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Assassin's Retirement Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Four #Gentleman #ION #amwriting #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. Tezcatlipoca reveals Zane's lineage and Zane must decide if he accepts what the old god has to offer. This is the final part of Chapter Twenty-Nine. I just kept adding to it when I started writing Chapter Thirty. Enjoy!

Copyright Lexi Ander

The jaguar pushed his nose into Zane's chest, almost toppling him from his perch on Alonzo's leg. "Your thoughts are so dower." Zane almost balked at Tezcatlipoca reading his mind, but the next statement had his full attention. "I see her in your memories and… You don't even know you spent time with her. She helped you choose your name."

"What?" Zane gasped. Alonzo's arm tightened around him, giving comfort.

He'd been compiling a list of names long before he retired as the Gentleman. No one had helped him… but that wasn't quite true. There was a hole in the wall restaurant that he had visited. He used to have long conversations with one of the waitresses who had been friendly with him. Mary was her name. Even after not seeing her for more than a year, he could clearly picture her.

At the time, he had been Paul's dog. In order to get some time to himself, once or twice a month he would ditch the tail Paul—and Zane was more than ecstatic that bastard wasn't related to him by blood—had put on him. Then he would go to the diner and relax for an hour or so, leaving the persona of the Gentleman at the door. The waitstaff believed he was a writer compiling character names. Mary often sat with him after her shift was complete and… Zane had a hard time believing she was a deity… as well as his mother? He hadn't settled on what he wanted to be called until more than a year after his retirement, but he would admit that it was his conversations with her that swayed him toward certain names.

"Who is she?" Zane asked, unsure if he really wanted to know. Why had she given him to Mikael?

"I am unfamiliar with the goddesses across the great ocean," Tezcatlipoca confessed. "But I can tell you what I smell."

Zane looked into those large golden eyes. There was no mocking humor in that intense gaze, no censure, just curiosity and… anticipation.

"Yes, please."

The jaguar moved closer and he tried not to think how the cat's fangs were as big around as his arms.

"I smell…" Warm breath brushed over his skin and he shivered, an odd warmth growing in his belly, making him acutely aware that he was naked. "Maiden, mother, and crone. Night–mare. Harvester. She who brings destruction. Mistress of the House. Giver of Customs. Legislator. She of the Grain. Law-bringer. I smell the night, and the moon. Magic, ghosts, and…" Tezcatlipoca made a noise, almost like a purr. "Necromancy. Crossroads. The Far-Darter. She who operates from afar. The light in the dark. Queen of all nature. Huntress. Protector of youth." Those amber eyes fluttered closed as if he was intoxicated by Zane's scent.

Alonzo's body began to shrink, and Zane stepped off his thigh, putting himself that much closer to Tezcatlipoca. He sank his fingers into the luxurious fur to keep his balance. His head swam, and he pressed his face into the thick pelt, closing his eyes.

"Please don't kill Alonzo," Zane whispered close to Tezcatlipoca's ear. "He does not need to die for me."

"What Alonzo has forgotten," the jaguar replied just as softly, "all patróns belong to me. You might not be Maricoxi, but you accepted my Most Trusted, called yourself his patrón before witnesses, stood between him and the female North blood—this makes you mine. When the age ends, my jaguar people will come for you and your tribe. None will be left behind."

Zane closed his eyes and relief. The thought of Alonzo dying was too much to bear. "Thank you."

"Do not thank me so quickly. You must swear to me, submit to me." Tezcatlipoca seemed to surround Zane, the whole of his body stroked as if touched by a lover. The growing heat in his belly unfurled into a burning lust. "Will you be my sacrifice?"

To save Alonzo and anyone else in this tribe Tezcatlipoca mentioned? "Yes."

When he opened his eyes, he wasn't leaning into a jaguar but surrounded, held aloft by billowing smoke. His skin tingled with his rising arousal, aching with need. Unbidden, a moan escaped his lips. "Alonzo?"

"I am here, my patrón." Alonzo was immediately before him, filling Zane's vision.

He shivered in anticipation. "I need you."

"Not yet, my new son," Tezcatlipoca purred. "Look who would like to join us."

Held aloft by the smoky form of Tezcatlipoca, Zane glanced toward the building. There was a door where there hadn't been one before, and the Grendel turned sideways and ducked through the exit, barely squeezing through the opening. Cord's scales glimmered like a million rubies in the torch light, his blue eyes startling in their intensity as he stared longingly at Zane, his arousal proudly jutting outward.

Behind the Cord came the massive, horse-sized ghost wolf, shimmering as if made of moonlight. Like Tezcatlipoca, Xander's form looked just as insubstantial and transparent, but Zane bet that if he touched the wolf, his hand would be met with silky fur. Prince arrogantly strode out already in his human form, just as nude as Zane and covered in gray-black ash. The giant wolf pressed into Prince as if giving comfort.

