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It been an alright week. Nothing much going on other than normal things. Working. Chasing the squirrels that are stealing the food meant for the birds. You know, adult stuff. LOL

Series: Daemons of San DeLain, 3
Author: MA Church
Length: 292 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal /

Notes: I'm so excited for the last book in the San DeLain trilogy!

Blurb: Kage: I may be powerful. I may be the darkness. But it turns out I’m not the only monster who lurks in the shadows. The silence has been broken, and a secret from long ago has been unearthed with devastating consequences. The past has come back to haunt me, and everything I thought I knew has been turned on its head.

Danger strikes at everything I hold dear, and death stalks my mate and me.

Austin: Not all monsters have wings, horns, and a tail. And sometimes monsters really are monsters. I know exactly how far someone will go to hide toxic secrets, but even I am shocked by the latest revelations. Pandora’s box has been opened, and now we’re dealing with the aftermath. My monster grieves, and I ache for him.

But blood isn’t thicker than water, and found family is everything.

Chaos reigns as the attacks from the mimic escalate, and the daemon clan of San DeLain goes on high alert. But violence is never far away, and when the past doesn’t stay buried, the answers will lead to even more questions.

Death is coming, and the end is near. But for whom?

This is book 3 in the Daemons of San DeLain series which should be read in order.

Series: (Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures Book 1)
Author: Shannon Mae
Length: 170 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Angels & Demons / Grumpy & Sunshine / Low Angst Relationship / Instawant / 

Notes: I found this through a recommendation from MA Church. I really enjoying it. It's very sweet and fun and hit the reading spot. :) The forward lets you know this is this author's first published work. The next book in the series is about a different couple coming out in July. It's already on my wish list.

Blurb: Adam:

Adam is not having a good day. First, he finds out his very long time boyfriend has been having an affair. Then, his dramatic exit becomes a little too dramatic when he ends up dead. To top it off, he finds out that the afterlife isn’t at all what he expected (he has no desire to learn to play the harp, thank you very much). Fortunately for him, some afterlife bureaucratic screw up ends him up with the most smoking hot demon he’s ever seen, and he decides he’s keeping him. Maybe the afterlife won’t be so bad after all.


As Judge of the Damned, Minos has seen all sorts of human depravity over his endless existence. When a beautiful, shining soul pops into his chamber for judgment, he knows it's a mistake. The human, however, seems quite content to hang around, and it isn’t long before Minos decides he just might decide to keep this one. Minos isn’t the optimistic or happy sort, but he can’t help but be caught up in the whirlwind that is Adam. When forces beyond his control want to return Adam to his designated afterlife, Minos decides that will not be happening, heaven and hell be damned.

Tags: A very grumpy demon meets his match in a snarky, sunshine-filled human; not all angels are nice; Limbo is the party place to be; the afterlife is run like a corporate office, complete with red tape, pointless memos, and high levels of frustration; Minos has a tail and knows how to use it.

Series: Hobson Hill's Omegas, 10
Author: CW Gray
Length: 113 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Sweetverse / Low Angst Relationship / Midlife / 

Notes: This was really sweet and an enjoyable read. It was nice dipping the toe back into Hobson Hills. It's like meeting up with old friends. 

Blurb: Welcome back to Hobson Hills!

Sheriff Ian McKenzie never thought he would find love again. In fact, he didn't even bother looking for it. He's content with taking care of his town and trying to wrangle the meddlesome Wilson family. When a handsome, younger man lands on his doorstep, Mack isn't sure what to do. He can protect him, but can he handle falling in love with him?

Roe Dorsey has had a hard few years. Divorced, stalked, and harassed, he hasn't had a chance to settle into his new normal. When someone tries to kill him, Roe takes his family and retreats to Hobson Hills. He had no idea that he would find a home there, little less love.

Mack and Roe must decide if they'll stand together against the danger stalking Roe or let it divide them permanently.

Author Note: 32k mlm omegaverse romance with mpreg. Can be read as a standalone but characters from previous books pop up. Surprise babies, loveable pets, found family, sweet older men surprised by love, meddlesome Wilsons, and the return of the Hot Mess Club.

Series: Society of Shifters
Author: TS Snow
Length: 275 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Low Angst Relationship / RH

Notes: I stumbled on this and licked on the cover because love reading about different shifters. I double love when it's low angst. The relationship is the primary plot with the side plot of Haven needing donations to stay running. All four of them are atypical shifters and I have to say the way the author put things together, there were some super cute moments. I'm about 65% through the story and looking forward to how they are going to handle Haven's money problems. This is in a shared universe and I'm already looking at the other offerings. I know they won't have the same low angst as this one, but they are all standalones and have unusual shifter types. That's hitting my reading sweet spot right now.

Blurb: Being soul-bonded to a koala is all naps and eucalyptus leaves until a dog is chasing you.

But if the dog is cute, being caught isn’t so bad.

Especially when he and his friends just so happen to be my soulmates.

Owen, my loyal charmer;
Ethan, my gentle giant;
And Liam, my shy childhood best friend.

A relationship between a koala, a dog, a hedgehog, and a moose may seem like a bad joke, but we’re determined to make it work.

When the place I grew up in starts to struggle financially, will I be able to count on the guys to help me find a solution before the children who live there lose their only home?

Sleepy as a Koala is a standalone paranormal romance where the FMC doesn't have to choose between love interests. It contains strong language and sexual situations that might not be suited for anyone under the age of 18.

Despite being part of a shared world, Sleepy as a Koala can be read independently of any of the other books.

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What's on the Reading Radar? #read #reading #WishList #TBR

Reading has been a bit of a struggle the last couple of weeks. I have stopped reading several stories at various points. For some, the angsty and worry got to me and others I wasn't in the mood for. I've also been a bit shy about finishing a book if I think that it's going to end in a cliffhanger. I don't have the same appreciation for them as others do. It's not a big deal when the series is finished, but everything I've been reading lately has had cliffs and I really didn't like how things ended. So I've been hesitant to complete stories if I suspect I'm not going to get a HFN ending.

