Monday, July 2, 2018

Cover Reveal! Caledonia Destiny:Blessed Bane #paranormal #historical #alternatehistory


Today is THE day for the cover reveal of Caledonia Destiny: Blessed Bane.  There are a lot of sites participating in the cover reveal through Other Worlds Ink, so you will see me sharing different posts about this reveal a lot today. 

Now, without further ado...


A twist of fate changed both their destinies.

The wyrbears, once a long-lived species, were being lost to the forest in their prime. A people borne of a curse, their abilities not a gift but something wrongly taken, they nonetheless live in harmony with their animal spirits. But over time the curse they lived under changed, mutated, and now what once was a refuge from the world when they became too weary is culling mathan in their prime.

Ewen mhic Friscalach, the leader of his peoples, lost his father too early and is now a widower with four children. The vow he made as a youth to break the curse afflicting wyrbears has been buried by grief and responsibility.

Roi mhic Alric, a priest of Cerridwen and seer, watched his fellow priests slaughtered and his temple desecrated. The only thing that kept him going the last three horror-filled years was the vision Cerridwen had granted him of his emancipation. If freedom came at the cost of his life, well, he was more than ready for the Otherworld.

A fated meeting upon a bloody field of battle. A wrong done long ago. Their choices could save a people… or send them into extinction. Either way, their love will be legend.

Cover Artist: Kirby Crow

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    1. Thank you, Elayne! I'm sort of addicted to Kirby Crow's cover-genius. :-)