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Assassin's Retirement: NSFW Chapter 36, Part Three #amwriting #gentleman #ION #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. This is Not Safe For Work. Enjoy!

Something primal had awaken when he first kissed Midnight. It coiled then stretched within him, rousing more fully with every passing moment. He wasn't afraid of the energy, recognizing it as what made him a scion. When he felt the time was right, Skyld didn't think twice about letting it loose. When Midnight's elemental half answered the subsonic call--not by turning to stone but by settling just under Midnight's skin--Skyld wanted to crow his victory. Beneath him, only Midnight's hardened body met his exploration. The rolling and twisting had halted, the internal struggle coming to a halt.

Midnight went completely boneless, all tension gone and Skyld made approving noises as he delved deeper into Midnight's mouth. Languidly, he rolled his hips, rubbing against Midnight's cock that was trapped under him. Midnight broke the kiss and threw his head back, exposing the line of his neck to Skyld. He desperately wanted to leave his mark on that dark skin. He raked his teeth over the straining muscles, searching. When he found the perfect spot, Skyld bit, bruising the flesh but not breaking the skin. Midnight bellowed, the sound of an avalanche filling his ears and he laughed with pure joy.

Shadows flickered over them, Tezcatlipoca's added touch heightened their arousal. The addition of warm hands touching his bare ass caused him to release Midnight's neck so he could glance over his shoulder. Xander and Cord grinned, both were naked and fully aroused. Skyld imagined they hadn't been very quiet.

"Do you want me to prepare you?" Xander asked, holding up the bottle of lube with a mischievous grin.

"I thought…" Midnight blinked a couple of times as if he struggled to understand through a haze of lust.

"I want you in me," Skyld explained.

"But I'll—"

"No, you won't. You'll be fine," he reassured. "Next time, you can bottom if that's all right."

Midnight stared at him and wonder, "Yeah," he murmured, skin darkening with his flush.

Skyld grinned and was diving in for another taste of Midnight's mouth when a hand grabbed his hair, keeping him in place. Oh shit, usually he was the dominant lover, needing a measure of control, but when he glanced up and met Cord's unwavering gaze, he couldn't help the moan that escaped his lips.

"I'm claiming my kiss," Cord rasped, not giving Skyld time to answer. Cord plundered his mouth like a conquering Viking determined to take everything. Skyld loved it and with Xander's slick fingers on his ass, he struggled to remember what he was doing. Midnight. He needed to—

Cord released him, turning his hungry gaze on Midnight. "You've been holding out on us. When Skyld's finished, I'm going to make you rumbled like that for me," Cord promised before he kissed Midnight.

Skyld didn't remember when Tezcatlipoca had released Midnight, but now Tezcatlipoca slid smoky fingers through Cord's hair as Midnight gripped Cord's neck. Skyld sat up to get out of the way but more black tendrils snaked around his wrist, drawing them back to where his knees rested on the floor on either side of Midnight's hips. It wasn't an impossible position, only slightly uncomfortable, requiring him to arch his back and push out his butt. Xander took advantage and pushed a finger into his hole, making him gasp.

Skyld tested Tezcatlipoca's restraints, so turned on he could barely stand it. Smoky fingers pried his mouth open as they slipped over his tongue, moving toward the back of his mouth. He tried to suck on them, but his lips were held open. Xander added another finger to his ass, and goddamn, it all felt so good. If Tezcatlipoca hadn't filled his mouth, he would have been begging for someone to fill him. He needed to feel the sting of a cock stretching his ass. He needed a hand on his dick. Maybe they would all hold him down and fuck him.

"Is that what you want? For the three of them to take turns ringing pleasure from you?" Skyld thought Tezcatlipoca only spoke to him. The fingers in his mouth were suddenly gone, and when he blinked open his eyes, Cord and Midnight were staring at him as if waiting for his reply.

"Tell us," Cord demanded. "Do you want all of us to fuck you?"

Skyld tested his restraints again. He had never given up control before… but with them, he wanted to try. "Yes," he rasped.

Cord's answering grin was quite wicked as he stood, his cock bouncing in Skyld's face. Something pinched his nipples causing him to writhe and when he looked down Midnight was rubbing the biting pain away only to tweak them again.

His hair was grasped, and his head pulled back so that he looked up at Cord. "Have you sucked cock before?"

"Some, not much," he admitted.

"Have you been facefucked?"

He swallowed hard. "No."

That wicked grinned turned positively evil. "Tez, would you hold his mouth open for me. We are going to have a first."

Those black tendrils pressed against his lips and he opened, his jaw pulled wide. He hadn't really looked at Cord's dick before, but now that it would go in his mouth, he assessed the size. It seemed average but once it slid past his lips it felt huge.

Cord took his hair in both hands, the sting adding to the sensation of Midnight plucking at his nipples.

"Open for me," Cord murmured.

Skyld didn't know what he meant. Tezcatlipoca held his jaw wide, but then Cord hit the back of his mouth and he gasped.

