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Death Mask Blog Tour Winner Announcement

Just a quick announcement today. I contacted the winners of the blog tour giveaway yesterday.

Congratulations to both Melissa and Alison!

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What's On The Reading Radar: Menage Edition #TBR #WishList #bisexual #poly

What am I up to? Writing, eating turkey left overs, and just a tab bit of shopping. Waiting for cyber Monday to see what kind of deals I can get on ebooks.... LOL

Title: Claiming Addison
Series: 69 Bottles
Author(s): Zoey Derrick
Length: 326 pgs

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary / Rock Stars /

Notes There are three books in this series about these three characters. The 4th & 5th book is M/F about the drummer, and the 6th book is M/M about the guitarist.

ARe Tags:

Blurb: For Addison Beltrand, PR rep for Bold International, Inc. climbing the corporate ladder is all that matters in life. Her hard work is finally rewarded with the promotion she’s worked her ass off to earn—but the gig comes at a price. She leaves in two days for a twelve-week tour with America’s hottest alternative rock band, 69 Bottles.

Talon Carver, lead singer of 69 Bottles, has no problem with women--as long as they’re gone by morning. When Addison shakes up his world, it’s a huge problem—compounded by the fact that Addison’s not the only one he wants.

Kyle Black, manager of 69 Bottles, has a secret. He and Addison are closer than she thinks, but telling her could keep her away. When Talon sets his sights on Addison, Kyle uses his secret to push her into Talon’s arms, only to discover she isn’t the only one he needs.

Two men. One dilemma.

Talon is wild, reckless and loves control.

Kyle is calm, collected and loves passion.

The perfect balance…or Addison’s ultimate undoing?

Talon and Kyle push their boundaries and Addison’s, but can they throw their reservations to the wind and claim her together?

Two men. One woman. A rock band. A tour bus. One Wild Ride…

****Content Warning****
Sexy, naked, bisexual rock stars…and a lot more…
This book contains, but is not limited to the following sexual content – reader discretion is advised - hot sex between two men and one woman. M/M/F, M/F/M, M/F, F/M and M/M sexual content. There are no boundaries when these three crash together, as long as you’re over 18 years of age.

Title: Polished
Author(s): Alyssa Turner
Length: 278 pages
Publisher: Etopia Press

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary / Light BDSM /


ARe Tags: bdsm, bisexual, bisexual encounters, bisexuality, dominance, double penetration, erotic romance, light bdsm, m/m elements, male male, male male love, menage, mmf, mmf contemporary, selfdiscovery, spanking, submission, threesome

Blurb: It seemed like they had everything, but they didn't have Jack.

Without question Spencer Hartley burns hot for his girlfriend, Rory, but his other desires are hidden down deep. He might blow things up for a living and climb mountains for kicks, but the scariest thing in his life is the truth about his sexuality.

Jack Rothman works hard and plays dirty. After long, demanding days in his family's engineering firm, he indulges in the pleasures of silk restraints and fine wine. Lots of hot meaningless sex helps him forget that he's suffocating, with no one to give him a reason to breathe.

When a catastrophic accident traps Spencer in a flooded subway tunnel with Jack, they need each other to survive. But something strong stirs down there in the darkness, and it's more than their desperation to live. There's a spark between them that's impossible to ignore.

Rory Campbell would love to give Spencer the one thing he doesn't have, the freedom to explore his secret desires. But how does that fit into her picture-perfect relationship? When Jack invites the couple to his sprawling Hamptons beach house, Rory realizes that she has secret desires of her own—the kind only Jack's Dominant hand across her bare bottom can satisfy...

Reader note: contains m/m/f ménage, spanking, dominance and submission play, light BDSM, and male/male love elements

Title: Take A Shot
Author(s): Bianca Vix
Length: 124 pages
PublisherChocolate Press (September 6, 2016)

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary / Hockey Players /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Two hockey players. One woman. Secret crushes. Three hearts are on the line.

True love isn’t a game. Games have rules, and this romance breaks them all.

Scott Sharpe has a secret. Starting a new life in Chicago is going to help him leave his past in the dust, right beside his life-long dream of being a superstar hockey player. Ever since his career-ending knee injury sidelined him, Scott was left drifting and aimless. He’s never been the type of guy to settle down. Love? That doesn’t happen for players like him. Falling for his best friend’s girlfriend is not an option. Neither is falling for his best friend.

Life is on track for Blake Hawkins. He’s starting a great career with the Chicago Stormers, he’s just bought his first home, and he’s moving in with his girlfriend. His best friend coming to town should be icing on the cake. But when Scott shows up, he rocks Blake’s world in ways he never saw coming. Blake will do almost anything to protect what he has going for him. But this time, following the rules might the riskiest move he could make.

Lora Berry is all about stability. Her relationship with her long-term boyfriend is going well. Finally moving in with Blake is a big step in the right direction. She knows where they’re heading as a couple. Until Scott comes to stay and everything changes. 

After one hot night that she’ll never forget, Lora is determined not to lose the kind of love she didn’t even know she was missing. But it’s not that easy when you have two very stubborn guys on your hands. When she tries to get everyone together, three hearts are on the line.

This is a standalone mmf bisexual romance without a cliffhanger.

TitleStretching The Rules
SeriesOut For You
Author(s): B.A. Tortuga
Length: 81 pages
PublisherARe Books (June 22, 2015)

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Paranormal / Shifters / Cats & Wolves /


ARe Tags: b / t / q, bisexual menage, bisexual romance, cats, coyote shifter, coyotes, felines, gangbang, jaguar shifter, l / g / b / t / q, menage a trois, mmf, mmf menage, mmf romance, multiple partners, paranormal menage, paranormal/horror / multiple partners, polyamory, romance / multiple partners, shifters / cats, shifters / felines, shifters / multiple partners, triad, werewolf, wolf shifter
Blurb: When the rules force you to deny whom you love, it’s time to break them.

Jonah is sick and tired of hiding his lovers, Olivia and Hank, from his wolf pack. But being second in command to the Alpha means he has to follow them, right? His pack would reject him if they knew his lovers were a jaguar and a coyote…a man and a woman.

When danger threatens Liv and Hank, Jonah comes out to his Alpha. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring his two families together, and keep everyone safe.

Title: Ink Enduring
Series(Montgomery Ink Book 5)
Author(s): Carrie Ann Ryan
Length: 291 pages

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary /

Notes The series is a mix of MF, MFM, and MMF and from what I can tell follows the Montgomery family who are all tattoo artists. The first book in the series, Delicate Ink is MF and it's free. 

ARe Tags: alpha hero, alpha male, b / t / q, best friends, bisexual, colorado, contemporary romance, denver, erotic, friends to lovers, hero, ink, l / g / b / t / q, male / female / male, male / male / female, menage, mmf, montgomery ink, multiple partners, pansexual, polyamory, second chances, tattoo, tattoo romance, tattoos

Blurb: The Montgomery Ink series continues with a forbidden love between three friends and a past that they can’t escape.

Jake Gallagher knew from the moment he saw Maya that she was the one for him—it had the same breath-taking intensity as when he’d first set eyes on Border. Only life never turns out the way one plans, and now he’s falling for someone else...or at least he thinks he is.

Maya Montgomery never should have looked past the friendship she already had. Now that she has, she can’t stop thinking about Jake and what he means to her. When a mysterious stranger from Jake’s past shows up at their door, she’s forced to admit that if she doesn’t take the risk of a lifetime, she’ll regret it for the rest of her days.

Border Gentry walked away without a second glance once because of what could happen if he let go, but now he’s back and ready to see what he’s missed. He’s been on the road a long time and has seen things no man should ever see, yet once he rediscovers the broody Jake and meets the inked and fierce Maya, they’re like a balm to his soul and he realizes what path his future should take.
It will take more than sizzling chemistry and a heat that never dies for the three of them to overcome their pasts. And when someone from the outside wants to stand in their way, it’s not only their hearts on the line…but also their lives.

Title: Battered Not Broken
Author(s): Celia Kyle
Length: 122 pages
PublisherSummerhouse Publishing; 2 edition (April 4, 2012)

Genre:   Romance / MFMM /  Poly / Paranormal / Shifter / Triplets / 


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Gillian Locke has been beaten, battered, and bruised, but her ex-boyfriend still hasn’t managed to break her. When she leaves Kyle for the last time, she knows the only way she’ll ever be back in his grasp is over her dead body.

