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What's on the Reading Radar? #TBR #WishList

The season is getting busy. I'm trying to wrap up #RoughhouseRaiders (this is me growling) so wish me luck. For a little bit of fun, here's what has been added to my To-Be-Read List . It keeps getting bigger and my wallet is whimpering. LOL!

Title: Heart Taker
Author: Sasha Devlin
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (December 29, 2015)
Length: 109 pgs

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Mystery, Gothic, Cop, Serial Killer, Psychics,

Blurb: When the evidence doesn’t add up, follow your heart

“My name is Aya Bedel. I have killed before. I will kill again.”

Detective Will Speedman knows guilt when he sees it. And the delicate, dark-eyed pixie sitting before him in the interrogation room doesn’t look strong enough to have overpowered and murdered a string of women.

Yet Aya knows grisly details about the killings that haven’t been made public. And something about her sinful shape reaches deep into his primal core and yanks. Hard.

Aya has been having increasingly gruesome visions over the past few weeks. Not only does she witness the murders, she feels the victims’ flesh beneath her fingers, feels their last breath caressing her face. She must confess or go mad.

As time runs short, Will’s superiors demand answers. Aya’s only hope for salvation rests in the desire glowing in Will’s eyes and his seductive touch that draws clues from her subconscious.

Title: Skin Deep
Author: Genna Donaghy
Publisher: Decadent Publishing (November 19, 2015)
Length: 226 pgs

Genre: Gay, Romantic Elements, Mystery, Science Fiction,


Shane Kalman looked forward to exchanging military life for a civvy job where he could freely be out of the closet, but the position he lands is nothing like he imagined. He didn't plan to work undercover for a corrupt detective agency, much less gather dirt on the city's most dangerous crime boss. And he sure as heck didn't expect to have his mind temporarily switched with a tabby cat in order to do it. 

His fellow agent, Jamison Rees, is a charmer and sometimes a German shepherd, but Shane doesn't need animal instincts to know he's hiding something. When the job goes south and Shane's brother becomes a target for the crime boss's wrath, all evidence points to a mole in the detective agency. A dog may be man's best friend, but is he a cat's? Can Shane trust Jamison at all?

Title: Red
Series: Future Fair, 1
Author: Belinda McBride
Publisher: Belinda McBride (December 3, 2015)
Length: 47 pgs

Genre: Gay, Romance, Fantasy, Alternate History,


Once upon a time, a young prince met a handsome stranger, and they fell in love...

But that's another story completely.

Once upon a time, the world as we knew it changed. First came the droughts and the climate went insane. Deserts flooded and lush rain forests withered and died. Sickness ravaged the population, followed by war. Men became twisted monsters and women died by the score. Those who survived, fled.

And then things got very bad.

After a decade, Stephan the Hunter is back in town, his brutal gaze searching for prey. When he runs into Detective Colin Redington in a bar, Stephan is mesmerized. Years ago, Red had been a skinny boy, struggling to protect himself from the big bad creatures of the city. Now Red's all grown up and he's been waiting a very long time…for Stephan.

One's a hunter and one's a beast. Only one can come out on top.

Title: Beauty and Cruelty

Meredith Katz
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (December 23, 2015)
Length:  62k

Genre: Lesbian, Romance, Fairy Tale, Urban Fantasy,


Cruelty, once an evil fairy and now working in fast food, comes home one day to find the lazy, drooling King of Cats on her doorstep. Worse, he comes bearing news Cruelty would be happier not hearing: Sleeping Beauty has gotten tired of lying around and is trying to save the world Cruelty left long ago.

Any respectable Archetype knows it's a waste of time; their chances of survival are much better if they can hide in the human world. But since nobody sent her an invitation to the world-saving, she's practically obligated to interfere.

Title: Sand Raiders

TS Porter
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (December 16, 2015)
Length: 22k

Genre: Asexual, Bisexual, Poly, Fantasy,


Maika is the right hand and occasional lover of the notorious sand raider known only as the Dust Rider. When they raid a caravan he expects the usual bounty of food and gunpowder. He does not expect Dani, the soft, beautiful, stubborn gardener delivering plants to a prince's pleasure garden, but he's happy to take both plants and man back to the sand raider's home.