That being said, I did find some gems.

Author: Jillian West
Length: 330 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Sex Worker / RH / Curvy Woman / Low Relationship Angst / Outside Drama

Notes: I really liked this one. It's a standalone with several extended epilogues that give glimpses to the immediate and far future. The male love interests were each distinct and soft for Emerson. I did worry about Emerson's welfare with the big-bad a few times, but I needn't've. This gave me everything I was looking for the last couple of weeks and couldn't find. Now I want to read more like this. I think this might turn out to be a series of standalones and I'm here for it. 

Blurb: Emerson Parker is exhausted. She spends her days chasing around her high energy, half-shifter toddler and her nights working full-time trying to make ends meet.

...oh, and add in the absolute cluster of a situation her ex dumped in her lap on his way out?

Well, that's just icing on the cake.

With virtually no options left, Emerson heads for Haven, a sanctuary city for monsters and humans alike. Survival means taking a job at The Monster's Den - a club that caters to the inhuman residents of her new home.

But freedom comes with complications of its own: delusional monsters dead set on inserting themselves into her life and her bed.

With the North American Alpha hot on her heels and monsters standing in his way...

Will it be enough to keep Emerson and her daughter safe?

Series: Sweetwater Pack, 1
Author: Jax Stuart
Length: 414 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Mpreg / Cinnamon Roll Character / Prickly Character /  

Notes: This has been sitting on my TBR since I read January Blues. I really liked that one but wasn't sure how angsty this one would be. It does have 'reluctant' in the title, you know? It wasn't as angsty as I'd anticipated but this is also a plotty book so there was something else to concentrate on other than the reluctance part. I enjoyed this alot, but I'm hesitant to start the next book. The glimpse given of the next MCs has me worried. I'm in love with Dakota and if he gets hurt I will want him to find another mate, just sayin'. I'm already emotionally invested in one of the characters. LOL. I guess that goes to show the author did an excellent job with that. :)

Blurb: Will Kade be able to trust that fate has brought him an alpha that he can love, not just the one that he needs?

As an omega, Kade's purpose is to mate with an alpha and carry children. Years on the run have stolen that from him and ravaged his body. A chance meeting with his fated mate has Kade asking if Blake could be the one to heal his heart as well as his wolf. But what kind of alpha would accept a damaged omega?

Meeting his fated was a dream come true for Blake, but Kade keeps him at arm's length. Blake doesn't need Kade to trust all alphas, just that Blake would never harm an omega, especially his prickly, reluctant mate.

His Reluctant Omega Mate contains mpreg and discussions surrounding the past abuse of several characters. There is some on page violence, a kidnapping, and discussions about infertility. Omegas sometimes have it hard but Blake is a cinnamon roll of an alpha who wants to give them the world.

Title: Scout
Series: Chosen Champions, 4
Author: Macy Blake
Length: 326 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / 

Notes: So this has been sitting around waiting for me to read it since it came out. I was saving it for when I was having trouble finding something to read. Of all the Chosen spinoffs, this is the series that I like the best. Scout/Jack is so freakin' smart. And Coal's aunt is one dangerous dragon. This was really enjoyable for me. I'm really excited for the next book. 

Blurb: Coal Volsunga is a dragon convinced he’s better off alone…

As alone as a dragon who is part of a pack can be, that is. Although he loves the work, his feelings are starting to get involved, especially for a wolf entirely too involved with pack life for a loner like Coal.

Jack “Scout” Jerrick is a wolf with two packs, but only one heart…

Dividing his time between his father’s pack and his new one hasn’t been an issue for Scout. He’s learning to protect the secrets of the shifter world and the innocents involved in a dangerous war over magic and power. But when he develops feelings for the cantankerous dragon in his new pack, things begin to get a whole lot more complicated.

After Scout is kidnapped by the mysterious threat hunting their pack, Coal realizes being alone isn’t his life’s mission after all. If he and Scout are able to survive, they must

…put aside their preconceived notions and work together to save their pack,

…learn to love and heal when nothing is as it seems,

…and realize when it comes to being mates, there’s nothing they won’t do to save each other.

Title: Dangerous
Series: Shifter Scoundrels, 2
Author: Charlie Chochet, Macy Blake
Length: 259 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Hidden Society / Secret Agent Man / Low Angst Relationship /

Notes:  After the first book of this series, I knew that I needed to come into this story understanding that it is going to be more character driven than plot driven. There is some actiony things going on late in the story, but the majority of it is Jason being introduced to this world and the two of them getting to know each other. It was an enjoyable and I really like Jason and Mouse. 

Blurb: A grumpy lion shifter duke with secrets, a sassy human who knows nothing of the shifter world, and a fiery arrangement neither of them expected.

Cormac Donegan, Duke of Everard, is all too familiar with the perils of his shifter world, especially as a Dahlia, one of the dragon king’s elite spies. After a mission nearly costs him his life, Cormac is sidelined, healing and grieving his heavy losses. Then a different kind of trouble shows up on his doorstep, a human claiming to be his fiancé.

When Jason Reaves is nearly killed in a house fire, it becomes clear that someone is trying to murder him. With his already fragile health deteriorating, Jason’s only hope is to call in the debt a stranger owes his father– a favor that promises safety, protection… and marriage.

Jason’s escape leads him and his service dog, Mouse, to an impressive country estate. He’s expecting the older man who’d made the promise, not his ruggedly handsome son–who happens to be a Duke, as in rich and royal.

Will this Cinderfella find his happily ever after in the arms of a dashing–if somewhat irritable–duke? Or will Cormac’s secrets prove to be more dangerous than the shifters hunting him?

