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What's On The Reading Radar #WishList #TBR

This week has been crazy busy. Releasing Chaos is rocking. Kenzie Cade and I have been editing Devil's Heart. LT3 sent me the 1st round of edits for Death Mask. This past Wednesday I participated in Archer Kay Leah's release day Facebook party (which I really sucked at but I learned a couple things, too). I haven't had the chance to read a book that wasn't mine for days because at the end of the day I've been exhausted. I have high hopes for the weekend. :)

TitleBurn the Sky 
Series: Wytch Kings Book 1
Author(s): Jaye McKenna
Length: 195 pages
PublisherMythe Weaver Press (January 12, 2015)

Genre: Gay / Lite Romance / Fantasy / Magic / Dragons /


BlurbWhat begins as a simple teaching assignment becomes both an affair of the heart and a life-or-death struggle. Cold-hearted Wytch Master Ilya must teach headstrong Prince Garrik how to control his dangerous Wytch power--or put him down, for the safety of all. 

Prince Garrik is the Heir Presumptive of Altan, next in line to be crowned Wytch King. There’s only one problem: in order for Garrik to be crowned, he must possess Wytch power of his own, and thus far, whatever power Garrik might possess has shown no sign of awakening. As things stand, it is Garrik’s younger brother, Jaire — a dreamer completely unsuited to wear the crown — who will take the throne after their father.

Concerned about the future of his kingdom, the Wytch King demands that Garrik’s power be forcibly awakened. Hoping to protect his brother from the burden of rule, Garrik allows the attempt — with disastrous results. Now, Garrik must learn to control the fiery dragon that rages within him before he destroys everything he loves.

Wytch Master Ilya has been alone for years. Learning to control the icy beast slumbering within him has already cost him his family and his lover, and Ilya will never open himself up to that kind of pain again. Summoned to Altan to avert disaster if he can, Ilya has no intention of allowing anyone to thaw the ice in his heart. When he meets Prince Garrik, sparks fly, and Ilya finds himself fighting feelings he thought he'd buried, long ago.

Can Garrik’s fire melt Ilya’s icy heart? Or will Ilya be forced to use his ice to quench the flames that burn within Garrik once and for all?

Title: Blackfrost
Author(s): Jaye McKenna
Length: 189 pages
PublisherMythe Weaver Press 

Genre: Gay / Lite Romance / Fantasy / Magic / Dragons /


BlurbWhen the Wytch Council assigns Kian as healer to Prince Ambris, he is sent to the isolated country estate of Blackfrost. There, Kian finds a desperate man nearing the end of his endurance, a mystery, and a chance for love. 

Son of a simple blacksmith, Apprentice Wytch Kian has always known that once his apprenticeship is over, he’ll be sent far from home to serve the Wytch Council. Before his training is even complete, Wytch Master Taretha orders him to Blackfrost, an isolated country estate, where he is to serve as personal healer to Prince Ambris of Miraen.

Nothing in Kian’s experience has prepared him for what he finds at Blackfrost, and every day brings new questions. Like why is Prince Ambris being kept prisoner at Blackfrost? Where does Wytch Master Taretha take him every fortnight? And why does the prince return from these excursions suffering from horrific injuries that Kian is expected to heal?

Kian quickly learns that seeking answers to these questions could cost him his life. Worse, he soon finds himself struggling with his growing feelings for Ambris, putting him at odds with both Wytch Master Taretha and the sadistic guard captain, Malik. Can Kian unravel the mystery in time to save Ambris? Or will the prince finally succumb to madness and destroy Blackfrost and everyone in it?

Title: Masks
Author(s): E.M. Prazeman
Length: 326 pages
PublisherWyrd Goat Press, LLC (February 16, 2012)

Genre: Gay / Fantasy / Non-Romantic / Slow Burn Romance / Trilogy Completed /


Blurb1779, the 26th day of Sooner: The day Mark Seaton’s mother died in his arms, and his father disappeared. The Church plans to sell him to the navy so that he can pay his family’s debts, but a mysterious masked courtier interferes on Mark’s behalf. Is Mark’s gallant savior truly saving him, or leading him into more dangerous waters? 