The fish-man exited, snarling with his hands spread, dangerous claws on display as he glanced warily around as if expecting to be attacked at any moment. The Grendel grabbed him by the neck and pulled him close, whispering in his ear. The fish-man changed before Zane's eyes. The green-gray skin coloring melting away, the spines and claws receding until Raine stood naked, cuddling against Cord's ruby scales, though his gaze remained wary and watchful.

Anson momentarily filled the doorframe, his body impressive. Every dip and crevice of his dark skin accentuated by the gray ash. His eyes though, were completely black, reflecting the torchlight like a mirror. His body might look human — his eyes were anything but, making Zane shiver with unexpected desire.

Midnight still looked as if he was part stone, though it was hard to tell since he too was covered in ash. He pulled Skyld along behind him. Zane's brother still wore the armor, but as he watched, the metal liquefied and was sucked back into the wristbands Skyld never removed. Zane was grateful that Skyld wore a pair of briefs. There were some things he did not need to see.

Tezcatlipoca moved with Zane toward the large stone altar, still stroking every part of Zane's skin, keeping him on a needy edge. "When I examined them earlier, it was easy to see they were tenuously connected to you, therefore I claimed them as mine. My Most Trusted needs a tribe. Will you accept them, be there patrón and give Alonzo what he desperately requires?"

Tendrils of black smoke reached out and touched each man as they approached the enormous altar. Cord, Xander, and Midnight changed into their human forms. Then all of them, including Skyld, knelt before him and Tezcatlipoca. Alonzo moved to join them, and Zane made a noise of protest, not wanting subservience from Alonzo or any of them. He was nobody and definitely not one who should be held aloft, placed on a pedestal.

"This is how they need to start out," Tezcatlipoca explained. Zane figured the god was reading his thoughts again. "They give themselves to me knowing you are the leader I have chosen, their guide and rock, there patrón and protection. This will be the beginning of your tribe. In the future, you will have to carefully and wisely choose who you except among you, else you put the whole in danger."

Zane nodded, eyelids falling closed as dark fingers pressed against his lips. He opened, trying not to squirm as Tezcatlipoca relentlessly stroked him everywhere the smoky form touched. He was so aroused he was having trouble concentrating. He wanted to lay back and indulge in the sensations. A small part of him warned he needed to pay attention, that he might not quite understand what this ancient god wanted from him. But as soon as he thought it, the niggle floated away on the warm wind. Cool stone pressed against the too hot skin of his back.

"Are you ready to be sacrificed?" Tezcatlipoca asked. Suddenly the night sounds ceased, and the wind stopped as if everything held its breath, listening for Zane's answer.

"Yes," he breathed out in a sigh. When he opened his eyes, Tezcatlipoca's amber ones were inches away, blazing like twin suns, blinding him, hypnotizing him.

Willingly, he dove in.

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What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

What have I been doing? Working on Constant. Celebrating the release of Twin Flames on audio. Reviewing audio files for Songs of the Earth. Reading... :) It seems I've been looking for vampires.

Title: A Light in the Darkness
Series: (In Darkness Book 2)
Author(s): Alice Winters
Length: 244 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Action & Adventure / Gay /

Notes: I read this first book in this series and really loved it. So I'm going for the second and it's coming out on audio soon. 

Blurb: Felix and Lane are trying out their new normal. Normal means no more car chases, no more drug lords, and definitely no more kidnapping bad guys. All of that is a thing of the past in this new, normal(ish) life style filled with family get-togethers, torturous jogs through the park, and the occasional romp in the parking lot. Felix is done stealing (all but for the cat). He is actually enjoying the boring side of life, especially with Lane by his side doing what he does best: looking handsome. But when Felix’s brother wants to repair their relationship, he brings with him a secret that could cost all of them their lives. Lane isn’t complaining because the thrills of life-threatening situations are right up his alley. They may think they have a handle on the situation, but what they do not know is that someone has been working them from the shadows. Forcing them to do exactly what he wants as he drives them closer to his sick game of life and death.

Join Felix and Lane in a race against time, their only weapons being their humor and their wit.

Title: All the Dogs are Dancing
Author(s): JM Goguen
Length: 316 pages
Publisher: NineStar Press (October 15, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Shifters / Gay / 


Blurb: Burner’s world revolved around three things: protecting the wolf pack of Maine, keeping an eye on his best friend Aaron, and helping prepare enough summer food to take on the long road to Quebec for the winter months. But in the ruins of an old shopping mall on a hot summer night, his world crashes.

Now Burner has to face monsters he thought were just stories told to scare pups, and he must traverse a world he’s only seen in old magazines. Meanwhile, his best friend Aaron is dealing with monsters of his own and Burner will do whatever it takes to keep them both safe, even if it means finally admitting how he really feels.

Title: Fire and Ink
Series: Kitten & Witch, 2
Author(s): KL Noone
Length: 16k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / Pansexual / Gay / 

Notes: This title is available for preorder and will be available at approximately 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time on November 27, 2018.

