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What's on the Reading Radar #WishList #TBR

What have I been up to? Well, I have been working on the edits for Caledonia Destiny and sent them back to the editor a couple days ago. (I'm still turning the blurb around in my head. I hate writing blurbs.) Then I started writing Chapter 16 of Assassin's Retirement. I am really behind on those chapters between working on Constant and then Caledonia Destiny, I kept putting it off. Now I can't because I need to have something to post on Tuesday. :)

Reading was pretty good this week. I've been really good at reading books as I pick them up (which is not doing any favors to my old and long TBR books).

Title: Queen Takes Rook
Series: Their Vampire Queen, 4
Author(s): Joely Sue Burkhart

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Pansexual / Bisexual / Vampire / 

Notes: Fuck, yes. Okay, So I posted this a couple of weeks ago but it wasn't out yet. It was released later than anticipated and it came out a couple days ago. I devoured it yesterday. I'm on a book hangover and so not sorry. I started cussing when it hit 98% and the end was eminent. I wanted it to just keep continuing. The last book in the series is out in June, Queen Takes Checkmate. Honestly, I'm so in love with this series and I don't want it to end. 

Blurb: A Reverse Harem Vampire Romance

The epic showdown between the last Isador queen and House Skye begins.

Strengthened by her new queen sib, Shara Isador plans to return to her mansion-in-progress for some much needed rest. She especially wants to get to know her new twin Blood and fears she may have made a mistake in taking them. She does not love them. Yet.

However, the sun god and the queen of New York City have other plans.

The snares are set to capture the young but extremely powerful vampire queen. Someone inside Zaniyah's nest has betrayed them, and Shara's trusted butler calls to inform her that a large package has arrived-from Marne Ceresa, the queen of Rome. A trap, surely. Or could the unknown gift be an olive branch from the feared Triune queen?

Title: Undaunted
Author(s): Devin Harnois
Length: 360 pages
Publisher: October Night Publishing (January 23, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Vampire / Werewolves / Historical Fantasy / Gay / 

Notes: I've been on the fence about this because of the content warnings. I bit the bullet and started reading it this week. My biggest hard line is the master/slave in books. But I make exceptions in cases where slavery is being fought. In Undaunted, there are different factions/countries that use slavery, but not the MCs. Kelas (who is a runaway slave) comes from a people who justify slavery but his own slavery to the vampires makes him question his people's justification. I haven't finished the book yet but if the self searching is employed the same way to the other content warnings then I don't feel I'll have a problem. It's actually very good.

Blurb: A warrior’s broken soul.
A vampire’s kind heart.

Kelas Vartorvi escaped from one vampire only to find himself bound to another. Roshan saved his life and honor demands Kelas stays by his side until he repays the debt.

Roshan takes his broody new werewolf bodyguard in stride. Slowly, his relentless good nature begins to break down Kelas’s walls.

And their tentative friendship becomes something more.

An unexpected visitor from Roshan’s past throws them into a political plot and gives Kelas a chance for revenge. But are the gods blessing Kelas, or asking for a sacrifice?

Content warnings: Contains slavery, violence, body control, bottom shaming, misogyny, and rape mentioned in backstory. All sex between the heroes is clearly consensual.

Title: Mr. January
Series: Calendar Men, 1
Author(s): Bailey Bradford
Length: 181 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay /


Blurb: There’s no sense in pussy-footing around when it comes to love.

Albert E. Washington is a nerd and proud of it. He’s a cool cat when he shifts, but for the most part, he’s just a guy who sometimes tapes his glasses together and enjoys quality clothing like bowties and suspenders. When his boss has him acting as an errand boy, Albert finds himself in the middle of a sexy calendar photo shoot. It’s a little too much for him to process and he ends up embarrassing himself.

Gregg is Mr. January—or he will be if the photo shoot ever gets going. Injuring his back when he trips on the set isn’t going to speed things up. The appearance of a seriously hot guy who flips the switch on Gregg’s geeky-man button makes a bad day great. Now, if Gregg can just get Albert to agree to a date, if he doesn’t scare Albert off, if Albert will just pick up on the flirtatious things Gregg says…

That’s a lot of ifs, but Gregg isn’t intimidated by them. He knows his dream man when he meets him. Now all Gregg has to do is survive the photo shoot and convince Albert to give him, and love, a chance.

Title: Dragon's Thief
Series: Blood Prophecy, 1
Author(s): Lili Zander, Rory Reynolds
Length: 109 pages

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Dragons / Reverse Harem / 

Notes: I liked the sample and for $0.99 thought I'd try it. The completed serial is bundled into one almost 600 page book, Dragon's Fire: A Reverse Harem Romance

Blurb: Stealing from one dragon is lunacy. Stealing from five of them? I must have a death wish.

Contrary to popular opinion, I really don’t have a death wish.

