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What is on the Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What am I doing? Splitting my time between Bespoken, Constant, and the weekly flash fiction (I should probably just call it a blog story) A Gentleman's Holiday (Posted on Tuesdays). 

I'm a bit behind with Gent's story because I'm writing by the seat of my pants and had to do some quick research on Idaho that turned out not so quick. I wanted him in the mountains but while writing chapter two a ton of  things changed by the time I got near the end. I have to rewrite the first three quarters of that chapter. Since the blog story is written on my time off (I give up reading and social time to write that side story), I only have a couple of hours a day to work on it. I made the mistake in thinking it would be quick so I didn't start on it until Thursday. I spent all day Friday working out the fixes and I'm working through the fourth revision so I finish writing the end of this chapter. The little kid in the back of my head keeps saying, "Are you done yet?" If only. LOL!

Title: The Storm Lords
Author(s): Ravon Silvius
Length: 263 pages
Publisher: DSP Publications (August 8, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Dark Fantasy /


Blurb: The heat took everything from Rowen: his parents, his voice when the local cure for heatstroke poisoned him, and the trust of his fellow villagers, who branded him a water thief. It would have claimed his life when he was deemed unworthy of precious resources and left in the sun to die, had not a strange man named Kristoff ridden in on the wind and told Rowen he had power.

Rowen works hard to become a Storm Lord, one of a secret magical group that brings storms to break the heat waves overtaking their world. But Rowen is starting his training at a disadvantage since he cannot speak and is much older than the other novices. The desire to please Kristoff inspires him to persevere even more than the threat of being sent back to his village to die should he fail. Still, he cannot gather rain, and when his abilities manifest, they are unlike anything known to the Storm Lords. Unless Kristoff can help him control his deadly powers, the entire world will be in danger.

Kristoff might be among the mightiest of the Storm Lords, but he’s never been a mentor before. For a chance to be with Rowen, he’s willing to risk everything.

Title: Welcome to Crash
Author(s): Lina Langley
Length: 226 pages
Publisher: DSP Publications (September 12, 2017)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Gay / Time Travel / Science Fiction /


Blurb: At first, Damien feels lucky to land a job at an influential art studio, but it soon becomes obvious that something’s not right. His gorgeous boss, John, is interested, and he’d be the perfect man for Damien—if Damien wasn’t already in a relationship. It isn’t long before Damien is at the center of a love triangle, forced to choose between hot, punk John and his secret affair with his professor, Levi. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because something impossible is happening to Damien—and it’s having a drastic effect on his health as well as his perception of reality.

Each time Damien goes to work, things grow more bizarre, starting with Sam—an artist who has been dead for years and now somehow… isn’t. Damien’s unusual circumstances also free him from the restrictions of monogamy—or so he thinks. Levi, who cannot believe Damien’s claims, fears for his sanity. John also has strong doubts when Damien reveals knowledge of a catastrophic event looming in John’s future. Whether the men he loves believe his wild claims or not, neither can deny Damien is languishing, and if they cannot save him, he’ll be lost. More importantly, they must convince Damien to save himself.

Title: Protecting Elliot
Series: (The Protectors)
Author(s): Sloane Kennedy
Length: 108 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Bodyguards & Mercenaries / 

Notes: Can be read as a standalone

Blurb: Protecting him was just to supposed to be another job. Until it wasn't.

Two years after surviving a brutal attack from members of his own unit, former Special Forces soldier Cruz de la Vega has found new purpose working for an underground vigilante group that offers justice when the law can't. When he's assigned to figure out who attacked a local gay rights activist, Cruz expects it to be just another job.

But when it comes to protecting Elliot Wittier, he soon learns that the last thing he wants is for the intriguing young man to be just another job.

At twenty-five years old, Elliot Wittier is well on his way to having the perfect life. As the head of a hugely successful investment firm and the founder of a prominent foundation, he should be on top of the world.

But looks can be deceiving and Elliot knows how to play the game. With the fear of failing the two most important people in his life always at the forefront of his mind, Elliot keeps an iron-grip on the control that has served him so well in the past. But when a violent attack leaves him vulnerable, Elliot's carefully constructed world starts to fracture. As he struggles to keep the threat under wraps, he's thrown off guard when a gorgeous stranger takes an interest in him at a Halloween themed benefit. Throwing caution to the wind, Elliot decides to allow himself the freedom that being with the enigmatic Cruz de la Vega brings for just one night.

