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What's on the Reading Radar? #wishlist #TBR

What am I doing? I'm back after a two week vacation that probably wasn't a vacation since I worked my butt off. I'm getting back into the swing of things in my new office space *happy wiggles* and the days are flying by. 

I sent Devil's Heart out to be beta read. I'm going through the second draft of Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3). While on vacation I thought of some things that I needed to change or add, so there are several places where I need to do some rewriting. With luck, I could have this subbed to LT3 Press by mid-February. Y'all just don't know how awesome that is. :) 

Title: Cloaked in Shadow
Series: (The Dragori Series Book 1)
Author: Ben Alderson
Length: 330 pages
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing; 1 edition (December 5, 2017)
Genre: Epic Fantasy / Dragons / Elves / Royalty / Romantic Tension / LGBTIAQ characters / 

Notes: I cannot remember if I posted this one. It's been a couple of weeks since I worked on a Reading Radar so my memory is a bit fuzzy on what I've already done. :)

Blurb: Dragon Shifters. Magick. Elven Royalty.

Zacriah Trovirn is concerned with two things in life: hunting and dodging Petrer, the boy who broke his heart.

Heartbreak becomes a distant concern when Zacriah is taken to the Elven capital of Thessolina, where he is forced into King Dalior’s new legion of shapeshifters. But Zacriah isn’t a shapeshifter. In truth, he doesn't know what he is.

Zacriah joins forces with new friends and they soon find themselves embroiled in a clash between the three Elven continents. With war on the horizon, Zacriah must learn to use his latent magick to fight and protect those he loves before they are destroyed.

“Romantic tension, heartwarming friendships, thrilling pacing, all wrapped in the fantasy world of elves you’ve been waiting for. Alderson deftly paints a world that’s rich in intriguing magicks and peoples. Once Zachariah’s story pulls you in, you will not be able to put this down!” - Elise Kova, USA TODAY Bestselling author of Air Awakens.

Title: Messenger
Series: (The Shifter War Book 1)
Author: KK Ness
Length: 150 pages / 41,000 words

Genre: New Adult / Fantasy / Action / Adventure / Paranormal / Gay / Romantic Elements /


Blurb: For centuries, the deadlands have separated the kingdoms of Roldaer and Amas, enforcing an uneasy truce. But the deadlands hold their own secrets.

Danil is a deadlands scavenger, his days spent scouring a barren land for ancient battlefield relics and mage-crystals. When the brutal magi of Roldaer take over his village, Danil becomes the key to unleashing a powerful enemy set on plunging both kingdoms into war.

Desperate and on the run, he finds unexpected aid from the Amasian shapeshifters. Among them is Hafryn, an irreverent shifter who fights the magi with sword, tooth and claw. But safety with the shifters cannot last. As the magi set their plans into motion, Danil will have to embark on a terrifying mission to a broken citadel where an ancient enemy awaits. Failure to stop the magi may cost him far more than his life, and Danil discovers that courage and determination may not be enough…

Title: The Dragon Sword
Series: (The Usurpers Saga Book 1)
Author: John R. Phythyon, Jr.
Length: 242 pages

Genre: Epic Fanatsy / Gay / Dragons / Magic / 


Blurb: A murdered mage. A legendary sword. A chilling destiny.

Calibot thought he’d escaped his domineering sorcerer father. Now a poet in the court of an influential duke, he finally has everything he ever wanted – comfort, approval, and the love of the perfect man. But when his father is murdered, Calibot’s idyllic life is shattered. He must retrieve the body from a distant city and lay it to rest. If only it were that simple.

Everyone wanted his father dead, and now they’re after Calibot. His only defense is the legendary dragon sword, Wyrmblade, his lone bequest for a miserable childhood. Enchanted within the sword’s steel are the secrets to unlock even greater power, perhaps even mastery of The Known World itself. But using its magic could cost Calibot his soul. Worse, this may have been his father’s intention all along.

As he struggles to complete the mad last wishes of the father he loathes, everyone with a stake in The Known World’s future will try to stop him – his power-hungry uncle, the murderer, even an earth fairy bent on revenge. If Calibot fails, he dies. If he succeeds, he’ll lose everything he’s ever loved . . . including himself.

The Dragon Sword is the first book in John R. Phythyon, Jr.’s sweeping epic fantasy series, The Usurpers Saga. Packed with unique characters, insidious intrigue, and plentiful magic, The Dragon Sword is perfect for fans of A Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, and Forgotten Realms. Buy it today to discover your next epic fantasy obsession.

Originally published as The Sword and the Sorcerer

Title: Knightsgift
Author: J. Hebpburn
Length: 66 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Lesbian / Trans / 


Blurb: Three knights, each bearing the Knightsgift that gives them power and life, ride to the aid of a small village where people are disappearing in the forest. One knight seeks the aid of a herbalist, a sharp-witted, strong-willed woman, who can tell him what the Sheriff will not...

Title: All is Fair in Love and War
Series: (Forbidden Loves Book 1)
Author: Ezra Dawn
Length: 41 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Vampires / Paranormal /


Blurb: (This is kind of a paranormal retelling of Romeo and Juliet with a twist. It's also a standalone story within a series of stories that have a recurring theme of classic paranormal feuds.)

Vlad Dracul the Third comes from a long line of noble vampires. The name Dracul stems from the original Dracula. The first of all vampires. Vlad is the heir to the throne, set to lead the next generation.

