Friday, August 16, 2013

Legend of the Bearwere Curse

As you guys know, this year I participated in the GoodReads M/M Romance group's Love Has No Bounds event, and that I picked up a second story from an emergency prompt. The historical Scottish Laird who can shift. Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with the two people, Kevin & Lucy, who submitted that prompt. We had a great time talking about the making of and some of the things I learned while researching.

While I was there, I asked them if they wanted to hear the back story to the shifter's curse. I have never given a verbal account of a story before. I really enjoyed it, even if I was flying by the seat of my pants because it wasn't something I had written down.

I was asked if I could put the story to paper and let it be a Hearts exclusive (at least until the novel comes out). Why, sure.

Then I started to write it down I became a little nervous because the Legend is like a fairytale "telling" not a "showing". It is everything they warn you not to do as a writer. So I turned it around and around and came up with the idea of using a scene from the soon-to-be book. See Fated, the free story I wrote for the prompt, only addresses the relationship part of the story and it's about 30k. The full story will be closer to 90k and includes a scene from Ewen's childhood. Ah-ha! It was perfect! And it's just up in time, too. Fated should be up on the M/M Group soon!!

The Legend of the Bearwere Curse is just under 5k and is now available for your viewing pleasure here!
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You don't have to worry about there being a surprise mooning or anything.

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