Monday, September 30, 2013

Sid Love's Blog plus a Giveaway

Update 9/30/13 1:22 est: The post just went up over at Sid's and I have updated the link.

Today I'm over at Sid Love's blog with a giveaway for a paperback copy of Alpha Trine. Come over have a look and leave a comment!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Many Thanks

Blog Tour is over. Alpha Trine was released last Wednesday and I have to say it was an awesome experience. I appreciated everybody's kind and thoughtful words during the tour and the little notes I received from those who pre-ordered and read Alpha Trine. I cannot express what such kindness means to me. Ya'll are the most awesomest! These two words are inadequate but I'll say them anyway. Thank You. <3 <3 <3 You take my breath away!

If you missed the announcement for the winners they are on yesterday's post.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blog Tour Winners & Upcoming Events

This past week has been so much fun going through my very first blog tour. I hope the articles were entertaining as well as enlightening. I big special thanks to everyone who participated. I enjoyed reading your kind and wonderful comments. They gave me the little extra umph I needed to writing the last couple of scenes for Striker. :)

I'm giving away two paperbacks for the blog tour of Alpha Trine (Yay!) Everyone was assigned a number in the order you replied on each blog before I went to the Random Number Generator.

Congratulations To!!!!:

Yay!!! Woot!! Woot!!

I don't have contact information so if you ladies will contact me ( I will get your books out to you.
(If I don't hear back from you in a week I'll have to run the numbers again for new winners.)

Again, a big thanks to everyone who participated. I look forward to doing this again when Striker comes out!

If you missed the blog tour but are interested in the articles, click on the tab for The Valespian Pact at the top. I have insert the links there.

If you didn't win today, I will be giving away two more paperback copies of Alpha Trine.
  • One over at Sid Love's Blog on Monday, September 30th.
  • The second copy will be given out at Hearts On Fire Reviews. The date for that hasn't been set yet.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. It has been a great week!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blog Tour Schedule

Yay! This is release week for Alpha Trine and I will be on my first ever Blog Tour! (Very nervous about this!)

I will be running a contest all of this week. Leave a comment everyday at each site that I'm visiting this week (not here) and the comment will be counted as an entry for a drawing for a paperback copy of Alpha Trine. On September 28th - the winner of the tour announced here on my blog.

Here is the schedule for this week (click on the blog title to be redirected):

September 23rd - Babes In Boyland
September 24th - Raining Men
September 25th - Pants Off Reviews
September 26th - World Of Diversity Fiction
September 27th - dreaminginfinity

Make sure you stop by and have a look. Every day will have something different from alien lovers to sci-fi difficulties.

Also the Interview and Spotlight at Top 2 Bottom Reviews was changed from September 21th to September 27th --

September 30th - I will be over at Sid Love's for another giveaway -

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Upcoming Events... And A Little Smut (NSFW)

Wow. The week buzzed by fast. The plan was to write 30k by Friday and it's Friday and I only have about 25% of my word count completed. *grumpy face*

To be fair, it has been a hectic week. Running endless errands. Super cleaning of the house because we may have unannounced pop by visitors this weekend and I had a birthday. I am a young 21 times 2. LOL!

The next 10 days are going to busy as well with Alpha Trine being released on the 25th. Starting tomorrow, September 21st, I will be over at Top To Bottom Reviews for an interview. I'll be blog hopping from the 23rd to the 27th and then I'll be over at Sid Love's on the 30th. What fun!

Here's a schedule:

September 21th -
September 23rd – Babes In Boyland (
September 24th – Raining Men (
September 25th – Pants Off Reviews (
September 26th – World of Diversity Fiction (
September 27th – dreaminginfinity (
September 27th - Interview and Spotlight at Top 2 Bottom Reviews -
September 28th - the winner of the tour announced here
September 30th -

So I promised you some smut. I've posted sex scenes on the blog in the past but this is... steaming. *fans self*

This is NOT Safe For Work so click, look away, do what ever you need to do to  not scroll down any more because this is really, really racy... erotic... do not read if you don't want to have a hot flashes, or be left frustrated.

Disclaimer: reader may need a honey close to snuggle with after reading this. :)  *evil laugh*

Last chance to look away...


Here you go....

Letter to a lover...

You're on all fours, your legs spread just so. You're still dewy from the shower as I weigh your balls in my hand, softly rolling. My thumb rubs against your perineum as my other hand light caresses you ass cheek before squeezing, pulling so that I can lick up the crack of your ass. Will you moan for me? Will you tell me what you want me to do with my tongue? Do you want me to lick your hole? Fuck your asshole with my tongue? Do you want to feel my saliva drip down the back of your balls?

I lick and suck on the wrinkled edges, lightly rake my teeth over you before I stick my tongue in your hole. When I do, I move my hand from your balls to grasp your cock. Is your cock weeping for me? If I rub my thumb over the tip will it come away wet? Are you biting your lip? Will you push your hips into my fist or push your ass onto my tongue?

