Saturday, March 29, 2014

Striker: Sketch of Galactic Emperor Cyprian

Where Have I Been?

Time flies when I'm working my tush off.

I spent roughly 60 days editing various manuscripts.

I'm putting together everything for RainbowCon. Sort of freaking out a little because this will be the first time that I'm going as an author.

I've been working on the sketches for Striker and becoming frustrated with my drawing limitations. I won't tell how many I've quietly filed in the trash.

Now with RainbowCon looming I'm determined to have Fate and Destinies completed. I'll have an except in a couple of days for you.

But that is for later. Right now I have the progression of the drawing of the Emperor Cyrpian of the Fal'Amoric. I messed up on the eyes a bit because I was too focused on the iris being silvery white. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Galactic Emperor Cyprian of the Fal'Amoric 

Thank you for reading!!

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