But what happens when one night isn't enough? Or when the past catches up with the present? Can what two men found in each other in just twenty-four hours really last a lifetime?

***Although it features several characters from my other books and is part of the "Protectors" world, Protecting Elliot is a stand-alone novella that can serve as a great way to get a feel for the Protectors/Barretti/Finding universe I've created. In regards to the timeline of events, Protecting Elliot occurs after Book 9 in my Protectors series, but it is not necessary to read any other books to enjoy this novella. I've specifically written this book to give new readers a chance to meet my guys and for loyal fans to check in with old favorites while still meeting a new couple.***

Title: Evensong's Heir
Series: (Songbirds of Valnon Book 1)
Author(s): L.S. Baird
Length: 348 pages

Genre: Romantic Elements / Gay / Epic Fantasy / 

Notes: I'm on the fence about putting this on my wish list but I read a review that made me rethink my reticence. 

Blurb: In Valnon, the price of a song is more than most men can pay. 

For centuries in the Temple of Valnon, young men have paid a tremendous price to be chosen as Songbirds. Every twelve years, a new Lark and Thrush are castrated for their heavenly voices, but few men have ever been capable of claiming the title of Dove: the holy avatar of Saint Alveron himself. In the six hundred years since the Temple's founding, Willim is only the third to buy the Evensong with his blood. A virtual prisoner of the Temple for the duration of his term, Willim pays little heed to anything but his duty to sing for Valnon. That all changes with the murder of the Songbirds' loyal bodyguard and Willim's rescue by Nicholas Grayson, a sell-sword who brings whispers of Temple scandal and ancient prophecy in his wake.

Plagued by ghosts and nightmares, betrayed by a fellow Temple Bird and forced into exile, Willim struggles to unravel the tangled history of his title in the hopes of understanding what it truly means to be Valnon's Dove. With his friends scattered and Valnon poised on the brink of war, Willim's only hope lies in summoning the ancient power of his saint: to Sing Down from Heaven a music that can fell an army in its tracks, or wipe a city from the surface of the earth. But the song of Saint Alveron is as unpredictable as it is powerful. Whether Willim's Song will bring salvation for his city or the destruction of everything he holds dear, only Heaven knows.

Title: Runebinder
Author(s): Alex R. Kahler
Length: 400 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Teen (November 1, 2017)

Genre: Dark Fantasy / Gay / Non-Romantic / 


Blurb: When magic returned to the world, it could have saved humanity, but greed and thirst for power caused mankind’s downfall instead. Now once-human monsters called Howls prowl abandoned streets, their hunger guided by corrupt necromancers and the all-powerful Kin. Only Hunters have the power to fight back in the unending war, using the same magic that ended civilization in the first place.
But they are losing.

Tenn is a Hunter, resigned to fight even though hope is nearly lost. When he is singled out by a seductive Kin named Tom‡s and the enigmatic Hunter Jarrett, Tenn realizes he’s become a pawn in a bigger game. One that could turn the tides of war. But if his mutinous magic and wayward heart get in the way, his power might not be used in favor of mankind.

If Tenn fails to play his part, it could cost him his friends, his life…and the entire world.

Title: Her Demon Harem
Series: (The Succubus Chronicles)
Author(s): Savannah Skye
Length: 197 pages

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Demons / MFMMM / 


Blurb: When librarian Stevie Price goes out with some friends on New Year's Eve, she never expects to come home on the back of a motorcycle with four sexy demons who claim they're her new protectors. And she DEFINITELY doesn't expect to be hunted by a crazed she-devil named Luci who wants her dead. But she's not going down without a fight. Now, if she can just stop herself from falling in love with Damon, Lachlan, Matteo AND Rex? Maybe she's got a chance in hell of surviving this mess...

WARNING: This is book one in a two book series and ends in a cliffhanger to be resolved in Her Demon Harem, Book Two, due out October, 2017 and available for pre-order now!