Over and over I stab your ass with my tongue. I lick and I suck but I want more. I need something in my mouth. I want to taste. Salt? Bitter? Sweet? Precum is mostly sweet. The salt and the bitter come later. I lay down. You're still on your hands and knees but your knees are under my arms so that your cock is almost right there for my mouth. I only have to lift my head a little to take you in, to taste you on my tongue. I lick around the head, run my tongue up your piss slit looking for more. I take you in until you hit the back of my throat. In this position, I can't take you down my throat but I will swallow around as much of you as I can.

I grip your ass cheeks with both of my hands. I need you to fuck my mouth. God. I love to have my mouth full. Will you grip my hair? Tug it just a bit or maybe a lot. I want to feel your balls hit my chin as you move in and out of my mouth. What kind of noises are you making for me now? I'm moaning, holding your ass cheeks in my hands, you're twisting my hair a bit, and I run a couple of fingers over your asshole. You're still slick with my saliva and I press my middle finger in to the second knuckle. Are you going to spill for me? I want you to. Cum in my mouth so I can taste all of you, drink you down, and revel in your taste. I tighten my lips and suck hard every time you pull your cock out because I don't want you to take it away. Then you give it back to me with each thrust. I can feel your legs tremble slightly. My finger is fucking your ass and I feel the muscles clamp down on it as you cum in my mouth, coating my tongue. Yes. Salty and bitter. I swallow the cum until you have no more to give.

*fans self*

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Share Your Muse Blog Hop Winner

The Winner of Share Your Muse Blog Hop is:

Whoot! Whoot!
If you didn't win a print copy of Alpha Trine this week, no worries because I am giving away two more copies before the end of the month.

The week starting September 23rd I'm starting the blog tour that will run through the 27th. Every day you comment on the tour increases your chances to win. The drawing will be held on the 28th and the winner will announced here.

The second chance is on the 30th Alpha Trine will be featured over on Sid Love's Blog and a copy will be given away there. I hope you'll consider participating. I have attached the schedule below with the links.

(Yay! Just heard form Hearts on Fire Reviews. They will be hosting a giveaway but I don't have a date yet.)

September 23rd – Babes In Boyland (
September 24th – Raining Men (
September 25th – Pants Off Reviews (
September 26th – World of Diversity Fiction (
September 27th – dreaminginfinity (

September 28th - the winner of the tour announced here
September 30th -

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Share Your Muse Blog Hop & Giveaway


The Muses (Greek: Μοῦσαι, moũsai) in Greek mythology, poetry and literature, are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture that was contained in poetic lyrics and myths.

I remember confiding in a friend right before I subbed Twin Flames to a publisher that I was afraid that I only had that one story in me. It had been a very long time since I'd written anything for pleasure and I was extremely rusty. A couple of times I wonder what the hell was I doing?

Now I wonder WHY I worried. I have more plotlines taking up space that I swear I have writing ADD. The worse culprit of this distraction... er... inspiration are picture prompts. I'm addicted to writing them. I have written three this year. The Awakening of Amanra for the LGBT Fantasy Group in February. For the Love Has No Boundaries event, Playing for Keeps (Unshakeable #1) in April, and then Fated in June.

All of these I plan to do follow up stories, among the others that I'm currently writing. Lord help me if I come across any more story prompts because I really can't help myself. I'm not a speed typer. You would think that with as much as I type I would be a speed demon but noooo, I'm average at best which is quite frustrating at times.

You would think that with as easily swayed by story prompts as I am that I would be crazed by publisher calls for submission. I'm not, not really. I think I only came across one that I was dying to write. It was about Mechs which is due at the end of this month. I chose to put that story idea on the back burner for now and continue my current project, Striker (The Valespian Pact #2). Hard. Hard. Hard, guys. I'm telling you I wanted to cry because I didn't have enough time.

I wrote only one prompt story last year which grew and evolved into the series, The Valespian Pact. KimE wrote this prompt:

"Intergalactic mm romance between a human space mechanic genius and an alien that morphs to be "human" when they mate. Have a way for the "alien" to be able to reproduce despite being male without the aid of technology for the pregnancy itself. Maybe technology was involved in the past and they "evolved" to be able to continue the alien species? HEA of course. Maybe a start of a series? Up to the author. I like series."

And then Alpha Trine was born.
Today I am giving a way a paperback copy of Alpha Trine. Just leave a comment and names will be drawn at the completion of the blog hop. Winner to be announced on the 15th!
For now, I'll leave you with an excerpt!

"Amlyn, where is your pride, your family?" He glimpsed a deep sorrow edged with vulnerability in her eyes. He considered what he knew and had been told. The Catalani did not break eye contact, proud and sure.