Though Dani is far from happy at being a prisoner, and definitely does not want to draw the Dust Rider's wrath by getting too close to her lover, he enjoys the challenging gardens he's given to tend and does not seem indifferent when Maika comes to visit. Maika dares to hope Dani can see past the dust and demons and give Maika and the sand raiders a chance to be home.

Title: Huntress

Malinda Lo
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (April 5, 2011)
Length: 380 pages

Genre: Lesbian, Fantasy, Myths & Legends, Young Adult

Blurb: Nature is out of balance in the human world. The sun hasn't shone in years, and crops are failing. Worse yet, strange and hostile creatures have begun to appear. The people's survival hangs in the balance.

To solve the crisis, the oracle stones are cast, and Kaede and Taisin, two seventeen-year-old girls, are picked to go on a dangerous and unheard-of journey to Tanlili, the city of the Fairy Queen. Taisin is a sage, thrumming with magic, and Kaede is of the earth, without a speck of the otherworldly. And yet the two girls' destinies are drawn together during the mission. As members of their party succumb to unearthly attacks and fairy tricks, the two come to rely on each other and even begin to fall in love. But the Kingdom needs only one huntress to save it, and what it takes could tear Kaede and Taisin apart forever.

The exciting adventure prequel to Malinda Lo's highly acclaimed novel Ash is overflowing with lush Chinese influences and details inspired by the I Ching, and is filled with action and romance.

Title: Haunt of the Wilds
Series: The Wilds Duology Book 1
Author: Emmi Lawrence
Publisher: EAMS Publishing (December 3, 2015)
Length: 438 pages

Genre: Gay, Fantasy, Romance, Alternate World

Blurb: The wild will reign. 

When Houndmaster De'vii and his pack take on a seemingly innocuous escort job, things quickly spiral out of control. Creatures straight from a death plane hide within the unfamiliar country and the people he's supposed to rely on to help have their own darker motivations.

And then there's De'vii's alluring charge.

Caliebb Renaveri is harmless and quiet, yet also manages to stir the wild in every dog in De'vii's pack. He can't afford to allow the wildness to take over, nor can he abandon the job. But Caliebb is more than he appears and stronger than he seems and by the time De'vii realizes just how dangerous Caliebb truly is he stands to lose everything he holds dear: his mind, his life and his pack.

The exciting beginning to The Wilds Duology.

Warning: This novel features a houndmaster with wild and rough tendencies, a mage spring who doesn't know his own strength and a dark journey that will test them both.

Title: Family Pride
Author: Judy Folger
Publisher: Self Published (September 11, 2015)
Length: 133 pages

Genre: Lesbian, Contemporary, Romance, 


Dawn has plenty going on in her life. Hex ex-partner who cheated on her is trying to win her back. She's being recruited for an excellent job, but one that would take her far away from her beloved family and friends. Her younger brother is making the final transition from male to female in a community where transgendered people are not always supported. 

It's a welcome diversion when a cute blonde asks Dawn to dance at a local lesbian club. The diversion becomes a mystery, though, when Dawn runs into the same blonde at the library a few days later and the blonde blows her off with no hint of recognition.

Dawn tells herself she should just forget the beautiful, tempting woman, but somehow, she keeps running into her. Sometimes the blonde is hot and flirtatious; other times, cold as an icicle. Dawn's friends tell her she is becoming obsessed, and Dawn knows they're right, but she still can't make herself give up and walk away.

Solving the riddle will take help from family and friends and a vacation to Hannibal, Missouri, the boyhood hometown of Mark Twain. Will Dawn's passion and Twain's wit and wisdom be enough to spark a new romance? Or is the blonde simply too far out of reach?

Author: Roz Lee
Publisher: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC (December 1, 2015)
Length: 114 pages

Genre: Gay, BDSM, Romance, Poly

Blurb: Though there be kinks, the road still leads to home.

