Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Excerpt # 3 Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons #3)

Every week this month I'll share excerpts for one of my books.  This week, because it is a holiday week will only have 2 excerpts from Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons #3) scheduled for release on March 26, 2013.



© 2012, Lexi Ander

Nine Weeks Pregnant – 45 days until birth of the heirs to the Seat of Zeev, the Wolf Throne.
I woke up with a jolting start, hands clutching at someone, something that wasn't there, my heart pounded like a drum in my chest.
A dream.
It was only a dream and the images were fading fast.  Groggily, I tried to catch it, and bring it back, as I struggled to remember.  It was important.  There was something I wasn't supposed to forget, something I needed to do.  I nearly growled in frustration as the contents of the dream, like smoke, drifted away from me until all I could remember were a pair of piercing blue eyes, hopeful, and pleading.
I scrubbed my hands over my face in frustration.  These dreams plagued me every time I closed my eyes.  I always woke with a sense of urgency but could remember nothing when the fuzziness of sleep cleared.  If I could remember, then maybe I could do something, but as it was, I always woke frustrated and sad.
Some mornings the sense of loss was so overwhelming I had to hide from Ushna until the feelings subsided.  I didn't know how to explain why I was so affected by my dreams.  Those mornings I needed to conceal myself, I’d sit in my dark office.  The sorrow was so strong it felt like my chest had been cracked open.  I hoped he would never see me in those minutes of consuming grief.  What could I say to make him understand when I couldn’t comprehend it myself?
This time I had awakened with the impression of a task incomplete.  No sadness to steal my breath but with a purpose.  I had something more, names my mind seemed to pluck out of the air but it was somewhere to start.  I needed answers, and I had a feeling they were to be found with these new clues from my dream, Angelo Giannis and Nikita Minoas.  I didn't know who they were but given some time I’d find out.

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