Monday, February 17, 2014

Character Sketch From Striker

So I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would post a few drawings for some of the characters from the Valespian Pact Series. I started off with Europa Astarte who is introduced in Striker.

I has been ages since I drew a proper picture but this first one isn't so bad. I used a mechanical pencil, a Q-tip, and my fingertips. 

About half way through I began to wish for charcoals and stumps. My husband, being the sweet man he is, bought me a slew of drawing supplies that were delivered the day before Valentines. (In return I shoveled the drive and the sidewalk. We had six inches of snow that day and he came home to a clean driveway after spending two and a half hours driving home from work. Not very romantic, I know, but he loved it.)

I promised a series of progression photos. This is a finished as she is going to be. There are others I wanted to get around to so I'm not spending more time on her. 

They're not as dramatic as I thought they would be. At least Europa doesn't look as off as I thought she would. I forgot most of my lessons. Some came back but I still don't remember somethings. Occasionally, when I'm trying to remember how to do something I feel like my brain is fried but at least she is presentable. I hope you guys like her. If anything, she is a visual of a character in my head.

1st picture taken on Feb 2nd.
2nd picture taken on Feb 5th.
3rd picture taken on Feb 8th
Europa Astarte - final

Thank you for stopping by and reading!


  1. That is fantastic. Thanks for sharing the progression.

    1. Thank you, Jayden! I glad you like her. ^_^

  2. How cool! I love the progression you shared with us :)

  3. You're amazingly talented my friend. Thanks for showing it to us. It's stunning.

    1. {{big squishes}} I'm happy you like her, Vona!

  4. It's fascinating to see the development of your sketch of Europa, which is very good.