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Pact Days: Terren #ValespianPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Terren.

They are talked about by those under the Valespian Pact and the worst of their history is known, giving a picture to others in the broadest of strokes. Are all humans apathetic to everything/one not of their species?


A couple of side notes: For a list of species that have been posted so far, see the The People of Valespia page. I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.

Species: Terren
Planet: Primary Earth
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain:
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: Average height is 5'2" to 5'9"; small in stature than historically because of nutrient deficiency.

Vulnerable to psi attack/manipulation

The Terren Corner of the Milky Way is governed by four corporations allied un the Earth-Sun Alliance. Their sectors are comprised of colonized planets, moons, terraformed worlds, and some conquered planets.

Humans work for the companies and in return are rationed food and housing based on the type of jobs performed. The exception would be those planets that raise the food. These places are considered backwater, but they have better housing and food.

Desperate for better food, Terrens trade/barter for seeds and will grow plants in any available space they can. Land is valuable so hanging gardens and rooftop atriums are plentiful in the lower ranking parts of the cities.

The Terrens have been quarantined to their galaxy unless they acquire a license to leave. Must have very specific travel plans and are only allowed on certain flight paths. Those who do travel in space are usually employed by one of the companies.

There are other companies than the big four, but the don't have a say in what the Terrens do as a whole.

The Twenty Year War almost bankrupted the big four. They are required to pay restitution to the GyrFalconi for 400 cycles (a very long time). If the companies made war or destroyed sentient life on a planet, the galactic imperials would take over Terren space in the Milky Way and dismantle the companies.

There are places the Terrens aren't allowed to travel.

The Alliance is short for the Earth-Sun Alliance.

Qing-Nian Tech (Chinese, Russian territories)

Baldassare Operations (European, African, and Scandinavian territories)

Onocona Engineering (Originally the Native American Casinos, now covering the North, Central, and South Americas)

Democles Mining (Continent of South Africa and Antartica)

Employees are the companies customers; Elite Earth Families, reconstituted foods, consumable stores, entertainment, constructions, mining, farming, sciences.


When the ancients approached the humans about donating genetic material so they could be a part of the Valespian Pact, they were a young race on the cusp of designing a space program. The Terrens attempted to confiscate the ships and properties of the Ancients. When the Ancients easily took back what had been stolen, the human leaders offered up their shunned ones as the genetic material in recompense. These people were accepted by the Ancient and later because the Fal'Amoric specie. The humans were found to be deceptive, dishonest, and greedy. The Terrens signed the Valespian Pact, but the ones who were offered up to represent the humans evolved.

Common Occupation:
Government Systems:
Current Leader:
Council of Neighn of Member:

Allies: T'Sali, Ryden

Negotiations with the Gaziniti.

Star System: Sol Star System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

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