On the run, her car disastrously breaks down in at the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Stuck in a terrible snowstorm, Gillian figures it’s better to die at the hands of nature, than at the hands of Kyle, her tormentor. Fighting the freezing cold, she stares death in the eye and presses on, until she happens upon a cabin in the woods, and is offered shelter by three gorgeous men who can’t seem to get enough of her.

The Bearclaw brothers are descendants of the ancient Anikota tribe of Indians. Their beast spirit and blessing from the Maker allows them the ability to sense the one who will complete their soul. Being triplets, they always expected their mate to be a woman they’d all share. With the Maker’s blessing, they hope to ease past Gillian’s defenses…before her past threatens to end their future.

Title: Hour of the Lion
Series(The Wild Hunt Legacy Book 1)
Author(s): Cherise Sinclair
Length: 426 pages
PublisherVanScoy Publishing Group (June 15, 2011)

Genre:   Romance / Poly / MFM / Paranormal / Cat Shifters / Wolf Shifters / Military / Brothers / 


ARe Tags: alpha male, black ops, brothers, cherise sinclair, cisgender, covert ops, delta / triad shifters, delta/triad, elite fighting force, erotic romance, fraternal, fraternal polyamory, menage, menage a trois, military, multiple partners, multiple relationships with brothers, paranormal, paranormal / horror, paranormal romance, polyamory, romance werewolves/shifters, romantic suspense, shapeshifter, shifters, shifters / cats, shifters / cougars, shifters / felines, shifters / multiple partners, shifters / wolves, solider, supernatural, the wild hunt legacy, werecats/shifters, werecougar/shifters, werewolves/shifters, werewolves/shifters romance,

Blurb: “Put Victoria with two Alpha brothers, and wow, oh wow, your socks will be knocked off.”

First a Marine, then a black ops agent, Victoria Morgan knows the military is where she belongs…until a sniper’s bullet changes her life. Trying to prove she’s not washed up, she rescues a young man from kidnappers. When the dying boy transforms into a cougar—and bites her—she learns of an entire hidden society. He begs her to inform his grandfather of his death and to keep the secret of the shifters’ existence. She can’t refuse, but what if the creatures pose a danger to the country she swore to protect?

As guardian of the shifter territory, Calum McGregor wields the power of life and death over his people. When a pretty human female arrives in their wilderness town, he and his littermate become increasingly concerned. Not only is the little female hiding something, but she is far more appealing than any human should be.

While investigating the shifters, Victoria begins to fall in love with the werecat brothers and the town as well. For the first time in her life, she might have a real home. Her hopes are crushed when a deadly enemy follows her from the city, and the shifters discover she knows their secret. Now nobody is safe—least of all Victoria.

With a fantastic heroine, two yummy heroes and a whole host of fun side characters... this slick paranormal romance came at me out of nowhere and knocked my socks off.

TitleStepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team
Author(s)Delilah Devlin
Length: 33 pages

Genre:   Erotica / MFMM / Sharing / Contemporary / Stepborther /

Notes The Stepbrothers Stepping Out is a series of kinky quickies that have absolutely no plot that I can see. They are erotic sexual encounters between step siblings and a couple of others. Just for fun.

ARe Tags:

Blurb: When Sara's stepbrother surprises her with an early return from a mission, he brings two of his Navy SEAL teammates along...

Note: This original 7200-word short story may be short in length, but it's not short in passion!

Title: Two Bosses
Author(s): Elle Everton
Length: 249 pages

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Best friends, business partners, billionaires. Two men used to getting what they want – until they want the same woman.

Rob Avondale and Liam Bradley are on top of the world – a billion-dollar company, a lifelong friendship, chiseled good looks, and a reputation as some of the city’s most eligible bachelors. They have it all – and they certainly don’t intend to give it up by falling in love.

Especially not with the same woman.

Curvy twenty-something Adelaide Williams is the reigning queen of bad decisions. Fired from her last job and dumped by her fiancé, she’s now determined to make the best of her new temp job as a secretary at Avondale & Bradley. No screw-ups, no mouthing off – and no falling in love with the boss.

And definitely not with two bosses.

Despite their best intentions, Liam and Rob find their feelings for Adelaide deepening, and in a moment of passion, a thrilling new possibility presents itself – one that just might offer up more than any of them have ever dreamed of. But can they convince Addie that being with them is more than just another bad decision?

Two Bosses is a super-steamy standalone MMF bisexual menage romance with explicit scenes of MF, MM and MMF. HEA Guaranteed.

Title: Two Rivals
Author(s)Elle Everton
Length: 195 pages

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Lifelong rivals … until their love for the same woman forced them to become something more.

Jake Steel and Dylan Frost have been bitter rivals their whole lives, and now, as CEOs of competing companies, they war over clients, real estate and women. It’s safe to say they hate each other with a burning passion.

But sometimes a smoldering flame just needs a spark.

Enter Rose Holloway, fledgling event planner. Burned by love and life, Rose’s only focus these days is on growing her new business. Working for either Jake or Dylan would be a miracle — working for bothof them would be a dream come true.

But Jake and Dylan refuse to share, even when it comes to event planners, and not even for the sake of their charity galas. So they make a bet — whoever can bed the feisty redhead first wins the pleasure of her services.

One Rose. Two rivals.

The bet should have been simple — one winner, one loser. Instead, sparks fly between the three of them, and a wild night of unexpected passion sets them all on a course that will change their lives forever.

Two Rivals is a standalone steamy MMF bisexual menage romance with explicit scenes of MF, MM and MMF. HEA guaranteed.

Title: Courtland Chronicles Box Set
Series: Courtland Chronicles books 1-3
Author(s): Cat Grant
Length: 83k

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary / Angsty / New Adult / College /

Notes: This is a series were the love triangle turns into a MMF romance. There are five books in the series and the box set of the first 3 books is only sold on All Romance that I can see. Amazon sells them separately.

ARe Tags: bdsm, bisexuality, college, coming of age, family saga, friends to lovers, love triangle, menage a trois, new adult, polyamory, virgin hero

BlurbThe Courtland Chronicles - Books One - Three (Boxed Set) (Courtland Chronicles) by Cat Grant - Romance > Anthology / Bundle eBook

Eric. Nick. Ally. Three lives destined to be intertwined…

By Chance – A life of wealth and privilege doesn’t equal happiness—just ask Eric Courtland. Growing up with a cold, unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn’t want out of life or love. Popular, wholesome, straight Nick Thompson is far more temptation than Eric’s prepared for, but Nick’s warm manner gradually cracks through Eric’s prickly protective shell.

Independent Eric doesn't know the first thing about being in a relationship, much less with a lover who can't even admit he's gay. But conservative Nick can't seem to find his way out of his own personal closet.

Rock, meet hard place.

Strictly Business – Eric Courtland is hungry for revenge against the cold, unfeeling father who never loved him, and who drove his mother to an early grave. Tossed headfirst into the shark-tank world of big business, Eric soon learns it’s eat or be eaten, and has no choice but to throw in his lot with ruthless titan of industry Branford Crane.

Still reeling from his mother’s death, Eric plunges into a dark spiral of self-destruction, rejecting his longtime partner Nick’s love and support in favor of the harsh tutelage Bran offers him, in and out of the bedroom.

But one night, when Bran finally pushes Eric beyond any reasonable limit, Eric realizes how far he’s fallen—and how desperately he needs Nick to help pull him back from the edge.

Complications – Tired of taking a backseat to Eric’s burgeoning political career, Nick calls it quits. A devastated Eric seeks consolation in liquor—and the arms of college friend Ally Taylor.

Their passionate rebound affair deepens into something more. Still, Ally’s thrown when Eric proposes marriage, with no mention of love. His wealth and connections would certainly help her career, but is their intense physical connection and Eric’s promise of fidelity enough?

But the growing bond between the newlyweds is threatened when Nick re-enters the picture. Secrets, lies and betrayal will add up to heartbreak for everyone—unless Eric can bring himself to choose between the man he’s loved for over a decade, or the wife he can’t bear to hurt.

