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Guest Post: Vona Logan & A Giveaway

Hey everybody! Vona Logan is stopping but today to sit and have a chat about herself and her new release, Return To Destiny. She is also going to be giving away a copy of her new release. Between now and Friday night leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing for a copy of Return To Destiny.
So without further ado, ladies and gents I introduce Vona Logan!!  (Lexi rowring into  her cupped hands as the crowd goes wild!)

Hello Everyone

A great, big thank you to Lexi for hosting me on her blog to celebrate the re-release of Return to Destiny by Wilde City Press this Wednesday the 21st of August.

A little bit more about myself:  I was born and grew up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and lived there for almost 28 years. That is until we got the crazy notion to take off to another country with three little kids and three suitcases!

I must admit though, if it hadn’t been for that move, writing for me would’ve forever been a dream. Thanks to the wonderful country, namely New Zealand, we now live in, the sky is the limit when it comes to dreams and aspirations.

I attempted my first short story in response to an open call from a publisher at the beginning of 2012. They rejected it. I tried another publisher and was fortunate enough for it to be accepted – and so my journey as an author began.

There is so much to tell about how Return to Destiny came about. Once again it was in response to an open call from the very first publisher who rejected my first one. They rejected it. Again. I never learn. I tweaked it and send it off to another publisher and was elated when they accepted it.

The vibe of the open call was time travel and in my mind sparks went off about two guys missing it, big time. Or should I say - missing each other? A desperation to be together set off a series of ghostly visits and of course I cracked up laughing on that one. How much fun could it be to write something like that?  The answer? By adding in a cheeky, old Chinese Mr Miyagi look-alike, a great amount of naughty, torturous, fun.

I will be giving away a copy of Return to Destiny to one lucky winner. All you have to do leave a comment and a contact e-mail we can get in touch with you. The competition will end on midnight, Friday the 23rd of August 2013.

Thanks for stopping by and here’s an excerpt to give you all a taste of Wade and Michael:


Chapter 1

Sunday, 4 September 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand


Oh dear God, he thought. Not again! Yep, that phantom lover was back. Right here! Right now! At his mother’s dining table!

No announcement.

No warning.

No hope of making it through without an explosion of ecstasy.

“’Scuse me!” was all he managed before his family would have a show they would never forget.

Rewinding the clock half an hour, everything was fine. Everything was normal.

Wade Summers loved Sunday lunches with his parents. He loved good food, period. In high school, the lunches had doubled up as a screening process for boyfriends and girlfriends he and his sister, Marly, brought home. Once he had moved back after college, the Sunday lunches became a tradition.

He dug into his heaped plate of roast chicken, steamed veggies, and brown rice. As usual, the whole lot swam in gravy. He eagerly anticipated dessert, after the whiff of apples and cinnamon he got when he’d arrived.

“So, Mom, was Mrs Wilson satisfied with the way you groomed Gigi this month?” His mother owned the local dog parlour and tended to stress every time the grumpy client brought her precious poodle in.

“Yes, Wade. For the first time in twelve months, I apparently got it right.” His mom’s green eyes, much like his own, danced with humor. “She scrutinized poor Gigi with the evil eye, but couldn’t find a single hair out of place.” His dad snorted, showing he was part of the conversation despite having eyes only for the food on his plate.

Marly shook her head, which made her blond curls bounce. She smiled. “Yeah, I saw it! Poor Mrs Wilson looked so disappointed when she couldn’t find anything to complain about.”

Just as he opened his mouth to speak, it happened. His only hint—the tingling sensation at the nape of his neck when the hair stood straight up. He jerked up in his chair, cold sweat breaking out on his skin. Fuck! No time. He had to get the hell away from there stat or his family would wonder what the hell was wrong with him. That was best case scenario. Worst case: a straightjacket and a padded room for the remainder of his life.

“Wade? Are you okay, honey? Oh my God, are you choking?” his mother’s voice rose in panic.

“I’m fine, Mom. Just excuse me for a minute. I’ll be right back.” He had about thirty seconds left before the shit hit the fan.

His mom looked faintly worried when he bolted out of his chair and practically ran to the bathroom. He barely managed to lock the door and sag against it in relief when the unbelievable began.

The sensation of long fingers combed through the hair by his ear and curled around his neck, pulling his head forwards. Hot breath whispered against his throat before soft lips kissed him there, a wet tongue tasting his skin.

As always, the smell of the ocean laced with a faint tinge of lemon surrounded him. Shit-scared, he started to shiver—so fucking turned on, his head spun.

The invisible fingers locked in his hair held him immobile when another hand came into play. It stroked gently down his cheek and followed the trail down from the hollow of his throat, loosening shirt buttons on its way. As if in a dream, Wade’s belt buckle became undone and his zipper tines popped open in slow motion. Warm fingers slid into the elastic of his briefs and pushed them down to mid-thigh. Once free, his furiously engorged cock jumped up to hit his stomach.

He knew what to expect, but he jerked anyway when a strong grip wrapped around him. A few slow strokes had him moaning helplessly. The pleasure, heavenly, but his heart, tormented—he shouldn’t enjoy something sinful. Oh, but it felt soooo good!

Hot air caressed his mouth before strong, warm lips locked with his. His breathing stuttered. Wade loved kissing—especially deep, hungry kisses that carried on and on. He could come from them alone.

The lips separated from his and warm, moist heat enveloped his left nipple. Fascinated, Wade could actually see his flesh shift when caressed and tugged. A wet tongue lapped at the sensitive nub, sharp teeth nipped, and his knees almost gave out. He moaned deeply when the sensory nerves exploded to life and hummed with pleasure.

He almost yelled out in shock at the sudden knock on the door against his back.

“Wade? Is everything all right?”

“I’m goo… oh, God! I mean, yesssss, Mom! Just give me a few minutes,” he managed to grit out between clenched teeth.

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