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What's on the Writing Schedule for 2018

Every year I set up a list of stories that I want to work on and complete. I always overdo the list, including too many titles. If they were all 20k a piece, then I could probably blow through the list. But trial and error has taught me:

1) that I don't write short stories well

2) when I try to write shorter stories, they always turn out much, much longer.

3) I always aim for standalones but 9 times out of 10 they turn into series.

If you read last Tuesday's post, I talked about 2017 and what I accomplished and what I didn't. If you haven't read it, Click Here. The list in the picture for 2017's agenda is still there, slightly altered but not completed. But before I get into the writing, I'd like to start with what is finished.

The one self-pub book that I know I will have in 2018 is Caledonia Destiny. It is complete and going through edits. 

Caledonia Destiny is an alternate world, historical, paranormal, fantasy. It's an expanded and rewritten story from a story prompt several years ago, Fate and Destiny, that I got to a HFN point but didn't finish. It's been languishing on my desktop because I went a little too far making it sound and feel historical. The wonderful and talented Alison is helping me whip this bad-boy back into shape. So this will be published in 2018, I don't have a date yet. I really should write a blurb for it but I keep forgetting. Note to self: get in gear!

Writing Schedule for 2018

My top priority for the first part of 2018 is the Valespian Pact. The first quarter of 2017 I stopped writing Bespoken for a few reasons, one of them being that I needed to do more world building and plotting. When I stopped, it was at about the 55k mark. I had split Bespoken into three parts, the first one took place when Prometheus was barely five years old that shows the reader what happened before Prometheus was lost. Part Two shows what happened to both Prometheus and Zeus and how they became lost. Then Part Three is the "present day" where Prometheus is found.

As you can see from the whiteboard from 2017, I estimated Bespoken at 120k until I started Part Two at the 50k mark. Then I bumped the word count expectation to 150k. I thought about breaking the story into the three or perhaps two pieces. Part Three will be able to stand on it's own, but the first two parts, I'm not sure. Could I break it down? One thing I had to take into consideration was could the series do without Parts One and Two. No, they are the cornerstones of the plot. Much character development is done in them, and even if I take the showing and move it to telling in several paragraphs, I think it would cheapen and weaken the story. Could I break the first two parts away from the third? Possibly, but I have to take into consideration that the first sections of the story lays and builds the foundation for Prometheus's relationship with Vipre and Malek. It isn't romantic because they are kids. In Part One, Prometheus is five, Vipre and Malek are 13 and 15-ish. In Part Two, Prometheus is 12, and Vipre and Malek are 7 years older as well. So, not appropriate. But it is important for their bond because that bond needs to be strong after Prometheus has been away for almost 26 years, otherwise it may seem like there is insta-love involved. Plus, my publisher has a clause about submissions and romance. If I break off parts one and two, I'm not sure it will be accepted. I'd have to have a conversation with them, but first I have to decide if it is right for the story. 

I did get to write more on Bespoken this last quarter, bringing the word count up to 73k. I'm still in Part Two, but I figure another 15k and I'll be able to start Part Three.

If you notice, I have moved Bespoken to book 4 in the series.

This last quarter I was going to write a couple of flash fictions for The Valespian Pact. While I was completing the world building and plotting out the other books in this series, in the last book of the series, Legends, there was a side romance for Zeus's brother, Prince Mestor and Warlord Sohm'lan. Their story actually started when Prince Azaes and Prince Mestor went to pick up Zeus. The flash fictions were going to be two or three scenes to show their budding romance, and then the rest of the series we would see the rest play out. BUT as I was writing the flash fictions, I came to realize that there was much more to their story that needed to be told. Hello, Constant

I'm currently working on Constant, trying to get it finished before the end of December. I'm really close with only three scenes to go, but one of them is really long. I figure another 15k and I'll be finished.

he other active project that I have is Assassin's Retirement. It is a blog story that I started in November, wanting to write a holiday story. It's taken on a life of it's own. Zane's story is a poly, paranormal romance with mythology from Scandinavia and Central America, and Turkey. I write 1-2k on this a week and it is posted every Tuesday. Once completed, it'll be revised and edited then self-pubbed. I already have an idea for the next blog story. I found I really like switching the writing up. It keeps me from getting burned out on The Valespian Pact.

Assassin's Retirement is a huge poly romance so it's going to take some page time for Zane to fall in love with everyone. Plus there is all the action and adventure. I do see this as a series, probably a trilogy, but since I'm pantsing it and world building as I go along... I'm not going to say it will only be three books. What I will say is that this world is tied to I.O.N.'s world, just taking place on a different area of the continent. So you might see a crossover in the I.O.N. series... just saying.

I.O.N. #3: Talking about I.O.N., I would really like to wrap up Diego's part of the series. I haven't started on book three, though I have most of the plotting done on it. I'm going back and forth on the love interest. One or two, one or two. I think book 3 will come in at about 70-80k. There is a ton of things that have to happen before the final book can start.

Along with I.O.N. #3, there is a standalone that has been sitting on my desktop that is at about the half way mark.

Every time I look at it, I itch to rewrite it. When I started this several years ago, my writing and style was at a different place. Plus, I stopped because the story stalled out. It wasn't working and couldn't figure out why so I put it aside. I know what the problem is now. It's sort of daunting to scrap 26k and start over, but that is what the story needs.
There are two more books that I would like to finish in 2018.

Assassin's Legacy is a Sumeria's Sons standalone that I'm writing for Nathan. After Releasing Chaos, I needed to give him a HEA, something that took him away from being Tristan's protector. He needed a life and purpose outside of the obligations thrust upon him when he was 10 years old. 

Assassin's Legacy will meet up with Sumeria's Son and is the base in which I will write Sumeria's Magi and Sumeria's Children.

Lucky Charm is my yummy sci-fi poly romance. Aliens and a human cyborg embarking on a quest for a golden seed. This is the one that turned dark and I wanted to delete everything. I have to go through it and see if my perception was skewed or if I really went to the dark side of writing. :-) I'm hoping it was just my perception since I was struggling with depression. If that's the case, I'll keep the word count and forge on. 


Of course there are always stories that I would love to get to and always hope I have time. This list is also in case I burn out on one of the other series and need something different.

Darksoul: The series titles will be after one of the characters. Such as Akira and Ronan's book will be titled, Akira. There are four standalones I plan for the Darksoul universe. Pip and Wyn, Paulo and Ayre, Akira and Ronan, and Talon Booker and Prophet Mantidea who were introduced near the end of Sunder. These can come in any order so it doesn't mater which couple I choose. I would like to write at least one of the four in 2018.

Tournament of... this is a story that I promised to write for Piper Vaughn. I have some of the world building done. I even have like one chapter written but I keep pushing it back. My goal is to write this even if it takes me all year.

Vows is a Marriage of Convenience to an alien. I actually have a lot of ideas for this. I wanted it to be fun. I have been struggling with it because its not as action/adventure but more of a mystery suspense romance which means that it needs to be well plotted so that I can remember the weave of the mystery.

I would also like to expand Salvaging Toby's Heart and write about his brothers.

Seriously, I could keep going. I have enough projects that I'll be writing on for the next three years. The frustrating part is that I want to be able to write them all right now! LOL!

So to wrap up, the 2018 Agenda is:

Constant (The Valespian Pact, 3)
Bespoken (The Valespian Pact, 4)
Beowulf's Scion: Assassin's Retirement
Untitled I.O.N. #3
Untitled I.O.N. standalone
Assassin's Legacy (Sumeria's Sons Standalone)
Lucky Charm


Akira? Darksoul #2
Tournament of...
Salvaging Toby's Heart expansion

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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