Friday, December 28, 2012

Excerpt #5 Dreams of the Forgotten

Every week this month I'll share excerpts for one of my books.  This week is excerpts from Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons #3) scheduled for release on March 26, 2013. This is the last excerpt for the month of December.  I hope you enjoyed the seek peeks you've had every week.  January is going to be an exciting month for me!  I can't wait to make the announcements!


Chapter One continued...

© 2012, Lexi Ander

If I only had myself to care for, I'd disappear.  But I had Ushna and now our children to watch over and protect.  My people needed us and I couldn't find it within myself to abandon them.  Even though there were dangers to both of us, and the family we planned to have, if we backed down, if we left, if we acquiesced to safety, our race wouldn't survive the forces striving to destroy us.
Even with my firm resolve, I couldn't help but worry about how I’d be able to protect Ushna, my partner and consort.  He believed it was his job to protect me but shouldn't it go both ways?  There were forces that would harm him for associating with me.  They’d murder him if they knew he was my husband. 
I ran my hand down over my large, full, and swollen stomach.  I was nine weeks into my sixteen week pregnancy and I was already huge.  No, I wasn't the last of my line.  Once the assassins found out I was alive, life would get infinitely more dangerous than it’d ever been.
Ushna moved under my hand, moaning deliciously.  I studied his sun bronzed features and his solid muscular planes shaped by hard work.  There were moments when I was amazed this man loved me.  Only me.  The knowledge humbled me even as it strengthened me.
Turning his head, Ushna moaned again.  I wondered what kind of dream he had to elicit such a response.  A wicked smile on my lips, I slithered down his body under the covers.  I was determined to make a few of his dreams come true as I licked his semi-hard erection before sucking it into my mouth.  I rolled my tongue around the flared head, loving the sensation of his shaft growing in my mouth.
I suckled, tonguing the ridge just how I knew he liked it.  His louder moan was music to my ears as I released him and licked my way down, gently taking one of his balls into my mouth.  With my hand I stroked his stomach and felt the muscles quiver under my touch. 
Taste, sight, touch, and smell.  I gorged all my senses on him, sliding my arms under his legs.  I wrapped my hands around his thighs and made my way slowly back up his hard length, swallowing him down to the back of my throat.  Ushna writhed under me.  His fingers carded through my hair before gripping it in his strong hands.  My name fell from his lips as he bucked up into my mouth.  Goddess, I loved to hear him speak my name.

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