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What's On The Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR #amreading

What's going on? Same-ole-Same-ole. Working on Constant. Waiting for the guys from Assassin's Retirement to talk to me. Trying not to pick up too many plot bunnies. LOL!

Title: Blood and Marriage
Series: Unbreakable Soldies, 2.5
Author: Megan Derr
Length: 56 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Aromantic / Intersex / Pansexual / Poly / 


Blurb: Morrin has waited a long time to claim his throne, and even longer to have a real family. It may not be a conventional family, consisting of his closest friends, his brother Istari, and Istari's spouse and children, but it's one he loves and is proud of. No odious brothers, no abusive father, no cowardly mother.

The very last thing he wants is to upset the balance by taking a wife, but his friends are right in that seeing him married will go a long way toward repairing the damage caused by his war-mongering, tyrant father. He just didn't expect them to suggest the blandest princess in the castle.

Title: Badlands
Series: Badlands, 1
Author: Morgan Brice
Length: 296 pages
Publisher: Darkwind Press (June 26, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Gay /

Notes: This was pretty good.

Blurb: Medium and clairvoyant Simon Kincaide owns a Myrtle Beach boardwalk shop where he runs ghost tours, holds séances, and offers private psychic readings, making a fresh start after his abilities cost him his lover and his job as a folklore professor. Jaded cop Vic D’Amato saw something supernatural he couldn’t explain during a shootout several years ago in Pittsburgh and relocated to Myrtle Beach to leave the past behind, still skeptical about the paranormal. But when the search for a serial killer hits a dead end, Vic battles his skepticism to ask Simon for help. As the body count rises, Simon’s involvement makes him a target, and a suspect. But Simon can’t say no, even if it costs him his life and heart.

Title: Deadly Curiosities
Series: Deadly Curiosities, 1
Author: Gail Z. Martin
Length: 464 pages
Publisher: Solaris (June 22, 2014)

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Mystery / Paranormal / 

Notes: I have this on audiobook and I really like it. Gail Z. Martin also writes as Morgan Brice.

Blurb: Welcome to Trifles & Folly, a store with a dark secret. Proprietor Cassidy Kincaide continues a family tradition begun in 1670 – acquiring and neutralizing dangerous supernatural items. It’s the perfect job for Cassidy, whose psychic gift lets her touch an object and know its history. Together with her business partner Sorren, a 500-year-old vampire and former jewel thief, Cassidy makes it her business to get infernal objects off the market.When a trip to a haunted hotel unearths a statue steeped in malevolent power, and a string of murders draws a trail to the abandoned old Navy yard, Cassidy and Sorren discover a diabolical plot to unleash a supernatural onslaught on their city.

It’s time for Kincaide and her team to get rid of these Deadly Curiosities before the bodies start piling up.

Title: Wolf Hunt
Series: Wolf Hunt Book One
Author: RJ Blain
Length: 288 pages
Publisher: Pen & Page Publishing; 2 edition (August 28, 2018)

Genre: Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / Witches / Warlocks / Werewolves / Professional Thief / 

Notes: I have read this already and would give it more than five stars if I could. It hit on everything I love to find in my reads. Declan... I want to bring him home and make him a part of my pack. This has a HFN ending with the plot wrapped up but Declan is... well, his story isn't finished. I should also say that this is set in the Witch  Wolf world with some crossover characters. I did not find that out until after I finished the story (because I read it without reading the blurb--was binge reading RJ Blain), so this read perfectly as a standalone.

Blurb: What should have been a preliminary scouting job for a future art heist turns into Declan McGrady’s worst nightmare when he discovers the gallery’s owner has exotic—and live—tastes. Breaking a group of werewolf women out of a hostage situation is above his pay grade, but he’s left with no choice. 

Worse, what he doesn’t know might kill him—and dump him back into the world of black ops at the cost of his freedom or his life.

WOLF HUNT takes place following the events of SILVER BULLET, Witch & Wolf #4. This novel is 75,000 words and is part of a trilogy, which will conclude the Witch & Wolf series.

Title: Izzy and the Right Answer
Author: R. Cooper
Length: 198 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / College Age / Poly / Asexual / Aromantic / Gay /


Blurb: Jamie “Izzy” Islington is an ace, femme, neuroatypical college junior with anxiety, an interest in coding and poetry, and difficulty identifying his own emotions. He’s had no interest in romantic love until very recently, when he realized he has a crush on someone in his circle of friends—although he has no intention of doing anything about it. Izzy thinks every problem through to the correct solution, and he knows that the initial fascination some people have for him quickly fades, and no one is interested in actually dating him. Especially not someone special like Rocco.

Rocco Baglieri is a hard-working, reserved student-athlete. He gets especially quiet with Izzy, although he’s more comfortable around everyone else, especially their mutual friend, Ronnie. Which would bother Izzy more, except that Izzy is all smiles for Ronnie too. Warm and giving Ronnie Acebedo is sunshine personified. He once had a crush on Izzy during their first year, but got over it and is now one of Izzy’s closest friends.

Then a drunken night and Izzy’s new awareness of romantic feelings force him to finally notice some things—like that he isn’t the only one pining.

To Izzy, the solution to this triangle is obvious—if he disappears, Rocco and Ronnie will have a straight line to each other. But brilliant though he is, Izzy forgets that Ronnie and Rocco have minds—and hearts—of their own, and there are more options than lines or triangles. The right answer might be something else entirely.

An m/m/m romance

Title: The Witch and the Werewolf
Series: Betwixt Realms, 1
Author: Edeline Wrigh
Length: 98 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Poly / Lesbian / 

Notes: I feel like I have posted this before but I'm not sure. I keep looking at it with designs on reading it but I haven't cracked it open yet. Perhaps this weekend...

Blurb: A gorgeous werewolf and a girl who can't lie walk up to a witch's house to ask a favor...No, it's not a joke. It's my life.

I was just a girl from small-town Indiana when my mother asked me to go to the city and beg a favor from a witch. I don't know what it is, and asking my dad is out. He's an anti-magic pastor. And coming up with a reason why I'll be gone for several days without lying OR using the W-word is proving to be difficult.

That's the least of my problems, for once I get past the werewolf and vampire, there's the whole business of me not being human and the wickedly attractive witch that explains it all.

Creatures I didn't know existed are now after me, and my primal desire tries harder to pull me through a portal away from the human realm to a home I don't even remember. All I want is to stay in this bed, with these women...

I don't want to go, but I may not be able to stay. Hopefully, I can manage to not sleepwalk through a portal while I figure out how to keep my skin from falling off.

I may not understand much about my new life, but one thing is for sure. 

Daddy would not approve.


This is an F/F/F romance leading into an F/F/F/F series that includes sexy stuff. It's also the first in a series and has a cliffhanger. You've been warned. ;)

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Wentworth Salvage Part Two #wentworthsalvage #shortstory #lgbtiaq

Last week, I gave a warning that Assassin's Retirement wouldn't be posted for a couple of reason. The first part of this can be found on last Tuesday. :)

Part Two

One Call Away (Salvaging World)
Copyright  Lexi Ander

"Sure, Sol can relay that you won't be visiting the coupling tent." Toby threw an arm around his shoulders. "Come back to the house and you can—"

"I'd rather visit the Rehabilitation Center first, if you don't mind." Max avoided Toby's sharp gaze.

