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Interview: Wayne Goodman with Vanya Says, "Go!" #giveaway


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Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Wayne Goodman, author of “Vanya Says, ‘Go!’”

Hi Wayne,  thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. As far as my education, I was always an avid learner. I enjoyed math, music, and English particularly. Being creative came naturally to me; ideas seemed to pop out of my head when I needed them.

I didn’t really start writing seriously until after university. I had taken a few courses in Creative Writing but did not begin until a few years later. Like all authors, I want to read my works and let me know that they enjoyed them. I will keep writing as long as I can still enjoy the process, even if my books aren’t selling.

My own reading has consisted mainly of SciFi/Fantasy, which is now referred to as Speculative Fiction. Early on I read H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Isaac Asimov. Later on I started on J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne MacCaffrey, Kage Baker, and Barry Hughart.

As far as my own books, here is my Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/waynegoodmanbooks/
Here is a list of my books currently available on Kindle, although most are also available in paperback or as Audiobooks:

My latest work, “Vanya Says, ‘Go!’” is a retelling of Mikhail Kuzmin’s “Wings,” the first Russian-language book to discuss same-sex relationships in a positive way: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MG20SFF
I have two scheduled readings this month for this book: January 12 in SF (https://www.facebook.com/events/1263722450363913/) and January 14 at Laurel Books in Oakland (https://www.facebook.com/events/128351030989009/).

“Borimir: Serving the Tsars” is Part 1 of a (potential) trilogy that follows the lives of two men who meet at the Tsar’s Palace in 1880 until their death with the Royal Family in 1918: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FRMTOTI
“Britain’s Glory” tells the tragic story of Princess Charlotte, granddaughter to King George III of England: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BY7NQRC

“The Last Great Hope” speculates about the existence of a third Kennedy child who was adopted out under a false name: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QFSK0A6
“The Seed of Immortality” is a tale of Chinese myth, history, philosophy, and two immortal Mahjong sharps who travel around China at the time of the first emperor: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W0VM14K

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

“Vanya Says, ‘Go!’” is a retelling of Mikail Kuzmin’s “Wings.” First published in 1906, it was the first Russian-language book to deal with same-sex relationships in a positive way. In “Wings,” the protagonist, Vanya, is an orphan with yearnings for an older man. It is believed that much of the action in the book is based on Kuzmin’s own life. I consider “Wings” to be a window on a time and place that no longer exists. Vanya represents the hope for the next generation of LGBTQ youth at the turn of the 20th Century.

What are you working on at the minute?

The book I am currently working on has a lesbian as the central character. Following the death of her adopted grandparents, she starts having strange dreams and attempts to make sense of her family history, which has something to do with Easter Island. I expect to have it finished this Autumn.

What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?

I tend to write Historical Fiction. Discovering people or events lost to history and bringing them to new light fascinates me.

How much research do you do?

I generally buy a few books on the subject I am writing about, as well as lots of research on the Internet.

Why do you write?

Writing has been quite therapeutic for me. While recuperating from a life-threatening illness, it provided a sense of purpose and gave me a goal to complete.

Do you write full-time or part-time? Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured? Do you write every day, 5 days a week or as and when?

Because I do not have a job (on disability for many years) I have more time than most to devote to writing. I tend not to stick to a schedule and write when ideas come tumbling out of the back of my brain. Most of the time I am doing research for the book when I get really inspired to write more.

Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

Writing on a computer provides the freedom to make changes as necessary. When I used a typewriter (or wrote by hand), making changes seemed daunting. With the ability to play with words, try different things, experiment, I have found my creativity unleashed.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

Always a tough question. I tend to have some kind of vague outline in my mind before I set out, and an endpoint to aim toward. Along the way I enjoy discovering sidetracks that pop up and seeing where they lead. At some point I do sketch out the flow of the narrative, but I wouldn’t call myself a total plotter.

How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

They say the more you write, the better you get. I have now completed five published works with a total of over 320,000 words. Also, I am part of a writers’ group, and receiving direct feedback also provides for growth. I would like to think that my latest book will always be better than the one before it.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

The shortest time I ever needed for a first draft was two months. I like to keep to a schedule of one new book each year.

Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

As I would say to anyone, if you feel stuck, put the manuscript aside for a while and come back with fresh eyes. During the intervening time, your brain should have worked things out for you.

How are you publishing this book and why?

I have self-published all of my books. Over my years of work I have acquired editing and typesetting skills. The covers are designed by me and I arrange for printing.

What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing against being published or the other way around?

With self-published books, the author has total control over the content and availability. With an established publisher, even if it is accepted you may not get your published and distributed when you want it. However, established publishers can also provide publicity or advances, both unavailable when you self-publish.

In what formats is your book available?

My books are generally available in paperback, as eBooks and Audiobooks.

Title: Vanya Says, “Go!” - A Retelling of Mikhail Kuzmin’s ‘Wings’
Author: Wayne Goodman
Release Date: October 20th 2016
Genre: Retelling, Gay Fiction


In 1906, Mikhail Kuzmin published "Wings," the first book in Russian to discuss same-sex relationships in a positive light. With "Vanya Says, ‘Go!,’" Wayne Goodman retells the story from the perspective of the young man at the heart of the tale. The original work contained only three sections, but a fourth has been added to round out the story and provide some closure.

Kuzmin was one of the most celebrated poets of his time, the Silver Age of Russian Poetry. While his poems were quite successful, his somewhat-autobiographical novel "Wings" met with skepticism and criticism. Kuzmin used many constructs from poetry (characters who appear all too briefly with no second mention, plot jumps with little connecting material, long-winded orations); however, his descriptions of scenery are exquisite, and the dialogue is quirky and colorful. "Vanya Says, 'Go!'" is crafted for the modern reader while keeping much of the original Russian style. It is a window into a time and places long gone. The story is narrated by the main character, who at 16 years of age is dealing with being an orphan foisted off on friends of distant relatives and attempting to acquaint himself with his sexual orientation while also discovering various religious and philosophical frameworks.

"An exemplary study in classic Russian literary charm... with a choice cast of picaresque characters. Goodman draws the reader into the desperate historical moment of pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg, and artfully stages Vanya's gay yearnings against its fast-moving currents." -- Edmund Zagorin

"The author accurately evokes a long-lost Russia through his marvelous characters and descriptions... the underlying commentary on the decaying social order, and the romance of that forgotten time period." -- Andrew Demcak

"Set in Old Russia... this is an interesting, fact-based story of an orphaned gay youth and his attempt to find himself, his own opinions, and love." -- Daniel Curzon

Purchase: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords

Watch Wayne Goodman read from Vanya Says “Go!” on Facebook


Stroop glanced down at my lap, “What’s that? Homer?”

“Yes. The Greek class is especially awful.”

“You mean you don’t like Greek?” His sparkling eyes returned to mine, and an invisible shiver pulsed through me.

“Who really likes Greek?” I said, feeling a bit foolish about that sarcastic remark. It made me sound pretentious, but, then again, I probably was for only 16 years of age.

The corner of Stroop’s mouth flinched, “That’s a pity.”

“What is?”

“That you don’t like languages,” he responded coolly, lips pouting slightly, his goatee jutting forward. “I have nothing against modern languages–you can read just about anything–but who would want to struggle with such antediluvian nonsense in Greek?”

I could feel Stroop’s eyes examining me. “What a boy you are, Vanya. The whole world–worlds are closed to you.” He looked away and then back at me, “Though a world of beauty–not just to know, but to love. It is the basis of all education.”

“But if I wanted to learn about that, I could read translated works. Why must we spend so much time learning their obsolete grammar?”

His head dropped and shook gently from side to side. I felt like I had just impaled him with a rusty pin.

