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The Necromancer's Dance Audiobook Release Blitz

Y'all know how much I love audiobooks in the paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy arena, right? *happy wiggles* I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be hosting SJ Himes for today's release blitz for the release of The Necromancer's Dance audio and the blog tour coming in April. So don't miss out. Grab your copy today (I already did!)


In a world where magic is real and evil walks amongst humanity, a young sorcerer is beset upon by enemies, both old and new. Angelus Salvatore is the only necromancer in all of Boston, and his name is whispered warily by the undead and fellow sorcerers alike. He and his brother Isaac are the lone survivors of an attack by an army of the undead, in which Angel used a spell so powerful it forever marked his place in history. Now, years later, Angel struggles to balance his career as a teacher of the higher magical arts, his role as big brother, and a tenuous relationship with an Elder vampire from the local clan. When his brother’s boyfriend is used as a pawn in a mysterious plot to draw Angel out, Angel is once again pulled back into the old hostilities that fueled the Blood Wars and led to his family’s death.

Leaning on others for help is something Angel cannot do, and while he searches for clues into who may be targeting him and his brother, Angel finds his heart steadily growing occupied with Simeon, Elder and vampire. Dealing with death magic and vampires on a daily basis may leave Angel jaded when it comes to life and staying that way, but the more time he spends fending off the ancient vampire’s attention and affections, the more he realizes he wants to give in.

Can Angel find out who wants him dead, and keep his heart safe in the process? How can he fall for a vampire, when his whole family was torn apart by an army of the undead?

Death stalks the streets of Boston’s historic Beacon Hill….and there is no one more suited to battle against death than a necromancer.

MATURE CONTENT Contains graphic violence, male/male sexual contact, a cranky necromancer, a sexy Irish vampire, and a pesky demon.

Title: The Necromancer’s Dance
Author: S J Himes
Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #1
Narrated by: Joel Leslie
Length: 8 Hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 21st March 2017
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, MM Romance

Purchase: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK


Angel was ranked as a sorcerer. The unfathomable infinite maelstrom of magic that gathered beyond this world in a brilliant sea of light and shadows, swirling and singing… Angel could use it. He was able reach out, through the veil, and touch the infinite. And even within the three tiers of magic users, witch, wizard, and sorcerer, there were rankings. All based on the personal strength of their individual abilities, and their affinities.

Angel’s affinity was for death, and he was a necromancer.

Not just death in its literal meaning; but all that lead to death and dying, and everything touched by mortality. Spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, all kinds of undead, the dying, illness, disease, poisons, and mortal injuries, and a whole mess of really nasty creatures and conditions. Anything on the other side of the veil and anything rushing towards death was within Angel’s affinity, in reach of his talents. Angel got along great with demons and vampires, when they weren’t trying to kill him. Nothing makes a vamp more nervous than a necromancer. The smart ones, at least.

About the Author

I'm a self-employed writer who stresses out about the silliest things, like whether or not I got my dog the best kind of snack and the fact my kindle battery tends to die when I'm at the best part in a book. I write mainly gay romance, erotica, and urban fantasy, with ocasional forays into contemporary and paranormal. I love a book heavy on plot and character evolution, and throw in some magic, and that's perfection. My current series are: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer, Bred For Love (as Revella Hawthorne), and The Wolfkin Saga. My last two novels in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer won 3rd Place in the Gay Fantasy category for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

I live in New Orleans, where the personalities are big and loud and so are the bugs! New Orleans is rich in cultural history, and the flavor and music of the City is impossible to hide. Before that, I lived all over the United States: Tampa, Western Massachusetts, Indianapolis, and on and on.... I'm a nomad, and I've yet to find a place that calls to me strongly enough to become home. My faithful travel companions are my dog Micah, the numerous voices in my head who insist they all get put on paper, and the wind at my back.

Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Facebook Fan Group | Twitter | Amazon

Thank you for stopping buy and reading!!

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What's On The Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What am I doing? Well, I finished the edits on Darksoul and sent it back to the edit for a quick once over before I send it out to be proofread. Then I started transcribing Lucky Charm so that I could be back in the head space and remind me where I was at. And I'm addicted to making chocolate cake. Eating the results have been awesome. :)

Title: Eric Olafson: Space Pirate
Author(s): Vanessa Ravencroft
Length: 410 pages

Genre: Non-Romantic / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure / Aliens / Gay / Space Exploration /


BlurbIt's the year 5019, and the Milky Way Galaxy is teeming with exotic species.

The majority of the known civilizations have formed a multi-cultural mega organization called the United Stars of Galaxies.
This Union is protected by the brave men and women of the United Stars Space fleet against external threats.

Eric Olafson, born and raised under harsh conditions of the traditional and inward looking society of Nilfeheim, left his planet to fulfill his dreams of becoming a Starship captain.

When Eric gets kidnaped by an unknown organization and brought to Sin 4, a lawless Planet deep in free space, he slowly starts to discover his central role in an ancient conflict of cosmic proportions.

"This is what Sci-Fi is all about. Reads like early Heinlein. In the style of Space Cadets. No esoteric problems..but good ol blaster and space action with a host of relatable characters." - Reed T

"This story has all the right things such as strong appealing characters, great world building, aliens mystery,and more." - Fran L

Title: One Bullet
Author(s): Casey Wolfe
Publisher: NineStar Press

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Bisexual / Free Running-Parkour / Friends to Lovers / Gay / Law Enforcement / No Explicit Sex / PTSD / Slow Burn-UST /

Notes: releases March 27th

BlurbWhen Ethan Brant was shot, he found himself dealing with severe PTSD and unable to do his job as a police officer any longer. With the aid of Detective Shawn Greyson, the man who saved his life, Ethan not only finds himself again but discovers love as well.

Shawn’s life growing up was less than ideal, however, he overcame that to become who he is today. That doesn’t mean he isn’t missing something in his life. What Shawn hadn’t realized, upon first meeting, was that Ethan could give him all that and more.

One bullet changed both their lives.

Title: Talent for Trouble
Series(StarLords Book 2)
Author(s): Bianca D'Arc
Length: 197 pages
PublisherLiefde Press; 1st edition (July 21, 2015)

Genre: Romance / Science Fiction / Space Opera / Psi Abilities / Military /

Notes: This series is a mixture of MMF and MF

BlurbCan true love restore a broken woman's faith in humanity?

Darak has just been elevated in rank and given new responsibilities, but his devil-may-care style belies a gentle soul. He feels deeply and his empathic abilities sometimes make him care too much. How then, can he ignore the shattered soul that cries out to him from a woman who, until recently, was his enemy?

Jana was kidnapped and forced to do many things she cannot remember, but feels deep shame for her actions, nonetheless. Reunited with her sister and taken to the dubious safety of the seat of Council power to heal, she has no idea what’s in store for the future. She only knows she is free for the first time in years. Free to think on her own. Free to talk to her sister. Free to admire the maddening man who bothers her on every level.

Raised on a planet with strict moral codes, Jana finds the permissiveness of life on a Council world shocking. Even though Darak appears to be a womanizer of the worst sort, Jana is drawn to the rogue. He is handsome, but there’s something more to him…something deeper that she cannot resist. And when he begins to teach her about the many ways of pleasure, she finds not only her body willing to give him all he desires, but also her heart.

Can Darak’s healing touch break through the fragile facade Jana shows to the world? And when her help is needed to penetrate deep into enemy territory, will she aid them, or will she show her true colors? The fate of the galaxy might just be in their well as the fate of two hearts looking for their perfect match.

Warnings: Jana’s hard a really rough time, including incidents of psychological and physical abuse in her past that she must overcome. They are discussed briefly in the text, but not depicted. There’s also a bit of kink happening on the good ship Circe. The crew can get up to all sorts of mischief between missions, and a bit of exhibitionism and/or voyeurism aren’t out of the question.

The first book in this series is called Hidden Talent and is available now in ebook and print.

Title: Tortured Echoes
Series: The Broken Mirror Series, 2 (Resonant Earth Volume 2)
Author(s): Cody Sisco
Length: 294 pages
PublisherResonant Earth Publishing (March 25, 2017)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Science Fiction / Gay / Cyberpunk / Alternate History /

Notes: releases March 25th

BlurbTortured Echoes is Volume Two of the Resonant Earth saga that began in Broken Mirror.