"Just like that," Cord praised. He slid out, and then back again, pressing until Skyld gasped for breath. The head of his cock going in a little more. The opening to his throat stung and he realized he enjoyed this sense of helplessness. Xander's fingers in his ass, Midnight making his nipples tender, Cord using his mouth. He felt exposed. And vulnerable. And he had no idea he would love it this much.

"Breathe through your nose, I won't be too rough this time." Cord's gaze promised next time he would demand more, and Skyld was eager to find out what that would entail.

Skyld moaned again as Cord fucked his mouth, teasing and testing the entranced to his throat. He attempted to open wider, wanting to take Cord deeper, but he was held motionless, at Cord's mercy. His mouth wasn't the only thing stretched wide. Xander added another finger to his ass and he had no idea how many were already there. Please, he wanted to say, but he wasn't the one in charge.

How had this turned into his sexual torture when he had only wanted Midnight to give him everything?

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Retirement
Chapter Two - Normal is not supposed to be this hard
Chapter Three - Caught
Chapter Four - Crimson Comet
Chapter Five - Mountain Magic
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Six, Part 2 -
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Seven, Part 2 -
Chapter Eight, Part 1 - No such thing as heroes
Chapter Eight, Part 2 -
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Nine, Part 2 -
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies
Chapter Ten, Part 2
Chapter Eleven - Combustible
Chapter Twelve - Standing His Ground
Chapter Thirteen - Choices
Chapter Fourteen, Part 1
Chapter Fourteen, Part 2
Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 - To kill, or not to kill
Chapter Fifteen, Part 2
Chapter Sixteen - Maricoxi Guardians
Chapter Seventeen - Coincidence?
Chapter Eighteen, Part One - Guns Ablazin'
Chapter Eighteen, Part Two
Chapter Nineteen, Part One - Reckoning
Chapter Nineteen, Part Two
Chapter Twenty - Mercy
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Three
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Four
Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 1
Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 2
Chapter Twenty-Six
Chapter Twenty-Seven, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Seven, Part two
Chapter Twenty-Eight, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Eight, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Three
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Four
Chapter Thirty, Part One
Chapter Thirty, Part Two
Chapter Thirty-One
Chapter Thirty-One, Part Two
Chapter Thirty-Two
Chapter Thirty-Three, Part One
Chapter Thirty-Three, Part Two
Chapter Thirty-Three, Part Three
Chapter Thirty-Four, Part One
Chapter Thirty-Four Part Two
Chapter Thirty Five
Chapter Thirty-Six, Part One
Chapter Thirty-Six, Part Two
Chapter Thirty-Six, Part Three

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What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList #amreading

This week has been a little short. Friday was here before I realized it. (Actually, Friday was half way over before I noted it was Friday. LOL) 

Title: Burn Bright
Series: Alpha and Omega, 5
Author: Patricia Briggs
Length: 316 pages
Publisher: Ace (March 6, 2018)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Paranormal / 

Notes: Finished this one and sad there aren't more out yet. :D

Blurb: They are the wild and the broken. The werewolves too damaged to live safely among their own kind. For their own good, they have been exiled to the outskirts of Aspen Creek, Montana. Close enough to the Marrok's pack to have its support; far enough away to not cause any harm.

With their Alpha out of the country, Charles and Anna are on call when an SOS comes in from the fae mate of one such wildling. Heading into the mountainous wilderness, they interrupt the abduction of the wolf--but can't stop blood from being shed. Now Charles and Anna must use their skills--his as enforcer, hers as peacemaker--to track down the attackers, reopening a painful chapter in the past that springs from the darkest magic of the witchborn...

Title: Diplomatic Complications
Series: Augment
Author: Isobelle Winter
Length: 14k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Gay

Notes: This book will be released on Wednesday 27 February, 2019

Blurb: After defeating an alien invasion, Earth has taken its place in the interstellar community. But not all alien species are thrilled to welcome humanity, and it's Benjamin's job to work with those species to prevent wars. The Aradon pose the biggest challenge of his career. Not only is there little information about their history or culture, it seems they don't actually sign treaties, but instead seal alliances through marriages...

Title: Silverhands
Author: Megan Derr
Length: 40 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Fairy Tales / Asexual / Biromantic


Blurb: Annia was happy being a humble miller alongside her stepbrother—but her stepbrother prefers that Annia agree to be his wife. When she refuses, he brutally cuts off her hands, and Annia flees when he falls asleep. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to go, she leaves the only home she's ever known in hopes a new one might be out there somewhere.

Title: The Potion Maker
Author: Sasha L. Miller
Length: 61 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Bisexual / Gay


Blurb: Sarin ran away from the city for a simpler life making potions in the woods. He has good reasons for avoiding people, but when a poisoned Royal Herald falls through his door and literally knocks him over, life gets more complicated than he ever thought he wanted.

Title: Prince of Air and Darkness
Series: (The Darkest Court Book 1)
Author: M.A. Grant
Length: 310pages
Publisher: Carina Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay

Notes: This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on February 25, 2019.

Blurb: Phineas Smith has been cursed with a power no one could control.

Roark Lyne is his worst enemy and his only hope.

