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I regret Nothing! What's On The Reading Radar #TBR #WishList

I had to make this confession to my husband the other day... "You know how if you have an ebook through Amazon they sometimes offer the audiobook for a discounted price? Yeah, well, it asked me if I wanted Amazon to search my purchases for such deals, and I thought, 'What the hell,' and I sort of went crazy."

Him: "How crazy? Do you even know how much you spent?"

Me: "I can sort of guess."

Him looking incredulous: "Guess?"

Me: "I wasn't really paying attention to how many I clicked on because, you know, $1.99 here $3.49 there."

So my unintentional excursion ate into my Black Friday money and I regret Nothing! ^_^

Now for the interesting finds while I was book browsing. Enjoy!--but perhaps not as much as I did. Those little purchases added up faster than I thought they would. LOL!

TitleThe Good Guys
Author: Francis Gideon

Genre: Romance, Bisexual, Contemporary, Genderqueer, Trans, 
Length 17k
PublisherLess Than Three Press (December 9, 2015)


When Oliver meets a really cute elf while out Live Action Role Playing, he thinks he's found the Sam to his Frodo. He tries to find out more about Oakenshire the Elf, but comes up with nothing. When summer vacation forces the LARPing group to take a break, Oliver throws himself into his upcoming play, where he is one of the main leads. There he meets a new person to captivate his attention: Avery.

She's smart, funny, and into all the same things that Oliver is into, even LARPing. As their friendship progresses, Oliver begins to notice the similarities the young woman has to Oakenshire the Elf. It could be his final chance to see his elf again—or another case of mistaken identity that will leave Oliver fumbling with pronouns, excuses, and hurt feelings.

Series(Auralight Codex: Dakota Shepherd Book 1)
Author: Shei Darksbane, Annathesa Nikola Darksbane

Genre: Romance, Lesbian, Shifters, Urban Fantasy, Wizards, Demon/Angels,
Length: 339 pages
Publisher: Darksbane Books; 1 edition (July 20, 2015)


Geeky lesbian Dakota Shepherd was just a bored night security guard, working at a museum in Knoxville, Tennessee until one fateful encounter changed it all. 

A rogue wizard. A demonic ritual. A silver chalice. Dakota Awakened, Hellfire blazing from her hands. 

Dakota's powers are a danger to herself and everyone around her, and she has to learn to control them quickly or risk losing her one chance to finally fulfill a lifelong dream. 

While coming to terms with her new reality, she stumbles upon a secret that changed the course of her life. 

Now she wants to know who is responsible for the holes in her memory, the blocks that hold back her powers, and all the years she spent alone. 

Who put her back to sleep when she Awakened years before?

Books in the Auralight Codex: Dakota Shepherd series:
Awakened - Start here
Hunted - Book 2, Available now.
Driven - Novelette 2.5, Available Now!
Blooded - Coming Fall 2015 (Soon!)
Risen - TBA
And many more!

Author: Hurri Cosmo

Genre: Gay, Science Fiction, Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Mystery, Detective, Suspense, Thriller, Romantic Comedy
Length: 55k
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC


Rhys has spent his entire life in underground Winderport. He knows there’s a whole other world above his “sky,” but he isn’t interested—until the day he chases a killer to that mystical upper world and sees Kullian, all six-foot-something of perfection. So what if the man is a notorious and powerful Fey Baron? Rhys isn’t a typical law-abiding citizen himself. The very fact that Kullian is dangerous makes him that much more attractive and has Rhys wanting things he’s never even considered before.

Yet an injury causes Rhys to lose most of his memories, and his only clues to his identity are his gun and a camera with pictures of Kullian’s silver eyes looking right into the lens. But Rhys does have a couple vague remembrances—a very strong desire to be in the arms of the sexy Kullian, and the recollection that before his injury he was after a murderer, a killer who just might be Kullian himself...

TitleBlood Orchid
SeriesShadows, Book 2
Author: Jenna Ryan

GenreRomance, Paranormal & Alternate Worlds, Romantic Suspense, Serial Killer, Murder, Voodoo,
Publisher: Samhain (November 15, 2015)


She saved one life…now she could lose her own.

It takes more than an ominous warning to scare trauma surgeon Kate Marshall into hiding. The patient who just died on her table had connections to a crime lord with a vicious reputation for revenge. However, when a ghostly figure appears right before bullets start whizzing past her head, Kate is forced to admit she’s stumbled into a Twilight Zone of trouble.