Yes, I’m a thief, but after almost being torn limb from limb by an irate panther shifter, I’ve given up my law-breaking ways. From now on, I’m sticking to the straight and narrow.

Then Drakkar Raedwulf dangles one tempting, yet impossible job in front of me. Steal a gemstone from the five dragon princes.

I’m not a fool, but Silas, the closest thing I have to a father, is gravely ill. He’ll die if I can’t get him the treatment he needs. Treatments that are far more expensive than I can afford with my crappy minimum-wage job.

So I take the job.

And promptly get caught by the five princes. Bastian. Casius. Rhys. Mateo. Erik.

And that’s where my story really begins…

Because the dragons are cursed, and my blood might be the secret to freeing them.

Episode 1 of the reverse harem serial Blood Prophecy. Adult situations. Snarky heroine who likes to swear from time to time. 18+.

***The Blood Prophecy series is now complete. All five episodes have been bundled (along with a bonus Aria story, Dragon's Ghost) into an omnibus edition, Dragon's Fire. If you want to binge-read Aria's story, I recommend getting the full book.***

Title: The Witch Stone
Series: (Court of Ash and Thorn Book 1)
Author(s): Jasmine Hong
Length: 128 pages
Publisher: NineStar Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: One of the unfortunate truths in life is that if someone dumps a war on your doorstep in the small hours of the morning, well, you’re kind of stuck with it. Especially if that war comes in the form of a mostly naked man and he just happens to be one of the most powerful beings in the city.

And your ex.

Another unfortunate truth: No matter how poorly things ended, you’re going to wind up scraping him up off the cement and dragging him in off your doorstep. And, of course, that’s when the real trouble begins.

Title: Invaded 
Series: Mate Them, 1
Author(s): RJ Richards
Length: 101 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Aliens / Gay / Poly /


Blurb: Danny has been part of the human resistance against the alien invasion since the day they arrived on his ruined planet. But when a daring mission goes awry, Danny is captured by the alien force and taken to the one place he has tried to avoid for so long. Their mothership. And it is a place where humans are known to go but never to return...

The Kal’vo have come to Earth with one mission and one mission only – to breed the remaining humans. Danny is the perfect addition to their breeding stock, and now they have him on their ship they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure that he submits to their demands.

But Danny has no intention of submitting...not to the first alien who comes for him...and certainly not to any of the others that follow. But Danny has never met males like these and it may be that before long, he starts to wonder exactly what he is resisting against…

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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Pact Days: Ryo'Pardeep #ValespaiPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Ryo'Pardeep.

Since the Ryo'Prdeep plays a part of the plot,
 I had to withhold a good deal of information. No spoilers! Enjoy!   

A couple of side notes: For a list of species that have been posted so far, see the The People of Valespia page. I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.

Species: Ryo'Pardeep (The Ancients)
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain:
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: They are the offspring of the Alpha-Zetamite born in space. They come in all shapes and sizes with the ability to change their appearance at will. They are primordial beings with affinity for places and elements that were in abundance when they were conceived and during gestation. (examples: Poseidon & Water) No two Ryo'Pardeep are the same.

After the Arthro War, they helped to establish the Valespian Pact and the evolution of the Fal'Amoric before they stepped back and allowed the solar systems to evolve as they would. They haven't been seen in so long that many believe the Ancients are gone/dead.

They can be any gender. Some choose a gender and don't deviate, others switch back and forth, and there are a few that refuse to identify as any gender. They all can procreate in any gender or form they desire.

They built the first grid using the transport buoys, later replacing them with better machinery. 

"A long-ago treaty reinforced an uneasy truce between the Ancients and the V'Saar Queen, Isolt."

Common Occupation:
Government Systems:
Current Leader:
Council of Neighn of Member:


Star System:

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:
Cultural names and terms specific to species:

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Assassin's Retirement Chapter 15, Part 2 #gentleman #amwriting #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. 

If you have stumbled onto this blog story and want to start from the beginning, I have added a Table of Contents at the bottom of this page with links to the other chapters in the story.

He wanted to walk away...

Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

"Doesn't the very definition of non-human mean dragons are also other?"

"Yes," replied Prince. He brushed his long, blond hair over his shoulder. "But when a dragon breeds with someone who is not dragon or human, the offspring are different. It takes longer for them to achieve their dragon form and when they do transform, many go insane, to put is easily. Their dragon half is dominate. Without learning how to shield and find the balance between the two parts, they lose themselves to the infamous dragon rage, becoming literal monsters. People die, and humans come close to finding out others exist."

Zane hadn't seen or heard anything about the lead singer of Crimson Comet losing his temper or destroying things.

"I won't reach my transition for another couple of weeks," Cord said as if he'd read Zane's thoughts.

"If your dragon-self is still dormant, then why is someone trying to kill you?"