"Are you here to see the doctor you were with last time you were here? Aki… Aquire…"

"Arun Keyfaren," Max supplied, pretty sure Toby already knew the name and was simply pulling his leg. No matter his bed hopping, Max never forgot a name. "And no, I'm not here to see Arun specifically. I want to check on Tac."

Thankfully, Toby didn't ask any more questions. Max couldn't avoid them forever, but for the moment, he wanted to concentrate on helping Tac and worry later about how he was going to explain he'd become—was becoming friends with Tac.

As they walked, Toby talked about his work and the projects he and Sol were heading for the Vohnahs. Only a month had passed since Max's last visit, but Toby's time was consumed with helping the Vohnahs, which was good for Toby. Max knew his brother hated to be idle but he hoped Toby didn't work all of the time. He nodded, listening to Toby's banter with half an ear while he flipped through all the excuses he could give the doctors at the rehab center for his visit.

"Are you even listening to me?" Toby's shoulder bumped his playfully, bringing him back to the present.

"Sort of. Sorry." Max's cheeks heated.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Toby stopped outside the entrance to the rehab center.

Max made himself meet Toby's concerned gaze. One thing about being the youngest, there was always a big brother Max could turn to if he needed help. Even if it was to talk. And the assholes could be quite persistent.

"Can it wait until afterwards? I'll answer your questions then." Max tried to give Toby his best grin that usually implied he was fine, and by the look in Toby's eyes he knew he failed.

Toby grabbed him by the back of the neck, pulling him forward until Max's forehead rested against Toby's. "You don't have to explain anything to me you don't want to. I just… as long as you're not in trouble or need help or something. I'm here for you."

"I know, you pest." Max attempted to keep his voice light, but could hear how terribly he failed. Fuck! What was wrong with him? "Nothing's wrong, I just…" And that was what he couldn't explain, which would be what Toby would latch onto. If he knew his brother at all, by the time he made it to Toby's place, his brother would've called and spoke to their dad and Wolfe. When one Wentworth worried, all the Wentworths worried. Nosy bastards. But he loved them all the same, perhaps a bit more than he'd let on.

"I'm fine," Max said, managing to sound more convincing even though he wasn't sure he told the truth.

Toby released his neck, patting Max's shoulder before stepping away. "Well, you know the way to the house. Come by when you're finish here."

Max watched Toby walk away, his military bearing evident with every stride. When Toby was out of sight, Max rubbed the palm of his hands onto his pants before pushing the door open. He hadn't been this nervous since… he couldn't remember.

The Rehabilitation Center compromised one of the largest trees on the compound. The largest was the medical center, and seriously, Max thought the trees were as big around as most medium sized vessels. The naturally hollow echo tree opened to a cool lobby. The attendant was rather young by Vohnahs' standard, her bright green tentacles were only three or four inches long.  She smiled broadly at him. "Good to see you, Max. Are you here to see Arun?"

"Hi, Neebo. Actually," Max cleared his throat, his mouth suddenly dry. "I was hoping Tac—Rectacon was seeing visitors." He nervously shifted the duffle he carried to his other shoulder.

Neebo glanced over Max's shoulder, and he turned following her gaze. Arun stood at the interior door leading further into the center.

"Max! So good to see you." Unlike the attendant, Arun was much older, his tentacles nearly reached his slender waist. Unlike Sol and some of the other unmated male, Arun wasn't bulky but elfishly slender. His honey yellow skin was highlighted with vibrant orange accents. Max still found the color combination relaxing, and he felt the tension slide out of his shoulders when Arun smiled, almost shyly at him.

Turning his attention to the attendant, Arun said, "I'll take Max back."

Max gave him a tentative smile. Arun had been a thrilling lover and spending time with him had been fun, but Arun was very much committed to helping others. Max couldn't help but feel a certain fondness for Arun because of his dedication. When Arun motioned to him, Max pushed through the door. Glancing back, Max caught Arun's worried expression.

"Is everything all right with Tac? Toby said there had been some issues, that Tac had to be placed in cryo-sleep in order to calm him down. When I was here last, I thought he was doing better."

Arun fell into step with Max and clasped Toby's shoulder, he always forgot how much taller the Vohnahs were until he stood next to one. Arun's tentacles flipped through Max's shoulder length hair. "I'm glad you came. I think Rectacon could use a friendly face. Not that the staff isn't friendly," he said when Max glanced sharply at him. "But he hasn't bonded with any of us. He merely sits through his check-ups, doesn't talk unless he's answering our questions. You're the only one he's truly responded to since he came to us."

The first time Tac had been woken from cryo-sleep, he'd lashed out. Afraid and alone, knowing only the brutality and torture of the scientific tests. The doctors sequestered Tac to a room with very few amenities, worried he would use something to harm himself. They played greeting messages in several languages to see if he recognized one in order to communicate since his planet was of unknown origin. It took them weeks to realize he understood merchant Standard English because Tac didn't react to any questions.

When Max met Tac, he'd gone to the rehab center to see Arun. As he passed an open door, he'd been singing an old tune his mother had taught him when he was little. He back peddled to see Arun crouched in the middle of a mostly bare room, talking to Tac who was huddled in a corner. Both Arun and Tac had stared wide-eyed at Max. He hadn't known at the time that Arun had been trying to calm Tac down. Later he discovered that sometimes Tac would become so agitated he'd hit his head against the wall, and Arun hadn't wanted put Tac back to sleep. Unaware of any of these issues, Max had entered the room. To his way of thinking, rehab centers were places where people recovered from physical injury, and it didn't occur to him Tac's wounds were psychological. Max was always up for meeting new people and didn't hesitate to extended his hand, and introducing himself to Tax. That was the first time Tac called Max angel.

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What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

What's going on? I played hookie yesterday and spent some time with my brother and his son. We saw Captain Marvel and painted minis afterwards. It was a high junk food day. LOL

I'm still bingeing on RJ Blain's books. You know you're tanked when you find out that the author writes under two other pen names. You gotta love authors with large backlists. I'm laughing but not laughing. $$ So, today in another mostly wishlist type of post because all my currency is being swallowed up in the binge-read. LOL!

Title: Chasing Fate
Series: Copper Creek Shifters, 1
Author(s): Jacki James
Length: 197 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Gay / 


Blurb: It’s time to put away silly ideas about whether or not you should be an Alpha and accept that it was never up to you in the first place. You can’t protect what’s yours unless you claim it and take your rightful place.

Chase Coleman is content with the life he’s made for himself as Sheriff of a sleepy little West Texas town. He might have walked away from his role as the Alpha apparent of his home pride but he didn’t regret making the choice to live as an out gay man.

Paxton Summers could see that Chase was the Alpha of the town’s shifters whether he wanted to accept the title or not. Once he realizes that he and the sexy sheriff are fated mates, it becomes his mission to make Chase see he never had to choose between his destiny and being true to himself—because Copper Creek was exactly where he was meant to be.

