Saturday, January 6, 2018

On The Move... Oh, look! Constant is done! #ValespianPact

I don't have a reading radar for today. I tried to get a post scheduled before I started my vacation but I was working hard on getting Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3) finished. I wanted to have a book completed in 2017 and Constant was so close. I  finished Constant on New Years Eves with 5 hours to spare before midnight. Whoot! And then I started my two week vacation. Though I feel slightly guilty for taking time off, I need it. It's important that I take time for myself throughout the year or I burn out and it takes forever to get that spark back.

So, I started my vacation this past week--which in Lexi speak means I begin working on relocating my office. I have work space in the loft. It has one window facing the west and needs a lot of artificial light.

I faced a corner and as I've "grown", so to speak, I've run out of room and I'm just... the clutter makes me anxious. This year, struggling with depression, I couldn't make myself use the space. I moved down to the dining room table and have been there for most of 2017. The sliding glass door faces the east, so I had natural light and a great view of the back yard and a small copse of trees. My project materials came with me. I've taken up the whole table as well as a couple of spare chairs to hold my books and such since there isn't a spare shelf. It had gotten out of hand so I decided that I would move to the spare bedroom over the dining room that had a window with the same view. It was being utilized as my craft's room. 

All this week has been "labor intensive" as my husband put it. You would think that swapping the spaces would be easy, but yesterday was day 4 and we were about half way through. 

My husband crafted my desk to begin with. Giants could tap dance on it and it wouldn't break. But we are going from a corner desk to a desk with 8 feet of a straight top. Today's project is the installation of that top, which then will allow me to go into the final stage of the move and that is moving the office equipment in as well as shelving all the books. Again, that sounds easier than it really is because I have a ton of books.

Believe it or not, this is only a small portion of the books that need to be relocated. There are boxes in the master bedroom and stacks of books in the 3rd bedroom. The really fun part, at least for me, is sorting through the books and shelving them. I have always said that I had to have been a librarian in a past life because of how much I enjoy doing something like that. It's so calming.

So that is the news! After my vacation is over, I'll jump back into Constant, get it polished for submission. I did get the Tuesday blog story (Assassin's Retirement) and Thursday's Pact Days scheduled so you won't have to wait for those. Y'all have a great weekend!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!


  1. Omg, I'm just a tiny bit jealous of that book collection you have lol.

    1. I love my book collection but after moving them around so much this past week, I was just done. LOL!