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What's On The Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

Sometimes the Reading Radar isn't about what I'm reading but what catches my attention and intrigues me even if I'm not in the mood to read it. I've been doing a lot of re-reading and I'm pretty sure that people don't want to see what I'm reading Queen Takes Knight for the 15th time or I'm pretending I'm Torin Kerr by rereading Peace Divided for the 20th time. So, this week is what caught my eye while browsing and I either bought or put on my wish list. 

Edit: This was supposed to post last Saturday but I was busy editing and completely forgot about it until Monday. Sorry about that. I added one book to the bottom that I did read this week and really enjoyed. 

Title: Ardulum: First Don 
Author: JS Fields
Length: 277 pages
Publisher: Ninestar Publishing

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Lesbian

Notes: I've heard a ton of good things about this series and I'm going to give it a go!

Blurb: Ardulum. The planet that vanishes. The planet that sleeps.

Neek makes a living piloting the dilapidated tramp transport, Mercy’s Pledge, and smuggling questionable goods across systems blessed with peace and prosperity. She gets by—but only just. In her dreams, she is still haunted by thoughts of Ardulum, the traveling planet that, long ago, visited her homeworld. The Ardulans brought with them agriculture, art, interstellar technology…and then disappeared without a trace, leaving Neek’s people to worship them as gods.

Neek does not believe—and has paid dearly for it with an exile from her home for her heretical views.

Yet, when the crew stumbles into an armed confrontation between the sheriffs of the Charted Systems and an unknown species, fate deals Neek an unexpected hand in the form of a slave girl—a child whose ability to telepathically manipulate cellulose is reminiscent of that of an Ardulan god. Forced to reconcile her beliefs, Neek chooses to protect her, but is the child the key to her salvation, or will she lead them all to their deaths?

Title: Molten Awakening
Author: Sam Magna
Length: 10k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Lesbian

Notes: This book will be released on Wednesday 14 August, 2019.
Blurb: Vera works for Glim Industries, a demolition company, as their lead chemist. Sent to Crest Springs with an unfamiliar crew, her job is simple enough: create an explosive assembly utilizing alternative compounds.

With the support of Cairo, a fellow scientist and part of the unfamiliar crew Vera is working with this time, she surrenders to impulse and creates a risky formula. In the wake of its creation, though, a strange infection breaks out among the crew, causing them to morph into disturbing creatures called linchars.

A guilty conscience and dismay bear down on Vera as she's faced with a terrible decision: kill the crew or risk a new disease spreading across the world.

Title: Anthelion
Series: Love and War, 4
Author: RA Steffan
Length: 227 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Gay


Blurb: Ash is dead.Okay, that’s a lie. He’s not. Not really.

Somehow, that doesn’t make things any better.

After reports of a fatal hovercar accident outside the Capital—complete with a charred body and DNA identification—it seems at first that all is lost in the Shadow Wing’s quest to infiltrate the Premiere’s inner circle.

But one member of the vigilante group refuses to accept the evidence of his human comrade’s death. Draven knows Ash. He knows that devious mind, and more importantly, he knows the martyr complex that lies beneath it.

He should know. Draven is also a master at hiding. He’s done it for most of his life. Now, though, he’s done living in the shadows.

Can Draven track down a man who is so intent on not being found that he would stage his own death to prevent it? And if he does succeed in finding Ash, what then?

No one ever said that emerging from the darkness of the past was easy. No one ever said that forbidden love was painless.

Especially when the object of that love is convinced he’s damaged goods.

Title: Crimson Vampire Night
Author: Zac Zara
Length: 186 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Gay / Roamce /


Blurb: Vampires. Werewolves. And, a Forbidden Love with a Twist!

Deacon Nightworth is the younger son of Ishmael Nightworth, leader of the Nightworth Legion, a vampire clan tracing its origins back to the time of Julius Caesar. This legion of vampires has maintained peace in the supernatural world for centuries. But now severe trouble is brewing in the St, Louis area, trouble involving the Crimson Hounds, a powerful werewolf clan with packs all over Texas and the south.

The combination of undead serial killers, a rash of dead humans, and body snatchings was becoming impossible to ignore. Something genuinely evil was afoot, something besides vampires and werewolves. And now, to make matters worse, a fragile truce between vampires and werewolves was about to be broken. Total war between the vampires and werewolves would be a disaster.

Amid this supernatural chaos, Deacon meets Weldon, son of Shane Crimson and heir to the Crimson House. For a vampire prince, becoming involved with a werewolf, even if he were the heir to the Crimson House would not be accepted. Deacon, however, could not ignore the intense feelings of attraction. And, he was sure Weldon felt the same way.

This dangerous situation could easily spell the end for two star-crossed lovers. Or, can Deacon and Weldon forge a relationship strong enough to defeat the real threat, and bring the clans together.

Looking for a great supernatural tale with heroic gay characters and just a touch of humor? Then this is a story for you.

Title: Grave Witch
Series: (Alex Craft Series Book 2)
Author: Kalayna Price
Length: 400 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Romantic Elements

Notes: I thought I would have dug into this one already, but I have been out and about instead of at home.

Blurb: After a month of down time, Grave Witch Alex Craft is ready to get back to solving murders by raising the dead. With her love life in turmoil, Alex is eager for the distractions of work. But when her new case forces her to overuse her magic, it might be the last mystery the Grave Witch ever gets to solve...

Title: Goldie Locks and the Three Bears
Series: Fairytale Shifters, 4
Author: Sean Michael
Length: 72 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranoraml / Poly / Gay

Notes: I have not read any of the other books in the series. I saw this mentioned on twitter and grabbed. 

Blurb: On the run from a pack of wolves, Locke, a mountain lion shifter, comes upon an empty cabin in the woods. When he discovers that not only is the door open, but there’s jerky and cookies on the counter, just sitting there like an invitation, he slinks in and makes himself at home.

Kodi, Griz and Pole are all bear shifters. When they make their way home after a lengthy shopping expedition to get ready for the winter, they discover an interloper in their home. Not only has he eaten all the food they’d left out for their return, but he’s asleep in the middle of their bed. Anger turns swiftly to desire, when they see Locke, and realize he’s sporting nasty bruises – desire to help, desire to love on and desire to keep.