Chase just needs to see that he hadn’t left his future behind at all, instead all along he’d been Chasing Fate.

Title: Beginnings
Series: Silver Ranch Chronicles
Author(s): Eve Raineer
Length: 153 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Magic / Gay / 


Blurb: Billy Worthington 

Bake a few dozen cookies and visit some grandmas in the hospital and suddenly everyone treats you like a girl. At least that's how it is in my wolf pack, has been since high school. There's only two problems with that: one, I'm a man, and two, I'm human. Back from college and armed with my teaching certificate all I want is to quietly teach chemistry to the kids of my hometown, wolf and human alike, but its never that easy in Silver Branch. Weird things start to happen, a hot guy shows up, and suddenly I'm mixed into affairs probably better left to wizards and shifters.

Nick Duval

My family sucks, my pack sucks and all I've ever wanted was to get break free and leave to live life on my own terms. But I can't risk the danger that would put my Mom and little brothers in so I'm trapped pretending to be the perfect son and Alpha heir. My overbearing father has finally set his ultimatum, marry the adopted human son of his dead best friend or the woman of his choosing. I'm gay, so neither option is particularly appealing to me. However, when I meet this human I know he's the one for me, all I have to do is convince him. All hell breaks loose and I start to find that the biggest challenge might not be convincing my Mate, but rather keeping him.

Can Nick, Billy, and the other residents of Silver Branch band together to stop the monster someone is trying to summon in their midst? Can they keep their hands off each other long enough to save the world?

Beginnings is an M/M non-mpreg shifter romance intended for adults only. It contains swear words, some violence, and sexy times.

Title: A Prince's Duty
Series: The Royal Houses of Sea and Snow, 1
Author(s): Jude Marquez
Length: 176 pages

Genre: Romance / Historical Fantasy / Royalty / Gay / 

Notes: Though there is a cliffhanger warning, I did notice the second book in the series is already out. 

Blurb: Crown Prince Alik of the Grayhaven kingdom is the last remaining heir to his parent's kingdom. 

He knew this day was coming, the day that he would be forced to marry, but he didn't know that it would be so soon.

He has only request: That he might be the one to choose his future spouse from the royal family his parents have in mind.

Crown Prince Eamon of the Ataton kingdom is the eldest of four siblings.

He is know throughout the lands as the Barbarian Prince, the Bladebringer, the warrior prince that brought a temporary peace to his lands.

He has only one wish: That he and his family be happy, whatever the case might be.

When the Princes meet, they clash, but could it be something more?

With an encroaching enemy breathing down Eamon's neck and his siblings to think of, will Eamon make the right choice for not only him, but his family, and kingdom as well?

As Alik begins to map out his future and take on the mantle of King, will he be able to let go of his past to move on to something greater than he could hope for?

The Royal Houses of Sea and Snow, Book I: A Prince's Duty is the beginning of a new series from Jude Marquez. It can be read without having read the previous trilogy, The Cerith Kingdom Chronicles, but does reference events from those books, so read at your own risk!

Book I does end on a cliffhanger, and readers can expect steamy MM sex scenes and violence appropriate to a medieval kingdom right before a war.

Title: Puppet/Master
Series: (The Vale Chronicles Book 1)
Author(s): Joel Abernathy
Length: 319 pages

Genre: Dark Romance / Fantasy / Slow Burn Poly / Gay /


Blurb: Can an assassin who exists only for one man accept his destiny as the treasured possession of four elite warriors?

The world of Teros is full of beautiful, twisted things. Elves who’ve traded their magical birthright for biogenetic enhancements. Shifters who transform into the beasts of legend. Vampires who feed on their human subjects with impunity and enforce their rule with servants honed into deadly creatures of destruction—and seduction. None is rarer than the chimera, a special class of human and a vessel of limitless power for any lover strong enough to tame them.

As the favored "Puppet" of the Master Vampire of Ark, Arden exists to enact his master’s will. When the Brotherhood of Aeon, an elite force from the subterranean realm of the Vale, turns the tables and kidnaps the rare creature, Arden is thrown into the world of the fae, where nothing is as it seems.

The Vale is a realm of old magic and exquisite beauty beyond imagination, ruled by Dusk, the Prince of the Fae. When Dusk strips Arden of his vampire nature and the purpose that has guided him from birth, his only focus is escape. But the Brotherhood insists that he’s more than just a Puppet. To them, he’s a being deserving of love and protection, and he must be guarded at all costs.

Puppet/Master is the first book in a serial gay harem romance story. It is a slow burn resulting in an eventual MMMMM romance with a HEA. This is a story with some darker themes and is not for the faint of heart.

Title: All Souls Near & Nigh
Series: Soulbound, 2
Author(s): Hailey Turner
Length: 374 pages

Genre: Romantic Elements / Urban Fantasy / Gay /


Blurb: You can’t bargain with death if you’ve already sold your soul.

Special Agent Patrick Collins has been reassigned by the Supernatural Operations Agency to New York City. Navigating his new relationship with Jonothon de Vere, the werewolf he’s now soulbound to, is nothing compared to dealing with territorial disputes between the vampires and werecreatures who call the five boroughs home. But the delicate treaties that have kept the preternatural world in check are fraying at the edges, and the fallout is spilling into the mundane world.

Manhattan’s club scene is overrun with the vampire drug known as shine and the subways have become a dumping ground for bodies. When the dead are revealed as missing werecreatures, Patrick and Jono find themselves entangled in pack politics twisted by vampire machinations.

Learning to trust each other comes with problems for both of them, and the gods with a stake in Patrick’s soul debt aren’t finished with him yet. Bound by promises they can’t break, Patrick and Jono must find a way to survive a threat that takes no prisoners and is stalking them relentlessly through the city streets.

Old and new betrayals are coming home to roost but the truth—buried in blood—is more poisonous than the lies being spun. Trying to outrun death is a nightmare—one Patrick may never wake up from.

All Souls Near & Nigh is a 104k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot and a HFN ending. It is a direct sequel to A Ferry of Bones & Gold, and reading the first book in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one. Please see the disclaimer at the beginning of the book for content some readers may find triggering.

Title: Haaken's Honour
Author(s): Leona Windwalker
Length: 228 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Gay /


Blurb: The Ha'ak had simply come to trade. The universe had other ideas.

When a dirty, naked creature dashes onto their ship with armed Talit in desperate pursuit, they know something is up. When the creature begins to utter sounds that sound suspiciously like sentient speech, Captain Mauu finds himself in a quandary. The Ha'ak don't permit slave trading, while the Trade Confederation only extend rights to members. When the Talit claim Mauu and his crew have stolen their merchandise, Mauu finds himself in a quandary as the livelihood of his entire clan is at stake. He knows one thing. Even if he wasn't captivated by the being with the startling blue eyes, he could never stain his honour or that of his crew or his home world by participating in slavery. But how to claim the strange male so that he falls under member protection?

Title: Love Times Three
Series: (Trillium Creek Book 2)
Author(s): Silvia Violet
Length: 192 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / M=preg / Gay / 


Blurb: If you love something let it go... Brett thought letting Ryder go was the best way to show how much he loved him. Ryder would be free to find an omega and start the family he’d always wanted. Ryder doesn’t want anyone but Brett, and he will do whatever necessary to convince him they belong together.

