Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday's WIP Plus

I lost track of my days this week. So I'm a little behind. Sunday's WIP is actually a snippet from The Awakening of Amanra which will be available for free at the end of the month.

I promised a look  at the giveaways for the release party for Dreams of the Forgotten, Sumeria's Sons #3. I was excited that both pieces arrived this week and wanted to show them off.

I took a pole on Facebook over five pieces and the top two were picked for the giveaway.  So next week on the blog I'll have a party all day with a couple of giveaways. I hope you'll stop by!


General Rehn Ismene leaned over the wash basin and splashed water on his face. Even the shade within the tent was stifling hot. The ambassador for Nogalla was four days overdue and a scout had been sent to discover the reason for the delay. Rehn knew he should be concerned but his mind wasn't on his duty. The Guardian Priest had arrived before Rehn had left the castle of Abidos City, the capital of Cassadore. The priests would escort Prince Kaj to his new home and Rehn fought the growing urge to track the prince down and follow him.

He cursed himself for being a coward. He knew his place was at Prince Kaj's side. Rehn closed his eyes and the handsome visage of his heart's desire stared back at him. Rehn longed to run his fingers through the prince's dark hair, bring it to his nose to scent it. Instead of being set in a field of white like all citizens, the prince's Guardian blood made his sclera the color of red autumn leaves surrounding a startling blue iris of a cloudless sky.

For the hundredth time, he cursed himself for not listening to his father with his lectures on the old Gods, Guardians, Strong Arms, and the portent of bloodlines. It wasn't until after his parent had passed that Rehn had first met Prince Kaj, who'd been a mere fifteen summers. He'd realized that all of the old stories of the ancestors and old Gods had been true. For the first time, Rehn's amanra had stirred within him. He knew then he was destined to be a Strong Arm to the prince.

"General, may I enter?"

"Come in, Lieutenant."

Jin Tor, his second-in-command, ducked through the tent flaps, squinting into the dim interior.

"Sir, if I may speak freely?"

Rehn dried his face with a linen cloth. "You have never asked before."

"I've never discussed the prince with you before." Jin stood at attention, hands clasped behind his back.

Rehn turned away. "What would that be?"

"What in the twelve kingdoms are you doing out here? This isn't where you belong. You told me once you were a Strong Arm and yet he's moving across the continent…"

"I know!" Rehn snapped. "Don't you think I can feel the distance with every fiber of my being?"

"Then go to him. None would stop you if they knew."

Rehn heard the concern in Jin's voice.

"I'm tainted twice over," Rehn whispered. "High King Alemeric sent us into battle against Selseaha. It was an unjust war. I came away with the blood of innocent farmers on my hands."

"That wasn't your fault, General."

"I might've been able to live with that if I hadn't been captured by Rhoia priests of Kelpmere. I escaped with my life but I'm not the same man. He is a Guardian and deserves a Strong Arm who isn't as tainted on the outside as he is on the inside. I cannot do that to him."

"General, I have to disag—" Jin paused and cocked his head.

Several exclamations drew Rehn from the tent. One of his captains approached at a quick pace and out of breath.

"General, sir, you need to see… he just appeared out of nowhere. The men are bringing him now." There was a hard line to the man's face and Rehn was sure he wouldn't like what was coming.


  1. I can't wait; in just a few moment, your third book in the Sumeria series will be released! Yay! When will you be having the drawing for the gift? I want to enter! :D

    1. Hi Listentothebreeeze!!

      It's going to be a great weekend! As soon as Hearts On Fire Reviews sends me the link for Tristan's and Ushna's interview, I'll put up the "release party" post for this weekend. I figured I'd give them a couple of hours before I started bugging them. :)

      I hope you enjoy the third book! I'll see you tomorrow on the blog!

      All My Best,