“Instead of a person of flesh and blood, laughing or frowning, who can love, kiss, or hate–which one can detect in the blood surging through their veins, and the natural grace of a naked body–we are like soulless dolls, often made by artisan hands. That… that is translated. You don’t need to spend a great deal of time with a preparatory lesson on grammar.” He turned to face me. “The only requirement? Read, read, and read. Read–looking up every word in the dictionary–like you’re wading through a thicket in the forest, and you would find untried delights. And it seems to me, Vanya, that you have the makings to become such a new, authentic person.”

I just stared at this very attractive man with my jaw hanging, probably looking like an open samovar. I believed he was trying to tell me I shouldn’t shirk my language studies and that if I read enough books, I could become a better person. No one had ever given me such encouragement before. If it hadn’t been improper to do so, I would have leaned over and kissed him on his palpable lips.

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About the Author

Wayne Goodman has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of his life (with too many cats). When not writing, he enjoys playing Gilded Age parlor music on the piano, with an emphasis on women, gay, and Black composers.

Links: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Where Have I Been?

Hey guys. It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything fresh on the blog. My best friend, Molly, passed away last Tuesday. I'd been in Chicago since January 9th with the except of three days in the middle. Originally, I was supposed to stay with her January 9th thru the 13th while her husband was out of town on a business trip. But the weekend before I arrived, she'd been admitted to the hospital. Last October I wrote a blog post about her cancer diagnosis. She'd been in and out of the hospital since that time. So when I arrived on the 9th I didn't know if I'd be sitting with her in the hospital or if she would be released to go home. What happened instead was that she was transferred to hospice in order to get her pain meds adjusted before she was sent home.

I spent that week with her in hospice. I was rather pissed at her husband who didn't go on his business trip but decided his duty was to visit in the evenings. John and I aren't friends. I'm friendly with him out of respect for Molly but those three weeks with Molly he really tried my patience. He left me there to make decisions for Molly's welfare, to consult with the doctors and nurses, to be her voice when she couldn't communicate. I was angry (and still am to a point) and I felt guilty for making choices that weren't my business to be making but he wasn't there to have a say in anything. Then when it was time for me to come home, I spent the weekend agonizing over leaving her there, worried that John wouldn't help her. She had another friend, Kelly, who flew in from North Carolina who was there through the weekend but when she flew out on that coming Monday, then it would've been only John to care for her.

On Sunday the 15th, I looked at my husband and asked if he would be okay if I went back. He told me to go and I arrange to be back on that coming Tuesday. Molly's stay at hospice was only supposed to be until they got her mix of pain meds fixed. But John wasn't working to get her back home and Molly was afraid she'd be left to die in hospice. Kelly and I did what we could to get the ball rolling to push John to get her home. She'd wanted to go to her brother's house. He lived here in Indiana. But while I was gone Molly's condition had taken a nose dive and they were saying the transport from Chicago to Indianapolis would kill her. So they would take her to her home instead. But when we had arranged everything so she could leave hospice, Molly confessed she was scared. Every day she was declining and she associated going home with dying. The last intelligible conversation I was able to have with her was about her deciding to stay in hospice. I'm glad the conversation was witnessed by her younger brother because of John's reaction.

It's hard watching someone you love lose little bits of themselves every day that passes. She was terrified of dying alone so I never left her side. When she lost the ability to hold things, I was her hands. When she had a hard time following conversations and questions, I coached her visitors that yes/no questions were easier for her to answer as she lost the ability to speak. I told them to wait for the answer, she answer would come it just took her time. When she had trouble swallowing and lost her appetite, I gently lectured her family about not shaming her to eat when she didn't want to. That she could still hear and understand them and if she said no, then respect her and her answer even if they wished it was different. When she caught a dry cough that wouldn't stop, I went to the nurse's station at 3 am begging them to help her find some relief. She'd lost the ability to swallow so couldn't take the cough syrup or swallow meds. She hadn't said my name for five days but that night she called for me twice and it fucking killed me. I about lost my mind being unable to do anything to make the coughing stop. The nurse came up with a couple of things that we could do to help her that didn't involve Molly swallowing. I was so relieved that I burst into tears. The last three nights were terrible. I've never felt so useless or helpless in my life. When she passed, I was there with her. She wasn't alone.

Since then, I've come home, obviously, but I haven't done much of anything other than plant my butt in the corner of the couch for hours on end. While I was in hospice with Molly, I was able to write a bit here and there, only about 5k. Since I've been home I haven't written anything. I'm tired, both emotionally and physically. Sleep isn't good and my dreams are worse. It seems like I'm leaking all of the time. I feel terrible that I'm so behind on Bespoken but if I write anything on it right now when my thoughts are so dark, I'll only discard the word count later. I have a due date for Lucky Charm coming up and I had planned to start on that in February but I might move it up. That has a broody character that I can channel all of this sorrow into. But I doubt I'll start on that for a couple of days. I'm so exhausted.

So that's the gist of stuff in my neck of the woods. I'm at a loss for words right now so I'll just close out this blog post. With luck I'll have a Reading Radar post for this coming Saturday so I'll talk to you later in the week.

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What Is On The Reading Radar #WishList #TBR

Since I set this up ahead of time (spent the week with Molly in the hospital), I don't have much to say about the week. I'm hoping that it went smoothly and I got in some reading. :)

Title: Uncommonly Tidy Poltergeists
Author(s): Angel Martinez
Length35,292 words/180 pages
PublisherMischief Corner Books, LLC; 1 edition (January 11, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal /


BlurbA poltergeist haunts Taro, dogging his international travels. It washes glasses, puts dishes away, and even dusts. At least he hopes it's a cleaning-obsessed poltergeist and not his own anxieties burbling over into neat freak fits he doesn't remember. When his property manager suggests he call paranormal expert, Jack Montrose, Taro's skeptical but desperate enough to try even a ghost hunter.

Jack's arrival crushes Taro's hopes of a dashing Van Helsing-style hero. Instead of an invincible hunter, he gets Ichabod Crane. As the paranormal puzzles multiply and Jack begins to suggest the entity might not be a ghostly one, Taro adds a budding friendship with Jack to his pile of anxieties. It's a race to see whether Taro's poltergeist or his relationship with the obviously-not-ace Jack will reach maximum strangeness first.

Title: They Walk Among Us
Author(s): TA Chase
PublisherPride Publishing (February 7, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi / 

Notes: Releases February 7th.

BlurbZach agrees to help Raven and finds himself drawn into a world he never knew existed.

Zach Harleigh was a baby when the aliens arrived. He doesn’t remember much about those months, except his parents fighting and his dad leaving. His father died, destroying the aliens, and his mother died when Zach graduated from medical school. He’s alone in the world and working hard to get his career going leaves no time for any kind of relationship.

One night, a beautiful man is brought into the ER. Raven Sanderson has been severely beaten and seems unsocialized. Raven and Zach hit it off when Zach takes over his care. Raven can’t speak but writes notes to Zach, letting him know the man is in the city to find his sister.

Zach agrees to help Raven and discovers a world he never knew existed. A world full of alien creatures that read minds and heal with a simple touch. He realizes there is more to the world around him, and the aliens he thought were destroyed weren’t. Their offspring walk among us.

Title: The Spires of Turris
Series: London Wells, 1
Author(s): Christine Danse
Length: 300 pages
PublisherNineStar Press (January 2, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi / 


BlurbDr. London Wells, linguist and adventurer, has the unique ability to understand any language in the universe, including the languages left behind by the ancient dead races of the Lost Planets – making him an intergalactic celebrity. But London likes his privacy—and he always works alone. No assistants, no entourage. When he goes on expedition to a Lost Planet, it’s just him, the memory of dead aliens, and the resident man-eating fauna. He’s a self-sufficient sharp shooter whose insatiable curiosity can stand up to any danger.

Until he breaks his head falling from a cliff. That changes everything.

