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This week went by quickly. The post office and I are great friends. I've been editing, editing, and editing. Devil's Heart is back in my coauthor's hands. Death Mask is back in the publisher's hands, and I'm on to finishing the first round of edits for Darksoul. I really want to write some new words. Really. N.E.W. Words. And read something other than what I've written. I'm going stir crazy.

Title: Less Than Dead
Author(s)Adele Gardner, Alex Stitt,   B.A. Huntley,   Cora Walker,  Dmitri Dene,   Helena Maeve,   Kara Race-Moore,   Meredith Katz
Length: 120k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre:   Anthology / Asexual / Bisexual / Gay / Historical / Lesbian / Paranormal / Trans / Urban Fantasy /

Notes Releases October 25th, just in time for Halloween!

Blurb: There's nothing quite so terrifying as a corpse that moves, a creature that even death can't stop. It's all the worse when the living dead is someone you love...

Dove in the Window by Kara Race-Moore—In 1930's Appalachia, Cecilia McGurk is just beginning to recover from the fact that the first love of her life, Pearl, has died. Then Pearl shows up one night and crawls into bed with her, bemoaning that she can't sleep.

Only Human by Meredith Katz—When Saul learns that his sudden bought of sickness is actually a curse, he's referred to a necromantic specialist. But the ordeal is made moderately better by the cute receptionist, Theo, who is exactly Saul's type—aside from the fact that he's dead.

Lavish are the Undead by B.A. Huntley—It's another day at the gym for Mick, working out and listening to her DJ girlfriend, until she steps outside and finds the world under attack by strange, doll-like creatures—and her girlfriend trapped at the top of a building on the other side of town.

The Eighth Tree by Alex Stitt—Banished to no man's land after an attempt to hide their relationship is mistaken for insurrection, Edward and Daniel swiftly find that a German minefield is the least of their problems, as a strange yellow mist starts bringing dead soldiers back to life.

Orion Shone Right Through by Dmitri Dene—Marcus's career hits a snag when the Stock Exchange is wiped out by zombies. He quickly finds himself amidst an epidemic that feels just like the movies, but the weirdest part may be getting along with the last three people in New York; namely, the one he just divorced.

A Witch in Arkham by Cora Walker—Lexa is going about her daily work of speaking to the dead when she receives a mysterious warning from a deceased former lover. Then the Magi come asking for help, and Lexa has little choice but to agree, and soon finds herself dragged into a much bigger problem than anticipated.

Zoey Loves Zombies by Adele Gardner—Indigo wants to leave, and Zoey wants to stay where they're relatively safe from the undead. In the midst of their argument, tragedy strikes, and Indigo is turned. But Zoey refuses to give up, willing to do anything to keep Indigo at her side.

Noble Pursuit by Helena Maeve—After weeks of erring around the countryside at the mercy of the hordes, Ephram should breathe a sigh of relief when he is rescued by the dashing Lord Delaney. But Delaney hides a secret of his own and his obligations may only serve to put Ephram in greater danger.

Title: Labyrinth
Author(s): Alex Beecroft
Length: 35k

Genre:   Romance / Gay / Genderfluid? / Fantasy /

Notes release: Nov 21, 2016

Blurb: Kikeru, the child of a priestess at the sacred temple of Knossos in ancient Crete, believes that the goddesses are laughing at him. They expect him to choose whether he is a man or a woman, when he’s both. They expect him to choose whether to be a husband to a wife, or a celibate priestess in the temple, when all he wants to do is invent things and be with the person he loves.

Unfortunately, that person is Rusa, the handsome ship owner who is most decidedly a man and therefore off-limits no matter what he chooses. And did he mention that the goddesses also expect him to avert war with the Greeks?

The Greeks have an army. Kikeru has his mother, Maja, who is pressuring him to give her grandchildren; Jadikira, Rusa’s pregnant daughter; and superstitious Rusa, who is terrified of what the goddesses will think of him being in love with one of their chosen ones.

It’s a tall order to save Crete from conquest, win his love, and keep both halves of himself. Luckily, at least the daemons are on his side.

Title: Code Name Jack Rabbit
SeriesThe Vampire Guard Book 1
Author(s): Elizabeth Noble
Length: 211 pages
PublisherDSP Publications; 1 edition (July 12, 2016)

Genre:   Romantic Elements / Gay / Paranormal / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy /


Blurb: Meet the newest members of the Vampire Guard, where legend and myth meet science and technology.

Jonas Forge, vampire. Once a spy and soldier, now a cop, Forge enjoys the life he’s built with his friends in Flint, Ohio.

