book coming in this world. 

And I left the angst free romance series for last. The Blue Solace series starts with The Mercenary's Mate. Leti is running away from his parents with his baby sister, his best friend, and menagerie of pets. They are stowed away on the Blue Solace where Leti finds his mate and a fun adventure begins. I loved that this was an angst free series with a sweetness that mixed well with the setting. The overall plot is more space opera in scope with lots of action and adventure. The last book is coming soon. I'm sorry to see the series end but hopefully Gray has another sci-romance up her sleeve. 

That's all for my favorite reads of 2019! What were your favorites?

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50% Off Sale! One Week Only

This year I'm participating in 
Smashwords' 3rd Annual End of Year Sale

From December 25th thru January 1st, you can get my titles for 50% off!

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I should probably add something that requires a lot of !!! but I don't think it's necessary. Enjoy what is left of the year. <3

The sole survivor on a science vessel adrift in deep space, Zeus was adopted by the Emperor and Empress of the Mar'Sani, though he is both human and blind, and seen by most as unfit to join the royal family. Though they were able to repair his vision, Zeus does not trust his eyes, and the nobles of his parents' court refuse to ever trust a frail and treacherous human.

Dargon Kal-Turak, along with his symbiote and lover, Alpha, command one of the most dangerous ships in the stars. After narrowly escaping a trap, they dock in a space port to make repairs but find that the Psionics hunting them are closing in fast. In desperation they kidnap the port's master mechanic, unaware that the man they've brought on board is more than he seems and will bring far more upheaval to their ship, their lives, and the stars than any of them could have imagined.

The peaceful respite for which Zeus and his intended, Dargon and Alpha, had been hoping is shattered when Zeus is unexpectedly drawn into the Waters of Poseidon and told that the safety they've been promised is a trap.

But the Fal'Amoric aren't the only important cargo on the Oethra 7, and countless others are depending on the success of their mission. If Zeus hopes to break the silent siege on Valespia and protect those most precious to him, he will need not just powerful allies but the fortitude to survive overwhelming odds.

A Lycan descendant of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Tristan is not as extraordinary as his ancestors. He is an average warrior, unremarkable throughout. But this fact does not trouble him because he has found his Twin Flame, the one person destined to be his, who will love him unconditionally, life after life.

Then his Flame betrays him, leaving him shattered and dying. Brokenhearted, Tristan dissolves the sacred bond and leaves. His best friend, Ushna, accompanies him, vowing to guard and protect him, and Tristan slowly comes to realize that love does not require a sacred bond.

But if he hopes to keep the love he chooses, they will first have to survive ancient secrets, lies, mythical creatures, and the return of absent gods…

Thrust into the role of Prince of the Lycans, Tristan strives to find his footing in a life suddenly rife with secrets and lies--and danger. Betrayed by a Goddess meant to safeguard him, desperate to protect his consort and their growing tribe, he can only prepare for the worst and struggle to hope.

And then the worst comes to kill them...

For Tristan and Ushna, nothing comes easy. With each passing day the challenges grow and the dangers multiply. The safe home they are building for their family and tribe is threatened from all sides, and the peace they seek is being torn apart by enemies and internal strife. Tristan dares not reveal his condition to any but those closest to him, all the while he's plagued by dreams he cannot remember upon waking...

Over it all hangs the knowledge that his time with Ushna is running out. Ushna already has a Flame awaiting rebirth, and though Tristan would die to protect that bond, he constantly struggles against his beast who demands they bind Ushna to their side.

Tristan has agreed to bond with Ushna, but there is still much to do. Returning to Tribe Enkidu puts everyone on edge, and Tristan is being stalked like prey. It doesn't help that he fights depression as he mourns the loss of Nikita, or that claiming his birthright becomes a battle of wills with the Elder Council. The pleading of his adoptive daughter only adds to the oppressive feeling.

Stumbling onto a secret prison while searching for Ushna leads Tristan to risk everything to free a lost God. But breaking the bond to his Twin Flame all those years ago has more repercussions than Tristan knew, and the assistance of a forgotten Goddess and a centuries-old lover may not be enough to save him.

In the wake of birth and betrayal, Ushna takes the God Ashur to Tristan in a last desperate bid to save Tristan's life—and is helpless to do anything but watch as Ashur instead buries him in a grave. Though he has no desire to go on living, having now lost Brian and Tristan, Ushna has no choice. Not only do their children need him, the mysterious Simurgh has come out of hiding and forces him to continue on—for there is much to do and little time to do it, especially with treachery and danger closing in on them from every side.

Everything Tristan, Ushna, and Brian have fought for comes down to the moment they face Inanna and Marduk. Before then, Ushna must embrace his destiny and be transformed by Tiamat. But he returns with a fractured mind and will need the help of the new firebird or he'll be lost to the insanity of a primordial God. If he's lost, so is the balance Brian and Tristan sorely need.

Tristan has vowed to care for his ex-Flame, Theo Sullivan, who is doomed to forget more and more with each use of his new ability. When not dealing with his stubborn ex, Tristan must free the warriors stolen by the government and devise a trap for Inanna.

And that's only the start of the challenges, and everything that can still go wrong.

If Sūnder Alārd had been born female he would have been cherished for being Feaborn—born with magick—and his birth celebrated. Instead, the L'fÿn insisted on his death. Only his Panthrÿn father's desperate escape saved him. With most Chándariāns uneasy in his presence due to whispers that he is doomed to become a darksoul, and unlikely to find a mate because of it, Sūnder has nevertheless carved out an honorable existence as a warrior and commander. Acting as bodyguard and chaperone for the Chándariān prince, Sūnder attends the annual mating festival on Earth with his charge. He can't help but be fascinated by Gabriel St. Baptista, the tongue-tied nurse he meets after the prince's accident.

When he was sixteen, Gabe came home to discover his parents had headed out into space, leaving him behind. Gabe never recovered from the unexpected desertion and keeps everyone at arm's length to avoid being abandoned again. However, after meeting Sūnder, Gabe finds himself unable to resist the bond between them and breaks all of his carefully crafted rules to spend time with the Chándariān—regardless of the fact that Sūnder will soon leave Earth. Scared by how fast he is falling for Sūnder, Gabe just hopes his heart won't be too broken when Sūnder leaves.

Neither expects the deceit and treachery stalking them, and when Gabe saves Sūnder's life, it sets off a chain of events that could either tear Gabe and Sūnder apart—or give them both exactly what they want.

The wyrbears, once a long-lived species, were being lost to the forest in their prime. A people borne of a curse, their abilities not a gift but something wrongly taken, they nonetheless live in harmony with their animal spirits. But over time the curse they lived under changed, mutated, and now what once was a refuge from the world when they became too weary is culling mathan in their prime.

Ewen mhic Friscalach, the leader of his peoples, lost his father too early and is now a widower with four children. The vow he made as a youth to break the curse afflicting wyrbears has been buried by grief and responsibility.

Roi mhic Alric, a priest of Cerridwen and seer, watched his fellow priests slaughtered and his temple desecrated. The only thing that kept him going the last three horror-filled years was the vision Cerridwen had granted him of his emancipation. If freedom came at the cost of his life, well, he was more than ready for the Otherworld.

A fated meeting upon a bloody field of battle. A wrong done long ago. Their choices could save a people… or send them into extinction. Either way, their love will be legend.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!