Now, after a long recovery, London is onto the greatest discovery of his life: a language to prove a connection between the Lost Planets. In order to investigate further, he’ll need to travel to an unforgiving alien planet. But he can’t go alone. That’s his dean’s last condition: either he travels with a research assistant, or not at all.

Unfortunately for London, graduate student Chas Chambers is not the only unexpected element on this trip…

Title: Regeneration
Author(s): Louise Lyons
Length: 211 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Futuristic / Gay /

Notes: Releases January 15th

BlurbIn the 23rd Century in the galaxy of Sigma Kappa, Kim Fortune was the first surviving experimental enhanced human—a regenerate. Aged fifteen, he escaped the lab and years later, his failings as a regenerate and the suspicion of regular humans, leave him lonely and lacking in self-worth. Stranded on an abandoned planet, the arrival of a stricken ship and its crew give him hope that he may finally find what he always longed for—love.

Christian Novak is a successful regenerate with all the intended attributes—including lack of human emotion. Despite their immediate attraction to each other, Kim's failing confidence, and Christian's inability to empathize are a recipe for disaster. But war, imprisonment, and danger throw them together, and after each saves the other's life, their feelings begin to change.

Can a seemingly unsuitable pair ever find love, or is a future together destined to fail?

Title: Dragon Storm
Series(Dragon Fall Book 2)
Author(s): Katie MacAlister
Length: 326 pages
PublisherForever (November 24, 2015)

Genre: Paranormal / Romance / Dragon Shifters /



According to some (including himself), Constantine is one of the greatest heroes of dragonkin who ever lived. Too bad he's now lonelier than ever and his biggest adventure involves a blow-up sheep-until he has an opportunity to save his kind once again. All Constantine has to do is break into a demon's dungeon, steal an ancient artifact, and reverse a deadly curse. The plan certainly does not involve rescuing a woman . . .


Bee isn't sure whether to be infuriated or relieved when Constantine pops up in her prison. The broody, brawny shifter lights her fire in a way no one ever has before, yet how far can she really trust him? Their chemistry may be off the charts, but when push comes to shove, Constantine will have to make a crucial choice: to save the dragons or the woman he's grown to love with fierce intensity.

Title: La Douleur Exquise
Author(s): Amelita Rae
Length: 189 pages

GenreYaoi / Romance / Love Triangle / Gay / Omega / Mpreg /

Notes: Seriously, I could not pass up the cover. I mean, a Yaoi Bodiceripper? I'm all in.

BlurbA young, beautiful Omega is caught in a love triangle between a pair of identical Alpha twins, one who loves him and one who only loves himself. He has been wed to one, but bred by another. The problem? He has no idea that the man who loves him so passionately in the dark of the night is not the same one whose ring he wears on his finger.
~51,500 words

Title: Down and Out
Series: Carolina Springs Charter, 3
Author(s): Lila Rose
Length: 310 pages
PublisherLila Rose (June 15, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Motorcycle Club / Contemporary / Comedy / 


Blurb***Down and Out focuses on relationship and personal struggle for Dive, more than the MC side of things, you will find out why in the first few chapters***

Stricken by grief, Kalen “Dive” Brooks drifts away from his MC brethren, only having room in his life for his child. Worried for his son, he’ll do anything necessary to protect him, even if it’s admitting he needs help.

Alone and vulnerable, Philomena “Mena” McAdams has lost it all: her parents, her husband, her job and her home. Living out of her car, she’s learned life isn’t worth regrets. When Mena takes the job of nanny and housekeeper for Dive, she doesn’t know what she’s getting into, but neither does Dive.

Can they learn to love again when things are so down and out?

Title: Thirteen Hours
Author(s): Francis Gideon
Length: 65 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Steampunk /


BlurbHans longs to be accepted by his academic peers. When he discovers a cure for the ongoing zombie crisis, he thinks he's finally achieved that goal—only to be stripped of his rank and unceremoniously tossed out on the streets.

With nowhere else to turn, Hans, his wife, and her lover Joan look for solutions in other areas, cobbling together a lab and supplies by scrounging the back alleys of London. The only thing they lack is a body to experiment on.

When the body of a young man shows up, it's almost too good to be true. Hans has only thirteen hours to work, but he's determined to prove himself. The clock is ticking, and nothing is ever as easy as it seems...

Title: Oops, Caught
Series: Expanding Horizon, 1
Author(s): Alli Reshi
Length: 50 pages
PublisherNineStar Press (January 2, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi /


BlurbMark Noland can’t figure out how he got into such a fix. How does an ex-mercenary (okay, an almost-reformed mercenary) get himself caught, stuck in a holding cell, on a hostile alien planet? Held captive by strange bug-like creatures who’d just as soon eat him as look at him. How can a simple mission go so awry? To make matters worse, Noland’s not alone. His fellow prisoner, a certain high-ranking, elite Stella officer holds him responsible for their failed plan. Yeah, it was supposed to be a quick in and quick out sort of mission. But no… Officer Gavnson just can’t let it go.

It’s not so easy trying to plan an escape when Noland keeps getting distracted by how his mission partner so very nicely fills out his uniform. And he suspects Gavnson is hiding something, too. As tensions run high, secrets are revealed that will change the both of them. There’s nothing like gunfights and running for your life to make that special bond.

Title: Knight of Flames
Series: Inheritance, 2
Author(s): Amelia Faulker
Length: 460 pages
PublisherLoveLight Press; 1 edition (August 23, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Paranormal /


BlurbHeadstrong. Telekinetic. Pariah.
On the run from his family, Quentin d’Arcy has settled in San Diego with dwindling funds and the growing suspicion that his gifts might not be limited to telekinesis. When he meets a psychic who can control people’s actions with a few words, his comfortable life starts to unravel.

Demigod. Oracle. Hunter.
Laurence Riley almost died killing one god only to discover that he’s descended from another. Before he can come to terms with that revelation, Quentin’s twin brother walks into his life, and there’s no way to know what his motives may be.

With great power comes great danger.
Kane Wilson wants to make a better world: a world in which psychics are open about who and what they are without fear of reprisal or hatred. With the power to control others he might be able to pull it off, but there’s going to be collateral damage.

If Quentin and Laurence can’t get to the bottom of Wilson’s plan, Kane will out the existence of psychics not only to San Diego but to the world, and all hell will break loose.

Knight of Flames is the second book in the Inheritance series and contains mature themes and events which may be distressing to some readers. It has a mild heat rating and an HFN ending.

Title: Alexi Petterov and the Curse of the Gypsy Prince
SeriesThe Blue Rose Saga: Book 1
Author(s): Paul s. Nowak
Length: 173 pages
PublisherPrince Pocket Press; 1 edition (December 14, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Epic Fantasy /


BlurbAlexi Petterov has spent his whole life in the same secluded mountain village where he’d been born. The only exciting thing that ever happens there is the annual visit by a tribe of wandering gypsies. When one of the mysterious strangers invites him along, Alexi is caught between his family's expectations and living the life he always wanted. 

Alexi quickly finds himself in over his head in a world where love is not the only kind of magic. Will he find his place out in the great unknown or will a confrontation with a sadistic warlord cut short his happy ending?

Title: As It Should Be
Series: A Windbrothers World Book, 2
Author(s): Sean Michael
Length: 178 pages
PublisherDSP Publications; 2 edition (December 6, 2016)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Fantasy / Gay /


BlurbA Windbrothers Collection

Set in the sweeping Windbrothers’ world, where magic users and their sworn mates find each other through a process of trial and error, these stories, which take place long before the events in Desert, explore the different ways that ba’chi and hi’icha come together to become ki’ita. For every magic user, there is a grounding force to steady him, and neither half of the pair feels whole until he finds his destined lover.

Some mates discover each other with relative ease, while others have a harder time uniting with their designated partners, and the world they live in can be accepting, cruel, or even indifferent. From a shape-shifter with a secret to a pair of twins who think they’ll never find their lover, Sean Michael gives us a lot to love, just as it should be, in these stories sure to tug at your heart.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2006.

