Monday, October 15, 2018

Come and see me! GRL Week!

 Whew! I leave for GRL tomorrow. I'm driving (11 hours) so I won't get to my hotel until the evening. There are other early birds who are already there, and with luck, I'll meet up with some of them and orientate myself with the area. I am seriously happy that the hotel I'm staying at is across the street from a Starbucks. There is another cafe down the street according to my Tomtom. I won't be missing out on my coffee!! Whoot!

If you are going to GRL come and see me. I'm very approachable!

Where will I be?

10/18    1:30 pm to 1:45 pm         Portsmouth Ballroom 5     Author Reading
10/18    3:00 pm to 3:45 pm         Portsmouth Foyer – 2nd Floor      Author Lounge
10/19    2:00 pm to 2:45 pm         Portsmouth Foyer – 2nd Floor      Author Lounge
10/20    10:00 am to 12:30 pm    Portsmouth Ballroom 4 & 5– 2nd Floor     Featured Author Signing

During the author lounge(s) I will have a ton of things to give away. 

  • Ceramic coffee cups
  • Mood straws (that change with the liquids temperature)
  • Nail files
  • Pens
  • Trading cards and bookmarks, 
  • Sunder notebooks
  • And a select few canvas tote bags and mouse pads
  • Oh, and candy!

For the Author Signing, I thought I would do something different. I will be giving away a copy of Caledonia Destiny and Sūnder...

Yes, you heard that right! So make sure that you come see me for the Featured Author signing on Saturday.

What else is going on?

There is a ton of things to do in the evenings (list copied from the GRL websiteand I'm going see if I can catch a few.


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
GRL Opening Day Supporting Author Booksigning

Portsmouth Ballroom V - Second Floor

Thursday morning, meet some of the new voices in LGBT romance. Take advantage of this time and get to know these rising stars and discover some hot new books! Readers are invited to bring their favorite books with them or, in many cases, books can be purchased directly from the author or publisher. Or, if you don't want to pack all that extra weight in your bags, come prepared with book labels or swag that the authors can sign instead.

7:30 - 9:30 PM


~Co-sponsored by GRL & MLR Press~

Holley Ballroom/Foyer - First Floor

We’re kicking off the opening night of our 8th year in the most comfortable way possible. You’ve been asking for a Pajama Party and we’re finally delivering! Come as you are or throw on your footy-pajamas, nightgown, flannel Nightshirt, or perhaps even that themed onsie you impulse-purchased and have yet to wear. Grab a plate and make your way through a full breakfast buffet! There will be coffee and hot tea on hand along with a cash bar for those who prefer to grab their favorite libation and chill with old friends and new – hosted by GayRomLit and MLR Press. Whether you're attending for the first time or back for a reunion unlike any other, the opening night event sets the tone for the entire weekend and is not to be missed.

9:30 PM – 1:00 AM
2018 THURSDAY LATE NIGHT Karaoke Slumber Party!

Portsmouth V - Second Floor

Join DJ Randy and your Karaoke MC's, Trina Lane and Ethan Day immediately following the opening night Pajama Party as we kick off a few hours of Karaoke goodness. Since you're already dressed down in your comfy-best and have a belly filled with a hearty breakfast, you can start this late night slumber party off on the right foot! Trade in your hairbrush for a microphone, gather a group of your besties and sing yourself silly along with the rest of your GRL family! We'll close out the tail end of the evening dancing with DJ Randy!

***We want to ensure that everyone attending this event feels comfortable participating without discovering a video of themselves on Facebook or You Tube the next day. For this reason, there will be absolutely NO live streaming or video recording allowed during the Karaoke event. As always, pictures are totally fine so long as you have permission from your friends to include them before posting.


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Extasy Books Presents....For The Love Of Games 2018

Holley Ballroom - First Floor

BINGO is back by popular demand but that will just get us started! Some returning games from last year "Ping Pong Twerk", "How's It Hanging?", "They don't pop balloons like this in Sunday School!" and we will have a bunch of new ones as well! Join us for guaranteed FUN, LAUGHS and tons of PRIZES


9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Game Night Bonus


For those of you who couldn’t manage to get your fill of game night with eXtasy, we’ve had three of the smaller rooms within the first floor event space set up with table rounds and chairs. Gather up some friends and bring your favorite game or grab a spot to kick back and conversate with your fellow attendees! The bar is just around the corner for those who want to grab a cocktail and some snacks. *Space is limited

9:15 PM - 11:45 PM
Author Medley


Join our rag-tag, mixed bag of Featured and Supporting Authors and Indy-Pros who’ve signed up for random blocks of time to do god-knows-what! That’s right, folks, gird your loins ‘cause the sky is literally the limit! You might get a naughty book reading from one author or narrator, followed by insight into a new release from another, or someone showcasing their unique talent for bird calls or ventriloquism the next! We don’t know what’s going to happen and neither will you unless you show up and see for yourself. *Seating is limited


10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
The Featured Author Book Signing

Portsmouth Ballroom IV-VIII - Second Floor

One of the Retreat's highlights each year is the big booksigning event on Saturday featuring the biggest names in LGBT romance. This year's iteration will feature the 90 featured authors in an all-star extravaganza not to be missed. Readers are invited to bring their favorite books with them or, in many cases, books can be purchased directly from the author or publisher. Or, if you don't want to pack all that extra weight in your bags, come prepared with book labels or swag that the authors can sign instead.

