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Cover Reveal for Ruby Red! Excerpt #1

Ah!!  Diego and Beck are here! ~pets pretty~

Escaping the shadows of tragic loss, Diego builds a new life with his best friend Beck. The appearance of a mysterious package changes his world and threatens his new found love, making him wonder if he’d escaped anything at all.

I'm really nervous about my new series called I.O.N.  It's a dark urban fantasy that is gritty especially when compared to my Sumeria's Sons series.  

Release Date: January 12, 2012
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Diego Hernandez had long been in love with Beck Zell. Deciding it was now or never, he confronted his best friend, and they spend a perfect night discovering new and kinky things about each other. But the next morning things start going downhill fast when a suspicious package arrives on the doorstep for Beck. Accosted by thugs, they barely escape. Memories of a dead brother and an untouchable drug lord, spur Diego to believe his lover was mixed up in a dangerous underworld. Diego would do anything to save Beck, even if it’s at the business end of a Louisville Slugger. Little did he know he was jumping feet first into the paranormal world policed by ION.
Every week I'll share excerpts for one of my books.

Starting today and going through this week I will share an excerpt from my upcoming January release, Ruby Red Booty Shorts & A Louisville Slugger.

© 2012, Lexi Ander

"Diego Hernandez, did you hear a word I said?" The sultry voice of his best friend, Denise Everson, cut into his nervous thoughts.
"Yes… no… yes." He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans. "The decorations are up. Dinner for the Feast of Epiphany is in the refrigerator. All I have to do tomorrow is pop it into the oven."
"What's wrong? Is your madre that upset you're not going home for Three Kings Day?" Denise had known him since kindergarten and she was able to read him like a book.
"I'm going to tell Beck I love him." He couldn't believe he blurted it out like that. He glanced at the clock, mentally counting down the time until his roommate would be home from his business trip.
"It's about time. You've been in love with him since I introduced you at the Parkour event your senior year of college. Why now?"
Diego breathed out forcefully. His hand automatically searched for the turquoise rock in his pocket. He always carried his abuela's gift and rubbed it like a worry stone whenever he thought of Beck. "He's traveling more for Jacobs, Brenner, and Rogue. The last six months he's been quiet and tense when we're alone together. I can't watch him bring dates home any more. It hurts, Dee, to see him touch someone else, to listen to him have sex. I can move out, distance myself, or tell him how I feel. I can't lose him and, as it is now, I'm losing him every day."
"You already know how I feel. Why are you on the phone with me instead of getting ready? Hang up and call me later with details; I want lots of details." Her bright laughter sounded in his ear before she disconnected.
Diego was a jumble of nerves as he checked his hair in the mirror. He showered—twice. He shaved in all the extra places twice. He put on his favorite pair of fuck-me jeans and chose a black, silk button-up shirt. His fingers danced along the buttons as he tried to decide if he should fasten the shirt all the way down or leave the top three undone.
The rattle of the keys at the door caused his heart to leap and his stomach to plummet as he hurried over to the 'staging area'. His heart pounded hard and for several seconds it was the only sound he heard. His roommate, Beck Zell, walked through the door. Beck set his brief case on the floor and took off his suit jacket. The man looked damned fine in those expensive suits. The sight of broad shoulders stretching the fabric of the shirt as he'd removed his suit jacket had Diego hard and wanting. 

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  1. Is this for RJ's hop? If so count me in. Nice excerpt.

    1. Hey Nancy, thanks for stopping by! Scroll to yesterday's blog and leave a comment there. The contest is still active until midnight eastern time. Thanks! -Lexi

  2. Great bit of the story Lexi! Sounds intriguing.

    1. Thanks Rush! I'm excited I finally have a cover for it. I can't wait for it to come out!