Title: Broken Pieces
Author: Deja Black
Length: 257 pages
Publisher: eXtasy Books (December 8, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay / Magic /


Blurb: Remi Devereaux is a Louisiana born detective working murder cases in Louisville, Kentucky. While shopping for game-day with the guys, he spots the most amazing person he has ever seen. Peter is a man Remi wants with his whole being, a man he just can’t let go.

Peter Romanoff is a photographer who possesses the spirit of two creatures. Two beings that are slowly tearing him apart. He needs a Supruga, a mate, to help give him balance. When he meets Remi, there is a magnetic pull he can’t deny.

The next in line to lead a powerful coven, Peter is hunted, and the people he knows and loves are being killed. It will take Remi’s love and Peter’s skills to combat the enemy after them. Can Remi be the balance Peter needs before the coven destroys them both?

Title: Runebinder
Author: Alex R. Kahler
Length: 400 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Teen (November 1, 2017)

Genre: Fantasy / Alternate world / Young Adult / Gay / 


Blurb: Magic is risen.

When magic returned to the world, it could have saved humanity, but greed and thirst for power caused mankind’s downfall instead. Now once-human monsters called Howls prowl abandoned streets, their hunger guided by corrupt necromancers and the all-powerful Kin. Only Hunters have the power to fight back in the unending war, using the same magic that ended civilization in the first place.

But they are losing.

Tenn is a Hunter, resigned to fight even though hope is nearly lost. When he is singled out by a seductive Kin named Tom‡s and the enigmatic Hunter Jarrett, Tenn realizes he’s become a pawn in a bigger game. One that could turn the tides of war. But if his mutinous magic and wayward heart get in the way, his power might not be used in favor of mankind.

If Tenn fails to play his part, it could cost him his friends, his life…and the entire world.

Title: Zercy
Series: The Nira Chronicles, 2
Author: Kora Knight
Length: 672 pages

Genre: Erotic Romance / Sci-Fi / 


Blurb: Emergency landing. Uncharted planet. Erotic captivity of epic proportions. Right when Captain Alec Hamlin thinks it can’t get any crazier, his team is sold to their captors’ mighty sovereign. King Zercy of the Kríe. Ruler of the planet’s most formidable species. Man, is he imposing. So regal and larger than life. And way too savagely handsome for Alec’s liking. From the first moment he laid eyes on him, he knew the Kríe was trouble, knew he needed to steer clear of him at all costs. But when Zercy chooses Alec to be his personal pet, all plans to dodge the male fall by the wayside. Alec is forced to spend each evening in the alluring king’s company, each night bound to the seductive king’s bed. Wholly at his mercy. Utterly defenseless, in his own mind and most especially his restless body. His struggle is real. Because the more Alec gets to know Zercy, the more he realizes two things. The Kríe king is damaged—unstable, not right, making him unpredictable and highly dangerous. But he is also innately kind beneath the raging storm that torments him. Kind and genuine, with a sad but beautiful soul. Something Alec fights with all he is, not to acknowledge. He can’t fall for Zercy. Zercy is the enemy. The captor of both Alec and his team. Which means Alec needs to get them out of there, before it’s too late. Before emotions overthrow logic and take control of the wheel. If only his body didn’t crave Zercy so fiercely, and his heart didn’t want him just as badly. 

With Search and Rescue due any day, and Alec’s team getting antsy, Alec is forced to make a decision. He can’t have it both ways. Is he the captain of his men, bound to obligation, or is he a man in love with a Kríe? 

Warning: Contains explicitly scorching gay sex with exotic and shamelessly kinky males of otherworldly descent.

Title: Swarm
Author: Raven de Hart
Length: 172 pages
Publisher:  Loose Id LLC (December 11, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Dystopia / Gay / Paranormal /


Blurb: Zayne's life is hell. Cursed with the Swarm, a murderous, sociopathic spirit, he lives under constant abuse and threats. Even in his sleep, the Swarm stings away at the edges of his soul. Now he's crossed the ocean for a new life, a chance to disappear in the endless streets of Sorngard. But can he hold out against the demands of the Swarm, or will a new city and new, fresh victims be too much?

Isaiah's always hungered for peace. His spirit told him as much as a child. But with his parents dead and Sorngard in the throes of a years-long civil war, someone had to step up. All Isaiah wants now is an end to this conflict and harmony back in his city. When word of the Swarm comes to him, he sees the end available. All he needs to do is convince the Swarm to fight. Can Isaiah see past the weapon and the reputation and find the man, or will he too be caught up in the Swarm?

Title: Minotaur's Secret
Series: (Claiming the Crown Series Book 1)
Author: Shiloh Saddler
Length: 50 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (September 8, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: Theseus travels to Crete to stab the Minotaur's heart only to have the half-bull shifter lay claim to his heart instead.

After King Minos' death, Theseus travels to Crete to slay the Minotaur and end the Athenian tribute to the monster. His plans are cut short when he meets Asterion and finds out that he is not the monster everyone claims the Minotaur to be but a wronged, demi-god bull shifter.

Asterion was cursed by Poseidon because of his parents' offenses. Trapped in the labyrinth when he was sixteen by his step-father, he's waited three years for his freedom. When Theseus enters the maze, he sees his chance for a normal life.

But can a demi-god live a normal life with the Athenian prince?

Title: Velvet Claw
Author: LJ Hamlin
Length: 160 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy / 


Blurb: Evan Kidd journeys to a small town to solve the mystery of what's making children sick—but only cat people are allowed in the town without permission, and Evan's permission is granted on the condition he be constantly escorted by a guard.

Rene is assigned to be Evan's guard, and he doesn't like humans, and he especially doesn't like doctors. But Rene is also lonely, and despite his best efforts, hating Evan is not as easy he'd assumed it would be.

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