2:00 - 3:10 PM
The 2018 Featured Narrator Reading Event

Portsmouth Ballroom IV, Second Floor

Join us for this very special event highlighting some of the best in M/M or Gay Romance audiobooks and the award winning narrators who perform them. This moderated event will feature live reading selections from each of our 2018 Featured Narrators who will take the stage one at a time. There will be an opportunity for each one to take a few audience questions allowing attendees to get to know the individuals who bring the books you love to life with audio-performances that always leave you wanting more!

The 2018 GRL Fun Fair Events

If you enjoyed all the zany shenanigans of the Cockwalk or playing Red Hot Pictionary with the sassy lasses of GRL, you’re not alone! Whether part of a group or experiencing the Retreat for the first time, we know you’ll have a blast interacting at these events. This year the Fun Fair events will be held on Saturday afternoon in the Evergreen Ballrooms and will be 1 hour in length per event. Each Fun Fair event will have its own dedicated time slot and they'll be scheduled back-to-back with no other competing events occurring simultaneously.

3:20 - 4:20 PM
Celebrating Rock Star Readers

Portsmouth Ballroom I-III, Second Floor

Join ten of your favorite authors as they celebrate the fabulous readers of LGBTQ romance! Everyone goes home a winner during a fun-packed hour of games and giveaways. Collect raffle tickets as you help authors guess which of their characters are represented on their mystery cards, but be careful not to use any of the restricted words! The more raffle tickets you win, the more chances of nabbing one of the grand prizes! Emcee Michael Pauley will corral Alexa Land, Aimee Nicole Walker, Charlie Cochet, Hailey Turner, Kyleen Neuhold, Lucy Lennox, Macy Blake, Nora Phoenix, Piper Scott, and Sloane Kennedy with special guests Jeff and Will from The Big Gay Fiction Podcast.

4:30 – 5:30 PM
Fun and Games with RRW

Portsmouth Ballroom IV, Second Floor

The Rainbow Romance Writers are back with a different game and plenty of prizes! Come play Three Facts and a Lie and learn about RRW authors, have some fun, and pick up some great books and swag!

9:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Portsmouth Ballroom V - VIII, Second Floor

Gear up for a travel back in time to the decade of decadence! You can come as you are or like...totally embrace the 80’s spirit! Grab your Jordache jeans, shoulder pads, leg warmers or parachute pants! Tease up that mall hair, sport a side pony and accessorize with a neon scrunchie or those massive Jody Watley hoop earrings! ‘Cause this costume party is way more than just a nice day for a White Wedding! Channel your inner Material Girl, preen around the room ala Prince in Purple Rain, sport your New Edition hi-top fade or your best Heavy Metal Hair Band, or you know, like, anything Michael Jackson ever! And if you fear all this fun will leave you Hungry Like A Wolf, no worries, kids, we’ve totally got your back! Nosh on an assortment of freshly baked cookies, fudge brownies, whole fresh fruit with assorted candy bars, chips & pretzels. You can wash all of that down with freshly brewed coffee, teas, assorted soft drinks, bottled water or grab your favorite libation from the cash bar. You won't want to miss this final opportunity to party down to all the greatest hits from the 80’s with your fellow GRL family on the final full day of the Retreat.


8:00-11:00 AM
GRL Farewell Brunch

Holley Ballroom - First Floor

Enjoy the hearty breakfast buffet you've come to expect at GRL, then grab your besties to say goodbye while creating a few final memories and keepsakes before you head back home. This event is sponsored by GRL.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

What's on the Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What am I doing? Packing... packing... and more packing. Trying not to take too much to GRL but also attempting to keep it at a manageable level. The goal is to come back home with less. I need to make sure all my music is loaded on the phone and ipad. I need to make sure I have some good audiobooks for the drive. Should I take me own coffee grounds?

Title: Ghosts and Grudges
Series: The Shaman Queen's Harem
Author(s): Jasmine Walt & J.A. Cipriano
Length: 332 pages
Publisher: Dynamo Press; 1 edition (December 4, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Reverse Harem / 

Notes: I love this cover but it seems to be only available in paperback at this time. It's possible they are revamping the covers or the edits. 

Blurb: A hidden world. An ancient power. A trio of hunky, dangerous shamans. What could possibly go wrong? When an ancient spirit awakens a hidden ability within Aika, grateful is the last word that comes to her mind. Being able to summon monsters and spirits to do your bidding might sound cool in comic books, but in real life it brings nothing but trouble. And between chasing after a medical degree, caring for her ailing mother, and running the family business, she's got plenty to deal with. Unfortunately, Aika doesn't have the luxury of ignoring her new abilities. An ancient, powerful evil has taken her mother, and the only way to free her is for Aika to embrace her heritage. Luckily, a couple of hunky shamans have recently taken an interest in Aika, whose abilities are unique from others of her kind. They're willing to train her, and even fight by her side. But the more time Aika spends with her guys, the more she realizes that they might not be what they seem. The truth is just out of reach, and once Aika uncovers it, she'll either find the key to saving their world... ...or destroy the best thing she's ever had. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can't stand the idea of a girl having relationships with multiple guys and who does NOT have to choose between them, this book is not for you. There's also a sprinkling of swear words, some hot kissing and sexual tension, and plenty of action scenes. You have been warned!

Title: Now and Then
Series: (Touch of Gray Book 5)
Author(s): Dakota Rebel
Length: 101 pages
Publisher: Supernova Indie Publishing Services LLC (October 1, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifter / Gay /

Notes: Sometimes it nice reading a straight up shifter romance.

Blurb: Brie and Calvin Grayson had what anyone could see was a typical suburban life. With two young boys and a thriving dental practice, they were happy and comfortable…by day anyway. At night, they were an extermination team, ridding their home town of monsters to ensure the safety and comfort of their son Bryce, and their adopted son Cole.