"For the last couple of decades, this particular scion has been killing all the Grendels before they mature."

Zane barely refrained from scowling. "So, someone is killing people—Grendels—before it can be determined if they are going to lose themselves to madness?" He despised people who killed innocents. Fucking cowards.

Everyone nodded.

He turned back to Cord. "Do you think you'll go crazy?"

"No, I don't, but we won't know for sure until the dragon in me awakens. Being the son of a Valkyrie means I have strong mental shields. She taught me from a young age how to build the walls in my mind. Valkyries usually have female children who are born with natural immunities the male children don't have. She taught me quickly how to protect my mind so I wouldn't be enthralled by Gods or harassed by shades." Zane sensed there was a story behind his explanation but now wasn't the time to pry.

"Have you talked to the shooter—this scion—and explained or do they even care?" Zane rubbed his tired, gritty eyes.

"Whoever they are, they refuse to communicate, even with the oracles," Prince replied. "Believe me, I have tried everything I know to keep the scion from hunting Cord."

"Are we in anymore danger tonight?" Zane mentally ticked off his defenses. He knew he should have built that escape tunnel.

"We weren't followed," Xander replied. "I am concerned about el Chupacabra. They would know how to get back here. It helps that our scent wasn't here when they regained consciousness. They shouldn't have any reason to bring its master here."

"Only one el Chupacabra escaped," Alonzo rumbled. "The second is here, restrained. The third was truly dead."

When Zane glanced at Prince, seeing no guilt for chopping a being's head off. Interesting.

"I used to work for an organization that handles feral or rogue others," Alonzo continued. "I can call them tonight and have a retrieval team come and pick-up Duvan and they'll search for the other one. Perhaps they can help with this situation as well."

He craned his neck and looked up to Alonzo. "Do you trust them?"

Alonzo paused. "There are people in the organization who I trust. They were the ones who I'd call."

Zane hesitated. He wanted to handle the situation himself, but it would be nice if the el Chupacabra were taken off his hands. And perhaps the expertise of someone familiar with others would also help. One could never have too much information.

"Call them," he finally answered. Alonzo stepped away, pulling a cellphone from his pocket as he walked into the kitchen.

He rose to his feet. "Since there is nothing more that can be done tonight, I'll show you to your rooms. I'll have more questions by breakfast, so be prepared to answer them."

The members of Crimsons Comet gained their feet. Scyld scowled at Zane but didn't stop Zane when he moved to the hallway. Past the half bath, the hall split to the right, forming a separate L-shaped corridor where three bedrooms could be found. Zane left Cord and his group to pair off and went back to the main hallway. Instead of heading back to the living room, he went further into the house. The next door he passed was the bathroom where Alonzo cleaned up Duvan. The following doorway was the bedroom where Duvan slept. Perhaps they should wake him and make him drink more tea?

Movement at the end of the hallway caught his attention. Alonzo carried a pitcher of tea and Scyld followed close behind. The light from the living room and kitchen had been dimmed.

Without saying anything, Alonzo brushed by Zane, entering Duvan's room. He checked the restraints before pouring more tea in the glass on the bedside table.

Scyld stopped and watched for a moment, then said, "Is there somewhere private we can talk?"

"Sure." Zane moved to the next closed door and entered the music room. When he closed the door behind them, Scyld swept him into a fierce hug. "Damn, kid, of all the situations to get yourself into."

After his initial surprise, Zane clutch him back. Scyld wasn't usually so demonstrative but he wasn't going to balk. He clutched his oldest friend—his only friend—to him. Zane gave a rough laugh. "They came looking for me." Quickly, he sobered. "Someone knows who I am, gave the band my information."

He made himself release Scyld, noticing for the first time his friend hadn't aged since Zane last saw him.

Scyld didn't let Zane pull completely away, gripping the nape of Zane's neck. "We'll take care of this together."

Zane nodded, swallowing thickly as he held Scyld's steely gaze.

Table of Contents
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers

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What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

What have I been doing? Still working through edits of Caledonia Destiny: Blessed Bane. I really hope I finish with it the soon. I have the cover and I'm dying to share it but I'm waiting so that I don't jynx myself (but I think I've already said that). <3

I've had a really decent reading week.

Title: GRIT
Series: The Remnant Gods, 1
Author(s): Elle Cross
Length: 394 pages

Genre: Romantic Elements / Urban Fantasy / Gods-Demons / Magic / 

Notes: When I bought this I thought it was Reverse Harem, but I'm not so sure now. In some of these, the MC adds to her family with every book. I finished this last night and it's pretty good, though I have questions. 

Blurb: A montage of his life flickered before my eyes. I felt every joy, heartbreak, triumph, and defeat. And then there was nothing but terror…

For years, powerful empath Vesper Tallinn has kept herself isolated from the rest of the world. Because of her ability to manipulate emotions, she has the tendency to draw dangerous people to her. She can count the number of people she trusts on one hand, because in her experience, it’s altogether safer to be alone. Not only that, but keeping her head down keeps her off the radar of the Remnant Gods, powerful and ancient beings whose behavior is unpredictable at best.