Follow Eric, Nick and Ally’s story in these three exciting novellas—the prelude to a lifelong love affair that continues in The Arrangement and Triad!

Title: Hotter Than Ever
Series: Out of Uniform, 9
Author(s): Elle Kennedy
Length: 298 pages
Publisher: Samhain

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary / Military / Coming Out / Angsty /

Notes Book one in the series is advertised as free. This is the only MMF in the series.

ARe Tags: anal play / sex, anal play/sex male/male, apparel / uniforms armed forces, b / t / q,  bisexual / pansexual, california, coming out, commitment, contemporary, contemporary erotic romance / multiple partners, contemporary romance / multiple partners, delta / triad, dirty talk, double penetration, elite fighting force, exhibitionism / voyeurism, explicit sexual content / graphic sexual language, explicit sexual content / graphic sexual language male/male, familial struggles, fellatio / cock sucking, fellatio / cock sucking male/male, graphic sexual language, hurt / comfort, l / g / b / t / q, male / female / male, male / male, male / male / female, male/male sexual practices, men in uniform, menage a trois, military, military / elite fighting force, military / solider, multiple partners, multiple partners / polyamory, multiple partners romance, oral sex, oral sex male/male, out of uniform, polyamory, romance, romance / multiple partners, rough sex, rough sex male/male, samhain publishing, san diego, series out of uniform, solider, triad, uniforms
Blurb: When you land in hot water, swim for safety--or let the fire burn. 

An Out of Uniform Story

Claire McKinley has just experienced every bride's nightmare. The groom is a no-show, and now she must face five hundred guests alone. Furious and humiliated, Claire seeks help from the most unlikely candidate--her almost-brother-in-law, who promptly whisks her away to his apartment in San Diego, where she can recover her pride in peace and quiet.

Dylan Wade is no fan of Claire's, but no way can he leave the jilted bride in her time of need. Bringing her home seems like a good idea--until he remembers his new roommate. Dylan's relationship with Aidan is...complicated. And with Claire thrown into the mix, life becomes even more...complicated.

Claire is blindsided by her attraction not only to Dylan, but also to Aidan, a man she's just met. Soon they're caught up in an all-consuming sexual storm they can't fight even if they wanted to. Yet Claire wonders if it can last, or if she's just setting herself up for more heartache.

Warning: This book is very dirty. Ménage a trois and man-on-man dirty. Graphic-language and explicit-sex dirty. Basically? Dirty. You've been warned.

Title: The Second Sons
Author(s): Elle Q. Sabine
Length: 250 pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Historical /


ARe Tags: amsterdam, b / t / q, b/t/q, bisexual, bisexual / pansexual, bisexual romance, bluestocking, delta/triad, delta/triad historical, england, historical, historical menage a trois, historical multiple partners, historical other, historical polyamory, historical romance, holland, l / g / b / t / q, lgbt, lgbt romance, lgbtq, male / female / male, male / male, male / male / female, male/female/male, male/male, male/male sexual practices, male/male/female, menage a trois, mmf menage, moresome, multiple partners, polyamory, romance, secrets, united kingdom

Blurb: Oliver and Alden quickly realize they want Lady Fiona de Rothesay, but she keeps a secret. Convincing her to trust them is going to be more difficult than they expected.

Lady Fiona de Rothesay isn't like her sisters, or even the typical academic bluestocking. She has a secret life, and she's determined to live it without interference, despite the overbearing supervision she unexpectedly acquires with the return of the Duke of Lennox's prodigal second son--and his lover.

Lord Oliver Morewell was perfectly happy living in Amsterdam with the love of his life. However, Lord Alden Swenson has been summoned to England for at least the next twenty years, and Oliver is committed to his lover. He also won't deny what his soul knows to be true. Alden is his past, present and future, but Fiona belongs there, too. Lord Alden can cope with the disapprobation of Oliver's family and the whispers of society, but Fiona is a complication he did not expect, despite the vivid fantasies he and Oliver have had about finding a woman to make their relationship complete.

Once Fiona is in residence, wild horses can't keep him away, despite her stubborn streak of independence and outright refusal to explain her mysterious absences, late night disappearances and male companions. Alden and Oliver will have to conquer Fiona's distrust, her secrets, but most of all her heart in their search for perfect, if unconventional, love.

Title: Billionaire Bad Boys Club
Series: The Billionaire, 1
Author(s): Emma Holly
Length: 245 page

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary /

Notes There are four books in this series, all poly.

ARe Tags: administrative assistant / secretary, anal play/sex, b / t / q, b/t/q, bdsm multiple partners, billionaire, bisexual / pansexual, boats / ships / yachts, bondage, chef, cock sucking, cock sucking male/male, cock worship, cock worship male/male, contemporary, cum play, cum play male/male, d/s, delta / triad, delta/triad, dirty talk, dominance and submission, double penetration, exhibitionism / voyeurism, fellatio, female submissive, geeks / nerds, graphic sexual language, happily ever after, heterosexual, l / g / b / t / q, lgbtq, male / male, male dominant and female submissive, male/female, male/male, male/male sexual practices, masturbation, menage a trois bdsm, mm, mmf, multiple partners, multiple partners / polyamory, mystery / suspense / thriller, office / workplace, oral sex, passion, passionate / tender lovemaking, polyamory, private investigator, public exhibitionism, restraints, romance, rough sex, seduction, self confidence, self discovery / self reflection, series the billionaires, sex club / strip club / brothel, shades, submission, the billionaires, threesome, voyeurism, wealthy, white collar
Blurb: Self-made billionaires Zane and Trey have been a club of two since they were eighteen. They’ve done everything together: play football, fall in love, even get smacked around by their dads. The only thing they haven’t tried is seducing the same woman. When they set their sights on sexy chef Rebecca, these bad boys just might have met their match!

Title: Down and Dirty
Series: Sons of Sinners MC, 1
Author(s): Erika Reed
Length: 91 pages

Genre:   Romance / MFM / Poly / Contemporary / Motorcycle Club / 


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Since Zoey Allen left foster care at the age of eighteen, she never stopped looking for her big brother, who she was separated from as a kid. The only lead that she had led her straight to one of the most corrupt and malicious motorcycle clubs around, known as The Sons of Sinners. After being reunited with her long lost brother, she never expected to fall for the two very rough and dangerous bikers who stole her heart. Now that they’ve claimed her for their own pleasures, the two plan to show her that two men can be better than one. 

The president of the roughest MC club, Stone, and his vice president Jace had always lived their lives just like the club they ran—wild and reckless. The men of their MC crew respected them, and the women flocked to their feet. Stone and Jace had always preferred to share their women with each other. They never imagined meeting someone who could eventually meet their sexual needs, until Zoey walked into their lives. A woman as sweet and fragile as Zoey didn’t deserve Stone and Jace, or so they thought. 

Zoey wondered what Stone and Jace saw in her plain and boring self. Could they bring her inner desires out, revealing her hidden, darkest cravings as a woman?

Title: Taken by Her Mates
Author(s): Grace Goodwin
Length: 173 pages

Genre:   Romance / MFM / Poly / Sci-Fi / Light BDSM /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: After being set up and found guilty of a crime she didn't commit, Jessica volunteers for the Interstellar Bride Program to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. She is assigned to a prince, the heir to the throne of the powerful planet Prillon, but her future is left in doubt when the match is rejected by Prillon's current ruler.

When his own father seeks to banish him and deny him his right to a mate, Prince Nial takes matters into his own hands. Accompanied by a battle-tested warrior who volunteers as his second, he sets out for Earth to take what is his, but upon his arrival he quickly discovers that the same horrifying enemies who once took him captive now hunt his mate as well.

Though believing she has been rejected by a mate she never even met stings more deeply than she would like to admit, Jessica does her best to focus on the dangerous task of bringing down the people who framed her. But before long, her world is turned upside down all over again when two huge, handsome aliens save her life and then inform her that she is their matched mate and they have come to Earth to claim her.