Blair Turner, PhD. Blair, a vampire and computer hacker with exceptional skills, shares a powerful empathic bond with Forge, his soul mate.

Declan, vampire, ex-pirate, ex-fur trapper, thief, and con man. Declan is Forge’s former lover and soul mate to Lucas Coate.

Lucas Coate, MD, Flint’s medical examiner. A werewolf living among vampires, Lucas is also one of Forge’s best friends.

Their lives become complicated when an impending presidential visit throws them headlong into a world of high-tech vampire spies and espionage. Recruited into the Vampire Guard by the secret society of the Akhkharu Nasaru, they uncover a werewolf terrorist organization known as the Qiguan.

Together they must thwart a murder attempt on the open waters of Lake Superior while tracking a previously unknown biological weapon controlled by the Qiguan—a weapon that may very well mean death for one of them.

Title: Burning Up Flint
SeriesCyborg Seduction Book 1
Author(s): Laurann Dohner
Length: 177 pages

Genre:   Romance / Sci-Fi / Cyborgs /

Notes I've never read this author before but I like the blurb and all the covers in this series speak to me. :) I figured I'd at least give it a try.

Blurb: Flint is tall, gorgeous and dangerous. He’s a cyborg – the absolute alpha male. He takes what he wants and holds what is his. Mira is his now. He takes her aboard his ship and has her branded with his mark. He captured her, owns her, and she will serve his every need.

Mira is instantly drawn to Flint, fascinated by his seductive appeal. The sex between them is smoking hot. Until she finds out he is a breeder, contracted to a dozen cyborg women, and she is no more than a possession.

Mira won’t share her cyborg and she belongs to know on – not even to a man who has captured her heart. She doesn’t know if cyborgs feel…anything. Can Flint love her? Mira is determined to find out, no matter how much trouble she makes for the big guy.

Title: His Prickly Predicament
Series: Puppyville Pack, 9
Author(s): Fel Fern
Length: 60 pages

Genre:   Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Were-hedgehog /


Blurb: Who doesn’t want a sexy man who can make a wicked calzone? But stuffed pizza isn’t the only thing baking in Cal’s oven.

Cal’s my kind of guy. Domineering and mysterious, Cal’s wolf is the perfect fit to my prickly beast. A roll in the woods would do the grumpy wolf some good too, except I’m not here for some harmless fun. Hiding secrets, lying about his past—Cal’s been one naughty wolf, but he doesn’t need to worry.

This little werehedgehog’s out to save his furry ass.

Title: Slave for Two
Series: Soul Match, 1
Author(s): Morticia Knight
Length: 182 pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre:   Romance / Gay / Poly / Sci-Fi / Aliens /


Blurb: What is destined cannot be changed.

Chris has had a monumentally bad month. First, an aggressive band of aliens invaded the Earth, conquered the world, and now he’s fighting for survival in the mountains with his family and the neighborhood bigot. Just because he’s barely out of his teens and a bit on the scrawny side doesn’t mean he can’t watch out for his mom, sisters and younger cousin. Chris keeps searching for the brighter side of things, but his humor is wearing thin. Fear can do that to a guy.

Lasar and Nary are a soul matched pair of warriors from Alashar. Lasar is Nary’s Ahna, the one who dominates him, and Nary is the Nasha, or submissive, to Lasar. Every Alasharian, regardless of orientation, needs the balance of the power exchange to exist peacefully within their lifelong soul match bond. When Lasar is awarded a war prize, he sends Nary to look over the recent arrivals.

Chris and his cousin Morgan are captured and sent to the slave cages where they discover from the other imprisoned young men that they are destined to be sex toys for alien pairs. When one of those aliens saves Chris and his cousin from being abused by the slave master, Chris hopes that the seemingly kind alien won’t be too horrible an owner.

Lasar and Nary are finally alone together with their new sex slave, ready to enjoy their reward. However, in the middle of their playtime a shocking event occurs that not only disrupts Chris’ world even more than it already has been, but also challenges everything that Lasar and Nary have always held dear. As Lasar searches for answers, he begins to question the reasons behind the Earth invasion and where his loyalties should really lie. As their Ahna, he must be the one who decides whether they will all be safer together, or apart.

Title: Merlin's Moon
SeriesThe Sun Dragon Book 2
Author(s): Annabelle Jay
Length: 155 pages
PublisherHarmony Ink Press; 1 edition (July 28, 2016)

Genre:   Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Fantasy / Dragon / Young Adult /


Blurb: Mani doesn’t know much about his powers except that he turns into a blue dragon every night. His adopted mother Allanah has told him he hatched from an egg. He’s half-human, half-dragon, and she found him after his dragon mother died.