It’s been a rough year for the Grayson boys and their partner Sebastian, learning the buried secrets of their family history, coming to terms with the emotions and attractions that have been building between them for so long and trying to manage hunting and being supernatural creatures, things have reached a boiling point.

On the anniversary of their parent’s murder, the boys find themselves trapped in a dangerous situation, trying their hardest to keep history from repeating itself.

Title: Leopold
Series: Saga of the Bold People, 1
Author(s): MD Grimm
Length: 512 pages
Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Gay / Assassin /


Blurb: How does a human survive in an alien dominated InterGalactic Community? By becoming an assassin, of course.

At least, that’s what Leopold thought when he became an assassin for the elite. Pretending to be an alien known as Voidstriker, Leopold feeds his appetite for vengeance, killing aliens as well as taking their money. It's a win-win to his mind. That is, until a bounty is placed upon his head.

With his true identity now revealed to the IG Community, Leopold knows it's only a matter of time before the powerful family members of his victims come for blood. Far worse is the fact that the one who put the bounty on his head, is the one he most fears.

A routine job three cycles ago brought him face-to-face with Mastrodai, a prince of the powerful Mrrog Nation. Not only did Leopold—accidentally—destroy part of Mastrodai’s moon, but one glimpse of the mighty alien had him feeling desire for the first time in his life. He ran, and like predator after prey, Mastrodai never stopped hunting him.
Leopold is convinced that Mastrodai wants bloody revenge. But when he finally confronts the mrrog, he is stunned to realize Mastrodai wants something very different. Something surprisingly intimate—the one thing that scares Leopold more than torture.

Title: The Complete Tempted Series
Author(s): Selene Charles
Length: 1025 pages
Publisher: SeleneCharlesPublishing; 1 edition (September 6, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Demons /


Blurb: This is the complete boxed set of all three books in the Tempted series, a spinoff of the Night Series which features a carnival of the damned, a grim reaper known as Dean, and Pandora, one of the seven deadly sins also known as Lust. There is a lot of crossover between both series, but you do not need to read one to understand the other. 

Book 1: Forbidden

Welcome to Whispering Bluff, Tennessee. Where the guys are hot. The girls are sweet. And nothing is what it seems...

Flint DeLuca is sick and tired of moving. She and her dad have moved three times in the past year. But that's the life of a carnie. Even an ex-carnie like her. Her father swears this is the last move. All Flint wants now is to graduate from High School and put the carnival life behind her. Unfortunately, one of the two ain't gonna happen. So now not only is she back in the life she can never seem to get away from, she's also met this guy who pushes all her "I totally hate you" buttons.

Cain. No last name. Wears shades in school. Dresses entirely in black. And only speaks to her when he's insulting her. She hates him. Hates him. And yet... there's something about the Goth boy that draws her like a moth to flame. God, she can't wait to graduate and get away from Whispering Bluff, only problem is she's pretty sure her high school is infested by vampires. Cain might be one of them. And for some reason, she seems to be on their menu.

Sometimes High School really sucks...

Book 2: Reckless

The day Flint DeLuca moved to Whispering Bluff, TN she thought her life was over...until she met the dark, brooding, and seriously hot Cain. And then things were epic. Until they weren't.

Prom night, her school is bombed by a pack of monsters known as hive, Flint's nearly killed in the explosion and her best friend Abel is kidnapped—all of it orchestrated by Cain's crazy mother, Layla aka The Hive Queen.

The race is on to find Abel before Layla can turn him into one of her twisted creatures. But when a sword keeps appearing and disappearing in Flint's room, one that bears strange markings on it and hints at a secret buried deep in her past, Flint's already chaotic life is turned upside down. Now not only must she find a way to save Abel, but everything she thought she knew of her world and her life is about to change forever...

Book 3: Possessed

Flint DeLuca had hoped that recapturing Abel from Layla's vicious clutches would have been the end of a very long nightmare, but she couldn't have been more wrong. She's taken her friend--now twisted into a thing of rage-filled darkness--deep below the earth to heal and recover from the atrocities his mother committed upon him, only to discover they've been tricked by the dark fae court and have been thrust into a game of high stakes. Where the winners walk away, but the losers die.

As if that wasn't bad enough, back on Earth, Cain's grappling with biblical end time prophecy, an Aunt who may or may not be the reincarnation of the Scarlet Woman doomed to tear open the Gates of Hell, and the loss of his mate and his brother.
Great sacrifices will be required of them both, losses will accrue on every side, will Cain and Flint find their way back to each other? Only time will tell...time neither of them have much of...

Title: The Good Shaman
Author(s): JE Lorin
Length: 207 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay /



In the fanciful world of Sendalar, where dragons dot the skies and magic is steadily giving way to industry, Raven’s Blood and Talman Goodearth meet in the tiny village of River’s Bend, where they become best friends. When a tragedy occurs, however, the boys are torn apart. Years later, they come back together at university. Love blossoms, but danger lurks in the shadows. Raven and Tal slowly discover that their love may come with a price too high to bear. 

Title: Conquered by the Alien Prince
Series: Alien Prince Series, 1
Author(s): KR Morrighan
Length: 24 pages

Genre: Erotic Romance / Sci-Fi / Gay / Short Story /


Blurb: After years as flight partners, training aboard a spaceship fighting the Chuama forces, Acsel knows Xander better than he knows himself. However, Acsel has been keeping a secret from his partner for far too long: his feelings go beyond that of a fellow soldier. When Xander goes missing during a mission, Acsel worries he will never be able to confess his feelings. Thankfully, Xander returns, but something terrible has happened to him.