Jessica is far from ready to meekly submit, but she soon learns that her new mates expect to be obeyed and defiance will result in a painful, embarrassing spanking on her bare bottom. Despite her fury at such treatment, however, she cannot hide her arousal as she is stripped bare and thoroughly mastered by the fierce, dominant warriors. But when Prince Nial is forced to defend his birthright, will Jessica do what must be done to aid him, even if that means allowing his entire world to bear witness as she is taken by her mates?

Publisher's Note: Taken by Her Mates is a stand-alone book set in the same world as Assigned a Mate, Mated to the Warriors, and Claimed by Her Mates. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Title: Exploring Limits Box Set
Author(s): Nicki Bennett, Ariel Tachna
Length: 667 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre:   Romance / MMM / Poly / Contemporary / 


ARe Tags:

Blurb: When co-stars Jonathan Braedon, Devon Aldridge, and Kit Webster are brought together on the set of the new miniseries Camelot, the attraction between them is impossible to deny. But a gay threesome presents more problems than easy solutions. In this collection of the entire series, three men will have to explore both their physical and emotional limits if they want to build a relationship that will last.

Title: Hope Springs
Series: Compass Girls, 2
Author(s): Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr
Length: 174 pages
Publisher: Samhain

Genre:   Romance / MFM / Poly / Contemporary / Cowboys /


ARe Tags: bar / club, college/university student, compass girls, cowboys / farm hands / ranchers, delta / triad, erotic romance / multiple partners, erotic romance westerns/cowboys, jayne rylon, male / female / male, mari carr, multiple partners / polyamory, new adult, new adult / multiple partners, polyamory, romance / multiple partners, romance westerns/cowboys, samhain publishing, triad, westerns / cowboys, westerns/cowboys / multiple partners
Blurb: What will grow from the seeds of desire?

Compass Girls, Book 2

Hope Compton never considered her parents’ unconventional relationship a dangerous thing. Until, after a few too many drinks in a crowded bar, she admits her desire for a ménage to her college boyfriend—and uninvited guests try to turn her fantasy into a nightmare.

When Wyatt catches some thugs harassing the pretty daughter of his bosses, he doesn’t hesitate to call on his partner Clayton to kick some asses. But then he realizes what a temptation the sweet, sheltered Hope presents. Especially her naughty wish to unleash her inner vixen—with both of them.

Hope has no doubt her playmates want to fulfill her every desire, but something’s holding them back. She has an idea what those somethings are. With luck, and a little help from her Compass cousins to hold her fathers off, she’ll find what she needs in the shadows of the past—and convince them she’s found two men of her own who are worthy of her love.

Warning: Compass books bring love in every direction and every season. But not all of life’s moments are filled with joy. Take the good with the bad, and the steamy.

Title: Shadows of Fate
SeriesThe Fey Series, Book Three
Author(s): Jessica Jarman
Length: 84 pages
PublisherResplendence Publishing, LLC (April 8, 2014)

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Paranormal / Fantasy /

Notes The first two books in this series is about different MF couples. 

ARe Tags:cellblock / jail / prison, faerie / fae, faery, fantasy / multiple partners, fate, guardian, jessica jarman, male/male interaction, male/male sexual practices, menage, multiple partners, paranormal, paranormal/horror / multiple partners, polyamory, preternatural, prisoner, resplendence publishing, romance / multiple partners, shadow realm, song of souls, supernatural, the fey, true mates
Blurb: Finding one’s true mate is rare. Finding two true mates is nothing but a dream…or is it?

Ciarra, Guardian of the Dark Realm, fantasizes of forever with two men but knows how unlikely that is to happen. Those around her are more than happy to point out how foolish such dreams are, and she vows to be content with her life as it is.

She loves her home, her family, and her lover, Finley, but when Leilen of Fey comes to the Dark Realm on behalf of the King, he reawakens all her dreams and desires.

Can she really have it all? Happily ever after with both Finley and Leilen? Or will her dream be banished once and for all?

Title: The Power of Three
Series: The Triad Sereis, 1
Author(s): Kate Pearce
Length: 134 pages

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Sci-Fi / Telepath / Paranormal /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Soreya Lang has never met a male telepath before, let alone one who is willing to die for her on an interplanetary mission gone wrong. Risking everything, she acts on her instant telepathic and physical connection with Esca and encounters a level of psychic power she never knew existed.

Esca can’t believe he’s finally met the female who will complete his sexual and telepathic triad. He promises himself that if they survive, he’ll take her back home, introduce her to his enigmatic First Male, Ash and pray that biology will do the rest.

But nothing is ever that simple, and Soreya, Esca and Ash will have to find their own way through the ties of family and traditions to experience the full telepathic wonder of the power of three…

Warning: This book contains m/m/f sexual situations.

Title: Love at First Bight
SeriesDeep Space Mission Corps, 1
Author(s): Tymber Dalton
Publisher: Siren

Genre:   Romance / MMMF / Bisexual / Poly / Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Vampires /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: [Menage Amour 34: Futuristic Menage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with various combination of M/M, M/F, M/M/F, M/M/M, monogamous polyamory]

Dr. Emilia Hypatia is recently-graduated and looking for adventure. She's an Alpha-ranked healer, has a degree in psychology, and empath training. Fresh out of a bad relationship with a cheating ex, her five-year assignment to the Deep Space Mission Corps vessel, Tamora Bight, seems ideal. Especially when she meets the three handsome crewmen she'll spend her time caring for--in more ways than one.

First Officer Caphis Bates is playful and rowdy. Mate Ford Caliban is her intellectual and emotional partner. But it's Captain Aaron Lucio who is an enigma; passionate, with a deeply wounded and carefully guarded soul.

While sharing their communal bed is a scorchingly sensual experience, Emi soon learns the three men suffer a shared grief, their "crew story." She patiently works to unlock their secret past, but space exploration is cold--and cruel. Will time run out for all of them before she can heal their hearts?

Title: The Queen's Consorts
Author(s): Kele Moon
Length: 282 pages
Publisher: LooseId

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Space Opera /


ARe Tags:erotic romance, fantasy, fantasy / multiple partners, m/m/f, menage, multiple partners, polyamory, science fiction, science fiction / multiple partners, space opera
Blurb: The Queen’s Consorts. Just laying eyes on one is a death sentence. So when Sari, who spent most of her life on the streets, ends up entangled in a steamy relationship with the two most forbidden men on the planet, she knows it can’t end well.

After a brutal attack, Sari’s taken to the Sacred City, exposing her to the secret lives of the Rayians who rule in the long lost queen’s absence. It’s in this darkly sexual world where she first meets the legendary consorts.

Too handsome and talented for their own good, Calder and Taryen have learned to trust only each other in order to survive. Bred to be feared warriors and exclusive companions to a queen, instead they’re slaves to other Rayians desires for them.

Their brutal lives make the two consorts hesitant to care for Sari when she’s unexpectedly dumped in their laps, but they soon discover she’s different from the cruel women they’re used to serving. Drawn to Sari on a soul deep level, Calder and Taryen can’t seem to stop themselves from going back for one more taste of the beautiful outsider...even when it puts the fate of the entire world in jeopardy.

Title:  Rule of Three
SeriesRule of Three, 1
Author(s): Kelly Jamieson
Length: 258 pages 
Publisher: Samhain

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary / Friends to Lovers /


ARe Tags: anal play / sex, anal play/sex male/male, b / t / q, bisexual / pansexual, chicago, cisgender, contemporary, contemporary erotic romance, contemporary erotic romance multiple partners, delta / triad, erotic, erotic romance, erotic romance multiple partners, friends to lovers, kelly jamieson, l / g / b / t / q, m/f, m/m/f, male / female, male / female / male, male / male, male / male / female, male/male sexual practices, menage, menage a trois, multiple partners, polyamory, romance, samhain publishing
Blurb: If you follow the rules, you miss all the fun...

Kassidy is a good girl who wants to be bad. Dag is a bad boy who is very, very good. And Chris? He likes to watch…

When wicked-sexy Dag returns to Chicago to catch up with his old college buddy Chris and meet The Girlfriend, none of them are anticipating the unexpected turn of events that switches a loving twosome into a scorching hot threesome. As old feelings resurface, and new attractions are explored, a storm of sexual sparks is unleashed that leads them into forbidden areas.

