Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Laugh in the Face of Progress!

I felt like I was peddling on a stationary bike, going nowhere fast. I created this little board to get an idea of what the hell I've been doing. It appears I am splitting my time over several ideas. Way too much going on.

I think it's now time to focus.  So I'm cutting back to concentrate on three projects. Yike!  My babies!!

Deep Breaths.

As you can see, I.O.N. #2 is at 52861 in word count. I still have one more chapter to complete before I start editing and fleshing it out. That book is the closest to being finished.

The second project will be Striker, Lord of Thunder, Book #2 in the The Valespian Pact series that I am self-publishing.

The third project is Romance by Text for the call Average Joe over at MLR.

I'm waiting for EIC edits for Dreams of the Forgotten, Book 3 of the Sumeria's Sons series. The release date is March 23rd. I'm really excited and can't wait for it to be out. It seems like I've been waiting forever.

This weekend I'll be the featured author on the Silver Publishing blog. I think that is the longest interview I have participated in.

Talking about interviews, Hearts On Fire Reviews interviewed Ushna and Tristan. I thought the guys would clam up but it seems the hormones got the better of Tristan. You'll have to check it out. *shakes head* The interview will go up on the Hearts website on March 23rd. Make sure you stop by and enter to win a copy of Dreams of the Forgotten.

I also have a blog party planned for Dreams with some special giveaways.  I will post pictures on Saturday to show you what came in the mail. He-he!

The other book coming this month is Alpha Trine, The Valespian Pact #1. It was originally posted over at GoodReads Gay Science Fiction group. I chose a story prompt and something that was supposed to be 5k turned into 40k. I sent it off to be posted with the group with just a beta read-through. The second book in the series will be coming out in late spring, so I sent Alpha Trine in for editing. Some things were cut and more than 7k was added to the word count. Right now Alpha Trine is going through ebook binding. When it comes back I'll put it up on ARe, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble as well as GoodReads again. Yes, it will still be free.  :)

Striker, Lord of Thunder is the second book in this self-published series. It is the other project I'll be concentrating on releasing in a timely manner. I believe I've everything well plotted with a couple of twisty turns. I've already started jotting down plot points for book three. Woot!

Sunday there will be a sneak peek at the other freebie that's also coming out this month, The Awakening of Amanra. This is another story taken from a prompt over at the LGBT Fantasy group at GoodReads. As soon as they unveil the story there, I will put the PDF up on my GR page and over at ARe.

Make sure you stop by for Sunday's WIP to read the first chapter of The Awakening of Amanra!


I thought that I was treading water, going nowhere fast--stuck.  Three stories out this month. Nope definitely not stuck. I just need to take a minute, stop and look around at what I had finished.

Ah! One more thing. I blogged over at Kool Queer Lit this week about interracial covers. If you get a moment check it out. CLICK HERE.



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    So many things to look forward to.. LOL

    1. LOL! I want to finish them all right now, too! What a great month this will be. :)

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