Three years ago, Paul found Cameron beaten and clinging to life in a NYC alley. Determined to protect the man he loves, they move to a remote mountain retreat. Though Cam’s physical wounds have mostly healed, the past still has an emotional hold on them, preventing Paul the Dom and his slave from finding the third person they dream of to complete their family.

When Cam meets Matt, thoughts of a third person in his relationship with Paul resurface. His master isn’t pleased with Cam’s attraction to the other man, but the fact they’re talking about a third again is a sign they’re both ready to put the past behind them. The only thing left to do is see if Matt is the one.
Rejected by his family, Matt works at Bound to put himself through culinary school and make a life for himself. Intrigued by Cam and the life he leads as a sexual slave, Matt agrees to become their cook and housekeeper, while deep down he wants more.

Is there room in Paul’s heart for another slave?

Title: Hell's Belle
Series: Dark Mirror Academy
Author: Marie Castle
Publisher: Bella Books (December 16, 2013)
Length: 264 pages

Genre: Lesbian, Fantasy, Romance, Witch, Urban Fantasy

Blurb: Cate Delacy is glad she’s a witch—and you can take that any ol’ way you like. 

As a very mortal woman she has a target on her back, so she has no intention of following in her mother’s footsteps as an enforcer for the Council of Supernatural Beings. She didn’t ask to be a Guardian and she has to pay her bills. Opening the Darkmirror Agency is her solution. Her clients are mostly human and they pay on time.

But one day it all goes to Hell, figuratively. Then literally.
Because that’s the day the Council’s detective Jacqueline Slone slinks her way into Cate’s life. Jacq. So alluring. So powerful. So immortal. And up to her sexy neck in a secret that will unleash Hell’s Belle.

Marie Castle’s unpredictable Darkmirror world is unveiled in this romantic, sizzling debut.

Title: Black Lace
Author: L.J. Hamlin
Publisher: Torquere Press, LLC. (November 17, 2015)
Length: 105 pages

Genre: Gay, Romance, Contemporary, Rock-n-Roll, Stalker,


Jed Chance is the lead singer of Black Lace, a very successful rock band. It's gone through a few lineup changes: first, Jed was outed by a former bandmate, and now they're looking for another new member. That's when Donnie comes to audition. 

Donnie is ten years younger than Jed, and he's beautiful, with a complicated past. He instantly gets a crush on Jed, but is afraid to act on it. Still, Jed and Donnie can't keep away from each other. But getting together isn't their only problem: Jed has attracted a dangerous stalker, who means to do Jed serious harm.

Author: Elena Alexandrescu
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (December 23, 2015)
Length: 16k

Genre: Gay, Bisexual, Urban Fantasy, Romance, 

Blurb: Kazimir is used to getting his way and has the resources to ensure it. Even getting cleared of arson and murder charges is just another day at the office for a man who has always lived at the top of organized crime. Until he's betrayed by one of the few he counted a friend, and handed over to a supplier gang out for revenge.

But he also wakes up to his old tattoo artist, a man he hasn't seen in eighteen years but who hasn't aged a day... a man Kazimir is starting to fear doesn't actually exist...

Series: Matched Desire, 1
Author: Clare Murray
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (December 1, 2015)
Length: 180 pages

Genre: MFM, Science Fiction, Romance, Alternate World, Poly, Post-Apocalyptic, Aliens, Twins, Urban Fantasy, Agoraphobia


Danger rises in the night…and so does desire.

Her last living relative dead, Mari is evicted from her shipping container and leaves Flagstaff for the first time in seven years. Boarding a train for Scar City (formerly Reno), she keeps a white-knuckle grip on her debilitating panic attacks.

When the train lurches, she loses that grip—and is picked up, calmed down, and turned on by the only other passengers in the car.

Finn and Gareth are under orders from their superiors to follow a slim lead on a stolen alien device. At first Mari is only a pleasant distraction, but through their telepathic Twin link, the brothers discover they both sense a powerful attraction to her that goes far beyond pheromones.

With dawning horror, Mari learns the Twins are after the same device she’s seeking, her only hope to get money for a better life. Once they reach Scar City, the three realize they’re living on borrowed time—unless they can discover the device’s secrets before attacking aliens bring the city walls tumbling down.

