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Guest Post with Giveaway: Vicktor Alexander

Hey everybody! Please welcome Vicktor Alexander. This is the start of his In The Beginning Blog Tour

The In "The Beginning" Blog Tour Kickoff!

-strolls into room carrying a large stack of hardcover books-

Hiya everyone! I'm Vicktor Alexander and I am so happy to be here. Thank you so much, Lexi for having me here. I know you're all wondering about the books. Well, let me explain. -places the books on table and sighs exhaustedly-

When I got the idea for the Sons of Adam series it came about because of a conversation I had with my uber religious, biological family. I, as an author, live in a world of hypotheticals. So while discussing the Torah (I'm Messianic Jew-yes, even as a gay man) I said: "How do we know that we're reading hasn't been altered to keep the truth from us?"

My bio mother, thinking I was talking about homosexuality (because that's usually what I'm talking about) said, "Like what?"

So I said, "Well, how do we know that Adam was really the first man created? And that Eve was the first woman? There's a school of thought that says that Lillith was actually the first woman created, not Eve. So… what if in actuality, when YHVH (Jewish term for G-d) made Adam he made brothers for him who were actually what we think of as wolf shifters and vampires and witches, etc. now but when they ate of the Tree of Knowledge their curse was that they had to keep their identity a secret?"

And thus the series was born.

Cole is your typical alpha. He's a lion shifter. Big, tan, gorgeous. He's possessive, sexually insatiable and protective when it comes to his mate. He doesn't care that it's against paranormal law to mate with a man and a human. He wants his mate and he's determined to have him. No matter the cost. When that determination to have his mate ends up changing the entire world, Cole is the type of man who doesn't regret his actions, not because he's selfish, but because he believes in the power of a true mating. He was raised to believe in them and nothing is going to change his mind.

Cole's mate, Ronny, is completely different, however. He's a human, a barista at Starbucks who lives in Harlem and he's a proud, black gay man. Ronny is sick of his life when he finally meets Cole. He feels like his life is stagnant and he wants his life to have purpose. He refuses to be restricted by the labels that people try to place upon those in the gay subculture like "twink," "bear," "cub," etc. And even though he wants his life to have a purpose when he gets the opportunity to have it actually have it do so, he doesn't think he's equipped for the job. But there's something about Cole that makes him fight against his usual response to run and stick it out and see what is waiting on the other side.

Cole and Ronny were definitely fun for me to write. I never knew what was going to come out of their mouths or what was going to happen with the two of them and one of the coolest things with the series is the fact that in each book is the flashback to the original couples, the ones there at the beginning of creation that are a reflection of the main characters.

I hope you enjoy The Beginning (Sons of Adam: 1) and to keep you interested, here's the blurb and an excerpt from the book, and in the comments below tell me what label you refuse to have placed on you:


Ronny Parker has always been aware that there was more to life outside of his Harlem apartment. When he goes to work one morning at Starbucks, he finds himself coming face to face with a reality that he was not prepared for. He finds himself the eyewitness to a fight between two shifters, a wolf and a lion, one of which bites Ronny and calls him “mate.” When Ronny wakes up the next morning, he finds himself thrust into a world neither his family, nor his teachers, ever taught him about and he does the only thing he can do. He starts to investigate.

Cole Tronk has been taught from an early age that he is never to mate a human, never reveal his true nature to a human, and that he cannot be gay. But when he gets into a fight with his oldest friend outside of a Starbucks and finds himself smelling the most intoxicating scent ever, he throws all of those rules out of the window. Before long, Cole and his mate, Ronny, are on the run from the governing body of the paranormals, humans who have now discovered that paranormals, magicks, and supernaturals exist, and someone from Ronny’s past who is determined to kill them both.

Along the way, Cole and Ronny meet up with a group of paranormals, magicks, and supernaturals who are also gay, and who are researching the true history of the world and creation. What they find will not only change their lives, but the entire world and the future. Will Ronny and Cole’s mating survive all of these obstacles? When a millennia-old lie comes back to bite them in the ass, will Ronny and Cole be able to deal with the consequences?


Cole let out a bark of laughter before leaning forward to sniff at the column of Ronny’s neck. He let out a low growl before licking the skin there. Ronny shivered so hard he thought he would fly apart as the front of his pants grew wet with his pre-cum.

“Oh, fuck,” he whispered and clenched his fists against the wall. 

Something inside of him wanted to reach out to Cole. He wanted to bring the other man against his body, preferably with both of them naked. He wanted to feel Cole thrusting inside of him. He ached deep inside for… something. He didn’t know what, but he knew that it was somehow the most important thing ever. He noticed that his breath and Cole’s seemed to be in sync and he watched, amazed that whenever he breathed out, Cole inhaled and vice versa. It was as if they were each other’s air.

Riiight, he mentally scoffed. I am not some fucking twink in a romance novel. 

Giving himself a mental shake, Ronny raised his hands to push Cole away, who seemed to have gotten so much closer to him in the few seconds it took for Ronny to think. His hands landed on firm pecs and, though he’d told himself that he was pushing the other man away, he found himself squeezing the flesh instead, his palms grazed by the puckered nipples on Cole’s chest.

“Shit,” Cole growled. 

It was Ronny’s only warning before sharp pain pierced the join of his neck and left shoulder as Cole, the lion man, buried his fangs into Ronny’s skin. Ronny let out a loud yell, that quickly turned into a moan as the pain became pleasure. Sweet, overwhelming, delicious pleasure. The kind that had him humping Cole’s thigh where it rested between his own legs. It was a pleasure so amazing that it took him a moment to realize that not only had he just cum in his work pants, effectively ruining them, but that he’d just let some fucking lion man bite him.