But thanks to Corbin Troy, her police detective best friend, Vesper is pulled into an extremely disturbing murder investigation. Bodies keep turning up, and the emotions Vesper senses are terrifying and dark, oozing with cruelty and malice. Both the culprit and motive remain a mystery, but one thing is clear: the Remnant Gods are somehow involved. But are they the victims? Or the perpetrators?

Vesper finds herself caught in a web of intrigue and magic, leading her on a search through bars and sex clubs, crime scenes and portals, as she tries to track down a killer…and the mysterious Lord Master, who might hold the clue to the entire case.

Over the course of the investigation, Vesper finds herself drawn to Deimos, the most powerful, enigmatic man in the city. He’s clearly more than human and it’s obvious he’s tangled up in the case. Deimos has no interest in discussing it with Corbin, because in his opinion, this is a matter for the Remnant Gods. Vesper, though, is another matter. Deimos is fascinated by her and seems intent on having her in his life…and his bed.

All of which begs the question: Is he friend or foe?

And how much is Vesper willing to risk to find out?

Title: Stag Heart
Author(s): Erin O Quinn
Length: 104 pages
Publisher: New Dawn Press (April 12, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Historical / Gay / Action & Adventure / 


Blurb: What happens when an innocent, natural soul is thrown together with a highly attractive but morally corrupt man?

~Dub is a scholar-warrior seeking inner peace in an often brutal world.

~Fergus is the bad boy son of a king who needs to learn to become a man.

~Oisean is an innocent, a wilding whose soul stirs in rhythm with raw nature.

These three are forced by circumstance to live and learn and finally survive together on Ireland's sacred Hill of Tara, where mischief and mayhem lie hidden by ancient stones.

An M/M historical romance fantasy-adventure set in The Iron Warrior novel universe.

Title: Soulmate
Series: Soulmates, 
Author(s): Erin M. Leaf
Length: 164 pages

Genre: Romance / Psychic / Contemporary Setting? / Gay / 


Blurb: Guy Keaton doesn’t want a hookup or a soulmate or anything in between. When he lost his wife to cancer, he knew he’d be alone for the rest of his life. He has a grown son, and his woodshop, and in a world where those born with powerful gifts are few and far between, that’s all that really matters. 

Theo Fraser’s empathic gift is rare and strong. He isn’t looking for love, but when he meets Guy, everything changes, because he knows that when you find your soulmate, you hold on tight and don’t let go. The only problem is that Guy thinks he’s straight, and Theo doesn’t know if he can convince a man already set in his ways to change his mind.

Will Guy be able to give up his grief and accept Theo’s love? And what happens when a terrible betrayal forces them to fight to keep each other alive?

Title: Three Trials
Series: The Dark Side, 2
Author(s): Kristy Cunning
Length: 210 pages

Genre: Romance / Dark Fantasy / Gods 7 Demons / Reverse Harem / Humor / 

Notes: I sort of devoured the two books in this series. I would definitely recommend if you're into poly romances with a darker side. And they are both $0.99.

Blurb: So, I've checked off some life goals and added a few new ones to my list.

Goal #5: Get out of hell's belly without letting my ungrateful charges die.

Goal #6: Get a new name that's more badass.

Goal #7: Stop wasting my breath on lectures and start annoying the quad hell squad every time they annoy me. Fight fire with fire. Ha! Another hell pun.

Goal 8: Find out who the hell killed me.

I'll add more. I don't want to overwhelm myself before I even finish checking off my old goals. But seriously, I really do need a more badass name, considering how much I have to keep saving my damsels in distress.

I probably shouldn't call them damsels, since they're a little murderous and all.

Maybe I should add seeing a hell-certified psychologist to my list of goals.

**Sexual situations/content
**Reverse Harem
**Dark humor galore
**Language warning

Title: The Rising Tide
Series: (Liminal Sky, 2)
Author(s): J. Scott Coatsworth
Length: 388 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 16, 2018)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Sci-Fi / Gay / 

Notes: Oops! I didn't realize this didn't come out until October...

Blurb: Earth is dead. Five years later, the remnants of humanity travel through the stars inside Forever: a living, ever-evolving, self-contained generation ship. When Eddy Tremaine and Andy Hammond find a hidden world-within-a-world under the mountains, the discovery triggers a chain of events that could fundamentally alter or extinguish life as they know it, culminate in the takeover of the world mind, and end free will for humankind. Eddy, Andy, and a handful of other unlikely heroes—people of every race and identity, and some who aren’t even human—must find the courage and ingenuity to stand against the rising tide. Otherwise they might be living through the end days of human history.