When bioinformatics whiz Victor Eastmore at long last gains control over his frightening mirror resonance syndrome, the data egg his grandfather gave him opens, revealing a posthumous message: Victor, I was murdered.

Victor’s best hope for finding justice lies in New Venice, a tourist town in the Louisiana Territories where his family’s company is exploring new treatment options for so-called “Broken Mirrors” and the stim addicts who experience similar symptoms—blank outs, synesthesia, and euphoria. Only by confronting Samuel Miller, the MRS “patient zero” who was responsible for the Carmichael Massacre, can Victor learn the truth. To do that, Samuel must first be weaned off Personil, the drug that keeps his mirror resonance syndrome in check. Can Victor learn the data egg’s darkest secrets without unleashing a violent madman?

Meanwhile, a cult dedicated to the sanctity and purity of human life disrupts New Venice with protests and vandalism. When they take an interest in stopping BioScan from medicating MRS patients, including Samuel Miller, Victor finds himself with unlikely allies and divided loyalties.

As pressure builds for the nations of the American Union to pass new legislation to control Broken Mirrors, Victor must become an effective advocate for people with MRS or risk being institutionalized along with them.

A fast-paced sequel to Broken Mirror, Tortured Echoes continues the sci-fi detective saga of Resonant Earth. In this installment, fans of Broken Mirror will finally get answers to their questions: Why was Jefferson Eastmore killed? How did it happen? Who was responsible?

Revisit the world of self-driving cars, stunsticks, brainhackers, and herbalism with Victor, Elena, Ozie, Tosh, and Karine, and several new figures that might help Victor chart a new course for his future, or condemn him to madness.

Title: Rough and Ruthless
Series(Notorious Devils Book 4)
Author(s): Hayley Faiman
Length: 328 pages

Genre: MC Romance / Age Gap / Romantic Suspense / Organized Crime /

Notes: I have no idea if these have to be read in order. I like the blurb to this one...


Mary-Anne Lukin has never had it easy. Having survived the torments of abuse for far too long, it's a miracle that life somehow managed to leave her with a little bit of hope—hope of a future filled with happiness. 

Max "MadDog" Duhart has lived more than one lifetime, earning the respect he's due as the president of the Original Charter of Notorious Devils. Nevertheless, with life still yet to live, he wants more than the regret that's tarnished his past.

Their connection is instant, though they know they shouldn't act on it—not with more than thirty years between them. Not with their families tied together by the club's brotherhood.

Yet, there's something about the sweet, broken woman that whispers of a fresh start for an old man. And while he may be rough and ruthless, she cannot deny the way she feels when she looks into his haunted blue eyes.

One phone call. One cry for help. One motorcycle ride, and life as they know it is never the same.


Title: Here for Us
Author(s): A.M. Arthur
Length: 331 pages
PublisherBriggs-King Books (March 17, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Poly / MMM / Contemporary / Age Gap / Sounds Angsty /


BlurbCris Sable doesn’t walk into popular gay bar Big Dick’s expecting to find more than a casual hookup, so he’s surprised by his instant attraction and intense chemistry with go-go dancer Jake. Jake’s sexy as hell and a firecracker in bed. The sparks between them are undeniable, and what starts as a hookup evolves into something deeper, possibly permanent—until Jake dumps Cris flat on his ass for no good reason. 

Angry and confused, Cris finds comfort with his longtime friend and employer Charles “Chet” Greenwood. Cris’s emotional state stirs up Charles’s long-buried feelings for Cris. Feelings he’s denied for eight years, because Cris is his employee and therefore off limits—not to mention two decades younger than Charles. Cris admits he has feelings for Charles, too, but he’s still getting over Jake and both men agree nothing can happen between them while Charles is still Cris’s boss.

Jake Bowden knows he doesn’t have anything to offer a guy. He’s a go-go dancer with no degree and no real career aspirations. He’s also used to everyone who loves him leaving, so it makes sense to cut Cris loose before things get too serious. Cris is kind, passionate and totally deserves a guy like Charles—wealthy, owns a home, successful businessman. Jake can’t compete so why bother? They’re better off together. But when Jake has a serious personal crisis, Cris and Charles unite to pull him back together, and the three men discover it’s possible—maybe even inevitable—to fall in love with more than one person at a time.

"Here For Us" is the first in a brand-new m/m/m menage romance series that explores the March/May/September relationship of three very different men.

Title: Blood & Ink
Series: Ink Born, 2
Author(s): Holly Evans
Length: 166 pages
PublisherChaos Fox (May 5, 2017)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Urban Fantasy / Fantasy / Psychics / Gay /

Notes: releases May 5th

BlurbIt turns out that saving the day comes at a cost. In this case, my home in Wildrun. Oh, and my freedom.

Keirn called in a few favours with his friend, Fein. In return for a new life and some help hiding the fact that I’m an ink magician, we belong to the elf that runs half of Prague. Some rumours say he runs half the continent.

There’s an art thief in town, and Fein’s decided it’s my job to find and stop them. I didn’t dare point out that I’m a tattoo magician, not a detective.

The real problem is, I’m terrified that this is a slippery slope, and I don’t like where it’s going.


Title: One Wish Away
Series: Djinn Empire, 1
Author(s): Ingrid Seymour
Length: 346 pages
PublisherPenDreams (February 7, 2017)

Genre: Paranormal Romance  


BlurbFaris is a Djinn with a secret and Marielle the first master to give him hope. Will she be the one to break his curse? There is no telling. All he really knows is she's ONE WISH AWAY from breaking his heart.

When Marielle was little, she used to believe Grandpa about his wish-granting Djinn. But now that she’s older, her beliefs have changed, and things like lousy ex-boyfriends and alcoholic fathers have become her reality.

Life isn’t done shattering her truths, though, and when Grandpa dies and the Djinn he warned her never to trust shows up at her doorstep, the world becomes a dangerous, magical place she never knew existed. Reeling for her once-normal life, Marielle soon realizes there’s no going back—not when she’s become part of a mortal conflict between two spell-bound Djinn. Faris—her handsome slave. And Zet—his vengeance-hungry brother. They both want something from her. One, her love. The other one, her life.

Now she’s afraid she will die in love.

Title: Arizona Impulse
Author(s): B. Leslie Tirell
Length: 71 pages
PublisherAfter Glows (February 17, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Science Fiction / Intrigue / Gay / 


BlurbAmbassador Kallell Tezak, the youngest member of the Galaxy Alliance, overhears two of his fellow ambassadors conspiring to take control of the device that protects the galaxy from famine. Kallell knows it is his duty to stop them, but he also wants to enjoy his favorite holiday, Genzebe. Kallell might even summon the bravery to confess his love for the shy and serious Esten Lazzaro—his second in command. 

Five star chefs Mathias Bahadurian and Taslin Armonni were given honeymoon tickets for a trip on the space cruiser Arizona Impulse. Mathias and Taslin are much too interested in each other to participate in most of the activities, but they do manage to make their signature dish.

Upon learning they plan to serve it to his fellow ambassadors, Kallell comes up with the idea to add a neurotoxin to their servings. Will Kallell sacrifice Taslin and Mathias for the greater good of the galaxy, or will he confess to his deed and face the consequences? And will his choices destroy his budding relationship with Esten?

Title: Jaeger
Series: Order of the Black Knights, 4
Author(s): Evelise Archer
Length: 195 page
PublisherDreamspinner Press; 1 edition (February 10, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / Suspense / 


BlurbUS Marshal Jaeger Tripp is assigned to the Federal Witness Protection Program. The hurt and destruction he’s seen—along with protecting criminals who are only cooperating with the authorities to keep themselves out of jail—have left him with a bleak and jaded view of both life and people. His current assignment is Wren O’Riley, a computer wizard who witnessed a high-profile cartel hit.