The only human student at Mather’s School of Magick, Phineas Smith has a target on his back. Born with the rare ability to tap into unlimited magick, he finds both Faerie Courts want his allegiance—and will do anything to get it.

They don’t realize he can’t levitate a feather, much less defend the Faerie Realm as it slips into civil war.

Unseelie Prince Roark Lyne, Phineas’s roommate—and self-proclaimed arch nemesis—is beautiful and brave and a pain in the ass. Phineas can’t begin to sort through their six years of sexual tension masquerading as mutual dislike. But Roark is also the only one able to help Finn tame his magick.

Trusting Roark’s mysterious motives may be foolish; not accepting his temporary protection would be deadly.

Caught in the middle of the impending war, Phineas and Roark forge a dangerous alliance. And as the walls between them crumble, Phineas realizes that Roark isn’t the monster he’d imagined. But their growing intimacy threatens to expose a secret that could either turn the tide of the war…or destroy them both.

Title: Within the Mind
Author: Alice Winters
Length: 272 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Mystery / Gay / 


Blurb: Seneca is the complete package. He’s smart, sexy, and confident, much to Chevy’s annoyance. They’ve worked with each other for two years, and even though Chevy might secretly find his partner charming and attractive, playful harassment is all they have. 

Chevy was born with a unique gift that allows him to go into the memories of others. As detective, he uses this ability to find peace for victims who have been hurt or attacked. He delves into their memories and can pick out minute details that will help them put the criminal behind bars.

But neither Chevy nor Seneca are prepared when they are asked to go into the mind of a serial killer in hopes of finding survivors. They are even more unprepared for the monsters they find inside the man’s mind. Drawn into a memory where it’s hard to figure out where the truth exists, they realize that there may be more to the serial killer than they originally thought. The dark world draws the two men together in a way they never dreamed.

It will take everything Chevy and Seneca can give to stop the darkness that could consume their minds. As the two are forced to face what is keeping them apart, together they realize that there’s more to the mind and heart than either of them know.

Within the Mind is a 90k word romantic suspense with lots of snark, an ominous gramophone, and finger cuddling, because we all know spooning isn’t as great as it sounds.

Title: Blood Price
Author: Kira Stone
Length: 104 pages
Publisher:  Changeling Press LLC (December 10, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Gay


Blurb: Steven is out for blood. It’s a matter of life and death -- his own. He’s prepared to do anything he must to get it -- even try to pass himself off as a vampire on their own turf -- or die trying.

Rainer, the local Vampire Lord, is in town to keep the peace between humans and vampires, a formidable task on All Souls Night. He spots Steven as a fake right away but is reluctant to evict the imposter until his curiosity about the delectable human has been thoroughly satisfied. Once together, unparalleled lust keeps them joined at the hip until a Halloween prank endangers both their lives. For either to survive, Steven and Rainer must decide if they’re willing to pay the ultimate Blood Price.

Title: Empire of Light
Series: Voyage, 1
Author: Alex Harrow
Length: 350 pages
Publisher: Ninestar Press

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Gay

Notes: This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on February 25, 2019.

Blurb: Damian Nettoyer is the Empire’s go-to gun. He kills whoever they want him to kill. In exchange, he and his rag-tag gang of crooks get to live, and Damian’s psychokinetic partner and lover, Aris, isn’t issued a one-way ticket to an Empire-sanctioned lobotomy.

Then Damian’s latest mark, a suave revolutionary named Raeyn, kicks his ass and demands his help. The first item on the new agenda: take out Damian’s old boss—or Raeyn will take out Damian’s crew.

To protect his friends and save his own skin, Damian teams up with Raeyn to make his revolution work. As Aris slips away from Damian and his control over his powers crumbles, the Watch catches on. Damian gets way too close to Raeyn, torn between the need to shoot him one minute and kiss him the next.

With the Empire, Damian had two policies: shoot first and don’t ask questions. But to save the guy he loves, he’ll set the world on fire.

Title: Real Vampires Don't Sparkle
Author: Amy Fecteau
Length: 386 pages
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press; 1 edition (June 9, 2013)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Gay 


Blurb: Matheus Taylor didn’t ask to be murdered.

To be fair, the percentage of people actually asking to be murdered is probably small enough to be safely ignored, but he felt it was worth stating regardless. His life might have been ordinary, but it was his life and he wasn’t done with it yet.

Quin didn’t care.

A seventeen-hundred old Roman, Quintus Livius Saturnius had a different view of morality than most people. Killing Matheus and hijacking his undead existence seemed perfectly acceptable to him.

Now, Matheus spends his nights running for his life, questioning his sexual orientation, and defying a mysterious new threat to the vampires within his city.

Not that he set out to do any defying; he just wanted to be left alone.

Unfortunately, that was never going to happen.

Title: Devitt 
Series: (Fae Shifters Book Book 1)
Author: M.D. Stewart
Length: 180 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Shifters / Fae / Poly / Bisexual / 

Notes: Currently reading this one. Pretty good so far.