Series: Second Chance Mates, 1
Author: Max Ross
Length: 392 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Mpreg / Non-Omegaverse / Rejected Mates / Second Chances / Secret Baby / 

Notes: I'm a sucker for the rejected mate trope but I usually prefer it if the one rejected finds a different mate. This one isn't like that since it's a second chance romance with a secret baby. I felt for Justin all through the story and really worried for his welfare since the political intrigue always hinted at corruption and violence. I did want to give a warning that the tone for Justin was always shaded in hints of dreariness/depression. If my anxiety was running high, I wouldn't have been able to read this simply for that reason. I understood Justin's mood since he was mourning his fated mate and stressing over being a single father. The two are separated at the very beginning and don't meet back up until about 73% mark, where I stopped reading last night (I'm writing this Friday afternoon) and I really would like to see more groveling and Richard proving with actions (not words) how he's going to make things better and be a better mate. Richard did acknowledge all that he did wrong and my heart broke for Peter!! I hope he gets a romance because Peter deserves a HEA. I'll probably finish reading the book in the next couple of days and I'm really hoping the bad guys get trounced. And I can't believe that Richard didn't call his brother and warn him about anything! This was a bit more angsty than I was anticipating but had a hard time putting it down. I was sure that assassins were going to come out of the woodwork at anytime. Since 25% is still left, I'm still sure that might happen. Just sayin' the author put that expectation out there very subtly and I've been half inclined to yell at the characters for not hiding better. 

Blurb: He once believed true love lasted forever...

Prince Richard Hargreave has been raised in the customs of his pack—to wed the mate chosen for him by the Wolf Goddess and become Wolf King of Altaden. He just didn't expect to fall so deeply in love. Justin Turner is perfect for Richard in every way. Not only is the omega wolf gay, but he's sweet, kind, and just a little shy—traits severely lacking in the royal court. But when the king's new Dreamer, the Goddess's oracle and divine matchmaker, proclaims the previous oracle a fraud and traitor, Richard is devastated. The new Dreamer claims Richard has been deceived, and the sweet, adoring Justin is not his mate after all. The selection of the omega wolf was nothing more than a plot to taint the royal line. Richard can hardly believe it's true, but a prince's duty to his pack must be greater than his own desires, even if it breaks his heart forever.

Justin Turner is leading a charmed life. How else could an omega nobody like him wind up betrothed to a man like Richard Hargreave? Crown prince or not, Justin loves him with all his heart. It wasn't that long ago that the Dreamer priestess appeared on his doorstep, declaring the Wolf Goddess had chosen him as Richard's mate. Since that day, the two had become inseparable. And now, he can barely contain his excitement—he has a surprise for Richard that will change their lives forever. But when he arrives at the place, Richard has a surprise of his own. The betrothal is off. The previous Dreamer betrayed them, and everything they shared was a lie. The new Dreamer has spoken. Justin is no longer Richard's mate. Shattered by the rejection, Justin can barely breathe. After the guards remove him from the palace, he has no choice but to flee with his secret untold—that Richard Hargreave, Crown Prince of Altaden, is going to be a father…

Reader note: contains M/M Mpreg romance, wolf shifters, rejected mates, male male love, royal princes, omega wolves, secret babies, second chances, and six loyal dogs

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What's on the Reading Radar? #read #TBR #WishList

What's been going on? Well, I went in for a physical and came out with a flu shot and shingles vac. Then I had a couple of days of feeling achy with a temp. Fun times. But I didn't miss out on reading.

Series: Marriage Mayhem, 1
Author: Aja Foxx
Length: 277 pages

Genre/Trope: Romance / Contemporary / Marriage of Convenience / Low Angst / High Outside Drama /

Notes: If you follow me you know that I read very few contemporary romances. I was looking from something low angst and stumbled on this series by chance. When I say low angst, I mean the couple falls for each other pretty easily with little to no relationship drama. This hit the spot. It sort of reminded me of a Hallmark movie. Their is a lot of outside family drama that was pretty consistent throughout and kept things from going too slow to lose my attention. I ended up reading all the books in this series. They are interconnected in that this is about a group of frat brothers so there are crossover characters. You could probably read a couple of these as standalone, though book 3 will give away a spoiler for book one. The last book does have some relationship angst. I really wanted to punch Lucas in the face several times, but there is character growth and relationship growth and by the time they got together I was starting to believe that they could work. By then end, they were a solid couple. It's been a fun series to read and I will keep reading when new stories are added.  

Blurb: ~ Jai ~

When I learned that my parents had sold me into marriage to pay off my sister's debts, I was in no way surprised. They'd taken everything else from me my entire life. Why not my freedom, too? But Jake D'Amato is unlike anyone I have ever met. He's sweet and kind, and seems to really care about me. When my family decides my sister would make him a better husband, I put my foot down. For once in my life, I was going to fight for what I wanted, and I wanted Jake.

~ Jake ~

I hadn't gotten to where I was in life without learning to fight for what I wanted, and the moment I discover the abuse Jai Thomas is suffering due to his family, I decided I wanted him. Getting him to agree was going to be the hard part. He wanted no part of my money, which was a switch for me, but it also intrigued me enough to consider making our marriage of convenience permanent. I just had to keep his family away from him long enough to convince him to take a chance on a total stranger. Easier said than done when his sister decides she wants to replace Jai, not for my affections, but for my bank account.


Warning: Gay erotic romance. The material in this book contains explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences only. All characters involved are adults capable of consent, are over the age of eighteen, and are willing participants.

Title: Susix
Series: Susix, 1
Author: Amelia Rademaker
Length: 299 pages

Genre/Trope: Sci-Fi / Aliens / Slow Slow Burn Romance / 

Notes: This book was AWESOME. This is a slow burn RH series which is more on the side of polycule. There is no sex or amorous feelings in this first book since the aliens think she's an intelligent dog and she just learning how to survive. There are some really funny things that happens because they think she's a pet. All the things you do with your pet and you think nothing of it until it's flipped around like this. Cece is a great heroine and I loved her to pieces. I'm sorta dying since the next book isn't scheduled until Jan 2024 but this didn't end on a cliffhanger, which I 100% appreciated. I'll be rereading again and if I'm lucky there will be an audiobook version. 