 "Are you willing to fight by my side?" he asked. "I believe my brothers' vessel to be under siege, possibly by the people who have been tracking this ship. Rhee and I are going over to assist my family in any way we can. If luck is with us, we will shed the blood of our enemy, free The Gorgon, and ensure the safety of the Fal'Amoric for another day. What say you?"

 Amlyn looked at the five bodies laid out in the corridor. They would be jettisoned into space when the Oethra 7 disengaged from Mestor's warship. One Dire D'Noss and four deadly Quell hounds had been dispatched by Rhee. The Dire D'Noss was two and a half meters tall, powder white with long green and red antennae protruding from its brow. Extra-large, luminous yellow eyes stared blankly into space and its mouth of razor blade teeth lay slack in death. It carried two huge blades, one gripped in a three-fingered hand, too slow to draw before Rhee rained down death.

 The Quell hounds were more distressing than the Dire D'Noss. They were the lavender of an early dawn, four legged with humanoid eight-fingered hands instead of hooves or paws on all four appendages. A yellow-plated exoskeleton covered the face with deep-set red eyes, an extended snout, and needle-thin teeth. Despite being called hounds, the Quell were not animals but psionics adept at creating illusions. Zeus suspected they were to act as imposters for his brothers, and he could not have been happier he was immune.

 "What is your answer, Amlyn?"

 She turned her palms up, her face set with steely resolve. "I would serve a Mar'Sani prince in the destruction of our mutual enemy."

 With a nod of his head, the Orion unshackled Amlyn. Zeus quickly donned his jacket of chimera scales he had picked up from the engine room, tested the straps on his dual swords, and checked to make sure the Taser would slide easily from his knee-high boots. He watched Amlyn equip. Her skills were too valuable to be locked away, but even with the truce, he would be wary around her. Dargon stepped in front of him, holding a pair of soft grip-gloves used for securely grasping surfaces when climbing. Zeus tucked them into his belt.

 "I expect you back within the hour." Dargon's lip lifted slightly in challenge, baring a sharp, hooked fang. 

"I will if I can." Zeus did not reach up to kiss him. Leaving Dargon and the Oethra 7 was hard enough. More physical contact would only serve to distract him. Their gaze held, silent words bouncing back and forth between them. He did not know what would happen once he stepped through the airlock. He was walking blind into the hostile situation. He worried for his brothers, for his lover, and the Fal'Amoric. Holding the gaze of those vibrant green orbs, he knew he would do whatever it took to get back to Dargon and see the mission through to the end.

 Breaking eye contact, his pursed lips kept him from making promises he could not keep.

 Dargon grabbed Zeus's hand as he turned to walk away. Dargon loomed large over Zeus, his countenance formidable. "I will track you across the universe if you do not come back."

 "I am counting on it," Zeus whispered, voice full of gravel. Straightening his shoulders, he walked over to the airlock. "Rhee, Amlyn, it is time," he barked.

Alpha Trine Buy Link--->

Thank you for stopping by and make sure that you leave a comment if you want to be in the drawing for the paperback copy of Alpha Trine! Also, don't forget to check out the other Blog Hoppers. The link is at the bottom!

Free Download Links:
Fated --->
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Check out the other participants in the Share Your Muse Blog Hop by clicking on the link below!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Interviewed by Blak Rayne

Good Morning! 

Today, September 11th, I am being interviewed by Blak Rayne over at her blog. Make sure you stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a paperback copy of Alpha Tine.  Yes! Yes! I have them in my hands ready to give put.  So run over, have a look, and leave a comment here --->


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Free Story Download and Other News

Fated, the Scottish bear shifting laird is now available for download. You can find the story at this link. ---> Yeah!  Don't forget about the prequel that you can read here ---> 

 After I finish up with Striker, I will be working on the full story for Roi and Ewen plus conducting research for the sequel to Playing For Keeps. Came up with a series name, Unshakeable. I thought that fit the guys perfectly. 

Striker is really close to being finished. I thought that I only had 10k more to go at the end of August and it has turned out longer than I thought. 10k turned to 20k turned to 25k... I'm determined to wrap up everything for Dargon, Alpha, and Zeus. It seems the story doesn't give a flying hoot that I gave myself a deadline to finish. A deadline that I'm a week behind on. I kept putting off blogging because of it. I had this guilty feeling every time I started to put together a blog.  That, "you could be working on the next chapter and not fooling with a blog post," niggle.

Also in the Ander's News Bucket, I will be giving out two print copies of Alpha Trine this month. One on  the 11th at Blak Rayne's blog and the other on the 30th at Sid Love's review site.  Ebook copies will be won as well on the 15th when I participate in the Muse Blog Hop. I'll have reminders on the blog the day of the events and make sure to post the winner announcement.

I know this is a bit short but I have to get back to Striker. I really, really want to get this wrapped up! Send me good thoughts that hopefully include spiked java and chocolate.  :)