Blurb: Best friends must find a way to release hidden passions, save a true mate, and expose the evil that threatens true love and an entire Fae realm…When Devitt St. Clair discovers a human female moving into a house that guards the entrance to his Realm, he's surprised by his attraction to the woman.

Sienna Hurston loses everything except the house a grandfather she's never known leaves her.

The instant attraction between Dev and Sienna hides an evil that can only be discovered through Vibrational Healing. The catch is, Dev's best friend Rhys must participate. Can two alpha males put aside their natures to save Sienna and stop evil?

This story contains lots of growls, wolves, bears and a surprise attraction between friends when they come together in intense healing. Be prepared for some m/m/f loving, lots of biting sexiness, and the magic of love.

This book is intended for readers age 18+ and those with an open mind.

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Assassin's Retirement: NSFW Chapter 36, Part Two #amwriting #gentleman #ION #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. Sorry about the one day delay, but I had a guest on the blog yesterday and wanted to give Scott the whole day.

In this chapter, Midnight and Skyld will be getting naught so beware it will Not Be Safe For Work. Enjoy!

Midnight tasted… Skyld could not describe it nor could he get enough. He didn't know how long they stood in the kitchen simply kissing. He normally didn't allow himself this level of intimacy. He had short time lovers and a multitude of one-night stands. His grandfather worried that Peony had broken him, and perhaps her death had changed him, but not as much as her deception. Though she had attempted to make it up to him by passing to him the mantle he now wore, but if she had lived, he wasn't sure it would have erased the lies she'd told. He had trusted her completely with everything about himself, and in the end, he realized he barely knew her.

This situation was nowhere near the same. He would have done anything, agreed to any terms set before him to stay close to Zane. As such, Skyld had participated in the ceremony, drank Zane's blood, and dedicated his life to his little brother. In return, he'd acquired a group of people who seem to be as devoted to Zane as he was. He hadn't yet uncovered why, but since he arrived on Zane's ranch, he'd seen how they watched him, and even Alonzo, with a hunger and longing that Skyld would need time to unravel. Though he didn't know them, sharing Zane's blood them, and Tezcatlipoca… created a bond Skyld didn't fully understand. But at the same time, he held the solid conviction the ancient god would not have bound anyone to Zane who would harm him.

With that knowledge firmly in place, Skyld planned to get to know each and every member of the band. What he had not anticipated was this desire that flared to life when Midnight kissed him. He could acknowledge, if only to himself, that he was attracted to the members of Crimson Comet. Perhaps he'd been slightly jealous that Zane could effortlessly command the attention of so many. Skyld had never considered a poly relationship. The dynamics, the intrinsic trust and communication that was needed to maintain a healthy relationship, was something he wasn't looking for emotionally. Trust was hard to come by on an individual basis, and he had a hard time envisioning a group that could maintain that balance. But here he was, tied to a group of men who had sparked desire in him the first time he'd laid eyes on them. He would be lying to himself if he didn't admit he was curious to see where this would go.

Midnight stared at him with eyes so brown they were almost black. His shoulder-length black hair fell in waves and felt like silk between his fingers when he gripped it tight. Evening scruff scraped against his own, catching his bottom lip when he opened his mouth too wide as he delved into Midnight's mouth. Skyld needed Midnight under him, but he also needed to address Midnight's concerns. Elementals could be dangerous if one didn't know what they were dealing with. Luckily, he did.

The sound of grinding boulders came again. Skyld didn't think it was possible for his dick to get harder, but it did. His stomach clenched around a warm ball of desire that was sinking into his bones.

It was obvious that he didn't believe Skyld's reassurances. First, he needed to put Midnight at ease. If he didn't, he suspected Midnight would run. Fortunately, he had a couple of ideas how to do so.

Something silently moved in his periphery. When he looked a smoky, insubstantial jaguar stood in the shadows. The only solid thing about it were the golden eyes that watched him and Midnight with anticipation.

An idea came to him. The hours he'd spent with Crimson Comet on top of the temple had been his first time participating in group sex. He'd been aware of Tezcatlipoca's presence then and that he'd somehow taken part. Skyld had never come that many times in one night. His muscles still ached, some more than others. That the old god was here now, Skyld found he didn't mind and hoped he would get some help with reassuring Midnight since Zane was occupied with Alonzo.

Skyld reluctantly pushed Midnight back, those kiss-swollen lips begging him to take just one more taste. He had a feeling Midnight could tempt him with only a look or perhaps with just a whiff of his skin. What was it about Midnight the called to him so? Now that he was tied to this tribe, would he be drawn to the others just as viscerally? He didn't know how he felt about that, but it wasn't something he wanted to contemplate when Midnight stared at him with those warm eyes so full of hope. Skyld couldn't have walked away even if he'd wanted to.

"Go to the living room and lay down near the fireplace," he commanded, interested in how Midnight would react. He could see Midnight's arousal, could practically taste it on the air, but some people did not take well to being given orders.

A full-body shudder racked Midnight's body. "All right," he said, his voice full of gravel, his element making itself known.