When his best friend and crush witnesses his transformation, Mani flees to the wizard Mansion, where he finds a group of fellow creatures called the Animal Guard. They assume that Mani has also been transformed by the sorceresses, and they enlist him in their quest to find the evil women and bribe them to turn the Animal Guard back into their human forms. Mani decides to help after he falls for one of the Animal Guard’s members, a wolf-boy named Lup, but little does he know that his own blossoming powers will soon come between them. Mani must keep the sorceresses from using their greatest weapon, the North Star, while struggling to find out where he belongs in the rapidly changing world of magic.

Title: Freeing Zane
SeriesBarretti Security Series, Book 4
Author(s): Sloane Kennedy
Length: 349 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary /


Blurb: Zane doesn't do relationships and Connor is definitely the kind of guy who does...

Criminal defense attorney Zane Devereaux is on the verge of having everything he's worked his entire life for. He's on track to become his firm's youngest managing partner and he has enough money in the bank to ensure he'll never have to be at the mercy of anyone ever again. He's left his past exactly where it belongs and refuses to look back. And he sure as hell isn't going to risk a repeat of his former mistakes by letting someone as sweet, sexy and endearingly vulnerable as Connor Talbot into his life. His bed maybe, but not his life.

Connor Talbot has no regrets about serving his country, even if it did cost him more then he'd imagined. Two years after an IED took his leg and left him with permanent brain damage, Connor is still struggling to put his life back together, but he's managed to find a makeshift family in Seattle that helps ease the pain of losing his own at a young age. Unfortunately, a string of bad relationships and an abusive ex have taken their toll on Connor and he's given up on finding the lifelong partner he'd always envisioned he'd have. But a chance encounter with a man he has absolutely nothing in common with except for an intense, white-hot chemistry has him thinking that maybe a no strings, physical relationship is exactly what's called for.

What begins as two men meeting each other's needs between the sheets turns into something neither one was prepared for but the wounds of the past run deep and both men will have to decide if a future together will cost them too much or if what they could have together is worth fighting for.

Title: Mad Lizard Mambo
Series: The Kai Gracen Series, 2 
Author(s)Rhys Ford
Length: 255 pages
Publisher: DSP Publications

Genre:   Romantic Elements / Pansexual / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy /


Blurb: Kai Gracen has no intention of being anyone’s pawn. A pity Fate and SoCalGov have a different opinion on the matter.

Licensed Stalkers make their living hunting down monsters and dangerous criminals... and their lives are usually brief, brutal, and thankless. Despite being elfin and cursed with a nearly immortal lifespan, Kai didn’t expect to be any different. Then Ryder, the High Lord of the Southern Rise Court, arrived in San Diego, and Kai’s not-so-mundane life went from mild mayhem to full-throttle chaos.

Now an official liaison between the growing Sidhe Court and the human populace, Kai is at Ryder’s beck and call for anything a High Lord might need a Stalker to do. Unfortunately for Kai, this means chasing down a flimsy rumor about an ancient lost Court somewhere in the Nevada desert—a court with powerful magics that might save Ryder’s—and Kai’s—people from becoming a bloody memory in their Merged world’s violent history.

The race for the elfin people’s salvation opens unwelcome windows into Kai’s murky past, and it could also slam the door on any future he might have with his own kind and Ryder.

Title: Dragon Detective
Series: Supernatural Consultant, 4
Author(s): Mell Eight
Length: 30k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre:   Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy /

Notes releases October 18, 2016

Blurb: Nickel might be a water elemental dragon, but even he has limits—and the sudden rain storms, hail, and snow in mid-summer are way over the line. Luckily, he works for Dane's Supernatural Consulting firm and can use those resources to figure out who keeps mucking with the weather and get them to stop.

It doesn't take long for Nickel to realize he isn't the only one searching for the weather worker: the enemy he has been hunting for ten years has finally reappeared, and it's a race to see which of them will reach the weather worker first. Nickel isn't certain he'll win, or even survive, the attempt, but he'll do whatever it takes to save the dragons.

Title: Wild Retaliation
Author(s): Ethan Stone
Length: 121 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre:   Romance / Gay / Paranormal /


Blurb: Chief of Police John Dakota is in a world of trouble. His peaceful town of Seaside, Oregon, has been rocked by a wave of unsolved murders. The bloody deaths are eerily reminiscent of ones that occurred in Seaside years ago. Back then John worked hard to make sure the truth about the killer was never revealed. Now he’s afraid the past is coming back to haunt him.