Will these four shifters get their fairytale ending? Find out in this retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Title: Trapped in the Alien Jungle 
Series: (Pykh Book 2)
Author: Eileen Glass
Length: 395 pages
Publisher: Glass Fiction (September 27, 2018)

Genre: Sci-Fi / Slow Burn Romance / Poly / Gay / 

Notes: I read the first book of this series a couple years ago when the other two were not released yet. It made my favorites list and I planned on reading the series as it released but forgot about it. A friend let me know the other two books were out and I bought this on audio. Joel Leslie did a great job. The first book is still very fresh in my mind so I didn't need a reread to jump in to this. Excellent story. Well written and imaginative with great characters. Highly recommend this series. 

Blurb: Carter isn't sure what to call his two alien protectors. Friends? Boyfriends? Mates?

Or merely indiscriminate lovers with sexy purrs and tangling tails?

He would be lost without them, he knows that. When their home is invaded by a dangerous new kind of alien slaver, they strike out into the jungle. He depends on them for food, protection, a direction to walk in. He's helpless even for shelter and warmth.

Thankfully, his alien lovers seem devoted, but why? Carter wishes he knew their names or anything else. Like whether the attachment he's feeling is returned.

With aliens, you can't make assumptions.

Wouldn't it be nice if he could just ask?

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Celebrating Pride Month with 20% Off #sale #LT3

If you haven't already noticed, Less Than Three Press is celebrating Pride Month by having a 20% off sale on their ebooks until Sunday, June 30th. 

Missing any of my books? Check out my recent release and backlist!

Recent release: The Aurora Conspiracy

Welcome to Aurora Mining Station located in deep space. A place where Regin makes an unlikely friend and is unexpectedly offered a second chance with the only person he ever wanted... if a conspiracy doesn't tear his world apart first.

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Questions, Answers, and an Excerpt from Valespian Pact #3 #gentleman #assassinsretirement #constant #ValpesianPact

Tuesday is usually my story day on the blog. The problem is that Assassin's Retirement doesn't have an new chapter and my temporary replacement, Leap of Faith, is finished. 

Why is this, you ask? Well, I have been pushing to get Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3) finished and it took up all my attention. Assassin's Retirement was set to the side so that I could push through. Then the contract for Striker came up and I renewed with LT3 Press. I wanted to edit and fix some things and realign it with the edits Alpha Trine went through last year. So I put Constant to the side to focus on Striker since it has a deadline. I will probably be finished with Striker by the end of the week and then I can get back to Constant and push through the last chapters. 

In all honesty, I probably won't be able to focus on Assassin's Retirement until after Constant is completed. Sorry about that, but it's been harder than usual splitting my attention over several projects so I quit forcing it. But once Constant is finished, then I'll write on Assassin's Retirement through to the end. You'll get the last quarter of the story through to the end. 

As an apology for the wait, here is an excerpt for Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3). No, I don't have a timeline for when it will be released. It is too early to estimate when. 

Spoilers were removed from this so it will read a little differently in the book. The background I can give is that Kryp is a Dire D'Noss who has befriended the Vondorians. The youngling is Mar'Sani. The Kraccium are a species that look like dolphins but can grow up to nine meters long. They pair bond with the Otaria who are very small and who are the Kraccium's voice.

Copyright Lexi Ander (unedited)

Late-meal quickly approached. He [Sohm'lan] and Mestor had gathered platters of Atlaintician's favorite foods and were making their way to the Kraccium wing of the palace. Stopping by the palace guards overseeing the entrance to the Kraccium wing, they gave their names. There were four Dire D'Noss loitering in a nearby seating arrangement and they perked up upon hearing who they were, but said nothing. The way he and Mestor were watched was disconcerting. He wondered if their interest had to do with rumors of the day's events or something else.

"Go to the very end of the hallway," one of the guards directed. "Everyone is in the main poolroom."

Mestor was excited to visit the Kraccium wing. The planetary diplomats usually reserved one of the palace meeting rooms to receive guests. Rarely did the species see each other's private rooms. Yes, Atlainticia had trade agreement with Hhorta, but Sohm'lan felt they had been given a rare opportunity to forge a deeper relationship with the Kraccium and Otaria.

The doors at the end of the hallway were massive. The palace boasted canals for the species who could not leave the water. But if the watercourses did not lead to a destination that a Kraccium wanted to go, they were transported through the halls in large pods . The size of the doors were a testament to the dimensions of such a transport.
An Otaria waited, her diminutive height looked even smaller next to the doors. "It is good to see you again Warlord Sohm'lan," Hina greeted.

"Good eve, Hina bondmate of Akalan. This is Prince Mestor Vondorian." He felt a rush of pride.

Hina pressed her palms together. "Welcome to our poolroom, Warlord Sohm'lan and Prince Mestor. We are just starting late-meal and had hoped you would join us."

"We would be honored," Mestor replied, holding up the containers he carried. "We brought some foods we thought Segna, Adaro, and their youngling would enjoy."

Hina ushered them through the doorway. "I am sure they would appreciate something familiar."

Sohm'lan stepped lightly to hear the Otaria speak, her soft voice nearer to his knees than his ears.

The poolroom was much larger than the one in Valdor's and Ashari's suite and resembled a lakeshore. The glass dome overhead showed a dark night sky, only a few stars shining through Haven's light pollution. A bank of tall windows gave a view of a waterfall caught in a blue-green pool. A balcony extended around the outdoor body of water, giving the Otaria space to lounge. As they walked with Hina, she described their interior pool which could hold twenty mature Kraccium. In the blue depths were tunnels to individual quarters, leading outside or even to the ocean.

Several Otaria were gathered in the shallows around a mound of boulders. Seats and smooth areas were carved into the hard surfaces, too small for the Dire D'Noss who floated in the circle of rock. Kryp's back rested against a large boulder, a youngling sitting on his chest. Mestor made a soft, startled noise. How had Kryp come to be there, and what was he doing ?

Kryp chewed spastically, the youngling rested her little hands on his powder white cheeks, watching his mouth intently.

"Kryp?" Mestor did not hide his surprise.

The Dire D'Noss did not move but his light blue eyes looked up from the youngling.

"What are you doing here?" Mestor asked while Sohm'lan carried the packages to the nearest table.

Kyrp's antennae wiggled excitedly, the colors changing quickly, not coming to rest on any one hue, but a combination that Sohm'lan had not seen Kryp wear before. Mestor disrobed and waded into the pool. Sohm'lan sat on the edge dangling his legs into the warm water. Seated, he was closer to Hina's height and better able to watch Kryp. What was he chewing with such vigor?