With a deep inhale, Midnight backed away from Skyld, as if moving away physically hurt. When he had rounded the large kitchen island, Skyld added, "Naked." He met Midnight's astonished gaze. "I want you nude and waiting for me."

Midnight quickly spun, almost tripping over his own two feet in his haste. Skyld wanted to both frown and smile. While Midnight's eagerness was highly arousing, he had to wonder if his needs were being met by his other lovers. Did it have anything to do with his reticence to take what he wanted since he was afraid of hurting someone? Had he been holding back with them and no one had noticed? Skyld was determined to find out. It was important that Midnight was comfortable enough to be himself.

He turned off the Instapot that held the roast and vegetables Zane wanted to serve with the pans of lasagna that he and Zane had made while waiting for Alonzo and Diego. The pans of Italian goodness looked to be mostly done so he turned off the oven, leaving the pans inside to finish cooking. He moved to the hallway without glancing in Midnight's direction. He suspected that if he did, he would abandon his search for lube in order to put his mouth on Midnight's skin.

Quickly, he checked on Zane and Alonzo. Zane's eyes fluttered open as he quietly pushed open the door. Somehow Raine had found his way into Zane's bed and was cuddled up with Alonzo between them. The blinds were closed, deepening the heavy shadows that filled the room. Skyld felt a sense of security he normally didn't find in the dark.

Backing out, he gently closed the door and checked on the chupacabra. He'd lied, working a little magic with the ropes Duvan had escaped from earlier, he had the man was in such a way that he couldn't wiggle free. Skyld made a note to teach Zane better rope skills. There was no reason the chupacabra should have escaped earlier. Confident that their prisoner wasn't going anywhere even if he woke up, Skyld hurried to his room where he pulled a small bottle of lube from his duffel bag. When he glanced in a spare rooms, Anson and Prince were soundly sleeping. In the other, Xander lay across the bed as if he was in the middle of a photoshoot. His long curly hair spread across the duvet, the sight just as provocatively as the sensual position of his body. The shower was running in the attached bath and he assumed Cord was there. Xander smiled invitingly and Skyld wished he could answer the way he wanted to, but Midnight waited for him.

With a parting wave, he returned to the front room and lost his breath. Midnight had closed the blinds, the fire the only illumination. Red-gold light licked over Midnight's dark brown skin, bringing out the red undertones and making him glow with ethereal light. He'd gathered the pillows from the couches and chairs making a small mound that he lounged against.

For several long moments, Skyld simply stared, lost in the vision Midnight created. He tried to shrug off the purple prose that rolled through his thoughts. He never remembered being this affected by another person. These feelings were not only exhilarating but also frightening. When Midnight reached down and stroked his hard cock, Skyld was jolted out of his… He didn't know what that was, but hurried across the room as if he hadn't been caught staring like a dumbstruck teenager.

Hints of Midnight's element could be seen as it rolled under his skin. But it didn't completely emerge and takeover. He also noticed the shadows moved strangely around them, and Skyld sensed they were being watched. The knowledge didn't unnerve him. He dropped the lube next to the beautiful man and removed his shirt. Dark brown eyes watched him, as Midnight softly panted, swallowing convulsively as if his mouth watered.

Skyld never considered his body something to be admired. He was strong but not sculpted with bulging muscles. He brushed his hands over his pecks, his chest hair tickling against his palms. He was gratified when Midnight's gaze followed the path of his hand, a fire lighting in his eyes as he looked over every inch of Skyld's exposed torso. Not in the mood for a long tease, he quickly took off his jeans and knelt.

He didn't know where to touch. He wanted Midnight to lose control, to be himself, but he needed to establish a sense of safety, and then trust. He glanced to where the jaguar’s eyes watched them from the shadows, curious and waiting. Midnight followed Skyld's gaze. If he was surprised that Tezcatlipoca was so close, he gave no indication.

"Will you hold him down, please?" Skyld asked Tezcatlipoca.

That golden gaze fell on Midnight, filling with molten lust. Midnight's breath halted and his skin rippled, parts of his torso turning to hard granite before relaxing back into soft skin.

"Skyld?" There were a thousand questions in the tone of Midnight's voice, but he put none of them into words as the shadows rippled around them, moving with purpose. Smoke-colored tendrils wrapped around Midnight's wrists and ankles, spreading him before Skyld, an offering of sex and something else he couldn't name.

Skyld waited. If Midnight said no, or stop, he would release him and find another way to ease his fears. But Midnight remained silent. His breathing quickened, and his element rolled under his skin more rapidly, but those were the only two indications of his increased arousal.
Fingers of dark shadow caressed Midnight. Through his lust-hazed memories, Skyld recalled Tezcatlipoca's unearthly touch. The sensation had been indescribable, and he looked forward to experiencing more of the same.

He added his own hands to Midnight's skin. Skyld had only meant to explore, but in no time he not only used touch but his tongue and mouth followed in their wake, worshiping Midnight's writhing body. Each gravelly groan that spilled from Midnight's lips, one from Skyld followed. He loved hearing the roll of boulders and was fascinated every time the skin under his hands morphed to cool, smooth stone. But when he glanced up to Midnight's dark eyes, he caught the hint of fear Midnight attempted to hide.