TitleThe Ingenious Mechanical Devices 1-3: 
The Earl of Brass, 
The Gentleman Devil, and 
The Earl and the Artificer
Series: The Ingenious Mechanical Devices 1-3
Author(s): Kara Jorgensen
Length: 780 pages
PublisherFox Collie Publishing; 1 edition (December 16, 2016)

Genre: Romance / LGBTIAQ / Sci-fi / Steampunk / Historical /


BlurbThe Earl of Brass: Eilian Sorrell is no stranger to cheating death, but when a dirigible accident costs him his arm, he fears his days of adventuring are over. Across London, Hadley’s brother is dead and she is forced to pick up the pieces of the family business. When clients begin turning her away, she fears she will fail until she crosses paths with the enigmatic Lord Sorrell. In exchange for a new arm, he offers her a chance at adventure in the deserts of Palestine. Will they make it out alive or will they, too, be buried beneath the desert sands?

The Gentleman Devil: When Immanuel Winter set off to the banks of the Thames, he never thought his life would be changed forever. Emmeline Jardine, a young Spiritualist medium, drowns, but the potion given to Immanuel by his mother brings her back from the dead and irrevocably intertwines their souls. Understanding the potential of such an elixir, the ruthlessly ambitious Alastair Rose knows securing the mysteries of death will get him everything he desires: power, a title, but more importantly, dominion over the dead and the living. All that stands between Lord Rose and his prize is the boy who refuses to die and the girl who shares his soul.

The Earl and the Artificer: As Eilian struggles to reconcile his new roles as husband and earl, he finds his ancestral home and the surrounding town of Folkesbury are not as they first appear. Behind a mask of good manners and gentle breeding lurks a darker side of Folkesbury. Soon, Eilian and Hadley become entangled in a web of murder, theft, and intrigue that they may never escape, with the manor at the heart of it all. Something long thought lost and buried within Brasshurst’s history has been found—something worth killing for.

Title: The Golden Heart
Series: Alliance, 1
Author(s): Jessamyne Hunter
Length: 290 pages

Genre: Romance / Space / Gay / Arranged Marriage / Aliens /


BlurbSlightly edited version (25th December 2016)

Kellan Harrison is the son of Earth’s president and a successful ambassador. He is just not so diplomatic when it comes to the Phy’vohranians- lizard-like humanoids, which had been at war with the humans for over one hundred years now. 

The upcoming signing of a peace-treaty makes him reluctantly agreeing to accompany four women, who volunteer as marriage candidates for the alien crown prince. Instead he finds himself tricked into marring that prince himself- all arranged by his own father.

Knowing that a real chance of peace is at stake and the Phy’vohranian forces could easily turn Earth to meteor dust, he accepts his fate- including body alteration to have babies.
On his way to his new home, he comes to rethink his opinion on the alien race. But when he finally meets the strangely handsome, yet serious and grumpy Prince Sartak, he has no idea how to get along with that man. 

The wedding night’s a disaster but leaves Kellan pregnant; and conversation with the prince seems to be impossible, since the man replies only in sentences not longer than a few words.

Sartak knows he is not good with words and meeting the beautiful ambassador, to whom he feels an undeniable pull, is not helping with it. Trying to mend the things he has already broken in their relationship, he just doesn’t need the threat of another war.

As they forge a fragile bond of love, their unknown enemies try to tear them apart. They must learn who to trust and be able to rely on each other, or else their new found love cannot survive the hell descending upon them.

Warning: M/M human/alien romance with sexual explicit content and mpreg, violence, strong language

Also contains two crazed wyverns, strange food, an angry and very dangerous ambassador, hunky space pirates and Mr. Sexy Eye-Patch.

Title: Branded by Flames
Author(s): Sean Michael
Length: 216 pages
PublisherCarina Press (January 1, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Dragon Shifters /

Notes: Releases January 30th

BlurbMeet the Beteferoce brothers. Five dragon shifters, each with a strong elemental power. And each with a fierce desire to find his soul mate…

For years, dragon-shifter-slash-firefighter Jake has been searching for his mate, but he's beginning to tire of the search. Maybe soul mates are only for the lucky few.

Then he meets Shae.

A former navy welder, Shae is handsome, talented, into power play and rough sex, and covered in dragon tattoos. All of this suits the shape-shifting dragon just fine—until he finds out that Shae literally has Jake's family crest already tattooed on him. A coincidence? Or something more…

Jake must convince Shae to trust him as a man and as a Dom before the heat between them burns out of control. Becoming a dragon's mate is not without danger, and Shae will need Jake's guidance—and love—if he's going to make it through alive.

This book is approximately 76,000 words

Title: From the Ashes
Series: Fires of Redemption
Author(s): Xen Sanders
Length: 184 pages
Publisher Entangled: Select Otherworld (January 2, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi / Superheroes / 


BlurbSociopath. Killer. Deviant.

Monster, devoid of morals, incapable of human emotion. The villain known as Spark has been called this and more, and as a super-powered aberrant has masterminded countless crimes to build his father's inhuman empire. Yet to professor Sean Archer, this fearsome creature is only Tobias Rutherford­—antisocial graduate researcher, quiet underachiever, and a fascinating puzzle Sean is determined to solve.

But one kiss leads to an entanglement that challenges everything Tobias knows about himself, aberrants, and his own capacity to love. When his father orders him to assassinate a senator, one misstep unravels a knot of political intrigue that places the fate of humans and aberrants alike in Tobias's hands. As danger mounts and bodies pile higher, will Tobias succumb to his dark nature and sacrifice Sean—or will he defy his father and rise from the ashes to become a hero in a world of villains?

Title: On Her Watch
Series: Don't Tell, 2
Author(s): Rie Warren
Length: 384 pages
PublisherForever Yours (June 3, 2014)

Genre: Futuristic / Romance / Military vs Rebels /


BlurbThe year is 2071 and all hell has broken loose. As the government tries to control the territories that were once the United States, an armed rebellion erupts . . . 

AWOL from her military post, Lieutenant Liz Grant will do anything for the rebels she now calls friends. Her latest mission: return to the Beta Corps army and obtain classified information that could turn the battle in the revolutionaries' favor. There's only one problem: Commander Linc Cutler.

Strong, coldly handsome, and always in control, Linc is perplexed by the beautiful soldier brought in for questioning. He doesn't know if he believes her explanation for why she went missing. He only knows his intense sexual desire for her cannot be denied.

Word count: 97,000.

Don't miss the other titles in the complete Don't Tell Series:
In His Command, Book 1
Under His Guard, Book 3
In His Sights, Standalone novella

Title: Eyes of the Eternal
Series(Realms of Rebirth Book 1)
Author(s): GE White
Length: 286 pages

Genre: Young Adult / LGBTIAQ / Fantasy / Greek & Roman Myths /


BlurbBlessed with a calm demeanor and talent for learning, seventeen-year-old Quinn Smith never imagined he would be responsible for the crimes of breaking and entering, along with the assault of a Police officer. With his brilliant mind unable to remember his own actions or the reason behind them Quinn is sent to the Cedar Hills Mental Health Facility, where visions of fae-like creatures and a deadly visitor only he can see, only further convince Quinn that he is exactly where he should be.

Yet when Surina Malik, a woman masquerading as his new lawyer approaches him, she reveals that what he believes to be hallucinations are actually the remnants of the old world long forgotten.

As Surina frees Quinn from the confines of his asylum, she pulls him further into a world fractured and foreign yet still somewhat familiar. It is a world of mortal Gods and Goddesses, living, ruling and dying only to be born again.

