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Guest Posts: Alex Kidwell with Gumption & Gumshoes

Yay! Say "Hi" to Alex. He's stopped by to talk about his new release Gumption & Gumshoes and to give us a little excerpt.

Thank you so much for allowing me here today! I’m going to be talking a little bit about my newest novel, Gumption & Gumshoes. It’s such a fun thing for me to be sharing, really, because writing it was a chance for me to do something more lighthearted and fun. August Mendez, one of the main characters, is sarcastic, self-deprecating, and was such a joy to write.

The idea for G&G came from a friend who wanted a story about a chinchilla shifter. I’d never gone into the shifter genre before, really, but the image of a chubby little chinchilla who wanted to be a detective wouldn’t leave me alone.

So August was born, and after him came Sam Ewing, an older, bitter divorcee who is the landlord at August’s office building. When August gets the chance to follow his dream and become a detective, Sam and August’s paths cross and that, as they say, is that. Eventually they work together on a case, but the real fun, I think, is how they fall for each other, despite imperfections.

Here’s a little excerpt from August’s perspective, showing the first time in the book he shifts.

It was dark outside, starting to spit rain. The cars sloshed through the streets, lights reflecting in puddles like melted crayons. Sighing, I tugged on my fedora and power-walked the two blocks to my car. The spot I’d managed to find that morning wasn’t the greatest. And now I was blocked in by an oversized truck and a stupid sporty car that looked like a penis replacement. Fan-friggin-tastic. 

Two inches forward. Stop. Reverse three inches. Stop. Crank the wheel left. Forward two inches. Over and over again, while I muttered curses and tried to remember how much my insurance deductible was. Finally I eked out of the spot, pulling out onto the main road and making my way back toward the dry cleaners. 

By then I was later than I’d wanted to be, and I barely got parked in a good spot out front when the outside lights were turned off. I could see Jake and a woman who must be Tina moving around inside the shop, doing their closing duties, I imagined. The car engine pinged softly as it cooled, the rain spattered the windshield, and I slouched down in my seat, watching.

Just like a real detective. 

Sometimes my life got cool all at once. 

And sometimes it was forty-five minutes of sitting in my car, staring at two people mopping a floor. No one was twirling a mustache or tying anyone to train tracks. No obvious signs of chicanery. Just two employees trying to close up shop after a long day. 


Just when I was about to call it a night, there was a flare of light from the alley beside the dry cleaners. I caught sight of Tina taking out two large trash bags to toss them into the bins. When she walked back inside, though, I could still see the faint outline of the door; she hadn’t closed it properly behind her. On purpose? Or maybe the stolen money was leaving with the garbage. 

Either way, I knew I had to get in that alley. I could see Tina and Jake turning off lights, moving toward the exit. I took my chance to duck out of my car, cursing quietly when it dinged at me for leaving the keys in the ignition. I darted into the alley, my eyes taking far too long to adjust to the dark. Tripping over my feet, I almost slammed my head into a wall, barely getting my hand up in time to save my nose. There was a flare of pain on my palm, and I hissed in a breath, looking down to barely make out the shimmer of blood. I’d scraped the skin off. Fantastic. 

Shaking the sleeve of my hoodie down to cover it, I kept going. I wanted to take a look in those trash bags. The dumpster was sitting open, and I grabbed the closest garbage sack. There was the distinct sour scent of rotting things all mixed together with the pervasive piss smell all alleys seemed to have. Choking a little, eyes watering, I hauled the bag out and ripped it open. It was a lot of paper, huge clumps of lint like basketball-sized tumbleweeds, and I dragged it a little closer to the seam of light creeping out from the ajar door. 

I dug through the garbage. There seemed to be a lot of receipts, huge handfuls of them, like they’d been ripped from a book and stuffed in here. I frowned, uncrumpling one, tipping it toward the light so I could read it better. It was just tallying up an order, although I had a momentary thought that it seemed like Petros was charging an awful lot for laundry. 

“Hey!” The sharp voice broke my concentration, and I dropped the receipts I was holding, scrambling back. Jake was in the doorway, scowling at me. “What the fuck are you doing?” 

Shit, shit, shit. I shoved myself away, stumbling as I struggled to my feet. I saw Jake’s big, meaty hand reaching out for my hoodie. Christ, if that guy caught me, I was mush.