If it comes back to you…
Cam is on the run from his pack. He’s not looking for love, but when he’s rescued by Brett, his childhood crush, he realizes those feelings he had for his former packmate haven’t faded. Then fate steps in when Cam meets Ryder, Brett’s alpha mate, and a bond is formed. Cam tries to fight his attraction to both men, but the pull he feels toward them may prove too strong.

It’s yours…
Ryder knows Cam is the omega he and Brett need to complete their dream of happily ever after. He’s their missing piece, and it will take them both to convince Brett the three of them belong together

Love times Three is an age gap, shifter mpreg romance with a loving beta, a feisty omega, and an alpha who longs to care for them both. This is the third book in the Trillium Creek series. Book 1 is Love at Lupine Bakery and Book 2 is Love at Long Last.

Title: The Pyre Started
Series: The Last to Die, 1
Author(s): Jamie N. Schock
Length: 104k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Bisexual / Gay / 

Notes: will be released on Wednesday 27 March, 2019

Blurb: Exhausted with life, Dakota tries to end his—only to be saved at the last moment by his friend, Terrell, who then drags him into a world of magic and intrigue that's always been right there, hidden beneath the surface.

Powerful magic users are steadily dragging the planet into a violent war, and evil forces will stop at nothing to take the talismans possessed by Dakota and his newfound family. Dakota soon finds himself deeply in over his head—with love, with family, with fighting for all their lives.

Title: Strange Angels
Author(s): Andrea Speed
Length: 108 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC (February 13, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: Brendan is having a really bad day—well, life actually. It turns out his deadbeat dad was actually a god, who is now dead, and Brendan has inherited his powers. Also his enemies. With the help of a handsome, fire-winged angel and a fallen god turned bartender, he hopes to figure out his powers before rival gods kill him. But the course of godhood, much like love, never runs smoothly.

Title: Phineas
Author(s): Caitlyn Fournier
Length: 32 pages

Genre: Paranormal / Gay / Short Story /


Blurb: He was the ocean's last hope against pollution and over fishing.But with his fate resting in the hands of a crippled teenage air breather with dual leg braces, how much can he really manage to do to make a dent in anything?

70% of all the profits will be going to save our oceans, the company name is in the book and on my Facebook page, and how much is donated each month will also be kept up on my Facebook page.

I mean, what can a human and a merman manage to accomplish just on their own?

Title: Eagle in the Hawthorn
Series: (The Rowan Harbor Cycle Book 8)
Author(s): Sam Burns
Length: 153 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters & Vampires / Gay / 


Blurb: *This is book 7, not 8, in the Rowan Harbor Cycle. In Any Light is book 6.5, and not vital to the overarching plot.

Rowan Harbor has had a tough winter, and Devon Murphy wants nothing more than to make it better. When he proposes a solution to the town’s low morale, it creates a rift in his relationship with his boyfriend, Wade. They’ve hardly ever argued, and when things get tense, Devon has no idea how to handle it.

But an evil presence in his town targets the people Devon loves, he has to put his personal worries aside and face danger down again. Will he be able to protect his town, and if he can, will Wade be waiting for him when it’s done?

Title: Flying HardBreath of Air Collection
Series: Santa Cruz Shifters Book 1
Author(s): Marie Booth
Length: 214 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifter / Gay / 


Blurb: Ty wants to fly, but that possibility was shattered years ago.

Ty: I'm a hybrid shifter, a freak who doesn’t fit. My wing is damaged, so the ravens don't accept me. Pumas don't want me 'cause I shift to raven. I spend my nights drinking my memories away or screwing them into oblivion.

But the most glorious male wolf I've ever seen needs my help.

Dex is half-starved and rough around the edges, but I’m going to make sure Half Moon Territory gives this wolf a home. He’s been protecting us for weeks, from what I’m not sure.

He says he doesn't want me but I know it’s a lie. Yeah, I'm a flirt, the kind of shifter no one in their right mind would want for a mate, but I'll make this alpha wolf beg for me. I’m already begging for him.

Dex wants a home, a peaceful life and maybe a dozen donuts.

Dex: My pack kicked me out, my mate died in the Shifter Wars, and I've survived three years living rough. But I’ve discovered a new territory in the Santa Cruz Mountains and it may turn out to be the kind of home I've searched for.

Only this crazy raven shifter keeps throwing himself at me. Yeah, he's hot as hades and he makes me smile, even laugh, but I may never be ready to settle down again. Especially not with a shifter who takes anyone with a beating heart to his bed. No. If Ty wants to be with me, he's going to have to follow my very specific rules. Alpha rules.

On top of everything, dangerous members of my old wolf pack have been sniffing around my new territory. Looks like I’m going to have to organize the defense of Half Moon and protect its citizens, especially Ty, who’s teasing his way into my heart with every smile.

Flying Hard is a M/M Paranormal Romance in the Breath of Air Collection and Book 1 in the LGBTQ+ Santa Cruz Shifter Series. Marie Booth is a bestselling author of hot contemporary romance and spicy paranormal/urban fantasy.

Title: Spinning Tales
Author(s): Brey Willows
Length: 312 pages
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (March 12, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Futuristic Fantasy / Fairy Tales / Lesbian / 


Blurb: Maggie McShay wants a little magic in her life. Something more than the drab existence of going to work and coming home to a cat that barely tolerates her.

When she spontaneously replies to a want ad asking for someone to take care of a fairy tale cottage, it turns out magic wasn’t as far away as she thought. Maggie discovers she wasn’t who she thought she was either. Recalcitrant fairy tale shepherd and ladies’ woman Kody Wilk shows Maggie a world she knew nothing about…a world they need to save before the villains of the world’s fairy tales take over New York City.

It’s up to Maggie, her grumpy, shape-shifting cat, a dwarf hell-bent on finding romance, and Kody to set the fairy tale world to rights. The big bad wolf has nothing on Maggie McShay.

Title: Moonwitch
Author(s): MJ Willow
Length: 94 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC (January 30, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Bisexual / Gay / 


Blurb: When several soldiers are attacked by wolves in the Duchy of Kamare, Prince Athanes travels north to solve the mystery. But the more he learns of the attacks, the more he realizes there is far more at play than hungry, desperate animals looking for food. He finds an unexpected ally in Faelan, a local hunter, but even he seems to have his own secret agenda...

Title: Flashfyre
Series: Tredecim Domos Empire Series Book One
Author(s): Jordan Black
Length: 218 pages
Publisher: SkyShan Publishing, LLC (December 21, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Assassin / Gay / 


Blurb: Flashfyre, a rare Stravin Hybrid, and the Tredecim Empire’s most deadly assassin is infected with a deadly virus by his enemies. It is up to one of the Empire’s Healer’s, Blaise, to cure Flash, before it’s too late. 

Captain Flashfyre Marrok’s life has been dealing death for more years than he cares to remember. His rare silver eyes allow him to interact deep behind enemy lines with impunity. Suffering from PTSD, he decides to quit the life forced on him through his overinflated feelings of loyalty. On his return from his last mission, he is attacked and contracts a deadly pathogen. With his rare genetic makeup, there is only one man in the Empire that has a chance at curing him.