"Our doctors are concerned,"Hina said, coming to stand next to Sohm'lan. "Segna gave birth in captivity, seemingly without help. There were complications that did not kill her but weakened her. Her body worked hard against itself to produce substance for the little calf, causing her to weaken further. If she had been fed properly, she might have had a chance. What they did to her…" Hina met Sohm'lan's gaze and he could see what she hesitated to say.

"She is dying," he supplied.

"She would have passed last night if we had not brought her here. Our doctors have tried everything but she…" Hina raised her hands in a gently shrug. "She has been unconscious since last night and they do not expect her to wake before she passes."

Sohm'lan struggled to keep from being dragged into memories of Niobe and the night he lost her and their youngling. Adaro had to be in full rampage mode.

"Where have you kept Adaro?" How much compensation would Valdor need to arrange for to replace what Adaro has destroyed. Why had the Kraccium not contacted them and let them know Adaro was out of control?

"I am afraid that when she passes so will he. Adaro has not left her side and has become lethargic. On Hhorta, it is common for bonded pairs to pass together, so our doctor has respected Adaro's wishes and left him with Segna."

Sohm'lan nodded. Some Mar'Sani did pass with their lifemate, though only a small percentage. He had always thought they were older, mates nearing the end of their lives, but he could not be sure.

The youngling squealed, patting Kryps face and he puckered up. She leaned forwards and Sohm'lan watched in fascination as she gobbled up what Kryps had been chewing and spit out.

"We contacted Empress Ashari, searching for a lactating Atlaintician. There are not any here, but the empress was kind enough to relay that the substitute they occasionally used came from the Dire D'Noss's homeworld. The milk comes in hard squares. When I contact Councilmember Seclord Drosl Brouque'yd'xe, asking how to reconstitute the cubes..." Hina waved a webbed hand toward Kryp as if to say this was their response.

Kryp grinned at the youngling. "Our caregivers chew the cubes, the saliva turning the solid into a digestible meal for offspring. Drosl did not tell me that I was delivering the cubes for an offspring who also needed a caregiver. Once Hina explained the situation, how could I say no. I am technically too young to be a caregiver, but my saliva glands are fully mature. I think Drosl and grandfather conspired to remove me from danger by putting this little one in my path. It is an underhanded move. Now," he pointed at his multicolored antennae, "that I have manipulated the saliva glands, the color change indicates I am a caregiver with offspring. I will be unable to hide among grandfather's enemies to gather intelligence."

The youngling swallowed and rocked on Kryp's chest excitedly. He looked at her and gave her a fond smile, fishing in a dish at his elbow, he withdrew a wiggling minnow. The youngling snatched it up and chewed the tail.

"Easy Matsya. There is plenty of food here. Caregiver Kryp will not allow you to starve again. Promise."

As if she understood him, the youngling slowed her chewing.

"Matsya?' Mestor asked, lifting a white cube from the plate and sniffing it.

"Segna had not been able to tell us the little calf's name and Adaro does not respond to our inquiries," Hina replied.

"I got tired of thinking about her as 'the offspring'," Kryp added. "So I gave her a sweeting name. Matsya is a minor deity in Dire D'Noss mythology. Manu protected Matsya so they would grow to become a big fish and later saved earthly existence." Kryp shrugged with embarrassment. When neither Sohm'lann or Mestor replied his antennae ends curled inward.

"The overlord would be please at your thought-filled naming and caregiving," Sohm'lan finally said. "You have battled wisely and showed wisdom during this sojourn from your homeworld."

Kryp's antennae straightened completely and he looked supremely pleased. "Caregivers are revered by the majority of us, though I do not know if being one to an offspring who is not Dire D'Noss counts."

"I would think it would count more so. You have to be slightly empathic to tend a species that is different from what you are familiar with. How many would think to sit in the water so the youngling is comfortable?'

Kryp thought about that. "Maybe. Being in water seemed natural since Hina said the offspring—youngling—had never been out of water. She has only been breathing air for a couple of hours."

"How long have you been here?" Sohm'lan asked.

Matsya turned and looked at him, her eyes going wide, the head of a fish hanging out of her mouth. She wiggled excitedly and fell-dived off Kryp's torso and swam to him. Sohm'lan shrugged off the robe and slid into the water in time to catch her. Her little claws gripped him as she climbed him to look him in the eye. He hiss-clicked and whistled at her. Avidly she watched his mouth, trying to imitate him even though her mouth was full.

"Around midday," Kryp replied. "It was a challenge feeding her underwater. Our youngling know to accept offerings from our mouth. She sucked on the end of my antennae!" He sounded scandalized.

Mestor barked out a laugh and could not seem to stop. Sohm'lan had a hard time not joining in.

"I was afraid to do anything after I felt the scrape of her teeth. It caused my eyes to twitch." He pointed to his face, and sure enough, the skin around his large eyes spasmed. "All I have to do is think about it and this happens."

Mestor laughed harder, losing his breath and coughing.

"It is amazing your caregivers allow a youngling near any body part to nurse."

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What's on the Reading Radar? #amreading #TBR

What am I doing? Editing, Editing Editing, again. I'll be glad when I'm done and can go back to writing. :D

Reading wise, the list is short. I've been struggling with anxiety this week which causes me to struggle with focusing. I'm not complaining. It is what it is.  The slightest hint of drama in a book makes me put it down so I spend a week or more reading something that would only take me a couple of days or less. 

Title: Surviving the Shadows
Series: The bearer of Truth, 2
Author: Miranda Turner
Length: 293 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Romantic Elements / 

Notes: I devoured the first book of this series when it came out in December. Loved it and am excited about this release. This is my weekend read. :D

BlurbGabriel has been gone longer than predicted, and Evander is growing increasingly worried each day that passes without his return. Confounded by their leaders’ lack of answers, Evander and the team begin to fear the worst.

In the midst of fruitlessly searching Miami for clues to the Daemon Abaddon’s whereabouts, Evander begins to have disturbingly vivid dreams. With a little help from a newly returned and empty-handed Michael and Barabbas, Evander discovers Gabriel has been calling out for help across their nascent bond, and they set off to rescue Gabriel from the depths of the Underworld.

Gabriel is old friends with torture, and his captors haven’t been gentle. Despite growing weaker every day, Gabriel resolves to survive long enough for rescue, or to die fighting, until a Dark Seer begins to dredge up the terror of Gabriel’s horrific childhood, threatening to destroy his mind and soul. Nearing the end, Gabriel manages a last-ditch effort to contact help, reaching out to Evander in his dreams.

