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What's On the Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What have I been doing this week? Well, it was release week for Caledonia Destiny. Attempting to get the file uploaded for the print version and Createspace is giving me lip.

In between the chaos, I've also been re-editing Alpha Trine for the contract renewal. That isn't going as quickly as I thought it would but I'm not going to rush it. 

Title: The Leshy and the Lumberjack
Author(s): Ginger Streusel
Length: 132 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: In Isaak's sleepy town, monsters live next door. Most of the townsfolk prefer to avoid the dark, eerie woods, but Isaak enjoys spending his days there. Armed with his grandmother's stories, he chops wood and plants trees, and keeps the peace between men and monsters.

Then he meets the Leshy, the god who guards the forest and all who dwell in it. He is also known for abducting travelers—or tickling them to death. But the god he meets is nothing like the stories he was told, and the more time they spend together the more Isaak hates to leave him.

But the Leshy isn't the only thing lurking in the woods...

Title: Touch of Magic
Series: (Fae-Touched Book 1)
Author(s): Isabelle Adler
Length: 256 pages
Publisher: NineStar Press (May 28, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay / 


Blurb: After returning to the straight and narrow, Cary Westfield hopes to rebuild his life as a stage magician. Only thing is, the success of his new show is entirely dependent on a strange medallion inherited from his late grandfather—an amulet that holds a rare and inexplicable power to captivate the wearer’s audience.

Ty prides himself on his ability to obtain any item of magical significance—for the right price. When a mysterious client hires him to steal a magical amulet from a neophyte illusionist, he’s sure it will be a quick and easy job, earning him a nice chunk of cash.

As it turns out, nothing is sure when greed and powerful magic are at play. When a mob boss with far-reaching aspirations beats Ty to the snatch, Cary and Ty form an unlikely partnership to get the amulet back. The unexpected spark of attraction between them is a welcome perk, but each man has his own plan for the prize.

All bets are off, however, when it is revealed the magical amulet holds a darker secret than either of them had bargained for.

Title: Gift of the Goddess
Author(s): Kaje Harper
Length: 73 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay /


Blurb: Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Garvin’s worst fear is realized when he runs home from the fields to find his lover’s forge empty, his tools scattered, and the ground trampled by a band of soldiers. Nyle has been kidnapped and conscripted into the King’s army—a death sentence even for a big smith like Nyle.

Garvin is untrained, unarmed, and nowhere near strong enough to take on one soldier, let alone a whole army. His household skills and a way with horses aren't much to work with, but he can't let that stop him. For the first time in his life, he prays to the Goddess for the help he desperately needs.

He’s not expecting an answer. Particularly the one he gets.

This is a rerelease of the 2012 Storm Moon Press story. It has been edited and polished, but there are no substantial changes.

Content warning - contains a brief on-page episode of dubious to non-consensual sex.

Title: Aerie
Author(s): Jon Keys

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Iron Age / Paranormal / 


Blurb: Askari, Dhala, and Gyam grew up as childhood friends during happier days for the Chinjoka, an Iron Age people with the ability to shapeshift, but now they must learn their place among the tribe while dealing with both a devastating plague and war with the Misiq.

Ena is a young warrior for the more savage Misiq, a tribe whose cruelty exemplifies their deity—the Angry God. The Misiq, also shifters, have declared a genocidal war against the Chinjoka, blaming them for the disease devastating both tribes. As a result, they are locked in a battle for survival. But when Ena is shown compassion by those he means to harm, he begins to question all he’s ever known.

A chance meeting changes their lives, and maybe their tribes, forever.

Title: Night of the Living Manny
Author(s): Julia Talbot
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 5, 2018)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Zombies / Gay /


Blurb: Something besides love is growing….

Manny Brenden Torrance is good at his job. He’s dealt with all sorts of children and parents, but he’s never met anyone as intriguing as Liam Whitehouse. Liam is a scientist with three kids, whose job is keeping him away from home more and more. That’s where Brenden steps in to help.

Liam has secrets, though. He’s working on a project for a pharmaceutical lab that could change disease management. Or destroy it. While he and Brenden start a romance they both want to continue, things at Liam’s job come to a head, and suddenly the whole family of Dad, manny, three kids, and a big drooly dog is on the run from the one thing that might keep Brenden and Liam apart. And infect the world.

Title: The Dragon's Thief
Author(s): Riza Curtis
Length: 66 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal / Gay / 


Blurb: Chester. Magpie shifter, renowned thief.

Chester knows better than to get involved when a dragon requests his services. Anyone who steals from a dragon's hoard is not to be screwed with. There's something alluring about Michal though, and Chester's always loved playing with fire...

Michal. Dragon shifter, first-born son.

Michal knows exactly who's taken the centrepiece of his hoard—his estranged brother. The one person he can't touch thanks to family politics. It seems simple enough to hire the little magpie shifter to retrieve what is his. But, Chester is nothing like Michal expected, and in the end he might need to decide whether the last piece of his mother is worth more than the man who could own his heart.

Title: Strike a Fire
Author(s): Avtor Kirjanik
Length: 343 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Alternate History / Gay / Dragons / 


Blurb: When paramedic Lyon LeBlanc saves a lightning-struck surfer, his life changes forever in a way no one could have expected. He wakes up in a hospital room with his patient's arm wrapped to his own for some reason and his life goes off the rails from that point.

Travis Hyland lives on and in the ocean. The waves of salt water call to him and he answers, even when a storm is heading to shore. Waking in the hospital, he has a new scar and a new friend. Or maybe more.

The Change occurs within hours. With news reporters breathing down their necks, the two men flee to Trav's beach house. Word gets out anyway and not everyone is pleased by the news.

The families of both handle the situation in distinctly different ways. Being the first dragon shifters in over 1500 years sparks flares all over the world and shifters of all kinds seem to come out of the woodwork.

Title: The Tale of Augst Hayling
Author(s): Kim Fielding
Length: 1 hour

Genre: Romance / Historical / Gold Rush Era / Paranormal / 


Blurb: August Hayling went west following the discovery of gold in California. While most prospectors were hoping to strike it rich, August was more interested in a place big enough to let him get lost. Sitting alone in a saloon, he is approached by a peculiar man named Georgios Cappadocia, who offers August a fortune in gold if August will come along and help him fetch it.

August soon learns that his strange new employer is engaged in some kind of ancient dispute. And when they arrive at their destination, both men will realize that not all treasures are golden - and sometimes destinies can be changed.

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