Prepare for shocking twists and steamy sex in K.R. Morrighan's debut novel, the first installment of the Alien Prince series.

Title: Corrupting Kross
Series: Terra Mortis Book 1
Author(s): JD Light
Length: 83 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gargoyles / Gay / Comedy /


Blurb: Larrin Brenner

I know there is more to Kross than most people see. I mean, it's not like I've been stalking the guy, but I may or may not have happened by all the places my hand-to-hand combat instructor goes and possibly watched as he played with the kids at the daycare and helped at the animal shelter in his free time. I also may be obsessed with the man, but as long as my friends keep me from making drunken confessions that will only prove just how much Kross is not into me when he rejects me like a bad check, all will be fine. Until one of the other gargoyles on Terra Mortis falls asleep a real girl and is rubble only hours later. Suddenly, Kross's protective instincts are in overdrive and as it turns out, that's because I'm his mate. As a member of the regiulapis bloodline of gargoyles, I was born without the ability to scent my mate, but Kross is bellalapis and had known since the first time we met. Though his reason for not telling me immediately is solid and becomes more so once I meet the man who raised him, I can't help but be hurt. And it might not matter, if the unknown person using forbidden magic against me succeeds in their mission to get rid of me completely.

Kross McCabe

A century is a long time to train for something, only to find out it was never meant to be in my life anyway. And that's exactly the shock I get, when I find my mate facedown on the sidewalk in front of the castle that serves as a training facility for special factions of immortal warriors. Terra Mortis is an island in the Caribbean where that training facility is located, and it's supposed to be the last milestone before I'm sworn in as a master for the Praemani, a group of men who devote their entire life to the study of immortal history and hand-to-hand combat. The problem is, I can't have a mate and be a master. Full devotion is needed for both. I've chosen my mate, but before I'm ready to claim him, I have to figure out who I am outside of the only thing I've ever known. And did I mention that celibacy is part of the full devotion to Praemani? So, yeah. I'm a hundred-year-old virgin. Can I convince my mate to accept me when I'm still struggling with being myself? And what if I'm the reason a practitioner of forbidden magic is targeting him? Can I forgive myself if I trusted the wrong person and my mate suffers for it? Can he?

Warning: Mpreg elements! (Though the MCs in this book aren't and cannot get pregnant, this is a spin-off series from my Chosen series. Occasional Mpreg characters might have cameos. You've been warned!)

Also, my books have little to no angst, and lots and lots of fluff! They are better read in order, because I kind of write them like a continuation of a story, and I don't like to repeat explanations over and over if I can help it. No cheating, because that makes my heart hurt, and I try to avoid things that make me sad like I SHOULD be avoiding carbs. Sorry, I just don't want anyone being disappointed if they like the angst filled heart-rippers. These read more like a romantic comedy than a romantic drama.

Title: Cerberus Confidential
Series: (Primordial Realms Book 1)
Author(s): Stacy Benedict
Length: 107 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy


Blurb: One missing woman. Two detectives. Numerous suspects.

Detective Niels Troelsen is nervous and excited about working his first case. Find a human woman who has been missing for a few days. Simple, right? Turns out his missing person was keeping secrets, along with everyone else in her life.

Niels and his partner, Detective Elan Cohen, use their Canine-shifting abilities to sniff out clues, but the case is tougher than they thought and bodies are piling up.

Can they find her before she, too, ends up at the morgue?

Title: Halloween Werewolf
Series: Holiday Shifter Mates, 1
Author(s): Kamryn Hart
Length: 135 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifter /


Blurb: A wolf howls on the mountain.
Austin’s heart skips a beat.

It’s been a long time since he heard that sound.
And it brings back memories.

Some are good.
Some are bad.
It was the usual Halloween fun.
Then it was two “werewolf” pelts flaunted on a viral video.

All of it conjures up memories of Mateo, Austin’s first love.

When Mateo disappeared four years ago, Austin tried to let him go.
He tried to forget about the “werewolves.”
But he couldn't.

Mateo is one of them.

That howling means Mateo is back.
And Austin has no intention of letting him leave this time.

Halloween Werewolf is a gay M/M paranormal wolf shifter romance with a guaranteed HEA at the end. This book works as a standalone, but it is part of The Holiday Shifter Mates series. For the best reader experience, the books should be read in order.

***This is a sweet and steamy romance. It contains a fire-hot wolf shifter guy with anger issues and his adorable human lover who happens to be a fantastic school teacher. Naughty language, intense scenes, and sexy times. For mature audiences only.

Title: After the Flesh
Series: (Dragon Borne Book 1)
Author(s): Fannie Price
Length: 335 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Horror /

Notes: This cover is awesome. And the author changed it between the first time I saw this to this posting. It's billed by Amazon as horror, but it sounds more like a UF to me.

Blurb: Demons are real. 

The revelation tilts the world of Chicago's homicide detective, Veronica Sykes. Learning she is related to them, knocks it right off its axis.

A cambion.

Things go from bad to sideways when she catches the attention of the very demon she tries to protect her city from. With the help of Lachlan, a dragon liaison with a government task force, Veronica uncovers the demon’s purpose…

...break his master out of hell.

To stop the demon, Veronica makes a bold move. But when her bravery puts her in danger of embracing her demon half, she must rely on her new colleagues, and her own determination, to save her soul from the darkness within.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pact Day: Out-Of-Office Sneak Peek of Bespoken #ValespianPact #bespoken

So I'm prepping to go to GRL next week and got overwhelmed with the number of things I needed to accomplish before I left. As such, the post I had planned about the insight to the Terrans will have to wait a couple of weeks. Instead, I have an excerpt from Bespoken. Beware, it is the rough draft and not edited. Otherwise, enjoy!!