So I took off running. I didn’t run a lot. Or ever. But now the not-so-jolly giant was chasing me, so it seemed like a really good time to start. Heaving in panicked breaths, my sneakers skidding on the wet pavement, I darted out across the street. Horns blared but I didn’t dare stop. I could hear him on my heels, cursing, the sound of his footsteps pounding behind me. 

I was going to die. Holy fuck, that giant-ass man was going to kill me. 

And that was when I realized I didn’t have my keys. I couldn’t get into the building. 


Changing direction at the last second, I dodged into the alley that ran alongside my building. If I could double around, maybe get lost in the foot traffic the next street over, I could shake him. My heartbeat was throbbing in my ears, a stabbing pain in my side with every heaving breath I took. The fear slamming through me with every step, though, kept me desperately throwing myself forward. 

The alley wasn’t very long. There were dumpsters and closed doors that I staggered my way past, no help in sight. It was pitch-black; I didn’t see the fence until I slammed into it full force. “No, no, no,” I muttered, frantically grabbing at the chain link, pulling it like I was suddenly going to Hulk out and be able to yank it out of my way. 

I was trapped. 

There were seconds until Jake came around the corner. There was no way I could face him like I was. So I did the only thing I could think of. 

I changed. 

It started as an itch in my nose, a prickle along my skin. The world got very big very quickly as I shrank down, the ground rushing up to meet me. The night world flared to life, scents and sounds filling my senses. And then I wasn’t human anymore. My nose twitched, ears pricking at the sound of footsteps. Two sets. I could smell one sweaty human; he stank like cigarettes and jerky. Jake appeared at the end of the alley, searching for me. But there was another man there, the tang of soap and beer, but more importantly behind him was an open doorway. 

I zoomed off, nails skidding on the cement, hurtling myself toward the escape. There was the thunder of boots in my way, and I squeaked aloud in terror as I tried to correct course. Before I was stepped on, though, a hand reached down, wrapping around me. There wasn’t time for me to react before I was pushed gently into a huge pocket and left there to tremble. I had no fucking clue what had just happened. 

Well, I did. I was a chinchilla in someone’s pocket. 


Neither August nor Sam are your stereotypical heroes. But I think I enjoyed writing them even more because of it. I’m hoping that readers will fall in love with them as well.

Buy links are:

Thank you again for letting me share a bit about the boys! If anyone has any questions or comments, I’m more than happy to talk more.

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Going To Print


I received an email last night that Twin Flames, Songs of the Earth, and Dreams of the Forgotten were going to print and were up for pre-sales. I couldn't believe it. In all seriousness, I didn't think that they would be printed. As a pinch to myself I checked the site, and sure enough they were there. All of them will be out September 9th. O.O

I haven't talked about it (and I won't much) but it's been a tough year. It's messed with my writing mojo. Not to say I've been stagnant because I've written more free reads this year than planned. The Awakening of Amanra, Playing for Keeps, The Legend of the Bearwere Curse, Fated, Starting Fires.

Then I got very, very lucky when I sent an inquiry to Less Than Three Press about The Valespian Pact series. I wanted Alpha Trine to have a home along with Striker and Prometheus's story. They took Trine, which if I'm honest shocked the crap out of me, and Striker.

Now, in September, Alpha Trine will be re-released in ebook and print (freaking fabulous). All of Sumeria's Sons (to date) will be printed. AND my birthday is the 17th. September is stacking up to be an awesome month.

I have this image of me laying on the bed covered in my books instead of money. Corny, yes, I know but if I think about it I would rather it be the books. Not sayin' that twenty years from now my opinion won't change. But right now. This moment... yeah, I would choose the books. And no, nobody claims I'm sane, not even me.

Coming in September:

September 9th In Print...

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Return To Destiny Giveaway Results

 Wild City (Click the title to go to the website)
I wanted to thank everybody who stopped by. I hoped you enjoyed the excerpt for Return To Destiny! Numbers were assigned as people commented starting at one (1) and going to seven (7). With my harddrive rebuild I had a heck of a time locating the website that I used to generate random numbers, but I found it!
1. vitajex
2. Judi
3. Silverwing
4. Mandy
5. Gigi
6. Ashley E.
7. Ilona
The Winner Is:
~ ~ Mandy ~ ~

winner photo: Spin The Harry Q2.gif
I'm Sorry! I went looking for a flashing Winner! sign and found the gif instead and thought it hysterical. LOL!
I really appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi. Don't forget to stop by next week. Alex Kidwell will be hanging out on the August 30th!