Thrown into a deadly game of politics and paranormal mystery, Mark discovers that the only way to freedom is to play the game.

A lowly pawn can take a king, but Mark intends to become a player.

Title: Darkness Descends
SeriesThe Silver Legacy Book 1
Author(s): Alex Westmore
Length: 259 pages
PublisherBroad Winged Books (August 3, 2015)

Genre: Lesbian / Romantic Elements / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / 


BlurbDenny Silver is just a normal college student living a not-so-normal life in the most haunted city in America. 

Sure, her lover is a ghost, but in Savannah, that’s not what’s unusual.

What is strange is the influx of supernatural creatures roaming the streets looking to start trouble—with Denny specifically. To fight back against the wave of demons, she racks up one unusual companion after another––from ghosts to witches to demons.

In her search for answers to her supernatural problem, Denny discovers that she is a born demon hunter, and, no, she doesn’t have any choice in the matter. Okay, so being possessed by an ancient demon doesn’t exactly fit into her life plans, but somebody has to do it.

Denny must either accept the mantle of demon hunter or stand back helplessly as the dark forces destroy everything and everyone she’s ever loved.

At least she can always pick up her sword and chain whip to go kick some demon ass. After all, it is her legacy, right?

An earlier version of this book was published as Demon Hunter by Linda Kay Silva. The story has since been updated and re-edited. Learn more at

Title: Rook
Series: Allie's War, 1
Author(s): J.C. Andrijeski
Length: 422 pages
PublisherWhite Sun Press; 3 edition (November 15, 2013)

Genre: Romance / Science Fiction / Cyberpunk / 


Blurb"You are the Bridge..."

Yanked out of her life by the mysterious and uncommunicative Revik, a spy from a different race, Allie discovers that her blood may not be as "human" as she always thought.

In a modern-day Earth much like ours, Alyson Taylor spent her life distancing herself from Seers, a second race of beings discovered on Earth and enslaved by humans. After getting in trouble with the law and with her own race in question, events in her life start to spiral out of control. When Revik appears, rescuing her from a group of anti-human terrorists and dragging her into an inter-species war, she learns that the world is nothing like it appears to be...and that she has far more in common with Seers than she ever wanted to believe.

When Revik tells her she's the Bridge, a mystical being meant to usher in the evolution of humanity--or possibly its extinction--Allie must choose between the race that raised her and the one where she might truly belong.

A psychic, science fiction romance with a cyberpunk flair and apocalyptic, metaphysical leanings akin to the Matrix.

Title: Five-Sided Heart
Author(s): Max MacGowan
Length: 246 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Poly


BlurbNoah Trevelyan has lost his moorings. Disowned over his sexuality as a teenager, he hasn’t been back to his home on the Outer Banks since his fisherman father kicked him out. But when he returns for the Old Man’s funeral, he discovers his father left him the house and boat in his will. Noah must choose whether to stay or go, but he won’t be alone. There’s Ian, working to overcome the emotional scars left by a domineering ex-boyfriend, and Ty, a cheerful housekeeper who’s struggling to take care of his Alzheimer’s-stricken aunt. There’s Joshua too, running from the destruction of his old life, and Gabriel, who was once beaten and left for dead, and doesn’t know how to survive on his own. 

Will they find in each other the strength and courage to keep living—and learn, together, how to love again? A polyamorous relationship is the last thing any of them expected to find in the Outer Banks, but it might be what they need most, and it might even be their redemption—if they can keep their group from breaking apart under the pressure.

Title: Elf Saga
Series: Doomsday Part 1
Author(s): Joseph Robert Lewis
Length: 98 pages
PublisherCopper Crow Books (December 18, 2014)

Genre: Lesbian / Fantasy / High Fantasy /


BlurbDoomsday, Part 1: "Blood of the Dragon" 

As Jenavelle and her friends search for a way to stop the coming dragon apocalypse, they'll have to deal with witches and curses, bounty hunters and refugees, portals in time and of course, more than a few dragons. So this is a particularly inconvenient time for Jena to learn she's adopted, and that she isn't who she thinks she is.