Title: Grave Mistake
Series: (Codex Blair Book 1)
Author(s): Izzy Shows
Length: 335 pages
Publisher: Tír na nÓg Press (January 24, 2017)

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Magic / Shifters / Vampires / 


Blurb: I am Blair Sheach. Screw up. Outcast. Wizard.

My life will never be the same. Let's just say, new found powers do not a hero make, and I've never been an exception. It was supposed to be a simple case: find the client's deadbeat, cheating husband, collect money, and finally pay my rent. Turns out the wanker is a necromancer hell bent on destroying London. Turns out necromancers are only part of the problem in a city infested by vampires and demons. And magic cops aren't any better at cleaning them up than mundane ones. Then there's me, I'm no one special. Just the last line of defense.

I'm out of luck and out of time. And to save my city, the decision I have to make is one I can't take back.

Title: The Silver Dragon's Mate
Series: (The Dragons of Yosemite Valley Book 2)
Author(s): Genna Donaghy
Length: 133 pages

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Dragons / Gay /


Blurb: A year ago, Kai was a kidnapped slave to a pushy, hot-as-fire dragon. Today, he’s Sebastian’s lover, and on as equal terms as a human and a dragon can be. 

But all is not well within the dragon community hidden in Yosemite Valley. The dragon King and Queen have developed a taste for human flesh, and if Kai’s not careful he could find himself on the menu.

When Kai risks his life to save a friend, he is banished back to the human world. Can he and Sebastian find their way back to one another and stop a brewing dragon civil war?

The Silver Dragon's Mate is a 32,000 novel and is the conclusion to the Dragons of Yosemite Valley story.

Title: Strictly Incubusiness
Author(s): Vanessa Mulberry
Length: 125 pages

Genre: Fantasy / Comedy / Demon / Bounty Hunter / Gay / 


Blurb: Incubi need sex to live but Kai’s been keeping himself hungry. He’s not one of those Fuck You to Death demons; he’s a decent guy who helps out at the Magical Animal Shelter and makes sure humans enjoy his body in moderation. He never expected to be arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, and away from his brothel for a few days, he soon finds himself starving. It doesn’t help that the bounty hunter who picked him up is an immortal, and a gorgeous one at that.

Tynan of the Mount is well aware that the incubus he arrested looks at him like he’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, but he wrote the Bounty Hunter Guild’s code of ethics and he’s not about to sleep with an acquisition, no matter how much they both want it. He needs to focus on work and get Kai into court without other Guild members trying to get a piece of the large reward on offer for his capture.

But Tynan believes in justice and when he discovers Kai is innocent he has to make a choice between Kai’s freedom and his own job. Can he guarantee a fair trial? Can he allow himself to feed Kai some of his unlimited life force through the medium of sex? And can he stop being a grumpy bastard for long enough to develop feelings for the handsome incubus?

Strictly Incubusiness is a stand-alone Fantasy MM Romance that enjoys long walks through the forest and role-playing as a light comedy at the weekends.

Title: Cutie and the Beast
Series: (Fae Out of Water Book 1)
Author(s): E. J. Russell
Length: 273 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (July 22, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Faerie / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / 


Blurb: Book one in the new Fae Out of Water series

Temp worker David Evans has been dreaming of Dr. Alun Kendrick ever since that one transcription job for him, because holy cats, that voice. Swoon. So when his agency offers him a position as Dr. Kendrick’s temporary office manager, David neglects to mention that he’s been permanently banished from offices. Because, forgiveness? Way easier than permission.

Alun Kendrick, former Queen’s Champion of Faerie’s Seelie Court, takes his job as a psychologist for Portland’s supernatural population extremely seriously. Secrecy is paramount: no non-supe can know of their existence. So when a gods-bedamned human shows up to replace his office manager, he intends to send the man packing. It shouldn’t be difficult — in the two hundred years since he was cursed, no human has ever failed to run screaming from his hideous face.

But cheeky David isn’t intimidated, and despite himself, Alun is drawn to David in a way that can only spell disaster: when fae consort with humans, it never ends well. And if the human has secrets of his own? The disaster might be greater than either of them could ever imagine.

Word count: 76,300; page count: 303

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