Thursday, October 20, 2016

What Am I Up To? #DeathMask #Darksoul #amediting

What am I doing? Writing guest posts for the Death Mask blog tour that will begin November 14th. There will be at least two (2) rather long flash fiction pieces (2k each). I'm thinking about writing one or two more but it depends on time. 

I got lucky. I completely spaced that I should set something up for Death Mask's release. When I asked on Facebook if anyone minded hosting me, I received several replies back. The tour is one week and my hope was for five volunteers. I received eleven (11) which was completely awesome. So there are three interviews, two flash fictions, and five guest posts that I'm going to be putting together. The guest posts are the hardest, in my opinion, because I have to make sure that I don't give away spoilers while talking about elements of the story. 

The flash fiction never stays below 1k or less for me, which shouldn't surprise me because I can't write the short stuff. Flash fiction isn't any different. But while writing the first one, Opium and Lung, I suddenly wanted to drop everything and write another installment of Black Harbingers. The story that came to mind wasn't even one I've been considering writing for the MC. 

This is me throwing a fit because I just can't right now. I have to finish this stuff for the blog tour and then move back to the edits for Darksoul--which are taking forever.

You don't even know how much I want this story off my plate. I'm so tired of looking at it. If I don't hurry up I'll end up commissioning a new cover which would make the money I spent on it earlier this year a waste. I should just quit complaining and get back to work because it will be finished soon. I am considering turning this one into an audiobook... maybe... perhaps... it just all depends on the sales. 

But once I get this off my desk then I can truly start on Bespoken. Freaking finally. With the exception of the flash fictions and I haven't worked on a new story, put down new words since I finished Releasing Chaos in July. That's a freaking long ass time to be doing edits. Since then, I've worked on edits for Werewolf's Tale, Death Mask, Darksoul, Devil's Heart, and organized and wrote materials for two blog tours. (And there was the week-long Birthday Bash.) Here in the next couple of weeks I'm expecting the galley for Death Mask, so there will be a additional round there, too. 

Of those projects listed above, Werewolf's Tale is released. Death Mask will be released soon. I'm hoping Devil's Heart will be good enough to send out to beta readers (I just might torch that ms if I have to do anymore edits on it). And that leaves Darksoul currently on my desk. 

I'm so tired of edits that last night I dreamed of spending the next year writing stories in a house out in the middle of nowhere. All I did was write. If I'm dreaming about it, I'm in agony. Something's gotta give.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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