Crawling up his body, Skyld straddled his waist so he could stare down into Midnight's gaze. "You can let go of your element. Tezcatlipoca is here and I doubt he'll let us hurt each other. Besides, I think your element just wants to feel. He can't do that if your body is solid rock."

"I don't know." Despite his words, Skyld watched the indecision war within his soon-to-be lover.

"Trust me," he whispered before giving into his desire and to cover Midnight's mouth with his own.
Table of Contents

Chapter One - Retirement
Chapter Two - Normal is not supposed to be this hard
Chapter Three - Caught
Chapter Four - Crimson Comet
Chapter Five - Mountain Magic
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Six, Part 2 -
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers
Chapter Seven, Part 2 -
Chapter Eight, Part 1 - No such thing as heroes
Chapter Eight, Part 2 -
Chapter Nine, Part 1 - Dead is supposed to be... dead
Chapter Nine, Part 2 -
Chapter Ten, Part 1 - Gathering Allies
Chapter Ten, Part 2
Chapter Eleven - Combustible
Chapter Twelve - Standing His Ground
Chapter Thirteen - Choices
Chapter Fourteen, Part 1
Chapter Fourteen, Part 2
Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 - To kill, or not to kill
Chapter Fifteen, Part 2
Chapter Sixteen - Maricoxi Guardians
Chapter Seventeen - Coincidence?
Chapter Eighteen, Part One - Guns Ablazin'
Chapter Eighteen, Part Two
Chapter Nineteen, Part One - Reckoning
Chapter Nineteen, Part Two
Chapter Twenty - Mercy
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two
Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Three
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Four
Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 1

Chapter Twenty-Five, Part 2

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Guest Post: Ithani by J. Scott Coatsworth #giveaway #scifi #fantasy #OberonCycle #wingfic #gayromance #mmromance #Newrelease

I'm excited to host J. Scott Coatsworth on the release day for the final book in his MM sci fi series, "Oberon Cycle". 

I'm also super excited to tell you that for the 19th only the first book in this  trilogy, Skythane, is on sale for just 50¢! Check out Dreamspinner Press Here for more details.

Time is running out.

After saving the world twice, Xander, Jameson and friends plunge headlong into a new crisis. The ithani--the aliens who broke the world--have reawakened from their hundred millennia-long slumber. When Xander and Jameson disappear in a flash, an already fractured world is thrown into chaos.

The ithani plans, laid a hundred thousand years before, are finally coming to pass, and they threaten all life on Erro. Venin and Alix go on a desperate search for their missing and find more than they bargained for. And Quince, Robin and Jessa discover a secret as old as the skythane themselves.

Will alien technology, unexpected help from the distant past, destiny and some good old-fashioned firepower be enough to defeat an enemy with the power to split a world? The final battle of the epic science fiction adventure that began in Skythane will decide the fate of lander and skythane alike. And in the north, the ithani rise…

Series Blurb:

Oberon is one of the natural wonders of the Universe - a half planet that shouldn’t exist, at least according to the laws of nature.

Oberon is also a nest of secrets. The Skythane - the first human colonists of Oberon - keep some of them, and so do the “landers” who work for OberCorp, the company that is exploiting the planet for its natural resources.

Now Oberon is in danger. A solar flare threatens to end most life on the planet, but an ancient prophecy leads Quince, Xander, Jameson and a small group of landers and skythane on an epic quest to save the planet - and unravel its secrets along the way.

Other challenges await on the horizon, for the world, and its inhabitants. Will they find the answers they need, and their way to each other, in time?

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Book 1: Skythane:

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Book Two: Lander:

Dreamspinner eBook | Dreamspinner Paperback | Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | QueeRomance Ink | Goodreads


Scott is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card and ten copies of "The Stark Divide," the first book in his other trilogy, his other trilogy, "Liminal Sky," with this tour. Enter via Rafflecopter:

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Direct Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/b60e8d4753/?


Venin stood under the dome of the chapel, the waters of the Orn rushing past the small island to crash over the edge of the crater rim, where they fell a thousand meters to the broken city of Errian below.

The Erriani chapel was different from what he was used to back home. The Gaelani chapel in Gaelan had sat at the top of a tall pillar of stone, open to the night sky, a wide space of grass and trees that intertwined in a natural dome through which moonlight filtered down to make dappled shadows on the ground.

This chapel, instead, was a wonder of streaming sunlight, the columns a polished eggshell marble with glimmering seams of gold. Red creeper vines climbed up the columns, festooned with clusters of yellow flowers that gave off a sweet scent.

Both were bright and airy, but the Erriani chapel lay under a dome supported by fluted marble columns, a painted arch of daytime sky and the rose-colored sun blazing overhead.

The last time he’d gone to chapel had been with Tazim, before his untimely death.

Long before the troubles that roiled the world now.

Something drew him back. A need to reconnect with his past. To bridge the gap between then and now, between who he was and who he had become. Taz would have liked this place.