Copyright Lexi Ander

"Nanny Peri, I do not understand what this is saying about the Galactic Emperors. How can they rule but not rule?" Prometheus looked up at Peri with his silver, sightless eyes.

She had noticed that he had been responding to movement and expected he would soon begin to gain his sight. The Bespoken followed a different developmental path than most other Fal'Amoric's his age. He might be only five years old, but like the L'Eema, he mentally matured at the age of one. He thought, understood, and held the knowledge of someone older than his physical age. On average the Bespoken's eyesight developed between the age of five and thirteen. Soon afterwards, his sex would begin the maturing cycles that would last until he was twenty-five. Empress Asia pushed the development of the mental component, which was the only part the empress had any control over. Peri disagreed with Empress Asia, but that argument always went in circles. Peri wanted Prometheus to play more, allowed to be the child he was physically, but Empress Asia ignored Peri's pleas and insisted on the grueling lessons and constant testing.

Peri tucked Prometheus's dark blue hair behind his ear, revealing his sweet cherub face. "Their responsibility is primarily the maintenance of the grid. That duty takes up much of their time and energy. But they are members of the Cypress Council of Neighn, therefore they sit on the board and are the deciding factor when the council is unevenly split on a decision. Or they can overrule the council entirely, especially if the situation has to do with anything pertaining to the safety of the galaxy."

"So that is the reason I have to memorize all these trade regulations and their history?" Prometheus let out a bored sigh.

The empress had left the house an hour ago to attend meetings at the State House, and Peri was about to suggest a recess but her bracelet vibrated. She glanced down, narrowing her single eye at the display that announced an unauthorized entry. Suddenly the warning was replaced with an error message, then another announcing all was well.

Prometheus cocked his head, listening keenly. "There are eight people downstairs, trying to be quiet. I do not recognize the tread."

Peri rose from her chair and crossed to the beautifully carved toy chest with the glass front. Quickly and quietly she emptied the contents. When she turned back to Prometheus he stared in her direction.

"They are intruders. Do you remember our drill?" Prometheus's open trusting expression squeezed her heart. How many times had she almost taken him on a walk in the park in order to secret him away from this dry, loveless household? Empress Asia had approached the Giante king, Eurymedon, for help protecting the Bespoken. When given this assignment, Peri had not expected to fall in love with the child. Dutifully she had represented her father and people with honor, but here lately, she entertained dishonorable thoughts. Prometheus was in constant danger, and yes, he was well-kept and within the security of the empress's home. But he was also starving for love and affection, even though the empress pressed upon him to eschew all emotions. If Peri took him away, could she protect him on her own until he was needed at Knossos? Taking him would brand Peri as an abductor, a thief, a breaker of bonds and vows. Her father would have no recourse but disown her, strip her of title and lands, and her people would abuse her if they crossed her path outside her homeworld of Anatolia. Giantes did not tolerate those who brought shame upon their family and people. Their word was their bond, stronger than any metal forged.

Prometheus approached, bringing her out of her thoughts. She lifted the lid to the false bottom of the toy box. When she turned to pick him up, her hands engulphed his chest as if he was a newborn and not a child of five summers. The Fal'Amoric were a tall people, the average height around three meters for full grown adults, but Giantes were taller still at four meters. Peri was short for one of her people, but still towered over a mature Fal'Amoric and children Prometheus's size were like delicate dolls in her hands. She gently laid him in the box. They had worked diligently to teach him how to keep from panicking in tight spaces and she hoped those lessons served him well.

"Prometheus, you need to stay here and be as quiet as you can, just as we practiced. No matter what you may hear, do not come out or reveal your position," Peri whispered, keeping her voice calm. His sensitive hearing would enable him to discern what happened beyond the protective walls of his hideaway. She did not know if that knowledge would be a blessing or a curse.

He took the plush Valuzial Guardian toy she handed him and squished the doll to his chest. Taking one last look at him, Peri refrained from tucking his hair behind his ear, instead she closed the lid of the false bottom and piled toys he never used on top. The glass front revealed what the box held minus the boy.

From the armoire in the corner she withdrew everything she needed. With quick sure movements, Peri slipped her breastplate emblazoned with the Mukene lion over her head and pressed a sequence of buttons that caused it to reshape to fit snugly to her torso and hips. There was no time to don the rest of the ensemble. The creek of the second step on the first floor stairs gave away the intruder's location. She wished she had Prometheus's sharp hearing to know where the rest of the eight intruders were in the house.  Taking up her staff, she twisted the combination and sharp gleaming blades burst from the ends.

Crossing to the doorway, she halted and glanced over her shoulder at the seemingly empty nursery. "Stay here, my little one. I will return shortly," she whispered knowing only Prometheus could hear her.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Assassin's Retirement Chapter Twenty-Eight, Part One #blogstory #Gentleman #ION #amwriting

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. I think that this might be one of my favorite chapters. It's an in-depth look at Cord and who he is. Oh, yeah, there is a shade poking at his mind.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Distantly, Cord heard his name called, could feel that he still held Raine. When he'd scooted back, he'd taken Raine with him and he was sure he had startled his lover. But he didn't have time to reassure Raine or anyone else as the shade pressed against his mind.