To Jaeger, Wren is the same as any other job. He must protect him long enough to get him to testify at trial, and his personal feelings have no place in his work and must be set aside. But that’s easier said than done. On the run and fighting for their lives, Jaeger and Wren can’t help but grow closer. And Jaeger can’t help seeing beyond Wren’s nerdy exterior to a man who might be just what Jaeger needs to settle his soul and capture his heart—if they survive long enough to get that chance.

Title: Spider's Revenge
Series(Elemental Assassin series Book 5)
Author(s): Jennifer Estep
Length: 404 pages
PublisherPocket Books; Original edition (September 27, 2011)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Urban Fantasy /


BlurbOld habits die hard for assassins.
And I plan on murdering someone before the night is through.

Killing used to be my regular gig, after all. Gin Blanco, aka the Spider, assassin-for-hire. And I was very, very good at it. Now, I’m ready to make the one hit that truly matters: Mab Monroe, the dangerous Fire elemental who murdered my family when I was thirteen. Oh, I don’t think the mission will be easy, but turns out it’s a bit more problematic than expected. The bitch knows I’m coming for her. So now I’m up against the army of lethal bounty hunters Mab hired to track me down. She also put a price on my baby sister’s head. Keeping Bria safe is my first priority. Taking Mab out is a close second. Good thing I’ve got my powerful Ice and Stone magic—and my irresistible lover, Owen Grayson—to watch my back. This battle has been years in the making, and there’s a good chance I won’t survive. But if I’m going down, then Mab’s coming with me . . . no matter what I have to do to make that happen.

Title: Coming Out
Series(novella 4.5) (Hawks MC: Ballarat Charter)
Author(s): Lila Rose
Length: 132 pages
Publisher Lila Rose (June 2, 2015)

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / 


BlurbLiving a lie, Matthew ‘Mattie’ Alexander is exhausted. It’s not easy to keep up the pretence, the deceit, but it’s safer. Coming out to a world that so easily hates takes a courage he’s yet to find, so he pretends – pretends to be into women – pretends to love being a part of the university’s football team. It keeps him safe, hidden.
Until he meets Julian.

From the moment they first meet, Mattie knows life is about to change. He’s yet to determine if it is for the better or worse. Living life through laughter, Julian is lonely. Without the jokes, the humour, he would be living on the edge of depression. Succumbing to his controlling father’s demands, Julian finds no joy in the path laid out before him.

Until he meets Mattie.

As soon as they cross paths, Mattie has the power to drive Julian’s man parts crazy with lust. But can lust be enough to help Mattie out of the closet, and guide Julian into a happier place?

Limits will be pushed. Rules will be broken. But it’s only together, that they will have the strength to overpower fear, fear of themselves and fear of others. Just how far are they willing to go in the aim of coming out?

Title: Swift For The Sun
Author(s): Karen Bovenmyer
Length: 240 pages
PublisherDreamspinner Press; 1 edition (March 27, 2017)
Genre: Romance / Historical / Pirates / Gay / 

Notes: releases March 27th

BlurbBenjamin Lector imagines himself a smuggler, a gunrunner, and an all-around scoundrel. A preacher’s son turned criminal, first and foremost he is a survivor.

When Benjamin is shipwrecked on Dread Island, fortune sends an unlikely savior—a blond savage who is everything Benjamin didn’t know he needed. Falling in love with Sun is easy. But pirates have come looking for the remains of Benjamin’s cargo, and they find their former slave Sun instead.

Held captive by the pirates, Benjamin learns the depths of Sun’s past and the horrors he endured and was forced to perpetrate. Together, they must not only escape, but prevent a shipment of weapons from making its way to rebellious colonists. Benjamin is determined to save the man he loves and ensure that a peaceful future together is never threatened again. To succeed might require the unthinkable—an altruistic sacrifice.

Title: Tombyards & Butterflies
Series(Montague & Strong Case Files Book 1)
Author(s)Orlando A. Sanchez
Length: 312 pages

Genre: Non-Romantic / Urban Fiction / Mythology / Mystery / Suspense / Humor / Fairy Tales /


BlurbA Missing Ferryman. An Undead Dilemma. An Immortal Detective.

An emissary from the Dark Council has just materialized in the office of the Montague & Strong Detective Agency, and makes Simon Strong an offer he can’t refuse. Charon is missing. The legendary ferryman responsible for transporting sorcerer souls across the river Styx hasn’t been seen in days. And with each passing hour, those unable to cross the river are left to walk among the living, tilting the world further out of balance.

Meet Simon Strong, an immortal, who is also the best private detective in New York City. Together with his surly partner-Tristan Montague, a mage of indeterminate age, they must find the Ferryman and get him back to work before another Supernatural War ravages the earth, destroys humanity, and Simon’s local coffee shop.

Time is running out. His landlord wants the rent and Karma with a capital K is paying him a visit, and she can be a real…

Join the Montague & Strong Detective Agency and help them locate Charon, so he can restore balance to the universe, put the dead sorcerers to rest, and maybe solve the age old conundrum-coffee or tea?

TitleTwin Souls 
Series: (Alex, Shift and Spark Book 1)
Author(s): Brent Cope
Length: 274 pages
PublisherRade Publishing; 1 edition (December 1, 2016)

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy / Gay / Sword & Sorcery / Suspense /


BlurbOne boy…

One dragon…

Two worlds – one epic adventure.

Their fate was to be hunted because they were different. Now, twin souls across two dimensions must find one another, and find themselves in order to save both their worlds from utter domination.

Alex feels emotions from other people as if they were his own. To complicate matters further, the new guy at school has a crush on him... and he likes it. Danger lurks around the corner as a mysterious stranger foreshadows tragedy in the not-too-distant future, and suddenly Alex’s world is turned upside down.

Shift is on the run. Lady Raxis, The Matriarch, Ruler of Dra’kar wishes to enslave the young dragon for his unique ability to cross dimensions. She'll just force him to love her, like she has with everyone else. She has nearly complete control of Shift’s native homeworld and the nine races that share it and she wants more.

Spark is an Ethry. They observe the multiverse and help maintain balance, and they do it all without a body. Spark must help Alex and Shift come together if they are to have any chance at remaining free.

TitleThe Finder
Author(s)J.E. Lorin
Length: 284 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Action & Adventure / Mystery / Gay /


BlurbAt the age of sixteen, August Goodson developed a strange and mysterious power overnight: he can find people. Victims of murder, suicide, kidnapping, accidents, and rape; August can find them all, usually dead, but sometimes still alive. Nine years later finds August volunteering his services to the police. He's still smarting from the loss of his long-time love Dante, who cheated on him with his best friend, and harbors a deep crush on the incredibly handsome, and oh-so-straight, Detective Luke Williams. But there are bigger concerns on August's mind: a serial killer is loose in the city, one whose victims are a little too much like him for comfort. When August finds a living victim who may be one of the serial killer's, he's drawn even deeper into the case. Will he make it out alive, or will he soon be the one in need of finding?

Title: Thanos
Series(Masters Among Monsters Book 3)
Author(s): Ella Frank
Length: 258 pages
Publisher Ella Frank, LLC; 1 edition (January 25, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Vampires / Hurt-Comfort? / Gay / 



Thanos Agapiou has always been a charmer. For over two millennia, the vampire had no problem acquiring whom and what he wanted with a flash of his handsome smile. He took for granted the boyish good looks he presumed he’d possess for the rest of eternity.

How very wrong he was.

A nearly fatal attack distorted his entire existence. With his appearance now matching the title many have bestowed their kind—monster—he hides away from the world and all of those who know him, including his Ancient, Eton.

Until one night when a stranger draws him out from the shadows.


Ever since Paris Antoniou was thrust into a world of vampires, his reality has become stranger than the history and the myths he’s studied for the past decade.

When he learns the truth about his origins and the power he wields, his confusion and fear have him running for his life. What he doesn’t expect is to run into the arms of Thanos—a vampire who doesn’t intimidate him as much as he intrigues him.


As their worlds collide under extraordinary circumstances, an attraction neither can deny takes hold. But will that be enough to save Thanos from his demons, or will he condemn Paris to his fate?

Destinies have been changed. Lines have been crossed. And, with tales of the vampire race coming to an end, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

After all, in a world run by vampires and gods, only one can be the true Master among the Monsters.

