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#PactDays : GyrFalconi #ValespianPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the GyrFalconi.

From both Alpha Trine and Striker, Axis de la Rynch is the navigator of the Oethra 7. Chosen is the book after Bespoken and will be about Axis and the Chimera triplets. (no, the triplets don't have sex with each other) I'm looking forward to writing Chosen. Adventure, suspense, and love. :)  

A couple of side notes: For a list of species that have been posted so far, see the The People of Valespia page. I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.

Species: GyrFalconi
Planet: Aries 7
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: Rocky, Mountainous
Capitol: Skyfall (can only be reached by flying)
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: Average height between 5'5" – 7' (feet) (Axis is 2.3 meters)

Bi-ped, humanoid, brightly feathered plumage instead of hair, Eye color: black ringed with yellow, brown, or green – great eye sight, especially for long distances.

Skin: brown. Four-toed feet – 3 at front, one rear. Most will go barefoot planetside. For those who go offworld have specially made boots that give them the flexibility they are used to. Both hands and feet have strong sharp nails. Nose covered with a hard, wide bony plate that makes them appear almost flat-faced. Immune to psi-attacks, sensing & probes.

Naturally sense, on a galactic scale, where they know where they are at all times in relation to their home planet. Fiercely independent with the exception of the Nesting Males.

Three sexual identities: breeding females, breeding males, and nesting males. Females who don't want to breed hold office or leave the planet. The nesting males bond with a breeding female and will keep the nest/home, raising the hatchlings from their bonded female. Breeding males are only interested in breeding. When they grow old, they will join non-breeding females in government or become spirit trackers.

Nesting males are never breeding males. They don't have the drive to procreate. They have no desire for sex and don't care that the female's egg is fertilized by another. They often help the female choose her breeding partner. The nesting male makes and keeps the nest. They are paired with a female by their parents. The female and nester will form a bond while young, growing up together. Then they build a nest/home together. When the female is ready to lay her egg. She will line up with the male and pass the egg from her cloaca to the nester's cloaca. He will hold the egg within his body where it will incubate until it is ready to hatch, at which point he will lay the egg. Once the chick hatches, the hatchling is his responsibility. The female provides for the nest but doesn't contribute to the rearing of the chicks. The chicks are very close to their nesting parent, and that closeness never dims.

When the nester matures and is able to successfully hold an egg in his cloaca, he molts all of his feathers. The new ones that grow in are brilliant and colorful like a peacock's. Of the three, the nesters are stunning, the most beautiful. Nesters will stay in their parent's nest the longest because they take longer to mature.

Culture and Faith: Old breeding males who don't go into government will become spirit trackers, finding lost souls. The cultural leaders are philosophers and physical adepts. If a person dies off world their spirit will return and the "Ovaload" (Divine Egg) will be reborn in another body. If the spirit is lost or trapped, a spirit tracker is dispensed to find the lost. Speaking to the spirits before they enter the Ovaload is considered normal, and much information about the universe is garnered. If a GyrFalconi is murdered, the spirit notifies its kinfolk so the death will be avenged.

GyrFalconi believe that if they die anywhere in the universe their sprite will return to Aries 7. Spirit Trackers can find lost souls to ensure this happens.

Society: to get anywhere, GyrFalconi have to fly. Their cities and population centers are on locations that are high and cannot be reached on foot.

Deep hatred of humans– considering them weak minded, destructive & inferior. When asked they say humans have little regard for themselves and of their environment, things the GyrFalconi treat with profound respect.

History leading up to the invasion of Aries 7 and the Twenty Year War:

Year 160-170 – Terren markets slump, dangerously so. The companies force their people into labor camps to fill the positions abandoned by the escaped A.I. (Feteine). There are grumblings of unrest that the companies put down ruthlessly. People are dependent on the government for food, healthcare, and housing. Two of those fall through (healthcare and food) and many starve to death. There isn't enough labor or resources to provide more than meager baseline healthcare to the richest.

The 4 companies search for a solution to their money problems after subduing the riots and uprising. The people are forced to work in the mines, fields, and other jobs that were handled by the robots. One of the last surveys done by the Feteine for the Terrens was of Aries 7 which showed a wealth of M'Cathaian Crystals that were in high demand in the Andromeda Galaxy. They attack the world intent on claiming the crystals.

Year 171 – 174 – (3 years) They take over Aries 7 and force the GyrFalconi to work the mines. The Terrens attempt to keep their actions quiet. Word finally reaches the GP and they send ambassadors to the 4 companies, requesting the humans leave the planet immediately. The Terren leaders refuse and kill the ambassadors on live TV.

Year 175 – 200 – the 20 year war happens. The Terrens end up surrendering and calling for a truce.

Year 200 – 200 – Axis was captured in De-winged six months before the end of the war. He was 20 years old at the time.

After the invasion had a foothold on the planet, the GyrFalconi nabbed by the Terrens had their wings clipped so they couldn't escape. Later, the Terrens surgically removed the wings so they could be put to work into the mines. But the captives didn't last long in the mines, dying because they weren't meant to be underground. With their wings gone, they despaired of returning to the skies. When Galactic Patrol freed them from Terren suppression, those who survived were shunned, not allowed in the sky cities. Since so many were displaced, the Galactic Patrol helped to build modern cities on the ground, making sure the compensation the GyrFalconi received went to those affected the most by the invasion. Schools were set up and many who graduated joined Galactic Patrol as starship navigators and pilots just so they could fly again.

What were the Terrens wanting from Aries 7? M'Cathaian Crystals that are used by Psionic and Ritual Weavers alike.

Complications due to human experiments: underdeveloped wings to those forced to procreate in captivity. No one is sure what the humans did to the eggs to cause the hatchlings to be born as such. With the new rift in GyrFalconi society, the winged and the wingless, the winged eventually rejected these hatchlings when they realized they couldn't be made whole. The wingless took in these orphans.

Common Occupation: navigator, spirit speaker, spirit tracker, pilots,

Government Systems: Matriarchal - Empress

Current Leader:

Council of Neighn of Member: Deked Cul

Allies: Gaziniti, Ice Trans, Asani, Battion, L'Eema, Wolfine, Mar'Sani, Kracciam, Ryden, Shia'Marr, Conti'Quan,

Before the Terren Occupation and the Twenty Year War, The GyrFalconi were not spacefaring and so didn't feel the need to cultivate alliances, content in their isolation. Afterwards, those who sent the GyrFalconi aid they forged alliances with.

Star System: Cymopoleia Star System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

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