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Guest Post: Vona Logan & A Giveaway

Hey everybody! Vona Logan is stopping but today to sit and have a chat about herself and her new release, Return To Destiny. She is also going to be giving away a copy of her new release. Between now and Friday night leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing for a copy of Return To Destiny.
So without further ado, ladies and gents I introduce Vona Logan!!  (Lexi rowring into  her cupped hands as the crowd goes wild!)

Hello Everyone

A great, big thank you to Lexi for hosting me on her blog to celebrate the re-release of Return to Destiny by Wilde City Press this Wednesday the 21st of August.

A little bit more about myself:  I was born and grew up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and lived there for almost 28 years. That is until we got the crazy notion to take off to another country with three little kids and three suitcases!

I must admit though, if it hadn’t been for that move, writing for me would’ve forever been a dream. Thanks to the wonderful country, namely New Zealand, we now live in, the sky is the limit when it comes to dreams and aspirations.

I attempted my first short story in response to an open call from a publisher at the beginning of 2012. They rejected it. I tried another publisher and was fortunate enough for it to be accepted – and so my journey as an author began.

There is so much to tell about how Return to Destiny came about. Once again it was in response to an open call from the very first publisher who rejected my first one. They rejected it. Again. I never learn. I tweaked it and send it off to another publisher and was elated when they accepted it.

The vibe of the open call was time travel and in my mind sparks went off about two guys missing it, big time. Or should I say - missing each other? A desperation to be together set off a series of ghostly visits and of course I cracked up laughing on that one. How much fun could it be to write something like that?  The answer? By adding in a cheeky, old Chinese Mr Miyagi look-alike, a great amount of naughty, torturous, fun.

I will be giving away a copy of Return to Destiny to one lucky winner. All you have to do leave a comment and a contact e-mail we can get in touch with you. The competition will end on midnight, Friday the 23rd of August 2013.

Thanks for stopping by and here’s an excerpt to give you all a taste of Wade and Michael:


Chapter 1

Sunday, 4 September 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand


Oh dear God, he thought. Not again! Yep, that phantom lover was back. Right here! Right now! At his mother’s dining table!

No announcement.

No warning.

No hope of making it through without an explosion of ecstasy.

“’Scuse me!” was all he managed before his family would have a show they would never forget.

Rewinding the clock half an hour, everything was fine. Everything was normal.

Wade Summers loved Sunday lunches with his parents. He loved good food, period. In high school, the lunches had doubled up as a screening process for boyfriends and girlfriends he and his sister, Marly, brought home. Once he had moved back after college, the Sunday lunches became a tradition.

He dug into his heaped plate of roast chicken, steamed veggies, and brown rice. As usual, the whole lot swam in gravy. He eagerly anticipated dessert, after the whiff of apples and cinnamon he got when he’d arrived.

“So, Mom, was Mrs Wilson satisfied with the way you groomed Gigi this month?” His mother owned the local dog parlour and tended to stress every time the grumpy client brought her precious poodle in.

“Yes, Wade. For the first time in twelve months, I apparently got it right.” His mom’s green eyes, much like his own, danced with humor. “She scrutinized poor Gigi with the evil eye, but couldn’t find a single hair out of place.” His dad snorted, showing he was part of the conversation despite having eyes only for the food on his plate.

Marly shook her head, which made her blond curls bounce. She smiled. “Yeah, I saw it! Poor Mrs Wilson looked so disappointed when she couldn’t find anything to complain about.”

Just as he opened his mouth to speak, it happened. His only hint—the tingling sensation at the nape of his neck when the hair stood straight up. He jerked up in his chair, cold sweat breaking out on his skin. Fuck! No time. He had to get the hell away from there stat or his family would wonder what the hell was wrong with him. That was best case scenario. Worst case: a straightjacket and a padded room for the remainder of his life.

“Wade? Are you okay, honey? Oh my God, are you choking?” his mother’s voice rose in panic.

“I’m fine, Mom. Just excuse me for a minute. I’ll be right back.” He had about thirty seconds left before the shit hit the fan.

His mom looked faintly worried when he bolted out of his chair and practically ran to the bathroom. He barely managed to lock the door and sag against it in relief when the unbelievable began.