Title: Escape From Adiren
Series: Dragons of Fire and Ice, 1
Author(s): S.S. Long
Length: 65 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Dragons / Gay / Non-Explicit / 


BlurbWhen Quinn, a fire-drake and Alpha-in-Waiting of the Adiren Flight goes to war with orcs accompanied by his flight of dragon-shifters, he is saved from harm by Jay, an ice-drake and Beta dragon-shifter. When Jay is also injured, Quinn decides to take Jay back to Adiren, despite the fact that Jay is counted amongst the enemy. What will happen when the rest of Quinn's flight discover what has happened?

It is a high fantasy tale featuring a mated pair of gay dragon­shifters, Quinn and Jay. The story itself is rated at PG­13 for scenes of dragon-­on-­orc fighting. (please note: while the pairing is M/M, the book itself is non-explicit.)

Title: An Emperor for the Eclipse
Series: After Exile, 1
Author(s): Eris Adderly
Length: 452 pages

Genre: Romance / Dark Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Witch / MF / Bisexual / FF / Mystery / Suspense / some light BDSM / Norse-Viking Mythology / 


BlurbHe was expendable. He was a sacrifice. He was the emperor.

Raothan Ga'ardahn wants to take his own life. Twelve years in exile have a way of beating a man down, and the shameful secrets of his past, no matter how far buried, weigh enough to keep him that way. The last thing standing between him and oblivion is a sign from the gods. That, and a unit of Imperial Guard trooping onto his farm one late summer's afternoon.

Across the continent, the Taunai heed the warnings of their dead: act to correct an unforeseen fracture in the Pattern of events, or face annihilation. Niquel, their bravest Questioner, accepts the challenge to descend into the dangerous lowlander capital for the good of her people. A journey alone away from her snowy mountain home awaits. Any worry about the strange man in her dreams will have to come later.

When the paths of the two outsiders cross on the steps of the imperial palace at Protreo, the fate of the empire shifts. One the Novamneans call 'exile', the other they call 'witch'. Neither will ever be the same.

Eris Adderly transports you to a complex world of ancient empires, impossible alliances, politics, and mystery. Fate and free will do a murderous dance across the page, and suspicious second chances forge enemies and lovers at every turn.

Note: After Exile is a dark romantic fantasy where the action does not fade to black. An Emperor for the Eclipse contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts, including both M/F and F/F couples, light BDSM, and more. For mature readers only.

Title: Iron Breakers Endurance
Series:The Iron Breakers Trilogy, 2
Author(s): Zaya Feli
Length: 245 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Political Intrigue / Gay / Suspense / Action-Adventure? /


BlurbWith their victory short-lived and enemies lurking around every corner, odds are stacking against Ren in his attempt to recover the throne of Frayne. Ren, Anik, and a handful of inexperienced soldiers are sent to Fort Endurance, Frayne's highest security prison.

Forced to adapt to a harsh environment where only the toughest survive, Ren is unsure how much he can rely on Anik, who's battling demons of his own.

When a message arrives signed with the mysterious fox sigil, Ren and Anik are forced to face truths for which neither is prepared.

Endurance is the second book in the Iron Breakers trilogy.

Title: The Mutt
Author(s): Kasia Bacon
Length: 29 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Elves / Shifters / Gay / 

Notes:  I can't remember if I posted this already or not.

BlurbI, Ervyn Morryés of the Black Mountain clan, know all about control.As the only fair-haired Dark Elf in the Highlands, I had to learn to control my fists and my temper in the face of derision. 

To become the best archer amongst my peers, I had to learn to control my breathing and my movements.

But the day the half-breed called Lochan Féyes arrived at the training camp, my discipline faltered. Because—sweet gods—when I am around that aloof, blue-eyed assassin, my need is uncontrollable.

Title: Winter Wedding in Wyoming
Author(s): Riley Knight
Length: 127 pages
PublisherLoveLight Press (January 24, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Friend to Lovers / Second Chances / 


BlurbIn all the years that they’ve been apart, they’ve never been able to forget each other …

A decade ago, Jason ruined everything with his best friend when he kissed him impulsively. The only logical thing to do at that point was to run away from his homophobic family and neighbors, not to mention his mistake, and build a new life for himself in a whole new state.

Another mistake brings him back to Wyoming, back to Lance, the best friend that he’d freaked out all of those years ago. Even after all of the time that has passed, he only trusts one man on the planet enough to ask to marry him. And that’s exactly what he needs to do, if he wants any chance at keeping his exciting new life.

A fake marriage, a marriage of convenience, is all he’s looking for. After all, Lance is painfully straight, and Jason doesn’t want anything serious. But when the old feelings of friendship return, and start to turn into something much more romantic and intense, will either of them be able to handle it?

Winter Wedding in Wyoming is a second chance gay romance, featuring explicit scenes, no cliffhangers, and no cheating. A HEA ending is guaranteed.

Title: Terra: The Dragon's of Creation
Series(Ignis Book 1)
Author(s): Sachi A.
Length: 236 pages

Genre: Romantic Elements / Paranormal / Dragons / Magic / Sword & Sorcery / Fantasy / Gay / 


BlurbA dragon of FIRE
dragon of EARTH
A dragon of WATER
A dragon of AIR

Together, these four dragons form the Dragons of Creation.
Geb, the Soul Keeper of Terra, is about to begin his journey to unlock his dragon. 

Along with the other Soul Keepers and Cassieopia, they must travel to Uluru in Australia- Geb's homeland, where his Soul Orb lies. Voidling attacks aside, a new group called the Archangels have risen from the shadows, bent on stopping the Soul Keeper and the rest of the Demigods. Confronting evil dragons, as well as the secrets he has run away from all his life, can Geb complete his journey? And why does it seem like he has a thing for guys in trench-coats?

Title: Anarchy Missing: Alpha Case
Series(Anarchy Series Book 2)
Author(s): JA Huss
Length: 316 pages
PublisherScience Future Press (March 14, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Supervillian / Cyberpunk / 

Notes: I believe that I posted the first book in this series sometime last year (but I'm not for sure. But I clearly recall the original cover.) But just in case you're interested... 
Anarchy Found: Alpha Lincoln

BlurbEveryone wants justice.
That’s what Assistant DA, Lulu Lightly, tells me. “Cathedral City needs you to set things right,” she says. “To rid this place of corruption, once and for all.”
I’d like to rid Lulu Lightly of her clothes. And maybe her moral superiority. But mostly her clothes.
“I want you to fight the good fight with me,” she says.
Hell, yeah. I’m always up for a fight.
“We should stand up and be the voice of the people,” she says.
Sure, I hear voices. Sometimes I even listen to them.
“Figure out what’s good for the City and put it first,” she says.
Oh, honey… what’s good for the City is bad for the people. Trust me, I know. I’m Case Reider—insane Alpha, nefarious inventor, and I understand this town better than anyone.
Cathedral City needs me all right. Just not the way you think.
I’m not the justice you’re looking for, Lulu Lightly.
I’m still the same villain you left behind.
Only now… there’s something very, very wrong with me.

Title: Healing Jacob
Author(s): Nicole Stewart
Length: 184 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / 


BlurbJacob Maddox

I’ve always wanted a fairytale love, and the night we meet is like something lifted out of a fever dream. With no place to go on a dark and stormy night, a luckless wanderer finds shelter with the man of his dreams. Except Lucas Deveraux is no Prince Charming.

He’s a bakery owner with an attitude problem. I’m a homeless guitar player with damage. We’re a bad ending waiting to happen. But his wicked mouth promises to cure everything that hurts me.

And I want to believe in him…

Lucas Deveraux

The night Jacob Maddox stumbles into my life, his vulnerability ignites a passion I can’t control. We bump heads, but our throbbing bodies connect. He’s always on the defense. I can’t bridle my tongue. He gets under my skin and into my system, and I can’t get enough.

I’m practical. This isn’t exactly a love story. Jacob comes with baggage, but so do I after being left at the altar by my high school sweetheart.

Oh, did I mention my ex chose right now to make a comeback?

Healing Jacbob is an extremely steamy, ultra high heat standalone Gay/MM romance with explicit scenes and a highly satisfying HEA ending!