He threw up his mental barriers just as he'd been taught. Shielding hadn't come naturally to him as it had with other Valkyrie. When he was first learning, building mental walls was like trying to sculped water. He had a hard time grasping the intangible, that was until he reversed his perspective. Instead of shaping water, he was the water. Fluid. Clear or cloudy, he was the one who decided, his walls bending around what attempted to penetrate his mind. The waters darkening, always between him and this intruder. The last time his mother had tested him before he left Asgard, she tried to muscle through his liquid veil. His shield had flowed around her, causing her confusion until Cord had ejected her. Since then, no one had penetrated his shields.

The shade ran feelers over the veil Cord hastily put up. There was so much power in that fleeting touch that he gasped, trembling. The sensation was similar to when Myranda's goddess was near the surface, but where that primal power had repelled him, this beckoned to him, tempting him to allow the shade in, to bear himself to be sacrificed and devoured. Cord squirmed as his body shivered and dick hardened.

A soft, dark chuckle rumbled in his ear. "You would love that wouldn't you?" The shade's words were accented and thick, almost like he'd woken from a deep sleep but wasn't quiet awake. Pressing more firmly against Cords shields, the shade didn't attempt to penetrate, testing yet playful. His body reacted as if he was underneath a lover, lightly restrained, submissive and waiting for a command. Lust swamped him, knotting his stomach, making him tremble and his mouth water.

He dropped his head back until it rested on the furniture behind him, mouth open. Cool fingers pushed past his lips and he moaned as he sucked on them.

"You may bear the blood of the woman warriors from the north, but your heart craves something different." The shade settled heavily on Cord. He couldn't tell if his actual body was covered or if the sensation was all in his mind. He struggled to pull his attention from the being, back to his veil. He found it had thinned but still held even though it was now clear instead of dark. Had he unconsciously allowed the shade to see him? The lusty haze cleared slightly as his heart rate picked up pace, the blood pounding in his ears.

"So young. So naive." A physical weight settled over him and he noticed Raine had quieted but hadn't release him. Cord suspected that if he opened his eyes, both he and Raine would be covered by the shade. "You couldn't keep me out if I truly wanted to take over your mind. You covet what belongs to me but before I make you mine, I would know your resolve, your loyalties. I have heard of these Valkyries, fetchers of souls, devourers of men. Their devotion to Odin is unbreakable, but it leaves no room for their own need. They slake their desires but hold none close, not even their children."

The noises from the room penetrated and Cord just barely discerned raised voices, the words of demand meaning nothing to him. The shade's fingers left Cord's mouth, a sharpness trailing lines over his chin where fingers wrapped around his throat and gently squeezed. He could still breathe but the hold telegraphed that could changed in a second. He didn't fight the shade but lay still, waiting.

"Let me in, halfling. I would rather not break your mind. My new son likes you and I would rather not damage what he is considering on claiming." The soft rumble that followed the request seemed to grip Cord's balls.

In a part of his mind where his consciousness watched with shock and alarm, that part of himself demanded Cord resist. But there was an equally noticeable part of him that rolled in its slumber under his skin, filling his nose with the scent of ash and molten metal, soft rumbles of approval. As far back as Cord could remember, he was always aware of his dragon-self, though it had slumbered since the day he was born. He feared this part of himself, suspecting that when the dragon awakened, it would steal his mind and drive him insane. Now it strained towards the shade and Cord didn't know what to make of that. His dragon-self never reacted to anything. Instead of retreating to the recesses of his mind, Cord lent an ear to this scary part of himself, ignoring his fear… and let down his shields. If he was to die, this would be a better way to go than becoming a rampaging monster and hurting his family.

The shade prowled forward, wrapping around Cord's mind, sinking into him. The being overturned his deepest secrets, pulling to the fore his unbridled fears and rifling through Cord's memoirs. Something quite like a purr, but not, soothed him. The shade lingered over his memories of his lovers, his family, stroking them almost fondly, approvingly. Something in Cord relaxed and loosened simply because finally, someone understood. He'd spent years with the constant guilt that he wasn't like other Valkyrie, enduring the disapproving stares over something that came as naturally to him as breathing.

"You have built a strong and mighty house." Cord wanted to bask in that approval. "I have not claimed any not of my blood for eons and yet your house temps me. I need a tribe for my most trusted and his new patron for the will they will need the security as well as the stability. Trouble brews and they must be secured before the storm breaks. What do you say, halfling? Open your eyes and tell me what you see."

He obeyed. His vision tunneled and he stared directly at Zane and Alonzo. Everything to the right and left was blurred, making it so he was unable to see what caused the commotion to his left… though he assumed it was his mother. As he'd suspected, the shade had not only covered Zane and Alonzo from the waist down but stretched across the floor to Cord. Only topmost of Raine's head laying against Cord's chest could be seen, the dark gray shadow covering both them. Was Skyld and the band enveloped as well? A sixth sense told him, yes.

Looking back to Zane and Alonzo, the yearning Cord felt when he first saw Zane's picture swelled within him, but this time he didn't attempt to squelch his need, nor did he allow himself to feel guilty over how he wanted Zane, and now Alonzo, in his life. In the long years he'd lived earthside, he had passed by many warriors of great renown. There were very few who had been irresistible, and those Cord had pursued with a passion until they became his. He treasured each and every one of them, valued their uniqueness, and was thankful every day they were a part of his family. He wasn't sure why he had to have only them and not all the warriors who pulsed with great power. What had drawn him to collect Prince, Xander, Midnight, Anson, and Raine?

Neither Zane or Alonzo looked at him. The shade patiently waited for Cord to answer the question. Yet, he didn't know how to answer. He'd never put into words what he saw. The Valkyrie and his mother had long ago quit listening when he'd tried to explain. They didn't understand, and if he was honest, they didn't want to… even his mother. He wasn't conforming to the other Valkyrie, so they didn't waste their attention on him.

