Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Keep The Stars Running #scifi #anthology @LT3Press

I woke up to some really good news this morning. There was a message waiting for my approval to post on my Facebook timeline. The anthology, Keep The Stars Running, had another honorable mention for the Rainbow Awards. How awesome is that? In about nine days (I think), we'll find out if the anthology placed in the Rainbow Awards. Wish us luck.

Every time I read an Andrea Speed book I get sucked in. I read all the books in the anthology, they were all good.

Although on a similar theme, each story took a different approach. I was hooked very early on by not just the plots, but the characters and worldbuilding. A few authors new to me who I will be reading more of. Loved it.

In the previous anthologies I've said that there was a mixed bag of good and not so good stories. In this one, though, I must confess, I Loved all the stories within. Each one was quite entertaining and some even kept me at the edge of the seat. I must say, I'd love to see these shorts expanded to novel size and let us see more of these couples and the men and women who surround them. Well written, entertaining stories!

To read more, click here to go to Elisa's website.

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