Explore an epic fantasy world that's as classic as it is bizarre with JENAVELLE, a knight who's sick and tired of fantasy clichés, AMINA, a princess with a fondness for pirates, NIYA, a hard-drinking mercenary in search of a her next ex-girlfriend, TOMOE, a shaman who is coping well with her recent resurrection, and LOZEN, a hunter whose hobbies include fine cuisine, high fashion, and excessive violence.

Title: Green Fairy
SeriesDangerous Spirits Book 1
Author(s): Kyell Gold
Length: 272 pages
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Coming of Age


BlurbIf Sol can just survive his last year of high school, he can escape his homophobic small town and go live with his Internet boyfriend for the summer. But when he loses his starting spot on the baseball team and converts to vegetarianism--a wolf, giving up meat!--his father threatens him with a hot, muggy summer working in the peach cannery unless he gets his act together. His teammates, who suspect his sexuality already, won't make it easy for him. But even with nobody on his side but his best friend Meg (who is even less popular than he is), the teenager finds answers and solace in an unlikely place: a 1901 book about a tragic gay romance in the bohemian district of Lutece, around the famed Moulin Rouge. 

Inspired by the spirit of the era, Meg and Sol share a glass of absinthe, with startling effect: Sol begins to dream that he is a cabaret dancer named Niki, offered a chance to escape his difficult life through romance--at the price of his beloved art of dance.
When the dreams seep into his waking life, Sol adds "going crazy" to his worries, and the problems of a couple that lived a hundred years ago to the ever-growing list of his own. To save both Niki and himself, Sol will have to learn the difference between reality and illusion, and discover what love and life mean to him.

Title: Second Alpha
SeriesRiver Wolf Pack Book 2
Author(s): Rebecca James
Length: 166 pages
PublisherJMS Books LLC (April 10, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Alternate World / Shifters / Paranormal / Fantasy / Mpreg


BlurbSequel to First Omega 

As second in command of the River Wolf Pack, David takes his duty as ambassador to the Human/Werewolf Congress very seriously. With the threat of war, it’s more important than ever to strengthen human/werewolf relations.

But the meeting at the werewolf compound doesn’t go very well. The humans find the homosexual, polygamous nature of the werewolves, along with the fact that the men can bear children, off-putting.

On top of this, although David’s human lover Jax says he loves David, he is not willing to take the bite and become a werewolf himself. David doesn’t see how they can have a relationship, and even wonders if he would be better off mating with Brooks, an attractive beta in the pack. When David and Brooks are kidnapped by the vice president of the Congress, David has to think quickly to save his pack, even if it means throwing his own life away.

Title: His Catalyst
Series: The Conqueror's Way, 1
Author(s): C.K. Gold
Length: 238 pages
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / Historical-ish? /


BlurbBitter secrets, giant monsters, and no heroes: it’s the end of the world. 

When he’s caught in the act of forbidden magic, Terebin’s first thought is to flee. As the last sorcerer, his survival hinges on keeping a low profile among the refugees in the fortress he calls home. Iskan, the guard who catches him, has other plans: keeping order means slaying sorcerers. But a spark stays Iskan’s hand, kindling the first flames of attraction.

After a dragon razes the fort, Terebin finds himself bound to the defense of a people he loathes--and with Iskan at his side, the sword to Terebin’s shield.

As they struggle to save their band of refugees from ravenous monsters, Terebin digs away at Iskan’s defenses… And finds that his own are crumbling. Iskan is everything Terebin never thought he wanted. Even with an ocean of secrets between them, one kiss is all it takes to bind their fates.

But will love be enough to save them?

Warning: This adventure includes explicit m/m sex, giant monster battles and their aftermaths, theological arguments, a fair share of cursing, and an HFN ending!

Title: The Legend of Vanx Malic
Series: Through the Wildwood, 1
Author(s): M.R. Mathias
Length: 315 pages
PublisherMichael Robb Mathias Jr. (September 12, 2012)

Genre: High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy / Adventure / LGBT /

Notes: When I found this, it was under the top 100 LGBT Fantasy on the Amazon lists. 