Blaise Verbena is the heir to the House of Healers, and the only virologist that has studied Stravin Hybrids. He is immediately tapped to travel to the front-lines in the Empire’s war with the Stravin to cure the most deadly man in the Empire. Fighting his claustrophobia every step of the way, Blaise is desperate to cure the scary, yet gorgeous assassin.

They must both confront the tragedies in their pasts as well as an assassin bent on Flash’s destruction while trapped together on a space station. If the assassin can’t kill Flash, Blaise is the next best target.

Welcome to the Tredecim Domos Empire. One Thousand years after fleeing Earth, thirteen houses formed the basis of their government to under a simple principle, "Thirteen Houses to Protect the Individual Rights of All”. The first in a new epic Science Fiction Series, the Tredecim Domos Empire Series is created on the premise that love is love. It will feature not only LGBT romance stories, but traditional MF pairings as well. Get ready for a trip to the stars that is out of this world. (No literally.)

Flashfyre is a 53k word story in the Tredecim Domos Empire Series. It is intended for mature audiences 18+ for sexual content between two consenting males. If this is offensive to you, then please do not purchase this book.

Title: Illumined Shadows
Series: (Treble and the Lost Boys Book 3)
Author(s): GR Lyons
Length: 331 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Gay /

Notes: Couple things. First, I didn't realize this was the 3rd book in a series when I grabbed the cover. These sound like a standalone, but in case you wondered, Ice on Fire is the beginning. Second, I'm not sure this is a romance even though it is in Amazon's Gay Romance section.

Blurb: When Victor Lucius was sixteen years old, a few cruel words out of his mouth led to a brutal tragedy, one that Vic has been trying to make up for ever since. Now, working as a missing persons expert, Vic tracks down and rescues people from abandonment or abuse, trying to alleviate the guilt constantly weighing him down.

His latest case—a boy who was kidnapped at the age of two and then held captive for nineteen years—is by far the darkest of his career. If there's any chance of Vic finally redeeming himself, helping this boy might be it.

But rescuing Colby from his basement prison is only the beginning, and brings a whole new struggle to Vic's life:


(Note: This story takes place in a fictional world, the same as in the Shifting Isles Series. There are multiple gods, different names for the days of the week, etc. A glossary is included.)

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Where Is My Assassin? #wentworthsalvage #shortstory #lgbtiaq

About every six months, I need a break from writing continuing stories. With Assassin's Retirement running for so long, my mind will remind me that it needs a time out. Which is unfortunate because I'm willing but the characters aren't talking. It happens sometimes and I'm used to it. I just wish that I was better in-tune so I could at least plan what to have on Tuesdays for this break. I'm mean the guys just shut up in the middle of a chapter and I'm spinning my wheels trying to push things forward to a better pausing point. But it's Monday and this post is for tomorrow and it's like the characters from Assassin's Retirement are giving me the finger but the cast of Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3)  won't shut up.

So I searched around for a temporary replacement and found a short story from the world of Salvaging Toby's Heart. Toby's youngest brother, playboy Maximillien, makes a friend. This short is one of my favorites and one day will be expanded. The plan is to have a couple more books in the Wentworth Salvaging World. Toby's book will be expanded and I have Wolfe's planned out. After that, who's to say what will be next. So for the moment enjoy the short. It's close to 8k so I'm spreading it out in 1500-2000k parts to give the guys from Assassin's Retirement time to regroup. Thank you for your patience!

Part One

One Call Away (Salvaging World)
Copyright  Lexi Ander

Maximillien Wentworth stepped off the ship and was immediately surrounded by the lush flora and fauna of the Vohnah homeworld. The humidity was a bit overpowering, especially after spending a couple of weeks on a spaceship in temperature controlled environment. It was just a reminder why he preferred travelling in the vast beyond to being planetside and dealing with wet, sticky humidity. Whatever his dislikes, he couldn't keep himself from taking time off work and hopping on the first vessel headed to Genesis Nine at the edge of nowhere.

Why his brother loved living on this backwater planet, Max couldn't fathom, but Toby truly seemed happy, so Max refrained from giving him a hard time. Max was a firm believer that the Wentworth men needed more in their life than work, work, and more work. Max knew his brothers didn't approve of his playboy ways, but they never once chastised him for it—unless he kept one of the vessels out too long because he'd lost track of time. What could he say? When he found someone willing to have a bit of fun, he got sidetracked and forgot the vessel had to be back at home base by a certain time. He didn't want to be like Toby and Wolfe. Max wanted to have fun and live life to its fullest. Sure he enjoyed working for the family business, Wentworth Salvage, but he didn't want his whole life to be about business. He needed more, and if he had fun during his search for something he couldn't put a name to, then he didn't come away empty handed, right?

Max was fine with how he lived his life, well, until the last time he visited the Vohnahs homeworld. Toby and his small crew had stumbled upon a ship that was kidnapping indigenous beings from protected planets. The experiments performed were torturous to the captives. When Quintessential Chemicals and PHR Labs landed on the Vohnahs' homeworld, they attempted to take the children. The Vohnahs, with Toby's help, had stopped the abduction, turning the crew over to the Federation, but they had kept the eighteen beings who were found in cryo-containers.

One-by-one, the beings were awakened and returned to their homeworlds, that was if they'd wanted to return. A couple did choose to stay with the Vohnahs. Though there were some success stories, there were a few that sat in a sort of limbo. Those held the longest had the most problems acclimating to their newfound freedom.

On Max's last trip to Genesis Nine, had been in a rush because they'd received reports that Toby and Nicius had been taken captive by the natives of the planet. Their father had pulled every vessel he owned and sent them all to the Vohnahs homeworld to rescue Toby. Before Max had arrived, he'd received a revised update that Toby wasn't a captive, but had helped the Vohnahs defend their young from scientist who'd come to kidnap them.  Wolfe and their father stayed a couple of days to ensure Toby was indeed all right. Max had convinced their father to let him stay a while longer. He had some time off as it was and their father agreed, still worried Toby was under the sway of some kind of pheromone.

Unsurprisingly, Max had thoroughly enjoyed his time spent with the Vohnahs. The coupling tents were fantastic and Max had fallen into bed with of the doctors who oversaw the rehabilitation of the captives. The doctor, Arun Keyfaren, was the one who introduced him to Rectacon. Since then, Max couldn't get out of his head the timid person who'd called him 'angel' and often fell asleep listening to Max sing—not that Max would ever admit to singing for anyone.

Of all the captives, Tac had been held the longest. He didn't remember his homeworld, or the name of his people. For the longest time, he refused to acknowledge the doctor's questions, retreating to a corner where he rocked himself with his back turned to everyone. Unwittingly, Max had helped to bring Tac out of his shell, and when he had to leave to return home, Max found he was reluctant to leave. But he wasn't a doctor and really, there was no reason for him to stay.