Quinn is quickly inducted into this world of multiple Realms, reality altering artifacts, fantastical beasts and ancient orders; only to find himself at the heart of a dangerous investigation into the thefts of three ancient artifacts known as the Eyes of the Eternal. Partnering with the mysterious Surina and the handsome God of Death Jared, Quinn rushes to not only retrieve the artifacts and prevent a bloody war, but to find the missing answers to the secrets behind his own past.

Title: Rogue Magic
Author(s): Kit Brisby
Length: 328 pages
PublisherRiptide Publishing (January 30, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 

Notes: Releases January 30th. This books has warning of violence and police brutality.

BlurbWhile trapped in a stalled subway train on his morning commute, PR rep Byron Cole flirts with Levi, a young waiter with adorable curls. But Byron's hopes for romance crash and burn when Levi saves him from a brutal explosion—with outlawed magic.

When Levi is imprisoned, Byron begins to question everything he's ever believed. How can magic be evil when Levi used it to save dozens of lives? So Byron hatches a plan to save Levi that will cost him his job and probably his life. If he doesn't pull it off, Levi will be put to death.

Byron discovers that he isn't the only one questioning America's stance on magic. And he learns that Levi is stubborn, angry, and utterly enchanting. Time is running out, though. Byron must convince Levi to trust him, to trust his own magic, and to fight against the hatred that’s forced him to hide his true nature his entire life. The more Levi opens up, the harder Byron falls. And the more they have to lose.

Title: Unearthed
Author(s): BA Tortuga
Length: 169 pages
PublisherDSP Publications; 2 edition (January 10, 2017)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Gay / Mystery / Suspense / Paranormal /


BlurbSome ancient secrets are better left buried….

When Jacob Keys gets the call every man dreads, he leaves his Wyoming home to find his mother’s killer. A whole archaeological team in Sardinia is dead, all of the bodies accounted for—all but Caleb Paulsen, consummate scholar and Jacob’s former lover. In Italy, Jacob sets out to discover the cause of the tragedy. And to find Caleb.

Meanwhile, a shipment arrives for Jacob in Wyoming. Jacob’s friend, Ben Walking Turtle, and his partner, Sam MacDougal, retrieve the box… and with it, a ruthless and cunning entity that’s been biding its time.

From Sardinia to Wyoming, Phoenix to Denver, this lethal ancient evil travels toward its bitter last stand, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

None of the men who touch it will ever be the same.

First Edition published as Diggers by Dallas Coleman, from Torquere Press, 2008.

Title: Falling for the Player
Author(s): Jessica Lee
PublisherEntangled: Embrace (January 16, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Sports / 

Notes: Releases on January 16th

Blurb:  Bad boy and former NFL running back Patrick Guinness is tired of meaningless sex. Ever since his scorching hot one-night stand three years ago, no one has interested him. So when Max Segreti wanders into his mechanic shop—and his life again—Patrick can't stop thinking about the totally-out-of-his-league law grad and the possibility of getting him out of his system once and for all…

Max Segreti has spent his entire life doing what his father wants. But when he runs into the hotter-than-hell player he’s never been able to forget, he’s not thinking about studying for the bar. A distraction is the last thing he needs, but after an encounter leaves him wanting more, Max embraces the chaos that Patrick brings…even as he knows it can’t last. They're too different to ever have a future together.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

What's on the Reading Radar #wishlist #TBR

I'm preparing to take a trip to Chicago to spend a week with Molly. But first I need to start putting all my stuff together so that I can work from her house while I'm there. I also have a birthday dinner to attend tonight for my beautiful niece. So lots going on today. :)

Writing is going okay. I've started on Part Two of Bespoken, which is pretty cool. The guys are a bit older but still young. Lots of fighting and battles to navigate and a kraken munching on the enemy. That was pretty fun to write. Ha-ha!

Title: Alpha's Revenge
Series: Project Alpha, 3
Author(s): NJ Walters
Length: 119 pages
Publisher: Carina Press

Genre: Romance / Assassin / Dystopia / 


BlurbThis book was previously released in 2009 by another publisher under the title of Sweet Charity. It has been revised and updated for rerelease with Carina Press.

A war reaches its endgame, but the heat between two unlikely lovers could set fire to all that Resistance forces have achieved. Don't miss the final installment of the Project Alpha trilogy by New York Times bestselling author N.J. Walters.

Adrian is a flawless Alpha assassin and avenging enforcer of the Resistance, devoted to the destruction of the oppressors. The first rule of empowerment? Never trust a stranger.

Then comes Charity, a woman desperate to relinquish her heart and secrets to the cause, and just as eager to surrender her body to its rebel leader. She's more than proved her loyalty—she's become the most desirable and valuable weapon Adrian has.

Charity Caruthers, daughter of the inner city's brutal General, risked her life to escape into the underground. Now she's Adrian's last hope to infiltrate the tyrant's lair and blow it to hell.

As her feelings for Adrian turn deeper and more dangerous with every move they make, it becomes clear. The greatest defense they can stage? Love.

This book is approximately 42,000 words

Title: Whispers of Old Winds
Author(s): George Seaton
Length: 315 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Former Military / Light Paranormal / Contemporary /


Blurb2nd Edition

Sheriff Sam Daly, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and his husband, Michael Bellomo, have made a life for themselves in sparsely populated Pine County in the Colorado mountains. Sam oversees the small sheriff’s department, and Michael sells his paintings and tourist items out of his shop, Needful Things. From the beginning, Sam has known Michael possessed gifts: the ability to see and hear things Sam cannot.

When a report of a body in a massive snow-filled depression up a mountainside sends Sam and his deputy, Digger, to investigate, Sam struggles to reconcile the existence of skinwalkers in Pine County with the world he’s familiar with. Michael, though, deals with this reality through his art, and through the mysticism he’s been gifted. Sam’s effort to discover what is happening causes him to examine his life with Michael from the time they first met. The inevitable conclusion might be that he’ll never understand the mysteries of the mountains, but for the sake of Michael and their love, he’ll have to embrace them.

First Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, 2015.

Title: Grayson's Mate
Series: Borough Boys, 1
Author(s): Tamsin Baker
Length: 144 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Shifters /


BlurbAt thirty-five, Grayson Nox is the business manager for his werewolf pack. He's good at his job. Too bad he's not as successful at finding his destined mate. He'll know her by a distinctive birth mark, but he's getting tired of searching. 

But the night Grayson finally sees his mark, it's not on a woman. It's on a gorgeous guy who wrecked his car near pack headquarters. Grayson brings the beguiling stranger home to heal … and to try and make sense of this strange twist of fate.

Medical student Reagan Forster has studied for ten years at University in Melbourne. At last he's ready to sit his final exams and head out into the world to heal people. But when he foolishly tries to drive home after a thirty-six-hour hospital shift, Reagan passes out behind the wheel.

He wakes in an unknown world, tucked away in the mountains of Greensborough, with the hottest guy he's ever met at his bedside. Their mating starts a fire hotter than either werewolf or man has ever known.

But they must make their relationship work against the backdrop of conflict, as Regan struggles to find his place in this new world, and the pack battles the Rogue werewolves who are a constant threat.

When the spoils are counted in the end … can Grayson and Reagan both be victors?

Title: Once Upon a Time in the Weird West
Author(s): Ginn Hale, Astrid Amara, Shira Anthony, Lex Chase, Jana Denardo, Jamie Fessenden, Kim Fielding, Andrew Q. Gordon, Langley Hyde, C.S. Poe 
Length: 466 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Anthology / Fantasy / Steampunk / Sci-Fi / Gay / Old West /


BlurbThis isn’t the same old Wild West. The usual suspects are all present: cowboys, outlaws, and sheriffs. There’s plenty of dust, tumbleweeds, horses, and cattle on the range, but there are also magical gems, automatons, elementals, airships… even dinosaurs and genetically modified insects. Roaming among the buffalo and coyotes, you’ll encounter skinwalkers, mad engineers, mythical beings cloaked in darkness, and lovers who stay true to their oaths… even beyond the grave. On this frontier are those at the mercy of their own elaborate devices, as well as men whose control of time and space provides a present-day vision of the West. There might even be a dragon hidden amongst the ghost towns and wagon trains.

