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Pact Days: Shia'Marr #ValespaiPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Shia'Marr.

The Shia'Marr was introduced in Alpha Trine with the character Abechan who was their communications expert. He's a bit snooty and very vain about his dorsal ridge with he keeps highly polished. 


A couple of side notes: For a list of species that have been posted so far, see the The People of Valespia page. I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.

Species: Shia'Marr
Planet: J'Carta
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain:
Capitol: Elohi (where village heads meet for council)
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: average height 4'9" to 7'5", lean erect dino-like body. Biped reptilian form. Three-fingered with opposable thumbs on all 4 limbs. Leathery, hairless skin. Their feet are just as useful as their hands. Ridge of bony plates that are very colorful and unique to the individual. The ridge begins at the apex of the forehead, following the spine all the way to the tip of their tail. They are quite vain about their ridge and will spend chunks of time polishing and decorating it.

One of the oldest races and long lived. Most stop counting their age after 300 years. No concept of sexual bonding. They will meet up every 100 years or so to fertilize eggs. The next mothers raise the hatchling because the egg donor and sperm donors never stick around.

Naturally curious and loves to gather information. Strong belief in self-discipline and control. Slow working metabolism and able to put themselves in meditative/hibernation state for years at a time.

Ritual Mentalis: Ritual Weavers
Weavers can sense and manipulate the energy of the M'Cathian crystals. The crystals are made into jewelry or sown into clothing. The deeper the color of the crystal the richer the energy/charge the gem stone carries. Once used up, the clear crystals are trader to jewelers. The crystals are in abundance on the Chi-Lin homeworld as well as the GyrFalconi homeworld. (the Chi-lin psi cannot use the crystal)

There are three Mentalist categories: Psionics, Ritual Magician (Weaver), and Elementalist.

A Psionic's body produces a great amount of energy which their mind can manipulate. This is why if a psi goes to the Battion homeworld they have to have protection, otherwise they get terribly sick/dead. They are cut off from a vital part of themselves, the energy.

Ritual Magicians (aka Ritual Weavers) do not produce energy but can utilize energy in certain crystals like the above mentioned M'Cathaian Crystals. Items like these crystals put out an energy Weavers can see, and through ritual weave to perform "magic". They often use their weaving for defense and protection. Abechan, the Shia'Marr on the Oethra 7 is a Ritual Magician. These weavers can also be found on Catalan, and the GyrFalconi homeworld. Those are also the homeworlds that have something similar to the M'Cathaian Crystals.

The third Mentalist ability is Elementalist. They can see and manipulate the energy caused by elements like fire and water.

So to answer your question, someone who is psi can only manipulate only their own body's energy. Their abilities are different from a Ritual Magician in not only how/what energy they handle but in what they are able to do. They can be one or the other, the cannot be both. :)

Additional Info revealed for the question: There is a story behind the term "ritual magician". It came from the 20 Year War. When the humans fought against the dreaded Shia'Marr, the zealots looked at the Shia'Marr's dino-like bodies and their ability to create shimmering shields and other things, they dubbed the Shia'Marr demons and their ability as 'magic'. There is a faction of certain psi who sneer at the 'weaker' abilities of Weavers, thinking Weavers are inferior, and use Ritual Magician as a slur against Weavers. A portion of the Chi-Lin population carries this bigotry.

Common Occupation: Starship scientist, ritual mentalist

Ritual Weaver core abilities/knowledge: animal lore, apothecary, charm/con, essence/spirit cast, library use/research, linguistics, make/use/distill poison, occult studies/theology, performance, plant lore/herbalist, quick cast, read/write, ritual design, ritual cast, spirit lore

See binder for how-to rituals for Abechan

Government Systems: No social system larger than a village and nests. Loners.

Current Leader:

Council of Neighn of Member: Dike

Allies: Gaziniti, Giante, Conti'Quan, Chtichlian, L'Eema, Ryden, Alpha-zetamite, Aetherian, Chi-Lin, GyrFalconi,

Star System: Capella Halo System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader: Relies on Galactic Partol

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

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