Against all odds, Evander and the team fight through the Underworld to reach Gabriel and come face to face with mortality. Sacrifices made for the bonds of brotherhood nearly break them, and Gabriel learns the hard way that embracing the darkness while fighting for the light may be the only way to survive.

From the underbelly of Reno to the glitz and glam of Vegas, Gabriel, Evander, and the men they call family will be tested, and the final confrontation with Gabriel’s maker may be the end of everything they hold dear.

Surviving the Shadows is an approximately 100,000-word LGBTQ urban fantasy with a romantic subplot. It is a direct sequel to Shadowing the Light and reading the first book in the series is essential to enjoying this one. Please see the disclaimer on the Copyright Page for content advisories.

Title: Fresh Meat
Series: Dance with the Devil, 6.5
Author: Megan Derr
Length: 85 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / Poly / Bisexual / Gay /

Notes: This is one of my all time favorite series. Of course I read this. The dragons and their knights are a favorite of mine. Add in Clan Mordred and I am there.

BlurbDeacon has served as Captain of the Guard of Clan Mordred since he was young—too young, everyone said, though none of them rushed in to help a boy who'd just inherited the role from a mother murdered in cold blood.

It's given him little chance to do anything else with his life, and at just past forty, he'd like a break. Unfortunately, just as he's on the verge of requesting one, a problem he can neither ignore nor delegate arrives at his door: a whole lot of missing people, and all signs point to goblins.

When he goes to the local sorcerer for assistance, however, it's to learn he's out of town and the only help on offer is Wyatt, the strange kid with a knack for alchemy, a penchant for trouble, and eyes that leave Deacon haunted and longing...

Title: Grave Witch
Series: Alex Craft, 1
Author: Kalayna Price
Length: 336 pages
Publisher: Ace (October 5, 2010)

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Fae / Witches

Notes: I have never heard of this author until I came across this book on audible when I was looking for a non-romantic urban fantasy. I actually went back and looked at it a couple of times. Audiobooks are expensive, and I had recently bought several that after I got into them an hour or so, I realized they weren't for me so I have been careful with my purchases. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. I wasn't even finished when I bought the next one in the series. 

BlurbAs a grave witch, Alex Craft can speak to the dead-she's even on good terms with Death himself. As a consultant for the police, she's seen a lot of dark magic, but nothing has prepared her for her latest case. When she's raising a "shade" involved in a high profile murder, it attacks her, and then someone makes an attempt on her life. Someone really doesn't want her to know what the dead have to say, and she'll have to work with mysterious homicide detective Falin Andrews to figure out why...

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Leap of Faith: Part Eight #blogstory #MM #gay #contemporary

Welcome back to Leap of Faith! This is the last part of the short story about Ben and Dawson. I hope you enjoyed it, flaws and all.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Part Eight: Leap of Faith

Ben listened intently as David explained what each bundle contained, initialing and signing where indicated. He lost count of how many packets he signed off on. The door jingled and Ben ignored the newcomer, knowing that Dawson would handle the walk-in. He signed the last page, feeling like he'd cut off the last of the dead weight from his past.
"Where is he?"
Ben froze. He knew that voice even if he hadn't heard it in a long time. There were some things you never forgot.
David moved away from Ben. "Sam, what are you doing here?"
"I tailed you, David. Javier said today was the day of the sale and I knew you would meet with Ben. He doesn't go to your office and so I followed you. I know he's here somewhere. Is he hiding in the back? He can't run from me forever."
"Sam, do you know how wrong it is to shadow me?" The anger in David's voice was audible. "You can't make Ben see or talk to you if he doesn't want to."
Ben turned to see David had stepped in front of him, blocking Sam's view. Dawson stood off to the side, arms crossed as he scowled. Ben hadn't wanted to talk to Sam. There was nothing Sam could say that would mend their relationship. He'd thought Sam would move on. Obviously he was wrong.
"He didn't give us—me a chance to explain. You don't throw away a lifetime for nothing."
That's rich.
"I'm pretty sure it wasn't for nothing, Sam," Ben bit out.
He was acutely aware that he hadn't put his shirt back on. The way Sam's eyes slid down his body made him uncomfortable. Had Sam always gazed at me with naked desire?
"Ben?" Sam stepped completely around David, eyes rounding as he scanned Ben's muscular frame. "What happened to you?"
He considered Sam's artfully disheveled appearance and knew his ratty blue jeans and hiking boots were a far cry from what Sam had normally seen him wear in the past. The small changes Ben made to his appearance had to be shocking to his former friend.
Ignoring Sam's questions, Ben approached Dawson. "Can you hand over my shirt? My first client will be here in fifteen."
"Dammit, Ben! Don't ignore me. Wait, are you wearing eyeliner? When did you start that? Holy shit, what is with the earrings? Not that it's bad, you're fucking hot, but this isn't you." Sam's hands waved in the air at Ben.
He presented his back to Dawson and gave Sam a hard stare. "What would you know about that?"
"If you hadn't cut me out of your life, I would know…" He waved a hand at Ben again.
Ben shook his head at Sam's words. "That's not my fault."
His former friend ran a hand through his hair, glancing around and scrutinizing the shop. "So you—what—work here now. You sold your interest in the firm for this place? You could do much better—you know that—come back home. You can't be happy in this dump."
He felt Dawson stiffen behind him. "I'm part owner of this dump," Ben snapped. "You don't get to judge me or my friends. Your opinion isn't needed or wanted."
Sam's face flushed a bright red. "What? Are you screwing another one of your business partners?"
Dawson's hands held firmly onto Ben's hips, derailing Ben's thought of knocking Sam out. The man's touch reminded him where he was, who he was. "No, that would be you screwing my partner, Sam. What I'm doing now is none of your damn affair," he spat back.
Sam's voice softened, the anger leaching out of the tone. "Look, Ben, that's not what I meant. I'm angry and jealous. I've been searching for you for months and you've changed everything about yourself to get back at us. I get it. I really do, but it's time to come home. You gotta know that we love you. Dammit, I love you and you can't leave us—leave me like that. We were going to talk to you about it, and there didn't seem to be a good time, then we were afraid you wouldn't be open to a three-way relationship. You didn't give us a chance to explain. It could work, but you walked away like we meant nothing to you. How could you? You were supposed to love us or was that a lie too?"
Ben studied Sam. What was he supposed to say to all that? Where would he even start?
Dawson stepped from behind Ben, his large hand falling onto the nape of Ben's neck.
"Sam," Dawson said, drawing the man's attention. "I don't imagine you'd recall who I am, but I most certainly remember you." Dawson turned his arresting blue eyes to Ben. "You blew it, pal. Friends don't do what you did, and just so you know, Ben's not interested in what you have to offer now, any more than he was back then." Dawson's eyes flicked down to Ben's lips. "I'll take that kiss now," he said softly.
Ben gave a startled laugh as Dawson pulled him in. He expected a heated crush of lips and was surprised by the gentle brush of Dawson's mouth over his. A hand cupped the back of his head and the other palmed his ass, drawing his body flush with Dawson's. The hard line of Dawson's erection against his hip had him opening his mouth in a moan that was quickly swallowed by Dawson's masterful kiss. Ben slipped his arms around Dawson's waist and he wished their clothes were gone. He ached to feel Dawson's skin next to his.
A tongue swiped across his and he opened wider, slanting his head as he chased Dawson's taste. The slow exploration turned to hot panting and muffled groans as the desire bounced between the two of them. Reluctantly, they parted to gasp for air.
"Ben, Dawson," David said from the doorway. "It's been a pleasure to see you."
Dawson licked and sucked on Ben's chin before kissing his way down the column of Ben's neck.
David chuckled, his free hand grasping Sam's elbow. "I'll tell your parents something came up and you won't make dinner. I don't think that I have to warn you to be prepared for Annie's visit tomorrow."
Ben barely registered David leaving, dragging a protesting Sam with him. He didn't care. Dawson was driving him crazy with his kisses. Dawson pulled away, his hair a little wild, pupils swallowed by lust.
"Your appointment will arrive any minute," Dawson reminded him.
Ben glanced around and pulled in a couple of calming breaths. "You expect me to work after that?" He'd much rather go into the back room and beg Dawson to fuck him.
Dawson smirked as if he could read Ben's thoughts. "David did us a favor and gave us the evening together. Life doesn't stop simply because you're horny."
The door chimed. Ben shot a glare at Dawson's sly smile before pulling on his T-shirt. Glancing at the clock, he mentally counted down the time to close. His body hummed with new excitement.
The past year had been hard but it hadn't broken him. As hurt and distraught as he'd been the night he'd met Dawson, he'd still had the ability to take a leap of faith that had changed his life for the better.
He peeked at Dawson who diligently cleaned his station. Dawson had renewed his faith in people and friends. And hopefully, later on that night, they'd take their friendship one step further. Ben was excited to see where it would lead.