Title: Origins
Series: Gods of War, 1 
Author(s): Shannon West, TS McKinney
Length: 200 pages

Genre: Romance / Super Humans / Gay / 


Blurb: Former Army Ranger William Logan is serving hard time in Leavenworth for a crime he didn’t commit. With three months left on his sentence, he’s approached by a recruiter for a private military group. The Red River Group make him an offer he can’t refuse—a get out of jail free card and a chance to continue as a soldier, working as a hired gun. He’s sent to join a team already in training for their first mission. The new soldiers are all former elite military but also misfits, like Logan, and recently sprung from brigs across the country.

At the training facility, he meets company man and trainer, Luke Warren, a former Navy SEAL. Logan begins an intense relationship with the prickly but gorgeous man as they get ready for a top-secret mission against the drug cartels in Mexico. The team has to make sure that MARS, a highly addictive and lethal new drug, along with the factory that produces it, is completely destroyed.

When everything on the mission goes wrong and the factory blows up in their faces, the team wakes up to find they not only survived, but the now have impossible enhanced strength and abilities. Frightened and confused, not knowing who to trust, Logan leads the team in a run for the States to find a safe haven, forcing Luke to come with them.

With violence and intrigue swirling around him, Logan relies on his instincts and his ingenuity to discover who his allies and his enemies really are. As they travel across the country, Logan and Luke begin to realize that they have to stick together and they’ll need all their newfound abilities and a lot of luck to make it out of this alive.

Title: Fighting for You
Series: (Lifesworn Book 2)
Author(s): Megan Derr
Length: 120 pages
Publisher: Ninestar Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / MMM / Marriage of Convenience? / 


Blurb: All Penli wants to be is left alone. After nearly a decade of blood and violence, and a lifetime of enduring his cold, ambitious family, it’s almost a relief to be practically alone in the middle of a desert kingdom with no way to return home because of the warrant out for his arrest.

The very last thing he needs is to be consumed by a fit of honor and nobility—but he would much rather die than ever see the two sweet, intriguing men who cross his path forced apart, one to be thrown to the streets, the other to marry a malicious bully Penli has despised for years.

Though he means only to free them, having no desire to marry after barely escaping one unwanted marriage, with each passing day Penli fears the only thing more difficult than throwing his life away will be resisting the urge to build a new one with two men he barely knows.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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Mia Kerick's - The Weekend Bucket List Release Blitz

Title: The Weekend Bucket List

Author: Mia Kerick

Release Date: April 19th 2018

Genre: Young Adult, LGBT


High school seniors Cady LaBrie and Cooper Murphy have yet to set one toe out of line—they’ve never stayed out all night or snuck into a movie, never gotten drunk or gone skinny-dipping. But they have each other, forty-eight hours before graduation, and a Weekend Bucket List.

There’s a lot riding on this one weekend, especially since Cady and Cooper have yet to admit, much less resolve, their confounding feelings for one another—feelings that prove even more difficult to discern when genial high school dropout Eli Stanley joins their epic adventure. But as the trio ticks through their bucket list, the questions they face shift toward something new: Must friendship play second fiddle to romance? Or can it be the ultimate prize?

Purchase: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Interlude Press

Find The Weekend Bucket List on Goodreads


She acts as if this was my big idea, but The Weekend Bucket List has got Cady LaBrie’s name written all over it. She’s persuasive, though—the girl has almost got me believing I came up with the idea to do everything we never did that “normal” kids do in high school, all in the forty-eight hours before graduation. We have a lot of lost time to make up for.

“These fries are so good.” Cady’s eyes are closed like she’s in goddamned ecstasy. I’m not sure why, but I look away.

“How can you eat so freaking much and stay so freaking skinny?” I ask, as Cady starts in on her second large order of french fries. And these are just appetizers.

“I’m petite, Cooper. Not skinny... and you’re skinny, too.”

I shrug and suck futilely on the straw that stands straight in my vanilla shake.

“Whatever.” It doesn’t matter how thick the shake is; I’m in no rush to suck it down. Cady’s the talker in this relationship, so all I’ve got to do is sit here and listen.

GIVEAWAY: Win $15 Amazon Giftcard

About the Author

Mia Kerick is the mother of four exceptional children—a daughter in law school, another in dance school, a third studying at Mia’s alma mater, Boston College, and her lone son still in high school. She writes LGBTQ romance when not editing National Honor Society essays, offering opinions on college and law school applications, helping to create dance bios, and reviewing English papers. Her husband of twenty-four years has been told by many that he has the patience of Job, but don’t ask Mia about this, as it is a sensitive subject.