Title: Shift
Series: Wolves of Hunter's Rock
Author(s): Shelley Grayson
Length: 518 pages
PublisherDaisywolf Publishing (March 18, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Mystery / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 


BlurbSomeone's killing werewolves.

Lukas Vance finds a list of towns, and in each one he discovers a murdered 19-year-old who smells almost like pack even though he knows they can't be related to him. He reaches the next town on the list before the killer, determined to get the intended victim out of this situation alive. When he catches the familiar pack scent and sees the guy it belongs to, Lukas wants to do so much more than protect him.

Chris Keenan doesn't know why gorgeous, broody Lukas thinks he's in danger. Lukas says he wants to keep him safe, and when Chris freaks out Lukas is the only one able to calm him down. Chris has been feeling off for a while, and whatever's causing that seems to be related to the list of towns and the murderer who's made him a target. Instead of going to the police, Chris puts his trust in Lukas. But even with Lukas protecting him, figuring out what's wrong with him may be the last thing Chris ever does.

Shift is a 98,000-word novel (518 print pages) for people who want some gay shifter romance inside their urban fantasy, ensemble cast adventure.

Title: Sky's the Limit
Series(Wit & Wizardry)
Author(s): Mychael Black
Length: 46 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Dragons / Gay / 


BlurbDespite his last name, Kelly Snow despises winter. He hates being cold and tromping through snow and ice. So, naturally, he's called to inspect and catalogue a hermit's vast library... in the mountains.

Dregan Stone has been around long enough to amass an enormous collection. Instead of gold and jewels, however, his hoard is made entirely of books -- so many he's lost track of what he actually has. He needs help getting his hoard organized, so a friend recommends a librarian.

Kelly and Dregan couldn't be any more different, but neither man can deny the bizarre magnetic attraction between them. Dregan refuses to believe what it means, but that's the least of his worries. What happens when Kelly discovers just what sort of man he's working for?

Title: Skin Deep
Series: Brother's Fae Triology
Author(s): S.W. Vaughn
Length: 276 pages

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Gay / Fae / 


BlurbHe knows everything about love... except how to find it for himself.

Will Ambrose hosts a popular LGBT relationship radio show, but lately he feels like a fraud. His own relationships have been anything but successful -- a fact that his current partner, a sadistic closeted cop, has made painfully clear.

After his partner flies into a violent, jealous rage that leaves him battered body and soul, Will finds an unlikely savior in Cobalt, a smoking hot tattoo artist who offers shelter and healing. But Cobalt is hiding a devastating secret: He's not human.

A Seelie Fae banished from his realm by a jealous lover of his own, Cobalt has given up risking relationships with humans. None are strong enough to handle the truth. But Will is different, and Cobalt can't help falling for the man who's dropped into his life without warning and captured his heart.

Unfortunately, Cobalt's powerful ex-lover will stop at nothing to destroy his newfound happiness -- and every moment he spends with Will is risking both of their lives.

NOTE: This title was previously published through Loose Id, LLC.

Title: Sufficiently Advanced Magic
Series: Arcane Ascension, 1
Author(s): Andrew Rowe
Length: 621 pages

Genre: Non-Romantic / Young Adult / Asian Mythology / Fantasy / Magic / 


BlurbFive years ago, Corin Cadence’s brother entered the Serpent Spire — a colossal tower with ever-shifting rooms, traps, and monsters. Those who survive the spire’s trials return home with an attunement: a mark granting the bearer magical powers. According to legend, those few who reach the top of the tower will be granted a boon by the spire’s goddess.
He never returned.

Now, it’s Corin’s turn. He’s headed to the top floor, on a mission to meet the goddess.

If he can survive the trials, Corin will earn an attunement, but that won’t be sufficient to survive the dangers on the upper levels. For that, he’s going to need training, allies, and a lot of ingenuity.

The journey won’t be easy, but Corin won’t stop until he gets his brother back.

Title: Wolf Moon
Series: Furred, Feathered, and Fanged series, 1
Author(s): J.R. Burnett
Length: 43 pages

Genre: Non-Romantic / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / Shifters / 


BlurbEver since his partner got bitten by a werewolf, Alex Ford—head of the local Occult Animal Welfare department—has dreaded the full moon. When he finds the mangled remains of a Shifter, things start to get hairy. Literally. Where there’s one Shifter, there’s always more. This time though, they might not all be what they seem. As the full moon rises, can Alex find it in himself to protect those he swore to hate?

Wolf Moon is a novelette of approximately 11,000 words and is the first story in the Furred, Feathered, and Fanged series.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

What's On The Reading Radar #WishList #TBR

Boy, the week went by in a flash. Writing is at a standstill until I finish my edits on Sūnder. I've been book hunting this week and there seems to be a huge amount of contemporary releases. But there were a couple of cool finds in my favorite genres of Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Not that I've read them, but they look really good. :)

Title: The Land: Founding
Series: Chaos Seeds, 1
Author(s) Aleron Kong
Length: 252 pages
Publisher: Aleron Kong; 2 edition (November 20, 2015)

Genre: Non-Romantic / A LitRPG Saga / Fantasy / Action-Adventure / LGBTIAQ Characters / 

Notes: currently free on Amazon


When DangerZone Industries had released the latest and greatest Virtual Reality MMORPG, James, and millions of other virtual reality players, sought purpose and self-definition in this new world. The tag line "Live the life your soul was meant for," captured the hearts and minds of his entire generation.

"The Land," was the largest and most dynamic virtual reality game of all time. James and his friends had devoted countless hours to become one of the top teams in the game.

None of that mattered after James was actually summoned to The Land. What had been an engrossing game became a daily struggle of life and death.

James struggles to survive while becoming embroiled in an age old war between the sprites and goblins, avoiding the machinations of the local king and helping an enslaved woman know freedom once again.

Title: Charlie's Legacy
SeriesDesires of the Dark Breed 2
Author(s): Ruby MacIntyre
Publisher: LooseId

Genre: Romance / Gay / Vampires / Fantasy / Paranormal /



Charlie’s life couldn’t get any better. Felipe is the best mate he could ever hope for and fucks him long and often. And he is surrounded by his friends, Felipe’s team. To top it all off, the Maître disappeared and the Hunters are scattered and ineffective since they’re leaderless. But little does Charlie realize how his life is about to drastically change. He grows suddenly ill, and no one can figure out why.

Felipe is desperate enough to call the King’s main doctor, as he has the most experience with vampire illnesses. But what they discover is going on inside Charlie’s body is outrageous, unbelievable. There is no way a male vampire can grow a womb--is there? But Antonio, the current King, comes and tells them about a legacy as old as their kind and long forgotten, that says otherwise.

Charlie is the chosen one to birth the next King, but that is only the beginning of their problems. The Hunters are moving, but Felipe cannot focus on them while his mate is ill. And the aristocracy must be convinced that the male birthed from Charlie’s body will be their future leader.

Title: Dragon Soldier
Series: Supernatural Consultant, 5
Author(s): Mell Eight
Length: 91 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 



The aftermath of the last battle has left Nickel weak in bed and grounded for the next decade. Despite being in trouble, Nickel wants to return to the battle as soon as he can, but thoughts of Platinum, the dragon helping to nurse him back to health, keep distracting him.

Platinum can't believe how much his life has changed. He went from being a lonely fugitive on the run to part of a family in only hours. The last few days have been his happiest, especially now that he's met Nickel. He knows it's only temporary, though. The enemy that kept him captive for most of his life isn't finished with him yet, and even Platinum and Nickel's combined powers might not be enough to save them.

Title: Aaron's Mate
Series: Borough Boys, 2
Author(s)Tamsin Baker
Length: 187 pages

Genre: Erotic Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Gay /



Aaron Tanner is the Alpha werewolf of the Greensborough pack. As with all his kindred, Aaron bears a mark which will match his perfect mate. But he's been searching for nearly twenty years … and failing. The ache of longing in his body and soul grows harsher with each passing day. Grayson’s mate Reagan brings hope when he spies a young were with the same mark, but the man disappears in the chaos of the fires that ravage Greensborough. Aaron’s not sure how much longer he can hold on … 

Jordan Macky has grown up believing he will never mate. Even his own mother told him he was unworthy. Having accepted his fate as a cast-off, he's horrified when a mark develops on his chest that matches that of the Alpha’s.

