Thursday, November 9, 2017

#PactDays :Chocó #ValespianPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Chocó. This is a short one since the Chocó are extinct. They were a part of the first Alpha/Zeta Trines and perished in the Anthro War.

A couple of side notes: I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.


Species: Chocó
Planet: Shillon
Other races on the planet: Kankui
Planetary Terrain: Jungles, rivers, lakes, oceans, some minor mountain ranges
Capitol: Katio
Country: Atrato, Wuanana
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: (This is a new addition. I will probably add things about this people as time goes on.)

They were polyamorous family groups.

The villages around the river tributaries built their buildings on stilts. The rivers flooded twice a year. The buildings were connected by swaying wood and rope bridges that are used during the months of flooding.

Both males and females wore knee length skirts (or loin cloths) and no tops. Unless they go into the city. They are very fond of necklaces and bangles, wearing as many as they can, each having a different meaning.

Offworlders were only allowed access to the main metro areas and not welcomed outside the boundaries of the urban areas.

Shamanic healthcare professionals.

The Choco are extinct. At the beginning of the Anthro War, they were taken from their homeworld by the V'Saar.

Common Occupation: Fruit Farmers, Traders, Hunters
Government Systems: Matrilineal; Local: Tribal Cacique (chief); Country: Collective of Leaders
Current Leader: n/a
Council of Neighn of Member: n/a

Allies: n/a

Star System: Arthro Galaxy

Other planets occupied by species: n/a

Military Leader: n/a
Cultural names and terms specific to species:

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