Blurb: Being abducted by aliens is terrifying. Everything after that? Pretty boring.

Cece Levine didn’t believe in aliens. That is, right up until she was abducted. Life in space is not what she expected. She lives in a cage. She's left alone all the time. And the boredom is driving her insane.

When a thief who is more snake than man, mistakes her for an exotic pet, Cece decides to just roll with it. Who cares if her new owners think she’s a glorified dog? She’s fed, can walk around, and is safe. This is an improvement in her opinion. Until pirates attack and Cece realizes her new owners might be more dangerous than she thought.

With a Crown on the line, Vesex Forthusis will take any advantage he can to keep his Nest ahead of the rest. And alive. That might be asking for too much thought.

Vesex Forthusis has no desire to be the Sovereign of Susurex. He has no desire for power but he will fight to become the leader of his people if it means they will stop starving and begin thriving. All he has to do is find the Crown of Versetti, one of his people’s most valuable artifacts, and deliver it back home. Too bad it was stolen eons ago and every bloodthirsty Susix in the galaxy trying to steal it.

He and his nestmates will need to use every trick they have to survive the journey. What they do not need is a stray pet running around distracting everyone. But when their ship gets ambushed, it becomes obvious that there is much more to their new pet than they originally thought.

Will Cece and this misfit crew of snake men be able to work past their differences to survive an onslaught of aliens with murder on their minds?

Author’s Note: This is a slow-building reverse harem series. There’s not much spice in this book but there are some situations that are intended for a mature audience.

Series: Maverick Insurance Mysteries, 1
Author: MJ May
Length: 319 pages

Genre/Trope: Slow Burn Romance / Contemporary / Mystery / 

Notes: I recently read and enjoy MJ's Perfectly Imperfect Pixie and really loved it. I enjoyed it so much I thought I give her new release a try. There is a lot of who-done-it and what's-going-on tension in this book. I put it on pause because my anxiety's acting up and the trepidation was getting me too wound up. I have my suspicions about what is happening and I'm so worried about Perry's wellbeing!! *bites nails* I'll probably read through the rest this coming weekend because I really want to know what happens. 

Blurb: Three years ago, Perry Atherton tried to play the hero. Turns out real life isn’t like the movies. Instead of saving someone’s life, his reward was head trauma and a blown-out knee. Perry’s dream of becoming an astrophysicist was obliterated along with his memories of that tragic night. Left with a poor memory, painful migraines, and a constant limp, he’s grateful for his custodial position at Maverick Insurance.

Perry can’t remember. Detective Nathanial Harmon can’t forget. The first night Nate met Perry is seared into his brain—Perry lying on his back, the colorful sequences of his Pride shirt glittering in the otherwise dark alley. Perry’s ragged breaths, swollen face, and hemorrhaging body their first introduction.

Perry and Nate’s futures are about to collide again—the instigator: a note Perry was never meant to find, let alone read. A murderer lurks in the office building Perry cleans, and a nameless employee appears to be next on their hit list.

Perry’s not sure he’s ready to get involved again. He tried to play Good Samaritan before with horrific consequences. But the note screaming murder won’t let his conscience remain quiet and convinces him to tempt the phrase “No good deed . . .” again.

No Good Deed is the first book in the Maverick Insurance Mystery Series. No Good Deed is an m/m contemporary mystery romance and involves a man trying to make the best of being on Karma's bad side, the value of true friendship, demanding four-legged fur balls, the pros and cons of listening to your conscience, and finding love where you least expect. No Good Deed has a HFN ending with no cheating.

Possible trigger warnings include gun violence, past violent trauma, and murder.

Series: Trilogy Box Set
Author: Lola Glass
Length: 707 pages

Genre/Trope: Slow Burn Romance / Paranormal / Rejected Mates / Second Chances / 

Notes: When I started this I was sorta hoping that it was RH, but it doesn't appear to be. But I do love it when the rejected mate makes a new and better life for themselves and that is what happens here. I like the concept that the moon goddess gives rejected mates something extra if they are rejected. Cara's gift is that she calms feral wolves. My only quibble, her reasons for being distrustful of Knockout wouldn't have been mine. I'm enjoying the story so far. Also, one of the first things that I'd be doing once I escaped would be calling the family and letting them know what happens so that the x-mate doesn't trap them. Just sayin'. She is only 19 and doesn't really think of the consequences because that isn't how she thinks since she was brought up in a nice loving pack that didn't have situations in which she had to look on the darker side of someone's motivations.


Then he rejected me, threw me in the trunk of his car, and sold me into a backwater fighting club full of rabid werewolves.

My pack and family have no idea I'm in danger and my inner-wolf is still crying over the guy who rejected me, so I'm on my own.

At least I think so, until I realize I have the ability to tame rabid shifters.

But I have no idea how to use it--and accidentally end up with a dozen crazed wolves protecting me like I'm their favorite chew toy.

The only other sane trapped werewolf is a sexy, infuriating jerk who calls himself Knockout. He might be my ticket out of the fight club, but I don't know if I can trust him.

And even if I can, those dozen werewolves who think I'm theirs to protect?

They're not letting go.

I have to find a way out before I get too attached to the rabid wolves around me…

Especially Knockout.

Or the gift that's keeping me alive just might become my undoing.

*This paranormal romance trilogy is recommended for readers ages 17+, and contains the books Wolf Tamer, Wolf Charmer, and Wolf Whisperer.

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What's on the Reading Radar? #read #reading #TBR #WishList

What a relaxing week! And I'm not saying that because the husband has been gone all week. I took some time for myself. Put together some cubbies, did some spring cleaning (just one room and boy was I exhausted), made some jewelry, watching some true crime videos about serial killers (LOL), and read a couple of the books from last week's post.