Mia focuses her stories on emotional growth in turbulent relationships. As she has a great affinity for the tortured hero, there is, at minimum, one in each book. As a teen, Mia filled spiral-bound notebooks with tales of said tortured heroes (most of whom happened to strongly resemble lead vocalists of 1980s big-hair bands) and stuffed them under her mattress for safekeeping. She is thankful to Dreamspinner Press and Harmony Ink Press for providing alternate places to stash her stories.

Her books have won a Best YA Lesbian Rainbow Award, a Reader Views’ Book by Book Publicity Literary Award, the Jack Eadon Award for Best Book in Contemporary Drama, an Indie Fab Award, and a Royal Dragonfly Award for Cultural Diversity, among other awards.

Mia is a Progressive, a little bit too obsessed by politics, and cheers for each and every victory in the name of human rights. Her only major regret: never having taken typing or computer class in school, destining her to a life consumed with two-fingered pecking and constant prayer to the Gods of Technology.

Contact Mia at Visit her website for updates on what is going on in Mia’s world, rants, music, parties, and pictures, and maybe even a little bit of inspiration.

Links: Facebook | Twitter


Pact Days: Ryden #ValespaiPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Ryden.

Since the Ryden 
have yet to be introduced, I had to withhold a good deal of information. No spoilers! Enjoy!   

A couple of side notes: For a list of species that have been posted so far, see the The People of Valespia page. I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.

Species: Ryden
Planet: Parnassus
Other races on the planet: Jungle, Oceans
Planetary Terrain:
Capitol: Ida
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: tall, willowy, androgynous race, soft spoke and considered reluctant to used violence. The hues of their skin are always in the pastel range. Certain bloodlines have a natural shimmer/luster to their skin. Those who don't have the quality will buy products that give them the effect artificially. They have sweeping eyelashes, long, elegant hands, large golden eyes, and tinsel-like hair. The higher their station, the longer their hair. It is illegal from someone to grow their hair beyond what their station dictates.

Something about them is attractive to all races/species and they are considered beautiful and charismatic.

Common Occupation:
Government Systems: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader:
Council of Neighn of Member

Allies: Chi-Lin, Dar Massaga, Gaziniti, GyrFalconi, Shia'Marr, Terrens,

Star System

Other planets occupied by species:
Military Leader:
Cultural names and terms specific to species:

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Assassin's Retirement Chapter 15, Part 1 #gentleman #amwriting #blogstory

Welcome back to Assassin's Retirement. 

If you have stumbled onto this blog story and want to start from the beginning, I have added a Table of Contents at the bottom of this page with links to the other chapters in the story.

He wanted to walk away...

Fate wouldn't let him.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Chapter Fifteen – To kill, or not to kill

"Nice kick by the way," Scyld tipped his blond head to Alonzo.

Zane relaxed back into his chair. Alonzo put his hand on Zane's shoulder again and this time, Zane reached up and covered it with his own. "And afterward?" he prodded. He struggled not to reveal the depth of his relief at Scyld's arrival.

"Just making sure they weren't attempting to trap you." Scyld scowled at the band members.

"You don't seem surprised by Alonzo's transformation," Prince commented from his perch, scrutinizing Scyld just as hard as Scyld inspected the group.

"No, I'm not. I had hoped Zane wouldn't run afoul of others. This is not a world I would willingly embroil him in." Scyld's words were reproving, as if he scolded teenagers for making rash decisions. That was something Zane remembered well from his years with his mentor. He wanted to smile at the familiarity but dared not to. Scyld turned his attention back to Zane. "Are you going to shoot them or hear them out?"

Zane wanted to be done with this conversation already, but Alonzo squeezed his shoulder, reminding him that he really did need to resolve a couple of issues before he dragged Scyld away to talk.

He pinned the group with his gaze, squinting at them, daring them to prolong their explanation. "That's up to them. What will it be, Cord?"

Cord scooted to the edge of his seat, swiveling to face Zane. His elbows rested on his knees, the thick silver rings on his fingers glinting in the firelight. "We—I—froze at the house, when you asked what was going on. It's second nature for those like us to keep secrets from humans." Cord nervously wrapped his fingers around his beard and pulled. "Elle vouched for you, but…" He shook his head as if he was having an internal argument. "I'm sorry we didn't try to talk to you. If you turn us away, we'll go." He glanced up at Zane, his eyes filled with defeat. "If you kill me, then perhaps it would be for the best."

The members of Crimson Comet erupted in chorus of shocked denials. Zane ignored them, keeping his attention on Cord who slid off the couch, walking on his knees the short distance to Zane, Cord stopped short of touching.

"They won't reveal who you are to anyone. I promise. Just don't kill them. They are only trying to protect me. I've been running from the scion for so long." Cord's shoulders sagged as if he bore a great weight. "I'm tired, Zane. Can you understand that?"

And he could. Zane knew the weariness that came with constantly being on guard. Of never being able to relax. "Why are you running?" he asked.