If you like your Westerns with a splash of magic, a touch of steampunk, and plenty of passionate romance between men, these genre-bending tales will exceed expectations.

Hold on to your hats, cowboys and cowgirls. The West is about to get weird, and you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Title: The Mirror's Gaze
Series(Amendyr Book 4)
Author(s): Rea D. Magdon
Length: 254 pages

Genre: Lesbian / Romance / Fantasy / 


BlurbIn the final sequel of the Amendyr series civil war has broken out in Amendyr. With undead monsters ravaging the land, an evil queen on Kalmarin’s white throne, and the kingdom’s true heir missing, Cathelin Raybrook and Ailynn Gothel must join forces to protect their homeland. They hope to gain the aid of the Liarre, a reclusive community of magical creatures, but some of their leaders are reluctant to join a war that isn’t theirs. Meanwhile, Lady Eleanor of Baxstresse thinks she’s safe across the border in Seria, but when a mysterious girl in white arrives in an abandoned carriage, she finds herself drawn into the conflict as well. Together, they must find the source of the evil queen’s power, and discover a way to destroy it before it’s too late.

Title: Artificial Heart
Author(s): TA Creech
Length: 93 pages
PublisherJMS Books LLC (December 9, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Futuristic / Dystopia / Detectives /


BlurbIn a future where the United States is slowly rebuilding itself, Omega Travis Danten is a big city cop sent to a seemingly desolate city on the edge of the Waste. This desert is full of undesirables, and it’s only a matter of time before they wreak havoc. But, Omegas are always assigned Alphas, and his new partner’s job is to protect him.

But SdAI Alpha Virgil is not at all amused with the partner who chose him. Travis is willful and naive to the dangers a homicide detective faces here, and it makes Virgil’s job that much harder. And Travis, of course, is human and develops feelings, feelings that go beyond the rules about Omega/Alpha partnerships.

Travis and Virgil have to find common ground, find a killer, and find space for each other in their own hearts, even if one is artificial.

Title: Trick Play
Series(Eastshore Tigers Book 3)
Author(s): Alison Hendricks
Length: 148 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Sports / 


BlurbThey'll do whatever it takes to save their team. But can two best friends survive a fake relationship?

Luke Trent is desperate to bring his team back together. If the Tigers can't get over their slump, he'll never make it to the pros. With the LGBT-inclusive 'Rainbow Tigers' mania dying down, it'll take a crazy scheme to restore their former glory, and Luke has the perfect one in mind: Dating his best friend.

Brandon Tucker has secretly been in love with Luke for years. He knows he's going to get hurt if he agrees to a pretend relationship with his very straight friend, but he can't help it. This is as close as he'll ever get to the real thing.

The strength of their friendship makes their lie an easy sell, and things are looking up for the Tigers. But when Luke kisses him in front of the whole team, Brandon can't help but wonder if the only man he's ever wanted might actually want him back.

With the fire of their fake romance beginning to burn true, a teammate’s devastating betrayal forces them to make a difficult choice: Sacrifice their relationship to save their career, or give up everything else for the chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Trick Play is a steamy, standalone gay romance with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

Title: Bonfire
Series: Hours of the Night, 2
Author(s): Irene Preston, Liv Rancourt
Length: 122
PublisherPrescourt Books (November 15, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Vampires / 


BlurbSilent night, holy hell.

Thaddeus and Sarasija are spending the holidays on the bayou, and while the vampire's idea of Christmas cheer doesn't quite match his assistant's, they're working on a compromise. Before they can get the tree trimmed, they're interrupted by the appearance of the feu follet. The ghostly lights appear in the swamp at random and lead even the locals astray.

When the townsfolk link the phenomenon to the return of their most reclusive neighbor, suspicion falls on Thaddeus. These lights aren't bringing glad tidings, and if Thad and Sara can't find their source, the feu follet might herald a holiday tragedy for the whole town.

This holiday novella can be enjoyed alone or as part of the Hours of the Night Series.

Title: Bringing Nicky Home
Author(s): Sean Michael
Length: 217 pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / BDSM

Notessequel to The Biker’s Pup which was a short story.

BlurbCan the magic Whip and Nicky found at the Gay Riders’ Carnivale continue when they return to their regular lives?

With the Gay Riders’ Carnivale over, Whip brings Nicky home with him to his converted warehouse condo in Ottawa with the hopes that what they started at the Carnivale will grow into something they can both live with forever.

All is going well, the two of them learning more about each other and playing hard between Whip’s returning to work as an EMT and Nicky finding a job at a coffee shop.

When Nicky’s former master, the abusive Dirk, steps back into Nicky’s life, it threatens their very lives.

Can Whip and Nicky survive both real life and Dirk?

Title: Haven's Fall
Series: Rebel Mage, 2
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Schechter
Length: 477
PublisherFantastic Fiction Publishing (December 6, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Bisexual / Gay / Dark Fantasy / 


BlurbHaven had been their goal since escaping the destruction of the School. Haven had promised safety, rest, an end to running and death. But things had gone badly wrong in the mountains. Tam and Linnea had to leave Matthias and Solomon behind to face the Elders, hoping to return for them once they’d found Haven. The reality does not live up to the promise. Isolated and dying, Haven fears outsiders almost more than it needs new blood. With only the griffon Dancer and the human healer Ilane for allies, Tam and Linnea fear that Haven’s rulers will prevent them from going back for their friends—then fire rains down from the sky, and things became so much worse for everyone. (M/M, M/F)

Title: Incognito
Author(s): L.A. Watson
Length: 261 pages
Publisher LoveLight Press (August 9, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb"I just want to feel safe again."

Security expert Nico Wayfair is on the run. After uncovering a deadly secret about one of the largest companies in the world, there are a lot of people that would like to bury that information and him along with it. When he crosses paths with a handsome private investigator, Nico knows he could use the older man’s help. But when Rhys lights a fire within him he didn’t know he had, is it simply business? Or something more?

"One last job, and I can leave this town for good."

Private investigator Rhys Wyatt is down on his luck. A sudden betrayal cost him his life savings and he has nowhere to turn. When a job comes along that could finally buy his freedom, Rhys doesn’t think twice. He swears to protect Nico until he can reveal his findings. There’s just one problem. The only man who can save Rhys from his past is the one he swore to protect.

"We’re in this together."

Rhys and Nico race to expose their revelations while coming to grips with their mutual attraction. If things go south, life as they know it will be over. But secrets can’t remain secrets forever…can they face their demons, both inside and out, before they destroy them both?

Incognito is a standalone gay romance about forbidden love. It has plenty of action, no cliffhangers, and a HEA ending.

Title: The Prince's Hero
SeriesThe Prince's Consort Book 2
Author(s): Laura Lux
Length: 27 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy /


BlurbThe sequel to the Prince's Consort.

Newly crowned king, Erich sets out on a journey to the Northlands to avenge his father's death and stop the vampire scourge once and for all. When he does not return to his kingdom, his lover, his one time squire, Luke, sets out on an epic journey to rescue the man he loves and do battle with the evil Vampire Lord Devlin.

It's a medieval tale of love, lust, action and adventure as two men risk everything to keep their dedication and honor to each other alive.


Title: Loose Cannon
Series: C.O.D.A Agents, 1
Author(s): Kendal Flynn
Length: 262 pages
PublisherEtopia Press (January 14, 2011)

Genre: Romance / Suspense / Spies / Military Op / 


BlurbThis time, the op was different. This time, they had her son...