BlurbA half-Zythian bard named Vanx, from the village of Malic, has been put in chains for bedding the Duchess of Highlake. The Duke wants him dead, but his wife secretly sent their daughter to buy his freedom from the slave markets. This is bad news, for bad things can happen to an ill guarded caravan in the mountains. When the duke's mercenaries attack to kill the adulterous prisoner all hell breaks loose. Now, the only way Vanx and the Princess of Highlake can escape the duke and his men is if they can somehow make it through the Wildwood, a place that no one has ever returned from before.....

Title: Shifting Reality
Series: The ISF-Allion Series, 1
Author(s): Patty Jansen
Length: 354 pages
PublisherCapricornica Publications (January 10, 2014)

Genre: Lesbian / Hard Science Fiction / Colonization /


BlurbMelati is powerless against the machines of war. See why she won't give up. 

A few years ago, a military doctor walking the corridors of New Jakarta Space Station saved Melati's life. She signed up for the International Space Force to pay back her moral debt to him. But her family thinks she has betrayed her people. It was ISF who forcefully removed their grandmothers and grandfathers from the crowded slums of Jakarta to work in interstellar space stations.

It is Melati's job to teach six-year old construct soldiers, artificial humans grown in labs and activated with programmed minds to serve in an interstellar war. Her latest cohort has one student who claims that he is not a little boy, but a mindbase traveller whose swap partner took off with his body. It soon becomes clear that a lot of people are scouring the space station for this fugitive, a scientist with dangerous knowledge about interstellar space.

The best place to hide in the space station is amongst the many cultures and subcultures of the expat Indonesian B-sector. Looking for him brings Melati into direct conflict with her people. She does not want to be seen as one of the enemy, but if the scientist's knowledge falls in the wrong hands, war will come to the station.

Title: Dark Horizons
Author(s): Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly
Length: 232 pages
PublisherDesert Palm Press; 2 edition (February 27, 2014)

Genre: Lesbain / Science Fiction / Romance /


BlurbLieutenant Taylor Morgan has never met an ikthian that wasn't trying to kill her, but when she accidentally takes one of the aliens hostage, she finds herself with an entirely new set of responsibilities. Her captive, Maia Kalanis, is no normal ikthian, and the encroaching Dominion is willing to do just about anything to get her back. Her superiors want to use Maia as a bargaining chip, but the more time Taylor spends alone with her, the more conflicted she becomes. Torn between Maia and her duty to her home-world, Taylor must decide where her loyalties lie.

Title: Asteroid Outpost
Series: A Nick Walker, UF Marshal, 1
Author(s): John Bowers
Length: 328 pages
PublisherAKW Books; 1 edition (December 29, 2014)
Genre: Gay / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure / Crime Drama / Romantic Elements? /


BlurbNick Walker, ex Star Marine and fresh out of the United Federation Marshal Academy arrives on Ceres, part of the asteroid belt, with a laser pistol, a .44 Magnum, and a head filled with zero tolerance. He’s immediately plunged into a mystery of murder, sabotage, and fraud on a gigantic scale.

Nick is on his first assignment, confident he can tame the galaxy, bust the bad guys, and bring relief to the downtrodden. Reality check is just around the corner.

The Asteroid Belt is no place to raise a family—the Belt is the final refuge for fugitives, deadbeats, and creeps in general. Ceres, in particular, is a true den of iniquity, and law enforcement is a full time job.
To Nick, the law is the law, everything is black and white, and never the twain shall meet…

…or shall they? Nick is quickly confronted with the hard reality that sometimes good and evil can coexist, and not everyone is so easily classified. It’s a hard life on the final frontier, and even an idealistic young lawman might learn a few lessons.

The trick is staying alive long enough to learn them.

A science fiction adventure crime drama filled with action and suspense.

Title: Death and Destruction
SeriesDeath and Destruction, 1
Author(s): Patrician Logan
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre: Gay / Romance / Contemporary /

Notes: This is a future release but I've lost my source. >.<  Found it!