Series: Realms of Love, 2
Author: Sheena Jolie
Length: 420 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Fantasy / Hurt-Comfort / 

Notes: Preorder drop! The first book in the series, Solstice Prince, is currently on sale for free.

Blurb: From bestselling author SJ Himes writing as Sheena Jolie comes the long-awaited new book in the Realms of Love Series!

The countries of Eistrea and Hellebore were once one land, torn asunder by a brutal war. A thousand years later, the Hellebore Empire and the Kingdom of Eistrea foster peace along the shared borders of the massive river Adracias, united by faith in a mysterious river god and an ancient treaty signed in blood and magic.

Prince Elia of Eistrea is the youngest of four and is hated by siblings and royal parent alike. Outcast for being different in more ways than one, Elia suffers through abuse and scorn without much hope for a better life. Gifted with magic that leaves him hated by his father, Elia is waiting for the day he's tossed aside like trash and left to die, or married off to a cold-hearted stranger after political power.

The festival of Adracias approaches, and the Hellebore Empire has sent their ambassador to Eistrea, guarded by a squadron of the infamous Hellions, the best warriors in Hellebore. One of their numbers is Sir Merrick, a kind, gentle warrior who notices Elia and treats him as if he were precious. Despite knowing better, Elia falls in love with the Hellion guard. Elia dreams of a day he can call a man like Sir Merrick his love, and yearns for the impossible.

Yet Sir Merrick has a secret, one even bigger than the magic abilities Elia keeps hidden from the realm under the threat of violence. When Elia learns the truth hidden in plain sight, the potential for war on a scale never seen before erupts between the two lands. Tensions rise and swords are drawn, and then Elia is offered a chance to both achieve his heart's most secret desire and preserve a thousand-year-old peace.

The River Prince is a standalone fantasy romance set in the same world as The Solstice Prince, in neighboring countries. There is an interconnected plot in the series that becomes relevant in later books. Both books can be read as standalone stories without any issue. CW for slavery, domestic abuse and bigotry. 124,000 words.

Title: Scout
Series: Chosen Champions, 4
Author: Macy Blake
Length: 326 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / 

Notes: Preorder drop! I've been waiting for this forever, it seems like. :D

Blurb: Coal Volsunga is a dragon convinced he’s better off alone…

As alone as a dragon who is part of a pack can be, that is. Although he loves the work, his feelings are starting to get involved, especially for a wolf entirely too involved with pack life for a loner like Coal.

Jack “Scout” Jerrick is a wolf with two packs, but only one heart…

Dividing his time between his father’s pack and his new one hasn’t been an issue for Scout. He’s learning to protect the secrets of the shifter world and the innocents involved in a dangerous war over magic and power. But when he develops feelings for the cantankerous dragon in his new pack, things begin to get a whole lot more complicated.

After Scout is kidnapped by the mysterious threat hunting their pack, Coal realizes being alone isn’t his life’s mission after all. If he and Scout are able to survive, they must

…put aside their preconceived notions and work together to save their pack,

…learn to love and heal when nothing is as it seems,

…and realize when it comes to being mates, there’s nothing they won’t do to save each other.

Series: The Beastiary Book, 2
Author: Kaye Draper
Length: 365 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Polyamorous / 


Blurb: Life would be easier if I really was an evil witch like the rest of my family.

I did it. I managed to free all of the creatures enslaved in the pages of the Lovell family’s disgusting grimoire and I destroyed the book to make sure they stayed free. I thought life would go back to normal once I finished my task, but boy was I wrong.

Turns out I’m not the last remaining Lovell witch after all. I have an older sister, and she’s been hiding from everyone—including me—for years. Even better? One of my lovers was responsible for wiping her from everyone’s memory. And now, not only has my long-lost-sister been captured by a power-hungry coven who wants to tap into her powerful Lovell heritage…but they’re coming for me and my people as well.

I just got my new family of weirdos freed from the Lovell grimoire. There is no way I’m going to let some creeps from another coven steal them and use their power to start an interspecies magical war. But getting my lovers back means cooperating with The Supernatural Alliance—the governing body responsible for my parents’ beheadings—and that sketchy partnership might cost me everything I have left to lose.

Author's Note
This story is part of my serial, The Bestiary, on Kindle Vella. It is part of an ongoing series, and I will continue to release new books as the story progresses. A Fractured Family is 108,000 words long. The main plot arc is resolved, however since this is a series, a new complication is introduced at the end of the book, so expect a “for now”/”and then” feel. If you are interested in reading book 3 as I write it, you can find it on Vella. Season 3/Book 3 starts on episode 82 with a few exclusive scenes. You can also read along on my Patreon page.

Series: Ursa Shifters, 1
Author: Sam Hall
Length: 290 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / RH / Rejected Mate Trope / No Second Chances? / 

Notes: So, I've been looking for a Rejected Mates story that I can sink my teeth into. There was one that looked promising but I should've read the reviews beforehand. Fast forward a couple of days and I came across this one. But now I'm leery. I've read Sam Hall before though. Their stories are usually heavy on the smexy times, but I've enjoyed them. I have high expectations and I'm hoping that there isn't a second chance romance for the ex-husband. I love the rejected mate tropes where the mate leaves and finds happiness elsewhere. Wish me luck!

Blurb: My ex-husband broke my heart asking for an open marriage. Then I found out he had already been sleeping with someone else.

So I dumped his arse and moved out,
But in the process found myself in the arms of four smoking hot strangers.

They pull out all the stops, lavishing me with all of the attention I’d been missing out on,
But these guys have a secret.

Am I going to be able to cope with the truth when it comes out, or is it going to be too much to bear?

This is a bear shifter paranormal romance where the girl is hurting and the guys pull out all the stops to try and make her feel loved again.

