Monday, August 19, 2013

Alpha is Pregnant: Valespian Pact Update

What am I doing today? Alpha and Dragon are giving birth today. Since Alpha is the one pregnant, he shoulders most of the labor, although... after much thought last night Dargon will share more than originally planned.

So poor Alpha and Dargon have 21-30 hours of labor. Then they have to be very still while the kit moves down into Dargon's pouch. Have you ever seen a discovery channel special on marsupials? I did when I was a child. Amazed, fascinated, and a big serving of awww stayed with me over the years because it really was incredible. It was a kangaroo momma and the baby was the size of peanut. Small, pink, and hairless the little joey didn't even have his eyes open. He crawled up the momma's tummy, climbed into the pouch where he found a nipple and stayed in that same position for a long time. Obviously, I have never forgotten the show.

Seriously, don't those little guys have a huge aww factor with the first instinct to make sure they are protected? I think I was eight when I'd seen the show. They look fragile and yet they were so strong. Afterwards I wanted to go to Australia and adopt all the kangaroos and make sure they had a safe place for their joeys. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have been a vet. :)

Today and probably most of this week's writing will be geared towards the events that happens around Alpha giving birth. A little peanut (or two *cough-cough*) will be born today, and as beautiful as the moment will be, danger still lurks. Zeus must captain the Oethra 7 when Prince Azeas's and Prince Mestor's warship, The Gorgon, will drop out of hyperspace in Valespian space. They suspect they might be stepping into an ambush and even though they made provisions to meet that scenario, things don't go as planned. Against all the odds, Zeus has to find a way to protect Dargon and Alpha, and now his offspring, while making sure the Fal'Amoric reach the safety of Haven. Finally, you will know who the Striker is and how deadly he can be. Hold on to your seats because this is going to be an awesome ride!

In other news: Wednesday thru Friday of this week I will be hosting Vona Logan. There will be a new release giveaway so make sure you stop by and check it out.

Also: In case you missed it. I wrote a free online short story, The Legend of the Bearwere Curse. It is the prequel to Fated which will be coming out the last week of this month for the LHNB events. Click there---> Hearts On Fire Reviews to read. It's not very long, just under 5k.  Enjoy!!

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