The sensation of long fingers combed through the hair by his ear and curled around his neck, pulling his head forwards. Hot breath whispered against his throat before soft lips kissed him there, a wet tongue tasting his skin.

As always, the smell of the ocean laced with a faint tinge of lemon surrounded him. Shit-scared, he started to shiver—so fucking turned on, his head spun.

The invisible fingers locked in his hair held him immobile when another hand came into play. It stroked gently down his cheek and followed the trail down from the hollow of his throat, loosening shirt buttons on its way. As if in a dream, Wade’s belt buckle became undone and his zipper tines popped open in slow motion. Warm fingers slid into the elastic of his briefs and pushed them down to mid-thigh. Once free, his furiously engorged cock jumped up to hit his stomach.

He knew what to expect, but he jerked anyway when a strong grip wrapped around him. A few slow strokes had him moaning helplessly. The pleasure, heavenly, but his heart, tormented—he shouldn’t enjoy something sinful. Oh, but it felt soooo good!

Hot air caressed his mouth before strong, warm lips locked with his. His breathing stuttered. Wade loved kissing—especially deep, hungry kisses that carried on and on. He could come from them alone.

The lips separated from his and warm, moist heat enveloped his left nipple. Fascinated, Wade could actually see his flesh shift when caressed and tugged. A wet tongue lapped at the sensitive nub, sharp teeth nipped, and his knees almost gave out. He moaned deeply when the sensory nerves exploded to life and hummed with pleasure.

He almost yelled out in shock at the sudden knock on the door against his back.

“Wade? Is everything all right?”

“I’m goo… oh, God! I mean, yesssss, Mom! Just give me a few minutes,” he managed to grit out between clenched teeth.

To purchase, click here: BUY LINK

You can find Vona here:

Thank you for stopping by and reading!
Make sure you leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Return To Destiny!

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Alpha is Pregnant: Valespian Pact Update

What am I doing today? Alpha and Dragon are giving birth today. Since Alpha is the one pregnant, he shoulders most of the labor, although... after much thought last night Dargon will share more than originally planned.

So poor Alpha and Dargon have 21-30 hours of labor. Then they have to be very still while the kit moves down into Dargon's pouch. Have you ever seen a discovery channel special on marsupials? I did when I was a child. Amazed, fascinated, and a big serving of awww stayed with me over the years because it really was incredible. It was a kangaroo momma and the baby was the size of peanut. Small, pink, and hairless the little joey didn't even have his eyes open. He crawled up the momma's tummy, climbed into the pouch where he found a nipple and stayed in that same position for a long time. Obviously, I have never forgotten the show.

Seriously, don't those little guys have a huge aww factor with the first instinct to make sure they are protected? I think I was eight when I'd seen the show. They look fragile and yet they were so strong. Afterwards I wanted to go to Australia and adopt all the kangaroos and make sure they had a safe place for their joeys. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have been a vet. :)

Today and probably most of this week's writing will be geared towards the events that happens around Alpha giving birth. A little peanut (or two *cough-cough*) will be born today, and as beautiful as the moment will be, danger still lurks. Zeus must captain the Oethra 7 when Prince Azeas's and Prince Mestor's warship, The Gorgon, will drop out of hyperspace in Valespian space. They suspect they might be stepping into an ambush and even though they made provisions to meet that scenario, things don't go as planned. Against all the odds, Zeus has to find a way to protect Dargon and Alpha, and now his offspring, while making sure the Fal'Amoric reach the safety of Haven. Finally, you will know who the Striker is and how deadly he can be. Hold on to your seats because this is going to be an awesome ride!

In other news: Wednesday thru Friday of this week I will be hosting Vona Logan. There will be a new release giveaway so make sure you stop by and check it out.

Also: In case you missed it. I wrote a free online short story, The Legend of the Bearwere Curse. It is the prequel to Fated which will be coming out the last week of this month for the LHNB events. Click there---> Hearts On Fire Reviews to read. It's not very long, just under 5k.  Enjoy!!

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Legend of the Bearwere Curse

As you guys know, this year I participated in the GoodReads M/M Romance group's Love Has No Bounds event, and that I picked up a second story from an emergency prompt. The historical Scottish Laird who can shift. Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with the two people, Kevin & Lucy, who submitted that prompt. We had a great time talking about the making of and some of the things I learned while researching.