He told himself that he was going to push Cole away, but his hands seemed to not be listening to him and instead they rose to wrap around Cole’s neck as the other man groaned and drank Ronny’s blood. After a moment, when Ronny was starting to feel just slightly weak, Cole let go of his neck and licked the wounds. He kissed the skin there and began to purr. At first, it freaked Ronny out, but, after a moment, he found himself more turned on by the purring than he’d been by the bite to his neck.

The bite to his—hold the hell on!

Ronny shoved Cole away from him. Jabbing a finger into Cole’s chest, he glared and let out his own growl. “You fucking bit me, you psycho!”

Cole smirked. “You loved it,” he pointed out, crossing his massive arms across his broad chest. 

The Beginning can be pre-ordered from Rooster & Pig Publishing at a discounted price until its release day at which time it will go to its normal price:


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  1. Can't wait to get this book. I know it is going to be good.

  2. Thanks for hosting me today Lexi! The Big Bang or creation day of the "in the beginning" tour! Lol.

  3. I would definitely be a witch, cause there has to be a spell to turn into a shifter ...right? Now I want to know what everyone else would be. Vic? Lexi?

    1. What would I be turned into? I would have to go with shifter. ^_^

      To Vick's question on labels, I would have to say any label having to do with being a red head. I've dyed my hair other colors to keep from being put in that box.

    2. Oh man, I'd think this would be obvious by now, LOL, I would TOTALLY be an alpha wolf shifter. -nods- Couldn't you just see me all big, shifting into a big, black wolf? With my own pack? And if you've read Marcy Jack Luna Werewolves I'd totally have a male omega werewolf that I'd be constantly getting pregnant too. Hahahaha!

  4. Great post Vic. Still counting down the days till the book comes out.


  5. I would be a black cat shifter. Labels: I'd rather not have any. :)

    1. Awww, Kim I used to have a black cat. Her name was Belle (like from Beauty and the Beast. Though she couldn't sing and she was a bit... promiscuous. Hehehehehe) I loved her.

      As far as labels go, I sooo agree with you on that. I'd rather not have any either.

  6. Another mighty read :)
    Vickster Marie*

  7. I love the premise for this series! Such a cool idea. Now what did your mom think when you went off on that tangent?

    Anyway, I think I would pick an elf. Just because... I imagine elves as lithe and into nature, but I would also be the oddball bookworm elf. *nods*

    1. Thanks Ashley!

      LOL. My bio mom is actually used to my tangents. When I was in seminary school we used to get into heated theological debates all the time. When I was studying the Torah it was the same thing. Now that I've come out the debates are just different because we're on two different sides of the fence. I'm still rational. I still have evidence and everything. When I pointed out to her that there are many books of the original Holy Bible that weren't added because they were deemed "unworthy" by those who translated it, as well as the fact that those who translated it intentionally mistranslated it for their own prejudiced, bigoted purposes, she was silent. Then I said: "So how do we know that paranormals don't really exist?" To which she said, "Yeah, this is going to be a really good series because you almost convinced me."


      Elves are awesome!! If you end up reading this series, you'll see. -wink-

  8. I've been looking forward to this series

    1. Thanks Elayne! I hope it's worth the wait!

  9. Hmm...shifting would give me insight into both worlds, but I wouldn't like being unable to control when and where...shapeshifting could be useful, though!


    1. Aaahhhh but you see, that whole being restricted to the moon thing is a myth as are a lot of other myths about the paranormal world, but Cole and Benjamin are going to explain that later on in the tour..... LOL.

      But yeah, shapeshifting would be AWESOME, especially during a traffic jam.

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks Teresa! I hope you read it and enjoy it!

  11. Elf or witch. Not sure what type of abilities that an Elf has in your unique world, but just thinking about Lord of the Rings.

    1. You must read today's blog hop post. The elves and witches abilities are described a bit more. But I totally think they're awesome. That's a good choice. And I loved LOTR.

  12. I would normally say Wolf Shifter, but I think Shapeshifter since I could choose any animate or inanimate object I wanted.


    1. That's a great choice Penumbra! Being able to be a wolf one day and maybe a chair the next? I'd be Shemar Moore's bed. You just know he sleeps naked and if I were his bed, he'd be all on top of me. LOL.

  13. I went for elf myself, thinking in the beginning, nature would be at its strongest and therefore would be a golden age for elves who are closely tied to that element.
    When I was younger, I didn't want to be labelled as a "good" girl so in my rebellion I went and got some tats inked. Now though, I guess as a parent I don't want to be labelled as "lame" by my kids. On a bigger scale, I'd hate to be labelled as intolerant, bigoted, racist, prejudiced. Uniformed maybe, but not creating hurt or distress in others.

  14. This sounds fantastic. I chose shapeshifter for superhuman strength and a long life. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. This book sounds so good. I can hardly wait to read it! <3

    ah, and as I said in the rafflecoptor. hehe... I would love to be a witch. Because I wouldn't want to be different, or too different from "human" but I would just want to be able to wield the magic of this world. :3

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  16. I guess I don't want to be labeled as too young to understand. Rant is coming read at own risk....

    In my 29 years I have been married for almost 10 years, had three children and had one of them pass away suddenly due to a highly deadly strain of meningitis, built 3 houses and attended funerals for all of my grandparents, 3 uncles, two good family friends and my cousin's son and have had 7 eye surgeries, a tonsilectomy and hysterectomy. I have experienced more pain and suffering in my less than 30 years than most people do in 60.

    Age really is just a number and doesn't define a person just like your chromosomes/ genitalia don't determine your true sex.

    Okay rant over...Anyways this was a great book Vic can't wait for the rest in the series.