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Blog Tour: Interview with Grein Murray author of His Fallen Angel #giveaway @Grein_Murray


Welcome all. Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Grein Murray author of His Fallen Angel. Hi Greg, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

So, what have you written? The Joshua series, I Have You (which is a spin off that follows two characters from the Joshua books, Capturing Oliver and His Fallen Angel

How much research do you do? Even before I became a writer, I was interested in Angels. I have read a lot of articles and books that spoke of angels even before Christianity. My favorite, Archangel Michael makes an appearance in my book. If a topic interest me, I research it thoroughly.

Why do you write? I love to daydream and certain places or people can trigger a story or character in my mind. I love shaping characters and telling their stories to my readers.

Where do you see publishing going in the future? I sadly think that paper books will be a thing of the past which is a shame. Technology is taking over in so many areas.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers? If you have a story in your head, write it out. I never thought I’d be an author and here I am talking about my 6th book. You don’t know if you don’t try, so go for it!

For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books? Paper/hard cover books. It probably sounds crazy, but I love the feel and smell of real books. If I read an ebook I really enjoy, I usually end up buying it on paperback if its’ available.

How do you think you’ve evolved creatively? I’ve learned quite a bit since my first book. I think I’ve gotten better at writing about what the characters are feeling. I like to form a picture in my reader’s minds of what I’m seeing and I hope I accomplish that.

How can readers discover more about you and you work? My author page at Amazon. http:// www.amazon.com/Grein-Murray/e/B0110SQWES/  or look me up on FB and I’d love to talk to you! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009477305727


TITLE: His Fallen Angel 

AUTHOR: Grein Murray 

COVER ARTIST: Kellie Dennis 

LENGTH: 156 Pages 

RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2016 


New Angels are created to protect mankind on Earth but the Fallen are making this task quite difficult. New Angel, Alexander, is assigned to a rapidly declining area to find out what the Fallen are up to—only he lands in the clutches of a beautiful, yet powerful, Fallen Angel. As help comes from an unlikely ally, Alexander isn’t sure if he should trust Roman or not—but what choice does he have? 


I made sure that I ate my ice cream as seductively as I could until it was gone. Roman tossed the rest of his cone into some nearby bushes. “Why’d you….” I didn’t finish. I was dragged off the trail and stopped when Roman abruptly came to a halt. He looked down at me with a playful grin. There, in front of me, was a cropping of fallen trees. Roman pushed me toward them, then he started removing my pants and hoodie.



When I'm not writing I like going to concerts. Music is a big part of my life, I've played bass guitar since I was a teen. I love nature and enjoy hiking and working with causes that help protect our planet and wild animals.

I have loved books all of my life and have always enjoyed escaping the ordinary world by getting lost in a good book. I read a lot of different genres of books but have fallen in love with MM. I support the gay community and hope one day people will see that love is love and that it is a beautiful thing no matter your gender, race or religion.

I am an avid animal lover and have quite a collection of pets in my home. I love ancient history and have studied Alexander the Great as well as Egypt and it's pharaohs. I also am very interested in angels and have researched them and will put that to use in future books.

I hope that my readers continue to fall in love with my characters and that my stories touch their lives and bring them happiness.

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