"No, Cord!" Anson broke from the group and grabbed Cord by the shoulders. When Cord didn't budge, Anson fell on his knees next to Cord and wrapped his arms around Cord's shoulders. "We can go somewhere else. There have to be others who can help. Someone who knows more about us."

Zane's heart clenched at Anson's beseeching tone, at how he clutched Cord as if he was terrified of losing Cord. Zane almost reached out to comfort Anson.

Cord ran a hand over Anson's short dark curls, clasping the back of Anson's skull. "It's time we stop running. It's not fare to any of you."

Zane reached out and grasped Cord's chin, wrapping his fingers around the short beard, tugging gently. "Tell me."

"I am a Grendel."

The arguing suddenly stopped, and the only sound was the crackle of the burning logs. Zane cocked his head, memories of his father pushing to the surface. Surely Cord didn't mean what Zane thought.

"Explain," he urged, keeping his voice light. "What is a Grendel."

Cord swallowed audibly. "I am half dragon."

Zane couldn't help himself, he grinned. He could feel Scyld glare at him for showing emotion, but he didn't care because… dragon.

The corners of Cord's mouth lifted slightly before he pressed his lips flat. "Dragons are not the benevolent misunderstood creatures that have been in some movies. They are hot tempered, selfish, egotistical… volatile."

"So, they are dangerous. But you are half-human—"

Anson shook his head. Cord tightened his arm around Anson. "No, I am half… other. My mother is a Valkyrie. If she had been human, my father would have taken me from her. He would have taught me how to control my dragon half. But dragons feel the others, the beings who are not human, have tainted blood that warps the dragon side.

Zane released his hold on Cord's chin, motioning for them to return to the couch. The others retook their seats, their gazes intent on Zane.

Table of Contents
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
Chapter Seven, Part 1 - Stolen Answers

Saturday, April 14, 2018

What's on the Reading Radar? #wishlist #TBR

What am I doing? Well, Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3) is undergoing some rewrites and expansion. Then on Thursday, Caledonia Destiny: Blessed Bane was waiting in my email. So, I'm working on edits before this goes out to a proofreader... which I really should make some inquiries on. 

This past week, I've been gaming in my downtime instead of reading. So, my wish list is a bit short since it's taking me several days to get through a book. I can't wait for the weekend when I can settle into the corner of the couch, and spend hours hacking and slashing through beasties and villains.

Title: The King's Sun
Series: The Brass Machine: Book One
Author(s): Isaac Grisham
Length: 296 pages

Genre: Fantasy / Princes / Magic / Enemies to Lovers / Suspense / Gay / 

Notes: Releases May 1st

Blurb: Prince Kitsune trained all his life to become a leader in the king’s wars for supremacy, but the fearsome monarch dashes those dreams and banishes his devoted son. Not all is lost—to reclaim his birthright, Kitsune must kill the son of his father's rival. A son possessed by fiery magic.

Outside of the capital walls for the first time, Kitsune struggles to survive accursed wilderness and political intrigue while executing his mission. He meets the enigmatic, dark-haired Myobu and discovers magical Yokai spirits, dark family secrets, and strange new feelings for his companion.

As the two men forge a path through the region, an unrealized and dangerous magic blossoms within Kitsune. It is the mysterious power of the Yokai spirits, capable of unspeakable destruction, and it grows stronger with each passing day. Could he use this gift to slay his target, or would it destroy all that he loves?

Title: The Fixer
Series: (The Criminals Book 2)
Author(s): Erin M. Leag
Length: 129 pages
Publisher: Evernight Publishing (February 13, 2018)

Genre: Contemporary / Criminals / Gay /


Blurb: When Zero Graham wakes up in the hospital, he has only one thing on his mind: revenge on the mastermind who shot him and trashed his home. He's the best fixer in the business, and that means he has a reputation to uphold.

Julian Amon doesn't want to check up on his mother's patient, but he can't say no to her, and he finds the older man intriguingly hot. His decision to tag along when Zero checks himself out of the hospital borders on crazy, but the older man interests him, and Julian has always enjoyed a good mystery.

Zero doesn’t want or need a babysitter, but Julian’s physical competence and lack of fear push all of his buttons in exactly the right way. Violence is his kink, and the younger man doesn’t seem to mind the scent of blood, but will Julian be able to handle the pressure when Zero closes in on his enemy?

Title: Sworn to the Night
Series: (The Wisdom's Grave Trilogy Book 1)
Author(s): Craig Schaefer
Length: 428 pages
Publisher: Demimonde Books (January 2, 2018)

Genre: Dark Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Curses / Thriller / Suspense / Lesbian /


Blurb: Marie Reinhart is an NYPD detective on the trail of a serial killer. When she sleeps, though, she dreams of other lives; she dreams of being a knight, in strange wars and strange worlds. On the other side of the city, Nessa Roth is a college professor trapped in a loveless marriage, an unwilling prop in a political dynasty. She's also a fledgling witch, weaving poppets and tiny spells behind closed doors.