Aaron is a great man, and Jordan admires him from afar, but he could never live up to the standards set by the pack for their Alphas … or can he? Perhaps his old beliefs are just that. But, just as Jordan prepares to stand at his mate's side, the Rogues strike and 
Aaron is badly wounded.

Has Jordan waited too long, or this time, will it be the Gamma who is called to save his Alpha?

Title: American Prince
Series: American Queen, 2
Author(s): Sierra Simone
Length: 330 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Political Characters / Poly / MMF / Bisexual /

Notes: The blurb of this book is what made me want to read this series. <3


I’ve been many things.

I’ve been a son and a stepbrother. An Army captain and a Vice President.

But only with him am I a prince. His little prince.

Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me. But men like me aren’t made to be happy. We don’t deserve it. And I should have known a love as sharp as ours could cut both ways.

My name is Embry Moore and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States…for now.

This is the story of an American Prince.

***This is the second book in the American Queen Trilogy***

Title: Reginald Bones
SeriesReginald Bones: Part One
Author(s): Lucian Bane
Length: 308 pages

Genre: Dark Romance / Paranormal / Mindbending Poly / Thriller / Action & Adventure /



Bones is hell-bent on hiding from the world.Reginald is hell-bent on living in it.

Bones vowed to never talk to women again.
Reginald is falling for the one that visits their graveyard.

The problem is, Reginald and Bones share the same body.
And when Bones gives an inch to accommodate Reginald
His dark past returns to devour them whole.

Title: The Sephra's Tear
Series(Just One Spell Book 1)
Author(s): Robyn Bachar
Length: 318 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Dark Wizards / Suspense /



Just one spell will change their fates...
Cordelia is a pawn of House Dorchada—a notorious noble family comprised of thieves, assassins and dark wizards. Desperate to avoid their poisonous politics, Cordelia plotted her escape for years, but her carefully laid plans are jeopardized when her father commands her to marry an aged lord of Frostever.

With only a few short months left before her wedding, Cordelia’s salvation hinges on creating a Sephra’s Tear—a forbidden amulet that causes overwhelming lust in its victim. A black market buyer promises a life-changing amount of coin as payment for the Tear, but being caught creating it carries a death sentence.

Two wizards are needed to produce the passion to fuel the erotic spell, so Cordelia recruits the aid of peasant wizard Nathaniel Ravenwood. Nathaniel has long denied his desire for the beautiful Cordelia. As a noblewoman and a Dorchada she is as dangerous to Nathaniel as a viper, but the fortune she offers is a temptation he can't refuse.

Dealing in dark magic comes with a price, and Cordelia and Nathaniel risk losing their freedom—and their hearts. Their fates depend on the one spell that will free them, or destroy them.

Title: Kalen: Warriors of Sangrin
Series(Warriors of Sangrin Book 2)
Author(s): Starr Huntress, Nancey Cummings
Length: 179 pages

Genre: Romance / Alien / Fated Mates / 



Sent on a mission to backwards Earth, alien physician Kalen never expected to find his destined mate. Meridan's alluring scent, soft curves and the fire in her spirit call to him the way no female ever has. She is his destined mate. He’s certain of that.

Fierce and independent, nurse Meridan was never interested in settling down, with a human or an alien, especially not the arrogant, rude and devastatingly sexy medic Kalen.

How far will Kalen go to claim the woman he loves when the rules between his planet and hers prevent him from doing just that?

After a terrifying attack leaves Meridan near death, Kalen breaks the rules to save her and bind them together as mates.

How will Meridan and Kalen find common ground before the universe tears them apart forever?

Standalone, full length novel. No cheating. Happy Ever After.

Title: Sweshan: Claimed
Series: Alien Lovers, 4
Author(s): Olivia Black
Length: 113 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing

Genre: Romance / Erotic / Alternative / Futuristic / Sci-Fi / Gay /


BlurbGrant Byers was barely surviving. He volunteered to leave Earth so that the government would take care of his family. His parents were religious fanatics, and Grant didn't want to live a lonely existence to please them. Now that he's free to be himself, Grant is ready to find a mate. The Sweshian race is dying, and they need humans to procreate. Each human brought to Sweshan is given to a male for one week. If, after that week, the human doesn't have a positive pregnancy test, he is given to another male. Ael is the deputy commissioner of Sweshan. After losing four potential mates, Ael took his name off the list. One day, without warning, a human is delivered to Ael's home. He tries to keep Grant at a distance, but he soon realizes that it's impossible to ignore the young human. Grant is beautiful, smart, and funny, and he's not afraid to try new things. When Grant is injured, Ael quickly realizes how much he cares for the human--but is it too late?

Title: Rise of the Shadow Warriors
Series: Warlord Series, 4
Author(s): Michelle Howard
Length: 275 pages

Genre: Romance / Sci-fi & Fantasy / 



She came from a race long thought dead. 

Shaina C’Err belonged to the Olak’din, a secret race of warriors. With her people in danger she asked for help from the one warrior who owed her. With a Kabanian Warlord at her side, she might have a chance at defeating her enemies.

He craved what his friends had attained.

Argan Kril never thought he’d long for love until his life changed forever. Now among the Raasa he watches his best friend and his fellow Warlord with the women who love them. His upbringing dictates that such a bond is for the weak but when his path crosses with Shaina he feels stronger and happier than he’s ever been.

Neither expected the battle they’d wage together would have such a steep reward.

Title: Bound by the Fang
Series(Black River Pack Book 1)
Author(s): Kellan Larkin
Length: 137 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Mpreg / Gay /



Omega Rian doesn't want to get married—not to an Alpha, anyway. Everyone knows they have... strange desires, and Rian's scared. But the Black River Pack is besieged on all sides by enemies, and the Council wants him to get married... now. When he's paired with Taryn, his life will be changed forever.

Taryn doesn't want to get saddled with an Omega when he's too busy trying out for the Alpha Guard, the pack's prestigious warriors. It's been his dream to follow in his father's footsteps ever since he was small. But it's not up to him, and he's paired with Rian.

When Taryn fails his Guard tryouts and Rian learns he's infertile, it seems like life is just getting worse for the brash Alpha and his reluctant Omega. The pair has to learn to work together to get through it all—and will Rian ever learn about his own desires?

Bound by the Fang is a m/m gay shifter mpreg novella with a HEA. No cheating, no cliffhangers. Each book in the Black River Pack series focuses on a different couple while expanding the overarching plot. They can be enjoyed alone, but it is recommended to read the series in order.

Title: Winterbourne's Daughter
Author(s): Stephanie Rabig
Length: 370 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Fairy Tales / Asexual / Biromantic / Bisexual / Poly /   Trans /



When her parents are overthrown, Lisette is demoted from princess to servant. Refusing to stop caring for her people simply because she's no longer royalty, Lisette cooperates with the new royal mistress, Emeline, to smuggle people out of the castle.

She also befriends the champion of the deathfights, and finds herself in the unusual—and impossible—situation of falling in love with both of them. Before she can sort the matter out, however, an assassination attempts sends her fleeing for her life—with the new queen's fearsome huntsman close on her heels...

TitleHere For Us
Author(s): A.M. Arthur

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / Poly /

Notes: releases March 17th


Cris Sable doesn’t walk into popular gay bar Big Dick’s expecting to find more than a casual hookup, so he’s surprised by his instant attraction and intense chemistry with go-go dancer Jake. Jake’s sexy as hell and a firecracker in bed. The sparks between them are undeniable, and what starts as a hookup evolves into something deeper, possibly permanent—until Jake dumps Cris flat on his ass for no good reason. 

Angry and confused, Cris finds comfort with his longtime friend and employer Charles “Chet” Greenwood. Cris’s emotional state stirs up Charles’s long-buried feelings for Cris. Feelings he’s denied for eight years, because Cris is his employee and therefore off limits—not to mention two decades younger than Charles. Cris admits he has feelings for Charles, too, but he’s still getting over Jake and both men agree nothing can happen between them while Charles is still Cris’s boss.

