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Excerpt #2 Songs of the Earth

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Every week this month I'll share excerpts for one of my books.

This week from Songs of the Earth (Sumeria's Sons #2).

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Chapter Three continued...
© 2012, Lexi Ander

I'd known and trusted Randy for years and I was struggling with this revelation. He had always known about us? "When were you going to tell us you knew?"
"When were you going to tell me what you were?"
I scowled which made Randy's smile wider. "Besides, I've dropped a hint or two and you've been too dense to get them."
"So everything that happened at the river isn't going to flip you out or anything?"
Randy chuckled. "No, I'm fine." His laughter died off and he looked at me with sad, serious eyes. "You, on the other hand. Have you fully recovered?"
"Yeah." I sniffed in Randy's direction again. He still smelled human. "Can I ask what else you are, besides human, I mean?" I wished Ushna was here to smell Randy. Ushna would be able to tell if Randy was using a spell to disguise his scent.
"That, my friend, is a story for another time. Right now, we have a ranch to run." He studied my double helix snakes and a momentary softness came over his face. "I wanted to let you know the remaining hands are my men. If one of the Shirdal wanders too close to the house, they aren't going to shoot it. I've already given them a heads-up. Talking about shooting, do you still want the shoot to kill order on any wolves on the property?"
"Yes. There may be outside threats. The warriors with me will remain human while on the property."
"Good to know. I've got to get going. Everyone should be getting up and anxious for breakfast." With a firm clap on my shoulder, Randy left me. It wasn't until he'd gone that I realized he'd called the gryphons by their Sumerian name.
I'd swear he smelled human.
I made my way back to the house, washing my bare feet with the hose at the side of the house before I stepped into the kitchen. It was a good place to eat when it was only Ushna and me, but now there where more than the two of us. We did have a formal dining room we kept closed off. I poked my head in. It was dusted and set up already. It looked as if it had been used recently and I wondered how much I'd missed. The six-person kitchen table had been added to the one in the dining room.
I returned to the kitchen and got out the spare carafes we sometimes used to take coffee out to the cowboys and started brewing some heavenly java. I hadn't a clue how much food I needed to make, but I think I fixed everything in the kitchen. French toast, bacon, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, sausages, and gravy. The men came in and helped set up tables and carry the food. I was seriously thinking about hiring a cook or two. There was no way I was going to fix three meals a day for this many people.

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