Series: Dead Gods Waking
Author: Toni Griffin
Length: 291 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Fated Mates / Rude Gods / Unwanted Prophecy / 

Notes: If you guys haven't seen it, Toni Griffin has a new release out! I have my copy!

Blurb: As fire rains down on the forest, Luke finds a hurt but powerful demigod in its wake— the kind of shifter that should only exist in legend.

Forest fires around California have got everyone working overtime. Between Luke's volunteer rescue efforts as the fires rage and his keeping up with regular police duties in his sleepy hometown of Half Moon Bay, he's barely had time to eat, let alone catch some shut-eye. It doesn't help that some out-of-towners have been pressing locals to sell up because they want to turn the little oasis into a hopping tourist destination.

Half Moon Bay is a place of sanctuary for shifters like Luke, with most of the town being descended from one kind or another. It's an open secret among the locals. One they're willing to fight to protect.

But the newest flames cutting a path toward town rage hotter and fiercer than normal forest fires. Something isn't right. Finding an overpowered elk shifter in the forest as it burns down around him causes Luke even more confusion—everyone knows those kinds of shifters exist only in legend. The questions raised keep jumping the firebreaks, especially when a dark presence falls on the town and homes start burning.

This book contains shapeshifters of all kinds, a prophecy nobody wanted, discussions about mental health issues, rude gods with no patience left, and a mate with a history of running from relationships but ultimately learns he's worth loving.

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What's on the Reading Radar? #reading #read #newrelease

What's going on? I got a book hangover from American Werewolf in Space. I spent a couple days sampling until some of this month's preorders started dropping. One of my preorders dropped super early and now I have plenty to read again.

Series: Not Your Momma's Alien Romance, 1
Author: Alisha Sunderland
Length: 335 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Bad@ss FMC / 

Notes: I picked this up because of the title and cover. I barely looked at the blurb before I started sampling. I was hooked from the first page and developed a girl crush on Jack before the end of page two. This will be in my top ten for this year. I'm going to buy the paperback and I'll pray to the book gods that it gets an audiobook because I want that too. There is action and plot. Mind the title. If you've seen American Werewolf in London, then you'll need to keep the expectation of a bit of gore. Jack's not apologizing for that. I really can't wait for book two. Funny story, at about the 60% mark I was experiencing the 'end-of-book anxiety' so I went to check the blurb for book two only to discover that it wasn't out yet. Then I consoled myself with talk of reading her backlist, only she doesn't have one since this is her debut book. I really hope book two comes soon. 

Blurb: On board this spaceship I’m only certain of two things:

1. The movies lied to me.
2. I’m about to mark an alien and take him like the beast I am.

Look, I didn’t believe in aliens either — until I was abducted by them.

Waking up on board a spacecraft among several other naked, terrified women prisoners mostly ruled out my government lab fears. Thank God.

But just in case, I tore our captors limb from limb.

That’s when I discover our fellow prisoner — General At’ens.
This alien is different from the others, mostly because he’s about ten times stronger, ten times — ahem —bigger, and... no. He can’t be my mate.

The things I’m imagining us doing are something no shifter should be contemplating with an alien. But if I’m going to hell, I’d rather earn my place...thoroughly.

My desires are about to become the least of my problems however, because like it or not we’re now embroiled in a vicious war of the planets — and that includes Earth.

If I want a home to go back to, I need to focus.

Yep, I’m screwed.

American Werewolf in Space is the first book in the Not Your Mama’s Alien Romance series by Alisha Sunderland.

**Author's Note**
This book contains bloody violence, spicy scenes with *extra appendages*, and a foul mouthed heroine. If you like your leading ladies delicate and in need of a rescue then this book isn't the one for you. If you want a kill and eat first and ask questions later kinda gal, well then keep on reading! This book ends on a soft cliffy!

Series: (The Sapphic Orcs of Torden Book 1)
Author: Lila Gwynn
Length: 236 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Fantasy / Arranged Marriage / Sapphic / 


Blurb: Sapphic fantasy romance with a monstrous twist…

RUGA KARRSDAUGHTER, dutiful orc princess with a heart of gold, has spent the years since her sister was elected queen serving the orc country of Torden. Her duties now include marrying an elf princess for a much-needed alliance against an outside threat.

ELKETH CERIDWEN, rakish elf princess with a penchant for chaos, has never lifted a finger in her life. Now that an engagement is sprung upon her by the stern elvish king, she has to fulfill a fifty-day betrothal period in Torden surrounded by strangers…unless she can wreak enough havoc to get sent back home.

These poor orcs don’t know what they’re in for.

A gentle orc princess is betrothed to a bratty elf princess in this sapphic fantasy romance. This novel is first in The Sapphic Orcs of Torden series but can be read as a standalone.

Series: Much Ado About Demons World
Author: Meghan Maslow
Length: 174 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Murder Mystery / Fated Mates / 


Blurb: Dryad Tuli Cato has 3 rules he lives by: No relationships, no drama, no trouble.

When a gorgeous incubus offers a night of no-strings passion, Tuli readily agrees. Only that no-strings night sure feels like a lot more.

Okay, Tuli has 2 rules he lives by: No drama, no trouble.

Being the sous chef at the most exclusive restaurant in town makes no drama a challenge. Especially when the kitchen’s in an uproar after a staff member turns up dead. Murdered.

Um, Tuli has 1 rule he lives by: No trouble.

Surely, he can stick to this 1 simple rule. . . except it turns out, he might be the murderer’s next target.

Incubus Kem Balthasar has only 1 rule he lives by: Enjoy life.

It’s a lust demon’s nature, after all. Creatures either want to be him or do him. Or maybe a bit of both.

When Kem lays eyes on a slender dryad hottie across a crowded sex club, suddenly he’s thinking of another L-word and it’s not one he ever thought he’d feel.

Okay, Kem has 2 rules he lives by: Enjoy life, romance Tuli.

Convincing the skeptical dryad that Kem’s a worthy—and faithful—partner is hard enough. But it’s even harder to date a guy who might wind up dead.