The chapel here had survived the attack, while much of Errian had not. The city below was a jumble of broken corrinder, the multistory plants that were the main building stock for the city. They would grow again, but the sight of the city’s beautiful white towers laid low struck him to the core.

So had Gaelan looked, after the flood.

Venin turned back to the chapel and unlaced his boots, baring his muscular calves before he approached the fountain that splashed at its center. The cool flagstone beneath his feet sent a shiver up his spine, and green moss filled the gaps between the stones.

Some builder whose name was lost to time had tapped into the river itself to make the fountain run, and the water leapt into the air with a manic energy around the golden statue of Erro, before falling back down to the pool.

Venin knelt at the fountain’s edge on one of the well-worn pads, laid his hands in the shallow water, and let his wings rest over himself, making a private place to pray.

Erro and Gael, spare us from danger and lift us up into the sky with your powerful wings. He gave Erro deference, being that this was his chapel, but he hoped Gael would hear him too. The god of his own people had been known to intervene in mortal affairs before, and if what Quince had told them about these ithaniwas true, they would need all the help they could get.

Venin’s wings warmed.

He looked up in astonishment to see the statue of Erro giving off an intense golden glow. His mouth dropped open, and he stood and stared at its beautiful male curves and muscles. Maybe the gods were answering him.

Venin reached up and touched the statue’s outstretched hand. The shock knocked him backward onto his ass, and he hit the ground hard, slamming into one of the marble columns.

Venin groaned, stunned, and reached back to feel his wings and spine. He seemed to be in one piece.

Taz would have laughed his ass off at the whole thing.

After a moment he sat up cautiously. He wrapped his arms around his legs and stared up at the statue, his chin on his knees.

The glow was gone.

Did I imagine it? He stood and felt the back of his head. A lump was already forming there. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Something had changed. Venin didn’t know what yet, but he was sure of that much.

He pulled his boots back on and laced them up. With one last suspicious glare at the statue, he turned and stepped out of the chapel, taking a deep breath of the moisture-laden air.

Then he leapt into the sky to soar down to the broken city.

Author Bio

Scott lives with his husband of twenty five years in a Sacramento suburb, in a cute little yellow house with a brick fireplace and two pink flamingoes out front.

He inhabits in the space between the here and now and the what could be. Indoctrinated into science fiction and fantasy by his mom at the tender age of nine, he quickly finished her entire library. But he soon began to wonder where all the queer people were.

After coming out at twenty three, he started writing the kinds of stories he couldn't find at Crown Books. If there weren't many queer characters in his favorite genres, he would will them into existence, subverting them to his own ends. And if he was lucky enough, someone else would want to read them.

His friends say Scott's mind works a little differently than most - he makes connections between ideas that others don't, and somehow does more in a day than most people manage in a week. Although born an introvert, he forced himself to reach outside himself, and learned to connect with others like him.

Scott's stories subvert expectations that transform traditional science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary worlds into something different and unexpected. He runs both Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink with his husband Mark.

His romance and genre fiction writing brings a queer energy to his stories, filling them with love, beauty and power. He imagines how the world could be - in the process, he hopes to change the world, just a little.

Scott was recognized as one of the top new gay authors in the 2017 Rainbow Awards, and his debut novel "Skythane" received two awards and an honorable mention.

You can find him at Dreamspinner here, Goodreads here, on Amazon here, on QueeRomance Ink here, and on Facebook here.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

What's On the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

What am I doing? Writing and reading,,. and that is pretty much it.  This week's reading radar list is short because I read one book over the course of several days because I started a new crochet project that is pretty detailed. There has bee a lot of stopping and starting so I could read the pattern or consult the crochet-a-long video. 

Title: The Trouble With Love
Series: Nothing But Trouble, 2
Author: Macy Blake

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay /

Notes: This is offered for free at the moment. I don't know how long that will last.


Vaughn Jerrick's life has changed completely. He's the adoptive alpha and father to six shifter cubs, and he's the mate to a human he loves more than life itself. There's only one problem. He's been so focused on the kids, he's forgotten to truly romance Sam. With Valentine's day approaching, Vaughn decides to give his mate a romantic evening. If only it were that simple. Chaos comes in all shapes and sizes, but Vaughn quickly realizes that the trouble with love is that it isn't any trouble at all.

Title: All He Needs
Series: (My Truth Book 1)
Author: Ann Grech
Length: 205 pages

Genre: Romance / Contmeporary / Poly / Gay


Blurb: When a former pro-snowboarder finds himself caught between two men who have stolen his heart, it takes heartbreak and a hit of reality for him to start believing love is truly all he needs.

I didn't think it'd turn out this way: my life story in a nutshell. Life, Karma, whatever—it was testing me. Pushing me to the limit of what I could endure and beyond.

But in the steaming pile my life had become, I felt it. The spark. Like my soul met its counterparts, or whatever the corny saying was. I didn't think it was possible. For a closeted guy, falling for not one but two men was never going to be easy, but I couldn't deny its truth. Mace and Rick were….