Always the good girl, Kassidy blossoms under the attentions of two loving men, but neither she nor Chris are expecting the ménage to take a quarter turn toward Dag…and his feelings for Chris. When it’s revealed that Dag’s attraction to Chris is one big reason he left town, a tangled mess of old hurts and new feelings might destroy friendship. Love. Might destroy everything.

Warning: This book contains a couple already in love, a couple falling in love and a couple in love who didn’t know it; also multiple scorching sex scenes including girl with boy, girl with two boys, boy with boy and two boys with girl...whew!

Title: Theirs To Protect
Series: Eternity Series
Author(s): Erika Reed
Length: 97 pages

Genre:   Romance / MFM / Poly / Paranormal /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Scared and exhausted from running from her abusive ex, Callie Turner and her sister decide to stop for the night and get some much needed rest in the quiet town of Eternity. Who knew that having one drink at the local bar would change her life forever? She never intended in falling for the two sexy bear shifters, Maddox and Ryker who swore to protect her from her violent ex.

Title: Keely's Fight
Series: Protectors Series
Author(s): KL Donn
Length: 203 pages

Genre:   Romance / MFM / Poly / Contemporary / Brothers /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Heartache and betrayal are two things Keeley Stone is very familiar with. Born into a life she never wanted, betrayed by her own parents, she never saw a way out. Until one day, two men who know nothing of her or her life step up and protect her when she’s in need of a savior. 

Loyalty and respect are not just something earned for brothers Nathaniel and Tyler Maxwell, but a code they live by. A chance encounter with a gorgeous young woman has left them enthralled with her.

Can they convince her they’re worth fighting for? Or will she let demons of her past control her future?

Note: This is a stand alone HEA M/F/M contemporary romance novel. There is no touching for titillation between brothers.

Title: Missing Linc
Author(s): Kori Roberts
Length: 142 pages
Publisher: LooseId

Genre:   Erotic Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary /


ARe Tags:anal play / sex, anal play/sex male/male, b / t / q, bisexual, contemporary romance / multiple partners, erotic, erotic romance / multiple partners, exhibitionism, interracial, interracial / multiple partners, kori roberts, l / g / b / t / q, loose id, m/m/f, male / male, male / male / female, male/male sexual practices, menage a trois, multiple partners, polyamory, romance, romance / multiple partners, triad, voyeurism
Blurb: Rocked by the bitter betrayal of their former lover, Tomi and Mitch spent years picking up the pieces in order to mend their damaged relationship. They never imagined they'd find a third again. However, they never expected to meet someone like Linc. He's all the things they were missing in their relationship. Now that they've met him, they can't imagine their lives without him in it.
After suffering devastating personal and professional losses, Linc has relocated and rebuilt his world, with the painful memories of his past safely stashed away, and his heart closely guarded in order to avoid being hurt again. Then Linc meets Tomi and Mitch. In them, he discovers what true happiness really means, and finds real love for the first time in his life.

But after their past experiences, Mitch and Tomi, and lover Linc, are afraid to admit their feelings have grown deeper than a hot, sexy fling. None of them want to ruin what they have - Mitch and Tomi's relationship, a new life - but they didn't know how much they needed each other until their relationship abruptly ends and they are forced to walk away. Now they'll have to find a way to reconcile before they spend their lives missing Linc.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, exhibitionism, homoerotic sexual situations (m/m, f/f), menage (m/m/f), voyeurism.

Title: The Festival
Series: Virtus Saga, 3
Author(s): Laura Tolomei
Length: 193 pages
Publisher: Extasy

Genre:   Romance / MMF / MFF / Bisexual / Poly / Space Opera / Saga Serial /

Notes For some reason I was thinking that this was a series of standalones. It seems I'm mistaken and they have to be read in sequence. The first book is The Sex,  and the second book is The Game. I think I might have had these on the regular Reading Radar posts.

ARe Tags: adult, angel, bdsm, blood, bondage, book, christopher templeton, demon, duncan caldwell, erotica, extasy, f/f, fantasy saga, festival, flames, game, gay, glbt, guest, head talking, heat, high council, knife, leader, lover, m/f/f, m/f/m, m/m, male/male, master, menage, mind reading, multiple partners, noviolence, paranormal, phase, pledge, prince, prince duncan caldwell, princess, pyramid, saga, sendar, serial, series, sex, slave, sleeping beauty, space opera, third person pov, virtus, virtus saga, ylianor meyer

Blurb: (From ARe) Prisoner of their whims, it was impossible to resist them further. With a shock of pleasure, she realized they were her masters--not just one, but both--to which she surrendered herself, body first, juggled upward and sideways, until she had no choice but to ride their tide, swept along with their passion, swelling uncontrollably as they drove her into bliss, her convulsions sucking them to the balls and squeezing them dry.

(From Amazon)Virtus Saga's chapter 3 continues the dark fantasy story of Prince DuncanCaldwell, now Leader of the High Council, Lord Templeton, his lover, and Ylianor Meyer, their woman. The tale started in The Sex, Virtus #1, with Duncan and Ylianor meeting again after ten years' estrangement. Then it continues in The Game, Virtus #2, The Leader, Virtus #4, and The Pledge, Virtus #5, each picking up from where the previous one leaves off. Given the saga nature of this ongoing fantasy series, it is advisable to read each book in sequence.

Title: Maximus
Author(s): TS McKinney, Elizabeth Tatum
Length: 149 pages
Publisher: Dark Hallows Press

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary /


ARe Tags:b / t / q, bdsm, bisexual, bisexual romance, comfort, contemporary erotic romance, contemporary romance, dark hollows press, death, erotic, erotic romance, friends to lovers, grief, heroine, hurt, l / g / b / t / q, loss, multiple partners, multiple partners romance, new adult, new adult / multiple partners, new adult romance, pansexual, polyamory, romance, second chances, strong female lead, 
Blurb: Three best friends.
Two lovers.
One death.

Maximus hadn’t grown up surrounded with any love in his life, but he didn’t allow that to stop him from falling madly in love…with two people. Morgan and Samantha were already in love with one another, so he forced himself to be content with his role as best friend and protector to both of them. It wasn’t a difficult task. Morgan was carefree, full of life, and suffered from a serious case of hero-worship where Maximus was concerned; Samantha was a delicious mix of sweet and sassy and could easily put both men in their place.

Maximus swore friendship would be enough … had to be enough because he would never do anything that would destroy the love Morgan and Samantha felt for one another. But when tragedy strikes and takes Morgan away, will he step up and confess his feelings to Samantha? Can Samantha ever love Maximus the way she loved Morgan? And what happens when they find out Morgan isn't really dead after all?

Title: The Secret's Out
SeriesHawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter Book 1
Author(s): Lila Rose
Length: 208 pages

Genre:   Romance / MMF / Bisexual / Poly / Contemporary / Motorcycle Club /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Moving to Melbourne for university, Josie Alexander knew the transition would be hard. She didn’t realise just how difficult it’d be until things turn ugly. Damaged by a past that leaves her struggling with physical contact, her brave move to start afresh, soon turns into a nightmare.

Afraid and vulnerable, Josie’s fragile independence threatens to unravel around her. That is until the two men who refuse to leave her thoughts show up in Melbourne.

Caden Adams, “Pick” to his biker brethren, has had a hard life. His only light is Josie, who he loses when she leaves Ballarat for Melbourne. Dealing with day to day life without his heart is hard, especially with the darkness threatening to consume him. When MC President, Talon, informs him that Josie’s in trouble, he’s determined to make sure he’s there to protect her. Only, he won’t be doing it alone.

Eli “Billy the Kid” Walker has never experienced love, not even from those who should have cared the most. Only Josie and Caden have ever come close to infiltrating his hardened heart. With Josie gone, he pushes Caden away, unwilling to take a risk, even if it’s something he wants.

When given with the opportunity to prove to each other how they really feel, will they all be able to have the courage to fight for what their hearts desire? Above all else, will they survive the fallout when their secret’s out?

Title: Bossed Three Times
Author(s): Madison Faye
Length: 374 pages

Genre:   Romance / MFMM / Poly / Contemporary /


ARe Tags:

Blurb: Three times the fantasy, three times the trouble.