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What's on the Reading Radar #amreading #TBR #WishList

What have I been doing? Renewing the contract with Less Than Three Press and reviewing Striker for any changes. That has basically been my week. :)


Title: Range of Emotion
Series: Survivors Find Love,
Author: Lissa Kasey
Length: 281 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Bisexual / Gay / 

Notes: So I love Lissa's Dominion series and her Hidden Gem so I thought that I would dip my toes in her contemporary work, too.

Blurb: Nate Granger is losing everything to mental illness; his job, his home, and even his sanity. All he has left are his three ancient cats and a best friend who lives across the country. Faced with the choice of trying to piece the tattered remains of his life back together or move in with the man he’s always dreamt could be his and start over, Nate is too afraid of losing Jamie to decide.

After Jameson “Jamie” McKendal lost his wife to cancer, he buried his grief in online video games, which is where he met Nate. Now he specializes in rescues, both as a park ranger, and as an animal rehabilitation specialist. He knows a skittish animal when he sees one, and Nate’s been in need of rescue for a while. A decade of friendship has Jamie thinking he might want more, but he has to help Nate heal first.

Can Jamie convince Nate that his worth lies in who he is and not what he can do for others? Does Nate even dare to hope for a chance to find love in the aftermath of his chaotic life?

Title: Queen Takes More
Series: Their Vampire Queen
Author: Joeley Sue Burkhart
Length: 104 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Poly /

Notes: Read it. Loved it. I will never get enough of this series. 

Blurb: You wanted more. More Shara. More blood. More Blood.

You had so many questions after Shara Isador took the Triune. Why was Daire in the cathouse? Why didn’t she get immediate revenge against the Dauphine? These questions are answered, along with providing all of the Their Vampire Queen short stories that were previously published in other anthologies, including:

Queen Takes Alpha

Queen Takes Twins

Queen Takes a Late Christmas

And since you’re all so very greedy, there’s some additional time for Okeanos in this compilation. Of course, it’s appropriately titled Queen Takes Tentacles.

Title: Carniepunk: Parlor Tricks
Series: Elemental Assassin Series, 10
Author: Jennifer Estep 
Length: 70 pages
Publisher: Pocket Star (June 3, 2013)

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Notes: Even though I think she should drop-kick Quinn, this listed as apart of the series. For what I gather from the blurbs, this one and the next book are short stories about how her and Quinn work through their/his problems. And of course, Gin finds herself in the middle of trouble, again. 

Blurb: Come one! Come all! Witness Gin Blanco—aka the Elemental Assassin, aka the Spider—go toe to toe against the Esmerelda the Amazing's Wheel of Death and some dangerously creepy clowns! Only at The Carnival of Wondrous Wonders!

A story from the forthcoming Carniepunk urban fantasy anthology starring bestselling authors Rachel Caine, Jennifer Estep, Kevin Hearne, Seanan McGuire, and Rob Thurman, and also includes Delilah S. Dawson, Kelly Gay, Mark Henry, Hillary Jacques, Jackie Kessler, Kelly Meding, Allison Pang, Nicole D. Peeler, and Jaye Wells. Samples of all fourteen tales are included to tantalize and to tease. Come to the Carniepunk midway and explore the creepy, mysterious, magical world of traveling carnivals today!

Title: The Engineer's Mate
Series: Blue Solace, 5
Author: CW Gray
Length: 318 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Gay / Mpreg / Angst-Free / 

Notes: I'm a little behind with this series. 4 and 5 came out when I wasn't paying attention. 

Blurb: Welcome back to Charybdis Station and the crew of the Blue Solace: (Fifth Book in the series)

Beck Brackenstone is a simple Grell. He loves his family and friends and enjoys tinkering in his shop. His greatest dream is to meet his life-mate, settle down, and raise a bunch of babies. When he finally does meet his mate, he realizes how completely unprepared he really is. How do you court an assassin? How do you keep your brain from melting when your mate smiles?