Title: The Fire's Stone
Author(s): Tanya Hugg
Length: 312 pages
PublisherJabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. (August 8, 2012)

Genre: Epic Fantasy / LGBT /


BlurbIt was a long fall from Clan Heir to common thief, but Aaron never wanted any part of his father’s brutal outlander reign. In fact, besides coin purses and jewels, there’s very little in all of Cisali that interests Aaron, until he stumbles—quite literally—into a prince’s bedchamber… 

Prince Davish of Ischia is a skilled swordsman both on the field and beneath the sheets, at least when he isn’t outrageously drunk. But the wine helps him forget all the ways he’s disappointed his father, his family, and soon enough, his young bride-to-be…

A trained Wizard of the Nine with more raw talent than real-world experience, Princess Chandra has no interest in the politically arranged marriage. She flees to the royal city of Ischia seeking a way out of the union. But there, she discovers something far more shocking than Prince Davish’s rakish reputation…

The Stone of Ischia has been stolen. A powerful talisman, The Stone protects the city from the active volcano that looms over its terraces and streets. Without it, Ischia will be destroyed and the kingdom of Cisali will fall. Its only hope is an unlikely band of heroes—a failed thief, a drunken prince, and a runaway wizard—who must face pirates, powerful magic, and their own carefully guarded secrets in order to find and restore the Stone of Ischia.

Title: The Gems of Raga Tor
Series: Elemental Legends, 1
Author(s): C.A. Morgan
Length: ??
PublisherToughnut Press (May 2, 2016)

Genre: Action & Adventure / Sword & Sorcery / Fantasy / 


BlurbEris Pann is a swordsman with an undying hatred for all things magical. Raga-Tor is a powerful sorcerer with a reputation for turning men into flaming torches. Yet when the sorceress, Charra-Tir unleashes her wrath on both, can they form an alliance strong enough to defeat her before her spells destroy them completely, or before they destroy each other? 

The Gems of Raga-Tor is the first book in the Elemental Legends Series that recounts the adventures of Eris Pann, legendary swordsman, and champion of kings and gods alike. Explore a world where elemental magic reigns and mortal men find themselves at odds with the whims and machinations of the great powers that control earth, air, fire and water, and a demon or two just to make it interesting.

Title: Omega
SeriesEvan's Alphas Book 1
Author(s): D.J. Heart
Length: 532 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Shifters / Alpha & Omega / Paranormal / Fantasy / Poly /


BlurbLife with his new alphas is like nothing Evan had ever dreamed possible. It's just... wonderful. While Chad and Peter couldn't be more different, they fit together perfectly. Chad is playful and exuberant - like an impulsive puppy - while Peter is stern, steadfast and always in control. They're just what the other needs, and Evan slots into their relationship like a dream. 

Can Evan's future really be as bright as it seems?

(This is the first book in the Evan's Alphas series. It features two scorchingly hot alphas, a sweet submissive omega, and a delusional alpha hell bent on breaking their relationship apart.)

Title: Grit
Author(s): Margaret Mcheyzer
Length: 267 pages
Publisher: Self Pubbed

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Motorcycle Club /


BlurbAlpha MC Prez Jaeger Dalton wants the land that was promised to him. Sassy Phoenix Ward isn’t about to let anyone take Freedom Run away from her. 

He’ll protect what’s his. 

She’ll protect what’s hers. 

Jaeger is an arrogant ass, but he wants nothing more than Phoenix.
Phoenix is stubborn and headstrong, and she wants Jaeger out of her life. 

Her father lost the family farm to gambling debts, but Jaeger isn’t the only one who has a claim to the property. 

Sometimes it’s best to let things go. 

But sometimes it’s better to fight until the very end.

Title: Trash and Treasures
Author(s): M.D. Grimm
Length: 28 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Sci-Fi / 

Notes: This is part of an anthology, 
Theory of Love Anthology. I might purchase the whole bc two of the individual short stories sell for the same price as the complete anthology...
BlurbTucker has spent his entire life as an interstellar trash man. But ever since his mother died, he’s been alone, and certainly lonely. So when he discovers that the derelict ship he scooped up has an occupant, a beautiful young man named Ronan, Tucker is thrilled. Ronan is royalty and running from his tyrannical mother, determined to keep a powerful object out of her hands. But when he strikes a deal with the adorable Tucker, he wonders if it’s time to stop running.

