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#PactDay - Dar Massaga #ValespianPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Dar Massaga.

One of  Zeus's is Captain Dargon Kal-Turak. He's one character that you will see more of throughout the series though he and his Trine won't be the focus.

A couple of side notes: For a list of species that have been posted so far, see the The People of Valespia pageI'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.


Species: Dar Massaga
Planet: (males) Hedisa Prime
Other races on the planet: (females) Hedisa Gamai, Alpha-zetamites
Planetary Terrain: Rocky, jungles, flat plains, tundra

Capitol: (males) Chaclea; (females) Thoricea
Patron Ryo Pardeep: Alpha-zetamite

Description: average height is 5'9" to 7'8". Copper blood type. Marsupial lion. Both males and females have pouches, able to carry and suckle young. Extremely robust with powerfully built jaws, very strong forelimbs, retractable claws, a unique trait among marsupials. Semi opposable thumb and has an elongated claw. Hind feet has four toes. Thick, strong tail possessing chevrons on the underside for ground contact, used for support. Strong bite. Not a runner, ambush creature. Blind canals in the nasal cavity to detect pheromones and seasonal mating. Can sniff out someone in season. Has two hearts.

Sharp teeth, flat nose, overfull hips, teardrop-shaped ears. Elliptical pupils, males have a single line of hair like a mohawk, females have full manes. Skin tones and fuzz/light fur vary from individual to individual. Different stripe patterns, too.  No nipples. Double navel.

Share a symbiotic relationship with the Alpha-Zetamite. Alpha bonds with the males, Zeta with the females. Telepathic connection to their symbiote. Bonding takes place when the Dar Massaga is a juvenile.

Sex and Procreation: Dar Massaga are a highly sexual species and have a sexual relationship with their Alpha/Zeta. Sometimes it's very public sex. The Dar Massaga males and females don't get along so they meet at central location to procreate. The female's mating heat releases pheromones.

To mate, they gather on a moon of Hedisa Gamai. There they breed and birth before returning home. Males carry male kits, females carry female kits. The Alpha-zetamite chooses the sex of the kit. When in dire need, a male will carry a female kit and vice versa, but only if there are population problems. The Alpha-zetamite gathers the sperm and eggs and combines the reproduction material, then Alpha-zetamite carry and birth the kit. If the Dar Massaga doesn't want to carry, then every five years they give an offering of egg or sperm.

The male's six is sheath in his body. He has 4 oblong shaped balls, 2 of which produce a natural lubricant. Evolution of a same sex population.

The kits are birthed by the Alpha-zetamite. They are about as big as a peanut/thumb. They are born in their Thylakos form/cat form and crawl to the Dar Massaga pouch. The symbiote is pregnant about six weeks. Once born, the kit will spend the next year in the Dar Massaga pouch. At the six month mark, the Dar Massaga changes to their car form and will remain that way until the kit leaves the pouch.

The kit will morph into their biped from when they leave the pouch.

When Dar Massaga scent a potential partner, they will release a Calling. If the other is interested they will answer the Call. They are monogamous until they decide they want to bond or go their separate ways.

When both the Alpha-zetamite and the Dar Massaga are attacked to the same person, they will quickly imprint if not careful. That person becomes their Marked. If the relationship is non-sexual, that person is called a "companion". If they enter into a sexual relationship, then they form a Alpha/Zeta Trine. A highly prized relationship.

Thylakos means murderous or meat cutting, tormentor, butcher, leopouch.

75 cm/29.5 in at the shoulder
150 cm/60 in head to tail
100-130 kg/220-285 lbs max:160 kg/350 lbs

Imprinting: the Dar Massaga and their Alpha will find someone to whom they are both attacked and compatible with. This normally happens within their own species, never with a female, but occasionally with a species not of their planet. One in one hundred will find someone who is compatible, when they do, both of them will imprint on the person. Sometimes the imprint on a person they do not have a sexual relationship with. But they will not be able to stay away from the one they imprinted on for a long period those who have been separated from their 'marked one' fall into a deep depression. If not reunited in time, the Dar Massaga will waste away and die.

"Since Dargon allowed himself to imprint, he would be whatever Zeus allowed him to be: a friend, confident, bodyguard, or lover. Their relationship did not have to be sexual. He knew others who were no more than comrades, good friends."

History: "The Dar Massaga engaged in an interspecies war that destroyed the surface of the two primary planets of the Dar Massaga system, Hedisa and Hedisa Gamai. Eugenics and biological warfare were used, and both planets were stripped of one gender."

They asked the Conti'Quan for help restoring the ecosystem after the Alpha-zetamite made first contact.

True form: "morphing" "Thylakos"
"Thrived in jungles, as lions they spent a great amount of time in their upper reaches."

The form of Dargon's birth. Thick fur, vibrant green eyes, copper metallic ridge on the crest of the animal's head. Long golden fur, thick copper ridge, familiar braid, rings piercing the teardrop-shaped ears. One hundred and thirty kilo lion. The stripes on the coat started at the base of Dargon's neck and moved vertically down the spine to the tip of the tail. The shoulders broad and strong, the back legs shorter with narrow hips. Thick tail with chevrons underneath. Rumbling sounds like a child's rattle. Big paws, retractable claws, the first digit was semi-opposable and a bore an elongated claw.

Changing: "his humanoid form was similar in size and shape to his lions body. The bones did not appear to melt and reform but to move from one position to another, to reshape the purpose of the limbs and muscles. It was like watching someone who was double-jointed being repositioned. The fur did not retract but deflated like a balloon, thinned, leaving a light fuzz behind. Muscles moved and found other positions in Dargon's hands and feet. Dargon's face changed, the lips plumped. Though the teeth stayed the same, cheeks hollowed, the color of his nose lightened. The transformation left Dargon covered in sweat and panting." The process isn't painful, only difficult.

The male sex: four heavy, oblong-shaped balls set at the apex of his thighs just below the smallish sheath. His sex withdraws from the body, long heavy, and glistening. The head was tapered to a round point with a small flare around the crown and ridges encircling the girth of the shaft at about one centimeter intervals. Pheromones. Clear fluid glistening dripping from the sex — natural lubricant.

Dar Massaga who leave their home planet are single.

Mating heat: mating heat is the Dar Massaga's body gearing up to produce viable sperm for mating or for an offering. The pheromone signals that the Dar Massaga is fertile, like an invitation. The heat only happens around those who could be compatible partners, those they are attracted to. "Look at it as a signal for compatibility between the three."

Cultural mating rituals: the pairing for mates and partners was always with one physically stronger. The dominant partner protects the more fragile male. There are set rules the Dar Massaga live by. "Dargon's physical size, military record, and success in battle where testament to his virility. If Dargon returned, suitors would be clamoring for his attention. On his homeworld, he would herd Zeus to his lair and bring home a large kill as evidence he could provide, then seduce Zeus."

Common Occupation: body guard, councilor, pilot, criminologist

Government Systems: Republic
Current Leader:
Council of Neighn of Member: Bram Kal-Atu

Allies: Conti'Quan, Gaziniti, Ice Trans, Wolfine, Battion, Asani, Chi-Lin, L'Eema, Ryden, Quell, Ursid, Dire D'Noss, Fal'Amoric,

Star System: Durega Solar System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

Kit – young/babe
Alpha/Zeta Trine
True Battle Form
Language of the stones
Scent – spice, natural perfume
Mating heat
Mating scents
Chuffing grunt
Issue mating challenge
Alpha purrs
A Calling
Barked chuffing growls
Rolling, chuffing growls


Males: Kal-

Bram Kal-Atu

Dargon Kal-Turak

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