Guild Master Beol is not a simple man. He runs one of the most prominent assassins guilds in the galaxy and has a troubled past. He has responsibilities and contracts to worry about and no time for a mate. When he meets Beck, that all changes. His Grell completely bewitches him and sparks something inside him that he thought died a long time ago. The problem is that Beck has secrets that even his most trusted friends don't know, and Beol has some major trust issues.

The two men may appear to be a horrible match, but in truth, they are perfect for one another. Unfortunately the Crellic Queen and Humans First are terrorizing the galaxy and Charybdis Station is their next target. They will need to trust in one another and their friends to end the Queen's path of destruction once and for all.

Author's Note: 56,000 words. This is a sci-fi/fantasy, m/m love story with no angst and no cheating, just a HEA. There is lots of action, a little sex, mpreg, and a few potty mouths involved in the story. 18+ readers only, please. It is also the fifth book in a series that is best read in order. Read "The Mercenary's Mate," "The General's Mate," "The Soldier's Mate," and "The Lieutenant's Mate" first!

Title: Hurricane
Series: (The Elements Book 1)
Author: Laura Taylor
Length: 150 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Omegaverse / Gay

Notes: Okay. So even though I love mpreg, I usually stay away from Omegaverse because it oftentimes explores real world issues about disparity and discrimination, among a ton of other issues. I always get angry and it's hard for me to look past how people are treated to the love story under everything. But I wanted to give this a try after I read the sample (and because the blurb for book two seemed awesome. I love it when the little guy shakes things up/blow things up.) I am struggling with the ABO views of this world but I'm about 30% in. It is well written and smart.

Blurb: Lieutenant Azure Lynwood’s latest mission with the Space Corps is turning into a complete disaster. A routine inspection of a remote outpost on Titan unexpectedly turns into a murder investigation. Then a blizzard hits, trapping the five crew members in the tiny base, cut off from any contact with civilisation. And now, without access to his supply of hormonal suppressants, Azure realises he has only a couple of hours until he goes into heat. 

Without medical assistance, omegas in heat experience twelve hours of the worst pain imaginable. The thought of what he has to endure is terrifying, but Azure knows that being mated wouldn’t necessarily be any better. Alphas in rut are notoriously violent and aggressive, and matings invariably leave omegas with brutal injuries and emotional scars that can last a lifetime.

But just when Azure thinks his situation can’t get any worse, he finds out one last, staggering piece of news. Major Tor Savan, his commanding officer, and one of the most respected men in the Space Corps, is an alpha. And once he gets a whiff of Azure’s heat pheromones, there isn’t a force in the entire galaxy that could keep them apart.

Title: Supernova
Series: Mated to the Captain. 3
Author: Christine Wright
Length: 299 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Mpreg / Gay

Notes: This is me holding on to a good thing because I didn't want the series to end. (A bad habit I have of saving the last book in the series because I don't want to say goodbye to the characters.) I've been in a reading slump so I reread the first two so that I could finish it up. This is a great series with humor and a little bit of ridiculousness from Del. I loved the introduction of Kai, and I seriously don't know what to expect from Hastor, but I look forward to reading this in the next couple of days, even if it means it will be over. *sniff-sniff*

Blurb: “Never tempt fate. It has a way of biting you beneath the armor.”-Xolian saying

Captain Quinn has always been the savior, rescuing his little human mate Del from every unlikely predicament. Even with Quinn’s protective nature and Del’s tendency to find trouble, they balance each other. The mated pair are ecstatic, anxiously awaiting the birth of their twins, when disaster strikes. A mysterious illness waylays the Captain, leaving Del in charge. Being the Captain leaves Del in a bind--pregnant, a magnet for trouble, Del struggles to find his feet and keep everyone safe. All their lives are deeply impacted by Del’s command decision to seek assistance from an old enemy.

Brync and Kai fear Kai’s parents won’t accept their blossoming relationship. When Kai is ordered to return home Brync must make the decision of his life.

Rathian Raider Hastor, annoyed that he’s been mated to a Xolian, plans to ignore the spoiled, whiny, green-eyed alien until he dies from exposure to the desert climate. But Braxx may be more interesting and resilient than Hastor first expected.

Now if those babies would just arrive on time and follow their fathers well laid out plan, life could get back to normal.

Title: Monster Born
Series: Northern Creatures, 1
Author: Kris Austen Radcliffe
Length: 218 pages
Publisher: Six Talon Sign Fantasy & Futuristic Romance (August 8, 2017)
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Notes: I have been looking at this book for a while and I think I'm going to take the plunge.

Blurb: What happens when a man starts life as a corpse?

Two hundred years ago, Frank Victorsson awoke as a semi-dead, monstrous abomination reanimated by his hubris-ridden father, Victor Frankenstein. But Frank refused to become the infernal hate his father spewed at the world. He walked away from his origins — and into a small, Minnesota town overflowing with magic.

Now Dr. Frankenstein’s other sins want revenge.

The Nordic elves of Frank’s new home call him family. The werewolves call him friend. And when the town’s vampires disappear and innocents die, Frank realizes the demon responsible might be the one force on Earth faster and stronger than him — and the one foe capable of pulling to the surface his long-suppressed rage.

Now Frank must stop a rampaging evil bent on murdering the people he loves the most. But can he save his town without losing himself to the monster he once tamed?

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Leap of Faith: Part Seven #blogstory #MM #gay #contemporary

Welcome back!

