Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cover Reveal

I'm a little behind revealing these covers. I have been working on the edits for Fate which is due to Jen at GR on the 15th and edits for Alpha Trine.

Less Than Three sent me the covers for the both Alpha Trine and the second book in the series, Striker. I'm in love with these covers for The Valespian Pact Series.

In L.O.V.E.

Can you blame me? Just don't tell my husband. :)

If it has been a while since you have stopped by let me catch you up. I started on book two of the Valespian Pact series and got to thinking.

So much positive fee back had come in for Alpha Trine that I was both please and shocked. Why? I didn't think many people would enjoy the book. The story was different, sent in a universe in the future, lots of alien species, it had some intrgue, some actions and the loved were three dissimilar individuals (putting that mildly). I figured only a very small number of people would like something like that... until I began to receive fan mail. Everyone wanted to know when book two would be out. O_O

When I sat down to write Striker (at the time I was calling it Striker, Lord of Thunder) I always reread the book(s) before as a refresher. In a conversation with a friend I wondered if a publisher would take a series when the first book had already been released and I was pointed to LT3.

I wrote a letter to their editor with the inquiry if they would be interested in this crazy kind of series and half way through I had this insane idea to ask them about Alpha Trine as well.

Really, what could it hurt?

They flippin' said, Yes! It was awesome.

The only bad news is that when I had planned to have Striker finished and released changed.

The delay may also be a good thing for two reasons. 1) I picked up the emergency prompt over at GoodReads for the historical Scottish Laird. Working on that has place me a little behind but I should be finished with Fate and have the story turned in by the July 15th deadline. One more read through on the Alpha Trine edits before I send back to LT3.

2) The second reason was there were a couple of scenes I needed resolved in my head before I tried to put them on paper. That knot is know untangled. If you look over to the right, I have found a tracking meter so you can see where I am on my projects. I think they are pretty awesome.

Thank you for stopping by and taking at look at the covers. In the next six weeks I'll be posting little snippets of Striker to tease you!  Have a great weekend!


  1. What a gorgeous cover - almost wish I had waited for that one before getting Alpha Trine now :D Looking forward to reading Striker soonest!

    1. Thank you, Ilona. I adore the covers, too. Typing like a fiend on Striker!