Title: Cursed: Broken
Author(s): X. Aratare
Length: 128 pages
PublisherRaythe Reign; 1 edition (June 1, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Fairy Tale Retold / 


BlurbNick Fairfax vows to do whatever Lord Bane Dunsaney desires for one year. In exchange, Nick’s family gets a chance to regain their fortune. Is this the worst mistake of Nick’s life, or will it lead to a love only found in fairy tales? A modern, M/M retelling of Beauty & The Beast. 

Sensitive, aspiring photographer Nick Fairfax wants nothing to do with his family's corporate business, or their vicious, cold-blooded lifestyle. Intending to give up his inheritance and pursue his art, he arrives at his father's office, only to find that Fairfax Industries has fallen to a scarred man in a hooded cloak.

The man is the reclusive billionaire Lord Bane Dunsaney, and he is bent on destroying the Fairfaxes. But when he sees Nick, everything changes. Bane offers the Fairfaxes the chance to regain their fortune if Nick will reside at Moon Shadow, his secluded mansion, and do whatever the billionaire wants for a whole year. Nick has no real choice other than to agree to Bane’s terms.

At Moon Shadow, Bane lords his power over Nick, going even so far as to take Nick’s phone, computer and beloved camera away. The billionaire claims such measures are to protect his privacy, but Nick is convinced they are so Bane can control him.

Each is determined to see the worst in each other. But as time passes, Nick glimpses a Bane that is much more than the cold-hearted figure that he met in his father's office. He discovers that Bane is a man betrayed by love and no longer believes in it.

But what Nick comes to know about Bane is nothing compared to the man’s true secret. Bane iscursed. He is a tiger-shifter who has no control over his beast. And that beast wants Nick.

Title: Dark Captive
Author(s)Doris O'Connor, Angelique Voisen, James Cox, Pelaam, Michelle Graham, Lea Bronsen, L.J. Longo, Kai Tyler
Length: 297 pages
PublisherEvernight Publishing (May 18, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Anthology / Taboo Themes / 


BlurbEveryone has a dark side...

Dark Captive is an exclusive collection of dark erotic romance stories featuring alpha men with fierce sexual appetites. They'll stop at nothing to get what they want. And they have their sights on one man. Possessive and bold, these heroes give their conquests exactly what they crave—to be taken … to be owned. Any resistance offered will be tested, but in the end love rules.

Kidnapping, abduction, and sexual slavery are just a few of the titillating taboo themes in this hand-picked manlove anthology.

Title: Angel of Darkness
Author(s): Tyler May
Length: 257 pages
PublisherTyler May Books (March 15, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Vampires / 


BlurbAfter a tragic event in his life, Christian Bowman found sanctuary in reading and developed an obsession with the paranormal and vampires. Now twenty-one, Christian fantasies come to life when he meets Zander, a blind vampire. A fantasy he’s only dreamt about. But will that dream turn into a nightmare when he sees just how dark and dangerous living in a vampire’s world can be? Is their love strong enough to withstand obstacles one could only imagine?

Christian is in love with his Angel of Darkness…..But is there a happily-ever-after in a vampire’s world? 

They have a past, but can they have a future?

M/M paranormal romance between a blind vampire and his human lover. Because of explicit sexual scenes and adult language, this book is intended for readers 18+

Title: Immortal
Series: Matchmakers, Inc., 1
Author(s): Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Length: 306 pages
PublisherMimi Boutique - P&S, Inc (August 21, 2015)

Genre:  Romance / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal



Demigod Andrus Gray may look like every woman’s dream, but when it comes to charm, he sees no point in pretending: He has none and makes no apologies for it. Behaving nicely hasn’t made him the deadly assassin he is today. But is that really the reason he’s still single?

The Goddess Cimil—owner of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.—thinks yes. So when she foresees a mate in Andrus’s near future, she’s determined to make the match happen. That means hiring aspiring actress Sadie Townsend to help the barbarian “act” a little more civilized.

But are seven days really enough? And why does he suddenly have the urge to throw away an eternity of love for just one night with Sadie?

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  1. You just added to my reading list lol.

    1. *bows* So glad I could help your reading list out. I'm really pleased with my find. The two dragon ones, the Wytch King series at the top are really good. I'm checking out her other series. Book 2 in Allie's War is M/M. Can't wait to find some time for Mask. *nods* :)

    2. Yup, those are two of the ones I'm going to get.