Now this shade… this being wanted what his people did not. For several long moments, Cord's vision blurred and when he blinked, the tears spilled over the corners, making salty tracks into his beard. Why did that knowledge affect him so?

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Retirement
Chapter Two - Normal is not supposed to be this hard
Chapter Three - Caught
Chapter Four - Crimson Comet
Chapter Five - Mountain Magic
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Six, Part 2 -
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Seven, Part 2 -
Chapter Eight, Part 1 - No such thing as heroes
Chapter Eight, Part 2 -
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Nine, Part 2 -
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies
Chapter Ten, Part 2
Chapter Eleven - Combustible
Chapter Twelve - Standing His Ground
Chapter Thirteen - Choices
Chapter Fourteen, Part 1
Chapter Fourteen, Part 2
Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 - To kill, or not to kill
Chapter Fifteen, Part 2
Chapter Sixteen - Maricoxi Guardians
Chapter Seventeen - Coincidence?
Chapter Eighteen, Part One - Guns Ablazin'
Chapter Eighteen, Part Two
Chapter Nineteen, Part One - Reckoning
Chapter Nineteen, Part Two
Chapter Twenty - Mercy
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Three
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Four
Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 1

Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 2
Chapter Twenty-Six
Chapter Twenty-Seven, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Seven, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Eight, Part One

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What's on the Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What am I up to? Getting ready for GRL. Trying to get ahead scheduling blog posts. Just stuff and trying not to think about traveling and strange hotel rooms. :)

Title: Heartbeat
Series: #0.5 of Trickster's Eye
Author(s): Mell Eight
Length: 42 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy /


Blurb: A vampire's heart only beats for one reason—one person. When Denton's dead heart starts thumping at the first sight of Orion, he can't believe it. But Orion, a shy, sheltered, submissive wolf, is more of a challenge than anticipated. But Denton hasn't come this far by being a quitter, and he's certainly not giving up when his mate is involved.

Title: Accidental Alpha

Author(s): Ashe Moon
Length: 270 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifter / Gay / 


Blurb: Ryan Denham’s life can’t get any worse. His music career dreams are dead, his boyfriend dumped him for another man, and now he might literally be going insane. How else could the stray dog he rescued suddenly have turned into hot-as-hell naked man, right in his living room?

Except, he’s not crazy. He saved the life of Leksa Aludra, wolf-prince shapeshifter, and now they’re bound as mates.

Leksa’s month long mission to the human world is his final test before becoming a full-fledged shifter, and his last adventure as a free omega. He expected to learn how to live like a human, but he certainly didn’t expect to be debt-mated to one. He only needs to tolerate his company—and the humiliation of acting as Ryan’s pet dog—until the end of the mission.

Can Ryan teach Leksa the joys of life in the human world? After all, it’s hard to deny the attraction crackling beneath their forced arrangement. Or will this unwitting couple tear each other to bits first?

Accidental Alpha is a 45k word standalone shifter romance story with MPREG themes, and is filled with memorable characters, lots of laugh-out-loud moments, plenty of heat, and a HEA!

Title: Blade of Darkness
Series: (Immortal Guardians Book 7)
Author(s): Dianne Duvall
Length: 394 pages; 13 hours and 15 minutes

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Psychics / 


Blurb:  Dana Pembroke has been able to glimpse the future of those she touches for as long as she can remember. But she never saw Aidan coming. When the tall, dark Celt with the charming grin yet world-weary eyes walks through her door, the future she sees for him is one full of violence, danger, deception… and passion. Because amidst the terrifying battles that unfold in her visions, she also sees herself in Aidan’s arms and in his bed. Dana knows she should keep her distance, but the tender moments and laughter they share entice her even as she finds herself thrust into a world of vampires, immortals, and other preternatural beings.

Immortal Guardian Aidan O’Byrne has been hunting and slaying psychotic vampires for nearly three thousand years, so visions of bloody battles don’t trouble him. The battles Dana foresees, however, show Aidan’s brethren turning against him, so he can’t help but feel alarmed. While he spends as much time as he can with Dana, struggling to decipher her dire predictions, Aidan finds himself utterly smitten. Hope rises that he has finally found a woman who can banish the darkness and loneliness that plague him. But when vampires begin targeting Dana and a powerful enemy spawns chaos, will fate grant them time to find happiness together?

Title: Aliens, Smith and Jones
Series: (The Primrose Files)
Author(s): Blaine D. Arden
Length: 236 pages
Publisher: Cayendi Press; 2 edition (October 1, 2018)

Genre: Sci-Fi / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: “It’s not all about serving coffee and typing reports.”

Working for a secret organisation specialising in alien cover-ups, Connor Smith is no stranger to the abnormal or dangerous. His love life on the other hand… not so exciting. Until he reluctantly agrees to a blind date and meets the perfect bloke, Jason.

Things are finally falling into place for Connor, so of course that’s when he attracts an alien stalker.

Noah Jones, ex-alien, has been stranded on Earth and forced to live as a human since 1648. Alone and detached from the world around him, Noah has spent centuries observing and recording humankind. In all that time, he’s only experienced a connection with a human once… until he finds Connor.

Even knowing Connor is in a relationship, Noah can’t ignore their potential bond, or stay away.