Blurb: Three months ago David Stanton rescued a runaway kitten in the rain. Now he's got a scandalous feline shapeshifter living in his house, helping with his white-witch business, and making him smile. David is falling in love fast, but there's still the problem of Colin's past—and the secrets he's obviously keeping...

Title: Fractured Truth
Series: Consequences of Sin, 1
Author(s): Ashe Winters
Length: 172 pages

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Vampires / Gay / 


Blurb: Avery

Human beings are nothing but lowly trash. Fit only for consumption. That's my motto in life and why I avoid everything to do with them beyond an evening meal. Then he shows up with his delicious scent, and I can't seem to resist hunting him down. But when my hunt gets interrupted by a spray of bullets and I become the prey, I find myself falling into some strange rabbit hole where I have to rely on this incredible smelling human with strange powers to stay alive. How freakin' peachy is that?


Being left on the doorstep of a church when I was infant meant my life began shrouded in questions. And that's how it has remained. Question after question. For a human, I have magical powers I don't understand. After all, magic went extinct a few hundred years ago. I shouldn't exist the way I do. Spending my life in the shadows has always been the safest place. Then a snarky wildcat of a vampire literally passes out in my lap, and my instincts kick into overdrive. Protect him at all costs. Even if I want to strangle him half the time.

Fractured Truth is the first book in the Consequences of a Sin series which follows Avery and Ryker as they try to find the truth behind a Sin that altered the history of their world. Each book will end with a HFN (or close to it) while the overarching plot continues into the next book. Some cliffhangers are likely.

Title: Summon the Keeper
Series: (Keeper's Chronicles Book 1)
Author(s): Tanya Huff
Length: 366 pages
Publisher: DAW (June 7, 2005)

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy / Romantic Elements / Mystery / Humor / 

Notes: I finished reading this and I probably won't continue with the series. I barely liked the Keeper, and since she's the MC that's an issue. My other problem is that it seems to be connected to The Gails series, but the explanation of the paranormal world with Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins was seriously lacking, in my opinion. It was explained much better in the other series. I loved the Gails so I'll be continuing with that one and will leave this one alone. 

Blurb: Austin was a black and white, far-from-young cat. Not just any cat, mind you, he was the Keeper’s cat, a very outspoken feline with extremely strong opinions he was always willing to voice. After all, who knew better than Austin what was best for the well-being of Claire—and for the not-quite-as-important rest of the universe? 

Claire Hansen was a Keeper, a member of that select group that kept the universe in one piece. And now she’d been Summoned to the Elysian Fields Guesthouse, a rundown bed-and-breakfast that seemed to attract the most unusual clientele. And Claire was not happy about this latest assignment, not happy at all.

Not when she’d been tricked into taking over here by a horrible little gnome of a man who’d abandoned his post before she’d even figured out who he really was. Not when room six held a resident who’d been sleeping there for so many years that she really needed a good dusting—except that it was far too dangerous for anyone to get that close to her. Not when the basement housed too much temptation for anyone’s mental health. Not when she found herself surrounded by “helpers” as distracting as Dean, the hunky-yet-innocent handyman, and Jacques, a ghost with a real lust for life.

And especially not when it looked like this might be the not only her most challenging mission, but one she’d be stuck handling for life....

Title: Havesskadi
Author(s): Ava Kelly
Length: 254 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press; 1 edition (February 26, 2018)

Genre: Fantasy / Dragons / Panromantic / Pansexual / Asexual


Blurb: Nevmis, the red dragon, is hunting her own. Up in the icy peaks of the northern mountains, Orsie spends his lonely days hiding from her, but eventually he is found and his dragon magic stolen. Cursed to wander the lands as a mortal unless he recovers his magic before twenty-four rising crescents have passed, Orsie embarks on an arduous journey. Spurred by the whispers in his mind, his quest takes him to a castle hidden deep in a forest.

Arkeva, a skilled archer, is trapped in an abandoned castle deep in the woods, his only company two companions—one kind, the other cruel. Then a stranger arrives, a young man who soon finds himself confined by heavy snowfalls—and in danger from what slumbers in the shadows of the castle.

Title: I'm Your Guy
Series: shifters and partners, 21
Author(s): Hollis Shiloh
Length: 190 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay /

Notes: What I enjoy about this series is that I can pretty much read them in any order that I want after a certain point. There are sometimes returning characters but they are well explained so the reader isn't left feeling like there is missing information or background. This one though, there is a side character, Frankie, who I would love to read more about. 

Blurb: Harris and James served in the military together, back in the day. Now one is a cop and one is a private eye, but they're both barely making it. 

James, half-wolf and secretive about it, has had confused feelings for Harris for a long time. Figuring out he was gay was pretty damned painful, and the only guy he has any real interest in is never going to feel the same way.

As for Harris? Definitely straight. It's odd that he notices guys sometimes, but he's always dated girls. Maybe a little desperately. It's not something he thinks about much — except for when he does.

These days, they try to stay away from each other, but that's not always possible. Throw a sassy fox shifter into the mix, and the things they've both tried to hide might come out after all.

