Saturday, September 7, 2013

Free Story Download and Other News

Fated, the Scottish bear shifting laird is now available for download. You can find the story at this link. ---> Yeah!  Don't forget about the prequel that you can read here ---> 

 After I finish up with Striker, I will be working on the full story for Roi and Ewen plus conducting research for the sequel to Playing For Keeps. Came up with a series name, Unshakeable. I thought that fit the guys perfectly. 

Striker is really close to being finished. I thought that I only had 10k more to go at the end of August and it has turned out longer than I thought. 10k turned to 20k turned to 25k... I'm determined to wrap up everything for Dargon, Alpha, and Zeus. It seems the story doesn't give a flying hoot that I gave myself a deadline to finish. A deadline that I'm a week behind on. I kept putting off blogging because of it. I had this guilty feeling every time I started to put together a blog.  That, "you could be working on the next chapter and not fooling with a blog post," niggle.

Also in the Ander's News Bucket, I will be giving out two print copies of Alpha Trine this month. One on  the 11th at Blak Rayne's blog and the other on the 30th at Sid Love's review site.  Ebook copies will be won as well on the 15th when I participate in the Muse Blog Hop. I'll have reminders on the blog the day of the events and make sure to post the winner announcement.

I know this is a bit short but I have to get back to Striker. I really, really want to get this wrapped up! Send me good thoughts that hopefully include spiked java and chocolate.  :)

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