Copyright Lexi Ander

Part Seven: Leap of Faith

Chapter Three

Ben was terrified he'd screwed up. He should've admitted he wanted to go to dinner with Dawson as his date but he'd chickened out at the last second and ran. He grabbed a couple of Clorox wipes, ignored the probing glances Dawson threw his way, and started cleaning his station.
He'd seen the way Dawson watched him when Dawson thought he wasn't paying attention. Ben had been patient and waited for Dawson to make a move. He wasn't sure what spurred him to ask Dawson out but he felt like a fool. He'd ruined what had started out as a great morning.
"Did you want me to finish the tail of the phoenix today?" Dawson flipped through the appointment book at the counter. Alice, their office help, had asked for the day off so they had to man the front desk between appointments.
"What's on the books for today?" Ben made himself stop cleaning the chair before he wore a hole in the vinyl.
"The morning appointments were rescheduled. As long as we don't have any walk-ins, I can finish up your bird in no time."
"All right," he said before he thought it through. He'd probably regret working the rest of the day after Dawson finished the tattoo but he didn't care. It was an excuse to have Dawson touch him.
He pulled his T-shirt over his head and lay face down on the chair. Ben closed his eyes and waited. When Dawson started working, he concentrated on the brush of Dawson's fingers. He was grateful he lay on his stomach because it hid the erection he got every time he was in Dawson's chair. The sting of the needle didn't take away from his fantasies.
"So, this date tonight," Dawson's voice was smooth and low. "I imagine I'll need a suit."
Ben swallowed past the lump in his throat, he felt like a giddy teenager because Dawson called it a 'date'.
"Only if you want to."
Dawson gave him a stinging smack on the ass and Ben thought he was going to lose it and come in the chair. "What the hell, man?" he panted, struggling for control. He'd never told anyone about those secret desires.
"Don't placate me. The invitation has been posted on the fridge for a while. I'm well aware of the restaurant and their dress code. Give me a little credit. I would've said no if I couldn't swing it."
Ben panted softly, well aware that Dawson hadn't moved his hand from Ben's ass.
"Now, do I need to wear a complete suit with a tie or can I get by with a dress shirt and pants?" Dawson squeezed Ben's ass cheek and he couldn't help but to push up into Dawson's large palm. "Well?" Dawson prompted.
Ben drew in a couple of deep breaths and struggled to control his body. "You don't need a complete suit."
"Better," Dawson purred and soothed Ben's stinging ass cheek.
He vehemently wished he were naked. He couldn't count how many fantasies he'd had of Dawson taking him in that very chair.
"Ben, are you listening to me?" Another smack hit his other ass cheek and he bucked in the chair.
"What the hell, man?" Ben rolled to his side to see Dawson.
The man stared back at him, lust stamped on his features. Nothing was hidden from Ben, including the outline of a large hard cock trapped in Dawson's jeans.
"You weren't complaining." Dawson's eyes boldly traveled the length of Ben's body. "In fact, I think you loved the hell out of it and," Dawson palmed Ben's dick, rubbing the erection through the pants, "I'm pretty sure you want me to do more than smack your ass." Ben embarrassed himself with a whimper when Dawson's hand withdrew. "My question was, since we're going on a date, does that mean I get to kiss you? But I think I already have my answer."
Ben's heart beat hard in his chest. "You want to kiss me?"
The bell over the door jingled. Dawson leaned in and whispered. "Oh, I want to do more than merely kiss you."
David Burk, Ben's lawyer, stood by the front counter. "Hi, Ben, Dawson. I have the contracts for the sale for you to sign, Ben."
David was Annie's boyfriend and he'd helped Ben navigate separating his property from Javier and the legal mess of selling his half of the advertising firm. As much as Ben loved David for all of his help, the man had picked the worst time to drop by. Dawson slathered A&D Ointment on Ben's lower back and affixed a bandage to the newly inked skin of the phoenix's tail. Scowling, Ben discreetly adjusted himself before leaving the chair. Dawson chuckled evilly, sending a chill through Ben.
"Hey, David," Ben replied then cleared the gruffness from his throat. "Are you and Annie going to be at the dinner tonight?"
David set the briefcase on the counter and grinned.
"We'll be there, although Annie is having a fit because she wanted us to spend the evening alone." A rakish expression crossed David's face. "I'll have to make it up to her."
Ben accepted one of the packets. "I don't know what is more disturbing. The expression on your face or that you're talking about my sister."
           David laughed. "Oh, I've heard how Annie talks with you. I'm nowhere near as graphic as she is."

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What's on the Reading Radar? #reading #TBR #WishList

What have I been doing this week? World Building, Writing, and Editing. That makes me think, "Welcome to the WWE wrestling association! Today we have--" Which, admittedly, sometimes writing is a little like wresting at times. And then when you're finished, the manuscript is laying in the middle of the ring and you're standing on the ropes, waving your fist in the air to celebrate your victory. I have not reached that point yet, but I can taste it. 

What have I been reading? I have been re-reading but I started some new books and stuck with them. 

Title: Knight's Fire 
Series: (Scales of Honor Book 1)
Author: SJ Himes
Length: 143 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal / Dragons & Knights / Gay /

Notes: I read this the day of release. <3 <3 Zephyr was Adorable and Gawain was awesome. Great read which I'm sure will be read over and over. 

Blurb: Stories tell of great fire-breathing beasts large as castles, fierce and deadly, capable of magicks that no human can match. The Kingdom of Kentaine once allied itself with the dragons of old, but eventually, the dragons were lost to time and fell into legend.

Sir Gawain, First Knight of the Realm, is tasked by his older sister the Queen to travel to the edges of their kingdom, where a beast is flaming villagers and has the locals ready to form a mob and hunt it down themselves. His mission is to find the dragon, stop the violence, and do what he needs to maintain the peace.

His journey puts him in the heart of a confrontation with the dragon, but instead of saving the villagers, it is the dragon that needs rescuing. Zephyr, a fire dragon and an escaped slave, needs protection, time to heal, and a chance at a life full of hope.
Gawain can do no less than offer his sword, his shield, and his heart. Evil is hunting Zephyr, and it will not stop until it has reclaimed its prize.

Beyond the legends lies the truth, and love, like fire, consumes everything it touches.

**Please note this is a novella of 38,330 words and is not a full-length novel.**

Title: How to Hire A Vampire Consultant
Author: Hollis Shiloh
Length: 57 pages

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Gay

Notes: I have been looking for some shorter read and came across this one. It's on my weekend list. 

Blurb: Steve isn't used to being the responsible party. He's not even a real agent at the Paranormal Research Agency—he's here on parole. But right now, a lot of the PRA's people are missing, and Steve and the librarian might be the only ones who can save them. While she researches like her life depends on it, Steve's running around mopping up monstrous messes. He needs all the help he can get—even from a sassy vampire. Barnaby the vampire is kind of hot (for a twink), and not nearly as badass as he likes to think. Even if he did save Steve's life. Between the three of them, they might just have what it takes to save the day.

16,300 words - low heat
Themes: gay romance, paranormal, humor

Title: Azaran 
Series: (The Brotherhood of Ormarr Book 1)
Author: Jacki James
Length: 139 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay / 

Notes: I started this last night and really like it so far.