Jake Bowden knows he doesn’t have anything to offer a guy. He’s a go-go dancer with no degree and no real career aspirations. He’s also used to everyone who loves him leaving, so it makes sense to cut Cris loose before things get too serious. Cris is kind, passionate and totally deserves a guy like Charles—wealthy, owns a home, successful businessman. Jake can’t compete so why bother? They’re better off together. But when Jake has a serious personal crisis, Cris and Charles unite to pull him back together, and the three men discover it’s possible—maybe even inevitable—to fall in love with more than one person at a time.

"Here For Us" is the first in a brand-new m/m/m menage romance series that explores the March/May/September relationship of three very different men.

Title: Grand Redemption
Series(D'Vaire, Book 1)
Author(s): Jessamyn Kingley
Length: 297 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Magic / Gay / 

Notes: I can't remember if I posted this or not for the WishList. I recognize the cover. The second book in the series is coming out soon...

Blurb: A warlock familiar has little choice but to follow the dictates of their warlock. In Ayden’s case, he and his warlock, Latarian, have been sent to hide in a cottage by her grandfather. What was intended to be a refuge for a few days has stretched into over six centuries. Cleaning, cooking, and doing his best to avoid his warlock’s sharp tongue is all Ayden has to look forward to each day. Stuck in a cottage with his temperamental warlock has Ayden yearning for something different. It’s not like Ayden has much hope for the future. His mate died before Ayden was summoned by Latarian and Fate doesn’t offer magickind second chances. Ayden’s dreams are simple. A day outside the same four walls. Luckily for Ayden, the boredom of their life finally convinces his warlock to ask Fate for a clue to find her grandfather. Fate sends Latarian and Ayden to the Draconis Court of D’Vaire, and neither one of their lives will ever be the same. 

Duke Brogan D’Vairedraconis is a powerful dragon shifter who has lived a life of ever changing scenery. The king of his dragon court was deemed cursed centuries ago, and dragonkind has kept King D’Vaire and the five dragons loyal to him far removed from the rest. Tired of traipsing around the giant house that houses Draconis Court D’Vaire, Brogan has spent the last few decades traveling around the world seeking his mate. Learning that a warlock and her familiar have arrived at his court is not enough to bring Brogan home. But when Brogan hears that his family is discussing plans to turn their home into a sanctuary for misplaced shifters and magickind he cuts short his current trip and rushes home. There is no way Brogan wants his family at the mercy of freaks and outcasts, and Brogan will do whatever it takes to stop the sanctuary.

When their paths cross, neither one is prepared for what Fate has in store for them. Tempers flare, flames ignite, and the quiet Court D’Vaire is alive for the first time. When Brogan and Ayden finally learn how to live side by side, secrets are revealed that may rip them apart forever. In the end, Brogan is forced to see his life and place in Court D’Vaire in a whole new light because Ayden is no ordinary warlock familiar.

This title has been revised and expanded from its original edition.

Title: The Tradition
Series(Forbidden Book 1)
Author(s): Renee Matthews
Length: 65 pages
Publisher: eXtasy Books (March 10, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / Paranormal /


Blurb: Zane was raised to see the evil that was in the world. With monsters surrounding their village on all sides, it seemed very simple what the evil was. Until Zane meets Tancred and starts to question everything that being a villager stands for. 

Tancred knew from the first moment they met that Zane was his other half. Learning that the man was the kin of the humans that destroyed his family caused him to run. Will Tancred learn there is more to Zane than his last name? Or will he lose the man that is the other half of his soul?

Author(s): Kate Cotoner
Length: 90 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / Paranormal / Historical / 



Tang Dynasty China...

Wu Jin has both brains and beauty. Though poor, his family are noble enough for Jin to sit the imperial examinations in the hope of obtaining a high-ranking government position. When his parents are killed and his home destroyed in a fire, Jin clings to his dreams and travels to the provincial capital for the exams. Pursued by a sinister horseman, he seeks refuge at a tumbledown inn, little realising that he’s entered the abode of a fox-spirit.

Tian Zhen is a huxian, a transcendental fox of immense power and considerable seductive charm. He’s startled when Jin sees through his illusions, and believes it’s Jin’s destiny not only to become his lover, but also to help him find a lost talisman—the symbol of Zhen’s heavenly role as the Guardian of Thunder. But convincing Jin won’t be easy, and the search for the talisman turns deadly when Jin discovers it’s connected to the man who murdered his parents...

Title: Petrichor
Author(s): Victoria Bai
Length: 154 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Historical / 


BlurbA vivid moment in battle brings low-born soldier Shin and the King himself together; now, Shin needs to learn how to navigate life in the palace amidst intrigue and betrayal. Will Shin help King Hwang survive the plot against him and take back control of his country - and follow his heart?

Title: Broken Mirror
SeriesResonant Earth Volume 1
Author(s): Cody Sisco
Length: 472 pages

Genre:  Cyber Punk / Conspiracy / Mystery / Detective / Science Fiction / Non-Romantic / Gay /



Someone killed Grandfather Jefferson. Victor is sure of it. But he’s the only one. 

Diagnosed with mirror resonance syndrome and shunned by Semiautonomous California society, Victor suffers from “blank outs,” hallucinations, and vivid nightmares. He violently overreacts to even minor confrontations.

Victor’s grandfather devoted his life to researching and curing mentally ill Broken Mirrors like Victor, but now that he’s gone, Victor must walk a narrow path between sanity and reclassification—a fate that all but guarantees he’ll lose his freedom.

Victor is determined to uncover the truth about his grandfather’s death and grows increasingly suspicious of the medicine he must take to help manage his “symptoms.” As he tries to sort his allies from his enemies, a conspiracy with global implications emerges.

Can he trust his Aunt Circe, the only person in his family who’s even somewhat sympathetic to his plight? His former classmate-turned-brainhacker Ozie, who wields information as damaging as any weapon and who seems intent on luring Victor away from his home? What about his old friend Elena, who reappears in his life abruptly, claiming to have miraculously overcome a devastating addiction?

With its self-driving cars, global firearms ban, and a cure for cancer, the world of Broken Mirror may sound utopic, but history has taken a few wrong turns. The American Union is a weak and fractious alliance of nations in decline. Europe, a superpower, manipulates its citizens through technology. And Asia is reeling from decades of war. Amid shifting geopolitical sands, Broken Mirrors like Victor find themselves at a crossroads: evolve or go extinct.

Broken Mirror is the first novel in a sci-fi detective saga tailor-made for fans of Isaac Asimov, Haruki Murakami, and Neal Stephenson.

Title: And The Stars Danced
Series: A Little Something ExTra, 1
Author(s): Bailey Bradford
Length: 254 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Artificial Intelligence / Aliens / 



Elliot's always been an outcast—the crazy one in the family—mocked by people and locked in psych wards more times than he can count. His life was normal until he saw the stars move. But a person can only take so much torment, so much pain. Elliot might or might not be mentally ill. He doesn't know. What he is sure of is that he's had enough.

And if he thought his life was strange before, when he finds himself abducted and held in a secret government facility populated with AI's—Artificial Intelligence beings—all the scary things he's experienced before then can't compare to what they want to do to him.

Karl is an artist whose only companion is his Irish wolfhound, Ian. His current work is a sheet of copper he finds himself puncturing in an erratic manner. Then one night he steps outside, and the stars move.

Elliot, Karl and Ian are about to embark on an adventure that will send them running for their lives, and into a reality they would never have imagined possible. Outer space, new worlds, and old treachery await them, along with very shocking revelations about what and who they really are.

Title: Isadora
Series: Masters Among Monsters, 2
Author(s): Ella Frank
Length: 339 pages
PublisherElla Frank, LLC; 1 edition (January 11, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Erotic / Paranormal / Vampires / Suspense /

Notes: Audible narration $1.99. This series is MF and MM, alternating books.


Isadora Nikitas understands what it means to be betrayed. That lesson was taught to her in the prime of her life, and when she is offered a chance to exact revenge, she finds it difficult to refuse.