63,000 words
Shifters and Partners #21 (standalone)
Heat: Low

Title: Red World
Series: Red World, 1
Author(s): Jamie Lynn
Length: 159 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Revolution / Mpreg / 

Notes: I read this and forgot to post it, I think. 

Blurb: This book is about a handsome man named Sean (who just so happens to be a porn star). He finds himself abducted and dropped into an auction on an alien planet. Deemed unworthy of going through the sale due to the scar on his lip, he is unceremoniously dumped outside of the auction house to die in a dust storm. He is rescued by one of the residents of the planet. Da'Ceer is a slave who worked his way up to being a token security guard in the marketplace. He had brought his little brother with him to work on the worst possible day. When he stumbled over Sean who had already become buried in a sand drift he picked him up carried him to a shelter within the city for the slaves . Due to the poor maintenance within the shelter, it proves to be a death trap for the cold-blooded residents of the planet. Sean, being warm-blooded, kept the alien and his younger brother alive and warm enough that they were able to survive the fridged shelter. They survived the first storm, but the battle to survive had only just begun. Sean and his new alien friend become a bit more than just friends. The new turn in their lives is difficult for both of them to accept, but when they are forced to flee along with Da'Ceer's family
There are plenty of plot twists in this book and I hope that people will be drawn in for the usual MC's because I found them a pleasure to write about. This is the first book, but there will be more!

This book is a m/m romance, alien abduction romance, AND an mpreg.

Title: Blood Red Roulette
Author(s): Jana Denardo
Length: 350 pages
Publisher: DSP Publications (November 13, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampire / Bisexual /

Notes: releases 11/13

Blurb: Arrigo Giancarlo’s friends think he's a rich young man with the unusual job of paranormal investigator, working with his psychic assistant in Las Vegas. In truth he’s a two-thousand-year-old vampire and member of the Chiaroscuro, a group of Supernaturals dedicated to keeping humanity safe from the more dangerous of their kind. He’s also openly bisexual… but alone.

When he spots Luc St. John in a bar, Arrigo is intrigued. What begins as an effort to repay the kindness shown to him in the past quickly turns into much deeper feelings for the suffering and displaced Cajun. For Luc’s part, he feels too poor, too uneducated, and too bound to his hateful family to ever be worthy of elegant and cultured Arrigo.

An old enemy, Eleni, blames Arrigo for murdering her true love. On the anniversary of that death, she’s back to take revenge. As Arrigo’s closest friends fall victim to savage attacks, he fears nothing will keep Luc safe. Should he break both their hearts and let Luc go, or is it too late? If Luc’s already in Eleni’s sights, Arrigo knows that like most things in Vegas, the odds are against him.

Title: Willa's Beast
Series: Icehome, 3
Author(s): Ruby Dixon
Length: 294 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Aliens / 

Notes: This is one of those series that you can read out of order. I didn't read the first two of the books of Icehome and it didn't make a difference. The returning characters were explained sufficiently that I wasn't lost. I do love Dixon's barbarian aliens. I am going back to read the other two books. :) I was just in the mood for this particular story. 

Blurb: Beast. Creature. Monster.


All of these things have been said about Gren.

Willa doesn't believe it, though. She knows that monsters can sometimes come in appealing packages. She knows that for all of his snarls and fearsome appearance, he'd never hurt her.

And she knows she has to get Gren away from the Icehome camp, because no one will ever see him as a person, not when he attacks all who come close. Not when he's tied and treated like an animal.

She's going to save him...or fall in love. Maybe both. Willa doesn't mind that he's a beast, as long as he's *her* beast.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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Audiobook Release! Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons, 1)

Twin Flames is my first published story. It was something I was compelled to write because the characters were talking so loud, which was surprising in a way. I had stopped writing stories in my early 20s, pretty sure that no one outside my circle of friends would want to read them, and busied myself with life. 

Then in 2011 I read a series of paranormal stories where the alphas were alpha-holes and I penned the first four chapters of Twin Flames. It felt so good to be creative again and I sent the chapters to a friend who told me to, finish it! I did. 

Twin Flames and Songs of the Earth was born and I never looked back. The Sumeria's Sons series was finished last year and I figured that was it for Tristan and his family, only I started getting questions about the series releasing on audiobook. :)

Now, Twin Flames has released on audiobook with Songs of the Earth following sometime at the end of November or December. 

Join Tristan and Ushna on their journey that will change the Lycan people for all time.

Titles: Twin Flames
Series: (Sumeria's Sons #1)

Narrator: Matt Haynes

Genre: Gay / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal

Blurb: A Lycan descendant of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Tristan is not as extraordinary as his ancestors. He is an average warrior, unremarkable throughout. But this fact does not trouble him because he has found his Twin Flame, the one person destined to be his, who will love him unconditionally, life after life.