When Toby had called their father to touch base, Max had been in the office. He'd teased Toby about his lover Sol, which Toby took good naturedly, but before the call ended, Toby confided he was worried about Tac. Vaguely, Max recalled his brother had stared at him with a knowing grin, as if he waiting for some sort of reaction. Perhaps he would've taken note of it before the flight if he hadn't been so worried. As it was, Max didn't consider Toby had manipulated him until he was half way to the Vohnahs' homeworld. Normally, he would've been pissed that Toby had done something to get under his skin, but in this instance, he couldn't complain, especially if Tac's breakdown was as severe as Toby had implied. And he should know since he was the liaison between the Federation and the Vohnahs. Toby was responsible for updating the Federation on the progress of the captives after the human doctors had been booted off-planet when they attempted to interfere between the Vohnahs' doctors and the freed captive.

Before Toby had disconnected the call, Max had asked if he could come for a visit. Toby already had the approval drawn up and sent to Max's wallet before they'd even said good-bye. On the flight over, he'd tried—quite unsuccessfully—to make himself believe he was only visiting Toby. He did miss his brother, but he knew the truth. As much as he loved and would enjoy visiting with Toby, his brother wasn't the person he was really there to see. Max shifted the heavy duffle on his shoulder. Everything within had not been packed with Toby in mind, but for Tac the strange lonely alien Max could get out of his mind.


He glanced up from the path to see Toby hurrying toward him. He'd exchanged human clothing for Vohnahs, wearing a color of blue that made Toby's blue eyes pop. Working in space left Max pale, almost pasty when compared to Toby now golden skin tone. At least Toby hadn't taken up the Vohnahs penchant for going shirtless, although, with as tight as Toby's clothes were, Toby might as well as have been partially nude anyway. Max hid a grin, wondering if that was Sol's influence.

"Your flight is early. I wanted to meet you on the tarmac." Toby caught him up in a tight hug that Max returned one armed, the other had a white-knuckled grip on his shoulder bag. "It's good to see you. Many of the Vohnahs will be happy to know you're here," Toby teased.

Max's cheeks heated. He wasn't embarrassed. He was known for indulging in a lot of sex and he'd definitely taken advantage of the Vohnahs' openness when it came to sexuality. If he'd come to merely blow off some steam, he would've teased Toby back. When he didn't respond to Toby's ribbing, his brother shoved him out to arm's length, his laughing gaze turning contemplative.

"Would you mind letting the others know this isn't that kind of visit." Max barely kept himself from nervously shuffling his feet. If he'd come just to fuck and visit with family, Max would've pushed his brother away and laughed, looking forward to the pleasure to be had. The real reason for his visit though… he couldn't remember the last time he went somewhere only with the intention to help someone. He felt extremely shy and defensive, but he didn't want to snap at Toby.

Max dragged his gaze from Toby's probing one. His brother would find out eventually why he'd come, hell, he probably already knew if he didn't at least suspect. Max enjoyed his life, his love them and leave them with fond erotic memories had worked well for him. He didn't form many true relationships. He had his father and brothers. There were one or two people he worked with who he considered as friends. Those were the people he counted on to have his back. That he was concerned for someone he barely knew was out of character for him and something he couldn't easily explain to himself, much less to anyone else.

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What's on the Reading Radar? #WishList

What's going on... well, I got sidetracked from my 'intended' reading and have been binge-reading RJ Blain's series, Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count). Can't help myself. I have been picking up one right after the other without reading blurbs. I'm just diving in without knowing what each on is about and it has worked out quite well for me. So instead of my normal list, I'm posting mostly my wish list. 

Title: Hearts of Fire
Series: (Chevalier Book 1)
Author(s): Kay Doherty
Length: 146 pages
Publisher: NineStar Press (March 11, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Gay /


Blurb: Luca Duray has been quite happy living a solitary existence for decades. But when a steel trap around his leg catches him when he’s weak and hungry, his life is irrevocably changed. He knows the wolf shifter who offers him assistance is more than he appears and immediately makes plans to keep the pup close.

Disowned by his pack for being gay, Tanner McBane is forced to become a lone wolf. While on a hunt, he stumbles upon an injured dragon shifter and provides aid. It’s not easy surviving on his own and when money gets tight, he finds himself face-to-face with the dragon shifter once again during an interview. Tanner isn’t sure a wolf should be working for a dragon, but he accepts the job and unknowingly creates a bond to his new boss. Soon, Tanner learns Luca isn’t just his boss—he’s his mate.

The mating of a wolf and dragon shifter is uncharted territory for both Luca and Tanner, but they are determined to make it work despite widespread prejudice, death threats, and the untraditional pack Tanner finds himself leading. Tanner only hopes that the bond he forms with Luca will prove to be unbreakable.

Title: Taming Chaos
Series: Darkstar Mercenaries, 1
Author(s): Anna Carven
Length: 242 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal-SciFi / 


Blurb: Torin Mardak came to Zarhab Groht to hunt. Some idiot's been selling Callidum weapons on the black market, and he's been tasked with finding the traitor.

The illegal trading station isn't exactly Torin's favorite place in the Nine Galaxies. It's dirty, chaotic, and full of thieves and murderers, but as an elite Kordolian First Division warrior, he's the most dangerous thing on this floating cesspit, and he won't let anything stand in his way.

But when he encounters a group of humans who really, really shouldn't be here, his priorities might just have to change, because one of them is about to get betrayed in the worst possible way...

And she just so happens to be exactly his type.

Taming Chaos is Book 1 in the Darkstar Mercenaries series. It features a lethal silver-skinned alien hero, a curvy human heroine, and the usual action, violence, steamy sex scenes, and HFN ("happy for now") ending.

Title: Dignity
Series: (Determination Trilogy Book 1)
Author(s): Leslie Richardson
Length: 297 pages
Publisher: Lesli Richardson (December 28, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Political / Poly / Bisexual / 


Blurb: He wants it back…

My name is Kevin Markos, former star anchor for Full News Broadcasting.

I say former, because an exhaustion- and frustration-fueled emotional on-air meltdown of apocalyptic proportions means my previously dignified reputation and stellar career as a highly respected conservative TV news host and commentator lay in smoking, irreparable ruins. Only one person will hire me now, and it’s the last person I want to work for—Democratic Senator ShaeLynn Samuels, who’s determined to be the next president of the United States.

My reluctance isn’t because of her, but because of who’s working for her—Special Agent Christopher Bruunt, the head of her Secret Service detail.

A college spring break trip I thought was safely hidden in my past, even if it never strayed far from my thoughts, now comes back to haunt me. But if I take this job and succeed, it could resurrect my career and put me at the right hand of the most powerful person in the United States.

But how much am I personally willing to sacrifice to claw my way back to the top? Because Christopher never forgot that spring break, either.

And he has a few agendas of his own.

(Note: The Determination Trilogy is a standalone spin-off trilogy set in the world of the Governor Trilogy and the Devastation Trilogy.)

Title: The Recruit
Series: (Alpha Squad 1)
Author(s): Julia Talbot
Length: 88 pages
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC (January 4, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Gay


Blurb: When Alpha Ops team leader Tuck’s last mission goes terribly wrong, he and his team are put on hiatus until they can get their proverbial stuff together. His guys are starting to get restless, and a bear shifter, a couple of predatory birds, and a fox can be pretty impatient when they’re bored. When their benefactor decides a new team member will be their salvation, Tuck has no choice but to accept.