When Raeanne Springfield's son is kidnapped by Dmitryi Petrov, a ruthless enemy from the past, Raeanne finds herself thrown back into the dark world of covert operations she thought she left behind. But when Alex Dante, her former superior at the CODA, the Counterintelligence Defense Agency, shows up to take her into protective custody, Raeanne's backed into a corner. Should she obey orders from an agency that already betrayed her once, or slip back into the covert life and do whatever it takes to bring her boy home safely—even if it means endangering her heart?

Harder still--how to tell Alex Dante that Ryan's his son?

Between Petrov's demands, the agency's evasiveness, and Alex's whirlwind reentry into her life, Raeanne can trust no one but herself, and only after she gets Ryan back will she worry about fixing past mistakes. If she lives long enough to fix anything...

Title: Moonstone's Son
Author(s): Preston Walker
Length: 176 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Futuristic / Otherworld / Shifters / Paranormal / Mpreg /


BlurbTwo thousand years ago, humans took to the stars in search of life on other worlds. After a thousand years in stasis, they landed on Nidum; a small, fertile planet populated by Shifters. The two species struggled for a thousand years to find peace, and finally settled into an uneasy sort of equilibrium. 

Brandon is oblivious to the underlying conflict between the species. In fact, he isn’t even sure that shifters are real. He was raised in an utterly sheltered environment, kept safely away from everything his father considered to be a bad influence.

Everything, that is, except Eli.

Eli is a wanderer. He’s a wolf shifter who can’t seem to settle down, though he has developed deep feelings for Brandon. He senses that there’s more to Brandon than meets the eye, though Brandon seems to be unwilling to share his secrets.

During an intimate moment in Brandon’s bed, Eli makes the biggest mistake of his life: He shifts into wolf form without warning. Shocked and terrified, Brandon banishes Eli from his home. Brandon thinks that’s the end of it; until he shifts himself a few weeks later.

When Eli returns to try and make amends, he discovers that Brandon is moonlocked. He can’t control his body, and shifts in spite of every attempt not to any time the moon is full. Eli, concerned for Brandon’s well-being, whisks him away on an adventure despite Brandon’s protests. Over the course of their travels, Brandon discovers how the world really works; and what dark forces lie in wait for him.

This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words and does not end in a cliffhanger. The book also contains a bonus book, Moonlight's Call.

Title: Making the Rent the Hard Way
Author(s): Edward Kendrick
Length: 96 pages
PublisherFireborn Publishing (December 10, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Gay /


BlurbI was hired to find a missing shifter by the name of Luca Montana. Mr Farnham, the shifter who hired me, says Luca's his friend and he's worried about him. He had reason to be worried. Luca's not his friend, and he's found out something that could ruin my client's plans to have shifters take over the city.

Finding Luca wasn't all that hard. Saving him--and the city--from Farnham's machinations could turn out to be deadly. Then there's the problem of Luca himself and my growing attraction to him.

Yeah, making the rent definitely has its ups and downs.

Title: Dragon Fall
SeriesDragon Fall, 1
Author(s): Katie MacAlister
Length: 330 pages
PublisherForever (July 28, 2015)

Genre: Paranormal / Romance



For Aoife Dakar, seeing is believing-and she's seen some extraordinary things. It's too bad no one else believes that she witnessed a supernatural murder at an outdoor fair. Returning to the scene for proof, Aoife encounters a wise-cracking demon dog-and a gloriously naked man who can shift into a dragon and kiss like a god. Now thrust into a fantastical world that's both exhilarating and terrifying, Aoife is about to learn just how hot a dragon's fire burns.


Kostya has no time for a human woman with endless questions, no matter how gorgeous or tempting she is. He must break the curse that has splintered the dragon clans before more of his kind die. But his powerful attraction to Aoife runs much deeper than the physical-and there may be more to her than even his sharp dragon eyes can see. To survive the coming battle for the fate of his race, he needs a mate of true heart and soul . . .

Title: The Winter Trail
SeriesLove's Pursuit Book 2
Author(s): Jules Radcliffe
Length: 254 pages
Publisher: LooseId

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Poly / Bisexual / MMF / 


BlurbJake and Ash fell in love one wild summer in New York City. To escape the censure of the world, they retreated to the Cascade Mountains where they are free to love each other as they choose.

With the death of her beloved father, schoolteacher Evelyn Lockhart’s life has become a solitary grind. Poor and alone, she has no real home. On her way to yet another post, a terrible accident leaves her injured and stranded.

Rescued by Jake and Ash, Evie finds she is trapped by a blizzard. She is horrified, knowing her reputation will be ruined beyond repair. When Jake suggests marriage to one of them as the solution to her dilemma, she is dismayed to find she is drawn to both men, and cannot choose between them.

Jake and Ash want Evie to be with them, but they fear she will think their love sinful. They conceal it from her, knowing they have all winter to convince her that she belongs with them before they have to confess the truth. But will Evie accept their true relationship, or will she consider that they have betrayed her trust?

Publisher's Note: The Winter Trail was previously released by another publisher.

Title: Princes and Soldiers
Author(s): Kracken
Length: 178 pages

Genre: Enemies to Lovers / Fantasy / Gay / Romance /


BlurbAfter a five year conflict between the ruling elite on Earth and the Confederation of Satellites, there was a hard won peace and autonomy for those living off world. The Peacekeepers organization had been formed to battle those unwilling to end the war. Prince Christian Callinbrook was a general in that organization. Well respected, yet feared for his part in the war, he had learned to be above reproach in his personal and professional life. Suddenly being forced to admit to his organization two individuals who had been his enemies during the war was bad enough, but finding out that one was a irreverent joker who rarely followed the rules, threatened his sanity and his hard won respect from the organization. Christian soon discovered, though, that there was more to Erin Flynn than his loud mouth and his endless jokes. The handsome agent had a dark secret. As Christian helplessly fell for his one time enemy, he found he wanted the answer to that secret more than even his reputation.

Title: A Higher Calling
Series: Eternal Flame, 5
Author(s): Cree Storm, Maggie Walsh
Length: 146 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Dragons / Poly / MMM / 


BlurbThinking he had lost his mate Marco, Finn felt his life shatter before his eyes, until their friend Pauly had saved the man. Relief filled him at the sight of Marco opening his eyes, but shock once again grabbed him as his brother Jett’s best friend, and pain in the ass, Twix grabbed him, kissed him, then declared they were mates. 

Finn, Marco, and Twix have spent many months getting to know one another, then the fateful night of their mating comes and their world is shaken to it’s very core. The truth of Twix’s heritage is revealed, sending shockwaves throughout the city of Crystal and all its inhabitants.

New allies are found, old friends are reunited, and new enemies are on the prowl. As leaders, Illan and Justice must bring all the dragon and phoenix together to take a stand to protect all of the shifter world, and keep everyone they love safe.

Learning what Finn and Marco have about their little mate Twix, they know that they must do everything they can to keep him safe, because others are out there and evil is coming. With their mating has come a higher calling.

Title: Stealing the Wolf Prince
Series: The Wylderland Chronicles, 1
Author(s): Elle Clouse
Length: 193 pages
PublisherEtopia Press (January 16, 2015)

Genre: Romance/ Paranormal / Shifters /


BlurbWylderland Chronicles, Book One

What harm could come from impersonating royalty?

After years on the road conning wealthy nobles out of their gold, Kiera is ready to give up her life of crime and return to her childhood home of Cearbhall. She's got one last job in mind, one that will see her set for life. What harm could come from impersonating a country princess to marry a prince and live wealthily ever after? Except her childhood home is nothing like she remembered. The king has gone senile, his younger sons rule with terror, and the crown prince is missing. The prince she's to wed is only interested in siring an heir, and her future brother-in-law wants to get into her skirts. Deciding the grifter's life wasn't so bad after all, Kiera plots her escape. Before she can steal away, she's discovered and thrown into the dungeon with a crazed wolfborn to die.