Right. Kem has 3 rules he lives by: Enjoy life, romance Tuli, and keep the little dryad safe.

Easy, right?

Demon for the Win is a 40k just-one-night, fated mates, novella set in the Much Ado about Demons world. Each book stands alone. This book contains explicit scenes, a little black book with loads of secrets, jealous trees, sex club shenanigans, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

*Previously published in the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend giveaway.

Title: Jenn Burke
Series: (The Gargoyles of Arrington Book 2)
Author: Stone Skin

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Paranormal / Bookish Historians / Hurt-Comfort / 

Notes: 2.28 release date. I'm counting the days.

Blurb: Can he break his curse before time runs out?

Despite being cursed to sleep as a gargoyle for a hundred years, and awake for only twenty-five, Rian O'Reilly is an optimist. He knows he can find a way to break the curse through the tattooed runes he's spent years mastering. No need to wait for this true love crap. But he hasn't found the right combination of magic and his time is almost up. Rian isn't ready to lose everyone and everything. Again.

Professor Logan Davis knows about loss. In the past year, he’s lost his mother, his twin, his werewolf pack, and he’s on the verge of losing his mind. So when he’s invited to Arrington to learn about a legend he’s never heard of, he jumps at the chance for a working vacation. He doesn’t expect to find a handsome gargoyle who needs his help to break a centuries-old curse—and he certainly doesn’t expect his grief to finally overwhelm him.

As Rian comforts Logan, he starts to wonder if there might be something to this true love crap after all. He'd give anything to help this gentle giant of a man, but Logan needs time to heal...and time is the one thing Rian doesn't have.

STONE SKIN is a male/male paranormal romance featuring a magical tattoo artist gargoyle who doesn’t want to go, a werewolf professor who needs time to rediscover himself beneath his grief, and a budding love that might be the answer to everything…if only it has time to bloom.

Series: Rescue Trilogy, 1
Author: Kassie Keegan
Length: 227 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Erotic Romance / Aliens / Polyamorous / 

Notes: this preorder was supposed to release in June but it's here now! So excited for this series!

Blurb: A woman is in love…

… with a man harboring a complicated past.

Both are running for their lives from a powerful enemy.

Kat has loved darkly handsome Michael since she first met the wary protector. Although he desperately desires her, he curbs his passion, believing he’s unworthy of her attention.

Will he trust her with his battered heart?

Kat utterly enchants Michael with her golden beauty, luscious curves, and compassionate nature, but he’s a killer-turned-bodyguard. His past would scandalize her gentle soul.

What will happen when time runs out?

When a vicious enemy stalks the royal children in their care, Kat and Michael agree to deliver them to safety, even though they must alter their very DNA to survive.

They barely escape a deadly explosion.

During the perilous rescue Ambassador Prime Mezere and his companions Dominik and Commander Courau are fiercely drawn to Kat and Michael, sensing they have finally found their destined mates.

As Kat and Michael adjust to their new beast-natures, the males must entice Michael to join them, and seduce Kat to claim them all.

Will they succumb to their beast-natures and accept the Call to Mate?

You’ll adore Savage Galaxy Rescue by USA Today Bestselling Author Kassie Keegan because it’s action-packed with spicy romance where everyone falls in love with everyone while experiencing delicious enticement ending with a satisfying happily-ever-after.

Savage Galaxy Rescue is a stand-alone in a series where the heroine’s Coalition is complete at the finale and was previously published in the Claimed Among the Stars Anthology. BONUS CONTENT! Savage Galaxy Rescue includes exclusive illustrations of the Lio Heroes and more!

Title: From Fear
Series: Princes of the Blood, 1
Author: Megan Derr
Length: 180 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Fantasy / Vampires / Evil Demons / Shifters / Polyamorous / 

Notes: It has been a while since I read this series. I meant to reread so that things were fresh in my mind, but I didn't get to it and when this released this week I just jumped right in. I'm a rebel like that. I did recall enough of the series so that I knew how the base world operated. I'd forgotten the slight undercurrent of horror that it's based on and now that I'm done, I wanna go back and immerse myself. I really enjoyed the addition to this series. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Blurb: Fifteen years ago, several wolf pups were kidnapped by poachers to be illegally sold abroad. They were rescued by a Prince of the Blood, and the Wolves of the Moon vowed the debt would someday be repaid. Now of age, wolf Ilkay Thrace is determined to fulfill that vow. Before he can, though, the Wolves' home high in the peaks of Dragon Claw Mountain is ravaged by an earthquake that reveals an ancient, forgotten temple—and awakens something dark and terrible in its depths. Now, instead of repaying their debt, the Wolves must once again ask the King's Legion for help.

Despite the time that has passed since the Legion was nearly wiped out, their greatest strength, the Princes of the Blood remain few. It is one of their newest, Prince Dalibor, who is sent to evaluate and assist the Wolves. But Dalibor is born of a demon of wrath, his greatest power the ability to drive all living beings out of their minds with rage and fear. He is brash, loud, and reckless, even by the standards of the Legion, and the very last person that should be going into dark, treacherous caves containing ancient evil.

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What's on the Reading Radar?

What are you up to? I missed last Saturday, again. I only had this post partially created and by the time I remembered I didn't finish, the weekend was pretty much gone. Not only that, I'm scrolling the list and not recalling what theme or the reasoning for my choices. What can I say, last week was crazy.

Title: January Blues
Series: Northarbor Coven, 1
Author: Jax Stuart
Length: 186 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal / Gay / Alternate Universe / 

Notes: I haven't read the other series referenced in this blurb. EDIT: I finished this on Thursday night and I really liked it! In this world, everyone knows about paranormal people. Going in, I suspected Cody would be a sunshine character, but he's a survivor who puts up a good front. He's so easy to identify with. Toth was great, too. This can be read without having read the series it spun-off from. I am going to go back and read the Sweetwater Pack series while I wait for more to be released on this one.

