Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pact Day: Out-Of-Office Sneak Peek of Bespoken #ValespianPact #bespoken

So I'm prepping to go to GRL next week and got overwhelmed with the number of things I needed to accomplish before I left. As such, the post I had planned about the insight to the Terrans will have to wait a couple of weeks. Instead, I have an excerpt from Bespoken. Beware, it is the rough draft and not edited. Otherwise, enjoy!!

Copyright Lexi Ander

"Nanny Peri, I do not understand what this is saying about the Galactic Emperors. How can they rule but not rule?" Prometheus looked up at Peri with his silver, sightless eyes.

She had noticed that he had been responding to movement and expected he would soon begin to gain his sight. The Bespoken followed a different developmental path than most other Fal'Amoric's his age. He might be only five years old, but like the L'Eema, he mentally matured at the age of one. He thought, understood, and held the knowledge of someone older than his physical age. On average the Bespoken's eyesight developed between the age of five and thirteen. Soon afterwards, his sex would begin the maturing cycles that would last until he was twenty-five. Empress Asia pushed the development of the mental component, which was the only part the empress had any control over. Peri disagreed with Empress Asia, but that argument always went in circles. Peri wanted Prometheus to play more, allowed to be the child he was physically, but Empress Asia ignored Peri's pleas and insisted on the grueling lessons and constant testing.

Peri tucked Prometheus's dark blue hair behind his ear, revealing his sweet cherub face. "Their responsibility is primarily the maintenance of the grid. That duty takes up much of their time and energy. But they are members of the Cypress Council of Neighn, therefore they sit on the board and are the deciding factor when the council is unevenly split on a decision. Or they can overrule the council entirely, especially if the situation has to do with anything pertaining to the safety of the galaxy."

"So that is the reason I have to memorize all these trade regulations and their history?" Prometheus let out a bored sigh.

The empress had left the house an hour ago to attend meetings at the State House, and Peri was about to suggest a recess but her bracelet vibrated. She glanced down, narrowing her single eye at the display that announced an unauthorized entry. Suddenly the warning was replaced with an error message, then another announcing all was well.

Prometheus cocked his head, listening keenly. "There are eight people downstairs, trying to be quiet. I do not recognize the tread."

Peri rose from her chair and crossed to the beautifully carved toy chest with the glass front. Quickly and quietly she emptied the contents. When she turned back to Prometheus he stared in her direction.

"They are intruders. Do you remember our drill?" Prometheus's open trusting expression squeezed her heart. How many times had she almost taken him on a walk in the park in order to secret him away from this dry, loveless household? Empress Asia had approached the Giante king, Eurymedon, for help protecting the Bespoken. When given this assignment, Peri had not expected to fall in love with the child. Dutifully she had represented her father and people with honor, but here lately, she entertained dishonorable thoughts. Prometheus was in constant danger, and yes, he was well-kept and within the security of the empress's home. But he was also starving for love and affection, even though the empress pressed upon him to eschew all emotions. If Peri took him away, could she protect him on her own until he was needed at Knossos? Taking him would brand Peri as an abductor, a thief, a breaker of bonds and vows. Her father would have no recourse but disown her, strip her of title and lands, and her people would abuse her if they crossed her path outside her homeworld of Anatolia. Giantes did not tolerate those who brought shame upon their family and people. Their word was their bond, stronger than any metal forged.

Prometheus approached, bringing her out of her thoughts. She lifted the lid to the false bottom of the toy box. When she turned to pick him up, her hands engulphed his chest as if he was a newborn and not a child of five summers. The Fal'Amoric were a tall people, the average height around three meters for full grown adults, but Giantes were taller still at four meters. Peri was short for one of her people, but still towered over a mature Fal'Amoric and children Prometheus's size were like delicate dolls in her hands. She gently laid him in the box. They had worked diligently to teach him how to keep from panicking in tight spaces and she hoped those lessons served him well.

"Prometheus, you need to stay here and be as quiet as you can, just as we practiced. No matter what you may hear, do not come out or reveal your position," Peri whispered, keeping her voice calm. His sensitive hearing would enable him to discern what happened beyond the protective walls of his hideaway. She did not know if that knowledge would be a blessing or a curse.

He took the plush Valuzial Guardian toy she handed him and squished the doll to his chest. Taking one last look at him, Peri refrained from tucking his hair behind his ear, instead she closed the lid of the false bottom and piled toys he never used on top. The glass front revealed what the box held minus the boy.

From the armoire in the corner she withdrew everything she needed. With quick sure movements, Peri slipped her breastplate emblazoned with the Mukene lion over her head and pressed a sequence of buttons that caused it to reshape to fit snugly to her torso and hips. There was no time to don the rest of the ensemble. The creek of the second step on the first floor stairs gave away the intruder's location. She wished she had Prometheus's sharp hearing to know where the rest of the eight intruders were in the house.  Taking up her staff, she twisted the combination and sharp gleaming blades burst from the ends.

Crossing to the doorway, she halted and glanced over her shoulder at the seemingly empty nursery. "Stay here, my little one. I will return shortly," she whispered knowing only Prometheus could hear her.

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