Ex-army doctor Jason Nolan should have been on duty at the hospital, but ghosts from his past drove him to numb his burned-out soul in the back booth of a waterfront bar. When the tall, leggy, Grace Kelly lookalike tracks him down to give him a piece of her razor-sharp mind, he figures he deserves it.

But Kate doesn’t deserve to be stalked by a shadowy serial killer with a motive that extends all the way to the Louisiana bayou and ties to a past Nolan would like to forget. Only Nolan can help Kate navigate the terrifying path that lies ahead. A path riddled with voodoo, superstition and death.

This book has been previously published.

Product Warnings
Contains shadowy voodoo curses, ancient death traps and passion that sparks and burns as the danger escalates.

TitleFish Stick Fridays
Author: Rhys Ford

Genre: Gay, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, 
Length: 204 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 30, 2015)


Deacon Reid was born bad to the bone with no intention of changing. A lifetime of law-bending and living on the edge suits him just fine—until his baby sister dies and he finds himself raising her little girl.

Staring down a family history of bad decisions and reaped consequences, Deacon cashes in everything he owns, purchases an auto shop in Half Moon Bay, and takes his niece, Zig, far away from the drug dens and murderous streets they grew up on. Zig deserves a better life than what he had, and Deacon is determined to give it to her.

Lang Harris is stunned when Zig, a little girl in combat boots and a purple tutu, blows into his bookstore, and then he’s left speechless when her uncle, Deacon Reid, walks in hot on her heels. Lang always played it safe, but Deacon tempts him to step over the line… just a little bit.

More than a little bit. And Lang is willing to be tempted.

Unfortunately, Zig isn’t the only bit of chaos dropped into Half Moon Bay. Violence and death strike, leaving Deacon scrambling to fight off a killer before he loses not only Zig but Lang too.

Title: Waning Moon
Series: Courting the Panther, 1
Author: Elisabeth Morgan Popolow

Genre: Gay, Romance, Paranormal, Shifters, Vampires, Other Weres, Action, Adventure
Length: 18k
Liquid Silver Books (October 5, 2015)


In a world where vampires and shifters battle in an age-old war, what starts as a rescue soon turns to love in Waning Moon. Action, adventure, and a race against time will keep you on the edge of your seat in Elisabeth Morgan Popolow’s new GLBT paranormal romance series, Courting the Panther.

Title: Haunting Love
Author: KA Moll

Genre: Lesbian, Romance, Paranormal, Suspense/Thriller
Length: 210 Page
Triplicity Publishing, LLC (September 30, 2015)


Anna Crestwood was raised in the strict beliefs of a religious sect nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. She’s a lesbian with a ton of baggage—fearful, guilty, and alone. Very few things would compel her to leave the familiar. The job offer of a lifetime is one of them. Against her better judgment, she packs up, and moves to Illinois. Unfortunately, she’s not there long before she’s convinced that the devil is hunting her down. 

Gabe Garst is a police officer. She’s also a powerful medium. Her work with juvenile delinquents and ghosts is all that keeps her going. Inside she’s dead, certain that her capacity to love is buried six feet under. Talking with and seeing the dead has always come easily, and yet for some reason, she’s not able to communicate with her late wife. She’s grieving, depressed, and alone. Suicide seems like the best option. It’s just a matter of time. 

Anna and Gabe’s paths cross. Their attraction is immediate, but they hold back until all hope seems lost. As good battles evil, two tortured souls must engage in a struggle to overcome demons of their own.

Title: Out of the Blues
Author: Mercy Celeste

Genre: Gay, Bisexual, Romance, Former Marine, 
Length: 219 Page
MJC Press (November 9, 2015)


Whoever said you can't go home again should change that to should not go home again. As in EVER! 

Mason Foxworth swore on his grandmother's bible never to return to the small Georgia town he sort of grew up in. And for eight years he'd succeeded in keeping that promise. Until his twin sister decided she needed to get married...back home...and she'd invited their parents. Wasn't this going to be a just a fabulous weekend?

Since leaving the Marines, Kilby Adams rarely ever left his farm and now here he was in Georgia, as best man at his stepbrother's wedding. Out of his comfort zone and with too many people that he doesn't know Kilby has nothing to keep his mind off the past except the gorgeous brother of the bride. 

And wouldn't you just know it, there was only one room left at the Inn and Kilby would have to share it, with Mason, who was straight and....yeah, this was going to be one hell of a weekend.