While I was there, I asked them if they wanted to hear the back story to the shifter's curse. I have never given a verbal account of a story before. I really enjoyed it, even if I was flying by the seat of my pants because it wasn't something I had written down.

I was asked if I could put the story to paper and let it be a Hearts exclusive (at least until the novel comes out). Why, sure.

Then I started to write it down I became a little nervous because the Legend is like a fairytale "telling" not a "showing". It is everything they warn you not to do as a writer. So I turned it around and around and came up with the idea of using a scene from the soon-to-be book. See Fated, the free story I wrote for the prompt, only addresses the relationship part of the story and it's about 30k. The full story will be closer to 90k and includes a scene from Ewen's childhood. Ah-ha! It was perfect! And it's just up in time, too. Fated should be up on the M/M Group soon!!

The Legend of the Bearwere Curse is just under 5k and is now available for your viewing pleasure here!
(SFW)------>>>>Hearts On Fire Reviews <<<<------(SFW)
You don't have to worry about there being a surprise mooning or anything.

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12th Century Scottish Lairds

Last night I finished up the first round of edits for Fated. It is the story for the emergency prompt that I picked up over at the M/M Romance group. The opening scene is the Battle at Renfrow in 1164. The King of the Isles transported 15,000 troops over the firth to do battle with the King of Scotland.

The year of 1164.

I picked it because I needed a plausible time when a pagan could still be found. I didn't think about the language of the time. That wasn't even a consideration. But then again, the Scottish laird is a shifter so that throws the world into an alternate universe and the language is a little more flexible but not much. I made sure the words used were no older than the 14th century. Now I can almost tell just by looking if the word is old enough but I still double checked to be sure. Oxford Dictionaries Pro got a subscription out of me because of it.

So there is one more round to go. I added an author's note about the time period and language. I would hate for someone to go into to the story thinking they were going to get a true historical and wonder what I was smokin' as they read. Hopefully I was able to write it in such a fashion that it has a historical feel about it.

So here is a quick excerpt. I had to find one that wouldn'y give too much away. I also wanted to share my favorite line out of the whole story. If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen it already because I posted it last night as I was doing a final read through.

“My shield in defence, my sword for redress, my arm in labour, my mind in council, my fate be now bond to ye. Yer life ere mine, yer house ere mine, yer kin ere mine, all of this I avow.” --Roi Iain mhic Leoid

Here's a quick excerpt -- not quite safe for work--  :)

I woke in the early hour of the morn trapped under a large snoring body. At once, panic flickered as I tried to place my surroundings. The events of the day ere pushed past the terror, only it did not help me to bring to mind the bald male who sprawled on top of me. Did I mistakenly climb into a tent not belonging to Ewen?

 Striving to extract myself without rousing the man, I shifted to move out from under him. The soldiers were celebrating heavily last evening. I did not want this one to wake and know he had not tumbled into bed with one of the camp’s women. Honest blunder or not, violence would ensue.

 A low grumbling growl caused me to halt and tense. My body shamefully responded to the noise. I laboured to hide my arousal in Ewen’s presence. Now here I was being made to think back to the many times I had denied myself the tender touch of another. I should have taken myself in hand last eve to relieve the tension, yet I had imagined being caught and all desire fled.

 The man began to sniff at the crook of my neck and I went from partially aroused to aching with need. There would be no way I could get out of this without a fight. The large strong arms clasped about my torso constricted, holding me tighter as the man rolled his hips, digging a steely manhood into the flesh of my hip.

 “Roi.” The voice was rough with sleep but I recognized Ewen in that one spoken word. The matter had not changed. If he woke he would not look kindly on a man in his bed. Natheless, I was well and truly trapped.

 Ewen continued to sniff my skin. At any other time, the soft puffs of air ghosting across my skin would stir my blood. A warm tongue licked along the skin where my collar would lay, raising the skin to gooseflesh. I fisted the hides underneath me to keep from pushing back against Ewen as he rolled his hips again.

 “Roi.” This time Ewen sounded harsh and full of agony.

 I waited for Ewen to wake. When he raised his head and stared down at me with clear hazel eyes, the strain left my body. The dread leaked away and I became pliant under Ewen’s firm body.

 “Tell me, dae ye— will ye— accept me?”