Trevor English, the nosy reporter who occasionally shares John’s bed, is demanding information about the crimes. He also wants more of John’s affections. But John can’t afford to give in to either demand without risking the revelation of Seaside’s biggest secret: the town is a haven for shifters, and John is one of them.

To solve the crime—and prevent more victims—John must delve into the past. Many members of Seaside’s shifter community are involved, but it’s becoming harder and harder to tell which residents can be trusted. Even John’s family isn’t above suspicion. The body count is rising, and it looks like John is the killer’s next target.

Title: Potnia Theron
Series: Urban Dragon, 4
Author(s): JW Troemner

Genre:   Romance / Lesbian / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal /  


Blurb: For as long as Arkay can remember, Rosario has always had her back. But in the aftermath of her war with Paternoster, Arkay is left alone to face a harsh new reality. Devastated and betrayed, she's unprepared for what's coming.

Because there are monsters worse than dragons in the world, and now they have her in their sights.

Title: Time Lost
SeriesOut of Time Book 2
Author(s): CB Lewis
Length: 384 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre:   Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi / Time Travel .


Blurb: What began with a dead intruder and a missing scientist quickly becomes the most perplexing case of Detective Inspector Jacob Ofori’s career. Nothing about it makes sense, from the incredibly advanced technology found on the intruder to the scientist’s mysterious workplace, the Temporal Research Institute. Jacob’s gut tells him the TRI is hiding something, and the questions keep piling up: Who would abduct Sanders? What is the strange gate in his basement laboratory? How does it connect to similar gates in the TRI?

TRI engineer Kit Rafferty only wanted one night with the sexy older policeman, but Kit’s mouth tends to run away with him when he gets excited, and nothing gets him more excited than cutting-edge tech—like the intruder’s cybernetic eye. Suddenly Kit is pulled into the investigation—and into a relationship that could jeopardize both of their lives. Kit hates lying to Jacob, but he cannot reveal what really goes on at the TRI—time travel. Faced with time-jumping criminals but unable to share that knowledge with Jacob, Kit turns to a man who knows time travel firsthand: Janos Nagy.

Title: Logan's Need
Series: Escort, 3
Author(s): Sloane Kennedy
Length: 320 pages

Genre:   Romance / Contemporary / Gay / 


Blurb: "I feel like I've been wearing blinders for my entire life and now they've been ripped off and everything's too bright - too harsh. Part of me wants them back so I only have to see what's right in front of me." --Logan

After Logan Bradshaw's dreams go up in smoke, he's left broken and haunted by a cruel betrayal from his former business partner, a man he once thought of as a friend. His life as a professional escort helped pay for his future once, so maybe a few more jobs can give him back what he's lost. And if that means being a third for one night for a wealthy couple living out a ménage fantasy, then so be it. It might just be the final payout he needs to get his life back on track.

Dominic Barretti has everything money can buy, but it can't save his beautiful young wife as cancer steals her away from him. He also can't deny her one last request - a ménage encounter with another man. It's the perfect excuse to meet the man who's been haunting his dreams. On paper, Logan is the perfect choice to give his wife what she needs, but he doesn't expect his own fierce desires to flare up when the young man enters their lives.

Dom and Logan don't know it, but Sylvie Barretti has decided to play matchmaker from beyond the grave. Unfortunately, getting two broken men to find each other makes dying seem like the easy part.

Logan can't deny his attraction to Dom, but the surprise desire for another man has left him reeling and questioning everything he's ever known about himself. But when a threat from the past surfaces, will Logan be able to let go of the life he knew and embrace the one he needs?

Title: Gideon
Series: Order of the Black Knights
Author(s)Ashe Barker
Length: 199 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Secret Societies / Action Adventure / Suspense

Notes Coming Oct 5, 2016

Blurb: Gideon Maybury enjoys a life of wealth and privilege, not to mention the advantages his position offers him in his career as a merchant banker and in his less public life as a high-class, skilled, and very well-paid assassin for Her Majesty’s government. When his brother dies unexpectedly, he becomes the Duke of Westmoreland.

Michael Mathison has hated Gideon since they were at university together. He’s convinced Gideon had a hand in the death of Michael’s college lover, Christopher, and that he had something to do with the death of his own brother. So he gets a job as Gideon’s driver, enabling him to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the elder Maybury sibling. At first his suspicions seem to be confirmed, but clues come to light that suggest all is not as it appears at Maybury Hall.

As the mystery deepens, so does the attraction between the two implacable enemies. Each has reasons not to trust the other, but neither is averse to a bit of kinky play. Gideon and Michael end up owing each other their lives, and it results in consequences neither could have imagined.