Jayden isn’t interested in working with a team who really wants nothing more than to kick his butt. As a cougar shifter, he’s perfectly happy to work alone. So why does Tuck make him want to stay? The two of them have to find a way to work out their issues, or the team may never get another job. Good thing they have enough attraction to keep them going, even when everything else is going off the tracks.

Title: Dragons' Fire
Series: City of Dragon's, 2
Author(s): Lisa Oliver
Length: 196 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Dragon Shifter / Gay /


Blurb: Ever since his father was killed, Samuel Hollingsworth has worked hard to cultivate a meaningful relationship with the dragon half of his soul. Things were going well for a while, and then their mate rejected them, and now his and his dragon’s connection took on added importance as they tried to keep each other’s hopes alive. But it wasn’t easy, being patient, trusting the Fates had a plan for them, when the man they wanted was on the other side of the country and showed no signs of coming back. 

Vampire elder and coven ruler Raoul didn’t have time for weakness. He was determined to keep his coven and his city safe and if blood was spilled to get the job done, then he was going to be the one who was spilling it – every single time. Even a chance meeting with his beloved in New York didn’t deter him from his duty. Riding on a dragon’s back might be fun for some people, but he had more important things to do.

But the Fates will not be deterred even when it comes to stubborn vampire rulers older than dirt. A chance kidnapping sets in place a chain of events that test Samuel and Raoul’s fragile bonds to breaking point. When a bomb goes off and everything Samuel and Raoul hold dear is in danger, will Samuel be strong enough to stand by his mate’s side?

Can be read as standalone, but reading book 1 will help readers understand a few of the secondary character’s motivations more easily – such as Samuel’s brother Dirk and his mate Jon. This is an MM true mates paranormal romance story intended for adult readers. Mpreg elements are included but aren’t the focus of the story line.

Title: Love Among the Stars
Series: Fire and Ash, 1 
Author(s): Hannah Walker
Length: 394 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi / Sounds Angsty / Gay / 


Blurb: Broken both physically and mentally, and struggling to face each day with no direction, Blake searches for a way to bring meaning to his life. He finds solace staring up at the stars, dreaming of adventures on distant worlds as a way to distract himself from the nothingness he experiences on Earth. 

Vice Kalis Torran, a dovrik shifter known for his strength and honesty, is the commander of the flagship vessel in the Dolian fleet. He focuses everything on his job and protecting those he loves. But when circumstances force him to seek out a rare stone or risk being stranded in the depths of space, he is forced to travel to Earth. Little did he realize that travelling to Earth would bring him exactly what he needed, and more than he ever imagined.

Drawn together by fate, Torran’s dovrik senses his mate is close, but Torran is torn between finding the stone that will save his crew or finding the mate who just might save his soul.

Title: Shadowmancer
Series: Paladin Charm
Author(s): Devin Harnois
Length: 189 pages
Publisher:  October Night Publishing (March 5, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Bisexual / Gay /


Blurb: Marius Everhart is something even mages fear — a shadowmancer. His power marks him as cursed, a creature belonging to the Queen of Shadows. Marius escaped her realm with his memories corrupted and his sanity in tatters, managing to live a fragile, lonely existence at the edges of society.

Some might call Ayodele Sauveterre delusional. He prefers the term “optimistic”. With his homeland in danger from invasion, Ayodele will do anything to protect it, even recruit a shadowmancer. Marius’s incredible power and gentle nature make him a perfect addition to Paladin Charm, a new mage guild dedicated to helping rather than exploiting the non-magical populace. The fact that handsome Marius also warms Ayodele’s bed is a wonderful bonus.

With support from Ayodele and his new friends in the guild, Marius begins to heal. He’s also quickly falling for the alluring mage, but Ayodele struggles with what’s forming between them. Past experience left Ayodele flippant but guarded, and Marius’s open honesty unnerves him.

As they grow closer, Paladin Charm prepares for a battle with impossible odds. And in the darkness, the Queen of Shadows waits to reclaim Marius and drag him back into a nightmare.

Title: Forbidden
Series: Siren Cove, 1
Author(s): Claire Cullen
Length: 168 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifter / Siren / Gay / 


Blurb: All his life, Jonah’s been warned about wolves.

The last of a dying species, hiding amongst the humans, Jonah accepts his lonely life, knowing one day he’ll lose himself in the call of the sea. And then a pack of werewolves moves in next door. Wolves are dangerous, cunning, and vicious. He knows he has to chase them off before they discover the truth about what he is. But he hadn’t counted on Nate, their ruggedly handsome alpha. No one warned him wolves could be so… captivating.

As the lone alpha left, he’s their only chance of survival.

After an attack leaves his pack on the run, it’s up to Nate to lead them to safety. He brings them to the one place they won’t be followed, a place wolves don’t dare go. At first, the Cove seems like a haven and stories of monsters lurking in the shadows sound far-fetched. Jonah, the local vet, and their new neighbor, is just the sort of distraction Nate needs. When danger closes in on all sides, Nate must do what he can to keep his pack, and his new favorite human, safe from harm. But is Jonah all he appears to be?

The truth will tear them apart.

When Nate turns up at his door with an injured wolf cub in his arms, Jonah doesn't have the heart to turn him away. He knows he's playing with fire, letting himself be drawn further into the shifter's dangerous world, risking discovery with every word, every kiss. Self-preservation be damned.

Forbidden is a novel-length read, featuring a flirtatious wolf, a lonely siren, an evil alpha, a loyal dog, mpreg (kind of), and scenes not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Title: What He Needs
Series: (Salutem Book 1)
Author(s): Megs Pritchard
Length: 133 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay


Blurb: Being rescued was the start of a new life for Alex. He never thought he'd live through the abuse and torment at his captors hands, but somehow he had and now he was in a town called Salutem trying to recover. He wasn’t sure if he ever would. The things he’d endured, the things he’d witnessed cause nightmares that didn’t seem to fade when the morning sun rose.Some days Alex wondered if he should have been saved at all but here he was, trying to move forward with his life when he didn’t know how to get through each day.

Cyan Dubois loved Salutem and what it represented: safety. A place where shifters could feel safe and be who they were meant to be without living in fear. There was only one thing missing and that was his mate.

When Cyan meets Alex he realizes that at last he’s found his mate but he needs to take his time. His mate, his Alex, had suffered and is nowhere near ready to accept Cyan or what their mating would entail. 

When Alex turns away from Cyan, too afraid to be the mate Cyan knows he can be, Cyan is devastated. With there appearing to be no chance of ever having a relationship with his mate, Cyan is left to wonder what the future holds for him.

Could he wait for Alex to move past his fear or was their relationship doomed before it even began?

Title: Hidden Powers
Series: Superordinary Society
Author(s): Tara Lain
Length: 269 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (March 13, 2019)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay /


Blurb: Jazz Vanessen is weird—and not just because he’s a werewolf. For most of his life, he’s felt different from his alpha male brothers and friends. Since he’s adopted, he can’t even blame it on family.