I’ve got a dirty secret. A crush. Specifically, on my boss.

Well, bosses.

All three of them. Not one, and not two, but three. Three huge, dominant, possessive, gorgeous men.

And you want to know the really dirty part?

They want to make me theirs. They want to make me submit, and make me feel things I’ve never felt before. Things I’ve never dared to dream about.

Three men with an offer of a lifetime – the chance to fulfill the dirtiest, filthiest, most forbidden fantasy a girl could ever imagine.

There’s only one question. Do I dare?

They say two is a party and three’s a crowd, but I don’t think that’s right.

Three is perfect. The filthiest, hottest, most mind-blowing type of perfect imaginable.

That is, if I can handle it.

Bossed Three Times is a hot, steamy read involving a mfmm menage romance with three utterly obsessed alpha heroes. This is all about her – no m/m. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty romance with plenty of steam, this one’s for you! HEA with NO CHEATING!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's On The Reading Radar #TBR #WishList

What am I doing posting a Reading Radar on a Wednesday?? 

Well, I haven't had the chance to put one of these together in a couple of weeks. I'm working to get a few posts put together and scheduled so that I have something up every week. With Molly being sick, my schedule will revolve around my visits with her--which might be spur of the moment decisions. Since the blogger app is terrible, I need to get the more complicated posts scheduled when I have the time. 

So here we are, playing catch up. The Reading Radar Menage edition will be up this coming Saturday and then hopefully I'll have a more regular schedule again. :)

Title: Luchador
Author(s): Erin Finnegan
PublisherInterlude Press (November 3, 2016)
Length: 239 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Urban Fantasy / Sports / Wrestling / 



Each week, Gabriel Romero’s drive to Sunday Mass takes him past “El Ángel,” the golden statue at the heart of Mexico City that haunts his memories and inspires his future. Spurred by the memory of his parents, Gabriel is drawn to the secretive world of lucha libre, where wrestling, performance art, and big business collide.

Under the conflicting mentorships of one of lucha libre’s famed gay exótico wrestlers and an ambitious young luchador whose star is on the rise, Gabriel must choose between traditions, which ground him but may limit his future, and the lure of sex and success, which may compromise his independence. Surrounded by a makeshift family of wrestlers, Gabriel charts a course to balance ambition, sexuality, and loyalty to find the future that may have been destined for him since childhood.

Title: Tru Smoke
Series: Ember Peak, 1
Author(s): Edie Danford
Length: 258 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Cowboys / Contemporary /


BlurbWhere there’s smoke, there’s fire… Tired cliché or true story? Jones Hudson can't wait to touch Tru and find out. 

Growing up in Ember Peak, Colorado, Jones nurtured dreams as big as the Rockies. Why else would a flat-broke college student believe he has a shot with Truitt Larkin, the billionaire CEO of Larkin Corp? And, sure, Tru might own the fab, five-thousand-acre Ember Peak Ranch, where Jones is just the son of a ranch employee, but that doesn’t mean a future with Tru is doomed, does it? When he finally, finally convinces Tru to break his chiseled-in-rock no-sex-ever policy, Jones is sure smoke will never shroud Tru’s silver-flame eyes again.

But fire burns and dreams crash. And when Tru shuts down Jones’s hopes, Jones leaves Ember Peak—and a big chunk of his heart—for good.

Tru knows he’s responsible for fracturing his valued friendship with Jones. Indulging his attraction to the younger man was selfish and destructive—something he’ll always regret. When Jones returns to Ember Peak for a family wedding, Tru wants a chance to heal their friendship and give back to Jones the comfort of coming home. But sparks fly the moment they reunite, and they scramble to douse the passion that’s burned them both before. Yet a flicker of hope glows brightly, and soon they need all their courage to see their way to a future together.

(Note: Each book in this series ends with a happy resolution--no cliff-hanging at Ember Peak!)

Title: Rescue Me
Author(s): Michelle L/ Teichman
PublisherYlva Publishing; 1 edition (November 2, 2016)
Length: 304 pages

Genre: Romance / Lesbian / Contemporary / 


BlurbLife is exciting if you’re one of the top RCMP officers in the country. With a few good years under her belt and a promotion so close she can almost touch it, Staff Sergeant Kristen Bailey of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has everything figured out. Until she meets Ashleigh Paige.

Beautiful, naïve, intelligent, and trusting, Ashleigh is the perfect possible lead for Bailey’s case. All she has to do is get close to her. The only problem is Ashleigh’s a paramedic, and in Toronto, paramedics and cops don’t mix.

Undercover and searching for answers as a Toronto police officer, Bailey uses her charm to get Ashleigh to trust her and open up about what she knows surrounding the case of a dead police officer and the paramedics who might have murdered him.

The trouble is, the closer she gets to Ashleigh, the more the line between informant and intimate gets blurred.

Title: Ride the Tide
Series(The Deep Blue Sea Book 2)
Author(s): M.A. Church
Publisher: All Romance
Length: 142 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Mermen /


BlurbCaught between two worlds—what’s a merman to do?

The Deep Blue Sea, #2

Marcus Krill, a creature of the sea, is a perfectly content bachelor. Mating someone? No thank you. Living anywhere but in the ocean? Ha! Not happening. Spending more than the barest necessity of time on land? Nope. Not this merman. And humans? They’re perfectly fine as a diversion, but that’s all. They might be interesting, but complications follow them like a hungry shark during a feeding frenzy. So what if he’s a little lonely, a little tired of one-night stands? That doesn’t mean he’s ready to mate.

Blair Estes, a creature of land, is perfectly happy with his nomadic lifestyle. No strings keep him tied to any one place long. Adventure is his lover and adrenaline his master. He loves to travel, and the things he’s seen defy description. Now his wandering has brought him to the Seychelles and a mysterious merman who’s going to take him on the journey of a lifetime.

Once again merfolk and human culture collide in an explosion of passion and… fear.

Title: Abel's Omega
Series: Mercy Hills Pack, 2
Author(s): Ann-Katrin Byrde
Length: 440 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Mpreg / Shifters /


BlurbBax is desperate.

Recently widowed, he takes his pups and flees his pack to avoid a new mate who wants him—but not his babies. At Mercy Hills, he finds the help he’d hoped for, but also a man who both attracts and unnerves him. He doesn’t want another alpha mate, or even any mate, though he knows that an omega has to have one. But Abel is unlike any other alpha he’s ever met, and the hope that had been crushed out of him begins to grow again in the warmth of Abel’s kindness and strength.

Bax is a dream come true for Abel—smart, loyal, strong, and loving. Everything Abel’s ever looked for in a mate. Except the independent omega has no reason to trust an alpha and Abel’s going to have to work his way through layers of hurt if he wants to convince Bax he’s safe opening his heart.

But to keep him, he’ll have to fight for him.

Approximately 130,000 words in length, with a happy ending, some questions answered, and some hints about what's coming in the next couple of books.

Title: Ruin & Will
SeriesAn Act Of Piracy Book 2
Author(s): Tami Veldura
PublisherOLDEWOLFF ALTERNASCENTS (September 23, 2016)
Length: 138 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Historical / Pirates / Paranormal / 


BlurbTo change his fate, Kyros Vindex made a deal with witches: Eric’s heart for anything in the world. But the cost of love was too high. His quartermaster and best friend Araceli Cross is trapped with the spirit Ghalil. Driven by his guilt, Kyros becomes obsessed with the impossible. To get Araceli back, he’ll have to renege on the witches’ blood pact.

Finally free of the demon that possessed him for seven years, Eric Deumont is ready to chase the horizon. Try as he might, he can’t convince his lover Kyros to move on. And Kyros expects him to return to the plantation, and the man, where it all started; as if there was a chance Philippe could pull Araceli out of the jar. But Eric won’t risk unleashing Ghalil, not for anyone. It’s time to cut and run.

Araceli fights Ghalil with everything she has but when the demon merges their souls, they break the seal of their cage. However, physical freedom doesn’t change the fight for dominance. Ghalil’s demand for blood shackles her, and Araceli is nobody’s slave.

With Ghalil free, time is a luxury that no one has. And all the while, the witch crows watch...