Then his Flame betrays him, leaving him shattered and dying. Brokenhearted, Tristan dissolves the sacred bond and leaves. His best friend, Ushna, accompanies him, vowing to guard and protect him, and Tristan slowly comes to realize that love does not require a sacred bond.

But if he hopes to keep the love he chooses, they will first have to survive ancient secrets, lies, mythical creatures, and the return of absent gods…

Links: Amazon / Audible / iTunes 

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Pact Days: Terrens and the 1st 50 years #ValespianPact

Today's topic is about Terrens.

I wouldn't say the Terrens are evil but that doesn't mean they don't do evil things. I modeled the Terren government off a business profit and loss model and mixed in some other systems, then asked what would happen if...? Humans have tendency to act without thinking about the long term effects of whatever plan they are devising. They can make that 20, 30, or 50 year plan, but that doesn't mean they factor in the possible consequences of that plan. Their government is willing to take acceptable losses to ensure the majority moves forward, and prospers in the way the government desires. It is a system in which an individual has no voice unless they gather to them a large enough group who will repeat what that single voice is saying.

The timeline for the Valespian-verse starts 200 Galactic Standard years before Warlord Sohm'lan is born. Terren events that lead to them invading the GyrFalconi homeworld, Aries 7, started at the beginning of that 200 years and simply snowballed over the following decades. The first doomed idea happened when the government noticing changes to some of the people of new colonies. 

As humanity spread out through their quadrant of the Milky Way, the governments sent out terraforming expeditions, later to be followed by the people selected to make that terraformed world their new home. The issue was that the first wave of humans sent, landed on a world that wasn't finished. Those who didn't die (an acceptable loss), found  ways to survive, some undergoing medical or natural biological mutations in order to live. The second wave of humans sent, displaced the inhabitants, taking over and shunning the newly evolved humans. Many terraformed worlds broke out in civil war that the government eventually squashed, but not before they discovered the advantages to the mutated humans. 

The governments gathered up the children of the mutants and took them to special military schools where they were raised and trained and experimented on. These mutants weren't considered human, therefore they didn't have the basic rights and protection other Terrens had. Some died either unable to adapt to the new environment, or by other means that the government claim never happened. At the time, the average citizen didn't cared because it had no bearing on their lives.

The government's goal was to create an elite fighting force that would give them an advantage over the 'aliens' of the Andromeda Galaxy. Their ambassadors had returned with stories of inhabitable worlds rich in resources, and the government wished to make those worlds their own. 

Of the first gathering of mutants, only 20 survived (ages 5 to 10 years) after the Terrens whittled down what/who they didn't like. The children were compliant with the government, but deadly. The second wave of mutate 'students' arrived, thousands of children, until the government deemed they had enough to build an adequate army. 

The children are taught to obey and then how to use their abilities to fight. The mutants start secretly calling themselves Erdaians. In time, the original 20 (now teenagers) organize an escape for the Erdaians, blowing shit up, and taking off with expensive prototype battleships. They commandeer a newly terraformed planet, Gaia, on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy that the Terrens had just finished setting up. Gaia already had colonist and the Erdaians killed the militant humans, sending away the non-combatants. In the Erdaians burgeoning belief system, they deemed there was no honor in killing those that could not fight for themselves. Every attempt the Terrens made to retake Gaia and return the children to the schools was soundly defeated. Eventually, the Terrens left them them alone, accepting the loss of the 50 years of research, writing off the extravagant cost of experimental military academy, the prototype warships, and the colony on a resource rich planet. The original mutants went underground, keeping the government from gathering more of their children, making it impossible for them to restart the elite military program. The loss dealt a stagger blow to the Terren government and was the beginning of their tumble into trouble. 

I admit that it makes for a quick story but you have to take into account the years the Erdaians and Terrens fought. The battles were vast and hard. The Erdaians were only children but skilled enough to win and basically chase the Terrens off. Now, more than 200 years later, the Erdaian have petitioned the Council of Nieghn to be allowed entrance into the Valepsian Pact. :)

I hope you enjoyed this snippet of Terren history. See you next week where I'll tackle the next hiccup in Terren history. 

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Assassin's Retirement Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Three #blogstory #Gentleman #ION #amwriting

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. I'm glad that I caught this in time for the post. I ended up adding more to this chapter while writing Chapter 30, so this is not the last part of Chapter twenty-Nine. 

Copyright Lexi Ander

"Why was Alonzo begging you not to take me away from him?" He motioned to the building. "I saw the paintings. Are you going to eat him?" He wasn't sure what he would do if Tezcatlipoca said yes. He doubted the torches would have any effect on a god, but he wasn't without powers of his own, wasn't he? He was a scion. He would just need to figure out how to jumpstart that part of himself and, in the meantime, see if he could talk their way out of the situation.

"What do you know of my history?" The jaguar sauntered toward Alonzo and Zane barely refrained from stepping away. The god's power was much like Anatha's, strong and pressing, but not hurtful like hers had been. He wasn't repelled, but a sensation began between his shoulders that encouraged Zane to get closer to Tezcatlipoca.