Author: Elizabeth Wilde

Genre: Gay, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Politics, Assassins, Intrigue
Length:  Novel Length
Publisher: Nine Star Press (November 23, 2015)


All Jack Preston has ever wanted is freedom: from his father’s oppressive political reign, from his mother’s dying memory, from his own guilt in the part he’s played to get George Preston to the top. When an assassination attempt is made on his father’s life, Jack is thrown into a dangerous game of lies and espionage, and as his whole world destabilizes, he finds himself turning to the most unlikely person for help.

Alex—the assassin who started it all; the man whose face haunts Jack’s dreams—becomes his only ally. As they come together to fight a bigger enemy, Jack’s attraction becomes a risk too large to take and too powerful not to. Will falling in love with a dangerous killer play right into his enemy’s hands? Or will Alex risk everything to protect the son of the man he was sent to murder? Loyalties will be tested and sacrifices made, but Jack will learn that some things are truly worth fighting for.

Series: The Brothers Bernaux, Book 1
Author: Rinda Elliott

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance,
Alternate Worlds, Paranormal, Gothic, Ghosts, Bayou

Length:  226 Pages
Publisher: Samhain (July 14, 2015)


Breaking her curse will cost him his heart…and possibly his life.

The Brothers Bernaux, Book 1

For the past five years, Elita Raisonne has been on the run from a curse that started with her grandmother, and gradually reached out evil tendrils to kill her mother and her aunts. Now, healing from another nasty accident, Elita can feel the curse coming for her like icy breath on the back of her neck.

Her only hope: trek deep into Louisiana’s Atchafayala Basin and ask the mysterious Bernaux brothers for help.

Pryor Bernaux takes one look at the black smudge clinging to Elita like a shroud, and recognizes the work of a powerful hex worker. Together, all three Bernaux brothers could easily break it—if Mercer and Wyatt weren’t away.

As the curse sinks deeper into Elita’s soul, Pryor realizes time is running out for the beautiful redhead who makes him want things he and his brothers swore they’d never have. He has no choice but to help her. But the magical backlash is torture. And without his brothers’ help, it could even be deadly.

Product Warnings
Keep a cold beverage on hand, because the bayou isn’t all that’s hot and steamy in this book. Deadly hexes, naked spellworking, mouthwatering court-bouillon, and sexy Cajuns will curl your toes…and maybe your hair.

Title: Wicked Edge
Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance,
Bikers/MC Romance,
Length: 276 Pages
Publisher: Lyrical Press (November 10, 2015)


If you love the Dark Protectors, these wicked hot Realm Enforcers are for you!

Daire Dunne is more than ready to take a quick break from his duties as a Coven Nine Enforcer. When he spots a sexy blonde across a Titan’s of Fire party, it’s not long before she’s on the back of his Harley on the fast track to his apartment. Unfortunately, one overheated kiss in, the woman drugs Daire and steals valuable files that can’t fall into enemy hands. The second he comes to, the hunt is on...

Now that Cee Cee has the information to take down an enemy that destroyed her family, she can implement her perfect plan for revenge. Nothing will stop her, not even a shockingly sexy enforcer barging into her life. Not even the spectacular, fire-branding sex engulfing them. But if Daire ever figures out who her family really is, all bets are off...

Title: Midnight Burning
Author: Karissa Laurell

Genre: Contemporary, Urban Fantasy,
Fantasy, Paranormal, Former Marine (female),
Length: 288 Pages
 Red Adept Publishing, LLC (July 7, 2015)


Solina Mundy lives a quiet life, running the family bakery in her small North Carolina hometown. But one night, she suffers a vivid nightmare in which a wolfish beast is devouring her twin brother, who lives in Alaska. The next morning, police notify her that Mani is dead. Driven to learn the truth, Solina heads for the Land of the Midnight Sun. Once there, she begins to suspect Mani’s friends know more about his death than they’ve let on. Skyla, an ex-Marine, is the only one willing to help her.

As Solina and Skyla delve into the mystery surrounding Mani’s death, Solina is stunned to learn that her own life is tied to Mani’s friends, his death, and the fate of the entire world. If she can’t learn to control her newfound gifts and keep her friends safe, a long-lost dominion over mortals will rise again, and everything she knows will fall into darkness.