Blurb: While practically human in a coven of powerful witches, Cody has still picked up an enemy. After an assassination attempt fails spectacularly, his rival summons a demon to get rid of him.

Contracted to ruin Cody's life, Toth tries everything within the rules to break the perpetually cheerful man. Nothing he does seems to work, and he is pressed to try something else: seduce Cody.

Cody's hidden magic soon has Toth under his spell and he has to decide if his freedom or Cody's heart are more important.

January Blues is a 34k spinoff novella from the Sweetwater Pack series but can be read as a standalone. While MPREG can happen in this world, it doesn't in this story.

Title: Wielder
Series: Soldier and Swords, 1
Author: Margaret Couplet
Length: 143 pages

Genre/Tropes: Contemporary Fantasy / Dystopia / Gay / 

Notes: This isn't a a romance. None of the categories attached to this are gay romance but gay fiction, though there may be romantic elements. That doesn't mean that there isn't heat. I listened to the the audio clip and it is a smexy section. I did pick up the ebook sample and it I liked it. I might get the audiobook instead of the ebook, though, just because I have a hard time finding something to listen to when crocheting. 

Blurb: Hundreds of years after a race of magical beings called dindeary have taken over most of the world Corporal Clark Jameson is graduating from the Human Empire’s military academy after four years of grueling work. As a common born orphan from a small town too close to the border for anyone’s comfort Clark knows that he doesn’t have many prospects until, on the night before his future unit is to be decided he meets a strange pair of men who belong to the infamous Squad 42: Adam Milson, a sexy blonde that makes Clark’s blood run hot, and Harry Browning, the mysterious swordsman carrying one of the 13 magical swords which the dindeary will do anything to reclaim.

He never expected to see them again, especially considering Adam Milson was the heir to one of the most wealthy provinces but the next day he is called before all three of the members of Squad 42 and is offered the opportunity to try and wield Harry’s sword, Linsgarum. But Clark was a commoner, he couldn’t wield a sentient blade that burned any who were deemed unworthy, could he?

Title: Primal Instincts
Series: A Reverse Harem Love Story
Author: Nicole Edwards
Length: 244 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance, Contemporary / RH / BDSM? / 

Notes: I haven't read Nicole Edwards in a while. She only writes contemporary but she was one author that I could count on having a well rounded menage romance when she wrote it. This popped up on one of my searches and nostalgia got me. 

Blurb: What twenty-four-year-old recent college graduate would sign up to uncover a secret kink club rumored to be hidden within the walls of a multi-billion dollar  conglomerate?


Why? Well, that’s easy. I’ve spent my entire life with my nose to the grindstone, doing the right thing, focusing on my future, and now I’m bored, which isn’t a good thing when you have an insatiable curiosity.

I probably should’ve considered the type of bait needed for a fishing expedition of this magnitude when I applied for the job at Primal Instincts, LLC, looking to uncover the secret world that exists only on the whispers of those who’ve never so much as glimpsed the dark, seductive inner workings because those who had wouldn’t dare reveal anything.

Now that I’m through the door, I’ve got my determination and single-minded focus to keep me moving forward. I will figure it out if for no other reason than to say I did.

Provided I don’t get sidetracked by not one, not two, but three men who are ridiculously good at keeping secrets.

Title: Hitmen & Heartaches
Series: Hitmen & Hexes
Author: Charlotte Brice
Length: 304 pages

Genre/Tropes: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Mystery / 

Notes: I'm not sure if this should be considered a dark romance. This is a four book series which is complete and while reading through the blurbs there are references to different triggers. I actually really like the sound of the Russian hitman throughout the series and is the reason I might pick this up to read.

Blurb: Voodoo and Hunter are not your average private investigators. Being a witch doctor and a werewolf gives life added challenges. Finding love is one of them.

The Lincolnshire Poacher transmitted it's strange song for fifty years before going silent in 2008. When the disbanded ghost radio transmits one last message, no one can ignore the mystery sound. Things don’t go to plan when the inn keeper, Carl, becomes a target of international hitmen.

When Hunter loses his heart to the Russian Assassin, Doll, things start to change for the better.

It’s not an easy journey, but these men learn to accept each other, even if they are all squashed together in a magical motorhome
And they still need to solve why the world wants Carl dead.

This book is suitable for readers over 18. It contains graphic sex and violence, including the death of a main character. But no one says he doesn't deserve it. Otherwise, it ends on a HFN, no cliff-hanger.

Title: Heir's Companion
Series: Companion Series, 1
Author: RY Long
Length: 313 pages

Genre/Tropes: Medieval Fantasy / Alternate World / 

Notes: I'm in the middle of reading this one. This is not my usual pick. Despite the trigger warnings, the humor of the blurb and tags convinced me to give this a try. I won't categorize this as a romance or even having romantic elements simply because Cas is an unwilling slave. He's caught in a situation in which he does his best to make the situation more palatable for himself. I'm at the point in the story where the relationship between Cas and Raidon is slipping into more of a partnership. I'm invested in the story and interested in seeing where it goes, but I will admit if somethings don't happen by the end of the trilogy (i.e. abolishing that nasty tradition of sex slaves, freeing Cas) then I'll be highly disappointed.  

Blurb: Being transported to a strange world and sold as a sex slave to a young lord? 9 out of 10, Cas does not recommend (What? His master is hot.).

When the going gets tough, lit geeks analyze. Cas is going to analyze his way right out of this trope, thank you very much.

Trigger warning scene, check inside for details


Evil uncle, master/slave only in name, teacher kink, hurt/comfort, isekai, falling in love, medieval society, found family, brief, romance lovers unite, lit geeks for the win, sex education, carriages suck, seriously, who maintains these roads, the staff is awesome, maids really do know everything, the king and Bob are the best, Bob needs a bondage set, Cas and Raidon fuck like bunnies

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