While dealing with missing alien artefacts, a dangerous and shadowy group of collectors, and the ever-present Noah, Connor finds his orderly life crumbling around him. At least he still has the perfect boyfriend…

When Noah goes missing, Connor is forced to face the feelings growing between them and the mounting evidence that Jason isn’t who he says he is...

wordcount: 73,900 - Novel
Honourable Mention in the Best Gay Sci-Fi / Fantasy category of the Rainbow Awards 2012
NOTE: This is the second revised/re-edited edition. It was previously published by Storm Moon Press.

Title: A Ferry of Bones & Gold

Series: Soulbound, 1
Author(s): Hailey Turner
Length: 390 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: When the gods come calling, you don’t get to say no.

Patrick Collins is three years into a career as a special agent for the Supernatural Operations Agency when the gods come calling to collect a soul debt he owes them. An immortal has gone missing in New York City and bodies are showing up in the wake of demon-led ritual killings that Patrick recognizes all too easily from his nightmares.

Unable to walk away, Patrick finds himself once again facing off against mercenary magic users belonging to the Dominion Sect. Standing his ground alone has never been a winning option in Patrick’s experience, but it’s been years since he’s had a partner he could trust.

Looking for allies in all the wrong places, Patrick discovers the Dominion Sect’s next target is the same werewolf the Fates themselves have thrown into his path. Patrick has been inexplicably attracted to the man from their first meeting, but desire has no place in war. That doesn’t stop Patrick from wanting what he shouldn’t have. Jonothon de Vere is gorgeous, dangerous, and nothing but trouble—to the case, to the fight against every hell, and ultimately, to Patrick’s heart and soul.

In the end, all debts must be paid, and Patrick can only do what he does best—cheat death.

A Ferry of Bones & Gold is a 115k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot and a HFN ending.

Title: Rebuilding Hope 
Series: (Kindred Story Book 1)
Author(s): Jessie G.
Length: 199 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifter / Vampire / Gay / 


Blurb: Holden Bancroft was born with a better than average brain and not much else. Often described as strange and sickly, his attempts to conform only made him look foolish and a life-long diet of pills hasn’t provided a cure. Deciding to strengthen the only tool in his arsenal was liberating and learning became his greatest joy. But each episode is another reminder that his time is limited, and Holden intends to use everything he’s learned to help the small town of Hope before he dies.

Alpha Crowley Lomond, Zenith of the Americas, isn’t exactly happy with his ascension. Leading isn’t the problem, it’s acting like he’s somehow better than every other shifter that chafes. But while living and working beside them may seem noble, Crowley is more than just an alpha. As Zenith, he’s their example, their teacher and guide, and the one they will turn to when their way of life is threatened.

Meeting changes them in ways they never could have predicted and unveils a web of deceit that began long before they were born. Together, they will have to unravel the lies and reconcile the consequences if they are to protect the shifter way of life. Along the way, Crowley will become the Zenith his Kindred was born to love and their enemies will learn that there's nothing more dangerous than fated mates.

Title: Trysts and Burning Embers
Series: Lijun, 2
Author(s): Angel Martinez, Freddy MacKay
Length: 105k
Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Fantasy / Paranormal / Bisexual /
Notes: General Release Date: 20th November 2018. If pre-order then release is October 16th

Blurb: Fire. Water. Burn.

In the two months since the All Hallows’ Eve party, Tally has courted Haru, buying expensive gifts, taking the two of them to upscale restaurants, and trying to find a balance between earning Haru’s fragile trust while being new parents to the Cohen joeys. Tally sees hope in the new domesticity the family has settled into despite having some bumps along the way.

Gifts and treats have satisfied Haru’s otter, but the human half remembers the brutal lessons of giving their trust away. How can two lijun who barely know each other know what will happen when times get tough? There are circumstances Tally doesn’t know yet, and Haru struggles to find their feet with an Urusar who doesn’t know the rules.

A revelation throws not only the tentative relationship between them askew, but also starts Tally and Haru down a path the two of them can’t escape, one so heart-wrenching Haru’s not sure their heart will survive.

Traditionalist concerns that have always nipped at the Bastille clan's heels come roaring to the forefront with demands and ultimatums. Tally needs to fall in line or face further threats to his otter, his family and his clan. Haru needs to find the strength to believe in the good despite the bad. In an environment where it's vital to know ally from foe, Tally and Haru need to stand united or watch the community Tally's family has built fall under the thumb of heartless, greedy autocrats.

Title: Consort of Secrets
Series: (The Witch's Consorts Book 1)
Author(s): Eva Chase
Length: 298 pages
Publisher: Ink Spark Press (March 8, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Magic / Reverse Harem / 


Blurb: Every witch knows the rules: Stick to your own kind. Never reveal your powers to outsiders. Take a consort from the witching families or kiss your magic good-bye forever.

For years I've been quiet, obedient Rose Hallowell. I accepted the man my stepmother chose for me. But I never stopped missing my long-ago friends: brilliant Kyler, stoic Seth, passionate Jin, daredevil Damon, and Gabriel, whose self-assured warmth brought us all together.

Now we're back on my childhood estate to arrange my marriage. The boys I grew up with? They're still in town—and they haven't forgotten me either. And damn if they haven't grown up well.

They've got no magic, no place in my life. But they're charming and sweet and infuriatingly hot, and I can't seem to stay away. The more I try to resist, the more secrets I uncover about my family, my betrothal, and everything I thought was true about the witching world.

I've been lied to. I've been betrayed. So to claim my magic and my happiness, I'll break every rule there is—and then some.

Don't mess with this witch. Every rose has thorns.

*Consort of Secrets is the first full-length novel in a steamy reverse harem paranormal romance series. Take a dollop of gothic atmosphere, add a heaping of romantic angst, and mix it up with five enticing young men and a passionate witch just coming into her own.* 

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