Instead, she entrusts her survival to a mysterious vampire known only as Diomêdês, a male who wants nothing in return but to watch over her—in every way imaginable.

Gifted with speed, strength, and immortality, she determines that her life will no longer be governed by the needs and wants of a mere man. She has cowered for the last time, and with her Ancient by her side, she thrives and blossoms into the most formidable female vampire in existence.

But, once upon a time, like all little girls, Isadora believed in love. She believed it because she once had it. So, when it comes along a second time, she knows that it’s possible—but when you love someone, they become your weakness. Unless, in fact, they become your enemy instead…


Fulfilling your life’s prophecy should be empowering. At least, that’s what Elias Fontana always believed. But, as he stands guard over the beautiful vampire he’s taken hostage, his convictions start to crumble. Made to believe by his creators that he and two others have been designed to destroy a dangerous race, he has difficulty connecting his current reality to the woman he once loved.


When friends become enemies and enemies become lovers, who can you trust in the webs of lies and despair? And, when your life is at stake and blood has been shed, how much are you willing to sacrifice to fulfill your destiny?

Title: Ghosts & Ashes
Series(Broken Moon Book 2)
Author(s): FT Likens
Length: 258 pages
PublisherDuet, an imprint of Interlude Press (March 9, 2017)

Genre:  Romance / Young Adult / Science Fiction



Three months have passed since the events of The Star Host, and Ren is living aboard the Star Stream under the watchful eyes of the Phoenix Corps. Plagued by vivid nightmares that ravage the ship in his sleep, he struggles to prove he isn’t a threat and fears he has traded one captor for another. His relationship with Asher, whose efforts to balance his personal loyalty to Ren with his professional duties to the Corps are failing, fractures.

Adrift without an anchor, Ren must return to his home planet of Erden if he has any chance of reversing his dangerous descent into madness. There, he hopes search for his missing brother and salvage his relationship with Asher. What he finds is knowledge that puts everyone’s allegiance to the test.

Title: Seal of Solomon
Series: Journeyman, 2
Author(s): Golden Czermak
Length: 236 pages

Genre:  Romantic Element / Action & Adventure / Suspense / Paranormal / LGBTIAQ MC / Vampires / Demons / 

Notes: Audible narration $1.99

The Adventure Continues...

From author Golden Czermak, comes the second installment of the enthralling Journeyman Series.

With no answers and a weapon of mass destruction slung around his neck, Gage Crosse is left with little choice but to travel with Joey Mosely to New York, seeking aid from the Order Council itself. Little do they know that they are about to embark on what may be the greatest adventure of their lives: to find the mysterious Seal of Solomon.

Meanwhile, the fragile threads holding the demon army and its monstrous allies together are unraveling. Keli must act quickly to maintain her position as ruler, else have all their efforts fall into the flames of ruin.

Can the Journeymen keep the Seal of Solomon out of demon hands, or will the Noctis succeed in wrenching all three artifacts from their control?

Title: Sky Children
Series: Lacuna Chronicles, 2
Author(s): A.M. Daily
Length: 394 pages

Genre:  Romance / Science Fiction / Psi Abilities / Suspense / Gay / 



The Earth is dying. News of the systematic extermination of the Ezri, Mechi, and humankind alike has spread to the five sister planets, and has followed Caden and his traveling companions halfway across the galaxy to Aurora. Led by the mysterious shared dreams of the Ezri, Caden’s search for Lacuna, the abandoned world of his people, continues.

As Caden struggles to adapt to his newfound freedom and to the inevitable awakening of his Ezri mind, he must rely on Mikas’ quick-thinking and Senka’s ancient knowledge to guide their desperate quest. When Caden and Senka manage to secure a ship and an adventurous pilot willing to transport fugitives from Aurora to the outer reaches of space, Lacuna seems closer than ever.

But when old ghosts and past mistakes return with a vengeance to haunt the present, bonds of friendship and love will be tested and stretched across space and time itself.

Title: Brothers
Author(s): Tess Oliver
Length: 266 pages
PublisherSugartree Press (March 9, 2017)

Genre:  Romance / Contemporary / Brothers / MFM / 


BlurbI knew if I didn't leave, I would die. Whether by his hand or by mine. The empty northbound boxcar was my magic carpet, my chance to leave and never look back. I needed to find one person—one person I could love and trust. One person who could love me back. Just one person. Instead . . . I found two.

Title: In The Wreckage
Series(Metahuman Files Book 1)
Author(s): Hailey Turner
Length: 341 pages

Genre:  Romance / Military / Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Gay / 



A Marine with honor.

After surviving a horrific chemical attack that turned him into a metahuman, Captain Jamie Callahan got a second lease on life. For three years he’s been working for the Metahuman Defense Force and leading Alpha Team—all against the wishes of his family. The job requires his full dedication, so it’s no surprise Jamie doesn’t have time for a relationship. An enticing one-night stand with a gorgeous stranger is all it takes to show Jamie exactly what he’s been missing. When a mission to take down a terrorist cell brings that same stranger back into his world, Jamie’s life gets complicated.

A soldier with secrets.

Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan was only looking to relieve some stress after a long mission. He didn’t know the hot guy he picked up at a bar was the leader of the MDF’s top field team. When Kyle and his partner get seconded to Alpha Team to help fight a terrorist threat, he has to balance his desire for Jamie against his duty to keep his secrets safe. That gets harder and harder to do amidst regulations both are tempted to break.

Two men trying to survive.

Giving into passion could cost both their careers. Abiding by the rules will only result in heartache. An attack on MDF headquarters brings with it a choice Jamie and Kyle can’t escape—duty, or love?

In the Wreckage is a 100k word steamy m/m sci-fi military romance with a HFN ending. There is military violence within the story that may not be suitable for everyone, as well as explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under 18.

Title: Broken In Silence
Series(Demons and Wolves Book 1)
Author(s): Katze Snow
Length: 163 pages
Publisher: Katze Snow; 1 edition (March 18, 2017)

Genre:  Romantic Elements / Paranormal / Demons / Fantasy / Gay / 



Tannerian Wulfric is a leader—a strong alpha who bows to no-one, especially those who try to undermine his authority.

When an opportunity arises, he grabs it with both hands and lets nothing get in his way. Trouble is, his brother has been caught in the crossfire of glorious retribution, and Tanner is in need of assistance.

For many years, Alex Jonas has lived his life in peace. But when fate lands him in the hands of his ex-lover and alpha, he finds himself in the centre of a feud he never knew existed, and must immerse himself in ways he had never imagined. One chance encounter, one night, and everything comes crashing down around him. Alex must fight for his life while Tanner fights for one thing and one thing only—vengeance, which has never tasted sweeter.

Can Tanner avenge his family’s death without spilling more blood? Or will his inner demon tear apart everything he has worked for, and lose the man who owns his heart?

Warning: Contains strong language, violence, and graphic, erotic scenes which require a shower to cool yourself down. This is NOT a romance. It's hot, it's sticky, and all kinds of messed up. Proceed with caution!

Title: First Contact
Author(s): Lia Davis, Kerry Adrienne
Length: 59 pages
PublisherAfter Glows (February 17, 2017)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Space / Alien / 



Fugitive Tristan Hawthorne loved his captain and has spent five years searching for proof to convince Shadow Fleet he’s innocent his lover’s murder. Captured and bound for transport to a penal colony, he comes face to face with an old enemy and revelations about the murder. Tristan vows to expose the truth to the Fleet. He escapes, but crash lands on an unidentified and uncharted planet where he encounters an alien who stirs passions he thought long buried.

Lucan receives special permission from the council to fly to Oria to release his mother’s spirit on the sacred world. With no family remaining, he’s broken and unsure. However, he didn’t count on meeting a human while he’s alone and mourning. He’s drawn to Tristan’s swagger and strength. He longs to be near him, even though his mother warned him that humans are a violent race, bent on destroying themselves and anyone around them.

With one working ship and a failing planetary cloaking device, it’s a short time until humans discover Oria and Tristan is recaptured. Under the starry, moonlit sky of the holiday Jainfest, the men learn to overcome their feelings of fear and distrust, and winds up finding out they aren’t so different after all.

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