"Only what I saw on the story panels. I do know Alonzo has already given up everything for you." Zane couldn't keep the censure out of his voice.

"Very true," Tezcatlipoca acknowledged, walking around Alonzo. Zane itched to follow but remained where he was. "Depending on your answer, more may be asked of him." The jaguar appeared on the other side of Alonzo and lay down. His head was still higher than Zane's.

Frustrated, he climbed onto Alonzo's thigh, making sure he wasn't hurting Alonzo in the process. "What is the question?" he asked once he was able to look Tezcatlipoca in the eye.

"You are living in the age of the Fifth Sun of creation and destruction. My siblings and I created the land for people and gods. As Black Tezcatlipoca, I was, and still am, tied to earth elements. When I hung in the sky as the First Sun, Alonzo's people were created, and the land filled with giants."

Zasne was moved to Alonzo's other leg when he was almost knocked off his perch after the jaguar started grooming the long hair on Alonzo's thigh.

"As you can imagine," Tezcatlipoca continued. "The wildlife was… what do you humans call them? Dinosaurs? Terror birds, giant sloths, mammoths, two meter long lions, sabertooth cats. Animals were large but so were the people. Alonzo's ancestors were like he is now. Their strength is such that they can easily tear a mature tree from the ground."

"Or punt a three-ton SUV like a football," Zane added, leaning into the arm wrapped around him.

"Indeed. During the era I shone down on the world, everything thrived. But every age must come to an end, and my brother knocked me out of the sky. Thus the time of destruction began. When I fell into the ocean, the jaguars were born. When I rose from saltwater, darkness covered the land and I became the God of Night. The jaguars and I raced across the land, swallowing the people so they would survive the catastrophe. My brother wanted to start over, but I saved the Maricoxi, hiding them within the jaguars and keeping them safe until my brother rose as the Second Sun and creation began anew." The jaguar stopped grooming Alonzo, those golden eyes boring into Zane.

"Every time a Sun falls, an era ends, and I send out my jaguars. They gather the First People to them, saving them from imminent destruction. As I said before, you live in the age of the Fifth Sun. One day, this sun will fall from the sky and herald the next age of destruction. When that happens, my jaguars will come for Alonzo. But on this night, my Most Trusted has begged me to leave him. He refused to be parted from you and would rather perish than find another patrón."

Shocked, Zane looked into Alonzo's adoring expression. "Why would you choose such a thing? You could always find another patrón." But even as he said the words, Zane's heart broke to think of someone else protecting Alonzo… claiming him.

"You hide so much of yourself from the world," Alonzo rumbled. "But I see it all. I see you, Zane." Alonzo gently poked his large finger at Zane's heart. "And I see the pain your own words caused you. Mi Corazon, you are my patrón. I will not have another after you and will go to my grave satisfied with however many years we have together."

Zane was elated that Alonzo felt that way, but he could not allow Alonzo to die, not for him. "You need someone more powerful than I am. Someone who knows what you need and can provide it."

"You are a scion."

"Yes, but I don't even know what that really means. I feel human. All these years and nothing special has developed, no supernatural strength or speed. My only power is that I am really good at killing people and not getting caught." Zane halfheartedly huffed out an exasperated breath when Alonzo only smiled broader.

"What you say is not completely true," Tezcatlipoca interjected.

Zane frowned at the jaguar, ready to say he wasn't helping, but pressed his lips together upon seeing the cat was far too close to him. When had the god moved? "What do you mean?"

"You smell of an old deity." The jaguar's nose pressed closer, sniffing Zane. "Your scent is distinctly part triple goddess. Not the one at your house. No, this one is more powerful, much like me with creation and death."

A deep ache caused Zane to rub his chest. Ever since Skyld had revealed he'd been adopted, and hidden with an older brother, Zane hadn't had time to wonder who his birth parents were. He understood he shared a father with Skyld but hadn't asked for details. He'd had other things to take care of first. Now Tezcatlipoca said he carried the scent of a goddess, and he ached to know who, but he wasn't sure he dared ask.

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Retirement
Chapter Two - Normal is not supposed to be this hard
Chapter Three - Caught
Chapter Four - Crimson Comet
Chapter Five - Mountain Magic
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Six, Part 2 -
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Seven, Part 2 -
Chapter Eight, Part 1 - No such thing as heroes
Chapter Eight, Part 2 -
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Nine, Part 2 -
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies
Chapter Ten, Part 2
Chapter Eleven - Combustible
Chapter Twelve - Standing His Ground
Chapter Thirteen - Choices
Chapter Fourteen, Part 1
Chapter Fourteen, Part 2
Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 - To kill, or not to kill
Chapter Fifteen, Part 2
Chapter Sixteen - Maricoxi Guardians
Chapter Seventeen - Coincidence?
Chapter Eighteen, Part One - Guns Ablazin'
Chapter Eighteen, Part Two
Chapter Nineteen, Part One - Reckoning
Chapter Nineteen, Part Two
Chapter Twenty - Mercy
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Three
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Four
Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 1

Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 2
Chapter Twenty-Six
Chapter Twenty-Seven, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Seven, Part two
Chapter Twenty-Eight, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Eight, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Three

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

What have I been up to? I spent part of the week on audio review of Songs of the Earth, then reviewing what I have for Constant, and spending time with my niece visiting from Seattle. 