 I should argue for time. There were things I needed to tell him, explain to him… but I had only ever wanted him. Would he understand what I am— who I am? Would it even matter?

 In the end, I declined to deny him. With a boldness I oft lacked, I grasped his hips and ground my aching erection into him. The “aye, please” I intended came out sounding like a groan. Ewen nipped my chin, pulling lightly on the short hairs ere burying his nose back into the crook of my neck.
Thanks for stopping by and reading!!

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Striker Excerpt

As I promised the second part of the excerpt for Striker. Enjoy the raw, unedited excerpt of Striker!!

Striker (The Valespian Pact #2)
© 2013, Lexi Ander


"The kits..." Zeus choked. He couldn't say more. That they may have lost the children had Zeus gasping, his vision clouding with excess emotion.

Maddux's large hands her smooth and hairless, and like the rest of his body, the golden rosettes set against skin so deeply black that the yellow color sparkled like uncut jewels. Zeus never witnessed a psionic healer at work and when Maddux's palm's began to glow Zeus almost pushed Maddux away from Dargon, his mind drawing up the image of the Qrxzl's glow.

He gave a warning hiss.

"Zeus. Zeus!"

He raised his gaze to Maddux's crystalline blue eyes. "I would never harm them. I will do everything in my power to help them. I give you my word."

Zeus heard Maddux's words but he couldn't stop the long guttural noise. His Uda'Mahte'lan lay before him unconscious and injured. Zeus rode a wave of instinct to protect his amor.

"Prince Zeus," Warlord Sohm'lan called and he snarled.

"Zeus," Alpha whispered. He closed his eyes and shivered. "Calm down for me, please."

Immediately, Zeus felt contrite. With effort, he stamped down his impulses and walled in his emotions. when he next opened his eyes, Maddux's palm lay on Dargon's golden forehead and the other was over Alpha at the bade of Dargon's throat. He waited for the verdict as Maddux sat up.

"Alpha is fine, exhausted but unharmed. As far as I can tell, the kits are not in distress and I could find no injury. I believe Dargon took on as much of the ... I am not sure what happened but he too it into himself to protect Alpha and the kits."

"Will he be..." Zeus coughed, his throat raw.

"I believe, given time, yes. His nerves are a little frayed." Maddux leaned forward to whisper in Zeus's ear. "I think that was meant to kill you. If you had been the only one to bare the burden of the assault they would have succeeded."

Maddux only confirmed what Zeus had been thinking. The question: What to do about it?

Axis squatted on his heels next to Zeus. The GryFalconi's gray and red plumage stood straight up giving him an aggravated look. He drew off his shirt to reveal wide muscular shoulders and a hard sculpted chest. His dark brown skin was lightly covered with fluffy gray feathers that spanned across Axis's pectorals, narrowing to form a line down the center of his abdomen to disappear into his uniform trousers.

Using one of his sharp nails, Axis tore strips from his tunic. Zeus wondered what Axis was doing until Axis reached for Zeus's hand. He had forgotten he had been injured, the pain something else he shoved to the side with his emotions.

"This is all we can do for you until we get back to the shuttle. There is a med kit there, not that we can get it now."

Zeus nodded numbly. He knew he should be saying, doing more. He had been more functional after the attack on the Gorgon. Zeus's nerves felt brittle, as if he would burst into a million pieces any second now. A white haze crouched at the edge of his vision, threatening to overwhelm him. There was something wrong, something very wrong with him.

He gripped Axis's wrist with his good hand and stared into the large circular black eyes rimmed with canary yellow. "Please." He was not adverse to begging, not when it came to his family. "Protect them for me."

Those huge eyes stared at him unblinking. Zeus did not know what Axis's answer would be. He hoped, he prayed the reply would be yes as his sight went completely white and soft downy feathers brushed his cheek before unconsciousness overtook him.

That is all for now! Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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20% Discount Today Only

Big Opps! I wrote a blog post for the sequel to the excerpt for Striker and forgot to set the scheduler. (*&^%^^%$$##%^) That will be tomorrow's post that will go up at midnight. At least my computer is back from the shop so that I don't have to try and use the blogger app on the iPad.
In other news, for Today Only you can get any of my books through Silver Publishing for 20% off. If you comment on their Facebook page ( today you will be entered into a giveaway.
So if you have been holding off getting a book in the Sumeria's Sons series, grab it now while it is discounted. Click Here to See Titles.