Order of the Black Knights

Every century has seen its knights, but they are not always seen. Some of them do what must be done—getting their hands dirty when no one else is willing. Assassins and antiheroes who work from the shadows, they are called the Black Knights. From the time of the society’s creation in the 1100s, these men are cursed to repeat their lives of bloodshed. But for each knight, there is one who can bring out the man that waits inside and break the cycle. The question is whether or not the knight will kill his true love before he figures it out.

TitleKill Without Mercy
Series: Ares Security, 1
Author(s)Alexandra Ivy
Length: 368 pages
PublisherZebra (December 29, 2015)

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Secret Societies / Action Adventure / Suspense


Blurb: From the hellhole of a Taliban prison to sweet freedom, five brave military heroes have made it home—and they’re ready to take on the civilian missions no one else can. Individually they’re intimidating. Together they’re invincible. They’re the men of ARES Security. 

Rafe Vargas is only in Newton, Iowa, to clear out his late grandfather’s small house. As the covert ops specialist for ARES Security, he's eager to get back to his new life in Texas. But when he crosses paths with Annie White, a haunted beauty with skeletons in her closet, he can't just walk away—not when she’s clearly in danger…

There’s a mysterious serial killer on the loose with a link to Annie’s dark past. And the closer he gets, the deeper Rafe’s instinct to protect kicks in. But even with his considerable skill, Annie’s courage, and his ARES buddies behind him, the slaying won’t stop. Now it’s only a matter of time before Annie’s next—unless they can unravel a history of deadly lies that won’t be buried.

TitleHidden Huntress
SeriesMalediction Trilogy Book Two
Author(s): Danielle L. Jensen
Length: 464 pages
PublisherAngry Robot (June 2, 2015)

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Action Adventure / Suspense


Blurb: Beneath the mountain, the king's reign of tyranny is absolute; the one troll with the capacity to challenge him is imprisoned for treason. Cécile has escaped the darkness of Trollus, but she learns all too quickly that she is not beyond the reach of the king's power. Or his manipulation. 

Recovered from her injuries, she now lives with her mother in Trianon and graces the opera stage every night. But by day she searches for the witch who has eluded the trolls for five hundred years. Whether she succeeds or fails, the costs to those she cares about will be high.

To find Anushka, she must delve into magic that is both dark and deadly. But the witch is a clever creature. And Cécile might not just be the hunter. She might also be the hunted.

TitleShadow Warrior
SeriesDelrio Warrior, 1
Author(s): Loribelle Hunt
Length: 177 pages
PublisherAngry Robot (June 2, 2015)

Genre: Romance / Poly / Bisexual / Sci-fi /


Blurb: Love that breaks all the rules…
Every culture has its secrets, some surprising and some horrifying, and Delroi is no different. When Sergei Trace, half Delroi half Earthling, arrived on his father’s home planet he expected some culture shock. He’s used to living in the shadows, on the fringes of life. On Delroi he’s thrust into the light.

Kayna Idis has a serious problem. She’s in love with the wrong man. Razor Deriq is everything she always wanted. Strong and steadfast. Sexy and fun. Then Sergei enters her life just as compelling in his own way. He’s dark and mysterious. Hard and unflinching. And she wonders if she can have them both.

Razor is determined to keep them both, but first he needs to find and eliminate the warriors threatening Kayna. Pairing up with Sergei for the task gives him the perfect opportunity for seduction, but will Sergei ever lower his shields enough to let him and Kayna in?

SeriesSpace Gypsy Chronicles
Author(s): Eve Langlais
Length: 177 pages
PublisherAngry Robot (June 2, 2015)

Genre: Romance / Sci-fi /

Notes releases 11/24/2016

Blurb: All he remembers is how to survive.

Waking up not knowing his name probably isn’t the worst thing that ever happened to him. I think. With no memories, he can’t know for sure, and while he chases the thin threads of recollection, he must fight for his life in Lac’uus.

Also known as the pit, Lac’uus is where those with vices come to play. Except he’s not one of the buyers. Sold to pay a debt, Oblivion must fight if he wants to survive and prove cunning if he wants to escape.

Or…he could just stay.

There is no denying the intoxicating adrenaline of the fights, the females offered as prizes alluring. And he might have been content with his lot in life if not for the new concubine who glares at him with such accusation.

The female, a human from Earth, acts as if she knows him. Responds with soft gasps to his touch. She claims they share an intimate past, a past he doesn’t remember but has certainly betrayed with his sins.

But he won’t apologize for what he’s done. The rules are different in the pit, and Oblivion does what he must to survive until the day his memories come smashing back and the sinner must face his past.

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