Title: Get Your Shift Together
Series: Bear Bites, 2
Author(s): Ruby Dixon
Length: 98 pgaes

Genre: Romance / Paranormal /


BlurbI’ve been looking for a mate in all the wrong places. When the right one shows up in Pine Falls with a man in tow, I almost miss her. Caroline Abbott is a sweetheart of a city girl who is making one last stab at keeping her (dead) relationship together. When her fool of an ex takes off and leaves her alone in the forest, I’m more than happy to step into his abandoned shoes.

While I can make her shout with pleasure, I worry those screams will turn to fear when she realizes that my hidden half is a bear.

I can’t keep the secret much longer, but telling her might scare her off for good.

Title: A Cougar Among Wolves
Author(s): Kali Willows
PublisherDecadent Publishing (March 11, 2016)
Length: 109 pages

Genre: Romance / Poly / MFM? / Paranormal / Shifters / 


BlurbA sadistic attack leaves Klaya, a Puma Clan Cougar, critically injured and the last of her family ferociously slain. She stumbles into Black Hills Wolf territory and collapses. Now under the protection of the pack, she finds herself whisked away to hide out in a cave until her old friend the alpha returns. Potentially the last of her shifter kind, she has nothing left to lose, but her life and a chance to avenge her brother.

After a dangerous rescue, on the edge of pack territory, Seth and Rogue take a woman on the brink of death back to the pack. Her identity and why she was brutalized is a mystery. The pieces soon fit together proving this assault was no coincidence. The Black Hills Wolves pack faces a bigger threat than they could even imagine. The trio soon find themselves on a tumultuous journey of life and death and relentless lust.

Title: Black Snow
Author(s): EAB
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: 501 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Mpreg / 


BlurbPrince Brier Snow has lived in the shadow of King Snow’s exalted memory. However, his fate changes when he nears his majority and Lirend’s steward queen attempts to dethrone him by exploiting an obscure requirement in the late king’s will: a yearlong sabbatical.

Brier travels to the desolate land of Aire to train under the Ceve guild, scorned refugees of war, including their guarded leader, Roland. Brier’s skillful master unlocks hidden potential, and what begins as a dutiful bond turns into ill-fated affection. When Brier returns to the capital, he’s carrying proof of his indiscretions with Roland—and his condition grows more apparent with each passing day. An affair with the huntsman is a scandal Brier’s enemies can use against him, but the birth of an heir is a burden even Brier is not sure he can bear.

Roland Archer, a man with a murky past, is skeptical of the contract to train the prince but willing to do anything for the guild’s freedom. Despite his best intentions, he is smitten by Lirend’s future king. Roland has resigned himself to solitude, but fate has other plans—for him, for Brier, and for Lirend’s oppressed subjects. Can Roland help Brier face a power-hungry queen and a country torn asunder? Either they will bring equality to a land that desperately needs it, or they’ll be thwarted by cunning enemies and an illusory curse.

Title: Countdown to Zero Hour
Series: Black OPS: Automatik
Author(s): Nico Rosso
Publisher: Carina Press
Length: 233 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Law Enforcement / Undercover / 


BlurbFans of Maya Banks's KGI series will love this explosive new romantic suspense series from Nico Rosso, featuring black ops agents and the women they'll do anything to protect

Former Special Forces agent Artem "Art" Diaz is tattooed, muscular and undeniably dangerous. He's also deep undercover, posing as mob muscle for a deadly bratva boss. His mission: gain the Russians' trust. Then lead the strike team that will take them down.

Chef Hayley Baskov knows better than to get involved with someone with such close mafia ties, but the handsome bodyguard who brought her to this sprawling estate full of ruthless mobsters is inexplicably kind. A little flirtation may keep her safe amid the growing menace.

As Art's timetable for action escalates, so do his encounters with Hayley. Stealing what illicit pleasure they can keeps them both sane in the face of evil. But when things get dangerous, Art has to tell her about his assignment, bringing her deeper into the shadowy world of black ops…and putting her life on the line.

Now Art has a new objective: protect Hayley from the men who'd see them both dead.

Book one of the Black Ops: Automatik series

75,000 words

Title: Daniel & Harry
Series: Brothers In Arms
Author(s): Samantha Kane
Length: 290 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Historical

Notes: In the Reading Radar Menage that I posted a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned there was this book in the middle of Kane's MMF Brothers In Arms series. This is it. :)

BlurbA Brothers in Arms Erotic Romance Box SetBooks 10 &11

Love Betrayed, Book 10

Daniel knows it’s folly to take a lover while at war. Caring for Harry is madness. But, despite Harry's innocence, his young lover pleases Daniel more than any other lover he has ever had. Lies, secrets and old lovers come between them. In one explosive battle, all is unfair in love and war when betrayal strikes at the heart.

Defeated by Love, Book 11

Daniel has both dreaded and prayed for the return of the only man he ever loved. Harry knew that when he returned to England after ten years, Daniel would be angry. The passion between them explodes, but they must defeat the memory of Harry’s past mistakes to earn a future together.

*Previously Published
**Mature Readers 18+

Title: Bridge Over Troubled Water
Author(s): Vivien Dean
Publisher: Loose ID
Length: 112 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Vampires / 


BlurbDetective Brady Lindstrom deals in death, and not just because he’s a homicide cop with the slaughter of a century to solve. Ten years ago, vampires murdered his lover. Ever since, he’s looked over his shoulder, ready for vampires to strike again.

Exhausted and angry about the needless deaths he has to investigate, Brady worries that the killers he’s looking for aren’t even human. Those fears are compounded by an unexpected visitor, the battered and nearly broken Cole Singer, the lover he’d long ago given up for dead. When Cole offers to trade information on the killers in exchange for sanctuary, Brady realizes he doesn’t have a choice. It’s not about justice. He simply can’t turn his back on the face of the only man he’s ever loved. Even if he’s a vampire.

Publisher's Note: This story was previously released by another publisher but has been re-edited and revised in this edition.

Title: Crumbling of the Soul
Author(s): Meyari McFarland
PublisherMary M Raichle (July 30, 2016)
Length: 292 pages

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Gay / Coming of Age / Epic Fantasy / 


BlurbThe patio rippled under Ysan's feet. Two generations of drought had transformed the Library of Truth into a ruin.

Just like Ysan's life.

One slim thread of hope remained for the world. If Ysan and his friends could muster the courage to sacrifice themselves, time would unwind and a new path could be found.

One which prevented the Soul of the World from crumbling to dust, taking all life with it.

Title: Blood Doctrine: Re Education is in Order
Author(s): Maquel A. Jacob
PublisherMAJart Works (October 22, 2016)
Length: 201 pages

Genre: Vampires / Gay / Romance? / Urban Fantasy / 

Notes: I couldn't resist the cover...

BlurbThe new generation of vampires has their elders disgusted with their ignorance and lack of social grace. Re-education is in order so they ship the blood thirsty ingrates to boarding school in hopes they catch some common sense. And the young ones don’t like it one bit.

Chase Ambrook deems himself a social butterfly living the carefree life. Princess Adelia only sees humans as playthings for her sadistic games. Falson Sapienti spends his days engaging in carnal escapades.

War is coming.

As successors to take over their covens they must buck up and act responsible for once in their lives. Losing the battle means extinction but it may be too much of a burden for this group of spoiled blood suckers.

Title: Goddess With A Blade
SeriesGoddess With A Blade, 1
Author(s): Lauren Dane
Publisher: Carina Press
Length: 298 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / 


BlurbRowan Summerwaite is no ordinary woman. Physical vessel to the Celtic Goddess Brigid and raised by the leader of the Vampire Nation, she's a supercharged hunter with the power to slay any vampire who violates the age-old treaty.

A recent string of murders has her at odds with Las Vegas's new Scion, the arrogant and powerful Clive Stewart. The killings have the mark of Vampire all over them, and Rowan warns Clive to keep his people in line—or she'll mete out her own brand of justice.

Though her dealings with Clive are adversarial to say the least, Rowan is intensely aware of her attraction to him. But she can't let it distract her from her duty—to find and battle the killer before more women die.

