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April Reads #Bookshelf #SomethingToTalkAbout

Okay, So I was supposed to have this written and posted... yeah, a while ago. But Releasing Chaos was flowing so well that I kept putting off writing blog posts. Plus, my "new" desktop is slower than an iceberg in northern Canada. I tried the Blogger App but it's useless for this type of blogging. Sorry for the delay.

Lots of writing means little reading time but what I did read, I enjoyed very much.

Ann Somerville writes stories with gay and bisexual characters. Not all of them have a romance as part of the plot, but she does write a lot of science fiction/fantasy. Reading the blurb for Lost in Transcription I understood that this was a sci-if character driven plot without romance. As the story unfolds, we get pieces of Pax's background bit by bit which worked really well to keep the spoilers of the story hidden. I do wish it was longer just because I loved the characters and the world.

Light Years Away was a fun sci-fi story about a human who wakes up married to an alien. There was some miscommunication, plus Del was very drunk, and I couldn't feel too sorry for him. Del does fight every step of the way for a couple of different reasons (but I can't say because I don't want to give spoilers). Often Del was funny, but I felt bad for the captain because the culture clash between the two just kept going, and there came a point where I wanted to slap Del a couple of times. :)

A Prince's Ransom wasn't as angsty as I expected it to be. The romance between bounty hunter and prince was really smooth with the conflict coming from an outside force. The political intrigue was easy to follow and towards the end, the political nature of the plot became a bit too much for me, but was interesting and kept me reading because I wanted to see the outcome. 

I read Three of a Kind ages ago and when I saw that it was being re-released, I bought it--again. Mainly because I didn't know where my first copy was. Butch and Randy are lovers and Butch brings home a wounded Zane (squish my heart). The relationship between the three slowly builds and then the smexy times begin in the last half of the book. It's still one of my favorite contemporary menage books.

I was so excited when Dragon Marked came out. I adore this series and with every book I anxiously wait for the next installment to the series. This one is about the human witchborn, Bane, who was adopted into the royal family (he's still uncomfortable about that) and the High Priest of Drakos, Jaden, who lost his leg in the last book. This series is all about stand the dragon status quo on it's head and shaking up the world. Now I'm waiting, again, for the next installment of the series. I can't wait!

Sniffles. Lone Wolf is the last book in the Bad Oak Boys series. I'm sorry to see the series end but at the same time I'm glad that it did because I read it to the end. I can't tell you how many series I'm reading that have over 10 books and still going strong. It'll be twenty years before some of the story arcs are completed. ;) This was a good series about four cousins born human but have wolf genetics that are triggered when the person meets their mate. This last installment to the series was more angsty than the other three because Shane's mate is the dreaded wolf-coyote hybrid. Their relationship is more rocky than the others, I thought, but I liked that they worked harder for what they had.

And really, Dragons again. It seems I can't get enough of dragon's lately. :) This is another four book series. Heat, Scorch, Ignite, and Blaze (in that order) caught my attention while I was on a mpreg kick. It's a good series but Blaze was my favorite because it was Ty's story. Ty is the twin brother to Wesley in the first book and Ty is in every book after that. Obviously, I loved Ty. When I discovered Blaze was Ty's book--Lordy. I wrapped myself up a self made angsty blanket and worried about Ty's HEA because he was paired with Ivan, and we know what Ty thought of him. All the extra angsty was my own fault because I imagined the worst. I had myself so worked up I thought I was going to die. Another reader told me they cried and... I finally got through it. I loved the story.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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