Title: Hidden in Darkness
Series: In Darkness, 1
Author(s): Alice Winters
Length: 251 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Action & Adventure / Comedy / MC w/Disability / Gay /

Notes: I finished this one on Thursday and really, really enjoyed the story. It is very funny and I did get teary in one place. It is something that I would not hesitate to recommend. I do wish I knew it was also on audiobook before I read it. :D

Blurb: When Felix lands a job taking care of a man recovering from severe injuries, he thinks his life may have just turned around. Anything has to be better than the place he’s leaving. There’s something about Lane that draws Felix to him and makes him question if this place could finally become a home for him. But when someone begins stalking Felix, he is left to question who Lane is and what actually happened to him. Together, Felix and Lane will be forced to see just how far they will go to protect each other. Being chased by cops, kidnapping a man, and breaking into a drug operation seems to be his normal since arriving in Lane’s life. Felix may be out of his element, but one thing he is sure about is that he doesn’t want to leave, even if it costs him his life.

Title: Human Omega Trapped in the Alien Jungle
Series: (Pykh Book 2)
Author(s): Eileen Glass
Length: 385 pages
Publisher: Glass Fiction (September 27, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Aliens / Poly / Gay / 

Notes: I read the first book in the series and really liked it. I'm excited to see where it will go.

Blurb: Carter isn't sure what to call his two alien protectors. Friends? Boyfriends? Mates?

Or merely indiscriminate lovers with sexy purrs and tangling tails?

He would be lost without them, he knows that. When their home is invaded by a dangerous new kind of alien slaver, they strike out into the jungle. He depends on them for food, protection, a direction to walk in. He's helpless even for shelter and warmth.

Thankfully, his alien lovers seem devoted, but why? Carter wishes he knew their names or anything else. Like whether the attachment he's feeling is returned.

With aliens, you can't make assumptions.

Wouldn't it be nice if he could just ask?

Title: Entangled: The Omega Bounty Hunter
Series: Briar Wood Pack, 1
Author(s):Claire Cullen
Length: 180 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Alpha * Omega / Shifters / Mpreg / Gay / 

Notes: I finished this one, too. One to the next one.

Blurb: An omega who can’t bond is no omega at all.”

Worthless. Useless. Damaged. Broken. Noah’s heard it all. He knows how his pack sees him, how society views shifters like him. An omega’s worth lies in their ability to bond with an alpha, to carry their children. His scars take all that away. Still, he longs for the things he can’t have; an alpha of his own to love and who loves him back. His life is one of loneliness and drudgery, stuck looking after a boarding house no one ever stays in.

When Preston, an alpha from a well-off pack, breezes into his life and offers him everything he’s ever wanted, Noah desperately wants to believe it’s not too good to be true. Instead, Preston’s arrival throws him into the path of Ronan, the dark and dangerous alpha on Preston’s trail. He should have had Noah running for cover, yet the promises that sounded so hollow on Preston’s lips sound anything but on Ronan’s. But Ronan’s world isn’t the world of tedium that Noah knows, it’s a gritty underworld that he doesn’t know how to survive.

“People told me I was all brawn and no brains, only good for fighting. They were wrong about me. And they’re wrong about you.”

Ronan knows what it’s like to be a slave to society’s expectations. Trained as a fighter for his pack, he broke away and built a life of his own; a new pack, a job, everything except an omega to share it with. When he meets Noah, he sees past his scars to the omega underneath, and knows he’s the one he wants by his side. But, as easy as it was to catch Noah, it’s going to be a hundred times harder to keep him. To stay together, they have to do the impossible. They have to bond.

Entangled is a novel-length read, containing mpreg, banter, knotting, and other scenes not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Title: Expedition, Estimation, and other Dangerous Pastimes
Series: The Claimings Universe, 4
Author(s): Lyn Gala
Length: 164 pages
Publisher: Lyn Gala (October 23, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Aliens / Gay / 


Blurb: Tuk-Palteia Liam has survived the front lines of a civil war and a return visit to his home planet, but now he has to face the ultimate obstacle. Stubborn lovers.

As long as Liam and Ondry have the same goals—the pursuit of profits and status—they are the perfect partnership. But now Ondry wants to protect his palteia at any cost, even if it costs him his newly won rank. Liam hates the idea of Ondry sacrificing for him, and he is not going to allow Ondry to lose status under any circumstances. Add in the Imshee, a predatory companion animal, a new human, and an obstinate Grandmother, and Liam has the recipe for a serious headache. Despite what Ondry believes, not all problems can be solved with a good trade, a tail or a flash of tooth. This time, Liam and Ondry are going to need to find a compromise.