Now eighteen, Jazz meets his idol, the social activist Lysandra Mason, and her breathtaking nephew, Dash Mercury. When Dash is around, even stranger things start to happen, including Jazz falling hopelessly in lust. Not only is Jazz having visions, making people disappear, and somehow turning invisible, but somebody’s following him and threatening to reveal his pack’s secrets to the world.

Together with Dash and Jazz’s equally amazing friends—Carla, BeBop, Khadija, and Fatima—they discover the danger is even more lethal than they thought, and Jazz’s weirdness may save all their lives.

Title: Alpha Vampire's Heir
Series: (Tenebrae Brothers Book 1)
Author(s): Hawke Oakly

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Gay / 


Blurb: An alpha who needs an heir to survive.

Pierce’s family is in danger. The coven matriarch is dying. As the sole elder vampire, only she possesses powers that protect their way of life. The only other creature with the same abilities is a dhampir - a creature that is half-vampire and half-human.

To keep his brothers safe, alpha vampire Pierce must mate with a human omega and produce a half-vampire child. But Pierce doesn’t want to use humans as tools like the matriarch suggests. He wants an omega to truly love - and if he hasn’t fallen in love by now, will he ever? And can he even afford to wait?

An omega who needs to save his brother.

Benji is out of options. With only a part-time job, he can’t afford to pay for his younger brother’s surgery. Desperate to raise the money, Benji storms out of the hospital despite his brother's protests in a rush to find another job - and run into a group of cruel alphas who intend to kick him while he’s down.

But a handsome and mysterious alpha named Pierce saves Benji and offers him a miraculous choice. Pierce can easily fund the surgery.

It sounds too good to be true until Benji finds out the truth. He must carry Pierce's child. A half-vampirechild.

Alpha Vampire’s Heir is a 53,000 word mpreg novel with steamy scenes and a HEA. It is the first book in the Tenebrae Brothers series.

Title: Dark Rain
Series: (The Anrodnes Chronicles Book 1)
Author(s): JC Owens
Length: 233 pages
Publisher: Etopia Press (December 19, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: Alone behind the mask, only his Chosen could touch him.

Raine held no hope for his future. Youngest in a line of brutal, warlike brothers, he is judged to be weak and worthy only to be sold off for political gain. Now the worst of his brothers is taking him to the heart of the empire that has conquered their homeland. Taldan, the Imperial Heir of Anrodnes, is holding a traditional choosing of a companion, a Chosen, for when he ascends to become emperor. Forced into the competition for the title, Raine finds himself in a different world, one of culture and science, so different than his cruel home. Even though he feels immediate attraction to the cold, logical, and powerful Taldan, Raine knows he has no hope of winning a place at the prince's side. How can he compete against the other candidates or compare to Hredeen, the mysterious leader of the imperial harem, a gorgeous man of otherworldly grace who is far more than he seems? But if Raine fails to win Taldan's heart, his brother has a dreadful punishment waiting, one he's eager to inflict.

Prince Taldan views the ceremony of the Chosen as nothing more than an annoyance. He will ascend to emperor, don the metal mask, and be granted the powerful magic of his ancestors. After that, he can finally return to his studies and experiments to better the lives of his people. He sets his younger brother and best friend to helping sort through the mass of candidates for his Chosen, seeing the ceremony as a foolish tradition to endure. But when chance leads to him saving a young man named Raine from the violence of Raine's cruel brother, events are set in motion that will rock the empire to its foundations. Taldan knows the emperor must be emotionless and logical, even cold, but Raine stirs feelings and heat in him that he is not prepared for. Now there are ominous rumors of war on the horizon and the threat of betrayals and assassins in the court, and Taldan discovers Raine is right in the middle of it all...

Title: Freedom's Landing
Series: (A Freedom Novel Book 1)
Author(s): Anne McCaffrey
Length: 331 pages
Publisher: Ace; Reissue edition (March 26, 2013)

Genre: Sci-Fi / Time Travel / Colonization /


Blurb: Kristin Bjornsen lived a normal life, right up until the day the spaceships floated into view above Denver. As human slaves were herded into the maw of a massive vessel, Kristin realized her normal life was over and her fight for freedom was just beginning…

The alien Catteni value strength and intelligence in their slaves—and Kristin has managed to survive her enslavement while hundreds of other humans have not. But her trial has just begun, for now she finds herself part of a massive experiment. The aliens have discovered a new world, and they have a simple way of finding out if it’s habitable: drop hundreds of slaves on the surface and see what happens.

If they survive, colonization can begin. If not, there are always more slaves.

Title: Hypnos
Series: (Seeking the Zodiacs Book 1)
Author(s):RJ Blain
Length: 309 pages
Publisher: Pen & Page Publishing (April 23, 2019)
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Humor / 

Notes: releases April 23rd

Blurb: Following the devastation of World War III, nuclear radiation has spawned magic, ranging from nuisance koppa oni plaguing the Golden Gate to masters of the elements. It falls to the FBI's supernatural quads and their supervisors to protect those who can't protect themselves.

But when a mysterious force storms through a busy shopping center and fells everyone in its wake, Olivia Abrams and her team of special ops must find who is behind the attack and why before the entirety of San Francisco succumbs to its powers.

Title: First Strike
Series: Dragon War Chronicles, 1
Author(s): AG Carothers
Length: 210 pages

Genre: Romantic Elements / Paranormal / Shifters / Bisexual / 


Blurb: Previously on Dragon War Chronicles, our heroes recovered and were preparing to take the fight to a still unknown enemy. Meanwhile, startling breeding experiments were revealed.

Three sites are discovered in Russia that could hold all the answers they’ve been looking for. Three strike teams are assembled led by Xander, Kollin, and Tyler. Three simultaneous attacks are combined to make one devastating first strike against their hidden enemies.

What horrors will they discover? What plans will be revealed? Why is a member of the Dragon Council showing up on Danica’s doorstep with ultimatums?

Find out in the next exciting installment of Dragon War Chronicles.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual contact between consenting adults. There are romantic, BDSM, and purely sexual relations shown that are MM and MF. There is also high sexual tension and alpha male posturing that will make you laugh and roll your eyes along with plenty of snark and definite teasing of dwarf-like dragons.

Title: Mate for Two
Series: The Helan Universe, 1 
Author(s): Lynn Tyler
Length: 145 pages
Publisher: Lynn Tyler Books; 2 edition (March 3, 2019)

Genre: Erotic Romance / Sch-Fi / Poly / Bisexual /


Blurb: This book has been previously published.

It’s not easy being king, especially when you’re the king of a dying people. But that’s exactly what D’Arik is. Now, he and his consort, Varin, are faced with the task of finding a female mate to carry their child.

Jacy Townsend is enraged by the thought of human women being bartered as broodmares to an alien race and helps to fund a rebellion. But what will she do with she is closed to be the queen of the very people she is rebelling against? And what will D’Arik and Varin do when they find out she is supporting the evacuation of human women?

As emotions and passion clash with fundamental differences, Jacy, D’Arik, and Varin must find a way to come together if they want to have any hope of savings the Helan race.

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