When Marie's case draws her into Nessa's path, sparks fly. What comes next is more than a furtive whirlwind affair; it's the first pebbles of an avalanche. Nessa and Marie are the victims of a curse that has pursued them across countless lifetimes; a doom designed to trap them in a twisted living fairy tale, with their romance fated to end in misery and death.

They aren't going out without a fight. As they race to uncover the truth, forces are in motion across the country. In Las Vegas, a professional thief is sent on a deadly heist. In a Detroit back alley, witches gather under the guidance of a mysterious woman in red. Just outside New York, an abandoned zoo becomes the hunting-ground for servants of a savage and alien king. The occult underground is taking sides and forming lines of battle. Time is running out, and Nessa and Marie have one chance to save themselves, break the curse, and demand justice.

This time, they're writing their own ending.

Title: Incubus Touch
Series: (Polar Nights Book 1)
Author(s): Siryn Sueng
Length: 91 pages
Publisher: Deep Desires Press (May 30, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay /


Blurb: Sex under the northern lights has never been so arousing. 

Valyn enjoys the snow-covered city of Tromsø, Norway, because of the long nights, and the northern lights that bring more than just color to the skies above. As a siren, the energy that floods the city beneath the strong pulses of the aurora are both needed for magic and sought after for intense pleasure.

During the winter, the urge to be claimed drives many of the mythical populace. It is Valyn’s third winter without a partner, and the overwhelming need for sex is almost too much to bear. Until his search in an underground club leads him to an incubus named Jakai. Finally, after so long, Valyn has found the man to share his life with. Jakai is mysterious, but kind, and the sex is far more erotic than Valyn ever imagined it could be.

But in the deep dark, there are things that crawl through the snow. The fae are far less civilized and out for blood. When Valyn spots a terrifying figure in Jakai’s yard, the peace in Tromsø begins to break apart — and the fae’s presence is just the beginning.

Incubus Touch is a 21,000-word novella.

Title: Hoofin' It: A Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count)
Author(s): R.J. Blain
Length: 320 pages

Genre: Paranormal / Romance / Comedy /


Blurb: All Shane wanted was to get away from the wreckage of his career for a while. He picked New York City to provide him with a distraction from his early, unwanted retirement from the police force.

New York City delivered, distracting him with three corpses and a miniature llama with a spitting problem and an attitude. If he wants to return to a normal life, he’ll have to face off against a sex trafficking ring targeting the woman of his dreams, ancient vampires, murderous criminals, his parents, and an FBI agent with a hidden agenda.

Some days, it isn’t easy being an ex-cop.

Warning: This novel contains excessive humor, action, excitement, adventure, magic, romance, and bodies. Proceed with caution.

Title: The Swampling King
Series: (The Windwalker Legacy Book 1)
Author(s): Ben S. Dobson
Length: 685 opages

Genre: High Fantasy / New Adult / Athurian / Myths & Legends / 


Blurb: Ancient demons stir. War draws near. Salvation lies in an old prophecy—and an older curse.

Hungry demons roam the vast, sunless Swamp. To protect their people, swampling mages rely on a cursed blood magic that drives men mad. And for the crime of using it, the Storm Knights of the Nine Peaks hunt them relentlessly from sunlit mountain duchies, seeking to avenge a betrayal long past.

But something is stirring in the dark, and change is coming.

A warrior born to death and darkness, Zerill is willing to use whatever power she must to lead the swamplings into the light.

Reluctant heir to the throne of the Peaks, Prince Josen finds himself doubting the righteousness of an endless crusade.

In a time of chaos and confusion, the ambitious Duke Lenoden sees a chance to seize the influence he has long coveted.

Monstrous demons called Deeplings creep out of the mist at night, attacking in numbers unseen for centuries.

And from the unexplored reaches of the Swamp comes a boy with the eyes of an eagle, foretold by ancient prophecy, who may bring salvation—or doom.

The Swampling King is book one of The Windwalker Legacy, an epic fantasy of desperate times, dark magic, and terrifying monsters in the tradition of George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson.

Title: Four Psychos
Series: (The Dark Side Book 1)
Author(s): Kristy Cunning
Length: 210 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Fantasy / Reverse Harem / 


Blurb: I'm not so different from most people.Like everyone else, I have life goals.

Goal #1: Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am.

Goal #2: Convince the four men I've been haunting for the past five years to pick me to be their new toy after goal one is complete.

Goal #3: Figure out who/what I am and why I can't remember anything past the five years I've been haunting this quad.

Goal #4: Eat popcorn.

See? Perfectly normal. Sort of.
Gotta start small, after all.
It's not like anyone else is perfect either.

**Sexual situations
**Reverse Harem
**Dark humor galore
**Language warning

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!