73,000 words

Title: Courting the Phoenix
Series: Eternal Flame, 3
Author(s): Cree Storm, Maggie Walsh
Length: 187 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Fantasy / 


BlurbGavin Ryder, an owl shifter, is not only an ADA for the human justice system, he is also the head counsel for The Paranormal Council. He is called in to prosecute Avery Madison and his father Carver Jinx for crimes against the paranormals of Crystal, Colorado. Although Ryder is used to threats in his line of work, he never thought that his life would be endangered twice in under forty-eight hours. First, someone tries to actually kill him by forcing him off a mountain road, second, by placing a bomb in his car. Thank the Gods for Detective Paul Malone, his mate.

Paul is a phoenix shifter who has worked as a detective for Crystal for many years, but he is not used to working with others besides his long-time friend Angelo. So when his Captain informs him that the prosecuting attorney will be joining him to uncover more evidence in both Avery and Jinx’s cases, Pauly is not too thrilled.

While taking a flight in his phoenix form to let his beast out, Pauly watches in horror as a truck tries to force a small car off the road and over a cliff. Pauly dives down to see what he can do to help, where he witnesses the driver shift into an owl. Pauly quickly jumps in to rescue the shifter and is not only shocked, but happy to find that the man is his mate. But someone is out to kill Ryder.

The two must work together to save Ryder, and find the evidence needed to put Avery and Jinx away for a long time. But what they don’t know is the true depth of the evil that surrounds them and to what length that force will go to stop Ryder and Pauly from finding the truth.

Title: Falling Into Darkness
Author(s): LM Brown
Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal /



Their love could save the soul of a fallen angel or damn an archangel to an eternity in Hell.

The realm of angels was created as a paradise where angels could watch over the earth as mankind took his first steps. For the archangel Michael, it is the only home he has ever known and he could never envisage another life. Michael’s life changes the day his path crosses that of the favoured son of the morning. From the moment he sees him, Michael wants Lucifer for his own. When the two angels come together the passion surprises them both.

Their love is forged in Heaven, but is doomed the moment Lucifer falls from grace to become the leader of an army of demons.

Separated by war, the former lovers know the time will come when they must face each other in battle.

Their confrontation will set in motion events that neither could have foreseen. For Lucifer it is the chance to persuade Michael to stand at his side, as his partner as leader of the demons. For Michael, it is a mission to save his lover’s soul, while risking his own.

Torn between his love for Lucifer and his duties as an angel, Michael walks a fine line, where one wrong step could result in his own fall from Heaven, and an eternity in Hell.

Title: Karen Memory
Author(s): Elizabeth Bear
Length: 351 pages

Genre: Romance / Lesbian / Steampunk / Transgender /


Blurb"You ain't gonna like what I have to tell you, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. See, my name is Karen Memery, like memory only spelt with an e, and I'm one of the girls what works in the Hôtel Mon Cherie on Amity Street. Hôtel has a little hat over the o like that. It's French, so Beatrice tells me."

Set in the late 19th century—when the city we now call Seattle Underground was the whole town (and still on the surface), when airships plied the trade routes, would-be gold miners were heading to the gold fields of Alaska, and steam-powered mechanicals stalked the waterfront, Karen is a young woman on her own, is making the best of her orphaned state by working in Madame Damnable's high-quality bordello. Through Karen's eyes we get to know the other girls in the house—a resourceful group—and the poor and the powerful of the town. Trouble erupts one night when a badly injured girl arrives at their door, beggin sanctuary, followed by the man who holds her indenture, and who has a machine that can take over anyone's mind and control their actions. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the next night brings a body dumped in their rubbish heap—a streetwalker who has been brutally murdered.

Bear brings alive this Jack-the-Ripper yarn of the old west with a light touch in Karen's own memorable voice, and a mesmerizing evocation of classic steam-powered science.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Title: Matthias
Series: Order of the Black Knights, 2
Author(s): Alexis Duran
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: 253 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Mystery / Suspense /


BlurbOrder of the Black Knights

From Louisiana swamp rat to revivalist huckster to skilled con artist, Matthias Krall clawed his way out of poverty using his natural gifts of grift and manipulation to become the leader of an exclusive retreat center. 
Exploiting the guise of spiritual guru, Matthias seduces the rich and powerful into turning over their lives and fortunes to his control. But wealth and a small cadre of loyal followers can’t protect Matthias from the betrayal he knows is imminent. Everyone wants what Matthias has, except for one man who wants to destroy it. Dylan Connelly is a reporter who’s determined to prove the charismatic recluse is not only a fraud but a murderer.

Irresistibly drawn to Dylan despite the warnings in his gut, Matthias lures Dylan to his island retreat, determined to destroy his enemy once and for all.

Title: What Boys Are Made Of
Series: The Saint Flaherty series
Author(s): S. Hunter Nisbet
PublisherBadApple Press; 1st edition (March 14, 2016)
Length: 356 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Science Fiction / Dystopian / 


BlurbNobody wants to be a murderer, but some don't get the choice.

A second civil war has torn America apart, leaving Appalachia an isolated minefield ruled by cartels. In the town of Buchell, Simon “Saint” Flaherty cage fights for money—until the day a fight gone wrong leaves him a murderer.

His coach uses the publicity to set Simon up in the fight of his life in scarcely a month's time, but physically ready doesn't mean mentally ready. Still reeling from what he's done, Simon will do anything not to kill again.

But Simon’s coach isn’t the only man in Buchell with an eye for talent. The cartels that keep a stranglehold over the mountains are scouting for new recruits, and the local kingpin has his eye on the teenager with the one-punch knockout.

With big money on the line and no way to escape, it's time for Simon to learn to live with blood on his hands--before he ends up dead too.

Title: Shattered Destiny
SeriesSoulbonded, 2
Author(s): AE Wasp
Length: 241 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / 


BlurbNikolai and Alexei’s love doomed the world; saving it will damn them.

After giving in to their forbidden desires, Alexei disappeared and Nikolai awoke alone only to discover a cryptic note from the mother he thought long-dead.

Now, two years later, Alexei has returned, plummeting to earth in a blaze of blood and fire and bringing with him the devastating revelation of Nikolai’s true nature and violent destiny.

With the mysterious Champion of Chaos out for his blood, and only scraps of memories of a previous life lived in the fairy-realm to guide him, Nikolai has four days to save the world without losing his soul and humanity in the process.

Adding to the danger, every time Nikolai and Alexei are together, it sends a signal that leads the Champion of Chaos right to their door. But, the pull of their split soul won’t be denied for long.

Nikolai must fight, and the battle must be won, or Chaos will destroy the mortal realm.

Title: The Black Swan
Author(s): Tinnean
PublisherJMS Books LLC (October 1, 2016)
Length: 161 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Vampire /


BlurbGabe Granger gathers intelligence for George Washington, even after he’s bitten by a vampyre in the service of the British. Remember Littlebury, his longtime friend, stays with him as his black swan, keeping him safe from sunlight and getting messages to General Washington.

After the war ends, they continue working for the fledgling government through one conflict after another. When Gabe loses Remember at the Battle of Gettysburg, he’s ready to give up, but his country still needs his services. And there are many black swans for him to choose from. None are any more fortunate than Remember, and one by one they’re killed in various wars.

All Noah Poynter wants is to be a black swan, and he’s devastated when his pop tells him he’s just a normal. In spite of everything, Gabe and Noah become friends. Is there any hope for the two of them?

Title: The King and the Criminal
Series: The Heart of All Worlds, 2
Author(s): Charlotte Ashe

Genre: Romance / Gay / Epic Fantasy / 

Notes: Releases December 8th

BlurbWhat happens when the fairytale ends but the journey continues? 

Book II of the Heart of All Worlds series finds Sehrys and Brieden living peacefully in Khryslee. But when King Firae breaches an ancient, spellbound pact by crossing The Border into Villalu in pursuit of a convicted criminal and is trapped there, Sehrys is forced to ascend the throne in his absence, a role he was once groomed for, but Brieden fears and dreads. Meanwhile, Firae must rely on the very criminal he was after to help him reach home alive—a man his own mother exiled long ago but who awakens something in his heart more potent than his sworn duties as king.

As each man struggles to understand his own destiny, devotion, and legacy, a deeper and more urgent truth confronts them all: Their world is in far greater danger than they realized, and each of them plays an integral part in its fate.

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