Then I had to leave. My sister needed me. Having a baby alone was out of the question and I couldn't wait to be an uncle. But going to stay with her in Florida meant leaving them. New Zealand and the USA couldn't be further apart.

I'm not a saint. I've screwed up more times than I can count. But I was trying to redeem myself. Gracie, my niece, needed me to be a better man. If only there was a way I could have both—men to love and a family close by.

This is my truth, and this is all I need.

Title: Scorpion
Series: Memory of Scorpions, 1
Author: Aleksandr Voinov
Length: 240 pages
Publisher: 44 Raccoons (December 23, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Historical / Dark Fantasy / Gay


Blurb: Never stop fighting. 

Kendras is a casualty of war: injured, penniless, and quite possibly the last surviving member of the only family he’s ever had—the elite fighting force known as the Scorpions. When a steel-eyed mercenary offers him medicine and shelter in exchange for submission and a secret task, Kendras has no choice but to accept. He is a Scorpion; he’ll do whatever it takes to survive.

But his true goal is to rebuild the Scorpions. Neither Steel’s possessive nature nor Kendras’s shattered foot can keep him from finding the last of his brothers, or the mysterious leader of the Scorpions, the man who held Kendras’s heart long before Steel tried to take it for himself.

The goal is simple, the situation anything but. To rescue his leader and escape from Steel for good, Kendras must fight through a morass of politics and intrigue where enemies may be allies and even allies have hidden agendas. But Kendras isn’t only fighting for his lost lover and tribe—he soon realizes that nothing less than the birth of an Empire is at stake.

This 70,000-word novel has been previously published.

Title: A Blaze in the Dark
Series: BoT World Stories, 1
Author: Miranda Turner
Length: 120 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / Gay


Blurb: Bain never thought he’d escape the prison he’d lived in for the last five years. He spent his days chained up like an animal, and his nights…they were better not spoken about. Until one day Antonio came stumbling into his darkness, lighting a fire in his soul and giving him a chance at a new life.

Antonio loved his position as a Bellator, and he loved his brother Luc; it was Luc’s friends he could do without. When he came upon an emaciated and beaten boy at his brother’s best friend David’s house, he knew he had to get him out of there. Risking his place on his team, his relationship with his brother, and even death was something he’d never regret. After all, Bain was Antonio’s sodalis vitae, and soulmates were forever.

The small problem of Bain being a member of the Tenebrix, the Bellators’ mortal enemies, was nothing compared to what could happen if David found out where he was. But Antonio won’t let anything—race, being hunted by his own kind, or Bain’s fears—keep him from finally claiming his mate on Valentine’s Day.

This novella is a standalone in The Bearer of Truth world and takes place three years before Shadowing the Light. Antonio and Bain do appear in The BoT series as side characters, but you do not need to have read those books to read this one or vice versa.

This book is LGBT Romance and Urban Fantasy. Not recommended for readers under 18. Use the Look Inside feature or download a sample to see additional content advisories on the Copyright page

Title: Dead Heat
Series: Alpha and Omega, 4
Author: Patricia Briggs
Length: 338 pages
Publisher: Ace (March 3, 2015)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Fantasy / Action & Adventure / Mystery /

Notes: This is the book that I have been listening to all week. Finished it last night. I like Anna and Charles. They compliment each other so well.

Blurb: Praised for having “the perfect blend of action, romance, suspense, and paranormal”*, #1 New York Times bestselling author Patrica Briggs's Alpha and Omega series now takes readers into the middle of some bad supernatural business…

For once, mated werewolves Charles Cornick and Anna Lantham are not traveling because of Charles’s role as his father’s enforcer. This time, their trip to Arizona is purely personal. Or at least their visit starts out that way...

Charles and Anna soon discover that a dangerous fae being is on the loose, replacing human children with simulacrums. The fae have started a cold war with humanity that's about to heat up—and Charles and Anna are in the crossfire.

Title: Unlit
Series: (A Kingdoms of Earth & Air Novel Book 1)
Author: Keri Athur
Length: 404 pages
Publisher: KA Publishing PTY LTD (May 15, 2018)

Genre: Science Fiction / Action  Adventure / Romantic Elements? /

Notes: I used to read a paranormal series by her and around the time I found MM I put the series aside. I tried to go back and reread it so that I could finish it but it didn't catch. So I thought I'd perhaps try something newer.

Blurb: Winterborne has long been a city divided between those who have magic, and those who do not. Between those who are free, and those who are not…

Though classified as having no magic, Neve March can hear the whispers of the wind and sometimes even control her. But it’s a secret she must hold close if she wishes to continue as Nightwatch—the soldiers who guard Winterborne against those who roam the wastelands and feast on human flesh.

When Neve investigates a faint SOS signal, she not only unearths a woman close to death, but a plot involving an ancient enemy long thought dead.

In an effort to expose those behind the plot, Neve goes undercover amongst Winterborne’s elite—a dangerous step that could expose her secret and rip away all that she holds dear.

The trail of treachery leads her from Winterborne’s golden halls to the heart of the enemy’s hive, and it will shake her belief of not only who she is, but what she is

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