Warning: Contains two genetically modified warrior heroes, a woman whose worst nightmare is wide open spaces, and distractions of a vibratory nature.

Author: E. E. Montgomery
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (December 4, 2015)
Length: 298pages

Genre: Gay, Science Fiction, Romance, Suspense

Blurb: Jonah Starovski, a Planet Whisperer, harnesses the energy surrounding dead planets and redirects it into new growth. Abandoned by the man who bought him from a brothel sixteen years ago, Jonah flounders in a world he’s ill equipped to deal with. He must accept the help of a stranger in order to rebuild his life.

First Lieutenant Marcus Davis volunteers as Jonah’s assistant without realizing the terraforming process requires Jonah’s sexual release. Balanced on the knife-edge of fear and ambition, Marcus is faced with his mother’s machinations and threats to his career. Marcus’s parents bring their illegal scientific experiments to the planets Jonah is terraforming just as Marcus learns to accept himself and his feelings for Jonah. At the same time, Jonah’s past catches up to him, putting them both in danger.

Jonah and Marcus must trust in each other to put a stop to the illegal activities, rescue an endangered animal, and create the future they both want—a future they can share.

Author: Kim Fielding
Publisher: Self Published (November 27, 2015)
Length: 416 pages

Genre: Gay, Fantasy, Romance, Alternate World


A sickly man seeks recovery in a seaside cottage.
A temple slave tends a man due to be sacrificed.

A soldier releases a genie.

In seven fantasy short stories and novellas, men find passion with other men in the most unexpected places, and even the gravest circumstances may open the door to hope and love.

This anthology includes two brand-new short stories. In “The Sacrifice,” Rylo is a temple slave tasked with comforting a man who is scheduled to be killed in the morning. In “Chasing Away Cold,” Daku builds an ice sculpture of the god Jarli in order to ensure the end of winter. The collection also includes three novellas and two additional short stories, gathered for the first time in a single volume. “Treasure” introduces Jules, a young man who travels to the quirky seaside town of Urchin Cove to regain his health—and finds an unexpected treasure washed up on the beach. Xolani, a soldier in “Three Wishes,” picks up a small glass bottle and unleashes a surprise. Another soldier, Volos in “Guarded,” will risk everything to save Prince Berhanu. In the sequel, “Mato’s Tale,” an unassuming innkeeper gets a chance for adventure. And in “The Downs,” Enitan is unjustly banished and comes to discover that the demons he must face aren’t the ones he expected.

Join Kim Fielding on journeys through imagined worlds where magic is commonplace and romance lies just around the next bend. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontiers.

Title: Shadows & Light
Author: Cari Z
Length:  pages

Genre: Gay, Urban Fantasy, Romance, 

Note: I saw this as a cover reveal and I really don't need to know anything else than it was written by Cari Z. It will be mine--eventually. Now I just have to remember where I saw it so I can stalk the publisher.

Series: Love Bites, Book 1
Author: Lauren Smith
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (November 24, 2015)
Length: 113 pages

Genre: MFM, Fantasy, Romance, Alternate World, Vampire, Poly


She is theirs to claim. They are hers to save.

Zoey Blake is about as far down on her luck as she can get. A car crash took her parents, leaving her destitute and on the street. When she’s attacked by another homeless person, her lifeblood drains away as her fading vision is filled with the face of a handsome stranger.

Ian Kennedy, a century old Irish vampire, never could resist rescuing a stray. As a few drops of his blood heals Zoey’s wounds, he realizes she’s a sweet, tempting, flesh-and-blood woman. But there’s one problem. Connor, who made Ian promise decades ago: no more mortal lovers.

After another vampire murdered his soulmate, Connor O’Shea swore never to let a mortal woman pay the price for loving him. Until he feels Zoey’s skin and tastes her lips. She makes him want to break that vow.

Zoey finds herself caught in their web of seduction. But as Christmas draws near and her grief deepens, happiness seems far out of reach. And Ian and Connor join forces to prove their love is sacred, special…and forever.