Lachlan never thought that he'd see his childhood sweetheart once his wolfborn affliction set in. Nor did he expect to ever see daylight. Imprisoned in the dungeon since adolescence, his brothers have usurped the throne and trail evil in their wake. When Kiera lands in the dungeon with him, he recovers his will to put things right. Kiera may not remember him, but he remembers her, and Lachlan vows to save her from his brothers and their schemes.

Except Kiera wields a power unlike any other, and she doesn't need saving. But the people of Cearbhall do. As Kiera and Lachlan fight the evil princes, they uncover a greater magic in the world around them, and a powerful magic between them that can't be denied...

Winner of the 2016 RONE Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Title: The Northern Heart
SeriesThe Kingdom Curses, 2
Author(s): Sasha L. Miller
Length: 56k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fairy Tales / Fantasy / Bisexual / Gay /

Notes: Jumping the gun a bit on this one but I loved the first book and cannot wait for this one. The pre-order is available at LT3. This book will be released on Wednesday 08 March, 2017.

BlurbSeveral weeks ago Emmerich saved the royal family—but at great cost to himself. He keeps going into trances and wandering off, and the problem is getting worse. If they don't figure out a solution soon, whatever's wrong will kill him. As if that's not enough, the person stuck babysitting him is a man he desperately wishes had wanted him for more than one night.

Pearce is at his wits end trying to save the man he cares about. Nothing he tries helps for more than a moment, and each time Emmerich falls asleep and slips into a trance, bringing him back out requires greater and greater magic—if the trance doesn't kill him first, waking him most certainly will.

Title: The Orca King II
Author(s): Darragha Foster
Length: 71 pages
PublisherLiquid Silver Books (October 6, 2008)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay / MM / MF / Shifter /


BlurbMade impotent by a shadow born of his own poor choices and godly misdeeds, whale-shifter Big Tom, The Orca King, takes on the challenge of a lifetime to make amends to the women whose personal histories he’s abused after leading too many of them on needless sensual vision quests. To restore and renew his vitality and ability to shape-shift, and to save the life of his true love--a man infested with the breath of the serpent demon--he must confront his shadow head-on--not with force, but with love. The Orca King was named in the top-twenty five most unusual paranormal characters in the last twenty-five years by Romantic Times Booklovers Magazine.

Contains: Male/Male loving relations, oral sex, anal sex, brief M/F. Orca whale and sea serpent sex play.

Title: Penumbra
Series: The Poisoned Past, 2
Author(s): E.M. Prazeman
Length: 516 pages

Genre: Romantic / Historical / Fantasy / Gay /


BlurbLord Jester Lark is desperate to escape Cathret before the Church finds him and finishes what they began in a dark ritual chamber below the Court. Though he has allies, he quickly learns that he can’t trust them with his freedom. He may not even be able to trust himself as the mask he’s burdened with deepens its hold.

While delivering messages across battlelines, the Duchess Gzem Kelleisen searches for any sign of her missing son. Then she meets the Wolf Prince, a man who once loved her and intends to claim her for his own. The prince has the power to help her, but she might lose her husband’s love, or even cost him his life.

When Lark and Gzem's paths cross, it will change the course of the war, and bring humanity closer to its salvation ... or its doom.

Title: Defiler of Tombs
Series: The Kormak Saga, 2
Author(s): William King
Length: 175 pages

Genre: Dark Fantasy / 


BlurbTo the world at large, he is a mercenary and assassin, a brutal killer with a deadly blade. In reality Kormak is a Guardian, one of an ancient order sworn to protect humanity from the servants of the gathering darkness.


An open tomb, a dead child and an unleashed ancient horror send Kormak on a path of vengeance through the haunted northlands of Taurea. He seeks Morghael, a necromancer with a plan for resurrecting the dark empire of Kharon and the power to bring the dead swarming back to life.

Defiler of Tombs is the second thrilling installment of the Kormak saga. Buy it now and join Kormak on his terrifying quest to stop the return of an ancient evil.

Title: Soldier of Fortune
Author(s): SJ Frost
Length: 151 pages
Publisher: MLR Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Mercenary / 


BlurbConrad Dane is a mercenary of many talents, but Lucas Hartman brings out his softer side, reminding him of good in the world, and to protect him, Conrad's willing to use all his skills, including his most deadly.

Mercenary. Gun for hire. Soldier of fortune. That's Conrad Dane. Maybe he hasn't always done things the right way in his life, but that doesn't mean he's a bad guy. And sometimes, it takes doing the wrong thing, to get the right results. These days, he's backing out of the underworld, taking more jobs in the open in personal protection. He's contracted to protect a rising politician and gets more than he expected. Not from bad guys, but from the politician's son, Lucas.

Lucas likes the good guys, both in his favorite comic book superheroes and the men he forges relationships with. Conrad isn't the kind of man he goes for, but that's not stopping Lucas from being drawn to him, wanting to be closer to him.

Conrad and Lucas can't deny their attraction toward each other. When someone targeting Lucas's father pulls Lucas into danger as well, Conrad will do whatever it takes to keep Lucas safe.

Title: Hiding Out
Series: Caroline Springs Charter, 
Author(s): Lila Rose
Length: 189 pages

Genre: Romantic Comedy / Contemporary / Motorcycle Club /


BlurbWhat do you do when someone you trust threatens to sell you into slavery? Find the perfect place to hide out. 

Destitute and apathetic from the loss of her parents, Willow Demora is forced to accept any help thrown her way. Unfortunately, the only person willing to help is her cousin, a cousin who doesn't have a good bone in his body, and would do anything to stay out of the trouble he's in.

Hawks MC enforcer, Trey “Dodge” Monroe is a renowned hard-arse, now living in Caroline Springs. There are only a few brothers he trusts with his life. The rest have to gain his respect while they learn not to screw with him, especially when he finds Willow and discovers he’s willing to do anything he can to save her.

Even if it means he gives up his man-card, like the other love-sick members he's laughed at in the past, he’s ready to give it all.

Title: Jackass Flats
Series(Riding Cowboy Flats Book 1)
Author(s): Julia Talbot
Length: 115 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Cowboys / Gay / Former Military / 


BlurbCan a traveling military man and a set-in-his-ways cowboy find a way to make things work?

Tate feels like the best part of life has probably passed him by, which is why the thirtysomething cowboy hits the bars every night. When he meets Dave, a young soldier from a nearby Army base, though, Tate figures things might be looking up. He and Dave get off to a rocky start, but Tate soon finds that he and the kid have enough in common to make things interesting.

Dave isn’t really into the whole don’t ask, don’t tell thing, and he doesn’t bother to hide his relationship with Tate from his friends. Once he realizes he should have been more careful, it might be too late. But Dave is willing to fight for Tate, even if it means taking on the military.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2008.

Title: To Catch A Stolen Soul
Series: Dijinn Haven
Author(s): RL Naquin
Publisher: Carina Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal / 


BlurbFans of the Monster Haven series by R.L. Naquin will love this beguiling spin-off, featuring a trapped djinn caught in a hot mess of lost souls, fast food and otherwordly murder.

Kam is a soul chaser for the Hidden Government, a much harder job now that the Hidden look like everyone else. Broke, out of magic and sick of playing waitress in a pirate-themed dive bar, Kam jumps at a chance for an out-of-town mission.

A reaper—and his loaded soul stone—have gone missing. The stone contains souls that might get permanently stuck if Kam doesn't find it, like, yesterday. She tracks the reaper down to a food truck outside Kansas City, only to find a dead reaper and no soul stone in sight. Which means that someone who should be dead killed the reaper and is running around with a powerful magic item. Not good.

And apparently the killer is targeting food-truck owners that also happen to be Hidden. So the only thing to do is open her own truck and go undercover—goodbye Kam the Djinn, hello Mobile Food Entrepreneur—and hope that she and her new runaway friend won't be the next targets…

This book is approximately 65,000 words

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