Title: Elemental Magic
Series: (The Donovan Coven)
Author(s): Jacki James
Length: 153 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: For most of Aaron’s life, things have been uninteresting, boring, safe--just the way he likes them. He makes his decisions based on logic and reason and he doesn’t believe in paranormal mumbo jumbo like crystals and tarot cards and witches. 

When he sees an ad for an estate sale at the old house on the edge of town, he doesn’t see any harm in going and buying some things like an old book with odd symbols on the front for his antique shop. Who cares if the old woman who owned the house was rumored to be a witch; everyone knows witches aren’t real.

After accidentally raising a demon by goofing around with a spell from the book, Aaron realizes that there are things in this world that logic and reason can’t explain. Witches are indeed real, and he just might be one.

Malakai has been searching for the Coughlan Grimoire for years, knowing there are spells in the book that can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Securing the book so his coven can protect it is of the utmost importance.

He isn’t prepared for the adorable rookie witch with the curly red hair and incredible latent power. But to his surprise, keeping Aaron safe and close by his side quickly becomes more important than the Grimoire. More important than anything.

Before Malakai and Aaron can be together they will have to battle vampires, wolf shifters, and one very powerful warlock. Malakai can’t do it alone; it will take friends, family, and for Aaron to figure out just how powerful he is if the two of them are going to protect the book and make their new found bond last forever.

This book is a paranormal romance between two men and is intended for mature audiences.

Title: Granola Bars and Spaceships
Author(s): Geneva Vand
Length: 145 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC (October 10, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Bisexual / Transgender / 


Blurb: In the middle of a training trip, Keeska's shuttle navigation fails and strands Keeska on Earth—alone, no way to contact home, and with no chance of help from the locals...until one does.

When Eric starts leaving food in front of an abandoned storefront in the crappy strip mall by his house, he thought he was helping a dog or a homeless kid. He gets the shock of his life when he discovers an alien instead. Not sure what else to do, especially with the alien bleeding and in shock, Eric realizes he's about to have an unusual houseguest.

But as Keeska's health improves, they both forget that Keeska should probably be finding a way home. As they grow increasingly close, they are forced to figure out the answers to questions they never thought would have to be asked...

Title: Isle de Sang: Bloodbound
Author(s): Lynne Lepera
Length: 142 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Gay / 


Blurb: Joshua
I loved being a bachelor, but when I was told I had to choose between my solitary lifestyle and the throne, I reluctantly left home to find someone worthy of my mark. I met a stranger with mesmerizing green eyes, and while I knew I didn’t have time for such foolishness, I simply could not keep my hands off him. 

There’s just one problem: he's mortal.

There was no doubt about it: I was bored. I’d learned over the centuries that boredom didn’t suit me. So, when an intriguing traveler invited me home, I agreed to go with him – I wasn’t ready to let that spit fire out of my sight. I suddenly found myself thrust into the center of a tantalizing and dangerous new world.
But as I learned more about it and my lover’s past a question nagged at me: could I trust him?

Title: Mermaid Tails
Series: (Scales & Wings Book 3)
Author(s): Sasha L. Miller
Length: 88 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: Giato is a simple dragon. All he wants is to run his shop selling spell components and dote on his hoard of fish. Then someone starts messing with his fish, sending them into a frenzy every day, and it's only a matter of time before they get hurt. But when he finally catches the jerk, he doesn't expect Mihail: beautiful, cursed, and utterly compelling.

Title: The Throne of Glass
Series: (Throne of Glass series Book 1)
Author(s): Sarah J. Maas
Length: 433 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens; 1 edition (August 7, 2012)

Genre: Fantasy / Action & Adventure / Young Adult / 


Blurb: After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin.

Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king's council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she'll serve the kingdom for three years and then be granted her freedom.

Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilirating. But she's bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her... but it's the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best.

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead... quickly followed by another. Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.

Title: The Kintolf
Series: New Alien Species
Author(s): TC Adams
Length: 325 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Bisexual / Reverse Harem / First Contact / Alien Invasion /


Blurb: I’m stumbling around with no memory, no idea who I am, or how I came into existence…I mean, I know my life didn’t just start. The pain in my ankle and arm tells me something happened, perhaps something terrible. If only I could remember…

This planet is magical or cursed, I’m not sure which. Things appear and disappear before my eyes, terrifying monsters trying to devour me. I’m alone, and frightened. And then I stumble upon them: three delicious looking guys with hard bodies. They strip naked, transforming into powerful animals like pre-historic wolves. But I know this is some trick of the mind, I know they can’t be real. I’ve been fooled too many times. Still, I watch, enjoying the show my mind has created…

Every day, they return. Maybe they are real… Are they being held prisoner by the spider creatures? Am I like them? Did I escape and leave them behind? After days, perhaps weeks of searching and never finding anyone else, I decide to rescue them.


They look dangerous.

And I want them.

***Sexual situations ***Reverse Harem ***Language

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!