Warning: This book contains two scorching-hot Irish vampires, one lady with plenty of pluck but zero luck, naughty lingerie, and enough Christmas cheer to redeem even the darkest creatures.

Series: Ethereal Foes, Book 4
Author: Marie Harte
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (December 22, 2015)
Length: 438 pages

Genre: MMF, Fantasy, Romance, Alternate World, Dragons, Demons, Shifters, Poly, Bisexual, Angels


What good is being king if you can’t burn your own rules?

In the two years since Jentaron hatched, he’s grown into an adult blue dragon full of the knowledge of his royal predecessors. He’s a true king, even if the other denizens of the Ethereal, those demons, havoc, angels and the like, continue to test him.

But he’s got heavier worries. Namely, an unspeakable danger that threatens all life as the planet knows it. He can feel it, can sense that he’s got a bigger role to play than just pissing off the Ethereal.

With the blood elves and havoc making more trouble than usual, magic no longer flowing freely in the Abyss, and angels massacring everything demonic they can get their holy hands on, the Balance has reached a tipping point. Time to take charge before the rules change.

What’s a dragon to do but create his own chaos? He’ll take a mate or two, instill fear where needed, and finally return dragonkind to the Ordinary—the human lands—where a dragon will decide the fate of the worlds.

Because he’s king, and he says so.

Author: Megan Derr
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (December 23, 2015)
Length: 14k

Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy


Astor is tired—tired of his family and the way they never listen to his advice, and tired of being in love with his agent, Tennyson, who after a one night stand made it clear he preferred to keep things professional. The only thing Astor's not tired of is his job researching haunted inns and hotels to prove just how haunted they're not.

His latest book is about a notorious inn in the middle of nowhere, and a haunting he suspects has more to do with real werewolves than fake ghosts. It will provide fodder for an excellent non-fiction book, the novel he's secretly writing, and be so distracting he'll finally be able to get over Tennyson.

Except when he arrives it's to find that Tennyson is already there, with every intention of keeping Astor company through the holidays.

Series: Root Code, 3
Author: Sunny Morriane
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (May 23, 2016)
Length: 415 pages

Genre: MMF, Bisexual, Science Fiction, Romance, Drug Use, Explicit Violence


Three months after a brutal battle at Peris, Adam Yuga, Lochlan D’Bideshi, and their rebel fleet are embroiled in a new conflict. But things aren’t going well. Even with Lock’s homeship, Ashwina, at the head of the fleet, the Protectorate forces are adapting to their tactics. Before long, two devastating blows send the ragtag rebels on the run. But the greatest threat may come from within.

Since the battle at Peris, Protectorate loyalist Isaac Sinder’s determination to eliminate the rebel fleet has only intensified—along with his ambition. The Protectorate is decaying, and it’s clear to Isaac that only he can save it, by any means necessary.

As the situation worsens for the rebels, the strain begins to tell on everyone. But more than exhaustion grows within Adam. Something alien has started to change him. Lochlan fights to hold on, but even he may not be able to follow Adam down the dark road ahead.

As Isaac’s obsession turns to insanity, it becomes evident that more sinister plans than his are at work. Bound together by threads of fate and chance, Adam and Lochlan turn their eyes toward a future that may tear them apart—if they’re lucky enough to survive it at all.

Title: The Backup
Author: Erica Kudisch
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (January 25, 2016)
Length:  pages

Genre: Gay, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Alternate World


He will be consumed until there's nothing left.

Title: Alpha Alien
Bound to the Alien Book 1
Author: Flora Dare
Publisher: Self Published (November 6, 2015)
Length: 89 pages

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Alien, 


He's big, he's scaly and he thinks we're life mates!I've always felt a little Out of step with everyone else. All I wanted was to find my place in life.

That's how I found myself in the middle of the desert, guns blazing. And that's when he found me.

Now I'm billions of miles from home with a scary space-lizard who doesn't take no for an answer. What's worse is, I don't want to say no.

This is the completed Alpha Alien serial, originally published in parts as Abducted, Mated, Chosen.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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