Title: Vicious Circle
Series: (Guardian Assassin #1)
Author: Ellie E. Ire

Genre: Lesbian, Sci-Fi, Assassins, Drug Abuse, Intrigue, Romance,
Length: 264 Pages
 Torquere Press, LLC. (November 3, 2015)


Kicked out of the Assassins Guild for breach of contract, hunted by its members for killing the Guild Leader, and half-hooked on illegal narcotics, COR SANDROS could use a break. She accepts a freelance job to eliminate KILA T'RAL's brother, JAREN. Kila claims her politically powerful brother has sexually abused her, and Cor has always been a sucker for helping the helpless. 

The plan doesn't include Cor falling in love with Kila, but as the pair struggles to reach Kila's homeworld, pursued by assassins from the Guild, Cor finds her inexplicable attraction to Kila growing stronger. There's a job to do, and personal involvement with her employer is an unwelcome distraction. Then again, so is sexual frustration.

Title: Bound
Series: Clipped, 2
Author: Devon McCormack

Genre: Gay, Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Fantasy, Romance,
Length: 304 Pages
 Wilde City Press (October 3, 2015)


On the eve of the impending war between Heaven and Hell, the demon Kinzer and his mortal ally Maggie hunt for a powerful weapon that could destroy all of humanity. Devastated by the loss of his greatest love, Kinzer doesn't believe he'll ever find happiness again. But when he meets the immortal Hayde, he discovers all hope might not be lost after all.

The angel Treycore's ex-girlfriend abducted his lover Kid and dragged him to the bowels of Hell. Now, Treycore searches for an entry into the immortal realm. But only one creature can assist him on his quest: Eilee, the most beautiful of the angels and another of Treycore's previous lovers. After the war between Heaven and Hell, Eilee lost her mind and went on a murderous rampage. With her guidance, Treycore descends into Hell and battles God's earliest creations as they journey to save Kid from the sadistic clutches of his villainous ex.

Title: Highfeil Gromoires
Author: Langley Hyde

Genre: Gay, Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Fantasy, Romance, Steampunk, Sci-Fi,
Length: 322 Pages
 Blind Eye Books (May 18, 2014)


Born to privilege, gifted in languages and spells, Neil Franklin has planned his brilliant future—from academic accolades to a proper marriage—and is intent upon upholding his family name and honor. The sudden death of his parents shatters all of that, leaving Neil and his younger sister beggared and orphaned.

When Neil’s estranged uncle offers him a bargain that will save him and his sister from debtor’s prison or exile, Neil eagerly agrees. Handing over the family grimoire as collateral for their debt, Neil devotes himself to working as a teacher for wayward youths at a charity school high in the clouds.

But Highfell Hall is not the charity Neil imagines it to be and the young men there aren’t training for the dull lives of city clerks. Amidst the roaring engines and within the icy stone halls, machinations and curious devices are at work. And one man, the rough and enigmatic Leofa, holds the key to the desire that Neil has fled from all his life and a magic as dangerous as treason.

Title: It Takes Two
Series: Memphis S.W.A.T., #1
Author: Theresa Hissong

Genre: Bisexual, Menage, Contemporary, Erotic Romance,
Length: 133 Pages
 Torquere Press (September 21, 2015)


Twelve years of friendship turns into something more when Eva Porter’s two best friends confess their love for her after a heated night between the sheets. Her only dream over the years had been to be the woman for Max and Sam. Living a ménage lifestyle was new to her, but she knew, deep down, that this was what she needed. Eva soon realizes it will take two men to love her completely.

When a threat to Eva’s life presents itself, Max and Sam step up security around their home to keep Eva from being harmed, but the man who wants her dead will stop at nothing to take her out. The suspect will risk everything, even death, to take Eva away from the two men sworn to protect her.

Title: True Nature
Author: Jae

Genre: Lesbian, Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance, Shifter,
Length: 468 Pages
 Ylva Publishing (October 16, 2013)

Note: When reading some of the reviews I got the impression that this was part of a series but none of her books give a series name or sequence in which they need to be read. So I'm assuming this can be read as a standalone.

When wolf-shifter Kelsey Yates discovers that fourteen-year-old shape-shifter Danny Harding is living with a human adoptive mother, she is sent on a secret mission to protect the pup and get him away from the human.

Successful CEO Rue Harding has no idea that the private teacher she hires for her deaf son isn’t really there to teach him history and algebra—or that Danny and Kelsey are not what they seem to be.

But when Danny runs away from home and gets lost in New York City, Kelsey and Rue have to work together to find him before his first transformation sets in and reveals the shape-shifter’s secret existence to the world.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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