Blurb: Azaran~I was born a dragon rider. A member of the Brotherhood of Ormarr, son of Cadmar, and the eldest of four sons. I was raised to defend the innocent and protect the secret of the dragons, but when I was eighteen, my parents were brutally murdered and the training and care of my brothers fell to me. My entire adult life has been spent helping my brothers grow into the strong, brave dragon riders they were born to be. Now that the youngest of my brothers is close to adulthood, the last thing I need is someone else to worry about—someone else to be responsible for. If only the handsome doctor fate had chosen for my mate wasn’t so perfect for me.

AlI I ever wanted was to help people, that’s why I became a doctor, but I quickly learned that modern medicine was more about the all-mighty dollar and less about saving lives. It wasn’t long before I was doubting my life choices. A vacation to the ocean was supposed to leave me refreshed and ready to get back to work, but instead, I found myself pulled into a world I never knew existed. A world where dragons are real, men fight like medieval warriors, and my soulmate has his very own bat cave. Azaran thinks the last thing he needs is a mate to worry about. Good thing I don’t need anyone to take care of me. My sexy dragon rider, on the other hand, needs someone to take care of him, and I think I’m just the man to do it.

Azaran is the first book in The Brotherhood of Ormarr series. While each book focuses on a different couple, the overall story arc continues in the next installment. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest reading in order. Azaran is a m/m romance, and is recommended for adults 18 years and older.

Title: Deadly Sting 
Series: (Elemental Assassin Series Book 8)
Author: Jennifer Estep
Length: 404 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books (March 26, 2013)


Notes: I wanted to catch up on the Spider series, but I don't own all of them so I'm reading them when I can afford the next book in the series. I usually listen to the audiobook while I'm doing other things, but I have to say I felt that this narration was dragged out. With 4 hours left, I pulled out the ebook and finished in half the time. I like dramatization but that was too much for me. And I didn't like Gin bemoaning Owen's absence. Prick. I'm all for her finding someone who understands who and what she is and accepts her as is. I am also not a fan of her taking responsibility for things that isn't hers to claim. It started with Selina and has overflowed into this book. I should probably write a review because I have a lot to say. 

Blurb: Red is definitely my color. Good thing, because in my line of work, I end up wearing it a lot. 

Most people shy away from blood, but for an assassin like me— Gin Blanco, aka the Spider—it’s just part of the job. Still, it would be nice to get a night off, especially when I’m attending the biggest gala event of the summer at Briartop, Ashland’s fanciest art museum. But it’s just not meant to be. For this exhibition of my late nemesis’s priceless possessions is not only the place to be seen, but the place to be robbed and taken hostage at gunpoint as well. No sooner did I get my champagne than a bunch of the unluckiest thieves ever burst into the museum and started looting the place.

Unlucky why? Because I brought along a couple of knives in addition to my killer dress. Add these to my Ice and Stone magic, and nothing makes me happier than showing the bad guys why red really is my color.

Title: The Splintered Crown: A Tankards and Heroes Novel
Author: Larry N. Martin
Length: 200 pages

Genre: Fantasy 

Notes: I picked this up yesterday after I read Gail Martin's newsletter. I had been meaning to read Gail's other work she writes with her husband. This one is all him and it sounded fun. 

Blurb: A medieval fantasy with a party of adventurers all ready to make a name for themselves and earn some gold.

Tankards and Heroes is set in the city of Kortufan, where spies, assassins, mercenaries, arms dealers, rebels, smugglers, and informants do dirty deals dirt cheap.

The Poxy Dragon is a rough bar outside the worst part of the medieval Silk Road. It takes serious courage just to walk into the place, not only from its reputation but because of the rough clientele, questionable food, awful beer, and abysmal hygiene. Lots of taverns in Kortufan are home to ruffians and illegal dealings, but the Poxy Dragon is the proving ground for heroes - with a cemetery out back for the ones who don’t make the cut.

Lady Leota, the resident demigoddess at the Poxy Dragon, sends would-be heroes to different realms on quests. Once committed, there is no turning back, and if they want their reward, every party member must return through the portal – dead or alive.

Title: Encyclopedia of World Mythology
Length: 320 hard backed pages (this is surprisingly heavy compared to other books it's size)
Publisher: Parragon

Genre: Resource / Mythology / Encyclopedia /

Notes: This is out of print. I found mine at a used book store for $10. Amazon is selling this used for a crazy amount of $75. I would get online with Half-Price Books and see if they have a copy. They are networked with other resellers and you can often find out of print books through them for great prices.

Blurb: This is like many encyclopedias of world mythology. What I liked about this is that it covers more than the classical Greece, Roman, and Norse, but Ancient Near East, Egypt, China, Japan, Korea, India, Siberia and Arctic, Oceania, Mongolia, Tiber, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, The Caribbean, North-South-Central Americas. What I would like better is the mythology of the continent Africa broken down more. It's such a huge place with so many countries and cultures that it should have pages. 

Title: Between Points of Light
Author: Lore Graham
Length: 109 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC (May 27, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi  / Gay


Blurb: After years of uninspiring findings, Harlon's position on a survey ship has lost its appeal. Vaulting to unseen star systems to investigate their potential for mining and terraforming sounds exciting in theory, but in practice it's just another corporate job. His life outside of work isn't much better.

When the crew's astrobiologist quits, Harlon arrives for his mission to find that he knows the replacement, Dexter—from a recent one-night stand. As they begin their mission thousands of light years away from any colonized star system, Harlon tries to keep things professional, but Dexter has other ideas.

Title: The Dragon Mistress
Series: The Dragon Mistress book 2, 
(The Eburosi Chronicles 9)Author: RA Steffan
Length: 276 pages
Publisher: OtherLove Publishing, LLC (February 8, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Dragon Riders / Poly / 


Blurb: The survival of the last living dragons rests with me and my misfit friends.

So… yeah. No pressure.

Mind you, this whole thing would be easier if two of our number weren’t hell-bent on killing each other. Rayth and Nyx have both been hiding secrets for a very long time, but now they face a choice. Let go of their ugly pasts, or watch the future burn to the ground.

We won’t be able to hide five hungry, growing dragons in the mountains forever. As soon as someone catches sight of them, every soldier in Utrea will be after us. And there’s no way we can fight for our dragons’ survival when we’re this busy fighting amongst ourselves.

I’ve always been the queen of questionable life choices, but falling for four proud, stubborn, damaged men at the same time is a new benchmark even for me. What we’re building with the dragons—and each other—could be amazing beyond belief. It could also end in tragedy beyond measure.

If I want it to be the former, it looks like I need to start banging some heads together.

Otherwise, our hopes and dreams could well go down in flames.

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