Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekly reading list. What Are You Reading?

Even for a busy week I was able to squeeze in some new reads. I'm trying to pick out my favorites for the year that will go up on the blog on the 31st. That's harder said than done. I think I may have to cheat. But in the meantime, here's what I've enjoyed this week. ^_^ Have have you read?

A Matter of Time, Vol. 2 by Mary Calmes #Audio #Contemporary #Reread #INeverReadTheseInOrder #TheWeirdnessOfMe
Floodgates by May Calmes #Audio #Contemporary #Mystery #Reread
Old Loyalty, New Love by Mary Calmes #Audio #Paranormal #Reread
Fighting Instinct by Mary Calmes #Paranormal #Reread
Creature Feature 2 by Poppy Dennison & Rhys Ford #Paranormal
King of Me by RA Kaitland #Holiday #Paranormal
Chestnuts Roasting by Mischief Corner #Anthology #Holiday


  1. In the last two weeks I have read:
    At His Side by Sunny Day
    Porter's Reaper by Amber Kell
    Through the Looking Glass by Jana Downs
    Dev's Surprise by Alice Cain
    Damsel in Distress by Brenna Lyons
    Going Home by Lee Brazil
    Light Me Up by Rebecca Royce
    Love Tokens by Megan Derr
    Lukos Heat by Megan Derr
    Runescribe by Megan Derr (free short)
    A Christmas Cactus for the General by Angel Martinez
    The Major's Warriors by Stormy Glenn
    The Wizard's Tower by Sasha M Miller
    Sleeping Beauty by Sasha M Miller
    Dragon's Dare by Willa Okati
    A Touch of Mistletoe, edited by Megan Derr
    Right Here Waiting by Remmy Duchene
    Gemini by Chris Owen
    Most of these are actually shortish. ;-)

    1. Usually at least half the books I read are shortish. But lately I have been spending time at the gym and so the audiobooks are very handy when I'm tired of listening to music. :-D