Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pact Day: What does Terren mean? #ValespianPact

Welcome back to pact days. I thought I'd talk about the humans of the series. More specifically, the origin of how they operate.

Why did I use Terren instead of the popular and common Terran for humans?

Scientifically, over time there are cultural and language shifts. Since the Valespian Pact is set far in humanity's future, you expect that some words and meanings will change. I came across a great example recently with the abbreviation O.K. which started in the 1800s when the young, posh crowd abbreviated 'Oll Korrect' to O.K. But not only that, all kinds of things could happen, such as 100 years from now, a billionaire buys the right to rename Earth a.k.a Terra.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" you say. "That couldn't happen!"

Are you so sure? People buy sports teams and pay for the right to name stadiums and arenas. Streets and cities are named after people. New governments take over countries and rename the territory. Why can't someone rename the Earth… if the circumstances are right? Imagine it, an heiress pays an insane amount of money to rename Earth to… Gaia… Titan… maison de prostitution… or, Pink Baby.

I went a step further and linked it to how humanity became governed by corporations. Humans chose to be called Terren after a pandemic that lead to the human population almost dying out or becoming sterilized. It is a dividing line in their history that began a new era.

Humanity was saved by Dr. Henry S. Terren who created the vaccine that put an end to the planetwide plague. Those who survived started calling themselves Terrens after their savior. Dr. Terren was very nearly deified for saving what remained of the human population. His family urged this phenomenon with propaganda that bolstered the fanaticism.

Then Dr. Terren's daughter took over the pharmaceutical company. Riding the coattails of his popularity she became the president of Canada. (Sorry Canadian friends, you're just too nice.) She implemented radical policy where government was run more like a company with profits being the bottom line. At the end of her term, the pharmaceutical company became government run and a few years later, the company was running the government through the heirs of the Terren legacy and the country prospered beyond expectation.

Other countries followed suit and within 60 years, various companies were running countries. Gradually, the companies merged or there were hostile takeovers until only the largest four ruled the human population.

"Wait! Wait! That could never happen. The population would never agree!" you say.

Fact. The majority of the population wouldn't care how the government was run as long as their quality of life didn't suffer. People worry about the day to day of their bubble of influence. They sympathize with what happens 5000 miles away, but it doesn't affect them, so they don't worry it will happen to them. A very small percentage of humans would protest but prosperity breeds complacency, until that prosperity is taken away. The rigid control of all propaganda, enough half-truths with the lies, and get rid of the people who speak out… or simply ruin their credibility with a false claim, and poof, within a few weeks people forget.

The companies promised prosperity, and in the beginning, delivered, being generous to whose who supported them. The pay groups (pay range based on job title/skill) were used to push people up or down the ladder, and their benefits (housing, medical care, food, and some sundries) were all based on the pay groups the individual was in. Within another 100 years, the corporations were the bureaucrats and they controlled everything. But, over time, the divide between the have and have nots widened and the issues started because individual prosperity was threatened. :)

Okay, that was more than I was going to say about why the humans are called Terrens. I hope you enjoyed this peek at the origin story.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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